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VOLtlME VII. 0, P. 

I:* I >IX 14 1 /HO If, KT'.W VOKK. 

rouox'ro axo mki.roi’R ni:: 





®llt 5l)l>ilol®sical Sotitts. 

l/ni'T'K*!' DA 


.1 M.,. exes, u..n. .R.SA, >...a -s.-.. H. r.L. r,vn,....:, a. ' 

I f».a*AV Of lilt: bklTISlI M AUF.MV; IfM !<A».. r,«.S . ' 

efVPEH ,>•«»; vt.VH X -.'I 

•Mt’l-Kf^l *VI! .MTS, MI '.’nA. “I- HIF 

J !i.o. IM UKKisf:/.’.. i 


OF sc/r.xcp. 




lAlTfii^ remvtdA 

C->>C T'O J< I > 

T' R. 'I'llT^ CT. I -_-X K 1-; IS: I_>C3 1-^1^ 

»^V A1.VK.'I.“, SV.¥*.-V- 

Jr“-J<XrSfT.'I' R. 


I'niEi niRSfir rv 

P R ll F A C R T < ) V ( ) F U M V 1 1 

T HIS volvunc conliiins the words l>ej4inning uith the letters () and ]\ Iiu:ludiiu( the .Main word^ 
to which ^ separate articles arc allotted, the special C oinhinali* *ns or compounds, explaincil and 
ilhist;aled under the Main words, ami the Subordinate entries of o!)solelc and variant forms entered in 
their alphabetical places, with a reference to the Main words under which tht.y are treated and ilhistratcfl, 
lljc immbcr words amounts to 41,667. The Combinations of simple and obvious incaniiv,;, of which 

lisLs arc ^iven under the Main words, williout separate explanation, but in most with illuslratl ve 
iiuotations, number raising the actual total c>f words and compounds recorded in the volume to 48,S7o. 

0 pagc.e 

p Pi (40^ 
rh-Vy (Siyft : 

• . I'ulal 


.'imong the 

letters : 

Main w.inj-- 



'-•:m * 

1 N... 

..f \V..r.i-. 




I J , 1 S I 

7,20.S j 




^ 5 , 07 i 

3.00 r 


94 - 57 .^ 




175.1 30 

C f>nsidcrctl as to their status in the language, the Main words ai'/; distinguished aj.>proxini;itcly into 
tliosj; which are native* or fully naturali/ctl, and still currcfti^ those now obsolete (marked t), and those 
considered to !jc alien or imperfectly naturalized (marked ,j). although in the rase of both tin.' latter it 
is often difficult to draw’ the line. The distribution of the ;^c,?,oo Main words is atjproxirnatcly as follows: 

Cu! n-Hl. 

Aiii' J 

T. lid. 


1 ,5c6 


7 .*!^ 


5 - 17 * 



Ph Py 

j 2.302 





2.3,1 20 


30. 300 

• etymologically <:on,sidcrod, the O section and the: P scctum of tlic Paiglish vocabulary differ greatly 
in the proportions of llii ir elements. () is in this rcspe:ct an ordinary letter, containing a gcjod proport iem 
of words f^f Anglo-Saxon derivation, beside those of later adoption,, from Scandinavian, Old I'hench, L-iluf, 
and (ircck, and more distant languages. Among the words that go back to Old Pmglish arc the 
prepositions of (to the Icxicograjihcr the longest and most difficult of English prepositions, the treatment 
of which in this Dictionary occupies 18 columns), ojf^ on^ over^ tiu* adverbs oft^ oftcu, citt^ the conjunction 
oj\ the numeral and pronoun one with its derivatives oneo, on/v^ etc., the pri)nominal words other, o2u\ oivn, 
the vf^bs o^ioe,owfi\ all of great interest to the student of the historical grammar of the language, 

"riicrc are also numerous well-known subslantivc,s, as oak^ oakum ^ oar, oaf, oath^ oorjc, onleaf o\rn^ 
and important adjectives a.s oM and o/>e2t. To these must be added the words compoundx:d \vitli out 
(1,2^0, including 775 Main words), and o: er (2,1 73, including Main w'ords). The out- and F^r;•“Compounds 

occupy more than a fourth of O, The words from I-atin include the compounds in ob- and its phonetic 
variants, oe-^ of-^ op-^ and important wortls such as order and its faiftily- Among the words from Greek 
arc the numerous compounds in ortho-^ and the chemical terms related to oxyj^en, ^ 

In P, on the other hand, the words that go back to Old English arc a very small company. Of 
the 23,000 Main words here dealt with, iibout 80 appear in the Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, of which, however. 

* Addinp thf; fe to the woixlsjn Volumes I -VT, we have for llie portion of the alphabet from A to P the followinj:^ lijriires : 

Miiln words, CurrenT. OWileti*. ;\lif*n. 

166.519 ' «*.'97 

Sub.)tvli State 


4 Ci, 44 o 

Sj-.ei i:il 




'J olal. 

Kor the letters O and P, the cimiparativc scale of this work and of certain other Diction.! rits i:; shown by the following li:;uivs : 

fol-nson. ' Com UI y ■ Diet. ‘ ruiik’.s Hl.indaid ' line 


Words ntcordecl 4..4''a ^5*5^5 

Words illustrnleil by quot.ntions .>,661 ^»33V K.=lbS 

Number of il^trative quotations 12,111 9.642 -0340 

The tpiotations in Uichardsoti's Dictionary in O and P arc 9,640, 


3 i -»43 


50 were borrowings from Latin, leaving only about really ‘ native most of them found in other 
Germanic languages. Among the chief of these are pan, path, penny, ptih, play, plight, plough, pock, pool, 
pretty, prick, puff, pull, put. Of these the two last scarcely appear in Old Lnglish, but have since become 
verbs of great importance ; the article Put is, after Go, the longest a.s yet in the Dictionary, and has 
proved one of the most difficult. l*Vom causes stated in the article on the letter P, this was the rarest initial 
consonant in Old I'lnglish, occupying in Bo-sworth-Tollcr’s Anglo-Saxon Dictionary only one-fifth of the 
space of O. But its constant accessions from other languages, and apparently its aptitude to form 
onomatoptxiic word.s, have made it in the modern dictionary next in compas.s to S and C, with which 
it forms a triad of gigantic letters, containing together considerably more than a (oip'th of all the words 
in the language. The accessions began with the pp words from Latin already mentioned, some, like 
pile, pit, and pound, of West Germanic age, but most of them only pre-Conquest English, cither ecclesiastical, 
as pall, pope, priest, prime, or names of foreign plants and animals, as parsley, pear, pease, pepper, pea{coek). 
The accc.ssions continued with the words from Old I'rench, in origin mostly Latin, and subsequently with 
words formed directly from Latin {sometimes ultimately from Greek), and also, from the i6th century, ift the 
terminology of philo.sophy and science, from Greek directly. hVom the i6th century, words began to crowd 
in from other European and more distant tongues, until now there are to be found in the P divi.sion 6f 
this volume representatives of more than 50 langu.age.<?. To have been added a considerable 
number of words of unknown origin, many no doubt onomatoptclas of English or its •rlialcct.s. The 
compass of the letter has been greatly enlarged by the words formed with the Latin prefixc.s per-, post-, 
pre-, pro- (with its OF. form pur-'), and with the Greek prefixes para-, peri-, pro-, and the formatives pan-, 
panto-, philo-, poly-, pseudo-, pyro-, etc. The words in Pn arc an .alien group, representing (with few 
exceptions) Greek words in ‘h, for which Roman spelling substituted Pii, and which thus come in between Pe- < 
and Pi-, at once to swell the P vocabulary and to its Greek elements-. Of the a-^,ooo Main ^'ords'in 
P, nearly 7,90c — more than one-third of the whole, —are of Greek derivation, or are formed with a Greek 
prefix or first clement. This is a proportion much larger than obtains in the language as a whole. 

The material collected up to 11^85 ^ h) O.M- was arranged chronologically and in part sub-ccijtcd 

by Miss Margaret Haig, of Blairhill, Stirling.shirc (noAv Mrs. Alexander Stuart). The section Do- to Ol-l’KO- 
UUIUM was .skilfully sub-edited by the late Rev. W. J. I.,dwenberg, of Starkics, Bury, i887 -96, who died in 
1899, before .seeing any part of O in type. The section QppUdN to Ow- was sub-edited 1895-6 by Mr. James 
Bartlett, of Cloverlea, Bramlcy, Guildford, who after more than 20 years’ voluntary work at the Dictionary, 
during which he sub-edited also G, parts t)f M, R, and S, died on 15 August, 1908.* The very technical 
section from Ox to O'l- was arranged and sub-edited by Mr. H. A. Nesbitt, B.A. in 1895. For P.\-, the 
m.atcrial collected by the Philological Society had, in consequence of the death of the person who uiidertoolii; 
its sub-editIng, been nearly all lost or destroyed. It had in consequence to be collected anew, which 
l<ygcly done by the late Mr. E. S. Jackson, M.A., Plymouth; as it accumulated, it was arranged, and finally 
sub-edited, 1882-7, by the late J. P2. A. Brown, of Cirencester. The .slips for Pk- to Pet.y- were 
sub-edited in 1884 by Mr. James Britton, P'.L.S. ; those for Plot- to Pkki*- by Mr. R. M’Lintock, of 
Liverpool, in 1885 and 1893-6 ; and those for Peks- to PlL- by Mr. W. J. Anderson, then of Markinch, 
who died in I'ebruary, 1900. The large .section PlM- to Prof- was laboriou.sly sub-edited by Miss J. E. A. 
Brown, one of the most devoted and enthu.siastic of our volunteer helpers, between 1900 and her sudden 
death on 19 February, 1907. Her work was .ably continued, PuOFiT to PkY, by the late Mif C. B. 
'Winchester, -in. 1907 -8. The earlier material for Pr- to Pu- had been put in order by the late Mr. P. W, 
Jacob in 1885. The whole section Pe- to Pnv- was revised, with mud) new material, 1901-4, by our 
valued coadjulor the Rev. C. B. Mount," M.A., who also sub-edited, with much original research, the last 
.section P.S- to Pyxis in 1904-7. •The generous and, in many cases, long-continued scivices of these 
voluntary (ollaborator.s, so few of whom, alas ! .survive, c.ill for the fullest and grateful recognition. 

In the revision and improvement of the work in proof .stage, continuous and indciatigable help 
has been rendered by Misses E. P. and Edith Thompson, of I.ansdown, Bath, whose inve.stigations of the 
sensc-hi.story of difficult words, 'have been most fruitful and valuable; also by the Rev. Canon Fe^yvlcr, D.C.L., 
Durham, the Rev. J. B. Johnston, B.D., Falkirk, Mr. .i\. Caiand, of Wageningen,, Holland, l^fonsieur F. J. 
Amours, Glasgow, and in later parts by Professor P. L. Bumby, Nottingham. Assistance with the proofs 
ha.s been only a small part of the gratuitous services rendered to the Dictionary by Mr. R. J. *Whitw’cll, 
B.Litt. Oxon., who has contributed to the history of legal, historical, and otlier words by special investi- 
gations in the Bodleian and Codrington Libraries, the British Museum, and the Public Record Office. 
Many of our earlier illustrations for such words arc the fruit of his researches. Five of our.zcalous 
helpers in this department have been removed by death during the preparation of this volume: the 
Right Hon. I.ord Aldcnhara, who had .sub-edited part.s of C and K for the Philological Society, and had 
read our proofs from the beginning, died in September, 1907, Dr. W. Sykes, F.S.A., who supplied 


most of our quotations for recent medical terms, died in September, 190^; Mr. E. L. Brandrcth, who had 
sub-edited portions of H, K, and N, besides reading our proofs, and verifying references in the Ihitish 
Museum Library, died in December, *907; Mr. C. H. Winchester, who, as reader, sub-editor, and, 
after the death of Mr, lirandreth, collator of quotations in the Museum, was the v.ihiixl of 
our hater volunteer coadjutors, died in December, 1908 ; Mr. Chichester Hart, of Curraghblagh, I’ortsalon, 
Donegal, who added to the proofs many fiuotations from i^th and J7lh century>i, died in 19c 
The scholars and men of science who have given their as.sistancc in the present volume include 
nearly all those who have been named in the Prefaces to volumes V and VT, to whom again grateful 
thanks arc recorded. .^l\Torc especially mention be made of etymological and philological help rendered 
by Monsieur Paul Meyer, Mcmbrc de I’lnstitut, Paris, and Professor Piduard .Sievers, of i.eipzig, both 
Honorary Fellows of the British Academy. Assistance on points of Etymology and Philology has ah'.',} 
been received from Professor.? Napier, Wright, K. F.llis, Bywater, Margolioutli, l^rivcr, .Sanday, Khys 
Macdonell, Moffill, Bullock, and from the Readers in Turkish, Persian, Hindustani, Tamil, and Burmese, 
in t’Ae University of Oxford; from Profc.ssors Skeat, ani^ K. G. Browne, and the late .Sir R. Jcbh, 
Cambridge; Professors Rhys D.avid.s, Manchc.ster ; Wecklcy, ; M.ackinnon, I'.clinburgh ; Murphy, 
Dublin; Morris Jones, Bangor; Profe.ssors Brandi, Berlin; Kluge, P'reiburg; J. Schipper, Luick, and 
JagiC, Vienna; Murko ;ind Strekelj, Graz; Deroequigny, Lille; Dr. A. Kluyver, I,ciden ; Sir 
Satow, K.C.D., Dr. G. A. Grierson, C.I.E., Cambcrlcy, Dr. A. Soulcr, Oxford, Mr. James Platt, Junior. 
On* points of History, Archaeology, and Law, from Professors C. H. birth, Goudy, Holland, V'inogradoff, 
Oxford, the late Professor F. VV. Maitland, Cambridge, Profcs.sor V. Liebcrmann, Berlin, the Dc'iJUty- 
Keeper of the Public Rccortls, Sir I'. Pollock, Bart., Miss Edith Thompson, and Dr. R. R. Sharjv;, 
of the Guildhall, Mr. Thomas Hunter, Town Clerk of Edinburgh, G. J. Turner. Esq. {/’uraJci, PurlUu), 

G. ’ IIoMea, All Souls Library; on Numismatics, from Dr, Barclay V. Head and H. A. Gmeber, I',S,.A. ; 
on Military’ term.?, from Major H. A. Adair, Captain C. S. Harris, Major J. H. Leslie, Cioloncl 1 '. E. B. 
Loraine : on Naval terms, from Sir J. K. Laughton. M. Oppenheim, Mr. (.Eswyn A. R. Murray of the 
Admiralty; on the history of Philosophical terms, from Messrs. C. C. J. Webb, Magdalen College, and R. R. 
Marelt, Exeter College; on the history and definition of terms, from the late l.)r. C. Taylor. 
Master of St. John’s, Cambridge, Dr. Gow of Westminster School, Professor P'lliott and Mr. C. Lcudesdorf, 
Oxford ; on terms of Physics, from Professors Silvanus P. Thomp.son, R. B, Clifton, A. 1 £. 11 . Love; on 
y\,.stronomical terms from Mr. W. H. Wesley, of the Royal Astronomical Society, and Dr. Drej’cr, of 
Armagh; on Medical terms, Bacteriology, etc., from Sir T. Clifford Allbutt, M.l)., Professors Osier. 
Ritchie, 1 '. Gotch, Georges Dreycr, and Dr. P. H. Pyc-Smith ; on the hi.story of Chemical terms, from 
Sir IT. Ro.scoe, Dr. W. R. Dunstan, and Mr. H. Robin.son, of the Imperial Institute; Me.ssrs. IT. Hartley, 
N. Sidgwick, and A. F. Walden, Oxford ; on Geology and Mineralogy*, from Sir A. Geikic, J. J. H, 
Tcall, F.R.S., Profc.ssor J. McKenny* Hughes, Dr. IT. A. Miers, L. Fletcher, l'.R.S., Dr. John W. Ev.-pis 
{Plumbago')., and the late Profc.ssor Albert H. Chc.stcr, of Rutgers College, U.S.A. ; on Zoology and 
Biology, from the late Professor Alfred Newton, Professor A. Sedgwick, and Dr. .S. h'. H.irmcr, C.imbridge, 
Dr. W. Hatchett Jackson, Profe-ssors Bourne and I’oulton, and Mr. J. W. jenkinson, Oxford, the Director of 
the Natural History* Museum, South Ken.sington, Dr. A. Giinthcr, and others ; on Botatn*, etc., from 
Professor Vines, Oxford, the late and present Directors of the Royal Gardens, Kew, and members of their 
staff, and Dr. B. Day'don Jackson ; on terms of I'inance, etc., from successive secretaries of the Bank of 
England, the late Lord Aldcnham, the Hon. Vicary Gibbs ; on certain Parliaincntary terms, from Iht. 
Right Hon. Lord Peel and Sir Courtney P. llbcrt ; on the words Ode and Poetry, from Professors A. C. 
Bradley and J. Mackail ; on Jewish terms, from Dr. H. Gollancz; on terms of Architecture, Engineering, 
and, from hlr. Alexr. Bcazelcy, C.E., a constant helper for many* y*ears, and contributor of 
more than 30,000 quotations, who died on i December, 1903; on Printing terms, from IMr. Hor.tcc 
Hart, M.A. ;*on Boating terms, from Rev. W, E. Sherwood ; on Chess terms, from H. J. R. IMurray, M.A. ; on 
terms of various Arts and Industrie.?, from Professor Beaumont, Leeds, Mcs.?rs. Herbert Congreve, M.Inst.C.E.. 

H. O. Greener, R. Oliver Hcsiop, K. A. Macaulay*, Julian A. Osier, the Royal Worcester China Works, the 
Manager of Tangyes Ltd,, etc.; on other special points, from Mr. W. Pailcy* Baildon, Rev. Andrew Clark, M.A., 
Dr. E. J. Scott, Messrs. John Dormer, John Hodgkin, A. Taylor Innes, A. F- Leach, M.A., H. Littlehale.'^, 
F. Madaa, M.A., A. T. Robbins, W. L. Rushton, and many others. For woi*ds connected with American 
colonial, state, and federal history, invaluable contributions have been made by Mr. Albert Matthews, 
of Boston; as also, on American subjects, by the late Mr. W. P. Garrison, and hir. C. W., pf Bostoti 
(who has besides supplied many early instances of medieval Latin words). Assistance has been retidered 
also by Dr. Warner, Dr. Fortescue, Mr. John A. Herbert, and other officers of the British Museum ; by* 
Bodlcy’s Librarian, Dr. Jenkinson, University Librarian, Cambridge, the late and present Keeper.? ol the 
Advocates’ Library, Edinburgh, the Librarian of the Patent Office, London, the Librarians of the Congress 


Library, Washington, and of iht: Hoston Athcnaouin, U.S.A. : iht; librarians of the Royal SocictVi 
Unnacan Society. College of Surgeons, and the Admiralty, London ; by Sir Walter S. Vrideaux, Clerk 
of the Gohlsiniths’ Cinnpany ; and the officers of other public bodies. Constant contributions to the 
illustration of words and senst;s, as well as other valued help, have been furnished by Dr. h. J. hurnivall. 

The members of the editorial staff who have assisted in the preparation of this volume are Messns. C. G. 
Ihalk, A. T. Mating, M.A., F. J. Sweatman, M.A. ; and, in V only, Mr. F. A. Yockney, Dr. A. H. 
Gough (who chiefly assisted in the etymological articles), and the Mi.sses Flsie M. R. and Rosfrith N. R. 
Murray. Also, to a more limited e.xtent in the earlier part, Messrs. Hereward Rriee, B.A., A. M. Mann, It.A., 
H. K. G. Rope, and W. I^andclls; and Messrs. P. J. Philip and G. P'ricdrichsen, B.A. towards the 

close. Important help in the revision of the later sheets ha.s. in the illness of one of the staff, been rendered by 
Mr. ('. T. Onions, M.A., a member of the stall' of Dr. Bradley. 


'I'HK SCRiriT^KU'M, OxroKD, 

.lugNS/, 1909. 


Obllteraturc. ( >ui.rrERATiON 171 1 G. IIickes '/Viv Jirai. 
f 'hrJsL '*18475 IT. 50 A iicrfcci (jblitcratiirc of nil injutlv^;. 

Obttctire, a, 7 ami i. Ivirluir rxamplc-s : - tr. HigJt'u 

.]vi>lUi IT. 55 Ibeic be '.jlhcr nanici* of citw I'ouiule in i.ionioicii oTi-scurc 
to ibc inU'lU-cte. /W., 'ITint Kyiii'c tlrcninccl that . . the IiUkkIc of liym 
oh.' anti hitlde the soimc. 

Ob«tinativ6, .«/■. An ohstiruatc toiulcncy 15^11 T. lloiiY tr. Custi- 
;//(.' <//’jr i otiylycy (1577’J I. Ami of these errors there are diueis 

tither enuses anil .ijnon|; tit her llic obslin.nliues of princes. 

t Obau'rd, i". Oys.. fy.itut. To make dull of ]i.earin|[5, deafen : — T6^>,y 
J. ^VKI.I.I^s /Vv;,/ . 109 Old agt: diinimal with hliudncsr*., ob- 

surtlctl vvitli ilentcms. 

O'ccnpable* (/. >uyc. (.!a|.«able of bein^y occupied : - 1851 WmcWEJ.L 
Gn/ii(s I. 2.sfi In thiuj^s wJiich are pro|>crly no-one’s, two things are 
occupahlf ; the lordship, and the oivuership. 

OotAfiTonian, Karlier e.xaiuple 1 598 r.'.cf T lKXAt;ON i an ]. 

Ogive. Kaily exaniph;: — 1,=^57-8 lUy S’tiir, /iW/v 1907 IT. 180 In 
l-vj )tediliiis tie ciggifs tnipl. per pole iijd. oh. i6\ 

Okapi (ykrepi -//>'/. fj//, A quadruped allietl to the giraffe, di^,- 
covfried by Sir Many John.ston in 1900: -- 1901 Kav . 1 . vnkks'i kr in 
/'/wtv 18 Time 2/3 After an cxainination <if the skulls 1 am rif oi>iiiioii 
thsti the • Okapi ’ :flie n.ativc name by which the new Animal is known) 
. . be placed in a new gemi>. 

Omnium 1, Omnium gratherum. (^not, 1775 should Ik? dated 1761. 

Otlierklu. Delete qmd. a 1-275, whieh reads * .\ hre ninine *. 

Oudemian, Ivirlier ex.arnplc 15S6 Sh.lnkv . lyctuiiu in. (1598. 
jt45 'I’o met!*; .ns that night at Manlinea, in the Oudriiiian slrcete, ;il 
f 'iiaritas vnelcs Inmse. 

Out-be. To be beyond, excel ; — 1G13 IT. J ON so To EaylcfSomtiy^cl 
ed. (?imiiingT!ams III. 4^5/2 ; May she . , Oulbec Wife in worili 
thy friend did make. ‘ 

Out-dweller. Ivirlier ex;implc : — 1594 Kai.ije Unfoti. Ti\iv, Wks. 
(Grosart) V. 40 Aide .slmrjger or out-dwrller. 

OutputterL Insert after deiiiie l: — Puldl.-,hci. 15S3 A./. Tyi^y 

i .iWY. Ser. i. HI. 5S7 SelLuisaiul output! ai is thair saidi.s buiki:;. 

Owmawt. h'or umej^na rn;i<l nmiata, 

Pachyntic, (/. j^arlier example 1704 J. Harris Lex, Tc hn. T, 
Tathutitick M cdicines. 

Faokairo *- Karlicr rx.Tmple : 15.^0 in /’m. Privy Coupif.ii .*1837) 

V IT. 48 Geitain Ic.kIo . . was stayed at London by the packer for lack i>f 
li’ayiri».*iil of pack .age money. 

Pairan. Jitymof. n’hc explanation of i.. piiyiUt us in the sense 'non 
Christian, heathen as aii>iiig out of that 4>f * villager, rustic given I>y 
Oio.siiis (a Sjiani.ard) *^417, h.i.s been shown to Ire chronologically and 
liistoricaliy untenable, for this Ui^c of the word goes back to 'I'crtulliim 
/'202, when was still the public arid dominant religion, and 
oven nppe.ars, acconling to T.anctatii, in an epitaph of the ind cent. The 
explanation is now found in the L. use of pti}ianns as -j * civilian, non- 
militant opposed to miles ‘ soldier, one of the army \ The Christians 
called themselves miliies ‘enrolled soldiers* of Chiist, memlxjrs of his 
militant church, and .applied to non-Cliristians the term applied by 
soldiers to :dl who were ‘not enrolled in the army’. Cf. Tcrtulli.nj 
J)e Coyona JMiliiis xi, ‘Apud hniic ((.’hiistum ) tam miles est paganus 
fidclis quam paganus cst miles infirlclis *. See also Gibbon xxi. nolc. 

Pamp. l‘\»r fuilher evicicnce of this woial ; sec 

Paper. Karlicr (in I.atin context) in Ely ,.Sd/>-. AV . V i.Vt* : 

Parnbolio, a, i. Karly example / 14^9 rofOCK Pep>r, 't iSGo)*ll. 
5.;3 Significfil bi likencs in paiabolik .'.pet. he. 

Parapet Karlicr c.\amplc: 1795 6Vy/. IJht, Lh>efpei>l J/J 'fhe 
foot p.ath/j liere called;ipels. 

Parcbxueuter. Delet*? * cf. Kassf.ment f.r ’. 

Parliament, 5 b. Kailier example -158,5 (\t/, /unx^r Tt.mple 
(1S96' I. 102 Tarliaiiicnt-housc. 

Particulate, <7. In reference to organic iiifilltT, iiilroduia d 1S71 ly 
Sir j. TIurdo.n S.-\.\)>Ekson ;pnpcr) Ov Ori-iu of Poeti yin, 

Pelfry. (TuoU t.|So, 1496, 15G5 are n movc-d to i'li.i i-.K •/*. In 
ibeii place insert 14S5 Promp. Pnt v, >,9i .« i ^MS. S. i I'ellrcy, spoUnut. 

Petty, a, i, Cl'S. iZitli: v\c. in colloc;itioii.s : .sec 5. 

-pbll. Delete ‘ Hence also -riiii.oi.'i;, rp v.’ 

PbiloBophlc, a, 1 b. Add Philoaophlo cotton: see Coiidn 7. 

Pintle 2 a. Delete ‘ fixed ciect . . .small bo.ats) ’the ordinary piadico 
111 all c.ascs being to have Ihc pintles on the rudiler. 

Pleromorpb, Plerophory. In elyni., cxirrect rrktjpip- to aAr/z^ry?. 

Plucky 2, Literary example r—iSyi G. 1*. Merkili. .\lc/fes for 
lUtiid. Tine, graiiual compact rocks . . bre.ak into concave ami convex 
Miell-hi.e surfaces . . such stones are called phuky liy the worknieii. 

Plump, sh:- Karlicr example: — 1.|77 Norton in Aslim. 'Pheaf, 
Cfiem, 84 In Plomps . , \\'here heavie Water azisijth after Ayre. 

Podike : sec rowniKK. 

Polymiorlan (>.v. Poi.y- 1 Delete ‘ fionec-WiV Karlicr examiile : - - 
Bay iters CalaL 22 rolymicriaii series of New TesUinents [etc.) 
.52 m*.>. size. 

Pommel, 6 b. Should be a distinct word, a. K. paumelh in same 
sense. Karlicr example 1 8. 59 1 .‘rk. Diet, Arts /,77 I Iil- jMiinmrl 
paii}fulte\ is so called bec.ause it clotlies the 2).a1m of the hand. 

Port, Karlier example 1543-4 (Jan. 1 1) Adm, CL J'Ati'u, 92 

•“* Dci>os.) The sayd [ship] inighte li.avc layed his helmc a ptirie. 

Portitor. I.atiT ex.amplc : — 17.^7 Champeri.ayne St. Gt, Brit, 
LLt. 213/2 Portitor and Taylor to the Wardrolw;, Mr. John Mills. 

Postnarea. Rcail; So Poatnarial a. («) silu.aUd beliind the 
nostril : iS66 [see Pkknariai. ; (^) belonging to the postnaics. 

Pourallae. For ilcfinition ■I’, substitute: b. Subsequently used in 
the sense PDkLIEiq as more fully shovpii under the form Puralk, q. v. 

Prehalterea. Earlier: — 1 840 see : s. v, rjJEUiio- 2. 

Prevldenee. In etym, read ‘ Late Latin ’. Early example c 1 374 
Ghauc kr Booth, V. pr. vi. 83 (Sk.) For which it nis nat y-clepcd 
jjrevidcnce, but it sholdc rather ben cleped purvi.auncc. 

Principal, sl», F.arlier examples; — [1 c] 143S Early Chan. J\-oe, 

I P. R. O.) 75/IT One Roger Grey, Clerk, principallc of Bra^enoce in 
Oxynlordc. [sd] 1709 Steele Taller No. 39 ^ 24 The Principals 
jnit on their Pumps. 

Prooatalaotic. Substitute for definition * Catalcctic in its former 
colon *. 1843 Barham tr. llcpkmtion 195. 



b, fl, f, k, 1, rn, n. ]>, t, v, /. //wir u.^it'i/ xu/fue^ 

^ as in Ck^'O- 

liw ... 

y • ... 

An ! (hJ«). 

run (rwn), Urricr 'te-ri.'jj). 

lie/- (hdi), fartkc/' 

#i. e (sH, rms /’sc'-i). 

7/'rn ( wen). 

tf/ten (hwcii). 

J'OS Ivfs). 

. J) as in Min Ia/A 



Men (?5«.‘n), baMc 
Mop (Jpp), Jjj 4 (dij). 

Mop (tj|f>p), di/M (ditj). 
vb/on (vi-jan), cUyeuner . 

(d 3 »d 3 ). 

v.ifti.’-i/iif (si'qiij), thi«k (I'iijk). 

I •.! «.»KKlt;N.) 

; it as in /-‘rcji h i:ara!^ ''auvrioi’C. 

P ... 1 1 . .st;r ( ■><? . a 1 . 

fl. El 4 * 7 / 0 r:r . 

! X .. xuh ’.'lx.', >»c. Uit /i vk^X'f ‘‘ 'X '*/ 

! X' ... iM- s.:. (iu‘-x>'l'. 

' >• ... tier. (/a'Ycn;. 

I 'Y'* Ccr. li'/Anj refn'.n r-*7'-'ricn\ 







a .T.--, in i-'r. d 1^7 mode (a la jn<>;P). j ii 

riyc=^*4'j (ni\ Isiz/ali C.nzai*i). 
iTh/ri I 

prtdi cht/nt (tjant). | 

Jift/d (^Iciial), now (nau). j 

c//t (kvl), st’ij (ami), if 

\rt (yct\ tt-ii (icn). ^ . c (c*) 

M. (swjvi?), Fr. aftacljc' (.'»ta|<.*). ; /'• f *). 

Er. dwT ( Igf V ; 

cwr (e\»j), nal/V/n .s 

/» b/ml iboind). ■ 

l*T. call d/; vie (<7 <b vr). 
s/t (^sit), mj'sl/c (mistik). 

I’sychf (S3i-k/), r^act (ri|X**kl). 

SLchifr morality Onorx-liti). 

vt\ 4oil), \H>y ^boi), 
hciYi (hb-ro), zoology 
wb(/t waich 

gt>t soft {Sf^ft), 

(ier, K<?ln (k<iln). 

Fr. pfu (piO- 
f/zll (ful), \y 0 olc 4buk). 
di/ration (diuri^’Jan). 
unt<9 (vntM), fiMgalily (ftu-). 

Matllvrf* virtw^ (v.vjfi//i. 

Ger. Mi/ller (niirlorV ^ 

Fr. d//ne (d/zn). j ■;/> 

(see i'*, e*», «'»<» u») i i 

« (see . 1 "; ) •-• 

as in .able (e'b*P, eaten (/Tn) - voice-glide. 







f\ '{• 


!i .>• 


li u 

11 ii 


a^> in alms 'ani/\ bar »‘bai). 

c.vrl (kpjl), f/rr (f/>z). 
tluTz: ivtjr, pare 

!rvn, la/ii (rc’n). Xhty (’Xe*). 

hr. faitir (ijTr^. 

?'."r tVrn (foJn), r'anli ( a]»). 

T o*)--- cIcW (kiHi). 

/ ... th/iff (l-.T), s<P«' :s;;. 

‘-"'■O'*''... XHiffTt bt>re glaiy 

it ; tfix > _ _ 



!l o 
II .V 

u(uO . 
in, Ti .. 

\it, I.V.. 

.sa, Cv O, se»zl fsi/iil' . 

Wtilk ' wyU), Wrtrt 
sht/rt tbarn Hi'iiib 

Fr. izofUT 'vkOT>. 

<xer. G.'Vthe tgel«“', !•>. jr/7n<r (y.-r»\ 
(jm-’j), mwrish (iTnj**-iin. 
p.vre (piii-a), Iwre 
tzttf niaana (t/# manz). 
fc7o (Ibv), l/rt:* (I'.’/tb 

(.ier, gr.'/n C.i:r/zji\ Fr. j.vs (/./>. 

a ns in amadjiz (rimrba). 

* ... accept (xk-^-fpl), maniac (iriZ^’isiTk). 

d.^t/zin (vlf"**t;nn\ 

inonvnt nnVu iiKTit), sevrrnl (se'cviur* 

sep.Tiatc* ' it.t/. -; sc;*pai..‘t \ 


-5 - 

a 'dfd (;c*‘l ‘d), estate slc"'‘l). 

va:i/ty (v.-c-tiilib 

it'iiiairi : Mme«*n , bf'Iieie ;b/b”vV 
iheary (|>/*ori). 

vialet (v 3 i*£*lei' j ar^Jtly ( 
a/ztbority ( " )•</ r » t i 

e..''*micct (kjTnfkt), ainazen '.cjmiyyiii. 

i iu. Ti verd//Tc measure (rne‘j;*ui). 

id ... ai!i7gelher ; •pit/# c^e"o3-i\ 

! i/V circ/rlar (s.i-jki/#Iai\ 

/• the o ill >aft, of ineilcil nr doubtful b nt;tM. 

t.bdv i!i lofeign '‘ir • nil ier KiiLdidi^ words. 

Ill the Etymology, 

OK. /, o, representing an earlier a, arc distinguished as f. !> ■ having the phonctu: value of f and p, nr o, above) ; as in fT/*/#* from tjft.i/ . OITG. an/i, 

ijOtb. afuh'i j\ myttn Jroin ,■// from a//. 


a. fin Etymol.] 
a (as a 1300) ... 

a.t adj.^ aclj 

absoL^ absol. . . . 



ad. fin litymol, ' 



AK, Ai r 








Archiwol. ... 









Bia 7 d. 

r (as ^ 1300) 
c. (as 13th c,)... 



Cf., cf. 


cl. 1. 

CORIl. w 







com pi 





Const., Cons/, , 







dial., dh/. 






e. midi 




tfjr/., osp 




f. [in Etyniol.] ... 
f. (in subordinate 


fem. {rare/y 1.) ... 


K, It. 



G., Ger 


B adoption of, adopted from. 

- ante, before, 

•« absolutely. 

~ abstract. 

- aceusati\e. 

- adaptation of. 

- ad veil), 

“ adverbial, -ly. 

*• Anglo-French, 
in Anatomy, 
in Anlupiitics, 

= aphetic, aphetized. 

•a apparently. 

- Arabic. 

-a in Architecture. 

^ archaic. 

~ in Archeology. 

•u association. 

B in Astronomy, 

« in Astrology. 

, “ attributive, -ly. 

- before. 

is in Biology. 

- Bohemian. 

-- in Botany. 

in Building. 

- tin a, about. 

" century. 


-a catachrcslically. 

™ confer^ com pair. 

-s in ChcruislTy. 

- classical Latin, 

- cognate with. 

- collective, -ly. 

~ colloijuially. 

combined, -ing. 

-= Combinations. 

B in commercial usage. 

= compdiiinl, composition. 

-•* complement. 

•Tr in Ct'nohology, 

^ conjunction. 

- consonant. 

* Construction, construed 

^ in Cry.stallography, 

»■ in Davies (Supp. Eng, 

» Danish. 

» dative. 

- definite. 

B derivative, -ation. 

= dialect, -al. 

B Dictionary. 

B diminutive. 

^ Dutch. 







/ 4 r. i.... 











in/r . 





(L.)( ions' 







masc. {j itft/v m.) 














n. of action 

n. of agent 

P/a/. I/ist, 


ncut. {rarefy n.) 

NK, NFr. 

N. O 



N. T. 

Am mis m 

- in ecclcsia.stical usage. 

oAt.. oii'j. ... 

« elliptical, -ly. 


east midland (dialect). 


- English. 

^ in Entomology. 

OF., 01 r. 

?=• erroneous, -ly. 


B especially. 


B etymology. 


B euphemistically. 


B except. 


B formed on. 




•e* form of. 


=» feminine. 


B figur.aliYc, -ly. 

0 . T 

B French. 


-■ frequently. 


-- Frisian. 


“ German. 

pa. pple 

~ Gaelic. 

/. 7 rr 

. B genitive. 

. « general, -ly. 

= general signification. 

^ in Geology. 

- in Geometry. 

Gothic (*» Ma'so-Gothic). 
.. Greek, 
in Grammar. 

, - Hebrew. 

» in Heraldry, 
with lic»*b.ilists. 
in Horticulture. 

, — Iiiqicrativc. 

. iniiJersonal. 

, — imperfect. 


. » indefinite. 

, B Infinitive. 

-- interjection. 

= iiitr.ansitive. 

-•= Italian. 

^ Johnson (quotation from). 

- in Janiicsori, Scottish Diet, 
Joclrell (quotetl from). 

- r.atui. 

= l.atham*s edn. of Todd*a 
: language. [Johnson. 

Low (ic-rman. 
liteial, -ly. 

- Lithuanian. 


T Maliy. 

- masculine. 

- in Mathematics. 

-7 Middle English. 

“ ill Medicine. 

•“ mediaeval 
in Mechanics. 

B in Metaphysics. 

“ Middle High German. 

» midland (dialect), 
in military usage. 

- in Mineralogy, 

- in Music. 

^ Narcs (quoted from). 

*= noun of action. 

= noun of agent. 

in Natural History. 

'= in language, 

w Northern French. 

=* Natural Order. 

- nominative. 

- northern (dialect). 

-- New 'feslameni. 

- in Numismatics. 

B object. 

• oijsoletc. 

- occasional, -ly. 

- (Md English ( » Anglo- 


- Old French. 

* Old Fri.siau. 

B Old High German, 

^ f dll Irish. 

* Old Norse (Old Icelandic). 
= Old Northern French. 

=•> in Optics. 

=* in (.)rni*liology, 

» Old .Saxon. 

Old .Slavonic. 

~ Old IVstaincnt. 

- Original Teutonic. 

-■ original, -ly. 

* in i Vdxontology. 
passive or past |)art|ciple. 

j'- passive, -ly. 

pa. t B past tense. 

JM ^ in Pathology. 

perh -= locrhaps. 

Pers “ Persian. 

ptirs « person, -al. 

pf. perfect. 

Pg Portuguese. 

JVii/o/. in Philology. 

phonct phonetic, -ally. 

p/ir, phrase. 

Phron B in Phrenology. 

l^hys, B in Physiology. 

pi,//. • plural 

port. ...r.... B poetic. 

pop *» popular, dy. 

///. ir., ppladj.,., participial adjective. 

pplc B participle. 

Pr. - Proven fal 

prec - preceding (worrl or article). 

pref. .. B prefix. 

prep, « preposition. 

pns : pre.*?^^. 

yW///. -- Primary signific.alion. 

priv ^ privative. 

prob ” probably. 

pron • pronoun. 

pronuiie - pronunciation. 

prop. -a properly. 

Pros in Prosody. ‘ 

pr. pplr . - present parliciplc. 

Psytft - in Psychology. 

»j.v quod I'ide, which see. 

(I\.) in Richardson's Diet. 

K. C. Ch. - Roman Catholic Church, 

refash * r(:fashiq;ic(V, -iiig. 

ref/., refl. .. « rcllex^ve. 

reg ^ regular. 

repr, = representalivc, representing, 

Phf/ -- in Rhetoric. 

Rom '1 Roman ic, Komapee. 

sb,, .r/> =•- substantive. 

Sc « Scotch. 

sc sti/Li/f qpderstandorsupply. 

.dn^, -■ singular, 

,Skr S.anskrit, 

Slav Slavonic. 

Sp B Spanish. 

sp B spelling. 

spec. B 

subj subject, subjunctive. 

suhord. d, -- subordinate clause. 

subseq B subsequently. 

subst. B substantively. 

suff. • t . . “ suffix. 

superl = superlative. 

Stir^. » in Surgery. 

Sw « Swedish. 

s.w B south western (dialect). 

T. (T.) - in Todd's Johnson. 

teehn ■•= technical, -ly. 

T/ico/. ... in Theology. 

tr. B translation of. 

trans b transitive. 

tran f. - transferred sense. 

7 nf;^ » in Trigonometry. 

7 ^*^. -= in Typography. 

ult. ^ ultimate, -ly. 

unkn = unknown. 

U. S * United States. 

V. , vb - verb. 

V. s/r,^ or w verb strong, or weak. 

vbl. sb - verbal substantive. « 

var. B variant ot 

wd word. 

WGer “ West Germanic. 

w.midl - west midland (dialect). * 

\VS. B West Saxon. 

(Y.) B in Col Yule’s Glossary. 

Zoo/. e in Zoology, 

Before a word or sense, 

t B obsolete. 

11 B not naturalized. 

In the quotations. 

* sometimes points out the word illustrated 

In the list of Forms, 
r ^ before i too. 

2 B i2i)i c. (ijoo to 1200). 

3 13th c. (1200 to 1300). 

5 7 " * 5 *^* * 7 ^^ centiir)'. (See General Explan- 

ations, V'ol. r, p. XX.) 

In the Etymol. 

* indicates a word or form not actually found, but 
of which the existence is infqred. 
extant representative, ^^jggular phonetic 

descendant of. 

The printing of a word in Smai.t. ('apttai.s indic-ates further information will be found under the word so referred to. 

0 (Ju), thr fifUTnth le1l»'r of tiie nlphabcl in 
F.iijlilisli ami <»llKr iriCuliTu lan^jua'.jco, anti 
tbe foiii^b vouxi lei ter. • t.) \vas the fourteenth 
K-tler in tb*y aiiviif-nl Ko;iian al|ilml.)ct, correKpmidinjj 
ill fiiim and vahic to the aneient (.ircek f). derived 
from the s'’xtf.riilli letter of ilie ThaMiicinn and 
aiu kiit Si luitio aliihnhct, 0» 0* V. Uleh. j), 

o.alird £<2/^/. i. e. * eye*. Tlic* latter leiiresentetj 
a i^ciiliar articnlntion or consonant, the ‘ j;hitlal 
ralch ' 'uio' iern Authic c, c ), a sound unkiifiwn 

to (’iicek, in wl.ieh tV- symbol was aiii>ropiiafeM 
to the vowel o T^wliich the sound of Semilic caift 
in conjimciioii with <i may have somewhat rc- 
s*''ml>lcd). In early t ireck, O was us^d for Uuh 
shf»rl f.iu.l Unn^ <1; snh5;<.-t|Uenl!y n iit.\v syml.*ol fJ, a) 
(0 ///tfV'rf, ‘ laical f)’;, was added to the alplialut 
to tlistin^uish lonfj open e ; ti>e orij^iinnl O o 
'’now known O MitlleO') heini; then 
Kslricted lo short t>. Fiom tlreik liiiicb down- 
waid, ihix letter has leijularly represented s<iinc 
vnfiely or varu.lii-s of the ‘ iriid l'ack-round' (or 
labial ) vowel of iJcdl’s Visilde Sj^ctvh 'scale. On 
account of its Intel medi.i ft* po.diion. this vowel is 
^like /') ItnMe lo eo isidernliJe vaiialions <*f ijuality ; 
aiv) many larjjjiiaj^es disiini^iiisli, ai practically 
tlUTcrciit vow'fls, ‘close’ (or *nariow ’)fl, and *oi«.ir 
(or ‘wide’) fi; the former tending to aj>piu.aci». 
.aiul at Unglli to pass into, the still closer riounds 
u. u ; the latter Iciuiing lo fall into the still 
opener p, 9. 

In OJr!., short a niid long 0 were elyincdogically 
and phonetically distinct. Short c was originally 
both close and ojrcn. .Short clove 0 was norni.alU 
derived frenn an original //, as in OK. e.v*T ox, Skr. 
liksfuiity OJ'*.. Gr, Ov^arrjp, Jiu.U>- Kuiopran 

Short ripen 0 nonn.'rlly leprc.sentt’d 
an earlier a before a nasal, a.s in OK. (?n^ (loth. amr. 
tir. di'tf. 'i'his OF., o fiom «(«;■ is often dis- 
tinguished for etymolttgieal purpose^ as f\ Ol*'.. 
long d corresponded generally lo C'oni. Tent, 
long fl, in which weie combined Indo-Kuropcnn 
and a. ns in OK. AV Iwcch, O'lVut. 
l>i*r.(.lr. ^uyoy, L.yiJ^v/r; OK, /AW, Ijiilh.yAW.'/j. 
Gr. nAorrAf swimming, d also arose out 
of a lengthening ol short open p from 
w'ith 9 t aiisorbcd, as in tooth, OTeut* 

]i#lo I'Air. //r'/i*to hang. OIIG. and (loth. 

hCihan fitiin O Teut. *hayh '^\ii^x:‘. Long if was 

{ irolj. originally both close and open, but iii 
ate OK. it must, from its subsequent history, 
lave been close. In unstressed syllables, 0 w'as 
the ordinary OK. rcprcscniativc of the oliscuic 
vowel (a) ; and in thi^ cai)acity it c^ten varied 
• with a, e, u, 

In the Middle English |'>criod the distinction 
between open and close sliort 0 is no longer 
disc^eriiible ; and the vowel was apparently always 
open 0 before n con.s(>nniit in the accented syllable. 
Of long iV MK. hnd two distinct sounds, open and 
close. Open o was the normal representative (in 
midland and simtheni speech) <if OI^, long d (or 
lesigthened passed through the souml of 

(9) lothat otPBpsing sometimes written in the 
15th c. but, e^ntunlly, simply a, or w. thus 
ok, M/f/r, wd/i, n/ff ‘yea/J)f ME, ftoan 

r/iv;, ohL It often represented long 
* Vll. 

o dciived from Fr. or T... or arof^e out of nn eailier 
short 0 in an oj»en syllabic, as <>K. ko/a^ MK. 
ki'jW. MK. closi* e ^-presented fiK. 'Ihis 
■ ■ iim>l have l»oeii a very cb.'se ^ound, for ahoist the 
cud »'f the MK. 4 ‘r bcginiiiiig rd tlie mod.Kng. 
jxtUkI it i».ai,scd into the sound «f («;. iisunlly with 
the spelling tliniigh sonu tiinc^ wiih the sinqilea 
spelling, IIS in the words /.A). /i*. .Ml^, open 
e either continued into inod.J'.iig, as o i bf>iic, en , 
lujpe', or was. from ibtli 0., written va (/i./k, cn, 
but ill sound it b' came at h.nglh close and 
fjua:i-<li[ihlhoiigaI \ except before r, where 't 
remains ojxn (‘•‘•K. In the ivjih c„ 0 l>cgan to be 
vvn'it<‘n in certain c.'tses for f#, esp. before w, w, 
// ( > 7 ( , as in s.v//e, m’?/, Icr/e ( (^K. 

sw;/n, l/yii. This, which has largely survived into 
luod.I;^., wasrncrclya j^;v//X';V,not a .change. 

'I'ho normal sound of slioiti^is now 'p;-. low-b-sick- 
I (•imd, varying with n» M-baek -round -w Me (o;.rn;(\ 
low back-round-vviile (9' ; but it frcqueiilly stands 
for • D as ill S.M], dinb, cir iv , as in wi>rd ; .and in 
unaccented syllables siiiksto(ah as in imtii’n. AVhen 
iJiiginal .short ^ come? before r final, or /• -f roii- 
S'.tii.anl, as in fpr, cu/'ii. it is now lengthened 
into the cvricsp»»iiding long sound p .'pi, fp.i, kpiii, 
spit). A still more recint lengthening of p often 
lakes place iM soiuheiii English before certain con- 
.sonants, as in cr-»ss, pIY, mi^th, spfi, and, l»cing as yxl 
only partially recognized, is here represj-iiicd t»y p. 

The 1101 ninl sound <1! b*ng e, as in n^, tr'c, l>pne, is 
the qua^i- 01 iiu]»erfccl dipliihong Jeu' ; but. belore 
r, as in bore, cb^, stpry, the: sound is that of il'.c 
open quasi diphthong In laimlon and the 

south <if J'.ngland, this i*. c.siv w'hcn r lolli/ws 
ill the same syllalile. as in ere, Wi^rn, ]>i>rter, is 
usually idenlifiiMl with the (, ) inemioued above as 
arising from MK. short belore r. ThU is not the 
ease, however, in the educated speech of ihecciimti y 
as a whole. I'.or in America, ami the :-:oiinvls .'irc 
still separated by most orllnxj-.ists ',.scc Kills. A'. A. 
yVw;«wrAr/7>//, 1. 94-95:, aiei in diciion.arics 
getiernlly ; lh<‘\ are distinguished in this liiction.'iry, 
as in luJi'inler, l.i»rdcr (bo«»'jd3J, bp-juoj), uw/mt, 
nwm (mt>Jn, in/Tn). 

Hence, in modern English, the normal sounds of 
o are 

1. in i\ 0 , Ixjne ne'i, bc«n. 

3. b« ,, <7re, gli^ry o->j, glrm-ri. 

3- r o nerth pi, ii/ol’. 

3 a. {> „ s«7ft, intflh 

4- P f, gilt rpb, gpt. 

Exceptional sounds, due to special causes, and 

noi'inally N]>c!t otherwise, arc 

5. u (u) in d«> 111 d/^. 

6 . V sun, other SiPii, 

7. p „ wvrd, wt»rlhy wPid, 

No. I is also represented by <?,r, of (fninl \ rr/, ere, 
o/t, rarely 00: as in li?<^l, luv, lew, e/r, brnecli. 

No. 2, by nil, ew, cw, rarely co; ns in Uwr, iv//r, 
Gewer, deer, flAJr. In breerd, <w has the sminfl v,V . 
The combination now normally Tcj)rosents long 
(/L, long (u-*), short (u), as in moon, moor, geed ; 
exccpitoiially, it has the sciurul of ‘ shi»rt u’ (1*;. as 
in bWd, fleed, or «»f * lung o' **Nos, 1 and 2 a!>ovo. 

Or. />!', normally repfcsenl a true diphthong 'oi’., 
ns b^/l, Iwr; or an inijierfcct tiijihthong, as in 
Mafr (moi»j). 












ew, also lejjre&eiil a <liplithorg (my. 
as ill cv/t, licwsc, n,'7»'. or an iinpcrJect triphthong, 
as ia lu'.vr iou i . Ihil oit has .tIsd vanuus other 
>oiin'.ls, ns in s.i //p. iiv^r, t'luc/rgb, \i'.v ; v^/zl. jw/r : 
I'le/rghl, ce/^gli. ; in uiiSi’c-^-td fwi.i! sylla- 

bits it ii cominiMily ; .1 . .as in fiOiV.r, phvrs. 

In uuacoMittfl .v) Habits., all Uie v.,Ljiiihs tif e are 
liable to Siii/rli-nirig and obscuralK'n. and lend t»» 
sink th:ou;.^h or O'*, o or r*, lo o. d, .aiul .t, .is 
in tebacc4? c, iV... ana’veiiiy .d'. ilila!*?:)- .a , 
sailer (-.i!' , coudrrt •'.) , enuue: 'P, a-, paritH (a;, 
notitjn (D;, ia:.d./iM -t . 

'l ilt' ':hi»iim- of* ’ll. li !t» li ill .\tl. 'A.i-a itrii'tu: of il'.^ 
y uulirvu I'iitli.infl liiidrf !s,.i!ui 

Put tlai I’l'-ihcia riiaJrcis iroijiicij i?, tli#. j»ri-sf rir.c ot wliirli 
i: cf c. ... ill iruf:i\ nutn' - ■ sf 'ut\ 

is iin: i'f ll,i* ni> -1 il.sfi ii.dM* ffai'.iurs mI i.m ri.i: ru l'.r..;:li'-h 
an.l Sc I- I). Ill I cii ihi-. tt is iTo-ti wriiton «.». 1.1 tfr\ 

li:irri>-s\«rl '..i i .1, r, fi‘ f, T>, i) 'I l>i» t ol < ‘K. 

t.i i. 7 f \i’:. U a!--.i t ) Kuulish .u.d i'.s r«'l.Uo'l 

(ii.iltit.. V'. 'iiitl hovii.if ill Si ■I. :! or:<; aKi-.i i-.i 

lii-rman <: ;j !!;5 .v>..r )• r. rwaiiil .v. This, lita: iht: !■ rmlj-.h . v, ul 
s.>i!i..i, i, (.fiiiii r-, ln.i mmt tusorn Ti\f u 01 m/, I'.t 

ia Kii^. ryv'.h Si» I he i.oiilif/a liial. ti- 

Tia:.?ii iiii: taihi:!' pr Tir i'iv,;Ui-h (ut'>{ ihy-. .->11.1:11 
wi-i:tcii ia s-oteh, in MK., ,*«, hat i>i iiiuiltr’i 

tiuM-s soii>i:i{ii.» s i\*, as ill f .* rt/iV/ -- 
’ \ . iMv.ji'.i i.i ill ..u'.ii ,rs ,>f |)i<- .'iir.! i;-ih f , 1) ;-.t 
the v^iap-; cf til*: i-.rtti'r (.) ri'prc'-.eMt'.v! Jh»- i>iiiJif-'sl ^■Mll i.f 
ihv ITU •■•Ji ill friiuii.^ ihc i-, s*-eM Ji- iii tin: hi-toiv 

1*1 like U iit-i t>* l.c wlih jul roui'iiiaiuiii iu f.u.l. 

I. 1. 'l lu* IcrtiT. iTii quo?. f:i4(»o ihc Greek 
(’’w.v-ir.i 'J ho jd. appears as (Vs, n’s .ces . 

('-• /l->' -.t, ih*: lext-r t> likTuiiag hy itself .'1 vv.'r.l, as in 4iic> 
lull r>.- li' ii O ; vt'-f. .*j /«•»■ se, I A‘»‘ ^ 

r rooo d‘.:.r«ie i'raat. iii. •“ t »i ftaai] !>'.-*n sif 

r . .1/. spri ■- J>i«ii*»ulIitLe : £1460 //■ti-wr.Vi 

,I/fi/. i. I sum alph.H el n, I aru ih'.- tiiii. the i.ast also. 

149s y'.?fa/-.v Ivii. in thu. A/»-. 

Ifi-.rri aivl nthe rc.e.TH.ic like :ni t.l. 1530 
I'.MKC.R. Ji O i:» llie he h.'iih I iv.) «ilucr.> I'nane.ts fit 

*- ui!!ciynu>.i'.s. i 5 is I 'l kki-.r HitU - O per ve i.>. < r ,x i.ewe 
Ciyt'i I.f K<i:Uh iriie :ir;d CV.nitie 1 -ichi. 1711 SiKFi.F >'fr f. 
No. i(;> • Ji W h.ippeil . . h»r v 1 sti’i.c an 1 1 fwi .'in A, 1.1 an A I •»' 
aa I y i8T4(.'Ai- V Paurc'f I *t/ >>’' Kar la.-io qui- hU iJi.m 

i-'er p-'ii Wrote <> ct I, '.it* hi’iv^lriJ, ViiiuM .vui t 
t'c'ii.v'’. 1900 JO /'/4 The islicii- super- 

sinii is supy.oj ii.vl .,?»y A arfl O shapril in-stics. 
b. The fouiui ol llie letter, the v»»wt l-soiirnl o, 
184a 'I' F’-NYsoN /.//t; «;•■» M'Uithiri:; *nit }iis hollow ii*v aiij 
: i.s. 1867 .\, f. Ki i :s J-.. h. I. ill. Q4 What soonos 

i>r a ovi-t. ‘1 hey iirt-. all roirul v*>MsIs, ihai i-^. the a*ai>j:i 
■>f the lips wish a loleral ly roiiad i.prnin,; i.s u- »., s;,:vry. 

2. lUed, like the other Iclteis, to imUcaVe scr’au 
Older and distinguish thing. 4 ^m n senes, as the 
* quires’ or sheets of a book, the parts ef a figure, 
the companies of n military force, the baf.erics 
of tlie Koval Artillery, the diticient M.SS. of a 
w i>rk, etc. 

3 . In /e;T4-. the symbol of a pnrtii'ular negative. 
i55r T- Wii vo\ / (t vij h, 1 il'iihe r igiiTif a p-iriiiinUt 

.'iiii.jii.iiiiiir. 1) tloih s .1 j».'»r;i.-ii’.ar 15^, v6xo 

I'.t*' 1 ilhf* if-irr-i' 1870 ^L-viiKV /-■/. *-•/. Arc 7*7 vhi. '.lE;-'.' 
6; of llii^ k\iiA iit i^cnnaily to U: das’-r**. 

r.ulK^r .Is 1 1 tiem I. 

4 . In Cfit'/fi, O is the symbol for (Oxygen. 

6. (!). is .an abbreviation, a. for soiiic ( hrlsiian 
names, as (V/zvr, Otirta^ G.'7e4i/</, Oswj'rt. 

b. lor ‘old’, as in OK., Old English, OM 
I'TtnchjOnCi.. (Md High Gcriiiai>, ON.,Old S*^T<e, 
etc. ; O.P., old prices (see d); O.S., old style; U.T., 
Old Testament; .ti »1 frequently in public schorl ab- 
breviations, as O.W., old WclhngUinian^, and the 
likir, C. for ‘Order’, as in D.S.O., Distingiiisljcil 
Service ( 7 )ider;, Order of .Saint Itcurflicl. etc. 

1710 Ac'i./, No. 47S«: ;■ 'i !>tr i4lh F»f ihr hot Moxilh» 
t>. S. S7J4 //'/,/. N.\ 6 jrt t Suul.Uvhn, -Aiicnsi m, (I. .S. 



iRq* \\rf.iMiir p/" l.ij't lyS '.rii*.* moul of ili«» Fiill 

i-. II. ii uni|m.MiMnnl.ilv nDric**! 'V.ii c in llic Iaii-t Iw-ok'i of ihe 
C>. r. 1901 Sti'istUitn 15 M;ii. :‘/-i Ci'.i'c.rnl if iVK-iitls <•! 

1 kW.'s . woulil LoiiiiniiiJU’.aic with liiiii ui WtUinglimColloi'.f. 

< 1 . In iilh^*r coinliiinilivniN ; (.<>rig. ( \ V. 

s/ivi^ :i hninoionsly phoiuiic ab!)iL*Yialion for* all 
t«niLi.r, all ritjht ; 0.1'. (12) ‘old price’, ‘old 
1‘ftri iiij' ti» the demoiisiratioiis at Covent 
CanU-n Thealrc, Lomlon, in 1809. a^ahst the pro- 
jioscd new tariff of pi ices; ;/») (^also o.p.) * oppo;,ilc 
the prompt- T side’ in a lliealro; ‘ over-proof*; 
(i^» (^al.^o o.p., 0./.) in HooksoUer s Catalogues, • out 
of piint *. 

1847 R;'r;r. A//i'7i: (r.iniur ■ His rvjirfsi p'p- rlofl 

liimsuir,. Allen il»:U all \vii..» O. K.. anil iccciw-tl his 

tl'.illat, ^ iB^ juiHi N o/’.V, i 'c'»v[' iv. (il»iil.*, "I'is lUlt- 

\ff lis; ii'aO. K, 1888 / /vi* //wim .•n Krl>. iihiil.i, Tin? 
(.'aiiadian i:ii':ioin^>h>'ii^e i- rciiuiicd in 'aainp an Aiii'Tii..'in 
v»;.i.sol ji.iuei D. K. 1898 AVr-'f .1 Jan. 7 1 In one iif 

his l-riu;r.s fioin Anierira drft.Ti'l.i'it srwil lir w.i.s ‘All O. K 
..Air. In'-i.ic'.’. Riil!i'v*-ll nic.nts ‘;ill loii'i't ',1 uriilcisi.-i'ni. 
igoQ /.li.'if J'jfit’x 1', Si'V, I hf Staio Court H'.S ) 

iM h.ive flcolilisl ihai wiiiin a lawyn marks suth .1 
ili'i f >. K., !.r is, liy tliiln.;, r«tiipjiril finiii ipirstioMiiii; lie i‘i »* liy .ipp' ai. 

i8ts Hvp.rjN /.t'A iV Mihirc i;? June. W'lii. li will cii-I in .'in 
n. P. ciMiiliustiLii. 182$; f'.vvrv-.hiy /’s"- I »' -i I^Tiy'.s 
lloiinTi, who iiiyi^hily a^•.isl^'l^ |.,lni Koinlili-‘s “ il’ji.* 
want' liming the *i). P. ruw ' al C!i\ont»»,ii-.!rii iln-ain.* 
1836 9 1 > S 4 \ /i'.v, .V. j .Mii, UmI .. 

1 ■nnc'.in;; lll■llill<.l l!ic‘ ta,;t‘-lv»roii tlir i ».P -^Me. 1874 • :i 
J/iiiJ ovt’f rra.smAnia.' .;i t.M'l Mill*; mu'u t.« 

«a'‘liM|; (). P. rum in plnls ;uw.l -.^ill:*. /.V./, .p • I'sh.sw riii-il 
S.TMily iCIan Mru’ 1 :i\ isli i In Irs lu-anlifnl t.k P. .*sooi< li. 1876 
\V. H. I'oi.i <•> K /Ojvrw.rt ill Ci'w.vji//. A',?'. |uiif 7? '1 ht* ili'- 
niil’.ini i* liiir.lly li.>*. than that i f thf: (.>. P. ri.ilN in 
|-!:;.v;Iaii(.I. 1892 /’•i.V Af-ii/ tr. S 1 *«*'■'. .-/» ! 1 In vj ..>1 •."IJii'.il 

tin; flii.v iii xl i1k: siri/,(; un tin.- o p. -ii!r. 

O V"';, [I'loin rescnil.'laiicc in shape to llie 
lelt'-r f ) : sec prre.] 

1 . The Aiahic zero or cipher 0; hence, n cipher, 
a me* re nolhiiup 

1605 .Si»\Ks. /.#.MV I. iv. 21-.! Now ihoii .i!t ;i'i O uitli .nt 
a fitanr, 1 am lii-.rii'r ihun iIkhi .iri in-w; I .im ;i (‘Vi'.k, (lio-i 
:iil ijolhlaH, i&iq .'.In ii.w /-//:.•/.. v\vil, Wks. ''.i ; 

*1 o Ijk .Last away like su niany V.-in.'liiv in -Vrithiniii- k, 
unlrs.s it b« tj lunii: ik-L of ihir i'|..i-.piifi' .nu i ini.i a 
lannait.Uion with ilir pc>.^pk. 1863 J. 'I’momvis .Wifi-iny ni 
iv 24 I'hrt linj; is i.nniil, l.ifi; the 

a:. (.). 

2. -d'l. 7 oae8, ooa, 7-oea.) Aii)lhinit O'uiul, as 
a li.^'cle, round spot, orh. 

Ci.'iioi C, the pi iff.t i;iii:le \\lili,1i lie ItaliiUi pail. ter 
I'll iiin is said til tiMvc ihiowM -itr lV* e ti.inil. 

1588 .Sn.M^.s /.. L. L. ii. .»5 O fli.if y.-iir fare wt-n* fiiM of 
Oe\. 1590 — Miih-. .V. III. ii. i.iy 1 aiic Hi leiia ; who m.ire 
eii;;il<l>> ll.o Mi;;'if. Mji‘:i all y-'H lir-in oe», .tni! eios nf 
^598 “■ I. Cli.’.nis i j Ur may wc i raminc Wiiliiri 

fins ^y(lo^l■■!l O. ihf veiy Ca'-kes 1 hat ijjil alVii.njhi. Oie .\yie 
of .NkIm. .»iiii i8{8 C*Hi viK -I.V.r. i ss.. Stott iiiityj.' VI. 08 
‘1 ht rt* is .. tht Irre iJash of a iii.isOr’s hand * r.»u!iJ as 
lilt (.* of tlii.'tio' Irf. lioitl. H'hi. 7/ It W.IS . . nr*, essary 
ilial (!i'.‘'C uorks sh'.iil-.t he pr.iiin«‘i.I rapkllv: and, rouml 
'■.r niit» i.e lloi^rtu off like Ui- il-j.s O. 1864 lliaotNiNO 
( >v/{ v\7. vii, I heir i y*-i nii.^ht str.iin Ai.ii sireuh theiii- 
(.1 Oes. 186$ Lif I'.x.Si' (Avi* /kv. I. \i:i. it>9 lli.s 
III,*. oii.i I ih.Miiseivr*. Miio.*'!-.. i-.iuslv into a .small a 
.«9 « .y' t.hf .‘Irr iii. ifi^., I s.iw .. that the 

pT.‘aii'.:\l iL.i':iiiii:; of th** minrcr-. of .\ii w.r. suniiu'.'il hy i 
ti.e O oi'lli .tii'. 1883 tl. H ftounii ak’ht thi /i*'».'frr,f (J, 

1 he rona.l < k \ n.iim- hy sr-ameii t i a Si. CailnMine 
•.vln:cl iw, ij ft. in dUnifier, in ihf ijaMc of the .s*mth 
iian-.ijit of tin: r.iineil .Al.-iiey of .Ai lir.iath. 
uttr: ‘\ 1884 ///.Si.'?. /.iJ/i.Y, .ViTrjrChii tin. No. ii^/i Ke.arly I 
a‘iil an U iiiiiuth. 

tb. spa. (/;. .Small circuhar spaiiglci ii‘*td to i 
nrinmerit dress in ihc I7lh c. Oht. 
i6f I Cori;ii., Sjianijlc--.. ur Ocs. 1613 Ch.m'm \n 

innxi f Mays \-:t\ 111. A v.iilc of ,„:t 

I.iwiK*, 'a.-hr-i-h.*: ei! •xlili (hi-, .i?ii.l Sji:i'.;;i'il. 1625 fk\i. ..S 
AM., ( \rhj i;|., i.h-s. 01 SpvUif^, as they arc of no 

VtO'al toO., sij they ;pt df iji.#.;! (jlory. 1683 Ch.MkiiiM. i 
t ht'iXinto .V ( 1 . 7*x ll»:ie and iln.-re wj..i.d Oats 'iiYijnA Pcarl.s i 
she ■.•new'. I 

O’, O, sb* The Jri.'ih word o, ua^ Olr. f///, ! 
‘ tlesceiiilant user! na a luchx of Irish patronyinic 
sui liAints, :t.s O’ Cf'tnrr//, ()' Conthn\ O' XeiL I Icnce, 
a peison wlio-i* .>>iiiiiirne l.'fgiii-; with 0 \ii nicnibcr 
of an .Tiicienl Irish family. 

1730 Ki/Li'i.\f; Tool 1. iii. her (J'.s. her 

Mars Ifl Si'.ilh-inil h'Mst, 1887 P. OlI.I.MfiHK Uuhtfrs 
i-lr. All liMhiiiij i \vhii(la:ins Ids dlieU drscent fr:iiii 

tinn M‘'( -juI, wr kiny •aliosc n.ariic lir^iins with an 

‘ O ’ 01 ' .Ml ■. 

See also O, oiiS. f. fiv .SV., grandchild, nephew, | 
O, .v:\ii: licL f) itilcrj. | 

■f O* OO9 ttuuural (tdj. Obs, The reduced j 
form of r^n, oon [: -Oh:. «//], Onk, used in MK., ; 
soulhern a it! rnidl., before a consonant. J’he ' 
earlier form was a (wliich also continued in ihc 1 
north): .'^c A and (J\r. ■ 

friaoo Ccii. //. .m. -5, Ui* driy.iert di..f fr'.c €l»-iik s • 

l.^Rcdcie lit .jf a, riAi.-l f xto$ L\v. 5rf o man hit i 
wiilc breke, <f xtij^ A*. to3 prt o nian hfo nor one ■ 

hinKi; Iwicii i-icnura. 1362 /». /’/. a. ii. i/, At 00 i 
^rns ende wliaii fvkf-n .^i-.hul. c 1386 Chai.'. kr Mnch, /'. 

•yi O i.-'.r. Ool fh'vdi they hi-i.-ii, and o lle-ish ^cs 1 jscssc Hath ! 
bill iwn \ 7 >.r. on| hurt**, in wi*!i: and in dlsticsM.*. r 1495 
Sn en Sur. i P.> ^k» 7,0 day a town he landi:. c 1489 C’a\ i • -n I 
rf Ay*iio»i in. 113 He rond so-i lunj^c 00 d.i\ »• aftvr 
a n«-.«iiici. /i'id. vi. 146 Kcynuwile. .drew hyiii .1 lityM aite 
oo .'idc. • 


I fOi06«7'. ;v2;r. Pa. pple. ood. [T 0.v/».t 

/not w 'Vo .spangle, t*» decorate wilh siii.'ill 
1 eireiilai diskA of lin?iel. 

j 1627 -77 I'’kii h.\m AV-\Wr'.'f 1. sx. xO Oiviuiiy .. will irasl 
I a far m>>rii i.idiniit lustre. . .tliaii the pii:.sciiis ii.s with, 

tiioiixb isr'd and .spauitW in iln ii ft;'"'h»:Ni 

i +0, OO^ath\ Obs. rornis; v' A O' # 3*5 o, 00, 

! ^4 5 ho). [ The form taken irgularly in MK. by 
! <jl‘! dy \vhich remained in the north, till both i 
j fill ms were lejilacod by the cogn.ate Ay from | 

I Nurse. See A ath. nnd Ay.] Ay, ever, always, j 
{ 1200 /’»/«. y/i'wr. 7 WiicA ",o...into hut vvhe fir on \ 
; hcllti :ind wniiiftA k.u i'l .-xml o uhulon oiidc. t 1250 (>£n. A- 1 
■ A'r. nr Fid o life iSe lesicd o-x '13*5 iMt* (iraciiti' 4 in ; 

Ji. A'. 1 i5f .1 1*8 Lccuc me \u l hit Kesteh u. c 1420 1 

AV/jv/. -St. 5“* liividle h* shall jicrc for uverL*U!ii;l ho. 111425 j 
Cursor .1/. '.JVin.) Of oiire eUlrc.s Jrai. han lieni- o j 
.k'.V.V. a, ua]. Y#i 1500 C/rrstor /*/. xiii. 41* 5 A 1 lord, J 
ln..isi.‘;»d be tlioii o*.', 1 hat iis h.iih saved from nuiLhe woe. 

O, 0* b, a', />•<’/.* [Worn down or ajK!- i 
copate foiiii of On /np., ii.sed in MK. liefore a i 
coM.siniaiit ; sonielimcs abso, in mod. dial., before ' 

a vowel : et. A "" p^ t'P-t in its various ; 

senses and u.s»*s; in early use including ‘in*, 

•fil. in MK. 

I hi* .MK. liliT.-iry ii-;c app»*ivrs lo have c«*:i^cJ i.^w. 

<1 1200 r 27 a! to loma kh habbo i);iilt a wi-rki; 

;^iid ii wi'id«.*. i 1200 /W.v, Co//. J/oM. 6y Mli; nil Iciiili: 

nu t'-, .'iTiil cm*, o dai. a . 4 t:tr, /C. niii.i1di.-i) o I uli : 

:is.piiiii. <1230 //n/i Mrii/. 17 1 arcclaTio o mi:Idi.*nh.ul . . 
wi.virri;A o I'i-i wi.M?. a 1240 i 'rtisHn in Cot/, f/om. i’I-y A'-e \ 
[hi.J sI.m] i> i(.K.b.‘. .1x240 .‘iVi-/i'fV.r II A</iV‘ ibid. t.\ii sum 
f'or-tru.’itc- him. ant ft-ole. o .dope. *11300 ('ur-ior AI* 67*19 | 

(I oit.) tU-de be ilijo 0 night I/VijV/,' r.n ni3t J. //•;*/, ■ 

CVi.ind o i wil-vtcn sttvaMi, *1x340 Hampoi.c 
/’iaift-r i. 1 Pf-iiK-ns Is an ciiyl reLlmitd o lt:m;ht and bred, 
i 1400 .M.m .\*i*rv. x wi. -Ak) Of sikIic l.youns ;is bon o | 
this half, r xitjoDan. /'» y 04 > ^ imwis-may wo w\n fat ! 
u.-ifi:in to gt'O'. <11400 50 . i A .1 <f W<r 40^5 Venire to di'u I 
. . hot ciiiif dure O lym*. ^ j 

tb. In MK., fieijuently joined in wriliiig to the | 
following word, or hyphened to it by editors, f V'.f. I 

In ••arly time.s this wasesp. the case when it was fnih^wcit 
by /i', pis* pot. or b-y wunls wiih whi*. h it * uinbined to Inrm | 
j.M avlv. ur ipi.ffi udv., n.iw usually forincd wilh «•, .'is 
f dii utt fi’Knvu^ o*i/nyt t'-;/irrs, o- It'nxlh^ o-Itt'f. odoi't^ odufit , | 
e-jia/r, etc. ill*: inure iiin>iii‘Uu)t of ihc-sc will be f-.iuiivl as ; 
main Words, ill A- or I .... 1 

c 1220 Uss^iiary f.h'fc wise Au io h.'uie ^ie .seiJ. 1 1100 ! 
/liii'i\o/i Thai di lc. (he) hem oA-okc j-weie. iTdd, ; 
r:;o3 The nii:re..bk.ibl.cil and fill iucUi o-b-mc. *?i340 : 
li.ovii'oli: Xxv, I Hepart me fro ille lilt'll ill budy, . 

for wc ate f*'r»». uiwj’n in .souk ///t/, x\.\vii. i.^ p.ii jat w.ire ; 
lilsidt* me stodc oleriglil. • 

C. Ill modern Kng., />* is frequent in Shaks. nnd ' 
later drainatUts, csp. in o' /h' for * on tlie * (i.f. 

/* /h * « in the). It also occurs in some aich.iic or 
traditional phm&esor collocations, nnd dialLCtally. ; 
III d fu'xh/xy and the like, thutigh repi ing MK. on ; 

ny^tt sx, it is often a-soemted with d — 0/ (i f. 0/ a »//f ///). 
1598 Sh.xks, A/crry H\ i. i. 40 Hiij o’ my lift, if I we.'-o • 
yoiig .'lu.'iinc, the sword .should end ii. x6oo — > .d, /.. iv, 

I. 4’j Cupid iifith ckipt him uih’ shoulder. x6xo — Ti///p. I. • 
I j A o* your throat, you b.iwlins: .. Dug. *613 j 
— i/rft, I'/f/t v.^ iv. 71 Mercy o’ inr. jCf. .lurry li\ I 

III. i 7 o'IH IV. i. 13.1 *<i47 R* SlAlYLTilS’ ‘yhVt'rtu/ 'Al X j 

Whose parts 1..1I1 st.'igc Im lately pkiy’d. 1^5 lI uiiiKS 
Ot/yss. n(j/y) is4 O'lh' tciiili al night the god.s brought me ; 
to land. 1775 .SiiKHiiJAV A'/rn/j iii. iii, 'I cndei ! .ly, nnd j 
pti.iLili;inctijo, o' my masi ienee. /A/rt. iv. iii, kiuickcd j 

o' ifie hearl liy-aiid-by. 1887 A. IJiHRF.i.f. Ol'ittr /hrAi .Ser. j 

II. irj lie did not always hoine u’ ..ighis. 1890 W, A. I 
Wai.i',.w r t>w/i'ii.ViJi7,‘»'88 JlcweiillothurclilwiceLi SaJulay.N ' 

d. ^A/n’/.^io. 

iBso I Axii.H Headxwon ill. vi. :?57 O' Hcavcu'.s sake, ihy ! 
glass uf kii'svhwassei ! j 

O, 0* ip, if, a’l, prtp*’^ [Worn down or apoco' 
pate form of o/, useil before a cons., and sometimes | 
in dial, before a vowel also: cf. A prcp^\ ~ Op | 
in its various uses. Now Obs. e.xc. .'is in b. 

In MK. .soineiimcs joined to the fr-Ikiwinj; word. 
a X300 Cursor At. 71 ro His wijf fadiT and inoilrr lie g.'intf 
i) his huiiy at cteh<; lane. /bit/. 107**1 It ciiins o W'ill. c:x4oo ' 
Apn/. f.oil. 1.4 Wan il is don *inli upon comyri form 0 lawc. i 
m4po 50 .Mf.rander yP,yS ^il has fe floiiin, as 1 fyndr, j 
a for»;Uim;c obiftlft. c 1460 /'m-r/iv'ij' iVJy»t. xii. voa lesiis • 
umuuTus ( -uf Nswarcih). 15^ iJ;**’'* 4* f,W/y AW. -S. T. S.) [ 
1 i, 8 ( If (<•./. i >78 OJ pin t lufe iv. nieir nicrcy .M yne aw in .Sune j 
d-iwnc 1 send. j 

b. Ill fonntf*, slill used t/iaL^toUcN/., and in some | 
Iraditioiial and locutions; csp., IVhat'so' j 
thuk ? 5 i.x o' fiotk ; .ilso in John o' Groats^ Jmk \ 
o' lantern. Will o' the whp, Tom o' liedlam, etc. I 
Formerly in many othei.^, a» tuns 1/ Cvi/rf, man o' roar, , 
/.v/f o' li’Jxht* but ill these c/ Is now usually wrritten, even ; 
when <>' is fiinirarly priMiounccri, The contracted form is • 
r<;iirimoii in the dramatists in fainili.'U’ phiascology, and is j 
of.vasi(ma! in luiidci n pt>Kts; it is usual in tlicirpre.scntation ; 

• •f ilinicria) or vulgar speech, j 

150X Sii.sKs. /Vt'f? lien/. I. ik 83 Best sing it lti the tune of ! 
I.iglii O I.0UC. 1593— * //eh. I'ly I. i. xSft More like a i 
Siiiildier thim a m;i:i o' th' (.hiirdi. 1600 - A. 1". A. III. ik j 
.;i;J You should .'iskc me what lime o' day. i6ie — 7 >w/. I 
t. ii. i-3{ In litru o' ill' premises. 1676 Houhks //lad 1. 163 i 
riie gri-aicst part o' th’ gain, wij S. Pvr.Borr /frir/ I 
b 7 fi,/. /'ree-t/unkinx 'Ihc Iw'o Univet-sIlieH have lieen I 
coiisioiitly iradin ’d o' late. 1803 Tannahii.i. Soldier a ; 
Rrturn 43 Vr hiniia the ainbiclon o a moose. 1864 TknnYkon j 
A/orth. /''armtr 1. ii, Naw ?»of>rt o* koliid o' use to saiiy the j 
ihinRs ili.ii ;i do. x868 ItaowNis'f. Ring bf fih. i. 24 | 
a spirt if the proper fi»Ty aritl. //>id, 1. 46 The biiNem»*iil. 

I. dge O' the peilcstal. I 

*l‘ O, prtp.^ Obs. [Worn down form of oH, OE. 

before p ui /It : cl. A prtp.'*] Jn the early 
MK. plir. 0 tha/y until that, 
t^xjoo //arro^o. I/tut i.i 5 Thou shall biu-n in boiKb-; ay O • omc clonivs daj-. r 1320 Cast. /.r.*v 1 s.‘ (> hat wf lieiii 
lo wen 11 .xi-sproiij; |»e iioiimbie of J?e soule J** fro lieueiie ftUc. 

O int. (.»A, V.) [A iinUir.l 1 (or what now 
seems a mituml) ion, expressive of feeling. 
OK. had iiiiihcr dl, nor d / (wiiich would have 
phunetically given MK. d!). Not in 01 U;., or 
early ON. ; in (ioth ,prol). from Mrcck ; in MIIO, 
and later (Christian; Norse, prob. fium I.atin. In 
eaily ME. 12th c., npj^ from 1 ^, :^or ?Fi.); but 
olien VAiying with A !, esp. in northern writers. 
\Vyclifhii.s O (or .^d) only when O is in the V^llgate. 
111 OKm I .at. was rendered by Id or Paid.'] 

1 . Standing before .1 sb. in llic voc-itivc relation, 

e 1205 I.AV. 17136 0 .\iirilic Jh: kiiij^, ^ii fiivincvt me a scllii; 
hirii;:. aX225 / tg^ /\nth. T4S3 <) mihii iiiRjilen ! O witti 
vviiiiimoii ! .0 Si. bene, iiu^ scli/iit jvt schape .sc* ^wii)c venilich. 
tiiaasrUii r. A'. 5} O mine loi-uc susin.*ii, hwii Kuc haiicd 
liioiiii; .4hMi1ilreii iio1uwc:i) hi|re moilci. aijoo ^'arwun 
xxxii. in K. /'.'. /'. (i86>.' 4 (j .sinful man wu woi|» )m >vdc 
wluu. al his wicih .sal be for K*. 1^ Ayetd. uy () K^>d, 
hdii i-; iinu j;ral^ l»c: nuH.-|iflli(:dc of fine /i ■ 138a 
M Y* i.iF / i. LxviiliJ, ;•«; O ! bi»icl |\ Illy,. dottnnA lua.' mo 
s:if, O! bold, wed be ihoii wolsum [.'rost /*/ A*/// 

p/ates A!|. * >386 Cii.iiiKii iWr.'s T. 1479 O iliuvli* 

>:i>dd'-v-ie of ilir wintcs ^^•. X535 f Vi\ h IcimlIs. /'a. h.v. Ilx.l i 
(.) l!Iijil llif.m >■' hast vail v.*: out IWNcMf l.'ii.>d, thou 
put V.S .-lb.!..). 1563 87 Fo.^^ - 1 . 4 * A/. (i,s 96‘ 73 I NVe are, d 

t.iupci'i>i , y<Mir souUiiiTs. i6ix ihiii.K J*s. cxlvii, i.; Fraisc 
the l.ord, O Iciu alem : pi' (hy Hod, O Zlui. 1742 11 . 
C'abky l.ryal ii, C) J.or^f, 0111 Hod. aiisf- ! Si.:ittc?r our 
cuciiiits. 1796 il. Hi. Mi-'.if ii. St, t^i.-rrrs .Uud. Aat. 
(i7->9) 1. -i3«> *> Kloinal ! II:ivc: inercy iiiwm .nc, bt'.c;iiisc 
1 am passing away: O Infiiiilt: ! bic.-iiisu | aiii bill a sperk. 
1850 Ti.xsnsOS In Mem. iv, »; l) Iw.iit, how fare.s it wilh 
ih*.v now ? 

2 . In other conntr.viuns, or w ithout ronstruction, 
expiessing, .accunling to iiituii.itloii, various eirio* 
lions, as.'ippcal, fnlrcaty.sinpiisc. p.iin, lament, etc. 

In this U 5 .f, ia 17th .'lud i>’th c., cifirri ^writti^ri (.hi hpv.t; 
but I bis form is now iiMial tbe i:?.i'.hiiiia:ii>ii i;, 

ijiiite dcl.iilii'J from uiiat fi>!lv«\(.s 0»t) ; O 1 dnij ll•M.’d 

with ail impi*i'ali\»*, opt-iibe, or L.vcli'm:it..>ry sei-liMKCi or 
plir.i-ar, as in < U-iX’i' itu'baik aeain ! (.1 7i'ior;’ir /fft'rrr tiWre! 

O that / mic/it see /tim! O j’;r another ^liatpxe 0/ if! 

0 the pity ojit ! O dt ttr me ! f ^ dear ! O me ! ; ufliai .lUo 
ill O HO, O /ndeed, O 'in/ty, auii liic* likif 

t' 1175 1'tti‘ib. l/om. -31 ft. .n-ift )>us |»i' lux, Wc i |>c'i he euro 
hit wide il><f'!Klit.* in his )i<>rike. */ 1225 .’luis. R, ^46 () 
miK IkI is, he .sek), fi* iiiiliift of -.ihir ik uf i_!cnc b..uc.*. //id. 

I’-S'.i f h )?oulilc> ure l.oiK'i'd Jjct .'d |?i^ b‘h^'"i'k I vchiil il >ii 
jcu'.j. 13., /:.'. A, .i,Y/V. /■*. B. .Vi (..>. f.) ! my fti ucUv so fri*. 
vour fare is l...» Mr.iii;;c'. 1388 Wm i ir A'om. 41 O ! '.ho 
hci’tiiTssc i.if tliorirrhcssisof llur wisdom and of the kiiMiij .ig 
ofiiod [1382 A’ 1526 Tiniiai I., •ti:. tq. 1450 1530 A/yj. 
our Lodye 91 'Mi>.‘#hympMi* bcgyum'ili wylh 0...hii’f. yt 
rrieanyih jiruysyngu and luriuelyiige, .'i.s when a man soyili 
t.*r lioryih .'I lliynge that y.*' ryphic: iiu-iiuylotis, ho sayeth .. 

(k what ys ihys, c.>r sui h .>th(tv, 1526 J'iixr. /'ert. |\V. do \\, 
i=>jx\7b, O, whi; w'*)li.lo not la: ibtrcY 1535 Covno/vM*. 
/'s. Uv. llv.| 6 (I that 1 hud wyiijps like a doiw. a i6«o 
IlhAi.KY Ap/t fetus fifiifij 46 Woo is meci ! O mi-c* inosi 
w I I'll, hod M’aii ! x6xi If Kvw.'Kiii thdd, A/;f 11. i. W 1.^. 1H7.1 

III. 23 Whiiuc id wlitm.e 30 t’.ndv) An: all yon gioiios y 
X667 Mimox a /.. IV. 7if, r.iiiili.ra, wluim t'l- fiifds 
tiulowd wilh .'i!l ilii;ir gift -i, and O loo like In .^ad cvrr.l. 
...748 Watts /mproTJ. Mind ii.*( .1) ■•.rj Put O ! how ex- 
cocciunjly difl’ieull it iv 1766 /'/(*. It'. > \ii, O 

misc*ry ! ‘Wlieit’, vricil I, 'whore an: niy liiilo ones*/' 
1792 ilimss'fi ’^hatf.rrt a J'Ng. iii,0, dool on the* d.13' 

1 mot wi* an .'udd iiiiiii ! ^ 18x6 Sf.'OT i' cD/'//. xxxi, O dcitr, 

my poor Slocniie, the pride o' iiiy very h«art. X833 Hi. 
M-mciinkai.i /ierketey the /iankcri. i. w;* O im, Kiioch pro- 
tc.slcd : it was.,iiuiio. out ol ihcr quesiiun. 1837 .SV»r. 
Afuer, HI. 43 0, hut vec alMive Iniyoiid our liucmics. 1822 
Tknnv.swM ‘ lireak, break' iii, f.) for the luuth of .1 vanish cl 
|i;Uid. 1850 - /» Mem. x <xv, O im*. what pri.filR it to nut 

An idle Whiim.\s Afau/tattiin Ajmingxx, 11 ’« 

O for a mardv life.* in the c-amp ! 

3 . In baluids (chiefly Sc.) added after the rime- 
word nt the end of a line. App. identical in origin 
wilh A int. 4, as in the Shak.spcrian 'the .stile a', 'a 
inilc-a *4 the a being at length treated as int. 

In c]iioi. 1859, friwn the' u'-aiie of sireel crit;s. 

* 7 M '7 The Mil/-0 jv, O ! the miil, mill O, and 

the Kill, kilbO, and tlic eii]^j»:nsj of the wheebO, .. Ancl 
lound wi' a .soger veebO ! a 177^ The Harrin o' t/ie d* r, 

O /, It fc:ll alioiil the M.iitinnms limo. An' a gay lime it was 
tluan, O ! \rhtte pan, Oik ^ 1781 IVokss A/y Nanie, O i. 
Behind yon hills where .Srinenar flows. 'Man^ ino-Ts an' 
mosses uuiny, O ; The wintry sun the day has i losM, Ancf 
rii awa to Niinie, fX ^ <r x8io Tsn.vaiiill 'Gioomy winter''^ 
Hosu avfit* J The mavis -dugs fid cheery O trnues dearie O, 
weary O]. 183^-83 K. F.. WAkniiiiiON J/un/. .Sritj^x vxvii, 
(ed. 71 8v Stags in tli« forest lie, Uarc.s in the vatl«y-o ! 1859 
Sala Gasdiitht 4 /X xvi. 177 'The shows ut Saviile noti-.e . 
rcnmiiird alive O I 

B. as sb. 1. 'i'he interjection considered as 
a word. So O me, O dear, cti. 

1609 B. JoMftOK Case A Itered v. i, 0 me no O'k, hut hear. 
1646 CKA.SHAW .SW/. d'/fer. xxv, A desperate O mu I drew 
from his deep breast. 1833-6 Jf. Eaclku Ske/eker (1R56I iS 
'i'hey are not Virgil's Furiunaii, with an O and an if; *sua 
St bona norini 1849 Unke-atiakH PendtMnis xxxvii, Many 
0\ of admiration. * 

2 . pi. O'soJ Advent, the seven Advent Anthems 
sung on the days next preceding Christmas Kve, 
each containing a separate invocation to 
beginning with 0 , as 0 Sapientia (O Wisdom), 

(i sUlonai, etc. 




O’s ij/’.SY. or Fiftit n O'-:^ fifteen nieditaliiMitk uii 

ihe Passion of <’, eoinpostrcJ l-y JSi. Hrid^ci, each In-- 
Kinnin); with O 7t:su, or n similar invoeatidii. 

1531 }fore die. Afanc I'/r/T- 63 b. 1 hys Lc tb« nv. oo> tli« 
whych the holy vir^yn saiul lin«;iiia was (womc] 10 say dayly 
lirfor the holy roofle. sf4jf Hontiliri r Good tl 'ks, m. 

63 Other kiiuU of pnpisiical ;>tiperstition& nntl abuses, as 
of Heads, t»f Lady P.-uii(ri-^ antf Rosaries, of Fil'lccii Os. 
* 7*9 J A* ^Vf/. s. V. 1885 Calhriic Diet . ; td. 1) 1 -J-j 

'Ihe seven gr»aicr antipbons or amhcins .. ivdled the O's 
of Advent. 1896 /’otin. AV/*. IdX. i.;i These h-.asis were 
ealled O'.s, Iiec.iusc at vespert on these days llie anthems idl 
be^un with O. i 

“O. suffix t^f combiiiiiiji; forms of won Is. On the 
analogy of fireek eoinbinations (^in which the | 
combining stem usually i iulul in ~o, ns thematic j 
vowel or its nprcsentalivc, ijr as an adiiition to 
:i ctirisonrint stem), ami ilicir adaptations and ! 
imitaliofis in Latin, laic and tmtli.eval, like .Vjov- ! 
phctntv, {ra/h’;nvd\ (jallohisptwi^ AH^i'losiUouiitty^ 
etc., has emne to be, in modern Lalin and in ; 
Knglish, the usual connecting vowel in combiiia< ; 
lions, not merely in ethnic names as Att^h S^i^on, 
Atr.;fo-Intfiau^ />/j/p-y:'//rv/yrt//,etc., but 111 scicntilic i 
« terms generally; it is affixed, not only to terms ; 
of f jreek origin, but alsi > to those derived from Lalin ' 
.Latin comjiounds of which would liave been ! 
formed with ibc L. conne<»ting or reduced thcm.itic . 
vowel/-/), es|»ecially wlieii coni|>ouTids are wanted ! 
with a 6r; I .atin conipusit ion, even il possible, : 
would not warrant, but which would lie authorized ■ 
by the piincipb-s of (iii-(ik eoinpositioii. Such are ;'o-,* amvixo-, eyrnh-.i-^ doUtho^^ ohlonkic-, ; 
omfo- ; iodo-; eirrho-, tumnlo' ; ! 

pneutno- ; dritmaliiO'y i^onnfuii o-, histcricO' y posi- \ 
fitO’ ; Joio-y sciio - ; etc. 

1. 'riic primary and idyinologh-al fiujclion <if 

a combining form in -0 is lo «juality adverbially . 
ihj adj. to which it is luefiMai ; as, in (ir., Arpird- 
xKivpi'S ‘*whitel)igre^ii pale green ; mod.L. orw/p- ‘ 
tot'datuy ‘ ovately licait-sfmpcd \ cordate with ovate . 
modi iKMt i'.ui ; N urnian as im.»f ! ifird . 

ill Lngland. Such a comb. is. as it were, the adj. ; 
with adverbial (jiuilification, behmgiug to a sb. ; 
with adj. ,<|ualillc:vtion ; thus, as to trie ‘pudilled j 
sb. sti'.itdy iuJudrv ’.idj. + sb. • the corresponding 1 
fpialilied ailj. is i-adj.b ' 

so to politiinl trof^wiy the corresjionding adj. \i j 
poiiiivo rxonomii.. Lord Cam pl;»cll has. used /isV- ! 
Hfc) ary in the sense * |>ertaiiiiiig ti» legal literal wre*. ; 

2 . Hut tho use of these lorms h.a-; been cxlendcti, 
so ax to express, as by a kind^of abbreviation, • 
alinust any manner of lelation between the two j 
components. Atti^h’l'rati h, oHginally * French ! 

an j jiglish sort *, * French as establislicd or , 
spokep in iinglarur, is sometimes taken vvitli the 
converse meaning of * Fiiglis.h st*ttled in F'lance’, 
and commonly with that ot * English in alliance, 
eonjiinction, or p.irlnership with French*; so i 
hhinco-ircrman ni;iy even mean * Fteiicli in conllict . 
with thiniriir, Ur;»iO-Lifia ‘common to tirwk ; 
.and Latin’; /////< 'communicating with 
both lungs and sloinach*; oedpito-f rental y ‘ roach* 
irig from occi}Mii to foiehead *, or connecting those 
parts : Oicipito umporo parkuity ‘ including the 
occipital, temporal, and parictiil (lobtx of the 
brain/; ,i,7t7/«///ir-rrt/7;/r.v/t*//r, ' feeding on gr.ass 
as w(‘ll as llcsii | 

3 . This -0 is usod also, on t lreok analogies, in : 

wonl-formatiou. I’rom its legidar ap^Kairanco ■ 
licfoie Certain suflixal elements, as -i/ni/, ! 

-%y, ^tne/er. it tends to be treated practically as 

a jiart of the-sc elements ; lienee, such e.xprcssions , 
as ‘ lb(.‘ intreatt^Oi ratyy shop-ot nuy* fradt'-oenity, \ 
and other -Oiraeiiw'. * a professor of all the ’olefin 
‘the last new -olop^Vy ‘galvanometers, lactO' 
wtei's, and othoi 'om\pt:ry without number *. 
Oacombe, obs. (oim of ()aki*m. 

Oad, oade, obs. forms of W uad, Odk. 

Odes, pi. of O .vAi 2. 

* Oaf .Also 7 “8 oph, 8 oaph. /'/. oofs 

• (also 9 oavos). [A phonetic variant of An earlier 
an // : see also Oufu.J An elf’s child, a goblin child, 
a .supposed changeling left by the elves or fairies ; 
hence, a misbegotten, deformed, or idiot child ; 
a half-wit, fool, booby, as being by inference 
.1 ch.angeliiig. 

i 6«5 lM.tTCHkH it: SfiiMLKV .V/. /f 'r/Zr** I. iv. ns Uith 
from ihis fiar uf fix.-ls Ami Oiih^r, g *1 by this 

shadow, 1638 Fomii /Vin.'/i'f IV. i, I uin . . an naf, a s'.iii)>le 
;d(<Ue, nil iiiiicKfiii. 1693 lWt4»/€€rs II. i, He 

Koiiv you ‘.oucy 170a Ok Fok Gooti f.adirs 

Tin Fvrry wi.^rd he .M,okc \v:i^ like an Oph. 1708 tint, 
Apollt* N.i. nil. Y I Play under wliut N.inie Miu&t ihc 
l*ubbp.l Oaph 17x0 Srn-i.r; Tatifr No. '.'48 f 

Mariiai^cs . . Ii'awccu the most accomplidiod Wunuii, and 
the vcriV.-t Oafs. x8a6 Scurr ir,trds/. xii. Pho^c inrifie.! 
emfs, who i;tku fright nt every puff of wind. 1858 lj.\iM-.v 
-..a NMuil oitw.., wc must appc.ii . ^ 

[ b. Cowh.y :x'i, Oitf-roi i'cd n, ! 

I *855 RohlNV.>S tt /t/it\y G/Oy.\.y i.f , 

I iiiL-iitally wc.'ik fti>m the madlc; spoihd ]iycail> iinlnlirr.ii- r. 

I Hence Oa'fdom, state of lieing an 0.1I, stupiditv. 

! 1883 Aisiin Dodson O, //'. IdylUy Unc ^4 

'' Grown enn(ei)tf.'rl in uur oufdom. 

; Oafish >'u‘lij). a. Also 8 auf-, awf-. [f. preo. 
j + (.^f ilie nature of nn oaf. dull-witted, 

I stupid, loLiiish. 

! x6iO .'r/tft'ux J'ttif. yu»u.K .\ti i«Ih.» ir-insh affnint. ! 

I a 1700 H. Iv Diet. Cant. Cn w, Silly, a 2734 Nouni . 

• /.'..iMi/r, I. ii. $ 1 5-; Can hir think llujt his KcailtTs :ifv ;.o i 
j tiwlish as m imai'iiii: (etc I? 2896 Mks. H. \ .S/V G. ; 
I ’J’rexinity is7 She's itot that oafish lad . . Inin;; roiitid her k. ! 

I Hence Oa'fialmeBS, stupidity and]ne.'><. - 

17*7 IiAiM-.y, V*'I. II, ()a/ix/i fu:s.\y fix.ilishncss. 1890 

Id .Ai»r. 47-y* 1 hf wln.lf i-. iaiiii:d hy the '..•.ifi -hnv *. 
of .Still kin.iiin. 

Oagar, -er, Oai^le, obs. if. Ai.cmt, « »i;i.k. 

Oak /"•k). Fonns: «. 1 tie '/l/tr.Ac,, 3 00c. 

3 -5 ok, (4 oek;, 4 -fi 00k, (5-6 ooko', 4-7 oko, 

(5 hoke, a noko, 5 6 hookc , 0 oak, (diat. 0 
oyke, woke, 6- woak, 7 yoako^. />. nart/f. .'in.! 
AV. 5 ttko, f» aik, '5 a iiak e, ayk, 6 eiko, 9 d/id. ! 
y ok, yak. (rom. Tcut.: OE. nV fein. pi- , gen. ! 
sing. *ar, d, t\ <lat. sing, , t?t ; -k ( )Fris. rZ-, 
ODti. «//* (MHu. c/Xr, c/y, ML(L fZ-, r/‘\ Flem. 
fVA’/*, l)u. I'tt.' in;i.s‘;.\ fllD i. rih iMHG. c/ //, (ier. 
fiihc\y 0\. tik (ill led. ‘tree*, Notw. cik. tk ■ 
S\v. ck ‘ oak *, I )a. ;~OTeut. .1 tcm. 

coniaipniLtal stem; iilteii*»r lekati'ins ob.’?curc.] 

1 . The name of a well-known llritiih .'iml j-.uivi- ! 
peaii forest tree, Q/ttr.uf Kolur under which i 
botaiii.-iis now dislingiiidi two sub-spi d< s, pc.- | 
dmuntafa and (h flora y Di'ioi.vsr), noted I 

fur its timber, and bearing a Iniit or s|>ccics of ; 
mast called the Acuu.s ; thence e.\Unrlctl to all 
species of {htetiitSy trees or shrubs; the couiinoii 
speci'.-s in N. America Iteing <>. n-ba., the whit..* oak, 
arul Q. niaeroitirp:!, tfie bur oak : see* b. 

rt. 749 C'ui'itr ill Kfieblc C*;f. /•///. \ . 4' OI i.i.'fi.ra!i 
tif'Wc on I'a :il ; i*f Ait:** |. 1 /.V. hraijan ii:i n'l 

sl'i!r;Tt;s liyjlc iu?icw» ;iTdi*, c' 2000 .■Ki.»nic /font. 11 , i .f< 
Hit" tiyriLiiia'i . i.'.imc .u < 1000 i.ctekd. II. 

ij'i Wij'ix riri'i*-, xv-inyic .ncc. ^ tx.40 f en. .V A'l. i-’;} 
f>»vp bv U thdf n*!d»r .vn 2*97 K. (iit** t . d<>'l!s' ;,i » ■ 

ftM i nlv he \v Uh: i*r;:idc ad..»iiii, as it V'd were. . 

• *374 ' ra !Wtk, u. v. ;», Cam!). T-* s!.ik\;i ; 

hyr huiiigT at t-!ii;ir with aav^inu^ »>l Ok«"^ 2^ ; 
/■tie, ten II. .--s bafk*.i..hirf , pal h.i|> pal naiii'.- <f! a ; 

baai '^i k ha! is in jn- fi.ti'st •../ WxM' 1398 -• 

/V /'. A', wii. • x.v.xiv. oiys.i ?*•/■.* The h.oU#* . . is a lu-t*. • 
that bri'.lylfi c' 24^0 Avt>‘U>. Af't-’t. w. A-- h-.- 

in'jlhct bi it iii.:kv. ('2440 D»,i/rp. /‘.r;-/. V.?t/t Okc, tn-, 
e htOf , us, yif r. 1506 li 'ill rf Ckn m!'. r.\ n (S .ui.t 1 • » 1 II o. », 
Viidor ihv greOr lionkc. 2539 T.vvkknkr Er.iMit, J'nn . 

• *.vl .0 6ft If thou wylic bty,>;c an wk-; of thy fitaiiU*, .iskv. ; 
twenty or uii hundrctli ookes. 1577 P- tioiv.i; t/ered>M.h's 

(i ii«i T"lu* first pl.iu*- "fright Itl'.'ng^sh to i/.o 
*5ak. 15^ SiixKs. .^terry 11''. iv. iv, 4;* .Xl.arry liii' I*, niir, fiiat Falvt;iirc .'il th;il 0.»k<* ;'h ill iri»:' i» wiili o.. 
ttw.i. V, V. 7.1 Oiir i»f Ciisaniiv, r-mij'l about rh»: t.'ki: 

Of Herne dif Hisiiot. h:l s.'S u-.-t forget. 2621 Con^K., 
C/iarn:oy.\ a itiimc of Yo:*k«:*. *784 t‘fi.yA’ 1. ji $ 

Ls»rd f-f t!tc t!ic long-.siirviving v,ak. 184a -Ski bv 

/»».V, /■orf.\t / it..). Of the v.irious N<»rih-Anii!iif ..n 
I'ak*’, inany aee tli->.iiii{iiiishe.d fi»» l!.i; heaiuy of their f'lhaj^e 
Imc.]. 18^6 J. I’xxrKK //’A/’. rnX'.c. Aj^rit, II. it )3 T in rc 
.ire .ibovc liiriy diflh rent ipi.t.ies of i -ak inll■'.Hlu^.cd into C«i »:.xt 
Ihliain 2855 tiiav’. .\ii. v.j (hi ihdr paih’Xav .. 

b.iy an ofik, by ^torm.s ii|Hi»)ivd. 1859 W. S. Oijmw 
ll'.Mufftinttx ui'O.) s The in.'ij'.s'i'j thik, ihe. Ab lanch ‘.'f ihr 1887 1* i!\ROY tfWd.'a/.ders 111. i. 0 Haolly | 
kin.n\i;ii: a beech fr'-iiii a woak. ’ 

fl i 1400 Mm ndi.v. (Kts'sli.l ix. i.“, tree ••f aVe. 24.. • 
.^fi'd. ivtreipts in A’cZ. Ant. I. 1.4 T ak iMiferne tiuil wasrs ■ 
i.n (he like. 14.. AV/v. ill Wr.-NV>.iu.ker 7ifV7 ^Z«’c v"'CO'.v.*, 

.. a pale. < 1470 Hkxky /f 'l/Arctf v. S.»r AVal-.u.c: leiMri.c! 
has yd a burly ayk. 1513 Doi.\.lvs iV \n. Pnil. iii; 
Fiullang the hvdycis inyk, and on riuik aki.s, 1. 2560 iV 
St. 01 t'i'ems iS. T’. S.) ii, 7 Nor Hercnh-;, aikkls , 
vpicnt, And dang the dv\iU of h«Tl 156* TcBsnt tft 
II. loj Qaerni'i is eallcil .. in >• Ngrili cmiMirr an l;-d‘« 
tre. .. .\n acorn or an K)k'jrn. that is >" n)s:n: 01 finii 
an F.ike. ifct M.'m...m;ii 1. ll'oes o' li'nr .-^uld 

L'hcsnut, .ikv, and yew-tree. 2804 R. Aniikkson Gmuf'crt’d. 
Da/i. 81 O, Matthew! they'se imhUu the >cks .ind flu: 
e.shc.s. That gviiw owre iint.-ni thcknrkwaw ! 1855 KoiuN'-'in , 
Glois.y \:ik. 

b. With defining ndjcciive, a])plli-d to other 
! species of which III e’ very numerous. 

Black or Dyer'a Oak. /. liHifona J 

Blue Oak, Mountain White Oak, Drui- 'ns.'.n of 
! ( ..Iiiotnia; Bur, Money-cup, i-r Overcup Oak, /. 

; /v.x. of N. .\incrn:a; Chestnut Oak, /. mssi!:- 

/fortx^ and in N. Aimnira, /• and other sge- les 

having ie.-ives like the che.-^tniii ; Cork 0 *ik, ' 

; tt native i:f .sonlhem Kurope ami r.«.nth«:rn .\friia. the b.irk 
of fiirni.shf.s tork ; Evergreen »'r Holui Oak .ilvi . 
t Oak ft Aui'f - li.K\ ; Italian Oak, C- - Z-T. :dus 4*f >.nuln m * 
Eiir«)|ie, liaving edible aoni ns ; Kertnes-oak, t .s 'f, 
ill wliiirh the kei inv.s insect lives ; Live Oak. a name, given 
' lo M'veial N. Ainciicaii .spt-i irs. h;ii especially i^K ::u'*n\ 

[ Scarlet Oaki •- Vi/w*vr ef N. .Vmeiii.t. .si* Cillvd from 
the colour of it6 foliage uiant'.iuiii; Turkey Oak,/. ( V» *■/.* 
of soiilhcni Kiir.iiie; ihe nanu: is also given in .Ann'iii:.i to 

W Vtitfskri'y Weeping Oak,/ iohxU of NVeMcru V, .S. ; ; 

hile Oak, /. a bogc Anwrhan Iwe. sonivtinn s . 
fadlrd in England als*j applu-d l<!y i*) oiber 

. siweits, as, on the P.’uific .slw|ie, to/. fwfrr/,iA\? and tliicv ’ 
' others. Oak of Bashan: M'vqiiot. iSf,:;. 

RB ij A. is V. A'i iv/.vjt. . Fouial .idhcim^ to i 

l!ir b,itk O.) ihe ■•Hill and In .im. h.-., t.f .■.,,•...1;,. 

.)vvnij;iii ;-Y.».ii|' 1...1 1765 J r. i !K ‘•.t jrn/. I ; . I, ik 
Air, J'.. tiyt-*,' ^ * >1. v ji 

17W Shswic All. h, i’L'riif.t 41 i h - live .*i,k ;■ . . . I'r !■ .„i 
’■eni>; ;iri is ^.■!;;lK^ .oid ...f .i b.;iii j i/.,, 

ih»: hni'li'-h o.»l:. fh<{. 44, T /ic •l.f-liiiil '.I'r., vri> Ini'ii 

known in oilier ;-,;,rts of Aiiut^.i, is ^ , ...i.iii':. in I 1 . 

27BS .^IAllIv:^ lilt's Jt.i:. y.wiii. 7 Ri'a. 

I'.' O.ik lijis obl.ji.,;.iM;ilt! leai.--. ’ I I.ii.-.i. .!! 

ihc 183a /V.iy'/V ns {V. K. II.- I'nl-v . 

f, •/■»■/ r, v.'i.s inir-nliu.rd l j.i ,7 1842 

t'l'ni/y Cyet. XI.X,. ii i/A The biTibu .■.■•f ihc T'lrk' > 11..1 i. 
!«'.:iulif:i!ly moli|e;l, iii i.o:.m 'ineii .t ...r th- .ihuudu-i. « « i ii . 
.sil'.er grain. 1858 / .y. A'/"... A 'V/^ Tin ...i i. 

(b r.w ■'i/z/.v, i.r Itiili.trl 0 .\k. .v.#?ii«;,'. hai piii.Vivi ; : i 

arc 1 inii, .'■lender, and e.sceilcTit. 1861 lb.i.v|- b. 

'i nndt'n 11. to. v. 15.. 1 hr .Mi.-j-p'. t hdl 1 - I 1 i.,. 

liyei s i.lal:, Ouirt ns Irifutx * iti. 2887 I'..-.; ! '.s : i . 

.-.'/II /• ..■I/ .y tie ua -'hv H. . 1 , in.'ny a !.!v r.. ;i-l. \\ ii]. 

llic 1 iisliy kcrTiie'-" •.ik •■liv.<.ii. 189a .AoM -S Cl I I.K) / .</■.. 

tt/ud. ffrui’ r \ 1. I sji* 1 ies ot .-.T f ;i i;l 
Irtilh ill I in:*.' e and ilir T' i*. shr ‘i .ik i f Jhi irni , 

/fn»L/f.v /<;//../*.i. 

12. l;i Liiglilili M of the I'/iblr, ii.':i;'.l :il; 1 • 

rtiuh-r Hcb. ami one or iwo ndatcfl \vii?d<.. 

now generally c<.»rjsidcitd, since to 

llnr (cirbiiith lice. 

I'ive Iltb. w.T!!', In i :i iiFi iint-l wl-.i !i 

only l\vr>, ^7^4 aG'n u:ul ."T^M /i ■.■'fii ..rt .bil I !..i 1 a.e i •. r tI^i.■^mealliu.■,. l i e »v . id i.>in :: •; I.XX a;\'. 

V'.ilj. f>)iii< !i;'.n..s reiii!rn.-..l .'1 .v.i. 

> '.!t Mi r.. regul.ii!^ : AVy'.'iif f"!! - thr \ : 

the. iL-i/ih.. v»;TM.-.iis I'.riM- i» ly ‘ .■;ik ; iSk; Kevi-- ; 
Wi- i'.'ii ha. ■ uit-'binOi ' i'l i-.i. vi. i ; iirii uil in-t*. Hi*, 
iv. i;; -|i’-i| elMr. t>ni i b-i rr- ut.iliis ‘oak.’ v.ilb ‘or /fl. 
A/".’A ' in ill*: i:i.ii/i;i. 

tjSx W vi.I U 2 .'•■I/.'/. .Will. ibr; lir..\ I- wentc ^Ii 

vir.!i.irii l.'•.k■ o .•!; D’n!,;. ». l.\X f i,vu\. A' t . h.un:ii.\ 

or It lobiiishl iiriil .1 j.;rf «i , li i.- •..•1 h\?n|i ;•! -Abs-iloi:] 

thlljd I ) ihc (Kik. ‘ - /'rt. i ;.ri \\ h;.M 5-f slnil bon .o. an 

■ak [f ■ ■•»k, \ n!;;. IXX itfitintfos^. the )ev;c-. 

falhriide o.iuo. 2535 (■■iM-.kii.m K iJi n. .| He l.'.irud 

till. in!' :i:i l ike fT.XX ti,-i. d. •» I.I*, 

W' dieiil j A'. i \ ii.'tfii;. lit fv':». •■■iMlil. 

#L W ilh »]uaiiiic.alii..n, :ij. plied to Irct.s 01 plrint.-^ 
in some way resembiing ihc oa’-c : csp. Dwarl 
Oak, Oroiiud Oak, varKuis species ct Tt uenunr, 
Oak of Ca])pfidocia. Arnhwa'a uiari!ima\ Oak 
of Joru.*$aleni or ParadiHo, Chi n pc UiDn Dotiyiy 
having le.ivr-i jnggcil like those ol ;in u:ik: Poixon 
Oak, name for sj»cciosof Siim.aoh, c.sp. liUns I oxi- 

155* 1 I.RM.K //ivWl. I t i. I ike . .f Hiei :jj l;» .in hi li »• 
all >ii.! >w and ail fviil ol ijTani.l.'-s .im, ■‘ .ib) '. b 2578 
/'I'.Ai vi M. l-sxiik .•4^ Il i.s in h Oki-i.-f 

Hi- insalMn .'iinl 4 .'•.-.ijn. Ok/- .. i iie Ol.v; ol i.^ h'.\i»e .iiid -ilry in lie se. i n'l di-L*T'''‘. 1597 
C»!K*,.i.>L Jierktl ij :t.« l.oai;»-s de* |m b ' ‘'l i:*>U‘‘'h '^‘ry 

iiiM'.h re.s*. in’ Hi.ij I he h •i!e ..f .in • v hi' h h;U h • ai'.s- il . iijr 
English \Min»*.M • ,«.| it Oln-s -.if Ifn i.l*. in. /•.•■./. •.■-.r Oi e 
i.jf L'Apn;M.I'.n,la is i..ilh'(l . in (..nli.r O/;.' »■ 2621 ( ■ o.i/,. 

.\ni!»iosia; ah-", tl.'O 0 .'.ir!i»- tnhe'l ( ^J.*i of Cap- 
p.'ido'.la ; .:rii! a;i('!!.f r, > ailed t)ki?"f |f.r!‘'iri. 1760 J. I : 1 
fufr d. /’i»/. .\pp. O.-ik, I'w .ib i't hx fiin. 0.1k 
C.*.ppa«i.'i.ia, .//.v.'/.m/u Oak of Je:i!.s.*.!ei.i, i. h. 
2766 J. I’-vkt'.am ?)).■/. .'I; 4 > K;si’i^ g".*u:n! prod ui;.-,* 

..(■ay iiiiil \% .iloi (heti p.i ■niid-'Mk, i.haiiiacrop*.. 1805 
\\'';» in i\'tfns .V / it. I'r 'Sc ‘ri^rr. 11^ s.l % 
iccdsnii'T'.ru! l/j, ;;rnin d*- :ik y,u*. NVheu: sior* la* i rn-, 
now iirri.T l llie Mew. 285B .M swk /•‘.i/.-.i. / ■ r , 1' *.’/■ '»< iwi, 
. . iho sumach. 1883 .'''i i vknson A/. Ir.’-f*'- ■ ) 

.All abon.i'i..ible t.hruh -n- \ve.e*i, lalle.'. ;sii-.on-v,ik, w!-.*-./- \ei y 
rieighhonTho'.'d i^ im.i.niioits 1'^ •.imi-. ,1 1887 S. C*. 

.NT* »io! s in xv. n';-. D-nr- iii. Keminhe -- - 
lf.-a ii.-iib-! if l.-itijy, ■nk of jcni.-iaU ni let*’ h 

h. In .\u.stia)i..i, a]4'licd to Iti.cs *>1 the genus 
Casimrina {' SiHivL' Oak’:, sjiccies of which hjc 
bically di.siinguishcd as Dn//-, /wrv.T'-, 

Suiitnp Oaky etc. cf. SmK-oak''- : iii New Zeaiiind 
to species of . and k'ni.;htia. 

iSoil . 1 . I'liMViN': ill A'/.. Dr*i iriiTid ;■.■ 

■M'.'iris- The kind is..lhiii of liiiiUei, . . •i-i-.iiiig .i.iin, 
cuk, ikiid si:i, aiid iliorii. 2838 T'. I., Mi:«..iii i.i /.'.i/ v/. 
Aus!‘al. (iS. I. 'ibid' T he ll|■lb::l;2c.•..•l’.s t* '.i.igi 

of ihe • .i.vjoi/ 'H * live r -oak ' of ibe *. .•! ■■.•is'.s. i86d 
Kk.m>\i I /\v/s.r yh The* w.iil in ih'- na'.iw •■..k. 1885 II ). :. 
J.ii'f-.i r/ k'l tii 53 JTu; .sii:.Miig ■.■! ; 1 k; n.iti’.e i.*.-!. \\ Ijn.h (he 
iifiihl wij’.d w hisiu.ird'lhron>;!i. .\. Sr!Tll.lU..'.M.i 1 :, 

/'tit. i i’f. tr; .Mi-'ni.-} .A .lass >4 tiers, • i.lU;d . 

GtisHarina, i.* ii .v|ini.wly s jo-.\ii .,.s oaks. ‘ swamp oaks 
' foiesl-oak--. ‘ Mie*0.iks , aie.l M» f. llh, the irces 

are ii«'l the leas! like •?ak.s. 2896 I*. Sii.Mi i; ill Kt'p /f-.oif 

}'.\pe.i. I. iu had n ?w '.•line :ni-.» ihe hT;! n "f ih*:; 

* ru;-erl O.ik’ ' a’ltMuin'fin i'l- .tij ‘1 '.trlAi, 

4 . The wood or timlci ol the oak. llcncc. 

allusively, in jdir.ases I' feriing to ibs haidni ss riiid 
( luluring ciunlii ies. Jhart vf cak : see 1 f i; \ K r sh. 1 g. 

r2400 ■■. (iP-tQ) wiii i(>* M.ikymie If-m-iis and 

.Sthippes -if Oko. 24^ C,\VT-.'V 11 .v.viil. 

tbelc slant's *)f fync ok*.-. 2575 R i-.kiu.i d Wills (lEs;) 

-•^s. Ii I'.ng burd.T t'f o\ke. .'sukks. iV/;. in iii. ;i*.* 

T’o soelo her Kill her s eyes vp, * •ysf.- as Oal.e. 1664 I'.\ ei vs 
.>' r/irr iii. § 17 -K ■ i'l* Moil h.'id indeed hrari.'- '■*; i laW. 1693 
Apin. (.Vi'eev d.i-t. Taught hrlitr 'sia:nu:i:-..i; .m i.>\e'i'i.i'- 
upon this null -/f (bik aiid I l*.ieh-..-.\il 1801 < Wb' i . i 

)V #.c. ili. AViiJi th p!'.h:is fr-nji hrr '.mpv' 

ra’ii ?>hr quells Ihi: t|.>rMl-* ’iwk w. 1849 I .mi -.t « ..l^ e. 

Tho i.dd 's, lliv • liMi's liic o.iipJK'ard.. Wi fi: .»T t .d*. 

i860 TenSkst .V.'.-m' (•'fc/w .T. 4 A *'.ii j 'i-.**” - k » ' 

ilir •■oiifid.ciuTV iiadilionally reV‘"'*-d in H; tTis’i ' at. 1876 
U'/t/A>i i-'AM.i. s, V bii c» I’lvo. -lud \..k. 1888 / .■r-'s' '*■ 

l/errdd ro Ort. 4 0 A pit 00 ofriin-ly s/ Ioi. ted i' h -Aik- 

b. Tim! cr of oak as the malirial ol a -hip. 

I 2 




4 1000 Runes x>.v. 4 *1111.! f f:iii'laiS, 1 Ii\a:iVi ai: 

b.rbho iC'V:l« 1763-5 (.’iii k» mi.i Cvthu/ft 1. 'Hu; 

Kn;;li^h Oak, vhu'}i, ik:;ul, rouiiii.'iiiiKs tlie IIviilkI. 1784 Cowri' k 
Charity 33 When CO'jk..Si<feruii l<niitin's oak into a. wutli! 

C. Cniv. coUtuj. An oaken ilour ; es[). in plir. ij 
:^l»ort cm'i cak^ lo shut llic outer door of ojic's 
rooms ai a si^ti that one is engaged. 

178s i .ikMk Di,'f. 'Autj^ue s. v., 'lo .‘'p:ui i>ak ; to 

shut the I'Mtiward door of a Mudenrsinoin attolh^'v. c. 1803 
i‘. K. SiMRHT-: Xno <>.i;.AV.Y ti'iiufe ii. in ARm. J- 
Ami : purlin;; of d.ik-i thi;y t.ill .sl.Miliiii;; of lIivji%. i8ro 
Sm i.i tA’ in Hi>s}; Ltyr (icsS? I. 03 Then the *ak Mi.h a 
blesMOi;. i8j7 7f> Hnvim; in iln- 

inicMle of the nii^ht nnilecl up his ouk. iMx Hi om s f'-'i f 
/•*»va'« nt t.' r/.' i. 7 Breal . .oulct il uir, my oak, " hu h 
1 sport wht:n I };o out or w.inl to hr. ^nirt. 1890 HisVM 
/U inuHiti.: i, i8 Voiir oak xmis sported and you vmx- not at 
to aiiil'Mily. 

5. 'I'hc Irtives of the oak, ».•/. as worn in a chap- 
let or |.;:nla!iil. 

f 1386 Cmovki; h'n/.\\ T. 14^1' A i-.*ioui'C nfu 00k 

ce:il:ii Vp uri hir hetxl. 1587 t’iO\i l.''i 7 ’i* xii. 

'I'hv (iailoiui df Okc, In- |:hielh..lo .'■•.uh a-.,hrsl . . 
ilic liie.u.h. 16017 Sii*Ks. I. iii. lii To .1 W.un; 

1 M'lil him. from whence li*; ti'Uirii'd. hi.s Ijtnwrs li iiin«.l willi 
thiki:. 177a Pkilsmkv I to/. Rr//>:. i-t? '' 1 . y'-4 Oin ciiMi'ni 
of oak on ihc t woniy-riimh of May. 

b, \ .'*h:idt; ol luown like that of Use oak-leaf 

when open in 

1888 I.itffy ^-ytht. •,;? 'i [( «ii O.c r.ow ainl licaulirul 
sh.idcs ol I'toWii, choc'jiat'', oak, tans, and hl;ii.k. 

6 . ifiai. riie Miit of \:! in ^ Inr. 

J'.ukdn, the suit hrariiig the lij;ure.s of arifrivs.^ 

1847 78 ll.\i 1 iw I M., < '.li-,- dif i.r-ih at l a dv U\ .-.f. 1886 
Ki wi'i; I nv 11'. Si K'. // the suit of i.hih.; in 
Cards. .‘(.)aks be Irninp.i, Mt. H . 

7 . /'/it’ (hiks: a raci^ lor three year-« 'hi fill it .s, 
founded in 1779, and run at K[)Soiii on the Friday 
aftc.T ihe 1 h rl.jy. 

.'^o<alIfd fsoTii afi I'-tal'* hi|isoni. 

1844 \V. M. M^.vi'j.ii 

30.S I.ajc 1 al‘0!lt (hik.s <'r l>!‘ll>> .'' y >864 /V u- //.■;,* (.>/. 

I 0 l\c!Jc\tals •■•f da: 0 ;\ks .stAM:-- l-K sOi i:i>‘l|:n’i ca>‘ii. 
1870 iSi MM'. }'n:r<i, Ru^. .V/*- ■»-/,% $ 1^0 7 I'hi^ .‘t.-.kes run for 
in die Oaks Iiavc n:-. mily livalled in aiiioiuit iliose "f du.' 
iJoihy, and '•omdiiia*:; -iMp-ass'. d them. 

8. r?//;,7». and Comb, a. simple altrih. (often 

--At )AKfc-V rt.'i, as f/ t.-!- jhji\ forest., .sovv’* , 

whence 1 adj.;, toojific, se/y 

timber, wreath \ oak-Uvni. b. objective, as 
cak'eteavin;^ adj. c. in truunanal, as oak-heamedy 
'boarded y 'i tad , -1 reded, -erownedy • timbered, red/wv. 
coUd atljs. d. sinnlativc, etc., as oakdrown, eak* 
Hke adjs. 

17^ C M.iKSii.0,1. Gardtn. vi. ‘'j l.i’i 'Oak <:uons:, 
]»c- (nr<;wti into walcr.uul iho^conl) n -i 'l which .siiik «pii> kly. 
*758 l-KfJWN yonthl. I'anitcr -m RuIj it over with oil i«r 
1B86 W. J. /•'. Fut' 33 A hiw, 'o.ik- 

brjiinvfl room. 1897 1? AKiNiid.'ion.iJ hi l/ac*. --I /■/ Sfpt. a;o 
'rhe oak .siiurcase Biivc* A'Icuss to ';i Rrt-.Al B:dlcry, 
"(liik-boardcd. 1895 Fitiiy Xeivs 5 Fch. r/ft .Xiiothcr 
< or(Iiiroy » U ’'■.ak-hiown. a 1748 Tiio.Mst».N Hymn 
Selitude 4^ From Norwood'-i ^l4k-l:l;^<l lull. ^ 1605 S.m.\k.s. 
r^iir III. ii. 5 V.iii;jt.i.-ur»ii)r.s nf ■Oakf'-'.lnriiiin.^ J'liundcM - 
Ijolfes. 1^7 S.) XXIX. 43Vt ^ kfs \i;ik-i:ovc:rc*d 

tract i.h ;i rnilc in w'idth. 1747 (Joi M ns 74 

'Iho 'o.ik-i:!0« n'd SRfers and ihrir chaslc-c\i;d tjuccn. 
1750 T. W’akimn Ode vii. 4 V.inder isik-cr.jwn'd airy 
stccix. 1789 Pii.KixciON iVvm Deti'ysh. I. yby Tur 

poliMhini?,. . "oak tl-iorr, and furniture. 1859 W. .s. Cni r.v \n 
U 'o^diitndi (i fi'.ihl £ l.'ove.rcd with •o:ik-r.iicsls. 1535 Co', i.ii- 
I»VMc ( 7 r/t. xtii. iS Sij Ahrain icmoiicd his triit and wr.iif: 
and ilwifll i:i y* 'Okci^ro'.if of M.tiiirt;. 1766 J. 1 Ukif\.'I 
yrnt, 31 i;i Stork .-U-:. Ji. Fiontfa Cyprf^s-.swAnnw 
and 'o.ik-haiiiTnriokii aUcrn.'tinly rul.xcd wiih pine land. 1751 
— Obserr, Tra;'. Fe»n.\y'x> cir.. A steep hill.. the .-.(.i! 
inid'sllrii* *.>ak bud. 1850 -Mi«s. liRowNfNt; Lament .iitrnis 
iv, The inonritains above, and the rcikland.^ b<dow. 1389 
• ni t^n^.Citds i!i7o) IT7 AKiiHond td 'li8Ue Lewes. 176874 
Tui.Ki.K /./. .W. iiSj4l U. 77 The li'llc tly f^il*; horini; tfn*. 

I lak dca f. 1854 1 ,>. .S'.'.e. /liaiv. x 1 1. l 1 8 As brown and *\ i'.liere J 
a.s an liakdeaf ii in Winter. 1856 Miss Flif-ver.r/, 
IV. 275 'Oak-le.iictl r.oit.stfij'il, 1883 S. B. I'AH.soSri in 
Jttir/>ers -Xpr. 7. V - fh^- o.ikdeaved ljyilr.'iiii;eii. 1883 
S ri:Nt.vso.N i rras. /v/. m. xiv, .A 1 .^^^ thi>:ket of 'oak- 
like trees. 1840 i Mt.KKN'.s Farn. Rudf^ex, A cnfiiin ’'o.ik- 
uaiiTielled room with • Vlex-p l.-.iy wimlDW. 1888 Miss 
OR,MjnoN Fatat nr i. v, The chief diaraciiriisiii; of the 
interior was the 'oak-panc-llinv;. 18x5 Scon Guy .1/. .xlii, 
W’hal w'.ts callcil ilu- itieait ’oak -imr lour, a loiij^ room, 
pamdled with well-\Aiiii.shcd wAinsuot. 1499 Armf. Pttn>. 
363/a (Fynson; yike plain e, 1787 H.mvki.n's /.//Jr 

fifhHAon 4or Ii wa-, an o:ik-|il.iiit of a treii\i'FKloi.'.s si/»'. 1663 
Gi' Ceunset Vj *(>.'ik.e R<jtjfiij>; ray.'in'Ji [lietes tiidii 
Inches one way. 1853 .S.mith iJ/e Ptetnux 11. Ji .At the 
^oak-root.s I've full many a lldwer. 1882 Catden 

14 Ou. 535/f The 'fhik root ii:aT]..U f.,*rined by .Andrii.Mi 
noduli. 1826 Scoir in Cn^key Pn/cri (lSRi' I. si. 315 
A Mil-lo willi *oak sAjdiri^s. 1523 I'n^ijEeu. fiusb. ^ 1: 4 
Set thy ^ok'' f.eiies and ihv a-*she or .\ii fo'.c .isotider. 
i8s 2 in Cobhrll Kur. Ridrs I. Kt (.lemiiin'. 'oak-soil ; a 
bottom ofytlliiw cKii'. 1890 J. ( 1 . FK\zi:k Gotd. l'out;h 11 . 
iy. 364 The Kin*; of the inust have. beciUt prr>onifi' a- 

tioij of ihc 'oak..pirj|[. 1653 Ridfnjr Ru, V. i:,i (fn-lict. 
invnt for unjustly tahni); aw;iy an| 'oak-Mo-*p. 1798 Ci..i.r- 
KiuriK Anc, Mar, vii. ii, The rotted oM *f lak-stiimp. 1767 
A. \ oi NT, Farmers Lett. / • 1:7 Coniplaiiil.s of the 

decay of V'lk timber. 1885 l». Rahyhn v, H, tJic 
‘’Oiik-waiiricoted .stndi'. s 9 dt M ■\<:ni'.ii.j. /V i.v».-.», .Vr7^-r/.r|' 21 
'Fhls ‘'oak-waviiy; m-iiujiiiiri would w.inl wiiui r's bhist. 1879 
Fholtje He .won Ihc 'oak u rc-at!i, the Mcpjiia 

Crovj of the Kiinian .miiy. 

0. Sjiccial tQi.iib'i. : Oak-bark., the haik of the 

! (mk, U!3cd in latming, and n.s .'in .'istriiigcul ; oak- 
barren: sec quol. 1SS9; oak-beauty, a I.K.’nutiful 
gcomcliid moth {Bistoft or Jmfhidads froJro- 
jfitiriiOy the larva of which Iccds on the oak ; oak- 
bootle: H-e fjuot,; t oak berry, a licrry-like gall 
lound on the oak ; oak-boy, a incnihcr of a body 
, of insurgents in Ireland in 1 763, who rose against 
i forced labour mi the roatls and the exaction of 
I tithes; their badge was a sprig of oak worn in the 
j hal; oak-button oak-ogger (moth) : 

■ sue luiCTR ; oak-fig, a gall, somewhat resembling 
a tig, protluccfl on twigs of white oak in llic Uniictl 
Stales by Cy/iifs /orfieorms\ oak-fly, a fly used 

. by anglers ; oiik-frog, a small light-colcuuetl 
: loail of North America, fictpicnting oak-oiicn- 
ings; oak-gall, a gall or e.xcrescencc produeed 
; Oil various species of oak by the jninctures of 
various gall-ilics; s/ee, a nut-gall or gall-11 iit 
used in making ink; f oak-holni Hoi.m-ovk; 
ottk hook-tip, a moth {PltUyfieryje hamuta in- 

■ hnbii ing uak-woods ; oak-lappot, a moth {Cadro- 
piteiia ,^uc 9 iijo!id) the wings of whicli re.Sfinblc 
a di ied oak-leaf ; oak leather, .a fungu.s found <»ii 
old oaks and somewhat rc.seiTibling white kiii- 

; leallur; t oak- lungs, a kind of lichen 
ptttmanaced^y hiiigwoi t \obs . ; oak- matit ; sec qm »! . ; 
oak-mot)], a moth (yb.'//7.r idridiana) li\ing on 
o.'lk^>; foak'Uut, an c.xcresccnce lound on the 
oak; oak-opouii)g, (\ S., an optiiing or Ihinly 
wouded space in an oak-foifsl (\Vi lister, iSh.4); 
oak-]>OMt, an insect {/'hvltoxera riteyC which 
infests oaks in ihc I’niicd Stales; oak-plum, 
a plitm-sh.ajicii g.^11 produced on the acoin.s of 
the black and red oaks iii U. S. by the gall lly 
Cytiipi qncreitsf:nn!us\ oak- potato, a potato- 
^hap♦:d gall pruduceii on the twigs of while oak.s 
in U. S. by the gall-fly Cyttips iinartts-baiafas', 
oak-spangle, a kind ol Hattencd iungu.s-like gal), 
occuiring on the lower side ol t>.ak-k*aves ; onk- 
trutflo, a truffle growing .imong the roots of t>ak.s; 
oiik-wart, a/i oak -gall; oak water, a nictliciiie 
m.idc of oak-bark ; oak-web a ctickchafcr ; 
oak' worm, a \vorn\ that lives oji tlic oak. 

1666 J. Ha. ilS ih\t, CnritFy Is!, fv» A.s b;»TiJ as * 0 ;»V:. 
bark. 1811 A. T. l iK.MSCS land, Pisp, .I'Joii ' p Oak 
bulk i't i'tuilMious ha;i a louj^h astriu}'/. nt t.A^tt;. 1859 W. b. 
f^.u.K.M\s' IFaiij/ands 16 A dmKiU'M of Dakluik has .. 

(i:^c-d .. i:i inodc'rn iiii'iJkinc. 1835 W. I if vino Vaur 
Fnxh'it s 1.1.4 The of thc’.'.e * V;ik b.'uifius ’ i.'i joul 
' iiicsouml, licuix little- better, at time.-', than a im-.rii quirk- 
.'uind. 1889, F.MiM.^h .-i merirantAMK, Oak Airrcns, sk iwbby 
uak biiiMt.ihe -Liinicd ;>i'i>wth of whiuh indicates rm erlic-iiiu 
jvivcrly of .•»oil. 1832 J. Ut-isNn: Cv/tsp Futteyjt. ^ .V. 104 
The *Uak llc.'imy . .iipjwasA i;i M:ui.h or .Apiib. .Krulu-i 
.■**;arcx:. 1854 AiU.M.s, « ic. Man. A^af. loi M.>ak* 

J’.cc?1l-.s i Art. ..Livitig incbcay cl oaU-Iivv-.. 1626 
*H.:k-bcriii:.s I'.cc 1776 R, Twtss ’i\'ur/ut. 143 

iM'iiirjeuls who wore oAk-lf ;ive.i in ihrir hal.-%. and i.alicd 
thiaubi lv«.-s •(.)ak-b«-'y.->. 1780 .\. Voi \ci / our/n ’. 1 . ifis The 
oak lij^ s ;«i'd -l*-cl :>oVj had their rise iii the inercusv uf rrm^. 
1882 Liick V F/if. /v 1?.'/# C’. IV. xvi. ;;45 1 lie nakbo 3 '*‘*‘i’l” '‘*' 
lu have lirst rM.u ..g.iiiisl the. ItoAcl .An. 1651 T. I’.AhhtK 
. N/ . l.i/^Y/w<-o'A53' 6 The 'i^ikr-Hit is it> bc-c had on 
, the bull vf an <>ake or an .Ash . .it L .'1 browni.di Flie. 1653 
AV.M.iciN Angler v. Y-.iii may in; I e the O.ik-llii* willi 
All Orange lawny ai.d Mai:k giunnd, ;i*ul the brown of :i 
Mull.ivd'i f.-iicliM- ihe wingH. *787 hr..ST An^iiny ('.J. 2 
114 1 lie fJakily l OiueN vn .’iIh.iuI the ^i^-leenlh of May, u' d 
tonlinars on dl| ah«»iit .1 v.rck in lune. ..Ii L bred i*i uak* 
appivb. 1867 F. I'k.wcis .Ine'injf vi (ibSc.)2vi Ihe Oak 
Hy, 'ailr*! .d-u ihc lauinoii f!)-, llic d.Avii-hili o» clown- 
loviker. 1768-74 Ih. - hi.i: I.t. A'at. (ii!34) II. ni Gums, 'oak- 
;;a!ls, and vai iei^uted haves iari-1 cl i-- dMlemjK'rs uf pkuit.s. 
1838 I a:i.'i»».iN Arborethhi 111 . lyiO t.kik-ealls . .mm h in 
dc-iii.'4Md fui ihe KiAniif.ictuic of ink am! fur il)<.t}ng M;u;k. 
i6qi 1I<>i.i..\nu F/iny JI. 177 The .Si;ulci v.vninc Ktowin^ 

= upon ilie 'Okc h .iliii. 1734 W.M.Mx; ill /’^y. 

NLVIIJ. r-t? Mr, Kay. ...»ys, thal this fuund 
uiioii piurid i,ak.s in lie', wlierc if. R i ailed "o.ik-lcAt her. 
x'/SoL. Smiiii Cawpt. d/m/.w .m/.: {f;il z^) .•.*4 Take of 'oak- 
InnjI*., Freni-.h iiiui.s.*., amt m.Mden Imir, .>f i:a';h ri haiidtul. 

: 1758 I'kti, 'Frans. |.. f#*-:: The av.'. <■;. -’ ft p.dnmnatius affiei- 

■ imptin, tree hiMiJ-woii, ur .»;tk.]c'ri..;:.. 1859 \V. S. (hu.i:.M'\s 

il i’-'dlands 11S661 7 Thi^a* ac iiip 01 *ti:ii< they are 
co!lci;ii\i lj' cidh.-il. 1868 NV»x>:> Pon.-rs 'Mithaut It. xiv. r'jj 

■ (.hie uf ih'- tn.iNi c'ununi.>ii ans' iig ll.e Lcat'-ti.>llt-r.s is lli** 

! pretty 'Oak M« th, 1626 B-\':on \ytm g 635 He.sidcs its 

■ ;i« win;-, il l.e;Lr^.ih gall.^, Oak ■;ij>pic‘., \>nk-iiii*.^ whioh are 
j'iiiiiiiublt:,;uid<i..k-bc-iiu ;. rS^AV. Irving Tour Ptairies 
; 77 ■ Ikis'lleti) AVc a.v:uiiih.-d tti-.' liilts, Uikuig a ronrw: ihroitgU 

■ (k® *iiak-o|>tnin;!-v, X83X /aoia^ist IX. 33WJ Oak-lcnVes, 

, with fi.ill-, I'.omnioiily a.> ‘ V)ak-sp;inf;(c.s', atlachtd. 

1859 \V'. .S, Cor.i-M.w H'aotitands iiHfiy) 14 'Tim pretty ‘().-ik- 
: spanBli;s’,.wi.-rc fo!r»!i.*iIy f:i.>fi.siilfj'cd tu hi; js-irA-dtic fnnBii 
j Imt are runv .'uceitained tu be the work of gall-flic.s. x^ 

I Oj.ikk Strut'!, Rt'i. xxxvL iu5. — Funj^i 114 lii 

j A >iiu;lu-e. .seeiUin;', oaks have Urvii re.ircd, uiid with them, 

I wbat h.i\e berji termed *oak-ti nines. 1864 Hs'jWNn.'G 
; upm Sefei'M 51 'I’ht; pii; .. Thai itriclci dei-i> 

; luiii 'ii.d;\v:irl> for a worm. XS23 Fti/iit-.Kic § 87 It 

j :i[i|R;rr(h At lib. aosf-thryll Ivkc 'uke-wuler. 1771 GAM.ii.T ill 
! /'///V, yVvr.'.‘.t. l.Xil. 'Phis county was so iiife'jted ivith 
: co' k •.iiaflens ur V.'ikwebs, th.xl in many purislies they cat 
j evfiy green ihifiR. I>ul c-liler. 1680 IF. Cnrnuf. Otoss., Oak- 
J I .-I M.-iV'Un ,- tliC «.ix;k-i.hafer. 1653 AVai.'iok w'lx/if/t'/- 
I *' 1 03 I h - 01 III, the *ouke-woriii, the gilt-tail, niitl tou 

■ niaiiy ta liani*-. 

i Oak, Oakam, oba, foims of Yuke, 0 AKi?ii. 

I pak-avple (F^'kix-p*!). 1 . A globular Jorm 

I of oak-gair; sfiee. tlic bright-coloiiied spongy gall 
; formed on the leaf-bud of the common British oak. 
1 14.. AVx«. in Wr.. Wfllnker /16/9 Hce j:atta,'Jixx».V,t. appylle. 

, 1486 Rk. St. Aibatis H vj b, Take . . olce uppilles aiifl make 
' luce of tlieym. XS78 Lytk Piu/oeus \i. Ixviii. 743 '.I be Okc 

• apples do B'ow in somniur, niid do be4;in to fall in Sc‘ptenil>e.i . 
I 1753 ('inMiiL'iis Cyct, Supp, s.v., If the ouk apple .. be 
; found full uf worms .. it boilcs, if not aptaitiie, yet mi tin- 
i healthy year. x8xB Kkais Fudrnt, 1. -yrt Silvery oak- 
I upples, and tir-concs brown. 2874 l.ciinocK Orir. <V .det, 
! ins. i. 10 The oak supports sever.'d kinds of B-tUflies, one 
j piixlui es the well known u.'xk-aiip]e. 

I 2 . ill the young cone of the .Shc-oak. 

I 1889 I. II. M .Mill- N Ust'Jui A'a)n\i Pt. *5 f Morri.s* rhildi'cii 
i rhi.w iric foiics pil (.'asuarina], whii.h lliry call ‘ oak. 

I 3! aprih.y asjOak-apple day, the 29th -of May, 
j the d.'ty ol Aic Kcstoratioii of Charles II, avIicd 
j oak -aiqrles or oak-lea ves ha vc been worn in memory 
^ (tf his hidiitg from his pursuers in an oak, on tlic 
(nh of Scplcmbcr, 1651. 

i8o 7;^B Svn. Svivii /Vi /i.-ot'a / xt. AA'ks. 18^9 II. Hr 
dues lull say wheiher this i.*! a loyal puHa vdun, like Oak- 
Apple Hay. i8s9AV\ S. l\.ii i. m.w* IW.vddands ^ 14 Oak- 

•'ippl^.'i, .^o iiituTi in vo^iM* i.m the ' Twcuty^^uinth *d‘ ,M.iy, 
Oak-.AppIe Day are exciesccm.Ts of this nature. 

fOa'ked, <1. Oh. mre. Hard like oak ; o:ikcii. 

* 59 * Svi.\i.siKK P.u Farias i.iv. 47 Under the naked bark. 

Oaken w'‘ kciv , [f. o.vk -kx**.] ' 

1 . Mailc of the wood of the oak. (*\ow often 

* rcplauil by ‘oak* u.scd atfrib.. Oak 8a."' 

I 13 . K. 6415 Tlic face i*f hriiiii is playn, .n-d haid, 
j .M .s» hit Wi lire nn i>krii boiS. X390' 1 Ftiri P, rt'y s F.rp. 

l(';iiiii.len) ic? Fru Nuj i‘kcii xv/. 149$ Aa-nit 

1 .Ue. Hen. id I i.iKfifi* 1,4 <.»kiMi pkiiiko:. i6t6 Sc-uri. K. 
.M.'kkic. Country Farn.t' ,;is St.ikc wtll with stuniii; (.kikcii 

■ .stakes. 1703 NifiXiiv /•'nv-f . 1 ; i .An (. *a ken 1 •lank. 

« 1820 S. KmiUm's ttaty 112 Aii naken t'he;-t. half i;att:ii 

by ihi: w<*nii. X864 'Mrs. ( i v i'ayabus /r. JSa*. Scr. iv. 
t.|- 1 he c-hiiiK el, m hcti. therr weic iMrved o.iki:ii .si:rr»*iis. 

tie'- X.S77 11ai:I!I.s<a' Fniptan i 11, xvii. |.\-.'i.l iii-'y'/j i ‘ 337 
; A\ h'-:i .'i.r ln'Us*.*'j w.:rc biiildcd A w illi.-y, ilieu h^^d we ukcii 
IlK'll. 1887 G. Ml lu Hint Fait.uh i'.^\ And lc». the uui;i 
ufMuken head, He tU-d lii.s land. , 

! i'2. (..M, jicrlaining to, or forming purl ol ihe oak. 

. Obs, or ar,h. (rejd.aml by *onk ' nstd aft rib. 

a 1450 jy^.^hynye 7t'. Anfle (i?Sp r*; Ihe bayie on pe 
' sl.jthieii^ i\ on*du- »-ki n h.yf. 15^ I'iiM'H /.i;/< ('4) 

H \ j b, The wiii.-r 1*1 '.»ki'ii biuldcs. .dixiils * 11 i» u-dde vim-. 

: 1561 Hi.i.lmh sit Ham, Ap.y.h, T;*kc Icavt-.s **1 .■‘krii in-. 

■ *579 LxN'Ut.At C.'.M-.r’, //f/iiV-'i n<\i }' .-A aooil h.ii»'ifull of 

, okc-n lj.irke. 1669 \VoKi.M*«:r. .s’j'i/. Ayru. (lUSi) yi The 

Ariyii.-., or t >al.rf* 1691 T. llfiii.i-.j ■■/<#•. .\«a' fnetnt, 
J) .Nviii, ( >ak.*n '1 re».s. .and. .('Kiki-ii Timber. 1607 I.^r^ oi.\ 
1. 'I'-* J'jic. .slc'^k fnnii Oaken f.i-.-ivi.s ilic 
liquid (•(-•Id. .)• Gk.miam; .W'/'.ir^/ M^li>^y oaWii 

tiuiik.s Half-bin ieJ lie. 

3 . I’briiu tl til of.k leaves or twigs, tireh. 

1605 .''MMx.s. Ct>r. It. i. 1S8 Ajencniits hee cumo the lliiid 
! tiiric hfiiiie V the Oaken rkirlantl. X697 

I. 4811 l..el the kib’iirij; Jliuil AVilh (.kikvii AVrc.itjis 
lus hollow 'I'emples binil. 1762 « Staprr, 1. 07^ 
.Ai:jimii In r hc id an i.akcri wicnih was seen. t88« ('. R 
. M arkiia-i Peraf. Rarkjfi A Knipltl of the Ni;lht:rlamls 
l.i'jii, and (.'otnin.inili-r of the Order of the Oaken Crown. 

4 . Consisting oi u:iU nt'fs. *//v^. and /<?#://>. 

nx638 Milk ll'ks. iityn't 65 How ihi.s .. Oakcn-holf of 

.Siclirm is said licit in uiyTc.M Ui have been in,..*jr by, ilu' 
l-.m(;tii:iry ofth*.^. l. urd. iTOt C. M.\iiiFh .l/a^'W. ( hr. iv'. 1. 
fi.'is.d z6 'I'he Ihuids guom: oakf-n rciirenieiiiv At their 
.studji---. x8^2 Tia.nvs'.jn F.itanon- m AViih liree.'fs* from 

■ our oaken ai:tdc.s. x88i Ro.shi-'X ir Faiioiis iV Senn. 30 Like 
the .slrUL'k Kiwn in the oaken-sliaw. 

5 . Comb.y as oakett- beamed y •'panelled adj.*;. ; 

, oaken-pin, a name for a hard kind of apple; 

I oak on -tenant : see cjuol. 1619. 

; 1619 J'^iu J. StvMViiL Saeyih'ite Uandf. Sa Lcui was viider 

I the Law, :\^ u teneiU at will, rcmoueablc : Mck'hiM'dcci and 
! Christ% Frce.h'jlderii ; Oaken- tenants. 1707-X2 
Momti.mi.k //;«/>. lJ.),,M» called from jts liardiiuss, 

' i.s .T l;i.stinB friiii. 1741 < >/////, Fam.d*iece u. iii. 377 Applc.s 
j flunc) Oaken Fin,., Golden ..■•ft H.\\vtiiornk 
I Our Otd //i»>//i’(iS79) 2IS ci!lle);e.hal]s,hi8h>u'iiulo^%cd, 

! ij.-ikLn-paiit-lli.‘d. 1900 ll'rstm. (atj. 24 Feb. a/x 'ihc low. 

I i:i:ilrd, •xiken-hranied parlour. 

Oaker, obs. form ol Ochkk. 
i. Oak-fern. [A transl. of L. dryotteris., Or, 

I bpvunrtpis tHiosc.), said tp be applied lo a le;fi 
; grow itig on the Ininka of oaks or other trees ; but 
employed Ity l.innams ns the name of a species of 
. dWy/odium (J\ Dryopteris)^ the Smooth 'J'hice-^ 
j branched 1‘olypody (not the ancient Dpi/ovrepfs).] 

' + 1. Vatiously ajiplied by the early herbalists to 

I the Common Polypody (wliich grows on the trunks 
j of trees), and to several other ferns. 

! TIu'hc include A\:phrtf,ihfUi Thelyptens, CysiopFris^’a' 
j .(T'/zs Asptcuium /*«/ (ultniificd by truos 

; with till' ( h'cek fipvQirTrpi'^b and Poiypodium eakartum. 

. *S 4 « Tl. hNi:i< Sames of I derhes 3«i, I luiue foiiiide il in 
biishe routes oft« lymes in Genuaiiy, it ni.'iy be iialled in 
eriiilishc petie Feme, or ukefernc. u isso Lt-ovD 'Ireas, 
Jiealth (15'^;:' Lv, All old cotke lillccl with okc feme or 
W'ulfernc'. 1578 Lyik Podoens ill. Ixii. 403 This berbe ix 
i iillej . , in Knglishe Pol yimdie, Wail Fcrfie, and (.)ke Feme. 
Ibid. 404 Prytpferis tandida. White Okc Feme f-- 
//<.//> J Dtyypieris nij^ra, |{I;ick’c f Ac Feme [ AsAtcuiustt 
. Adiuntunt'HijfrHm]. 1707 Curios, in Ifmh. (Hard. 58 

I '. The MndernsTiavc discovci'd dial O.ik-fcrn has xeed. 

2 . Now applied by collectors to Polypodium 
J^ryoptehs ol Lifina:u». 




184A NtwM^N ///*■/. Hyit, I’^rtis («l. ?) 123 The name of 
OakVi-rn, tlerivcil from as iiiu]>phi7al>lc 

Sii tiiat of Ueeth I'ern •« and is adi^icd in deferciuc to ilic 
upinions of others, 1855 'I'. Mookl Muture printed t'crn'i \ 
Plate v,Tbc sntoodi thrcc-hraiiuhed Polypody, or Oak fern. ' 
TilOMSrvN in Prt'c^ i\'a/. Cluh IX. No. 4. 449 j 

The oak-fern .. showed exquisitely tine fronds. } 

Oakham, ohs. variant of Uakux. j 

OaUat (tfu'klct). [f. Oak -f -LET.] A &maU or | 
yotn>i( oik-irec. 1 

if7*T YM»\i.T. Fraf^nt. .S’l. 11870) 11. xi. '.*4.' On the firtiuod | 
near thi^ tr«e little iiiiklct.s wore .su«.*;e.r fully fit'hnir» for life. 
187a \V. CoRV Litt. jjr JmU, t.iB'j?) JwB lilriJaslinjj aeaciasi 
uiiU oaklcis. 

Oakling (/5«*klii5). [f. Oak -»■ -MNO.] A young 
or small oak ; un oak saplirii;. 

Kvui.yw .S>/rw (17711) II Oukliii^;*^, younj* l.»ce<;hrtN, -X' li J 
and some ollieni, spiing fifuo the sc!l.:.ywii -Mast and Kt >s. 
*754 KiL'ii.MinsoN Gr.zndi>on ;i73x) il. xxiv. ayj He w.^r.ld 
plant nn oakling fur every r».ik he i.iit down. iBw (X A’. ;/. 
521 The oakUng withers hen%'..tih the .-^liJidow iA the oak. : 

Oak-tree fT'i'kir/* ■ . =* 0 .\ k i . i 

ii 1400 IFt/k i Coihfi/ftiftt j 3 ii?i (' d. Exon. If. ii", ;i) H'.ht 
iu.:t; moil wunian on wnda Umh i .itlrc i hi j>;i:ii ; 

e.ii'.’ly r;cfe. ifu’d. }fu ^ 153ft PaPsor. .'.jf/t Om: tree, : 

*535 O’ViiiiO.M.r fxa. i. Ashiiiurd nf thr. okctrccs 'vhimdii 
ye .s-i dt.4itod. 1609 .Ski.s-k A’»v- AIiij\ f o' t-.d /.iniw , 
c. i\i. 17 Oif ill;; linds anie num .. lu'iit:iiii.I duiu: : 
;ini; aik tn'i;, i8ai Cl.skk ; V//. .V///v.V. I. 11/ The unk- fn-e l 
gnat I'd and notch'd. 1841 C'-ri-yli-; I'fv/.to Ft’irrxoK.t /Css., I 
'i'lie siiiifllest living acorn is lit t » he the jiaienl of *TCikln-*.'j ' 
with-Mil ciiil. atti'ib. t888 m Fh<k Arr^rij 17.: ] 
The heart inisp ive Lci [the shif.j i:i hi-r •j.ik.iree rib.^:. 

t b, Oak-troe Clay, \V. Smith’s n.nine for the* | 
Wcaldf 4 t (.!lay ; from ih<.*oak forfiLs of llieAW.iItl. , 
1816 W.^.Smuii Straf/i Idont. Pf. n. ri The Oak-irre 1 
Clay also be mi .taken ni onifnuiKhrd M’ith the JJiick I 
Earth, u liich in .si; purt.s pnalnecs t^'-hid oak. ; 

Oakuxn vda k^m.'. Kr>rnis: 1 acumba, cccumbe, 

5 okom'v.0, okcomo.okcin/iokyni. ocom, occain, ' 
6-7 ocam. 6-8 okanijockum, 7ocum, oc(o'oine, I 
ochara, oacombe, okoham, okamo, 7-8 oakam, i 
ham, oekham •okum, 7 • oakum. [OE. <n7r///^- 
fi'in, or ntnil., dcumffl^acuma;., var, of .•/'( ///;//'•', i 
iif /fMU, pi. -am lit. ofT-couil.'ings OIIG. d(hiin;h\ 
AflKi. /x 7 'rfvi'/'#r, dkamp ncut., f. .r-, .f- priv.itivc, 
*aw;iy*, ‘olf’, + mmb- stem of M^mban^ Kt-Mit, to ; 
toinh.] ^ • j 

1 1. 'I'ht? part of the ll.ix »tT'.'ua.tctl in hack- j 
ling; hard-s tow;, clippings, trimmings, { 
shretls. Oh. 

ciooo A.Vf/v/. fl. ?.» \fyl Su wunde, iH: mid acuinban 

l.•^;■^w eOc. K'ld. Ne.'iif eh, tntd-.'}'*. yrl a<.tiiiiK‘<M. c' tooo 
.’iM.rhi'.. / ’oi . in Wr. . Wnh Ici-r 1 ;; v/i 5 , nvunilir. u i too . 

./VZ/eV;// t.Viiy.r. 1. 3293 (Napier i^/t) .icumba. ' 

/Nd, A i?7 Aeinn.iii. j 

2 . l.oo.ic liljie, obtained by unrtvi sting and j)ick- j 
ing old rope; irscrtl in caulking .ships* seams, in ! 
shjpj)ing up leak.s, and .*101001111108 in dies-sing I 
woiiiuls. The picking of il as an employment of i 
convi(!ts ami inmates of \voTkliouse.s, which was ' 
formerly corninon. is now falling into c!i.siis(*. 

1481-90 J/i^if,trd fth, (Ko\K) -.*4 Item, fur pich 1 

ami L'kijfii viij. d, 148$ in Cti'v Pit/nry liSa Item a 

r.tjiin: ikein, v./. 1486 .V<7.. a/ .-bv. //ou. I'll (i3<p; x-i 

Picuhe tarre okiuii and other riHiffc. 1495 164 Ohonie ! 

li<ju-:;htvS:siH:nf .^boaglu Calkviig. 1577 Nt>itfiii.KOCKi. 

(1843)81 Many of thcui..iiiay.. tost; ohani. 1590 llAKtA vr I 
I'ry. II. It. 11J4 Calked wiili the huski:.sof Cot.u.i:hehbe.iU;.i, • 
whei'enf they iriakt: Occam. 1617 J. Lani; fV«/, A’.yr.'i- /’. 24.: ! 
Midi lallowc, liuiid pilch, okelia'ii, tarr, lK.iii|j|is. i6ia K. ' 
IIawkin.s i ’ojf. .V. .Vc'fi 15s Prcccsi'f a jiinke or rope, chupi<t.-il 
vriy .sin.dl, and .. lozcil all ;i.s oaconiiie. xGjft J. 'Tayiom j 
(W.iicr P.) Fraisc\ocd ^Vks. in. Ships, Parks, ■ 
Hoyts, DnimUr.N, Ciaircri, lltxu.s all wimld .sink But fur the i 
Ocum caulked in every t.hink. 16G6 Dkvdi-.n Ann. Aiirah, 
c.xlvi, Some drive nld Okuin through each scum ainl rift, i 
1666 Pi;hvs Diary 4 June, Who should it lie but Mr. Oaniel, ! 
ail muffled up,...\(id hi$ right ej'c stopped with oakuiiTif ' 
1706 PiiiLurs, Oak.wt^ (hkam^ or Oiuta^ ia Sea-Ttmi'. | 
*733 P- k«ND.s.\v InUrext Su^f. .-j iia-y )«ibour ai fir^t, i 
such as picking uf Wool or Citton, tca-sing of Ockain. 1769 ] 
Facconkr /XVA Marine Aaaiijb, lllack oakum.. is ' 
made Ilf taricd lopcs. 1840 R. 11. ti.vsv B'/\ .V,to7.\xm‘. S7 ' 
Picking oakum, iiniil wi; got enough to v.iiilk the ^lilp.ill . 
ovci. 1876 tV/tf. Soc. Tranx. IX. .*59 .\n oakum pouUicv is ■ 
k»L applied. ^ [ 

3. attrih, anrl Cemb.^ a.s oaktwi’bally -chiscl\ \ 

ottkum-headeJt adjs. i 

1701 Fn^. fncomxn. /’/.A. fft’chom 17 A Miflfictc*nl Numher ! 
*tX .Sells of Oakham Balls. 180$ Xuval i 'Jtron. XIM. .?4 « , 
J'lom the first (ifficer ihc lowt:»t Oiikuni-lHiy iat J )(n:k’. ! 
yardl. a8ta Dii:kkk.s Mui. Fr. il .viii, The iKikuin-headcd, ■ 
Mukum-whit^cred man. 

Ol^-WOOd (( 7 u'k|Wtvd). 

1 . The wood or timber of the oak. b. Growing 
oak*timbcr ; o.ik'Jrees. 

*S®4 Piwupton Corr. (Camden) x3i; They have sold okc 
nrjoil lit Nesfcld. 1801 .Macnlill Alayday is Tim clilfs 
crown d with onkwood. 1890 Kkazlk oVVi/. lioue^h It. iv, 

“S was. .kindled by the friction of oak-wood. 

2 . A wood or forest of oaks. 

16x3 in Cohhcu A’i;/r.r fiS8s) T. 287 Land, srwit p.ui 
of which^s of ^nlk.wo^Kls. X856 Si \ni.i v Sinai -v i\t/. 
ii. 144 Oil the Ublvdands of (hlcad arc ihu thick 

o.ik.woivls Ilf Banhaii. 1881 Vehn. Li.» /tcLara vii, lOt 
•Among the uudiiliuirig fields nnd oakw^Kls. 

OaJqr (c”> ki), <7. Oak 4- -Y.] 

1 . Kcscmbling oak ; strong, firnn, hard. 

1631 Cili’Afina X-vi. 19S Better.. in iImi my more strong .lAd 

oaky a^e, then in this my wcake and ft.rblc ih:' iitiing. a 1656 
Bp. Hall Fstiito Chr, Wks. iB;/ V. .:(;i 'Ihc- iMky, ll.»||■ y, 
flinty hearts of nu-n turned into fi' 

2 . Abounding in oaks. 

n!x84g Bi.rjnot.'j Unis ll’niron in ,\u*ii.t‘rhimi I’ocms 
RI 'y Wfjal .■siltiii'.i: drear in Kiii;)uii<P.s oaky foie^l. 

Oaph, obs. form of ( )ap. 

Oar o^J;, jA Forms: «. 1 6r, arc. ^ro, .^-7 
ore, v5 bore, oyro', 4 6 ©ore, 6-S oare, 6- ; 
oar, 1^6 oer, owre, 6-7 owor,'. P. north. 3-6 ar, . 
are, 5 6 ayr.^o, air(e, 7 oer. [r>K. dr -At. Icm. l 
cognate vviih ON. nV, ^r vS'.v. dr^ itra^ Da., Noiw. \ 
ai2;vf ) :—OTt:ut. *airiix peril. r.idically akin to C-r. i 
<p- in »/i€T^r n-wfi, ipitfih ..Mr.J i 

1 . A long wvjoileii lc\cr used to pro]M.l a bi'.nt, ! 
Consihling of a .stout pole, wide nc« I and flatursiMl : 
at one end into a blade, lo the \v.aU.r ' 
.IS a fulcrum. 

A .vnall car, a p.iii' I'f Mhii.h. is 11 .ed l:y is i .-ili'il ' 

a Ji ll//. Larije ‘ hip oius arc • /j. ( lar.s ntc . 

limes used fji vtc-'.iir.;*., as i'x wli.'j!».*-li'..iis. ; 

It. rf9oo<?. A'. .in. 8',7Sisnii* h;i:rd.o:i .K. .'u;!. rtooo 1 

fitiiniit: i'ir.y\ iScj ' Vis r.r on .1190 • 

.V. Fio:. f. i;. I, 472/147 Huy flit-wfti op .vi! .-u «.l '^rL;, 
<1330 k. I'.: • NNK ( ‘.V U .-f. .• 'RolL; An- r*.-'. 'in--, 

lo haii U. CX385 l /,. C. It . 2. ^ i'fiii n?. -..., 

Tl-.e i.lis puilyu fiUlh ihcMC-.St.l fr-ti*. 1387 'I « ; 

(ki'IiM IV. I- ; .Aji ;-,liii-pi-s and Fmyi ‘V d' v- da -i ’ 

ai d wik oiir*-s. i486 iVtnuit . /-‘l O. t '// . r''s/.t 14 A 
of xislj ort;.. 1493 Cartul. ■i-7'l- u,'; 

A i.:.ibyll u* i| '..'yics. 1490 A'./r «/ . u • . // «- i'// 
niAsfcrtho iiiay.M'* But*;, c 1500 M,iu..iKe .vxiv. 177 (Htl 
lowi'd in hvi p.Alj'ii*! witli cy-..!ii li.>:o-. i<39 T*\' i;m ii 
PitYV. •.155.;) li He ClU'.in to hi Id*.: ll.*' O ip; yt 
hal!i«; It riM'd it. 1540 in«leri S^l. Ft. i"//. .[dot, 

L './) John P'ljM*. i.ikt li )hl ' f Oil of iln-owcis a-iil ■ i:i 
inv bou:. 1555 Ki‘1 tU. adtx 1 '■ 7 \V :ih*'itl oers . .1 h'L y v. r; o 
c.uii-d awavt! l-y the v^wltn' v t-f the vatci. X58S Sianv- 
iK K.-ii t. (Alb) i:£ Tbi oars a.-c c.'cciic; 

1613 Binmmm Affi.'/dum ..3 Th.-v had .'l-.x.'i sl ip of fif:;.- 
liwciN. 16x4 ('aio. Sviiii i'/Vy.v.' vf 1. T > hii!-,-.* 0> ; 
i:ilo tin; 163a J. Haw. m o ir. l ii'iidi's /■ro.i;:, v.i ii 

A l.siMard (hilli'v oi since ard thirty liank.^ ’Aitli ;.ist intn lo 
un oare, huj-rnitd lu-.r. 1639 If. //../r. .Scii i i 'Ihcy ; 

n!':t l.tki.- a turn at the 0:ir. li.fnre they iXina; c.ihi r to ■ 
the Il<-lni or Sum. 1799 (,ii\.{-oxk in I. | 

J 52 In iliu i5»<,di‘in u-db'V'J.. .iht*. ''ars .uu f Tty. fo;:r fret 
I m..;. 1863 !•»!. A. ki Mp.i.i; A'tJaf. /n Cii’JA’nx j6 Pullln;* j 

{Ml oar ju:i'.v;s the ‘.irtMin. 

fi. 13. . ^^r I ti.'ir. '.34 HJ^ ban Uii f.vr.d A 1- >l u:t l 

.!?j aic. 1375 pAKiMii. K JU ‘,- fi nj. 57') Sum wct.t ij|l s«t». 

Sli d Miiii till ;ir. <.1425 W’vM'ii.v \ 11. viii. 7^ >!i'ii 

(f p.'Uim F,i slowe ryc'it Wxiht .Ary.s. 0x470 JIi.Xk/ • 
W'aFa'e vii. if<i7 A liiu.drrth M.hipjiys, ih.;i ruihyi bur 
and a\ r. 1549 < '.rnpi. SoF. vi. 4 The -..illia . >c p.ii fin 1 lit . . 
iiDO lnntdii*<l!hl an.-; .hi «i«»mvc .-■jih*, 157* JW/'.-. _ 

Si/.fnn, xvxi. I./ I'ltil a h.:ii vp-.m l.-xhl •.Wii.i.iud, But. 
liinhlum, .'»h, 'T Kuil.*..i. 1609 .''•Cl Si. h'iy. .lAi/. 14.1 
Cii tii. jA Bnfofti the -.diip ly cm tiiy i.u.d, and pul 1 «ih ; 
niu: a*;r. 

b. In reference to slaves or condynintd criinin.-iis 
compilU'il to low in galleys: sec (iAi.lKV sh i. 

17x1 t.o/id. Gas. N(i. 404C/1 T/.< ..•.mUiiiii C :imiiial‘; ; 
lltn Oar. 17x5 N 1 1 s >n ». i\ rs. 24 I'hc 
and hnwrUliAl lli'wr. from Y.»*.a li.iin 30U to ihc tUj. 

2 . All) thing i! strst-s, like an oar, ns :i 
nif ans of iiropul doti in the w ater ,or friw</. the :iir' . . 

:'1586 C'fK.N.S Ph,V!i;i.‘*.>KK /’.V. I..VMir. iv, jlhc tiovvj rl,;,{ 
V.lidc.s Mii.h fc.ithcrc-d o.irr thioinili wavy sky. 1599 Shai:--. ' 
fid.' in. i. 27 1 o .see the fish Cut wiih her ]g..iidci) iTt •• i 
llic silufr stu-amt;, 16x5 Chai-.m vn (b (>•.>.»•. \ n. f’ 28 And ll.c: o ! 
low'd vrt’ w !;h v^v«*r-..-f my h.-iuft-c 1658 Stw T. Bhowm; limd. 
C'lra.. iii. >5 The lini.y fvci yf NValcr-Puw 1. 1834 , 
Mh.'Wjn An^.t'r in Haiti II. 16 With my i;un ihcrcluf.; . 
ru^<*\l in Miv left h.irul, niid r.u.bii;^ a;i oar *. f my rijilil, 

I ciidi-avouicd to cro-i yv'-T. 1871 ('». ./ 

tMY II. I. li, .'5h^ la svviiii] comer.. With .slickc of ; 
.-.w-ii il:y o.Ai. 

3 . tnifisj. a. A rowing boat. Pair vj oars. 

Mwed by two men. (In (juot. 1611 including the 

l6«t (TakltonI Tcjt/j; frfi;:?) A hi h, Tirltnn . .1 iciirc . 
I »f I ).ii t:.> I .J lend him, w ho, at ni^ht. called on him t*.i be roiu*, 
163a .Sni;»wix>L., \ ptiiic of cxiii'-., petite nacciU, cu /■ii.'i'ah '' 
loMjY J ,tiw pa r den.r /utwru.’%. nyans r iiascnn dctt.v tr 7 'iron.\. : 
*634-5 BKi KLiov r/v;.'. (Chail'.iiiu .S.-.C.I So To l.iKc .1 
pair Ilf oai.s to Grccuwiich. 1665 ITivs /'i.ify 1* Jvly. 

I here Inriuu nii cats lo can v it»e, I w.t.- f.:ia lo call a skill!' r. 
if x^4' in* Fib. m. § r> Hv..wcnt iiiia a jiuii 
of tWs that was it-iidy. 1758 LVjiV-, t’/ta/nci -jf'j lilt- 
bo.'ii-.i, Whciric'-, or Scullai', 

b. An oaisiTiaii. I’int oisrsy the man who row ^ • 
atroke; Ji^ one who takes Ihc i>lacc. 

1749 H. Wai.ixiI.J-; / ri//. //. 1 1. ■.•Ci r.t:g^;e, wh-x •’ 

.. w.i.N iicM oajx 1774 C, Diiims .ya*f;r, %tiy y'.fUft^ : 
H t/i77/ii«'/, 81 e wa.s always tu-4 i.'.irs whvii the fine ciiy ; 
l:-•dil:•« In :\ p.xrlv t't K.\iiilai;h went, nr VauAh.ill. 1861 
.s Font ihoxifn. af O.v/. i. One of the hot n.iis in ihi- 
Vuivcisilyhi-cit, //'/./.iv,! hvaidhc\va.sacapi'.i\l vKcrat Mien. ■ 

4 . A stick, pole, or paddle, with which anything i 

is stirred ; esp. in Prexcht^t one with which the , 
mash is stirred in tlie tun. j 

1743 i yfd. A- Country Frm*. in. -rd. 7? i>’7 A ( 

PiT-nii it with .in l.),»r 4 .t Piiddh*, .i-; it iui.m out ff iho j 
.''ai.k. 184ft Mkj.'. IaU'S Crob'a Man, .147 The iuiiTslico ■ 
l'( (ween thu .«>)i>u.s or i\)u'ids of the (.sir allow ihv m.i^h in ho | 
^1uken lhi'ou4h. iBso .Vit.'. Fn':}\ i.\\. -.15, 1 Tim perff i. ) 
st.iluiion of thi; Mi^ar is .tided b) .--lirrin;; with lu:x,q p..'U-. 
or oats. 

6. Phrases, a. To havo an i*tir in e^'try mans 
i'Oiit c-tc., to h.'tvi; a hand in every one’s 

business or alliirs ; so, tc put ends oar in ancfhir 

mail c hcafy to put in and i >nr, cdv. b. 7 17 / 1 t /id 
on cuds oars, to Uaii rai the hai.db nt i 

and lliettijy raise them huiiyviiitally out vd ilu;, 
w.Mcr; jisj. to sii.-j;cTid tuie’s laki- iWiK/ 

easy. C. 7t? hair, takcy clc.^ the / : 

sec LAlioiT(i.\o/yi/. t7. 4. 

a- 1543 Ei*ai.i./://x../. 7. Apop/t. I!, if .i Jm iV !j.- : 
would In: luiiiu a;i u!'... 1653 H. i*. 

X-VV, Mj ♦* lA (>!r. . . tt'hi'i Wi.iiild h;»'. 1.' . .ir iii oj-, 

l.'ilSt, Ivid him Ic-ii.'.l, 1706 !i'J. Wmvi.;| Wredin nJ 
iVftt'd 'lyji) 64 Hf-'s ;.«sn; li; l.riv,; jij, Oai' in olh'.r M-i . 
CuuctTn:-.. f X779 K. f>^ vF».ui. m i.iti. t it. .bV-. 
i(.’.MudMi) 412 \Vi«il- i I li.ivc. i-r.i h .1 fii*:sj*! li.t :i. t l-.r ni-. , 
why .■.h>ju!il I put iu my iMri' 18(19 Maii-. v.- / ..//.'.'.tv s. \ii. 
.*1, I.. pul i'i lily >y,\r WiiClcMi I thi'uyli! 1 '.. iii-.l -..•a 
ihiim. x886 C>:itdr. Git' '/i jr. ,:i'i A ■ , 

l';.l >OUri.;ir i:'i, yi..ui)^^ woiiusn. Vuli 'l lu sl M.u 1 o;-.! .f i|;. 
W:iy, 3VU h;nl 1 

b. 17*6 S»o.i-.f!i H.r. I'oy. ro’ind ii'oj 'd i;--,:) 271 1 !•• y 
l.iy uinhj ihcir t for iorm: iljt!i-. in .•jji t; (T ; 1 1 
lo tlicui i-M-p l!u.;r \v,»y. 1784 R. I'l I.*..\'I ii. M. l i:;!.-- 

t.Yfiy ell. '1 I. IJ-, Mal'.y 'd if. nil art: Utii.'l Ic tu Ilf. 
cTi il.fir v\-.iiii!'./ lip- di ci -ii -n i-f i-ii c 

1« lili-'ii. 1836 M .v iT.vii //. /•■,!• I' x -.i. Mr. .v‘.ri-'2.. 
liiuii-.«li;ili;!y /Til' .■nJ th'.- b >;.!s l-j liC ijp-.ii tht't 'Vir-. 1836 
I.MY liK.WVM.i.K /.r//.lj..», .(-.n, II. 21'. Wi- -.I,:;!; 1 v ubi.'i. . . 
to tc.-l /T! o'.ii f-.T .1 l.-i-iC. 1887 .'j /' ii.A.i'.. i.', Ajil. 

-if I'.u u-u.d .luJuii.u y.irin li.:.-. ? t 
p.u-iiinys. . Will Ti .,l i.iii i.';-. if L'.ir-. 

(J. (ittrih. and ( omb . : sinj| le altrib-, a:> our-iaiid^ 
A I nth. '/ladoy -Uath'ry -roli\ -tonr. - titj.he. thor:^. 
-til . <cor .\- ; objr.idivcjiii ■mMiit!it;d, 

p.j i'-irt i:hi'/‘,.mtih>'r; i irjinncti. -Jootrti^-ii.bc , fo-rin.; 
adj-,. ; oar-lisli, a inine fur I'lshec of il.e J;iini]y 
/» /V.r.£'.7./.r, (sp. Jiunh./.', fiuia iJitii 

c/'inpreised oar like b'Kiii^; oar-holni, .an o.'ii 
ii-icii .Is a ludiii; our-lop ; oar pog — 

iutr~ih:\\'; oar'port -- O.Mt-iK-i.h; our-pvtipellor 
v?ce riuot.' ; oar-rudder, nn i.-ar used a? a nidih-r; 
oar-thole, :i ihide-idn. 

1841 :i ill )'i, 1 I.'/l' .ii-. . JJ. 1 51 \Vi.- hr-:kcl'u'- 

tiuvi : vij wtic l.’.iM.-. I. li.-.i.k ;'iiB • ii.ii ’.V jj, .-. x888 I'. 

\VAns F.'iff'irn .'1 rrff.h'it iii Atnen entn I'S .Xu,'. t '« ):i!- 
I>» ./u.jini with Min'Vii.:-. i;l, lives. YH49 tin 'i. t 

n .v!t. V. i''.| I i,f ■ oai-b':i'lc.-i w»u- bi'.kii; Iv • •iiiiVfM. 
1897 .inh r< toySa y. An iiiuivut id 

b!.-.' k ill 'I ■H.'ii'ii: II:ir. 1643 » " .NH.'.M C.’t/cr'i it. 

{ •; N.f I Tiir-v :i ^!.'p il.t -firi'.l lijiilh-. ply. 1846 

\\ ' J M- c I ! II. '1 'tif ■/ :’.<«■'/ hii vii),f f(V.t Ij-rd as I .i:*.. J t. 

1883 A. 1<. : ',•! Pi.'; S 'll /■■■■■., I t,ryu' I. v\i..,c. IJy iiit-jMi. 

H hi; 41. ‘ ' >.ir-lic-'im w n'-l /'fl * ci i»".'b.AV. 1836-48 ik P. XN .0 iM 
-Pvs/'/A. ;.4 »... .V, Tin: ' .■w Ico’-tT w;-..- a -‘raji l-y wljii.}i 
ihc i)Ar I.r.:t!ii-'l t.i ihi: r-.-wI- 'i, 1835-6 T-./iO (/;'i7. 

.■ifuti. I. rhclr fr-d. 1887 J. I'. Ki *.nk 

1 it;.s f. 1. ii, ; 1 X iruc >T.ii..-ii:ikc, win, ll.xrics.i-.'i 

oar-like lAil. 1866 /c r -v i/iad I. ; .Xd ihf 
''oar f. vif'4 r-’:..|*l!i:iii-- h--iiiilr the .-*. i pin.* i;( Mf.lili;:--. X863 
I*. Jio>KV /’•. yiii*!/ A'. Ill l-.i..hti.i.'.i!i ill ■■rc!(i i:.!".l 
»r)r: 'iMr-iualvt I.-.' 1874 . !/ '.i .v.v' x.. 47; , .Ail 

i i!;(ii 'i .ii-y.uii.s |!.-ucd oiiliiju«‘l> ( u h r ::i riv.Y.-.. 1875 Ivsi-.i.i /’ 1 /. M,\ //., '(lui. 

/•f'/LiVrv, a device 1 • iniii.iti bv m.i'liitpry M.c il 

..'.i.iru.j:. 1845 ytiA. ...1 i t.i i- /.'fi'/lt.'-.V. /-Vi ', /a--//.* ■ I^j4‘ G-'f 
N;.li\c- be;ti> tiivir r'lddir-j f.-.!.pi'.ii.-_li:i.;. 

*775 /.'/ , A' T'icre i' an • 

•u;.” i.^nl by the He'! riv •..i'!'-. 1B75 Kmciii ; h'c/. , 

‘i ,i pivoi.d lUvi V far .tu i .vr i-!» ihc. Jiuuv ilv. 

1889 i;. |:. Pv ( ‘ii.MLLv / /i'.wy . !<f I. .vii. Uic. 'tiir-th >l- :. 

\\v\v i'Vsi'Tn-d ihi. *.’uii\\iili-- 1886 (.at iii.ii Fa.'t •’/ 
Asy.ud II. 14S J litic w;i.s i!.j iuch ‘oiii-wjik done in li.f- 
whi.iic fhi:!. 

Oar, v. (f. p:to. .sb.J 

1 . To piupel with cir as with o.ars ; to 
row. Also tntasf'. and 

16x0 SM.‘,K.ji. I\ iip. 31 i. n:. lie ' .vif-d IIiii'.mU'c villi !.i- 
avmi-.s ill liJMy Vitoke Ta in ■>.b.■■lv. 17*5 I'lUi. < 

.\vi. ; 17 AiicI what b!c‘M.d hands h:t’. -r l thuc f 'l’ilit 
way '.' 1818 Sin i.MV Fc\ ts/am v :i. .vsi ii, 1 hv i:;iL'.h* .. 

OariiiiT with ii)sy fcct ii.s .*-ilvei h.vf, x84z Tr.vNv.-i.x / / 
/•r. J.. iv. 1883 J.H ' ,i •u.'Ki.F /'v-/ II. j|j M.iiiy boat;... 

0. 1:vd by ihi: jolly jvuuj- walcrmi m. 

2. intr. 'To low; to advance, as if piopclied 
by onrs. 

1647 Tf.vh- Ci'u./n. I TtiC.'i'. 11 Nil ■v.riri.C in ..’ih' ; 
mens i cci.'.s iK/r mL-diinj ui olhcr l-i'.l't. prick-s. [( f- 

1. 'nk J.'*. Ail.) tyts I'''’* - eVj j.i. MI. (2^ .‘-iiiJilcii 1 di'-'i-i 
ami!i-.l ihe fl.ish:..j;.mai:i.. Arid o.-uM wiih l;ib"ri'i-4 .im.-. 
iilwiij; ihi! floov'. 1816 .':?oeiiiKV /Wts’ F/tei inr. i. i-j A ;iw.ii, 
ki-pi ■i.-ariri,; nciii w-itli ;:piidM*d cyi*. 1885-94 K. 

Pros A- Fyii'tie Scpl. vii. Till, oaring here and there, the 

(j'.K'VU lie fi-lP'.d. 

3 . trans. To make (one’s \v.iy) as with o.-us. 

x8ox SiiriiiLY ThaUd.i \i. vi, Nuw oaiiui^ wiib .-.low wiiiif 
hiM upward wa\’. nxBsi .1). AI. Mom F.ymic, A’fWewA,7,*.-/ 
/'f.i;irj', Gractfid aw ihc :.\va)i OarinjJ it:, way ailiwait .i 
M'.mmcr l.ik**. 1863 XV. \V. S iokv Sida db K. 1. vii. li,' 

Stalely while iKnirij; ihoir way with fcct. 

4. i’o Pirike ^ihe waiei’’ as.wilh vsars, tu travi ise 
a> by ro'ving. 

*773 83 Mooi V f b-/. Fti'\ \T. .•61) The . jar'd with 
r.civou> liiul.'x the billowy briiic. 

b. To strike \\ilh an oar. 

*894 R. CJr.ui.'M Fa^tfi t\tprr\ ly'i .\ ^j.lilcu t.irp A 

fatii'vl biuTil, I«-d it in iraiihliicciit •.lU-r-. » 

6. T'o iiiuve .^onc’s hariils, eti*. I hko o.-n.-?. 

i88a JliKIKUS t. iv. M'j Hi.: J1I:1 ] ':> ikil 

lo,;cl her, pushed l!)cm cut, ami twed ilicm I'-'Uii*.! Iw' i-".! 
oticn dmic fv.i • 

Our, oaro, obs. fotms of (.iue 

Oitrftgo [b ^ ' ] 

1. Thr .ic'tioii ot 0.11 -s, lowing; ir.ovcjjicnl ol 
limbs like (hal of oais. 




ty 6 M (fCttU, 544 U;nuls that with evtn oaiage part 
and meet. 1871 Uiackiv. Lajrs 7 Tt.iy oared with 

ucntle oarage From llic dcar-luvcd oak:^ of Derry. t888 K. 
W.\RRE ill WoiMlyaie 3 The iiisl iiiun . . whoc'i.vnycd 

the uara^e of lli^ utius and legs. 

2 . Ap[»araiii5 or of the iiatutc of oars; 

imllit of oars; rowing appaialiis. 

i8a8 T. ItAJLKY hiiurii'lafi's :ill that 

l»ail i.if n :'hip\ fuinitwre whLb i.s conniii.ied with 1)10 
rowing of it, ur t;is might be ^ai^l) the tutfui’t. 1855 
Sisr.i.i^ioN / 1. IJc plies idoiig the F.inpA' 

v.isi On ih' oarage of hi.s wings. 1865 Swi.nmlkxi-; /Vvivi- \ 
/iiiit., Af 173 hike sealed runaee i-f a keen thin lish 

In .seawater. 1887 Bvwkn / '1V4-. . Kfit'li \, -A'-q S> with lu.i 
istiagc ciiiipled, ihv ship iiv.vkes slovily her way. 

Oared a. [f. uah a//, i-i-.o-.] Tvo- 

videsj with oars; also in ]infasy/ilhLlic coiiibina- 
tions, as j>f.\ ojrni. 

1748 AfiXifit’s / '"V. II. vi. Mjl Till: 

17721-84 Cook IW. i i;!i .1 I j.^ .\ |j n-i..iied lilU-il wi'h 

■vddier-. aiipijaf.htJiJ, 1B47 /i'l/srr. f .'nJ. 10 Julv 

■j :/« Tiiaf r.Ke.s foi llu* ol.i-'^sifii .ilkiii i-f i.-.ired h-.iiil.'i. 1866 
Ni \i r. SaniHiU's -S' IlyitiHx 41 WlM-re g-> no 
g.illev. 1884 }Il.\.Mri 10, \| ynttul {>: ii ii. .\l a 

wldi.h .‘.|u'i*i.lily put i.»;ijoii puriuil out vf the ipnisli.'n. 

Oa]>hole Also .s areholo. 'I ltc 

}p.»le in the side of a galley, ( to. through witich ati 
oar pa’^si'S. 

14.. .A'i’W. ill Wi..\\'iili V.i r //.V I a jiti*- 

h‘-*le. JW. /’iv/v.,- iK*‘lh,- 11 . I.ihr I'f iln 111 an fiL 

titke in'. At ^Mt■-h••lc.^ 1 uinli-isti.iiide. 1648 

78 Hi-miav ihth k /r.'s nrijf -x.tft ’ft the 

(.kir-holcs tn pul .Jill till', ('kii'.. 1880 W i* /u r-Z/ur I'.i, 

ii.K.ii h u.i-. a tlu-'iij^h v hli li lliclaljoun.L-. .hail 
pli'Mtv I'f Mift I air. 

Oavie, t-hs. form «d 

Oario* o,t:t'ii,p’', l■.<»mlnning ham of 

fir v'.’d/woi/ iilile igg. tak«-n in .st:n.-o of .1.. 
ovary, found in a j^t a iarclv used t' lms of raiin)lo:'y, 
etc., of the mmo usual Ov.Milo-. Kx uiipl(.s 
are: Oa'tlocele [(Jr. a.^Ai; tnniour], hunia or 
linnoiir of the ovaiy. Oario'patliy (see -iwi nv], 
(iiseaso of the oyniy: hena* Oariopa’thic a., pei- 
tuiiiing to oaiiopalhy. Oario tomy [f>r. m/xi] 
fiitliiig]. evdsirui of ihe ovary, ovariotomy. So 
also Oarltis (^jdrai-ii.'i [sl-c* -jtis], iiillammatioii 
of liic ovary, ovaiilis; licncc Oaritlc (t>,an'iik) f«., 
Iieriaiuing u, oaritis. 

1857 /''VyVj. /.# r. f.s O.iri w.clf. OaiUip.-ithiv, 

D.iriopaihy, Oariii,', « 1891 .\i .i'’. .Viv. /.iM .. Otif to- 
.s.iMio a.', l 

O'arless (.o-mUs;:,' ji. ft. (.h\u + -lkss.] 

llaNing no oar or oa*.s; undiduili'jd hy oars. 

1591 Syi.'. I. Mi K /ittti/Li I, iLj; Mail hr.vs, oar.les>, aiul 
fiijMi H.iitu.if 1811 Ai^(i.fs 11. \\\i. A 

l'1'.ike'.i l' 'i' h. ail ('.iiili'v; L'MI. 188a 'l l XNY.'tON Tn r//^4o/v, 
SuiiiimT.- '.jf ihv Mi.ik*-lt.&s :ni:;idL*w, iiniidion<iu.s tai ih ami 
u irless 

Oarlock hot ms; I Arloc, 5 oiTok, 

7 orolock, i) oar lock. [OK. Jrht , 1. dr <jar t 
iot lock, clostirc, enclosure. Cf. also KowLock.] 
A nolcli or fuik in which the oar of ,a hoal plays; 
a rowlock^. 

rriioo^/v-v. I ill \Vi,.Wi'.l.;Ui r .li'/o CtyUifthtri t, 
.'irl-H;u. *1 1419 A/V'vv; Aif-us • K-.-lls) 1 . J.c lute <jc 
il«.ih/ urlok,. p.iit.a i d« nicr. /.V./ y i/'l.k’iepetiic iii« f .jvi: 
«jrl-..kc.^. -'y) Dc ipwlibet n.ivi fu (|u.i n.iiigalur infra 

orliiki-s y/vf/. 57;i Si ii.iMp.;ii i?i lii.irlok, nnijiii iliir.ariuin. 
1657 Ik’'" '5 r.n. ry liiTle .‘Sliij, i,;!!! cirloi.k'. 
Ip It'll a penv. 1880 N. II. P.iMioi- ..VA'cM/t /.Vv I lje.ij.l 
ill (l.L i.l!-.t;in':e i!ie .^ouii j of ojirs ni xing in t!;(' oar lcr'l.s 

Oa'rnian. rart^ ff. as Jirec. V M ‘iN.J -next. 

1608 1 > JIi.oll) J\.\y. Pol. .y M'fy. f,'j l ike vnlo ...inr 
( twt'f-incii, lovke n'je way. i-iid i.,!..- .jimilior. ^'1619 
l oriirniiV Atfitoni. 11. .^i. s 4 iinj.;) 117 'I'hc O.irc-Tni.'ii. 
l<-*Aers of her IkiiKc. 17*5 l >i i.'Ltv in Ph '/. J nmy, 
XXX 111 . 263 [They) i.ury m.\ M.-.n, r/.:. tlji* II.u ;i .iie-.r 
in the IVne-jnrt .-^f ili-: f.-.ijr (t.a-ifi'-i. aiirl i):r - 

ui:ii\. x8t8 .Mn. M.\N .Vj»j/f.*r 17 i Mr- lj,ir,ia^»; f.iwiT.l gy 
her fair ha:i(.i'.n.'iid--, and In-r rjaniieii tniy. 

OarSniaii id'***r/.iiixn .. Jf, l ar'i, po?:.t:s.sivc of 
(>AU -H Man; formerly oann.'tn: see picc.] A 
‘ of the oar ’ ; one who lists oats ; a lowtr. 

1824 W. IrviMi /’. Tfart. J. y.-l, I w.i^ one of the mo'^l 
CAptil!i nArd cm the Isis. 1871 R. 
( Ixiv. 13 Star,;tly iJic wjuc f-.janied whitf. to llu: hiiin-w «>f ..u-mucii. 1891 .\. J. Frjs;iR jm 
S. intly\ Cut i** w».!i known i-j Camliriilje fiar' iiuni. 

Hence Oa'rsmanshlp, the art of rowing. 

1873 AtYi'.» tS 5/0 J h'-' apparent decline ('f 

oai.-'iiiari.ship on ih« I.'.is xSttJ .MaKtioni t 6 Sept 3/0 
Tlic aniatciir i;;sr.sni;i:i:,hii) the l.undon Clubs. 

Oa'rswoman. [f. as prcc. + Wuman.J .\ 
wriinnn who iowr. 

*882 J. Pays h tf iii, V.iu arc :i fii-.l-ratc i'-.arsw'oiiiaii. 1895 
12 Sept., Trt di.diiigiiish Inpclfas an (.j;ir:>woiuan. 

Oarweed, variant of Oiitwi-Eo. 

Oary (f»' ri >, ii. [f. oar sb, + -y.] 

1. a. Ol the imtiirc, or having the fiiriciion of. an 
i).iroriiai.s; oar-li|je. b. Fitriiisiicdwithoars; oaifk 

1687 Mu t\»s i\ J.. VII. 4.jj The Swan with An.htd mwk 
.. pPHully^ Kc'we.s Her slnn* with O.nie. feel. 1791 
Cowri-.R ///It./ II. ify 2 ,\l] I.'.unch ihoir i.ary harl . iui'i tli« 
flood. 1832 J. Avson Set. Crk. t lionc Poef.. h..thy!»s 
by "'hfi; beii-.iVcfl the vuliures ply J'hcir oiiiy 
w-ing'^ athwart the sk'/. 1871 K. Ivi I'alul/hf l.'cvi. 7.3 

Came utid .sho»‘k lliro' licairn hi.- peun.ins oary bdoir me, 

2 . Comb. (p.arii.syntli<.tic !, as Oiiry •'footed ^ oat j* 
'iuin^edf having- oaiy feet, wiiigs. 

j 1872 I'li.ior at iiMew. Prel. (1S7S) ;; Heir and thcie a 
j t.'>giicl . .never linih. the livinc strt:.-iiii in fellow.ship with its 
j own o;nv-fiK»tc«l kiuil. t87x lx. Kii.ts t\tfut/h.v ix'. 4 Ikiry- 
'■ wingM alike To Heo.i heyoiul then*. <*r to.xi iul benuaih a .'-ail. 
j OOB ,0, obs. forms of O0/.K sb, 

I Oasis »*“ asis'!. Tl. oaHOs (■ 7 /'l. [a. L. 

j Oftiis, a. Cr. oauiv ;^l Icrod.), app. ol J'lgyplian origin : 

I ef. Coptic ottabe .whence Kgyplian Arab. 7 Vtlb) 

; dwelli:-,ir.j»laL‘e, oasis, f. on/A to dwell. 

An t'j the qiiniitity ot iho. a in Or. and I .. then! appears to 
' Im.- !i'» dirc' l i vlilfiirc ; bill the It.tdilioii of the :»chooU. ainl 
' the pTep'iurlcrai'iCc uf h.ii^Iidi usage, £i.n w'l ll nx ihe pificiii e 
I i»l’ the pi'i.t.x, make it knu;, ;m> aisii, Mer. And Sp. 

I I'.i’.v/.r. Ii../iiv/. The pn'iiiimi.iliiin is however u^iid 

i by imir.yi v.sp. in Sroikuid uiid I'.Jn.I 

! A nainc of ihc fertile spots in llic Libyan desert ; 

! Iiciice, A fejtilo spot in the ini«!st of .a desert. 
1613 /’-'VIc' .'Mv/ci* \IL i. 549 Ihit wore tin leyxe 

iiijinifiis (•.> tkixis, aiol ••thi-t Roman Mibiti'i.>.. 1684 tr. 
y....\in:jis*s J/iyl. \. N-iw this OiiMS was a s.'ul b.irrL'ii 
pki'.o, fi'.mi wliiiKi: im M.'ia i vnild ever rotiirnwho wns one r 
I iii :\ 'd ii.'to it. 1731 Chanihi k ii. Linibo>> b's Irtjuis. 

■ 1. ' ‘riii-v iMni.-.iird them inl-^ great HiM.Hix, ;■ rminlix in 
; K.i:\pi. x8x6 J. .‘xr.-.rr / 7 j. Pn*’s ('.'il. S-' 'Viq No.ii it. is a 
I iiK>vh:l of ihc iixtainids. .:u-t:oii)|jai'.K-d bj* an oaNi.swilh its 

p.r.'se of palm.-, and a c.iravan uf tanioJs. 1838 /iti/zx. 

! / 15:; l ist.- gaiuitiirc of the o.asi s, or * isles of the 

i!< -» It 1841 l-!i.i'niNs!.»Ni Jtiit. tnit. 1 . A w.i.xte of s:iiiil, 
in wlilch are oiiM> <.f ilinorent .si/r and fntiiiiy. 1877 
A. Ik I'.iiW \i«:is L 'f* Xile vii. 171 A little oasis uf dale imIui-. 
i iiidiraiu-j; the pri '-oiue ■.■fa ;qji-ir.\;. 

■ X800-24 C.\vi *.ri.i. P.H'o:s. to Sir Pifr.iiti iii, 

i 'uM isi.i stand A K-su: oAxis in the desert K;iuiM',d 
<»f KnioprV sl.iveiy. 1842 Ti swson- .l/o///.v 3 My one 
, ( Hi ijje du'f and ilitMiili Of city lift* ! x868 K. 

; y/.f/r / '# 1 , v.vv. 6vij I ht file ple.isaiit oa..i.s aiuidsl the dii-ary 
)n« 11 1' •rie'» • if a vi i\ age. 

Hence vitreg.) Oa'Bal, Oasi’tio nd/y-t jK.’itain- 
I ing to, of the iiati-rc of, or irscinbliug :in oasis. 

; x888 W. Ijitvp in (. t.v///-.'.Avi M. i-a.) /bv.v.,- 1 Si-pi., C aslle 

Hiil li.n'ks hk-c an na ;\1 inuiintniti in tin- iniOst ol aiUm-ii uf 
: low' sA:iil-hiils. 1896 t'iA .Vl/. Mo^iihiy I’cls 4(.-5 0 \fr- 
' i I'liwtling of aniiiud life in these oasitio aioax. 

' Oast Korins ; a. i fist, (4 ji iiosl . 4-9 ost, 

4-7 lioati(e, 6 oKte, 7 oost. 8, fi oaMt. /k 5 
t'st, 7 ooat, eest. [OK. d.^f% corresp. lo Midi. I'/.r/. 
T)u. iy;./, formerly also OTcul. *ai.\{o~z fn’Vii 
I. root i//t/ 4 , w c.ik grade idh, id, aiit (Skr, 
idh) to burn, whence also OK. #/f/, OHO. //V bl;i/mg 
pile, funeral pyre, and, out-ide 'lent., L. ;t r/o', ( U.rit. 
aUi\ hearth, house, u^ftts heal, n^stas summer, (ir. 

' dlBoi heat, Irish aodh heat. Oast Ir the native 
I furm; esf, iCst, rady iiitfoduced from Klandcr.R.J 
1 1 . tit. Kii.x. b., A kiln lot drying 

■ mall or hrtps, now for diying hops. 

to^o .'?'i/ri, .’**«. in Wr. -Wiik ker ir.5/ v.> Sir, n- 

irrhtift.K.y^hx. 7tri 1380. '{//.•. i^tnis, il’uh Ker, 

( M'fu.i;.*, f( jraiii I'V f.jhn lladdelc of ji .S^c. Pn lV't«T 

, .aUe Haonu:. nc.u 1 * h's lvinii'»sti N Vi 1390 i-cruf ,•>/ (.’a ry 
I i:i W’ Anti-/. Cnt.n. .\ T.d.c !n'nt > ami dry hem in :t 
; lin<l tir ill an uxcie. I 1420 Pasiod. it»sh. l. 457 W'tl 

j derk X f«*r fi-iin o>ti>., ImiIi t\ .stable. 1577 Ik 
* ffrr. d-o, h'x ft uil\ . 1 q h, .\ I’.a wlii'is-e with an 0:t:a fi*i 

i di yiiig of Malt, W'li.i iii.;f Syxt. Ayrl. (16S1) 17.1 

i To (.odiaiii. the of \<Mir Ot.-st tJi Kiln, rii a lil.inkci^ rnuiid llu: ‘amc ;di.»ut tin: i;d;:f.'N, 1710 Act if /Ipiko 

: {. I I. §*fi .\o lYT.S'-.n..Nh;dl..iii;ikc ii.-.;rirany( hi'l Stureh'jii a- 
or aIut J'bu.cor of any Kiln f-r i luini; or kr» piing of H'.»p.-;. 
1805 K. W, i)i*:K‘-oN- yV'.i.,/, Atyri'.* in'oy) 11. :’42 It is 
, neecv-riry to keep the r-Axi or kihi i-ott.slantly at work. i88x 
Wiinrni -m. //,/.»■ Oa.'-i.*- and ■■•ilu r hidlding.s nniM ho I'ulli. 

2 . Comb, oast- clol h , oiLrt-b airo Cst c rpiot. i S6 1 ) ; 

I oufit-houne, a building containing a kiln for drying 
hojis; ;dso llic wliolc structure composing a kiln. 

1410 ill K-'i'crs Wc/ 7 '*- -V Prices \l\. 54 'Hu-'-le eli-th. 
1462 Ji'-d. O.Nt' ItAh. i66g Wo?{iii.i'.;r Svst. 

[i(dii) 1^3 Oil ibis Ih-d, wjtlioiit 0»’^l-l.llAh, Iny yoin 
Hop.i l>y'.i.rulls t86x /I'tt.-t.r. {'i.'HI..\ S5 Oil. ??1 
t.'ovevcd with the o.i*t«.h*ili. x„ri <1 huiifloth blanket, vai 
i whit.h llic hojif. arc lai'l lu x!ry. x 66 % Con/erb. Marrioj^'g 
I /.iiL*h:£.\ I Ms.', kfihert Joy of .S. iVtcr in '( hand, * host bait 
wisYA'Cr, 1877 Pi.oi Di;^F'i/>d. v«;'j The >tm:\rc aliovf, 
i ininicdially suppt iiii'.g the OwNtdiair and the Mauli, X784 
j kuatu um 1 . \ TIicnc inikcslof hops] are . .f..tiTiod .. 

; I .• the ’c.iii;a-ln>ii c, wnc:c llic. h . p.; arc lo be dded. X882 
K. Li-.k H 'eit. il'iUjt. I. 140 lie p.*Kicd Ui a rkk-yurd and 
(.)asl-h(lll^c beyond. 

Oa8t« Oa8te8B(e, obs. formn of JIoht, Hostfss. 
OaBtlor, OaBtmai) , obs. Ik ( » sr i t ii, 1 j o a.*5T m a n . 
Oasy, «d>s. form ol f .'ozv «. 

Oat (^"t , sb,\ usually in pi. oatS (cuts). 
Korins: sht^. i dte, 4 bte, .p-T ole, hoto), 6-7 
j oate, < 5 - AV.. ait, 7 difil. eat, 8 - oat. //. a. 1 iStan, 

3 aton, 3-4 oton, 4 ooten., 3 otyn, 4 7 otes, 

5 otys, otl«, fhotys), 5-^ ooteB, -is, (* ottes, 
(wot;^t)efi;, 6 '7 oatea, 6- oats ; .SV, 5 atis, ctos, 
ttilis, aittes, 8- nits. [OK. »?/«•, ]» 1 . dtun, wk. 
f :ni., not found in the cognate Irings., and of ob- 
scure origin. The gcncnil Teutonic name is OTeut- 
^hatron^ .ami its reprcsenl.alives : .stje Havku. 

Oat dinVrs fmin ollurr tiaiucsof cvrtuls, nnitieiil i/r tiioilcn, 
;•« barUy (.Vi-f. l>ccr\. rye, t‘Ue^ ntai-yty miUet, aiu! 

lioiii Its own ; yni>ii\Yii Artec/', in (hat, while these arc (like 
dust, sand, ii.'nnc-, t.if .suhsianecs nr things in the 

.■//.•rv<, the i.ollc-.iix-c (ijriii of wha h Is .sinfrubar, they having; 

, i*: • -rdiiiai y i.ii,i;ii;i^c ti'.i pliiPil, oat i-^ .aii individual Mnitidiir, 

< till' lli;.-iivv or iiui'-x sf.nsc of h;is lo be e.vprt-Nstd Ijy 
I the plural, e. !Lj. ‘J.s the nop ryr- or *, h;iih-y, 

I and (lais art- 1 Comparint’: this with /'Ci/rt^, /«'rtJic«, 

! /ff/atoi-s, and uih'T iiauicri of i-iiiiikir |^ for in, it 

may be. infcrrr’.d that primarily oat was not the plaiit or Its 
produce ill the mass, hut denoli'd ail individual yjaiti ; rf. 
4»-/-</rt/ w ilh its collective pi. xfttatA.^ 'J his iii;*y point to outs 
Tii-ing c.ttcii ciiiidiully in the .ij;raitis, not, like wheat and 
bailey, in llu: form of meal or flour. Hut the scanty early 
evidence i.s not suflUnicul to show this.] 

1 . //. 'I he grains of a hardy ceival (see sense 2) 
forming an important article of food in many 
countries for men and also a chief food of horses ; 
ii.^ii.'dly colloclively, as a si«.cies of grain. 

cxooo Art.r. (.trihd, 11. 84 gcriim bean mela ieleiin, 
boi-cN Y/xixoo /bid. 111. Niin uu-na i^raian. /.'ixt8 

0. P. Chrofi, anno ti.' 4 tHiiid M.S.) Mnn Sinlde.. jwi aar 
s:i:d men, hn-i is fi;o»viT serl hn]>a,s to fc'ower .si'.illiiu;;ui. 
e 1205 I.AV. 2921/1 per bifi>i»:n lie con :5yoti'n dtaf iiiul r-liaf 
and aieii. /r 1225 An,.t\ P. 312 Ale ninieiTl nt vucl (kKur 
I 'ten Uiir Iiw-i.-att:. 1362 l,AN«a.. /'/. A- iv. 45 A layle of 

i|u:ii'tcr nleii. 1303 //»/</. C. i.v. ji/i \ fewo vrtKKIcN ,-iiid 

i. ieyiiie, and a cakx: of r 1500 Mi'ljtsittc -\XL l•,’7 

imtiN shiild be (;yucu to I he ]ifjrsr:.s. 1508 Dcnhak I'tyting 
fn. Kcnncdie i {3 Thow skalfix.-iraJ bcK^ix inair beir and .-dtis, 
t T530 ttousrh. Air. /fain/>ton Crt. in l..iiw Itatnpton (\ 

!■ 4 Imxhclls of wotes at 4'k the busliell. x6ot F. 

'I'ah: lloiisch. Out. Kdw. II ii?i7b' i.| and ole.s, litter 
and ami ollna nei.i:.NS.\iu:.'> lor iiij hor-.fN. 1732 

Amih HINDI' RxtUs of Du'i in AhwentA, etc. 1. 251 Oats,>i, lexidviat;, and ni-ctmal. 1857 Ki.u.v Avio.n Kny, 
lircad ld', I. vi. 71; In tin: M'lilli of Kiiftlair.! oats are in.vt 
•.•niployed fm biea.d. but Miily for fcLflint: hoi^e-i. 1900 U V'//w. 

It X\iv. ;;/i Widi. .iwocainp kettles and p;ickct> of ti.-.-i 
and (^'naker Oats, . wc made a i;ical least of tca.'iii'i |K3n ifl^e. 
b. sit/if. A single g min of oal'^. uve, 

1677 tli i w A nut. Pntitf 1:1. i. § 11 A Chi' ier of other 
Utile .'ibonl ihr b':.;iii.. x uf an (kite. 1780 A. Vdin*. 

i 01/ »■ hit. 1. :!«8 Nor w-juld tlw: !ii)i:4.'s tomb an oat, wliiU* 
lh«y «:.■•nld >0:1 caiiMC«. , 

2. Thcivrcal jilRiil. /rvvm .vit/iV'iT. wh icli yields Ihi-; 
gniiii, in iiuincroiis v.'iiirlus hi nil cool 
clini.itcs. a. Usually :n p:., collt clively, n< a crop. 

X303 U. IIkvxm Jiu/idl. Sv.'ire idiio W'lute o'rne wyl 

ii. jI pivkkc, As oil!) duwiiM, III r 1425 /'.»/■. iii 

A\'i. Wiiii l.i r y/iv ni.r>’.t. dIx".. 1523 |‘’iiiriiFi<a. 

//7/iA li 14 'l lierc be. iii. in.i’ier i»r*il(:s. j fn s.iye, n i.ldi- 
oti-;, lil.ickc Dti"., .-nid rotijr'.he 1578* /^.'//<7i7/y i.. 

xiii. 4^7 riie jdhli: Otes an: mjxm-'i in i/u: of Hir. 

boii>i' s, x6io SmaK'. ■/i’w;/*, IX. r;/( . . ih> rii ln. 

Ilf \Vh*:ali*, Kye, liarley. li:!* 1 m"*, f'at-rs .-m#! IV;i-.e. 1671 
M. M. ir. y.V.Tj/*/. Criby. il^i Nr-'r 'iJi-jy .sill it Ih.iv] 
inui.h tbe/^ycr iJmn 'Mis ila-If. 17B6 I’.'. k\s .Vt. thinh 
in, I. el.. .Nils vet njx ihiir axx'iiie h'!rii, 184) J, A. Smmm 
Ptydurt, J-trrtuiag ,ed. ;*! i-.-s Kpna the -.uhe tji;ld whiih 
will yield (udy ono li.nxiM of win .11, two .sni.*,v v-ivc iiop'. 
of harb'y may I.«! r;'iscd, .muI three ol oat'. 

b. 'rhe singular, e/ti, is used ciiluT to indivi- 
diinli/^ ihc pkint or a paiiicular variety or .sort, or 
to denote a single plant Jmt this would ordinarily 
bir i;:tHtd an oafflant), 

1398Tm».vis.\ />’.r.>/4. /.V P.K, cvii. sxii. i1 i ih in. Mis.; fjli' 
i- an hcilw, and be ■.» 1 ■.! I t iof ia.<*v.h.b to n>e of men and ..if 
hoi'.. rx440 y’iOT*. .C'-!/ ‘ f >t'.', Di tj.ivMi ri-.v.j*', 

. l?'i na. 1820 Vi Nsr k / 'ia A’» . ta ii. .40 li irn-inei h a 
o-Hilini; finalilie from the Oate. X74t i'lWtfit, Pavt.-./'ioo 
HI. 4:1 'I lair Jiu; Ixvo si.'its, the whiU: or iVjlidi (kil. aiid 
tin: blai k Oat. 1879 Cassell's J'l thn. l:'drn. 1. 17 Thn o.iuls 
the of .'ill I e«Lal pl.ilil-N'. 

tL .u'rtp’, and rc.ViY/,//. Applied to w iM species 
ol Aru'rtu (callird al.xo Onf-cras.^), several of which 
arc indigenous to the l/rilisli Isles; esp. the 
Wild Oat, /lirtiii fa/tta, A tall grass rcscinbliiig 
the cidtivatcd oal (vf which it is perhaps the wild 
original', a frequent weed in cornfields, and noted 
for its long twisted awn, which makes an excellent 
liygiometor. False Oat,th(.* (.lat likc, J/ w'/c- 


*1700 Ppinal (il.'yy. '.0.1 f.o/iitw, ;xt;u- it 1100 Closs. in 
M'r.*\ViikKi:r 4^0. .•(■ /Lanin, alan. -.AV l.i.v>i. % 1475 J'it.t. 
1 \k. ibid. //'■<■■ aZ'i. Ilia, wild holi:. ISSX Ti. kM.k 

J/r/ bfU I. 'rin.-r arc ij.kymic.N I'rnlcN: the one is called 
in I'.ni^Iish Lvmonly, oics : .'tnd the other, .wild otes. 157B 

1. YfK Jfodflras i\. xiii. 467 Also there {'=■ a hurren Die, of 
S'linc i.alh;d ihr jiuric (Jt: x, i/f others x_\ih.U* Otes.. The 
i*nivviit(cN or xx'ildc Otes, cuinineth vp in imniy pl.-ircM 
ainoni;sl wheatc and without sowirifi. 1697 L|i*vr>KN i'/rg. 
( 7 twg. ». 220 .\nd oiils iitihli-st, and darnel domitrcrrs. 1785 
Makiys AVrt.y.c<««'.x' Pot. xiii. 0704I t|i llc.inled Oat grass^ 
VLil;>.irly cjillril Wild Oiil*; s8o6fMi.!MNr /frit. Pot. 40 W’ild 
oat or h.'i’.cr. 1835 Hookuk />>//, Jdtua. “.3 A./utha, wild 
Oat.. A, .x.'>'//.VAinHi-th.'-|joinlcd Oal. 

atfrib. 1678 Ph/t. V'/ tius, X I. fi/.i I lin (.cniniodioii.snrss 
of thi.s kind of Hyiirosc«'pc in r:onipari^oii uf those iniTlc 
of wild Dai-lie.irds. _ rt 1774 (ku.i>.SM. .V/z/tv Pxp. Phifos. 
iiTjiS) JI. 30 An easier and .still a Die.-iper (hyKiDiiiuti'rl, . 
may he made by a wild u.’itd.ieard, xvhioh leU4;Lhcn.v witli dry 
wc;irln.-r and (.oiilrai.t.'» xi-ith moUturi'. 

4 . l‘hr. To S 07 V one's zvild oiUs : to commit youth- 
ful excesses or follies; to spend early life in ( 
pation or dissolute courses (usually implying sulr 
sequent reform). (In reference to the folly and 
mischief of sowing wild oats iii-itead of good grain.) 

1576 Nkwton beintii/s Cvn/ptex. ij m That xvilfldi and 
viinilv w'hich I.'n kt-ili ryjjtmcs and dtscrvtioii, and (:ui 
w cc JhIJ'c) hath not noxx'ciI all llicyr xvyi.dxl Oait-s. 1^3 'l\ 
AVai SON C.entnrir 0/ /.otr IxA'AVii, I Jindc that all iiiy wildcM 
Datc.s arc .soxi'iic. 1604 Dr.KKKK J/oHtst iPh, w’ks. 1874 
11 . y Yon hit l ravelled ciionch sow'c yoiir wilUc 
uatf.'i. 1720 1 ) 4 : For. CApf. .Singlrtou ]^. (1840) 169 'I'htis 
riidcd my first harvest of wild nat.s.^ 1849 .Sen//. 
Scr. I. vii. 1*5 A lcnin_u.y w^hich ofirn talks thus : . ..-X 
youiiR; mnii inu. i ow his wild uats and reform. iSjpi J'alt 
Mali G. I J. Nov. ;■/ 1 'I'he wild uaK, fully SKJwn, arc a veritable 
}\>ad l\s ruin. 

* 1 ' b. .Hence Il iid Oats, a name for a dissipated or 
dis.4olutc young fellow ; a * wild * young man. Obs, 




irtsi64 ri»-f ON yosepiy Wk?. n .^.47,\ ao4 'Ikr fMoli,h ilo'.iift | 
f.f i.iji'i.'iiii buiiijs .-irul wild oiif;, which .>0. a!ui*;*-llicr j 
uivtrii In 160s /Ati* Cfiust ll'i/t’lS.f, , 

WflK go ro. wild oais ! spifiulthrifi I pnjtliivni I 160s 
Vrifdi)i*tt ». ‘1 t'or tliiii wild oats h«rc. ymmtr ^'^fwcr|•^.I^ll♦-, 

I will not jiMUc. 

c. a/triii. IVrtaiiiing to the * sowing; of wild oat*’. 
i88t /V- Sci. Monthly XfX. 1.1; (iiils, i» srrms, have to 
pavs thiou^li a intlliiirry iilimaMtii*-, as iIj'Mk hrntlu'i.i 
throui^li it wiKloi.'ils |•Cli(l(l. 

6. transf. [poetic , A |)ipc iihidc of an oaten straw, 

AS A pasioral iusirunicnl of music. [After I * ai'ena^ 
1637 Minos Av. <?B Thai strain I hiraul was of .1 • 
high*'!' tii‘.K>fl : lint imw my fkiU* ptni.x'i'd.'. 1648 lii-i'-KH k j 
/frj/i’A-., lit Ucoti(h\ That il’.oii •.!•,. lii my pijn.* 

|•.Ti;^llt* Ovci lliint* oat, as srin raii-.iio. tt 1876 ^1. 
iitrek /i/vf iv. r’« wills {v-Uo '^.s \V‘liil« an old shrplierd with 
hif: oai i*ipcs to ihc aiauinn hnrzvs. 

6 . CVwA. a. (TCiieralcoiohiiialions: simjileattrib., 
as oat- beard fsee I’kaud sb. (i -hran^ -./w.'f, -i^i aiu^ I 
hulf flrLIi I;, -Am.i'-, -s/irM\ :dn 7 :c\ j 

’Stubb/e; mmlc from oat-g:niiis, as oat-ale^ beer, i 
■bready -Jlcar, - groats ^ -mcLlt\ contniiiiii" or carry- ; 
intj oats, as cat-ha^y ^tart^ -fiildx objective and ; 
^ obj. as Oiit-hrniicr, eoler, -if//- ; 

porter, -nhrflfr, •tyitt^\ ont-hearinp, y ;£•/;/<'■. t^'o- | 

Ailjs. ; instrnimaitab as flit/' i adj.; siini - | 

1 ’ll i ve, as oat- \ haped a< !j . 

♦ 1693 /htnin.'ii'x i'oit’ti I li;!.'l ;i’ p*:!;:! (hiii'.iim . 

*<').ii.*\lc :iL :i 1886 C K. Dniu.i. /tr.fKe .\' . 

1 . 0 . 11 . S.l II. 4.;i) A cli:iu-,.dil pJ 1884 ; 

K.- ii-.KH*; .' 7 ^//r. .v t V/V « v 1 1 1 . j';-"..' 1. 1' i.anwi'i Imi;- .>1 . .• .J. 
1676, <7 iy4 '( irit-hiMpl f.'-re ‘.I iisv U- *893 I>k. Ahfivi.i, 
UH.ieen ro'/Md.\i''L xi. -,17 t-f *";it-U-.iriii:; IiuhI. 1^05 

Hr\Mvi. 1 j Oc;. iO. >1. .S 1 I. lie .\f.iit 

I't ' I'll**. IQOO /*/r/.j* ;•!) Ajir. • 

IlliJflc* il-'lll ^■i d-hr.-in hll'-ks. 1579 liitrti. Ilt'alih 

•I'M.'I 40 T'ltrbro.'iil iioiiri'<lit'(h littlf, ninl is tmt vi-iy 

•vihlc I'.i iimnkiiiil. 1780 A. Voi’mi. 1 our tret. 1 . ii.i I ln*ii- 
«Uvt In milk, poirU'Ws, and oat bread. 1814-34 Uoo.i & Study 
Mi ft. !Cil. 4' i. 216 Ana* hrd t-o loa-st and w.iier, whic b he 
iiiaA: with • intdircad boib i! in the water. 1898 iXtity AVv'i .V 
H Kfb I 'i.iw a 1 rn>hiT, a 1 li.ifT < av. l a!i b at 
lil'lliMr. 1811 OjI. II /V-* O' f 1- 4*; M'!' oh'-vivi-d 

his [.•i:nple. al *oai eavt. 1*05 I'liKSViu /naut/rx S'^ufi. III. 

Oat-dll I fr(. 4 ii the iiiii! . . .naln.-.s p.iil i-if tl'u: liil.vtuie. 
fi t668 Hsvi nant / it /.nu t. P-wtiv^ { >'.'-7 ;■ Jji And ; 

whiii: T);jfC"Mter that ib)«s dwell; la Sl;ibb; siiii.U at Sii;u j 
of Hell. 1870 Ml?.?. Itu.inwHTO.N' /i’iitii.f A'oie L A ynum: 
•on'N-fed iii.^re, 19^ jStity 4 .May A i;l.iri(ral 
llii'Si; rat i> 11. n: how -it ho iinp<>ii;ni( ji.aii \ihi*li 'Mat fl'm j/* ly 
ill ;di nf ♦.li«:in. 1881' iw MeubiW. 114 In m-i* - f 
the CM.airihi-i.s tlnMi; was ader:i;i;ii *o:il tjuiin, wit!i it-, hi'.sk, ‘ 
r 1420 /.//■#»■ f.'iWT//?;.* * I'.vay |i n with viyr.i-. With 
•«.iti.* .ii:d wh\ t» ’brrdf eke. 1891' K. ki.rvf s tfeute- i 

7o.Jii/ Hound fU lnveii.rir>;ill. .U oin i.biof •nal-i-.towla-.; 
l•lUntlV, 1807 M U'.Kii-\M f Vr .7/. V I’ltsi 7.111 A fowe i.-r ' 
lit*iin-s inixl with 'oate-bulls, which are trikias fi.-m oatc^ ; 
wher. y"ii make Oaic.iiiC:dr. *830 M Ii»-vov^n th'/u. 

* I'.iOtr. I. JTil J he w *r!s were alIowi;d To ful' r lhn u.i;b the. 
sti.itnm ».!' ^nat hiiNks and hoaili. 1707 MoKii.Min itu.J\ 

I f.l, In Kf'it tlio^ blew with (Mill iialf^oatiuah and ilie other > 
b^f barloynialt. . >893 Ok. Ak<;u.i Cu.ieen i-ound. Soe. vi. ! 
i;!.7 *l.i.ii-|.iiidii4 in;: acies. \%\tf AthcH^utu x Mar. -.'/z 'nie 
.hajird pr iiinleatoil b.jdv. 1879 St. <>-V-r^v'.f //■’.%/. 
A'#-/. l-\. Jirj .S101U. . . vr-ry small ?i:jd /kit, .'ilj<inl .i iiirh Ion;;, ; 
•lal-'liap'-d. 1897 tbi////*' S.' XXI.X. f.51/1 Mlaiik n:ii. j 
s|iapi-d wnrniN. ijti Loud, o'li;:. No. o»;r/i ' RoU it 
W.idfovd, !aii; t-f ricsicm.. "Oat .Sbillca. 1887 IV-.wv.N / /.•.17; ; 
A'. /. V. Tim nnftniifid •laih'-l, the ’oatstalks baiM-n 18^ 

T . S: t.i= i.iY ,syji»i / tii\ht. in. 20 I bcii b#-*! . . ^hnuld r on-d-t \'f ' 
* « If.m *iMt.-siraw. 1807 VAN* !-rvi k A^f h'. /Vrv'ii ijSi .) if*; 

'I ho *o.'it'Nlnb''iU'..<; are. i.leanod iinniodt:il:.Iy :iU<T barvtrst. \ 

b. Siiccial or.inbin.Ttions : out-fow'l, a lov al 
name ni tbc Snow l>unti:if.j ; oat-grass, a jijra.-is 
of the Avena\ someiimcs also .'ipplicd to 

those of .some allied jicnera, as ArrhemUhervr//, ■ 
liromus', oat- hair, the hair;; or villi of the j^rain ; 
of the oat; oat-hay ■■ oaten hay: M-e ('atk.s 3; ; 
oatland, bind on whicli oat.s are grown ; oat- I 
liko a., like or resembling :iii oat; oat-Uko j 
grasR, Arrhenatherum arenairH/n, considered by ' 
I.inrb'eusan Avena : oat-mill, a mill for 'nindinj; 1 
oats in rpiol, JS37 liutnotoii.sly appli(Hl to a hor^eV j 
mouth'': ‘i-oatmongor,.a dc..*ilcr m oats; oat-pipe, 
oat-rood, a rnn.sical instrument made of an o.'il- | 
straw; oat-ridder, a sieve or ri«idle for sifting i 
Dins; oat-aeed, flic sea.son for sowing oal 4 | 
; (i^'l the soe»l or grain of the oat ; hence oat- | 
seed bird, a local n.amc of the Grey Wagtail ; oat- * 
stono (see quot.’; ; oat-thistlo, 'rurner's name for 1 
^ the collon-tbisllo, Onopordn/n Aeanthium. \ 

*793 Stntj.\/. Aiu. Sct/t. VH. 481 A small bird, lailicr i 
Ips.s tli.'iii A sjsuryw, rpsni-t.;; lii'Tc ill wintiT . . Mid is l alh-d ■ 
by the fK'opir. h»rf* Vai-f.iwls, Imi.unsc iIh v po'y* on j 
lh« oat.s. 1895 .SwAiNSoN /ViCc ya/ui'i 72 Siw»w ' 

bunting .. Oat fowl. 1744 Oni.K /\r/y^.-J,nt. I'ict., ' • 
r^ivtd, Arrzr/rp ^'ertt^ietes, 1578 I.Yn? mdoem iv. vlvl. .so?, | 
oyrAusc of ihc tikcim.ssc it hath with Ores.. wc may cal) it : 
in I'jii>)i.s1ir, HaiUfr, or ■Oti* gra-sve. 1760 J. I^Ki-. tvlrod. j 
Hot. Afip. '4PO Ont-grnss, /•Vo/i/w.r. 183a 'rKSNYRON Moy j 

iPueen 11. vii, The .<;iimiMi.'r airs blowri'xd On the oat grass 
;ui<i the .<», and the. hulnish in ihc poi.d. 1866 ! 
TftMs. HtO. i)-\ I heffali (Vit>giass,/4|r>-^(rnif.^4^<K///l^it.'«iVriT> j 
ceunt . . in ninny ins( formA a vei y ron«ide fable pptlion | 
f»r siood iTieailows and pnstiireii. 1847 \Vn.»oN Hunxl ? 
i'yet. I. fii'3 Other kind.s of iniesiinal calculi ..consist primi- j 
pally of the fil.'upentous ^riion of ilm grain of ont.'>...’aiil ■ 
.arc .somoi imi-x k now'o by the (>opii1ar desigruitiou of 'oni-liair ! 
I alciili. 1894 Cradock iS. Afr.i Hrj^ster^ Mar. a M.k'ithay, j 
%»» ttd. Ill 5V, td» 1899 i>ni/y A'lV/ijr .^o June .s/.t(srf < 

Oatf.k^I. i7o6Piiii.Mis.Oti/-/.'#/.-.Vt'oi- 182c 

CL.^kr. I 'iit. Minxtf. II. iii.| Midiiliulc-i -if i.iiivvd:it^ be.ins : 
And nighty c.atlaiiiN of a ligliitr liiu-. 1835 H-j' ki tt //>//. 
t'tre.t I. 4.* Mlrrhinathiyum, 'M.-it-Iike i986 I'imi- 

Sta ff'of ditt . 1^7, i was ■ lifrwi'il an *l hil-.Miil, that h'lNk’l th*? 
Oat.s aiiil wiMiPw'd llii-iii. and 1! en gr-mnil iIiimm t :•!. 
1837 -40 t tiiv.i." 4 V 7 Ibdd Up v^ur old 

natiiiiil, anil \ov. if y-'U ..■.■in .smuT the stable .vi luiui.uvs 
1347 i.'k kih-y J/f/v. ti-.’6>.i i<.7 Jltiiis b; ’’Oti'in-.'rigt 
\v. \Vn.i;r. /-.‘/.■c- -'.XiLi 7 •. .Ml i.i a iirn* ' j-ijm.- 

llii-v; swu fr s..!i-..iNln.tiliei hauiiti..g. 1513 l>■..•^ -.i \s . /■:’»///» 

I. Ri'ol. nil, 1 flu: ^.U wiiiqiihiU; ihai in tlii- mu..II "ait i(.‘id 
T'luii iiiy sang. 1743 / i /ed. IS .uu/ty /•’»-, jf. i\. ;• d. 

Si.iinc Maii'-lL-i-., tn inipruv** ih»: •-..■n.dl Si>rt ol \Vi It !i 
(.■'.lal. ■ ill it thui' :iii ' 0 .ir- Riddei. 1637 30 J. R'l.v //V.i/. 
Khii {1342* p. vxv. 111*: j-jiii'iiav w.i-., .'tiid it , fiie 
haiil ■)! tbair '‘• 1900 l>aity .Wav. .j July -jA Pi-.- 

tiibiitioM ol aii.v-L-i.-d-i for italjlr- 1864 .XrKivs'iv 

AViWi.i l{itdsAOut-.\ttddird, Kay's wagi iii. 188$ 
.Sw.MN.-iiiM /Vy*. AVizi.s v l.i/!d.\ .(4 I bey wagr.'iil (M. ttu /.’St 
. . I bit Nt-i-d bill! (Yurk-shir*:). 1897 AtH'uit'< Sy..t. 
Med. 111 . ^-.5 'rh--« f.MUi.ii’tiijiis fompri-- ilu: * '■■Sit -i-im.:;- 
i»r awii'ililhs, vkbh.h ate. ■ .uiipo.Nril •>f tlu. imligv lib!': Iiaii- 
iiirnls f-f •lat-iiie.'il. 1548 I*! yvKU X^/nes of JJetltx ‘■1 
Ai:.i.!iihi’.5iu..iiiayf:bn culU-f! in •.ii-ili-.-he ‘ •i-ihi.v.:-, iji.«..i'.isf‘ 
ihi* secd'-.N are lyKi? vnt-i 

Oat 't 'd), 7 A {/. S. [f. jiii.c. s-!>. ; cf. l.ouN b.J 

frntri, 'To I'^ed ia liorse; with oats. Also absot, 

1731 iVrt. .V/n 7 -rrt« Pi.tpy ■ tr‘e '0 <^*tup Cady. -I. I i;ur. 
t-i.ilrd at Pfiri 'T.s. 1770 J. /?/.iry NVi.--. i-iyo 11 . '.-4 • 

0. 1t^d my li<i»Ni: at Ni wbury. 1787 .^l. <-• 1 1 i;i< in / /v. i-ii . 

i'i:-..- ‘) [. -. <•• Mo]>pi il .'ll .1 mi* I r.iblii h'lt «‘f .1 i;‘ a::d 
n:it»*il ii:y hoi-*:. 1788 //■/i/’. 4 *2 .M:id» a a.t ]•*! iii • u*-. 

..Hilly lij out. tl'id.. Ait' ! 0 : 1 th..', we wim,i i u l;. Miniii, ■-. 

Oat-Cak6. [f ^ bv r A. f < a k k ib. I a.] A * cake ’ 
made of onliTjcal ; -- '‘A 1 b. 

1*599 Much Ado III. i. II H:;,"*!! 'Ote-ok*: -ui.'k 

tii-.iigi*. St :i-i •.'.'ih'.J it 1640 I't .v.ii V..I ij.', A bl-.K* tlicv 
ir.aki* h,“tVix ...r .I.sti-:il:**s 1B13 '^O-- 11 . lbi*.Y i . 

1. htui. o-M.' s-' i he Derliyshiii: Miiu rs i:i wirt'.r. j.iider 

0. 1t takes i,i who.Ut.u bread; fir'dipg that tbi' I i:i>i .if 

ll•lU^I^hllle-^t enalth-s tii«-ii» to ‘.upo-'-rt th* ii a’ul 

pOfTiiMii ialMui bi'tter. 1865 (. '.mvir i.ift. 111. 

.‘.'it Mi. . i? Ii.» 1 . 1 .- *.;i. -..ak* 1886 K* sm:, I'y.t it riiu 

1. vi. ;f.”j W ith .r.i isil-iaki- .uni bu'l-.i f-ir 1 wa* s .1 

g* -III maud. 

Oaton '' d-A [f. 1>\T .vA d- i.s •*. Til 

ftrsl f|Utd. jicih. the gen. pi. of O.vr v. C)Ii. /lit //a.] 
1. f. oinposed of the giaiii of ont^, or of li.itnii nl. 
£14*0 /. .'/iV- ti.'if'j:' 47 Take v»-»ikc. v/t-h* h-'U hit 
sillii: With •.icm.* giote-N. 15*3 I.:*. Ill aM ’. s / tv#'*. I. xxiii. 

I h'.-y kuki-d •■•ten liieah- to luaS.c ‘..ike.i wiihidl. i6to 
lb'll aS'.'> Ca/uden'i I'Ht, I \,y; I'hty did ^.•l•e..•?t* *1 bread. 
183a <"<Y. .V/*/vY. 72 ftati M I'.aki N . . ;ut nuith used in 

55. Made of tlie. slr.iw or .stem of an, 

*579 Si’FS’sr.M a 4 j'/ 4 . Cat. Jan 72 ilfel br*A»‘: )ii< 'Sati.-,. 
jiypo. 1589 r,hi) M Mt'*i.tphen <.\rb > 52 Tm.e I'u tr.y jiipe 
tl'i' praiM*. ..»! my .And iui'!.-t thy i«at»ii haniici ie 

ve«'.«»iitii Hn'W fiiie !.he i*-. 1637 Mu 1 •< l \\id>xs •;.* 'I hi* 
Kural ditties. , 'i'cmp*-r <1 ro th’ Oaten Muti-. * 74 ^ f-*'* ' 

Ode i'veuiu,; 1 .\uyhi A «.ati-ii s* p, or paNtoral yii'04.. 1809 
\V. liiviNv; /wf.-i hop/'. II. iv. • it>i Oh ! .iweel Thi-oi.ritiiN ! 

h.^d T thinu .«a’**n r* «'l. 

3 . Of or b( longing to the o,it as a plant. Oafof 
hay : see quot. 

1388 SiUKS. L, /,. /. V. ii. -n t NVlion SI*«-phr..Mds plj>* .m 
O,ilo:i --tr.-iwcs. 1601 Ifoi 1 /V/«v I. Ihawl-ig it in 

villi .an .Viliu sttav. 1891 V. K’so.i.VKr. A Ui:r.,/;a*i //. 

141 'i hi.* lariiii.-i.s en.'W ib.dr nmi/** and iluir "at- n li.iy ;ind 
M'll it, a!ui are «iff. 1899 flirty J uue - '.{ 

riioii* lias uivnf!5-bi'r'i *.01110 di-m.irid in Au'-MmIiu Tor ' •■..iit'ri 
bay f'Vt Kr*J.Iish rai:«* h.>i .**-;. Oiiii !; h ly, ur as ir in l aiit-d 
in tVip** C'ldiiiiy ‘ i:,it Iiav ' .,Ci-n*:i!'is Ilf -Iu.ivcn wiiii the 
!*.ils nut ihr.ashi’tl out oftltMti. 
t 4 . Abounding ill oats ; iMt-piodueiiig. /are. 
1640 Pakm\’n'»n* Hid. if .?. Thi.‘0,iie:i kind or Mi!"ki* 
'I hi-ilr. 11648 50 Ik:.'.TH\\Mr Har/.ahcei ypNt. p. K i, 
'l'lu:ru.r to i-.’i.-n Ousliwi 

. 15 , sb. An o.aten pii'C : sec 2 above. 
i8<5 AV«* M nthty XIV. u. 4'''J W hi- b. w lii*o .-is ibc 
uatcM *pokc, F;oin their ^reen d-.i;:uus ayi* awoko. 

Oater, ol»s. fomi of Dtti k. 

Oatli I’k oaths Forms; 

1-4 alH, lip, u hat 5 \ j-4 ofl. op, 7, u^, oatl, oth)>, 
(hop;, 4- 5 oop, 4-6 ooih, (5 -o', 4-7 oth, -o, fp 
oith, oothe), 7- oath, tdiai. 5 Tvothp, wooDiq't 
• also 0 . north, and AV. 4 nth, aithe, nytho. 4 5 
athc, ayth, 15 haith. 6 elth, 7 eath', 5-9 uith. 
[Com. Teul. : OF.. e ?7 sir. masc-, - OFris, eth, ed, 
OS. AT (MDii. r.*/, a'iA. 1 >u. red, MI.O. LG. ed), 
< ) lU i. eid ,M HG. eit, eid-, Gcr. ciP , i.»X. ei6r fSw. 
ed, D.i. /V(i^ , Goth. dr 7 .r;~OTciit. *.rr/e*4 j^re- 
’rciil. cf. Olr. cith,] 

1 . A solemp or f*»rnial apjical to God lor to a 
deity or something held in leverenee or regard}, in 
witness of the truth of a statement, or the bit'ding 
ch.Tracler of a promise or xmdcitaking; nn ael of 
.swe.aring; a statement or promise corroliorntcil by 
sueh an ap})eal. or the. form of words in which .such 
a slalcmenl or promise is made. 

To take (an) oath : In ulirr, .ir bind onc'olf by. .vn o;iih ; 
lo .swear ; .ikso A» fuakeviu) i .r//>,ai)il in earlier U-vt: to x'.i' 
an oafti. 4 TiP take nn oath of ia /erwoni . f'» c.iuse diiiii) 
lo swear J lo administei , or be winiess li>,au oalh ti'C.c.k On 
or u/oM oath under the obligati. iii of .in ouih: os h.ixing 
made an *.> 3111 . * 

tteoioutf 1T07 ' 7 A AS \y;i*s j;r.Tfni*J. 1 1000 Ayy. 

Matt. \ii. 7 0.V Indict he mid aiV.hyie i*» .syUenne swa hw.ri 
rw.i heo hync b.cdt. a iiaj O, /■'. .'ui. i loi pis mid 

:iftc ^^cfi’sl nodal I. 1297 K. vK*»n*.‘ i-K-y Ni<n addc 

j lu-yi.iVif ii -.r jw :..ud --.p -ii •. .u v.. . Wij, . . ], ,1 j.. 
j lo.*'.!M , ,*1: 1 irki.- pw li .i .'I-. <113(10 Ci.i-...r M. 1 j.; p,.. 

! hii ligiil h.uitl In: .Sii:,r in-, .v'li. < 1300 .V’,,; .*' 7 ■ , |ii. v; 

. It h;. Ill ;illv* •.iiM* i-i-iii* !i,_ I # .!• A.. ii', .,,yu i.)-/., , 

I L’l.V.;/. '■1. W'i .,■.11*: ..ny i«. 

! /v'l/'i-. III. 344 I'd •'•>ih iiud si> ki a«i ijt. ,1450 .J/, 

': 1 j.j W'h:.:. till- |ii > k-yi'yi n Ij.idih: tak'. d '* ■ •Ij iw;*. 

1484 r/ A'rr. /..ivi - Aib. ■ */> Ho. b, r., 

i''J:'.0 IV.lthl*. t.hal tho liOVtO HiL'l ’l . drr; !. 

.'it'irc sf.yil Nihiil.J he adr. 1511 in W. II. 1 .,'•1,. , 

.Vr/,*;7. JiLf . ( > i/o; : J-ilm IIii....i hrf iiy'.’.ud.'. 1 
a p'.vii .'t 15*6 /'.'A r. /•.»/, W.dcW. I:,;,,... 

lu wl'i.-lUi. till y iiaiir Vi'.iUM'.b* flli: l.y olii*., 
lOWo. a 15331.0 IlrKM hs ///I n .'.1*1 . -Ji i 'I 1 ..1!, 

*. J m.itb* •■.I . "ih and jii-Hniy c; ,S: }i:;t!i u: by hi* t.i > . 

. inipei>;ill. 1503 .SiiAKs, //, i. hi. u m.:-, 

i '.I! l!iv kriighik.i-.d, :iii<! thint /..Mb, . /l.i/. . A!i;i.. Sin.. 

. til .t taking an uaiii of ihiin f.jr h*:i pv .■!. I lii* 
X599 y/e»i. /\ -..ii. My l.*..rd I'.oiyion’.^ 

w-*o'lo lake .i.n-.tii; *.1 0111' itet 

.-i/r..- //tiY'.iii. iVe .\*'lt. him |,i . <i.itii, d I.*! 

. lhi;d c ;i'li..!. 1651 lb..*M-.i s /./rv./.'/'. «r*;' I. J7 J Wlii-. ii . i* 

; M»,r. HI* liaili, is .1 / irn. -.d -j.-j'ij, h, .-^..Mcd t'l a pr-.-lili .i* , I '- 
wl i-.h hii dial jTi-'iii.Ncili, iL-.jiitioih, that iii:li.*:- li*i peif-'ni', 
i I'l: ii;ii'.i:iji Till »hi* nii.-ri y '.f bi-; ik.d, • r calk. lb tu hin* b.-i 
, VI i:;:i.;.ii:-.- - .11 h ’n-t.-lf. 1764 I'li n*. /'• '•> t.ii:- 5 isi I Sif; .ni- 

niinb-lii'i.^ i.Mlh til w il!'i S';i:-. !-y ji:-.! i. i. -. vf thi ;n; iii*. 
1B18 J Mill. thw/. tro/it II. ii. t; 4 H«: I'.iili'.t-'. i-\. 
i .iiiiifiaii m np'i.a cash. 1848 I.>i i>i;.s I\, 1 l . .iM 

t.ikc iTiV <.'a(h In*. :.aid *vui. 1849 .M .v .".si \v //.v''. 7. ji., \ 
II. '..S; 11:1: Ii»-W '.-adlN Vl*rr .ii'll lloMi! t'J ill'.- 4 '■ in:!:,. -ll-.. 
t86i f.. Ml i<> f-i . K J., .tPi J/.itf vliii. I*;, .f • J-.' K- *1- 

..lli.i'i'.- ■Villi t'l hii -ill - ho vp-'il'*. biiii. 

ff. ii i3'>o i‘«' .(/. ‘jv/j A*. 1 c^.iin Mini L-I i'niv h-ili 

i.- >.; -iT*?* iillir I l -'i lii;n MJi-ii'' .i-i-i r :‘i i 134O 

Jl.iM.-.. r. /'.',se 7 P-. jH Hi-;'.* i *. i-.j n-.-'h-iv* ail.;: -.viiii .i.v!ii :.i 

; l U-. .1, 1375 I » i' r-M N4-.1 :-*-.iii ' ! i.!ji. Jill !i i'! li'it 

■ flli.l;': t!''ni ti'l lils p« .S ii:*.l IH.i-iI l.ilM .'th. 155* 

H -.Vii! IO*; i.\j.*fV*'f. ;r-. -Ji t 1 1 in* ih't i- Ii'.bl! ■I!*.I H-.n-irit I .. 

am laui iif’d oiin i*, \ criii; Iriith. 1609 .'-i.i m Hii;. 

I { I'l n\; l:*: .iMi: :ih!i !.f.-f:.r»* lySjj !:■ i-.n . / ' .4,*.'. 

■V t.'p\ Jii.ffdtu k i|7 I'm f.oi: ii.» t.ik *.::y a;d- 
: b. 1 .pi.i.-icly aj'jdi.vd. to nti ever a ion i'.i lit- 

I'lriii of an o;dh. t*lil fu.d i:iv:dvi:*.g .1 p Irii ncc bi 
Ci'id or anyibiiig -/u.u'd. 

i6co .-ii'.vKs. /,. IV. i. to:-;. 1808 "-v ..'.m Man'/.'. 

; >i, SI'.'.. I. ii, 111 d, asul '-luNl.eil. mv! "fi < u'i •■ay lli'i" p:«:llv 
I .u!;, bj \'i-:i Mill Na .*^'ht* 1 .'ill 1 :: .t. Wi.isl’l ■ not 
. p!ay ! ^ 

2. Such nn appeal inadc ligbily in ordinan 
. speech in corroboiatii'ii ol .a st.alfn,i.7jt, ; .i 
' carelcis use of tbc n.vjuc of Gml or Christ, or of 
i somtdliing, iu .as.Nevci.'i'i'.n c>r imj iie.alion, i.»r 
, a lonnul.i »>f words iiivolving this (often with sup- 
|.'r<'.ssion or }.cr\er*don of llie sacred name, and, 

; becoming nl lenglli piaclically meaningUss, or 
a meir cxpre-i^iri/i of anger, surprise, or other 
^tlo^gl’^ fling ; an ad. of prulanc swi..Triiig ; aetirsf. 

i' 1175 is://.-. 11 Nl*. haue pu pim n jhii- ie;- juiu.c 

in i.T!!'.- :i.Aa liC ill rar.i: u!'*! spn he. Auc*-. .V. 

I Kl;,*-j,i}w.-mli* . , Jj'-t .* W»**1.*A g. i .,Il- oA.i |)ilti:?liiL-liC knivi i.\ 

I. :^lr !lll^-.';l.iA li 4„.-cl, ii.V'r bi t.i:- Ii:duwi*:i, 136a I..ani.i. 

/’. /V. .\. V. 177 pi r Wi_.- u :*, • p' N a'*. i'i*Ji. h.u.Ni. p,il hit hi-rdo. 

• >11420 II..-. ir\i; Pi /uy. /V;/.. f, pe foirvitr <f rinry 
I ii'.-.iup: I hN:iKvMbM:d y vv:tli opt.-. *jrt-tc, u 'ai: l.ymefor 
. IviiK'-. 1550 Ciaiv i.T V /•/'(, '.''1.7 I lit'wyi.k'-d uthi S'iud tin: 
tinu*-: niy'pciit. 1606 IUimvCK .SV-. u. ..Vih.- ;i 
*. an: I rvitiiboN, vjx'ii \\l!)-i.h I.M.*s .. i;ii, ar.d liicde lu 
' i»th.:i- |..■|-■^Kl^l. . . (')at;-.t:. arc w •»•... *ii.;', that in;:!; syd;-. iatii 
, liiMi-i-ib:. 1796 11. ili Ir. .yf.d\-i*n'‘.\ S u}/. .\ nf. ii?', 

II. wi l.VLiv Nircct . I ihe i.i:y lilies w illi thi: li . i J i' li: i'. lii- 
•if till ii Ciiii.rv. '837 I.ViiuN .Vr»/Ve.f:'. I'lfsp ?. Ib- 

’ I,’..' a:*.! ill'.* u ..’ll'' w v iiii .i.'i oa.rli. 1898 I.) C. -M h'JMV / 'i.'-.i 

■ i.'> l..'.ltl'.> .i'c ibv S ,•!' 1 1 b. 

; 3. \T ijiMliijiiig Words, as iiiM.r oath.. IhipirA 

■ oath, l.hii..*K i.-aih. C'>iiH(>»AL Oath, rath of abjitra- 
iicn, 0/ (n7i;;;/\r;.'ir, cf of/i. e, c/ sap/piaiuy, etc. 

i C/iiit rath: .111 o.ath of .‘qveci:d .sok'iriinly. I'f (in 
' siTixc 2) Ilf emjiliasi.s or profanity; the fonn 
i of oaili held by the NWearcr, or coissid*. led at the 
i til lie, most s.icrcd*. 

j .a laas Im-i: 2|. i' 1330 R. fJKVVM’ o ’u-: 7f, pi rfor 
M illiani |»c kvr,p...NMiirf.' a r.ietc* lUhr, J*al be huld liouir 
. .-pale NnipiT icit iKi’othi* iirrtht'S f:«, wb;!l N.ijH 1 ware. IJ. . 
/v A/ix. 45-:i; d'"ul. .MN :• N .-w he . . hap i s'.v.'r»- biN gictc v.,>p 
Ji:it he lie .*.‘iid I wit N.-.p.rid l-;i- hr j\yni liaiic p£* 

ywsjin.c. 13B9 ii'i bit W. k ia i-i f i. 1 1. .-j 

Til lluie thyjgys . hjily .uul ft-raily ?•> lie fuliyilyl .. batii 
: thi! i :ir(y.N r.»ineiiimyl, the lialv 'Xa.igeli.s the .Ci**4 

■ ath l'..i!y!\ko sw'vr.i. t 1423 Wvnph n I'p. n. I.':, w. I'/ji 

Ht? vw'.it; ihv- gieai alth hi iiely. e 1440 Trof/.f. z 

Vffi-ii; I.. rl.c. .//.*.> /a* iv .■;#/.•/ .’v. 1330 P.M.-sf.!-. 4^5 He k.iiii i on- 

! NfavTivd nil- . f'V :i bi.'kc I’lilic i/a*' pp:o/i urn.'tPit xur i. .»!<;■ 
: /;/(.r'. i- 1565 I .iv: iN^v d'itM" >e'.*. .V. .V. I.41 

{ The i-h.iiici-ivir .‘iu-.ire be his great aifh .'Cid hajli« «:a,.i.iiiii‘.:t 

; lh;-ii! v r.s . . i.u w ihi.r . . that hi-. faw<.>i it i-w w vilk 1589 Ci>oj*»'..{ 

1 .-I'l/'A-. •».*//. jij Th-usias Orwi'.i , .tiiiii'^i.-lfe hath ip-.i'i his L.'oke 
i oadi i.!c!iii*i.l, that he • ucr pii'iivd [liic ' ixYi.n). i 45 o 6 /’». v. 

! ayst. tate T^.i.’tr'S o .^h».»iilii n vuve .si» 1 irpiir.all odu^ 
I I'.JM!!* till? holy l-’.Vanj’.i'riNl*:. x6(.i9 .Skt m-'. I-.* 

I T weliit* loynl! iii *n .. *;ill bo rh:.'-!':! : liul'.i .n.iII ^wcale tin; 

■ iii«*<il oaih in |Oi*:.<v.i,:c the ji.iiiii-N, th. t rbey sail i.ic.-i.Iao' 

; qnhilk ot thfiii hc.N bc-t jiiht. 1771 K. Triat :/ t^ci^ 

i ' in Hone /.': 1 » 1 Hk. 1 1 * ■ 4 1 Ci re.idy lo t.ike 

! my bibU- oadi ou'i. 1777 tk t.’i i \ ton in .‘■fji.ukv Ce.p^r. .-ipppu. 

\ b’er. <.x?. \i 1. 417, T'.i aiit-n-l at Ki:-,_.:-tov., oru I.;ke •.•r- 

i f I'tTii c in i:<.insci-jiu-!n.:c of my la'.t: app'.-inlnn-i.r 1842 
! F.t'VKK t/aputv .^ .vii, 1 dlnnv him to .’Sijniiv I' cari'-. I d 
lake iijy U« k ondi. *1849 Mm M MV /fit. t.ue. |V. 1. vq 
: A law. iinj.o.sril Ni.*vi-re |k t»ah lf.v . -n every r ‘‘r*- .ui u ho rt hi.t*!, 

! I * lake tho -ifAlh "f snprcin.u;> w lien rciiiu'"**'-! to •lo m'. 

! 4. ff.ttpf A person tiv whom. iM thing t.y wiiich. 

! I nr sw/MTS. tait\ 

=->825 lb .i-*i»oi s Pi'i'n..'\ T 'rAspp'onif 1. iii. If ihon .11' I ihe 
j .adiiijr.iliijn. oath, and pation ;.al-T, * »l inv-'I.Mi.s r<-' >*'1’' r-;. 



6 . atfrih, iin«l Ccmh.^ as oath parole ^ 'Pl^'f^K^y •rife; 
cafh -h/eahcf\ -heahhti^f -vtal'iai;;, -samtiomr^ 
•taker, -tid’inx\ oath ffototii, -tleypisuist , •t/efestif/i^^ 
.K-ljs. ; oath'Biok a., fasiidious about oaths, havin^r 
an objection to take nn oolh ; oath-worthy u. 
anh,, worthy of cicilit on oath, worthy to lie 
sworn by. 

iBgo /W/ .l/ii.V o'. Oot. 6/ » An open organization ninl 
lot ^oAlh-lxuitKi, exci’pt in tlic case of tho L(>un(.:il. 1894 

Caifi. Xtrn'x 27 O, t. -i/f Freemasonry i-i an oatli-b<)uiifllyMlv. 
; Ukvc Fathw. J/nrrrn i-fS K.lasj»h-.*iners jukI 'oalli- 


breakers. 1396 Shaks. 1 J/t'u. li\ v. ii. 3R, I t'dd him K’-'^dy 
. .Of his *<)aih-brcuking. iB«6 Hoh. Smith Ti^r thll viS.;S' 
111. *{ Tin: (lep<i''-i(ii.m.s of hi - *oath-de'pi'ii)i; rrt.iinrts. 1^86 
H«;kns F.arm^t Cry ^ yVwvf>’ xui, DcinpMer. a Irne hiiio 
St?ol r.Nc warran' ; Tlu-f-, •aith di icsiiniL;. chaste Kilkcoan. 
ISS3 Or'Mm.lm; ('iu nf's (>//inx in, i'v» In mi 

maCingc, not wliai the fcare wh.u tin- vi riiir- <.f it i--. 
ought tohrconsi'leiH. ai66x Kn 1 rw 1^' 

tVhai "O.ilh.ollkv i> kq>i i'l J.<>r,.!onr 1 know imi. 1900 
Paifv Tel. n Atig. 7/2 T lie-.f .sp'm ^ ntifl breakciA r.f ’oaih- 
parnles. 1884 June 465 'J'hi. vuT.Tincntal 

solcmnilv, the ’’oaih-pK'Jjic :ip,.iinvi i vil. a 1634 1’h^pm \\ 
(J.\ All the *o.aih-rilL*s I h:ivc asi, ii,l,-,l Ti* 1 .riu-i 
bed. 1846 OnoTK fVnvii I. S Z*‘i'.s . < oiif'.iri il uj* ‘H 

Styx the distinctiim ,.f Iviiig the lloil: js. or 

sanctioner of the Cioils. tnji 6 S"i in 7 '.‘i .Si vi/. (17171 
JV. 719 .\ sri'iioti!''i;s "O.Tth-sif'li O'li'v.ini'.e. i8iB( ■inn-. 11 
/W. XXaIII. 40 I hr .^fa^iisliatis, who co-f.-|H ral,‘d 
with this hlior of ’iMlh-l.Hkf r-*. 1897 M vsv Kin*.‘:i.i v /•'' 

A/rUa 4^1? t»athtakei*. oeiii;' sacily {'ion,; i.? ki-i 
thn.nili, .IS it weie. 1458 .hrJt. i'l lo.'^ A'r>*. J/.'-if. 

1. ' s V. / ".'.//w.-, ^|>p. V. :■ > ; 'I l::!t no man .. 1'!: i‘.l imt-i 

the Iramhe-. i f iho s;iid ciri*; s.tvc '-. iilv f ■« «l,e same riv.fu; 
ihat he n-.iih .v5 Iiis V.ilio i.ik\nu iBHi r.oswoRTii.Toi 1 kk 
.• t vi'A'-.Vfr.r. /bV.'. s V. .1/ :/■! »/*-. ( bl he :1|»u-yr|>e hi!*, ‘ if hr 
hr "v.ifh- w’'..j ili\ , /.nv< '■/ ib/f 46. xB86 C'c.KfiMT i'afi 

II. 170 H> all that ue of old havr iliviued liolj* .Tiiil 

J Icnce Oathed (in comb ' cr., fiirtiislird w .‘ih tiaths ; 
Oathfhl tf., lull of oaths: Oa'thlet, .'i small <t 
pcMiy oaih. 

i8a8 J. \Vii.y.).v in /V.ic hf. d/.r^*. \\1 V. ?y6 (Tiirsing nnd 
vwrariiij.! in iir.ii!'j,!i in a ’Tiiary-.iaihe'! l/inguaKi*. 1B87 
Simis-.'n i'i'ffii. IT' Ai* ht'iihf'.;! d,*?‘.re fur vi,.-lv*rv. 

1B35 JC.t. .1 '.r-.n \ \ X V 1 1 1 . 770 A tiny tart * o.vlMcl. 

Oath (.'laji, zf. rare. Konivs: 4 tithe. 
othe, 7- oath, oatho. [f. ( )atii .j/i.] i 

1 1. t/vius. To imfjost; an i*ath upon, [)Ut to oneV ' 
oath, conjure. (¥•. | 

13.. A7 . it4i in Hrrrig Arrkh 1.1 II. 412 III i 

kirc I we \ how athe 1 1 * nVv], //■/«/. ibj;^ W'c j 

w.'if iisiird ftill iifK* i I.. eoHiu-afi vitufux]. ! 

2. iufr. or with oh/, r/,^ 'Fu utter an oath or : 

0. 1rhs, to swear, Al-io to oath ii. j 

<11617 1*. H.wvr. /,rt7. (if':.4'' i''’7 I h' V carry their sinne j 

in ilicir f ire, hiaving nii-n, oalhing it. 16x7 47 Fki.tiiav ; 
7i'/’.,.vrv4 I. .vix. 67 'Tis easy to know a h, ‘ginning -.wcarir ' 
.. H‘.‘ :iatlie-i it, as a i-trAarilly fencer pl.ijs. 1851 K. i'. 
ItiT-roM Cna ;;o > (?,iriii.,I<unant swears that he was not p.aid ; 
wiinc''ithrsby tin: sun that he was. 1900,i:*ir. 

Nov. 77 Some Ilf the •.oldiers .. laughed and t allied in 
f\ idciit gl'-ii. * 

2. To lake to oath, by. ! 

1740 T. CosNOR in in'nfl 4f)i/-!. 1 ilo o.nh ihe holy 
st:v'. II li.c. s.Ti-iaiiicntsJ, Hb voids wnli Patrick n<iw in . 
lir.TV'.-n, , i 

4. Tu adihfs^ or call with oaths. 1 

1834 TaiCs A/<fV'. h ^i Sorne lii .ty taiicr is heard o.Tthing ' 
a hit '...r the Vilcvy.!!jr.i,in. 1853 .S. G. OsnorsT. in Vise. 
Inge-lie. McltOrst II. 11 J'ht: d igs .. |;i‘pt up growU ,»f ! 
d< flail :e, til! tlirir owners oathcil them into oidi:r. j 

IKtu’c Oa thing vhl. sh. Abo at/n'K 
i68o I. C. Find. Oat^ts ed. 2) ly If ihcic be no oaihing »*» 
vw.MiK.c, thru can I e no iVir-^wccaing. 1681 If kki.k!N'-»i.'. I 
S;h AVk-N, I. loCj These .Men <:jiichr:i.-i ■ 

lay th- ir .Sn.irc.s nnd ihc-ir O.iihiiig-f/ii.S to them. 

Oathable .<?»»* Kdi'i:, r7. lii7othabie. i 

[t. < i.Mii sh. or 7 t. -.Mji.K.] Oijiablc of takin" nn 

(lath ; fit or nblc to be sworn ; oafli- worthy. ; 

1607 SiiMcs. Fin:i}H IV. iii. ijs Y-'iii are not Oth:ilj!e., 
A'.ih .‘.igh I kiic ’v y.ju'l .swraie, tenihly sw»*;ire. I 

Oatmeal ''" Invl). Forms.* sect) \T and Mj:al. ! 
1. Meal midc from o.if.s. 

<: 14x0 /.ifxr Ci'cnrinn loft.-i i.j 'J'.akr .'ilifiondc^ iiidilancliiil j 
. . Pm , .1 v-ir, I ■>. 14*^ ? r. Si'Lrcta .'iV / ct., Pn'r. Frif!. z 44 ! 

A mini S}|. il.'-*,-. rttc n,rui^ nf i.'oldi! arnl iiioi'ti ri‘niiplcx''io’i, • 
. . ns. . r.itiigv ot i»,.i-irie!l. 15*3 ku. IfrwNKRS Fr^usit. 1. xvii. \ 
T.) Itchynd" ih‘.‘ ^add*.!, they lific Si-.-ltiM w -11 Iiauc a lyilo , 
>nr.l-e full of oo’c nnlc. 153$ I ar. i.nnAi.i- /V,-?'. xxvii 9? j 
I ho'nTh diou cti'dilest l»r;iy .t fi,i.ilc with ;i in a nuirter ! 

like I'trnii-.iill. 1683 J'v.-os IP’ay tn Ufnlfh jy O.iTmeid IMU i 
he :ii:c’;njii!i;d the hr^t of;dl Flour. 1776 Aham Smmh II '.jV. 

1. xi. 1. 1 !•>•;/' I jyi Tnr {vople in Scotland .. ate 
fe.| With oat nual. >813 J. 'i »* /.tr/. frt/tatn, 

1 oiilf ice- . f-.rmr:d i f 1873 K i VC.*: m-.V /Mt. (iHjh 
II. 417 For glowing < hil.jrcn, oatmeal is irivalmiMc. 
i b- FiOVfib. Ohs. 

*54* V Ap('ph. ('£77! 3’9 I.rr-thf!,i‘.s h.ail 
p^Tswiiord ilir nter ^if .Aihcn>'s t-j in.ake wane, l»ccyng set 
iigog to ihiiike all ilie w.irMe otcinelr. 1615 Sw; ik.\m 
ArraifiHhu iii, fl.f w<.rl.!c is not all nmilc ..f ntr-, ii^r jdl IS 11..I ;;ri.,icr.-.. 1673 Finrcnr ^ 

•l/tft/. Vlrdii. U-cl.,^.iu think .. that .ill the woiM is oai* 

C. Short for oatmeal porridge. 
i8o« in Cent. Diet, 

t «. //. A name for a set of riotous or profligate 
young men early in the J7lh century. Cbs. slavey. 

* No trace of this odd .Tpp«.‘jlution has yn been fwund O:. 
I’ept that the auth«>r of a Indicroiis p-itn|.>hlcr Imi lat-i n th« 
name of Olivet Oai*incnlc ' (Nnres i3j7k 

1644 Foitn Darting i, Do iiU‘i prnnk with Ko,ar- 
ing hoys an<l lUUiuais. 

2. (ittnh.Vind Cotnb., Mivtoal p oats, 
pmelf-fftafi, Mitl,poniJp\ oatnteal thcieer, -rater, 

\ - v/i/A’tv; ufiplied attrib. to cloth of a miiuilcly 
i s|T<*i kicd patterri siiggesliie of, as oatmeal 
I /rie\€, serge, clc. 

j 17x1 STK.Fi.r Sfrri. No. 4;! p 3, 1 desire yviii would find 
' out s-.iiiii; N.imritii ilu-'u? cMviug .. 'J' -waters, 

■‘Oaiiiie.-il ch'-'wers, Th*|K‘-r:h.Tni[M‘r.s,t'halk-lu:kcr.s(eU'.J. 18M 
' i'/ire». 4 Scpi. .‘/tj Now "*0:11 meal Cioth.s, in plain 

i anil fancy i:ic.iiii. 1885 /Vf// AA/// G. r-S Jan. 9/1 
(if ‘oaline.d crrain, with boniirts to match. 1767 A. Ca.mi’- 
im.r. I e vi/di. IVofi ssions. .nf evrihi;.iii:g amity, past now 

j bclwccn tiio C‘ovv-killi.‘i* and *‘Oat-iiical-eaicr. *778 Mrs. 

I K.M'Kamt J'ng^. t!ru). 4 kpr. 2 <.i\*\'ii make ' Fliimni(‘r>. 

• 1594 1 .Yi V .LV/fl. Inwih. in O. Ft. t i3i.») I. V7S You *oiiiiiioiib 
I yoal y.m wore acquainiod with this plot. 1611 Ciou'tjW 
. J.adtes .y 6 '*o/AV*.‘c. 134 (. )aiemcalt* grotes soked in \ inr'.;fr. 

' >579 1 Ax.-ii.sM Ueaith (16311 4^7 Thnmt Mpuncy . . \ sf 

■i M.i:in»‘ale gicwrll well .sified. tjM CanUihiny Marriage 
; f\l S. I, Thomas Jones. . •Ofmcllin.aker. 1790 /.o-fd, 

■ (-.'ir-j. No. fozens, .. Ckitnual m.-iktr. 1649 

riiMHK /.«v- Impy. (»f\'3'» it»:? For llii.n- C'r.vps, 

I )‘i.iiig liiu (if Oali 1 coiiM h.Tvc had five piiiind an A« re, 

; bi.iii^ ('tf(Mi-d it by an ‘tfal-nical man. iBia F ntutiiu r 
[ 94 .\ii>f. 531 2 O:itiuoalbi>ilcd in water ('oatmeal pr>iiidi;ek 

I Oaty (i*'**!! -, t7. rare. [f. Oat 4 -1.] Of the 
j n.if.iie of, or lull of o.ils, ;p. of wiM Octls. 
j 1603 Ow i-N t\‘Uih .Aydihe \ ii. fii'or) 55 Voi ye friiitrull fi'r 
( livneespecckdlie bailie, but it isitircoiinted o.Tticaii<l not sor 
fii:t‘ ns that of tilt oilier paries. /Nd., The i.egliircrur of 
Irivli.*! n<1iiu‘n in .sow in;:e of bad nnd iiatie seade. x6i I Co i i ;h., 
Atenii'y, oath*, l.-;lo*i dnff t>*.» oal.s. 

Oasso^ Oazy, ob.s. forms of 0 .»/k, Oo/.y. 
tOb, .v/i.l Ohs. [F rom ifh., ald.iicvi'itiou of oh- 
jeetiou, usird lit coiijiuiction with sol. ^ sohtfiou, in 
nlJ books of divinity.] In phr. Ob F and sclyS] 
objection ;iud solut ion(s'. ; schola.stic. or subllc 
disputation. I U nee f Ob^and-soller OAc nonce- 
ted., u scliolnstic or subtle disputant. 

1588 .!/<?>•/ m'. /• A/j,/.(Arb.) 1 1 Vny skilfiiil in the lfarnm;4 
of ob and .Sol. i6ax l»i'kr«-.v .If cl. iii. ii. 1. iii. (1651.1 
6/5 A llnii.satid idle rpir-tion.s nice di-tirh fbms, .subdeiii;-., 
Dbs rind Sols. ( 1660 J.ryal (1731) 11. '**17 W Inlsl he 

.shmild id'e. us SoI’h and i lir.s, lie liiiri;:s us in .v»inc .simple 
bobs. 1678 iSt'H i;H Itud. i!!. ii. 174'? To pass f'r I >eep and 
beamed Although but Paltry, Ob, and Sollers. 

tOb, sh.- Ohs. [m. Hfb. oh\h necromancer.] 
A wizard, magieinn, sorceicr, 

1659 Cf \i m K Tear.i C/f. tu. .x.\ii. .i.i6Tlii:y peep and lunttr r, 
like Ohs rind Pyihons, vvhi.siteiin.* as out of the earth and 
lladr bellies. 

t Ob., abbreviation of Obolps, formerly u.sed to 
deno'c.* a halfpenny. 

144a in Willis C lark Capnhruh^c I, pij, yvj .Skuynys 
r f i;r<*'c packelhtC'de. .at ub a pec'; in al ^463 Futy 

((.’ainfl^tud 30 7*0 rcseyve. an «.ib..f:*ri* heic otfryiur. 
c isyt /^/u. Cowp.VH 11 cat /.’/*<;•. (180042 llis Imnal .n pt iiy, 
his thlkefi ai till. 1596 .Siiak.k! 1 ttcjp. Jl‘\ u. iv. Iiem, 
ke, twii ikillon.s. v,.’^. viii d... Item, Pread. oh. ’ Frimv, 

( imo.islTou'i.biit one halfe penny -worth of p.rrad !•> il.i.s in- 
folleinhU! dealc of .S.U'kcV 1631 Whi:vi.h Fun. ,1A.7I. 

The If.icjiitall of Naim Ltiiics vva-> .. vr.lucd ,'U the oup* 
pies'-ion t * >»./. v v. td 

Ob., alibu v. of I .. o/'/Vf, ilicil ; used before the 
tlalc Af a person’s death. 

Ob-,/''/. The prep, oh *in Ihe direction 
of, lowani-s against, in the way of, in frruit of, 
in view of, on account of In combination with vbs. 
and their derivatives, the/' is assiniil.aicd to certain 
consonants, Ijccoining ot> tiefore r-, of- luforr /-, 
op- iMdbre and app. o- before m- J^in omittere). 
In comliination it lias the following scii-^cs : a. In 
the direction of, towards; facing, in front of; as 
oh'erth'i' to turn to\v«ar(is, ch,vdfre to listen to. | 
b. Against, in 0}ipositinn, as otiurrfFC to run 
againsl, oppanfre to place against ; often merely 
implying the injurious or objectionable character 
of an action. C. Upon or over; down upon, down ; 
as ohdi'iccre to draw upon or over, ohligdre to bind 
<lovn, occidert to (ixll down. d. Completely ; 
Bomet imes pleonastic, as ohdulcdre to sweeten (com- 
jdelely,, ohdnrare to haicK-n greatly j often with 
a colouring of sense n, | 

In English use, oh- (or-, of-^ op-, occurs 1 

1. In combinations alre.idy formed in I-alin in i 
the senses abovc-raeiiliontd; rarely iix words formed I 
in Kng. itself on Latin eUments; c.g. a. obtdiewe, \ 
ohtersion; b. object, occur, opponent, opposite; ! 
C. obduce, Occident ; d. obdulcorate, obdurate. \ 

2. In moil, scientific Latin, and hence in Kng., in j 

botany, etc., ob- is prcTixed to .adjs. in llte sense | 
‘inversely', or 'in the oppo.silc direction*; c.g. ' 
obcorddtns (l.inn.TU»\ i.c. cordate with | 

the base or liroad cn'l proented ; oberoaie, ovate | 
or cgg-sha]>eil with the wider end presented ; oh- : 
triangular, trifingular with the apex dow'iiward. | 
See Lielow OnCLAVATR to Obtcubin \TK. I 

This 14 not an nncicnt I.. Un<, whrrc ph^ wa-^ rarely com. ! 
huicd witli nn ailj., the ifbicf exainpb: being fb/pMi^y-r I 
( )i«f j>vr., which ruulij haitlly be in sense the for lhes<* j 

wiirds. Apparently thr prefix i«pre^*iil*- I lie ah- of the 
ailv. ffirvrsr OnvcM'-Ki.y, ami i.sati abridged rLpri-S'‘uMlioii ; 
(-•f I hat w'oril. 

t Oba*cerate, r. Ohs, rare. [f. ppl. stem of L. 
obaeefdre to contradict. (Mcrived according to 
some I. at. grammarians from aeus, aeer- chaff.)] 
Hence + Obacera tion, a stopping one’s mouth. 
1656 I ii.ouKT Ghxxt'xr, , Obarrrnte. to stop ones motith, that 
; he (.iiimol tell out his talo. 1658 Puu.ui'.s, Obaceratipn. 

I Obaio, ohs, form of (Jbev. 

t Obak, oli.s, fonn of Aiuck : cf. () prep.^ 

143J Mirvn Fh‘e of t.we 3 All hingc.^i putt o-hak. <‘1450 
. St. (.Mt/fbei’t iSiiriees) ^^*84 His rn’du was pm olwk. 

I Obambulate (pl>m‘mbii/l/.n), r. rare. [f. ppl. 

stein of L. obambtildre, f, oh- (On-) + amhutare to 
1 walk.] *;//;•. To walk about; to wander hither 
and thither. 

i5k4-x 5 boYs r/'X-jf. IiCjA 597 Soules dep.'trted ..doe not 
(iKiiriliulntc ami wander I'p and downe, but renuiine in 
places of liappitiesHc* or vriliappinr..<ise. 1633 Karl Man'cm. 
At Mp/tdfl (1636) ion In the iiiicrim the .Soule doth not 
I wamln and obanil.iihte. 1694 Mottf.I'x A’«r^r/<rrr v. (1737) 
We. .must still (.•bambulaie, ,Sci|iini kms of the Court. 
So Obambula'tioii, walking to and fro; Oba’m* 
bulatory a., habitually w.ilking about, itinerant. 

1600 O. K. (M. .Si tcliM'k) Ftp/, /.//'ft V. itjQ 'Ilicir 
.'•lali -ii.nic iibaiiihiilalion.-i .iliOiit ibc limits nf puri^iif*: 
j x6ro r»(i%s^ l/'X-.r. (rft.-z) 175 Their obaiiibiilations of spirits 
:ui(l aop.iritioMA of d**:ul men. 1818 J. llRO'tiX Psyc/te 1*7 
(ibunibukiiitiii muili b*TriendR 7 he potni h'r \vhi>:h a man 
V'lnfcuds. 1855 t-iiAMiKii tify TrutWs 111. i. 16 Miiuv 
rbaiuhiilat.ivy ni< n.liants of suc h wares, 

! llObang Also7ooban. fjap. 

j f. h great » bn?/ (a. Cdiiiicse fan) sheet, (livihion : ef. 
KouaXu.] a guld coin formerly current in Jajian, 
of .'in oblong foim roiir.Ied nl the corner.^, ami 
er|iinl in value to ten kub.mgs. * 

1669 J. Damks ir, Alandeislds Trart. 117(1661,) i.j; 
.\ lliiitis.Tnd / Ilf Gold, uhkli niiiinuit to f-iify scvtui 
thi.iucaiid F/tayls. or cuiwus. 1863 Reader ?t Nov. 505 
T!>e Iialf‘ohang is .tIki. .-t liicialU' an obang, w liii.h is rllipiic 
in r^nn. cut iu half. 1890 Daily Seivx 11 Oct. c;/.| 'Vhe 
next in si/*? to ihi.s unwieldy coin F llic J.*ip:Mi<‘NC ‘oking , 
which wtriglis r.Tllicr more: than two ouiicrs ;ii'.da h.-df, :d .>iit 
etjiwd 10 len F.iijilidi sovcieigiis. , 

tObaTrnate, Ohs. zii/y"**. ^ ff. ppl! stem of 

I. . oharmdre lo .irm against.] iretny. 'Fo arm 
(Lockeram, 16^3). Hciua' | Obfirnm'tion, an 
arming (Ibid.). 

{658 I'iui i.ii*^ (dar.natitw, lui aimliiii .ig.-un't. 

llOba-rnl, oba*me. Ohs. [Kuss. *ifiii;ipiibTft 
oharnyi. scalded, prepared by scalding.] In full, 
mead (barni, i.c. ‘scalded mead*, a drink used in 
Kiisd.-i, and known in Fjigland ;• iboo. 

]f.\Ki.i'.‘i F,>y. I. 461 thw. vcuilicr « f scddc.ii 
i ixurd Obarnt, i6<^ /'/iwfi’'-.' til.iv b, M’ ill) KjVu.rd Mcftdii-. 

, . .\s Me.'iclc Obijn*:, .ind Mc.’ulr Cherunck. 1616 Ik Jiis'shn 
/'(TV*/ rt-v .'l.vr I. i, Chimiieyowcep'rr-; (.Are p.ot] To their 
(>ib;ii.r(^, and .sirot)a‘'>’atviN, Hum, Mcntli, mid i flaiid. 

Obay(e, Obbet, -it, -yt, obs. forms of Onrv, 
Obit. Obbley, variant td Oiii.ev Ohs. 

(i Obbligato yblil/ga tii, ^bliga ta\, a. (.dft) 
Jl/us. Often obligato, [a. It. obbligato, formerly 
obligato, obliged, obligatory.] Tndis]>eiisnble ; thni 
cannot be omitted: :i])plicd lo a essential to 
tin* corn|>lcteiiess of a composition (or to the 
instrument on which such a part is phayed; ; esp. 
to an nccompniiiinent having an independent value. 
(OppoSiCd to ad libitum.) Also trans/, indispch.s- 
nbli*; forced, compulsory. 

11794 F.rplk. For, iv bfux.Fkx. vyOhtixnfa Ncci;^- 
Silty, ICxpo -vly, 01 on riiriKise. 1730-6 i'•Atl.KV ifolioi. 
Obfignti, Ri;;iiifit‘S for, or 011 pin pose, or iivcrssary ; ;vs 
dui violin ofiigati, on jHirpose for two violiiiK.] 1794 
Matiiiar /*«ii t,it. f 17‘^'iJ 34a And with KaiiiKiiidi'.s tuc, 
.Mild warlike firt, I'Jjiy'il .some Frirni:h (ieneitil's ob/igafo 
part. 1891 (\)i. Hawmmi /y/ary I. 23.4 Headdtd an 
<.ibbIi;.'>:ito accoiiipaniiiicrit of a huge hanrbiidl. 1878 F. J. 
IbuKiNs in (Iiovc Dpt. dins. i. yo .An arcompnninirnt 
may be wth»*r * zVI lihiriiui ‘ or ‘ Oblif;.'ito ‘..It is .snid to he 
Oblli'.-ito when.. it foiinsaii iiiici^ral part of cliecoiiiposirioii. 
B. df. An obblig.ito pari or .'iccompaiiiinrnt. 

184s F.. lloi Mi'S 376 Tin* si-cn.M and rondo, A>j» 

with piaiiufuiU* eMX’.*/ •. 1861 7Vz;/( j .26 Aug., H« 
ha.s furtiishcd a bUTt of ^obbli.-ato', (.»r independent part. 
Obbrald, corrupt form of UritiiAU). 
t OboiDCatey n. Ohs. AJso 6 obsG-,(i- 7 obo(f.-, 
[ad. J-. ob(, refit' us, pa. pplc. ofobe.redre or occtrclire 
to blind, f. oh- i b) + coedre to blind. 
blind. See also 0 <:cM‘:catr t'.] Blinded ; blind ; 
destitute of menial or fipiritual vision. So t Ob' 
OfBoated (-C 90 -) a., in same sense ; fObooBoatlon 
(-cec-), blinded condition; mental or spiritual 

"'SM A. Kid In Pannaty/ie MS. (>875) -263/40 And piince 
(if iu.*.ti('.R ihe verry imaKc suld be, The (jubilk but vrrtew is 
blind and obscrai. 1578 Fulkr Mt^kins' Part. 191 UK 
obsccatc and blind cncinnis.^ FklI'Ham Resohrs 

II. Uiii. =93 Neither w.'ii ihrlr oljdiir.'ition nor their obees a* 
rion imH. ' 111631 Donni-: Serw. V. 195 A heavy hllndness 
and ohcsRcniion. 1641 Family </ Lxe in ifart. Mise. 
(Malhuin) IV. 447 not dh p«r^l^.t(I(: i.niiHi:lves..thai our 
{treat goct Ciipiu is ol^cecalcd, 1696 IF.'kLYN in Rtnlltyx 
CV/'r‘-(i84Yl 1. ITS I'hf fitletii, with which the iunto's eye< 
ar«i banded., to represent their i)i>catrcation. 

ObcesB, obs. unon.) form of Obbekr. 
Obclavate Nat. nut. rsecOB^ 

2.] InveiBely clavate ; dub'shn])ed with the thick- 
(Ved part at the base. *897 hi Maynk AV/m. Ux . 

Obcompressed (ri'ki''tn)irc-.-.i), u. aw. Hut. 

[Sre Oh- a.J f'omj»rt:s5i.<l ur flatlt-uMl in Uie 
of tl»'‘ iisiiJil dirri:l.ii)H : see fjiHils. 

•«57 Mavm'. //-i/i'i. f.ev.yOf’iout/rfisus, iu»t. l.-y 

H U* llio «>\;iry ;uj <1 scfiN of iln* .Vi /r.r 

I L>W/V>vV.>‘J. llicir r,vi*;ili:r iUaim-ti.T is rrv>ni Tii'h« I*) 
Iffl, as in llic i'optopsiw uU:iiin]iii:,sscii. 189a .Srti. Si\. 

/ r.r., ilattciicil aatciiurly. 

Obconic '/'bk/j’iiik'i, ff. A\u. Hist. - next. 

1819 SAM*>i-r.i.i.R I-.nivttttiL Compnut. 17,]} . .\a\iia\ 

palpi \»itli iheir foutili joint ••l.w.ouu:. 1847 in y’/>v. 

A'a/. CM' \[. Nil. 5. Ant»Min:r..i.l:iv.iti:, si*c.:iul 
and third joints oiK.'.inii.. 

Obconical * n i k ul ) , a. C li ic i1 y Hi v/. 

[See On- 2.J Invciscly cuiiical ; of tlie limn of 
a cone with the base ujiwnrd or out ward. 

1806 /iV/A 1 .V/T/''i ii//f#Vr. .. Joint';|ir»;s=;*:d, 

; intL-tncKlcs nVicoiii’ al. i8a8 S 1 .iUK K/i'ut. 

Jlhi. JI. afi9 Antcnii.i* wiih Liliomii ;il ji.iirnN. 1872 <)i n i.ii 
/■/iw. Hot. II. i } j (.’arpi.-K. .iiimicrval in a Lugv, 

pbcordate u. aw. Hist. [See 

Oh- i.] Inversely c<»r<late; lieart-shapcd,^ with 
the apex scivinf; as hasr or.poinl nt aUacItmcjit. 

» «775 J- N ' .s>. y. JUxir. liy. /7. . , 

Oicortiute.'tpi-il with ilio m/im dowiiwanl*.. 1819 
.Samoukm.f; i-.niotnot. i crntpiinti. i;,;; ’( iior.ix iil.- 'iidatc, iis 
base vr-ry narrow 01 |||.■(iullOlli.lll‘'i. . « 89« I^n.noM--; Jiot. 
/or Jtt'/iimu't s vi. .|2 111 lh»:-- \Vi.ioil .*^oiri;l wi; li.i\e a.'i 
(•beonlalt, III invci; t.!y in:art 

So Obco rdiform a. •« prec. 

1857 Maysk A'-r/i».v*. Lex. i8ga in Sy,t. S >r. Le.\. 

Obcuneate #»l>ki/rn/.n.. a. Aat. Hist. [See 
Oh- 2.] • Inversely cuiicnle ; wetlirc-sltajird, with 
the thin e*i|l at the liMse of the orj»an or pa»t. 

1870 Mookkr Stuii. /'/ora kvi Si.*KiiiiMii.. of sntjiner^'cd 
lca\Ys 'iliaai' alt', /f/tt. j.pi of imiiiiijL' l aikins 

t u fi.'n 1 1 V I ! nr;\tc. 

Obcurront, obs. variant of onmio nt. 
Obdeltoid (■> Kle*Uoi(l.\ a. A'jt. IJi.\t. [.Sec 

On* 2.] Inversely deltoid ; of a Iriatif^ular ftirin, 
with the- apex iSjwnward, or al the base of tlic 
orj^aii or jiai t. ^ ^ 1891 in tVw.". />■'«/. 

ObdijploStGinonOUB :'/>bdi]i)e,sU-nH'>n.-JS , a. 
Hot. [s«.e <.)H- 2.J Diplesiemonous with ilie dis- 
position of the twosianien-whoiis reversol; havirnr 
the stariu-.i^ of the outer wlnal opposite to, and 
ihiwe of the inner whoil alterniitr '■Aiih, the petals. 
Hence Obdlplotte'inonyi the condition of bcin;r 

1880 f'lK .\v Strttrt Ho}, vi. JS 3. nj.'? It . tbat ai/.l- 

p« i •kiaiiivij.s arc niore 01 ]• cAtciMr i.i iii'crii^si, iiiiit 
then tlivcaipfiis, \» hen iM)iiii-ruii!',.n(: iiln.rn.iti: s\ iiii ihe inner 
uiiiTaiiiocpalous stiiMi(-iis,aiid tli»-ri*fo!cn,'<]ioviir the pt.iiii.v . 
ThU arranfi-cjiKTit t.iVcs the name of <.)lw.)inKisO'ni.iiiy. 188a 
A'a/v>r 7 Per. 'I'he ,, i-iiriijiis ♦iiUlipl- Atei.ninoi;'- ' 

nrraiig' niviir in ihc .. ci^nus Htatyttuya. 1888 
Origin hi 'rat .sjt. i?q ln,,mo<.l. ae:nra. ohiii 

pl'^.stemony . . is . . duo lo ihc pclalme vihorl i-l hl.inie'U ; hn,. j . 

SM to -^ay, thrust ntiiviiie tin: U vfl of the .;;il5eii)C ^^hv!ll l>y 
the protruding . of the eaipeh.. 

ObdonuitiOXL (piidpuni’J'nO. [ad. I.. oMorml- 

tion-em. n. of action from ohdofnilre to lall as.l<.eji, 
f. of/- ;'()h- I d'l t dorm) re to ?»leep.J 
tl. A falling asleep, or the ctmdilion of btiiij^ | 
askep. Oh. 1 

1634 I5r. H M I. C: .ntenr//., T. iv. xMxii, A pc.ircaVk* 1 
obiloxiniiioti in ihy l.'cd of euNt: and honour. | 

2. Numbness of a etc. dvte lo pressurt; on ; 
a net VC ; the condition of being ‘asleep*, rurr'^^. | 
1857 in M AV.NK L'a/o-v. Lex. 1886 in Tjiom ts .Vt .i. Pit f. 
tObdU'COf Oh. [ad. I.. Mft(-?rc to diaw ! 

over, cover over, f. oh- pB- 1 1: -s- duehe. to lead, ; 

1. /;/7wy. To cover, envelop. 

i6s 7 'r(iMi..iss*».s tit fioii'i Pis/, -i'j \ Ihi-S pl.iM ii. .i.didiii'rd ; 
I'll trvi^ry i-ide \wih hnig strait . .1i.';tve.s. 1709 I'laik in i'nii. 
J'ranf. \.XV1I 71 A oerlain t-’iust . .nhdiicing the Ciilis. 
Ih’it. ti.H Cellules. .•.•Inluc'd with a thin Meinhrune. 

2. To draw tir pul over as a covering. 

a 1677 lIsLF. /’»/»//. Orig. Man. 1. ii. f.5 A C«irl»Ms that i.s i 
rit'>dii>:cd oM'r the Cutis in Kluphants. j 

r ObdU'Cti V. Oh. [f. L. cfidtift-^ ppl, Stern of 
ol^ftiHe: secprec.; cf.»IxnrrT.] = prec. 1. 

11613 C'lKKFtiAM, to coner. 1^6 Sim T. IJmmwm: 

/'send. /'./. tv. V. 18S When the laser is. . so obliii led und 
oivncd with tliii. It >kiiis, that it rannot diffuse it.-i virtue. 

t Obdnxtion. Oh. [ad, I.. ohduitmt-em, n. 
of .action f. obducere \ jtcc UBum:.] The .action of 
covering or enveloping. 

In tjuol. 1609 repr. L. *fA///i7r> of the Vtilcatc, tr. Or. ; 
• irayw'^ of the I .XX., variously c.vplaiued in the versions. j 
1578 RANi<;n-.K ilht, Man 1. 't4 A strong l.ig.mient willun : 
the ioynt . . Ixrside out ward oUluetions, .'ind c‘lothyngi‘s 

with f.ii^arneiites. 1609 Iiinr.K (Ifou.iy! Afi.///c. ii. -• Make 
nn hast in llie lime of ohductiou. t6»3 CticKi- n \m. O/i/ut - 
tion. a cnueiitig. 1636 B1.01N1 lifttssogr., PMutiiaft^ a 
covei ing or laying over. 

t Obdll'lcoratBs V. d)h. rare. [f. (bM d f late 
I.. to iweeten, f. i///4<irrw/ sweetness, I. 

//w/f-iVsweet: cf. I,., frutt^. To sweeten. 

1657 Tomunsom /^Chou's Pis/, 30 Such niec\ieaiiicnT<t arc 
ohduicnialcd with cordial eiectiia'iii-v. 

Obduracy J>*f>dinrrisi, pljdiu<»Trisi). [f. OpiiT.'- 
RAf K ; see - v 3, and cf. late L. ohdHrii/io.'l TItc 
stale or rjualily of Ijeing obdurate. , 

\$}t. VIL 


1. .Stubliornness, obstinacy; obstinate hardness 
of beart, rclenllfhsncss ; pei.dsleiiec in evil, 

*S 97 -j t/tU. /\ , It. li. -.0 *1 ii'ni tliiiik'';t m**. ;i.>; 

laiTc I lie |toi/i:c, as thmi, and Kah.l.iffir. l-.f 
• .Uluiju i‘.» .'uid pL-i\isirni i«, 1670 tk 11. y/.**/. r artfinal-: 11, 

n. iM He i:s i;>.>nstaiit in his ri:^<Miiii><i< , il,rit ji i,;.-... . 
aluiiist t<j iilvUirm V. i7ao Wi.Lior; Sujfer. .Wtn 0/ Ctod II. 
xvi. 4jn To hu'uk ill*- f )hdiii;i<;y i.f nij Hunh'iitl and 
uiii;r.i!i:fiil Heart. 1855 Mu. MAN f at. Chr. I. 11. iv. 

'.■5S If' Kiiiiii; at tiiiiis w.i'-- •'■ «ith ppinii'-.iu ; .id:. 
nussii.»n, at ijlhcis it w.c, i»pp'.;S(:d uLtli idjiiur.u y. 

2. The slate of Ireing physically liartlened. yare. 

■82a -34 CtOOiVs Study M%d. icd. 4 ■ IV. 5141 hey h ;'truii' K sj 
.arc fwiiiid lo actpiirc the (jb.hiriu y of a rigid si’inhus. 

Obdurate O^lMliunT, ifii<liu-i,-t , a. [ad. L. 

otHiuriit-us liaidcued, hanlened in heart, pa. I'p!*.*. 
»/ ohdntdre : see next.] 

1 . a. Hardened in wickedness or sin; inTd-stently 
imj^enifent ; sliibborrdy lesisting, t»i inseiisilde t«i, 
iiioial inllticnee. 

c 1440 Jit ot'i //■#.'/ l A pci lie s;j ol'ii.ur.'Ltc in h'.;ii» 
'.tiiiL-ytisi?. 155B Hr. \V'i?,tiN .SV.-*, .Sa, ‘-.ij//. A%i. •,<; Wli.ii 
o'Hiiir;(li- \?ikiiidm-s-. »•; this, ::..l lo ll,/■Sl• v.i 

h-nflitt .. 1667 .Mll.l;i\- r. /.. M. \Vh.'t..\V.i.!.|ii- 

iii. Vi^ ill’ .-.Ijiliirati.* t .i ndciU V 1720 Wi : iii\ .\trijt ,. ''.cn , 7' 
iiod 1 . IV, 7<i .M'.Uitic ;ilid S..fliMi tJni Han'iiii'- • i.-f uiy 
f H. j< liii ale J t 1830 S*. in r / ', monv’. \. yXy 'i hi; .a id v.i :ii i- 

i i 1; Ilf till* <.t 1 s'.liisri, 

j I'l/'.i </. as 1830 W'. JhiiM M s- J//. .SV.-/.-»/ 1. . 177 I', I ’iiildiii;.; 
j . . With I igli'.cm . wrath .sijch 

b. llarderied, or hardening o/ieself, .ag.iin-.t per- 
1 suasion, eiitreuly, the scnlimiiit of j.ity, etc. ; 
stubborn, ob-d inale, nnyielding, inlle.xiblc’ rcKiif- 
l<‘ss, liajd-licarted, inexorable. 

1586 M iiiinU K i.i/ /V. '/'atu/uri. V. i, If huinli'e Miii.; .«r 
irnpior.itionA.. Might have tnti* :if» il V"ii»‘ i»ii iia.iii' 

*593. SliAK.^ l Ji. n. / ■/, r. iv. i.ji \V'>:iii:li an- ;.i*fl, tiiildc. 
]il!Mlidi, ;i?ui fh-xli.'c ; 'I .slrri.r, o) ihii.ilc, tfirlir, if 
I'. iii-. r-cit; Si-. 1692 Dkvi.i .n- .y. /(uru/tmt s/.is. 1-7 I hv 
luisL’iahltf i: Mill it 1. -IS of nhi Kif.;; Hn.*iiii l.)i|i;hi;s th** 

'.!) .mate. .'-.-..lul. 1751 Jiiiisv'-’.- Jtu/uMte N \ 171 p 'J m 

supl>!i«.;\lc olHliiratc hi .ii.iiily. wris h•.»pc!l'•.s. i8iB StiKr.i.i •. 
A'l V'. IS'. i\, Pvit i.ii-t.'iu iriakt;!li Mind ar-d u!.ih»r.i'i; 

'l ilt- h- arts 1840 b.MiUAM Aiv^* af 

C/.kK' a!'., \\'l;y tin- ua.N o’ .-J lit .a i: .None ku,,-a-.s.--iv ],y_ 
.vurc u d'as said .she wa* Iiercap .'U i:.c I 1866 

Mid. If. Wo- ii.SV. .Curtin's .\.vv. 0.^74! <i 1 Shi* v.a-i 

0. .114 ..-Ih-cl fo he lU'iie olKtu! ate. ili.Mi even her fntia-r !»ai] hci »i. 

(?, /f;'. of lhiiig:> 

i727'.S\\M-r /.t.*. /.'tiv P u»;:ic Wks 175; II. i. Tiny 
have ji.fiiicd tin- iin^.-r olxkii.iti; cKiiSiinanls uiil.tini otic. 
iiiicrYijiiii.g 1804 .Xhi ksmiiv .^urg. Ots. />.-) Thi-i 

c'lAiiiiale .ihtl d«‘-irin'.iii« lii.-^ca-i-. 18x4 C'vv t\zn/i . 

\S'r .'JI Ufjf .-ilerit. All. • hdiirati': e:.Mji ! 1840 

I M- tv I -s's fV.r (’. •>/.:•/ \l. S.'ild Kit, h.'i!i.;n'. riii.^ -.I'.iWlJy .'il 

.III uln’uiait iiTiil. 

■|■2, Idiv.sically haidefied or hard. c’/r. 

>597 '• /■»'. *'/:ir:i>g. m/-' Tlic iJssiircs 

.'tr.j filkil \|i with .sonic ohfhirali; Mil.-si cico t.uJ- 
e 160a N oriiKs' /irit., Cantto. .t',-?; ) 1 1 I'y.n.nlhc o.'. iv 

iMM'vi.'l hi'Mig a;: (•iKlur.ili* MOiio spied in iho vi ynci of tlnr 
iniiiiiil.»yi'.''.s- 1743 tt. .S'.*///'. y,Ji Xfienikil viih 

an iihil urate (Vdluv. 17^ CV)\vi-«-.k /’rt-U* i Wcll-r.’iiiu'il 
hiJiV'., Oh'Iuiati- ;i’'d u.-i\ i'.iiling. 

b. tiiinsj. 01 di.'i, agreeable to the .sens<.;’. 
Oh. rtre. 

1647 H. jM.iki Song of S.if i t. M c\.viii. 1 mean n -l 
Naiiires tiai-Ji •>!-ih:i'aie !ig-.i. 

ObdUrftte .H'bdiuiv'l. . p. [i. Oh- 

rU’KATG a., or 1 .. obdiirtil-f ppl. Mcui of 0’ dhri'in: to 
Inrden, haideii 111 heait, f. t»/»- - Oh- i b; t i/.’.rd/C 
to Ij.ardeJi.] 

1, triUt.i. To m.iktM.ibdiiiinf» to harden inwickeeb 
r.tsR, or ttgain>t mural influence, i iilreaty. etc. ; to 
make stubborn or obstinate ; lo h.trilen the heiiit 

of, m.akc ndcntlcss ut pilil t 'S'*. 

(1 15M bsK.Mi-r. ll'Jts. ti>7/’ ?7c/.: Tiic h'jiv < ’.hovl .sayih, I 
will iilMtiii.-ilL* llio hart uf Hhara-i. . »6oS J- C. n/;.t. 

. it't.ixtf! I I'l lmy) hi'iue so h.\i lined •’ui .■•bili:r:;tcd thmi 
seliii.-s, lhaf they hauc uo Miivf e.i fei ling. 1651 i-lonri.i. 
i Vw/Vi* 41 Slit! iViui. <-J is i.lMuiati-d wiih li.v s.uik* kind vf 
xig'ji- .aiiil yt.Tlu as nUl koine. 1662 Ft 1 iv J a i tM' M'>sl 
of iht; pu-ih.liiiit:uts..:i:r hut shanu*. .which .i.hainv I u iavt 
afi'.-r nl ululates tiu; •dh iii.h. 17x0 t-scc < inm H.Mm hvl ja ). 
i860 r< si-v Min. J’t.'/if a’4 Ni>l ilo'l. d •.uniius in 
perdition, rt'p:i>li:tting, obi'luiiiiing. tluinniiig, hut man 

..ohiliiring Ml- harilL'iiiiig hinisclfiti sin. 

2. To hanlcn physioally. Oh. rare. 

* 5 W Or.ncRAri-n hoh>wl. 1599 .\. Al. tr. oW-v/s-cm ^'i 
fi'\\ fCiysii: 4. J Spi't-i.h'; il on tw;i papers . and in the night 
it w ill oWurato iiselfc. 1657 To.vlisvin' A'i «t /#'.v / i.j 
.'sii as citlii-r loo iiiut'h to ifliitiuaie or inullily- 
t3. intr. To Inrcoine h.'ird. Oh. nin\ 

1659 l.h Hn.L /w/r. St.t ?('t Thi.s tree biines r.irih 
lil.vsi'iiii's, first while, then gienii. afterwards led, and llnm 

1. hduial'-s, fr.'in wlu-iifc the Jo\es. 

Hence O bdnratod ///. ii. 

1597 A. M. tr, ( 7 u 7 i/fwr.i!i’< /•>. O/drutx. .'o/.' Tin; dehilcsi 
syde of ilie riMiiinied li\c'i or inilie. 1599 — li. i/irV.* 
ttoUf‘r\s L'A'. JVfy.ucJte •.*^B When *i-» a woiii.vm celleih an 
olKiui.itc'de llrc.stf. 1710 .U’e. l-ast I/isten:/, Tam ll'fiiyg 
II. .it.s Our Viiuim, and not yet < fUturated Kitt i.'alt. 1874 
PrsKV Lent. .Sernt, 47a The oluiliri.acy of an iilidiir.-iicil wdl. 

Obdurately (&ec the adj.), ath. [f. Ouni^RAiK 

<f. • -l.Y -.] In an obdiir.'itc manner; stublnmily; 

a.ij\x Kfn //rw/w.'/ 4 iv Poet. Wks III I.srarl, '^irown 
olrfiiirap-ly profane. 1838 Dn ki ns_ AV. «. .AV /•. xv, .Slid 
Mr. I.illyvirW, rcgai filers of ih*; -.iirn, cried olMlur.itelv 
Irlr.J. 1865 Thmiioit. /ieifi h /■ st. \. ns Sluil yonr tioovs 
ohdunUrb agaiii'it ItheinJ. 

ii;*'i I 

a d 

/I v\ ;•! 

t'.r : i' 
fi—. '.11! 


Obduratenesa *' the .Mii. . [i. , 

•.Nf>.s.J 'I hc M:iie I.n (|iiali:\ nf being ■d.'liii.ntr. 

1. <.b;j»i;ri.\< \ i. 

1618 f f * l\'M-( •1.-; I li /I , >f- 1 ! , 

* J I /u J 74 Jf iho ■!iii ' • I > iTuiiiiii in | 

I Wii'.ild dr i-.t fi..ii] hiT fcitiiiii!!'- 

' {> 1708 I/-;//./ N... 

rl•‘.■^t III ilidiiiaM- n'Sv. Ill ! liiiMi-..,. f72aWi. . . 

: o/t.o.i 1 1. .vi' . H'.w op. n h.Mr J f.-'i 
id Hc.'ifl wi'.lllli ! 

2. - - 2. rate. 

1597 '• ^k I r. ///.Vi iWi ri// .1 /• t . I ili>l'rg, J.i'l I 1 1;-.' 1 J.i /: 

■ IliiiM ]ii‘ I :ii diifiiigh ih*' t li lPl.i'.i ll.i I if, :• r-, 

li.ighl liiiiU: Ihal pan*-, 1657 J (.MI iss. .V /Vi 
It jiii-o.-i.r ;_i .‘ii i(uii'.d a iiv oh.-i'Mait.-ri* - s. 

Obduration pbdiui« [-.I. l.. tidJna- 

tihi et/! h.'ifdeniMg. n. of aciicn fmiii oPim i: e in 
h.-ir'Icii,] 'ITie aclioji r.r fa« t nl hatdening, «n ci'ii- 
diliun of being bardened. 

1. A hanleiiiiig, or condition of bring hardened 
ill sin or uickcilne-i-i ; ;i riiaking or becoiiiing 
:»tiibhtjrii, obstinate, or insvn.-iiblo to moral iiillu 
encit; ra/ety, a bci^oiiiing, or coinlition of having 
bfcoine, r*. bill less oi in^inMlb. !•» iTiirt-.iiv ;ijiiotv;. 

■494 1 ‘‘i ' MI. s=,;i 1 li.rU l)ic (l:ni!itcri> ih -'.h'- 
l-fy yl ttii)i ■■.hdui.i-.i'iu lif hi riv a.-.ij'M il,i-\r piMuc. 

iii. rh- ihv\i;i :i ■; a|‘> lyiit I'aniy-I I’livk ji .AiIa url-. 1526 
/ f'\V- /'!//. AV, dc \V’. I53I. ( I'.iliira* i:,ii \ 

lii’i.i. ■ 158^ H\PS''.sr, tA/'. il \i. jf-T riii-. . . was 

d «• 'i'!ii..'.i n -.f I‘h.i:;i.>. 1647 H'c-f.-i /ti.-. JC ^/tt 

C,>\ t. I. ii. ; t'lMd li. di v.oiV; . . iip. n :ht. .wiii, i-i!h/-r hy w.-iy 
i'i f.iV\!i;i:sii<'i:*. 11: hy w.-o. . t M'’!!;l)v;il liMi ai.i! 

1728 (r.n.t.n f.iilow.s 

l.iilriic: .shiUTir. 1778 Hi-. /\a:ait NVli S id, \j\ 

i fit. i.h''.iliiiili- •!) (i! I'f'.f Ji.-'.is ' I il'.'U 1882 3 S' li'.i'K 

Lntjii. L I A »//-:» I. HI. I ..ill- g ur,i'. • i!; u 

Mi*I Jiii-I.t -..f- !■ ;i(i'.iri;;ri if Mhi> !i I ..cah ' I.i-vik . 
a. J*.'i\sii':il h.aiilcniiig. /are. 

1634 < * ‘ v : V t 'o’.'o. > I'J. vii, iM The '•!i.’.>.v.-di..i. .vf 

Iii*- I'.'-.iijIiii,-., . pi-’ri.hcfi 1:, i.!iiii}:.;i harduiugs 
iij»-.ii his .A- -.I.s lj.-i kv. 1822 34 .\'t>^tty l/o/. 

4' IV. .'31 A.s die c!i-t< i;-.i...!i ai.d i l.idusritiv.n ir.i .-’(mo:. 

t Obdura'tioua, •'. t^bi.rare-^, [f.fJni.rhA- 

TioN : Sec t. haraderi/.ed by or showing 

ol.eluialion; nb'lnratt;, 

1672 IUmj'.w Hirgy/iao'S i. 4, 1 hcerj guilty of 

aii vhdui:ili'/ij;» i'clt -.-wifr.;, .ind peif.iliuus :;1 n^je. 

tObdure pbdiuii i , a. it*. (t-.M.-. areh.) [f, 

< >ii- 1 b * d/ir us karri: allti I.. rbdtt/Wre: :^ec next.] 

1. ( ’nn n. 1. 

160B Hiy /./«! /{\e i'.'. il, Wks. iF.7i V, 2ii, My il n.irs ' 
i’ll!* day liuit: Im my fikiul.s ;,ie tu.t., Hut in ih-.- tii.;iit iho. 

! g.iiis .'ill. Ii.'-.m; kii.ii*:. 1639(1. H*mm. /.'• i //o. xvi. 
4.-. Met iii.ult' 'Jdicc i!iv; lii.-iri w-i y- pr^'iul King I', h. 
1655 H I 'i w u'.'L* iS: Ki »A i..| v / 'i/te tr Lafut.s Sea i. ii. Wks, 

I '‘74 \T. .1,-5 Mie Ih.v'.s iulh vihlc. I ohdurr. 1844 Mi-s. 

J>i.i'»\vs':s'. Craning e/ t/fi‘ t cf’, When thy di-aildy 

I.I'..; i' whiliin -.t edd. d'e;,! 

2. f. )H,M K.VIK It. i. 

1624 iji Mils So':*., vviv. 1832 — J'aneifs 

M. Aiv. 1-4 (IivK siiML-'l NV it.l is liki! thr l.ruiip '...flAiy, 

AV hj( h -ofiviis cji.v, I lit niii'Ki -- cl.‘»lurt. die tl.iv. 

I lencc t Obdu roly na'v . ; t OMu'reneu. 

*624 Hkywooh ti'.' i, ^p, The hifcs Ti'r her ohdiirc. 
nfs.'C funid htr inio i»3/ i:i-. H^.i.i f i-«rev/.//., .V. /', 
iv. f fdtravtd^ Oh di«; r.i ssf a:ni <.i>duiLii(‘ .■/ 

I Jii-v viMsic ..»f |icidi!i!‘i. ! 1848 l .\io.N A'. .-Initnr ix. « iv, 

'I III- Ill -l.s'.'h. h’.isl olfliliLU tuDgil. 

0bdnr6 r*. Now rart’ or Ch. [ad. 

L. tSftSrii-re to harden, to reni.itr or become huid; 
f. cb- ( >H- ib -^dffnJre to harden, f. ditr u: hard.] 

1. irans. ^ Own ratK v. i. -.In quots. 1640 in 
good sense : 'J’o .slrcngthen. fortify, ‘ -tccl ) 

1598 \ os'o /VciA'ii /4 Now iii-.-lline thy dire Ilaidiies .and 
tiiisi ijf tliiiir Ml iiiin h ubdiirrd. 1633 Hi\worin /• ng, /•’. 

\ . W k--. I '7 J 1\'. y • ' lath . . MoiJt si.! L'Uiur'tl diy hci'ut V 1640 
111'. Hall i’/.r. Cti\t\:r. (Waid; /•.•.’i XVt- may r.iit so kIkiiuv 
I.IC.I sclvr-s :i.'; In hv like die Sv-i*.rl:in 1-oy.s, wh i Wiiiiii! ri'.-l -o 
Jir.-.i'h ;vs chair.;f 11 is.-U’Cviiiim. e ;vt ihvir lit-.'iliu,^. /out. ."./j 

II ciiiu vni-vci wi'vi* iii.i.'i t.i ols’.i-.u: l1iniM.1l :lgili'!^t lilt. sK weak 

f*. ai.s. i6-;8 K. P 0.1 lav ^.i v. s i.-i. i*,j Ihd 

'-i.viiis .. Il have ohdur'd llu.ii Heu.m. to fi.ui* ihtn'i ur.:'i 
X'.it'iil .^ins. i860 I'-VO 0»i • ICAIK r-. ij. 

t2. '1*0 harden physKally ; - fJiiDi lUTE r. 3. 

1624 HKvai»)i.i Ounaiv. 1. .\ di.'i^Viii tluy tspie Oislm d 

1/ >;i.tiK*. 1665 ^^11% 'I'. IIkkhiiit '.i£7', 11 • Hruk . 

h.adtii-d hy lUi; Sun, which mukc.s iheiii..iio !e-.s solid juul 
iir-i-fiill ihaii lh'V.< ilu: five uUhiies. 

'I 3. tutr. a. 'To iKCOine hard. b. To l>ecome 
or remain olidurale; to ]‘ersist .stubbornly. Oh. 

1609 HKYWi.cri Hr.d, 7* V M. ii, SenrcU-s »* of gii-d «.>' 
.•ilunc.s they s-.'ont: i.-h.luif. 1641 * Svi ..1 vmsi rs ‘ 

Hiisf. '1653) t-3 IJ«| oh'linf.s. df-.'it'S th;-.i i'. «■..(. ■nils h v\e 
uiith/>iiiii.' to him. 1-1750 .'^yi sso.sK /i’/<i//'if .1/.'/ v 

.:i i K».'.s./iiite ill WTi'Mnsihc yiifsi i-b-lui'd. 

IK nee r Obdurinic *h/. sb. 

X643MH ION f.V.-L'O.t- II. .'.A, He.,wcuilu link jk:i|i 1 i'\ his 
ihi/lighl f-'F ihr ohdiiriug ■ f 1 i:u Inmdird .md iiinrl\ m:* 1; 
y'; will duyly take w ir-.« hhuitii's. 

Obdurad .pbdlu-'-jd, /.■'et. pb lirn-Ti-d-. ///, 

Now ;*(7;c7 or Oh. [pa. pple. nt j-rev. vb.. alter I . 
cbdiiriifus o bd nral-e. ] 

1. ' OHDUH.vrK a. I. 

J AS I f'.ss. ‘.\rh ) .^5 r»> ignorui.'.- ohdupii.;. 

ipihiur wilful einmr lyis. a 1619 I'V 1 . itiu .-/ i. .w. $ 

151 A iu»i:d h iiiiiioMi ol '.'hdiin il ' '■.V'ltiiiiu ''-- V. *649 
Hr. I I.M.i. I 'ii.vf.v t IM. i.v. Ht-iiiMMii in;, in'kv 

incut III the iiid'clcc' iu^' .ind l•hlll:r^.■^l '■i..iii-i. 1667 N 




J\ L, II. 563 Atm tir bri.T .1 Willi stubborn [^ticncc 

•li. with ttiple Mc-cb 1 B 30 K A‘i>AUr i\\ . 1 /iV. /'ss. 

11872 } [II. 40 A iiKiti will) siM'h obiliii<;d Stoicism Iibt* triple 
>ri cl roiiurt Ills brra.-.l. 
t2. ■ - Oi’.Di’UATK ii. i. yart'. 

1619 11. Hv'lTON J’WuYf .Ulitf. (I'rrcv Soc.) 9, I could . . 
'Rcutlo iheiii a li:* iim- slujiild ihcir vice With sable 

i'FH's i:i the obdurcd flinf. 

i Icr.oo t Obdu-rednoM, obdurato))c*is. 

1633 Hf. Hat.I. J/urti /'v'.rfs, X. 7‘. 183 With fuitht*.! 
«ii‘«h!rediie‘.se of lu-art. itx 6 $S LiYe Kein. 

WL.1, lifioo) 1 1 'Die •jiidureiliiess and hop-, le-is i.oiiditioii nf 
ih.ii man. i6u Dhochaut Wk*.. irfo 'I'litii 

iinplaiuble ohjiircditvs.s, .oid untecl:iiina)>i!ity uf uatuic. 

t ObdU’rit^. 0 /»s. rare. (f. Ohdpue a. t -ITV: 
c(. Ul'Iuty.J ll.inlues'. ; oMiiracy. 

<‘s6oo VAr, f'n'e.^CortrAt. iijvo: iS A stone I'alleil 

a Mrur-sioiiif. . . Niiiwiih.siaiuliiiK lli* ir iiaiiirall obdoiili*', 
the Cauinlrir people haue a tliuiifc to 1 leeuc ilimii. 1653 
1-. (.i. tr. .VfW#-)7'y //.'*■«, 'y 1161,5^ IV. viii. ii. ii.j Wlu-ii 

\ou discover Aliy obduiiiy or inliuiuanily in her. 1657 
'I'oMMSSos /Cfiftt's 116 Heauistt of tlmir obdiiiitymid 

dcn.sily ihny preserve the stTcni;ih of those inediemiirnis. 

Obe Gr, //ht. [.'ll!. (.Ir. tLf:fd.] A 

or district in ancient Lacrmi.i; a suliflividon of an 
original or clan. 

1835 TiuHi-WAt.i. f.'/vr'tV' viii. 1. ti.s \'i uhii.hoiiuiM.dly 
■si'^inncd a vill.i};e 01 ilisiriel. #i 1873 I .v 1 1 .»s' /’.« V'.i.'i/.iy o'. 

V, The divisioM.i; 01 nbcs rn l.iiijwluii^ed by ili». Siao-. 

II Obeah '.eu h/a. , obi Also 8 obia, ij 

obea, obcoyah. [A NVest African word: cf. I 
Kfik //A/a, ‘ a tidng, or mixture of things, jnit in * 
ihc giound, ii.s a cb.mii to cause sickness or dcaili; • 
tlic Obeah of llic West Indies* ((hildic /’/./. ' 

X/U' 1 S 7 . 1 }. With llic senses cf. those of Jrji'.] 

1. .\ii amulet, charm, or feti<h lused by negroc-s ; 
for magical pur]>oses. 

1796 Sii iiM.vs' Si/iin-ttff II. x\ .supei'silli uis or ■ 
.inu! I lied ainmt lii. ulm-I:. yV/./. i !:-i ;i II. vvi.v. ■/>' IVi 
wh-.iin he. v'lls lii;- ..liiMS or .■urmlrls, in onler to iiKikc , 
iiivutiii ruMc. I 

2 . A kind of pretendid sorccjy or witchcraft I 
practised by the Jh grots in Africa, and forinevly 1 
in the West Indies and neighbouring coiintiitN. j 

1784 <; n vi.s‘i;).:k S-'.-var ('unc iv. ;i.'i In oliia. ;dl ihr .sons of ' 
.saliii? .tfili: tju-.!. iSua ,M.\r. I-’o..Frt.>Kni ('.//j/'-yw/' Aevovi ; 
nf.ijjyjo .St.iei iiivc'.(!t;.'ulo.i. . has . . !;ce!i made aA.-r 
tin; proK.'MPi-.s of < >''ii. ii t8i8 M. U, I.F iMs y'rni. If', /»:/, | 
t'lSjiiiH riic livl'iii UU-.ili ism>w ^rcjiily wcakf.nctl. 1813 
■f. Ko'-'.Hi.r.r rt /V,%fiOry iruAiv ii. I’crhaps the . 

h'>rrid .'iiid ulMMidri.-dilt! prac iiecof <‘bca is idriiHl on, dii* • 

. uicM.Uniui; and di ablinj; ;i:v.»iln!, 1889 H. J. lJi:i.!. 

H /r. hu/its i. g Ik fon; the* ernaric' iiia 

li'in . . ihf* pot^li. v of <»brnh w it, va:itp;tnt in all tin* Wost ] 
li'idi.'in I iiloiiic', 1889 /'aii MaH f/'., Mu' awful inyitrric-. •, 
of Ubervali i?'/v/fi> Obi) and tli** ppiweis\,scd l y th« i 
i.Jbcfy;>h •.soMii;ii of those dajs, utic .sutfi'.iciuly knov\n to 
all ihij siavf-nadcis uf the W'c.t 

3 . attrib^ and Conih., as (or obi) 

-ithmaUr one who practises obeah, a negro sorcerer 
or soreerc?.s.s. 

1764 GKAIMf.KR TiTW IV. !p «i\V, 'DiC flfi;! 

juiers !<1 ...bla.uu-a a.s ihLy arc » alkd. a i8t8 M. O (awis 
JrH,\ if-. Imi. (iS;*) 27 Ad.iifi, ihc nrpnicd Obc.'tli-inun. 
1840 M.vrwv.vt Z'.'i))' JaiK xli, Siic . . had &li%:iys Imm ii Ct**!- 
■sidrred ;N aiiHjli tt oncift. l8^ < »R W T Al I LN In .1// SAtliU'.' 
vRVlii. .Tiy:;.! .ijfy Iffs iii aildy o!k‘;iIi inuimii^'iy i>f I'aj'.c 
«'. iIii;atois' Ivvih and.. hill"- hinn.iri kiiui:kk'-li<.iiu'‘«. 

Hence O'beah, o'toi,r'. /nu/s., to l:cw itcli by obeah, 
{.'U! under a spell ; O'beahiAm /jbcoisni, oboism, 
obiiam', the j/ractice of nr belief in olieah. 

.1 1818 M. G. Lk,vis 7 fH/. // ', />#./. . i3 14} m K.dward had 
OU'..d.i.;i.l Inij;. 1836 k. Ho'.s.m'ij A*, .vbr/i'v slviii, .xi.ih 
Miprr.slliioiis Tionw list .is , /van. 1B66 bis.Ki oiMi D/vvis 
in AVy*. A*. jntnai a gvi 01.*:ahiMii . . i.s ilio ail ..f 

P'.is 'iii'i^, i.i.inbinnl wnh Thi*. -nt ..f impo^iiig npiji th« 

"f pcopl-i I y a pii;.t-.iii;»r. of wiii.lK.r.Ul. 

1874 SiK .S. I.». S-oi ; yVi Hrlinf i:i witrh- 

i.ratt, undtT tht: nriiiu: ofObvs.snu arnl .'ly.'ilisin, iB9< H. ), 
iJri.L ill Sl..ih!;ui Cnu^hu: < Vo -AVt i xi. ' .Mi-.sjv, i’j,! 
tjbcaluid, I k'.i'. w Til 

Obeche, v:ir, Of.Klsli Ohs., t<i oticy. 
tObe dible, .i. CV^J. rare *. cbi\i/-re 

to obey: sc-c -ui.E, -milk. Cf. OF. oWisuiHc 
ohnlient. docile.] Capable of obedience ; docile. 

ifct lip. H,»i.i A*. V\ III. Chriit tw;f'.Ccye>’'t'n\, 

hpniis m.iy U* iini-.h: n..jn ^cnsil.k ol paiiip,' .nid'hy ihc 
otcilil-h* siiI>mi.sM.m i.l thnr cu-at-.d n.iiurc, wiowghl uwji, 
imincdiaii-ly !)>• ihiM»- app-wiintd ti.-iiui*.';. 

Obedience .>b/‘diOn.s:- 

1 ktui.liful Siiimranc. i6oi Kni r.i-i..Ki- o/ /Y. Aimi//. Iiitrod. j 
i tf '1*0 hi*«; hiou^ht vppt* in ihe nU iliviicc of Lawe.s. 1638 1 
Sir r. |{l•.u|tl in Trttv'. M. v) lO They iraiim their caltcllto | 
such olK:dicnf.e, as with a (.‘aU or Wfa-ille . . a great Heard 
will follow ilieiii like, ilogccs. 1754 K.i>i\ aki>s /•rri'J. Will 
Ill iv. (i7fia) itk> Ohciliviuv. .is llie snliiniitiiig and yielding 1 
of llie Will rtf one, ro the Will of anulher. *®*5 J, i.ri-fiKso\ i 
/Ij/AA/.f**: Wks. t&v) f. j Mio IvingV (Joiineil .. held ihrir I 
plat t‘s at wilt, and were in most huiiihle olK.‘iljiMic«.> to that | 
will. 1838 Du ki N.s Xr\A. .AVtX*. xxi. In ohediciac to this j 
reipu'.sf the i}ualifii;aiiiii)s were ult gone tliioiigii again. 1874 . 
4M11M I V i ■{•w/^vz/.V-YiboOi 6', Superstition, hliiid vbo(iieiu.e j 
t>) I'li.sliiiii, and i)k- filii.r Mihsliiiiies foi^a right and imh.* 
penvlent use ol the mind. | 

b. /fc* I'hc action or fact of yielding In some ' 
nctimling loivc or agency : see Ohky re 1 d. Usually j 
i in plir. /// obtdiince to. | 

1671 I « .Xi»i»is“.v /!'. l.tarbmy la-/ They icniovc fi oin one j 
' yil.ii t- 111 another, in obeiliein c to theii lii.kle Iliiiiiur.<i nnd I 
o»;:ent Xcce.sdncs. AAv/. A Iu-.*i\y Iwxly fulU tnilie Rrmind . 
ill <.hedifiice to the law of graviiatiui). The ,r becoinc.s r 
i)) l•lledu‘nv;e lo Vcnier’s law. 1 

e, pM/e/ne, \a) (Opposed to ailive ' 

I oiH cliciiccl an obedience in which the sulijcct allows . 
himself to be treated according to the will of 
another; or in which he suffers without renion- ; 
.si ranee or resistance. (/»] Unqualified oliedience ^ 
or submission to .authority, whether the coniin.'imU i 
lie reasonable or unreasonable, lawful or imliiwful. , 

1656 i'RAMiMLL Rt'J^lic. vi. 2 {I Wlitthcf a power in rcfoiin 
ahvisrs and iu*'onvcriiciu:cs U? necessary to a king, m u hith ; 
aU his .Suhjfcis rtwc al Ifast p.issiM* obedmno*. tt 1708 ; 
1 j|'\ I hiihu-: I .hft. ///I'fY. 11711) 111. As by Christ's p;is. 
.si^c tihidieiii'f wc .'irc freed from Ihc guilt of .sin, .so ly His '• 

til l? ul)ediriu:(; we .ire ir.vcstfd with nghU'imsmtss, iyt» : 
111 \fi/le) Pas.sivc Ohsttliciu.o. ; ui. the Christian I.b»t. 
trint;_ of not rcsisiin|r |)]<^ Supremo Power, pr ivod an«l 
vindicated, up-m the Prinriples of tbs* of Nature. 1808 ; 

/V'iY. It A-.V, 11. lA The cliuii.hman's opiate ilraughi, ! 
Of p.'isiivc prune ol.edi<:nrt*. 18*7 Hai.i a.m l\otsl. ///■»/. 
(i8s 7' Ib .vi. The il'.*rtiuse of pa.-^-avc olurdience had iii*A' , 
ctept f/oiri the homilies Into the st:ttiitc-lio^>k. 

2. I'he fact or poftition of being olieycd, or of ] 

having others subject to one; command, authority, ' 
rule, doiijinion. (Now chiefly of eccle.siastical j 
authority, c$p. lliat of the (..'hurch of Roim*.) I 

laoo / Vu'J ^ I'iylues 7 Stinic kete'd wel of hem selimn . J 
5if he hie rtf hti^e iiicnslre, OiVr ^if he liafA sum hei iibrdl- j 
u'uc. 1393 l.sw.L. /•’. /V. C. s. 220 Holy ihurche hoicp iillc j 
nur.cjc puplc Vnder rdmdicifcn to l)*:e and Inixurn to J»i* 
lawc. rt 1400-50 _ 4-1 .■'if Irt'i/A r 1065 All |c graciciiv goddez ' 
pat jin ground \isKcn, All er viidir my owdivnee, rliedhs 
I leiJe, IMS KrtKM ?7 We arc detenu) ned noo ' 

Ioi»g»|r trt bee vndcr yuwic olicdicnre. 164a Ir. Ptriinx' i 
Prof. IIA. xi. § 754. 330 1- r> is A Munke professed iwiJor | 
the e of the s:uiie Abliol.^ 1655 l*’« immC/i, Jlht, : 

IX. ii. § 24 I'o .ibinrc the authority and obedience of the ; 
llishi<n L-f Koine, 18*7 H.vllam CohaI. Ills/. (1876* 1 1 1, xvi, . 

■J r f 'I'ne proeptretof tcducing Spain to the arciuluke’s obedt. 
once. 1874 Gkffn S'.hflrt li/st. yii. | j. .',56 The twi.» Houses . 
deeided . . Iti return to the obedit ticc of the Pajiid .See. 1 

b. (ransf. A sphere of .luthotily ; a realm, d is- ; 
ti ict, or body of persons subject to some rule, csp. . 
ecclesiastical ; a dominion. ' 

i6« KAC.iyr CAnstianair. |. iii. 11636) 125 Christian*, .. 
of the Patriarch of Constaritiii-'ples obeditiHe, 1831 fi. ' 
Siinicuiits Ital. K(P. i\. 209 t>n the 7tli of July, the ; 
asscirdiicd oardiaak of the tw.j * rtbediciiet s ’ uained in thi ir ! 
phiie .a third, Alex-.ip.«lrr V. Fki i-mam A’.^v//. 

V. x.vii, 20 .\il the KnglUh laml-jwiicrs within WilbamS, ; 
obedience. 1878 Sn in»?i Mai. Uhl. viii. (nf oi \ 

i;.<4 f hr Arnieni.Aii ( liurch . . was so far vilii^^inatic as 15^1 j 
t'j 1^ iiue^ally a potii'in of eilhoi .Komaii or liyzantiiin 1 
obcilioncc. j 

3 . A salutation expressive of submission or re* . 

veronoe ; a bow or curtsy ; *= OjiKis, xscf. 3, Now j 
an//, and J/a/. To make obedient e, ineil.J.. , 

obt'di, ttlii/f// facere. j 

»So3 IU'nbab Thistle J\r AG»t' 76 To hir flhinie Nature] '■ 
ihaii luakar to niak tihwliens. Full law im.lvnnaud wiih all . 
d'-w iiinTirns. 1604 Lbi.vviys (^\ylf 1151 f jie poor-.* l)whi i 
(his Olitdit-nc.c done) Thus to his l.iege J^»id revcnnily . 
liT-gun. 1661 tivi-.i.VN Diary {% Apr., After ob'iiieriee on ' 
tliL-ir •' .-uipr(A.hes lo yv thnwir. 1800 llm.r.Nx Wi li..s i 
PonsUintia AtT'/'/Vi? III. vxix, 193* Itc suic to bring yonv 
mn.sic •xi'ikji he mcil, as 1 in-«lc iiiy i>licdu‘m:rt. ittj; * J. .S. \ 
WiftiKu' In (Jua*terx vi. 105 .\ ..nurse .. who rose and ! 
iiunde her iil-edieii'.c when he cnlF.ieJ. | 

4. In .1 monastic or conventual cat.ab!ishnient : j 
4ny office, official position, or duly, under the ! 
abbot or superior ; the particular office or duly of 
any inmate of a convent; also, the cell, room, or 

monast^i Ivs, anycccicsiastioil cuul jjjosiiion, with the 
«!.stntc and profits Ijcloiiginv; to it, which is .Mibordinatu to 
the ;ddH4'sjuri.sdiciiun. 

t Obe'diencer. Obs. [f. Omdiencp. f-Ku: of. 

F. o/M'( /tcier.] -r- OwtDiKNTi.MtY sfi, 

f m8o Wvi-i.iF .SV/. /rX'.v. 111. 27 Asoiirc pri;1ati.-i wik her 
obcJicn-icnis and htr lyvyng dispisAii ko iiickcnes and he 
pDvtrrt of Crist. 1393 I.xNwL. l\ PL t. vr. 01 Rote he Iwi 
obcdiciiccr 10 pr)t)iir oln^r to inynstre., 1580 SIorf. Dyitla^e 
1. Wk.s. 1.S7/1 God Willed the w'oinnii 10 be suhici.ti: nml of 1533 -*lr/ 27 IDn. J c, 28 j| 15 1‘lic 
ahlmttcs or firyoiiis lo whoiiic tin.i he nbedyencL-r-s. t7az 
.SV. frV' Wffw'jf Dorfor 4* Afw#/, >284 All that ifir Ohcdicni.rr 
hath is the Suprrioi'.s. (i89« Kikk Al’iMjs^ilc’ti . Ur. ]x xi, Wr. 
iniglit .. ii'-.e ‘rtbvdicncfr ’.| 

Obeclienelarie. obs, form of OBKiiiKNTiAtiY. 
Obe'diency. Pifiv. [ad. L. o/fidicnlia : sr e 
Ohi' 4 I)JI*.>lk and -K.vcv.l « Oiieiuknck 1. 

1614 R. Tailiim 7 /ot,^ hath lest Pearl v. in Hazl. Dtnishy 
XI. 486 Great Criosus* shadow may dispose of me I'o what 
)ic plua.sctli. Light. So speaks ohnliciicy. tSoo Coi.FfciiJ«;K 
Puxohyii. V. ii, The holy habit of obcdiency. 

Obodiaut (^b/*'dit 5 nl), a. (t^.) Also 4-6 -yont, 
5 6 -^eute, 5 obeydyaiid, 6 oboedient. [a. OF. 
oWiUeut (i ith c. in fJoilcf.), ad. \ .. obTdinit-cm, pr. 

pplc. of obhlirc lo Ouky.] 
is wiUi 

'Hiat obeys or 

ing to obey ; submissive 

Also 4-5 -ionsfe, .1-6 . . . ' . , 

-yenofy, 5 -yans ; 4 obyd*, 6 oboediencc. [a. I'. ' 1^ aiipeitaining or appropriate to a pailicular 
ebadieme (i jth c. in Littrc', ad. J^. oK’dieniia n! ' «med.L. obedicnlia (see T)u Cange), 

of quality f. oledienl etn OBEGibN r: see -f.nck. 

Willi SCUM 

ist.s 2 4 cf. rned.L. oh'dientia in I3u 


1 , 'Ihc .'ictioa or practice of obeying; the fact or 
character of being obedient; subinission to the 
rule or authority of another; compliamc with or 
l>crformance of command, law, or the like; the 
action of doing vvliat one is bidden. 

/* •'Ifn r. H, 0 Vur nrod nut, a!s .. obedivnee t'f hire 
hbchvpr. iKVr of hire ht-ric. 1340 .‘heuh. 14a Of l>rt’paiii. 
Uftvse .. he inilde lioiuk fcledruhc, .! tmi Jie hnic |#tt lie 
hek to kc ol^dientc. rr^ Wym.ip irks. fi88c,) 9 F..r 
feyned ubydience to synful nmnni: 1 Lind u ion nv, 1484 
Ca.xtom Tables of t'Ksop tt. ix, V'ntloro nnd lost frtr foiiln* 
of rtiRjdyencc. 1563 Wi.nv T l\n%rAcotr Thrc Q^test. Wks. 
iS38 I. 59 Fur oHr liiimil .an.l dew olutditMjce vsilo mir 

*7*7.4* CiiAMm-Rs Cyct. .s %*., t.)lie<li«ii<:e, Obtilientia^ is 
srtinelinies n^ed in the vdnon law, for an olfice, or the 
I adiniiii:.(r:tiiiiM ufit. « .G4f.v//i'«c/i.i was in th<^, 

, fur ev(.iy thing that vya^ enjoined the monks, hy iliu .xbb*t. 
j .. In a more re.sti£iincd sense fit] npplird lo the 
; farm tieliniging to the abboy, lo which the nioiiks were 
, .‘.rnr, . . eiiln-r lo |.>.ik after the farm, or collect the i-ciiTs. 
; ;®;5 Mahv Sv.iiiMM»Mr.N.MNr.u Detuoi. MoH,nt. Pt Royal 
Hb 5^ -^‘l die obediences .. wet c put into di'Urder. 
i Oliediyni.r i.s the n.mic given lo lho>e rooms enniaining the 
. maturials for (he dtlferent kinds of works in which nuns nrc 
i cinnloyed. . . 1 here were fi great many of ilicse. oheilioncM 
Sit Port Krtynl, a* for example, obediences for the linen, the 
; robery, (he luaitrcs^es, the betiding, the furniiurc, ihe drugs, 

• the n^xjihccaiy’s shop, 188 a f h.iLMR ( Annandalei, Otrdirnce 
j ■ ■ ’ - • A writ ten or other formal instruinent by 
. whiGi .3 ••upcrioi ill a religious order conimiirjir.'Ues to one 
Ilf his sulijeiiis i.ny sfieeial precept or instruction . i^B CenU 
: DiiL, .. 4. Tcfles. .. [fi) In Koin.3n Catholic 

to the will of a superior; complying with or carry- 
ing out a command or anumauds; doing what 
; one is bidden ; stdiscrviciil ; dutiful. 

; rt 1U5 .’ 1 t/er. A’. 42J I’mAc heoii oliedimt to hure dame in 
, tille kiiigcs, hiilc ii'.e .stiiinc one. Wyci.if j Cor. ii. 9 

Tliat I kiiowe .. wlic' in idlcpiingi.s 3c ben ohedyji'Ut, 14.. 
PiiHiiiilf's j-V.r. 1044 bovyd ;iy (hid .. .\nd to nyin evei 
«>bi \Ll> and Were. 1535 CVtviiKiiAi.K /'.v. i iv. [ev.j 2S I hey 
were ii'd obedkiil vni.i his W'-rde. 163a X Hayw-viii* 
j ti. Itio-uii's Ttiuuena i.g*? 'I hc olx'dieiit e\e» ulur e>f 50111 
; mnimands. 1667 Mu los P. 1 .. xii. 246 Such dcliv>,ht hash 
liid in .Men Obedient fu his Will. 1715 Dk For. TafU. 
r Instnui. (jS.ji) I. 1 'Jo be iiuide irbndieiil to wliai 
llio-V I'.five already learnt. i8a8 Si.un T. M. Perth x, lie 
I Im ks tlmhoiiia;;c and obcdienl atlLi.ii<>n whir h the jiodrcsl 
I yi rc'eives lioni liis Caiiiily. 1833 ,s tii\t. tlurr-he 
(iP^ j S;;> 1. iv. 4 123. grtr 1 hi* .aru| ’d 61x0 .. i*. t *:‘.eiiiiaily 
olrcdient -it acts, luil '•hoiild iicvcC delibnale. .875 J {nvi:i r 
/Yrt/,»(ed, 2) III. 702 'I’lmy We.rc ohrdieiit io ihe laws. 

* 1 ’ b. f )vv)iiMg, or subjt'cl tt), the iiilc of niiotlirr 
as .sovereign or su|»«‘tior; subject. Oh. 

1340 Ha.mii)! n Pr. 4c. 72 No fm k^n "al na man bt 

btighsoiue, Ne.o!'<cdimit tojiu kirkot Knme. r 1480 .Mai nuv.v. 
(1831,.) iii. 1(3 C'ouircys ibal ben obedyent lo the FnipKnuir. 
r i440(rVy.M Km:. 1. 5 iH.ul. MS.) A spirit obcilit'otc to a 
new goiivrnaiinee, c 1511 itt /•.«<’'. /»<•. /{vier, (.Ark) ImroiJ. 
3'.>/2 till is not obedient to ibe r.h5Kh of Koine. 

C. LV>nventioi«illy used us an e.xpression of re- 
sj'cct or courtesy, csp. at K?avc-takii)g, or in (lie 
conclusion of a letter; ia j 
i')YS48 H.mi. l/en. LT/f 117 ’’Ibis snbsi.rilv'd by 

your iuimble and obedient .soniic 1681 in KHis 
Oy’.g'. Lett. •‘"cr. 11. IV*. 0'>, I am so tMlirely ni5'=.rlf ;ik being, 
Sir, Your ttimsi nl>cilii*nt n/id iii)>st dcvuicd sc rvaiit, /. Idi.un, 
*777 Shikioan Sih. AV.-iu,/. t. i. .Suvf.uc, ydbi 

iiirtM obcdif.tii. iT.iif.i yc.w Sfi. Snake, your most obrdinit. 
1781 (‘oWl‘KR Prufk wii» Rciliiev his wagci, or gel rid of 
her, 'Yont <|uiis 5 011, wish ■ * Your iiio*-! ol'c.Iient, Sir 1885 
’Prates 24 Nov. i<:./4 You will greally obligf', Sir, V'oiir 
obedient sei‘\«nt. 

i- 2 . Ast/oL iSaitl of certain signs of the zodiac, 
etc.: Subject; sec OnKv v. 5. Ob^. 

fZQO tiowFR Cen/. III. 1.32 VMiiih [the siar Rolttvadc nt j 
r-fliis kindc nbudiviit l.=> lO Mtteuiie ami 10 V'fiiiis. c 1391 
CiiAi - :i K .AstyM. 11, § A 'J’bi'sc eickcfltt signes ben obedient 
to (lie sigMrs k^tl bvii of ribt x\:«sciM;iiiuii. 
t 3 . Yielding lo desires or wi.she.s; compliant. Obs, 
136s I.woL. P.Pl. A. XI. iSS Obodieni as brekcrvii and 
MiMren lo okerc. 1497 ISr. Aiaock Mons Pes'feet. Cij b/i 
V'f wc lie ^)hcdyi:rit niiio our hedes, is obedient unto Diir 

4 . Jig. (chkfly of things or invulunt.'iry agents) ; 
Moving or yielding tis actuated or affeetc«l by some' 
thing else. 

>3^ Tkcvisa Pavfh. De P. A', xvi. Uxiv, (Ikidl. MS.) He 
fiiidek mater nKJos able .nnd olicdii.-nt to hi" wt.rcl.inge k*^ 
Mii'ic noble imjiressioii he prcnl^k kcrein. 1551 'J*. Wm.sdn 
J.ogiie (i.i®o) 43 h, Otlii.-r eiruieiit c:iusc.s that am obtrdi'Mit, 
.trc but iiistiuiiiuntc.s of doyn^, as Hatchctles. H.'unniers 
xw .SiiAKR, Com. Tn-. 1, i. 87 Aly wife and I .. floating . . 
obedient lo the slitame, Wa.s carried lowaids Corinlb, as 
We liiiai.:iht. 1726 I.KONI ir, .AMu'rfi's Archit. I. 97. 1 'Phe 
.\sli is aCuiunted veiy obediviu in »ii manner of Work >. 
1857 Rccki.k Cir-ilh. I. vii. 344 Soldiers live upon an element 
luurh more ribcilicnt to man. 

tB. ib. One who is obedient or subject to 
authority; , a subordinate: sec ciuots. Oh. 

1616 C. Potter tr. Tather Pants llisL it. 81 Apt to con- 
ilcmiic and rcpreliciid any action wb.usoeucr. if it W'erc not 
done with their knowledge and rounsell, A*, also to iustifie 
all tlic actions of their Obt-dients. 1668 Kav Three I tin. 
II. 150 Here |(ilnsgowl are^ conuuunly about forty 
.students of the lust year, wdiich llu:y fall tihedionls. 

Obediential '^bfdiie njal), a. (j^.) [ad. med 
oh^dientidTis, f. ofiJd/htlia Obkuikn'cb ; see -al 2 ; 
cf. F. obMientiel (1636 in Uittz.-Dairn.).] 

1 . Of, jicrtaiiiing lo, of- the nature of. or charac- 
terized by obedience. (Common in 17th c., chiefly 
T/ieol . ; now rare or Obt. In gen. sense.) 
x6io .Sanbicb.sok Serm. (1657) ijj Which . .distinction of Doc- 
lrln.dl and Obcdicniiidl Necessity, .is. .sufficient to clear All 
doubts in lhi.s point. 1^5 Re rii RRi-oHri Tiyol 4 Tri. Fa/th 
XXV. (1 845) 371 Every being . . hath a power obediential lo bear 
udial ( 5 od sailh, and do it, a 1677 Halk Prim. Or/g. MaH. 




1. L 'llicre U no Power iti the WovUl Imi uwes .. an 
obcilientUl subjcotioii in the ly>rd of Nature. 1755 S. 
WaUCKR Xgr»t, i, An ok-denfial S|iirit. .is the only Qualifi- 
calion for hnppiiic!i.s in its. i 8 a$ C.t:i.ULKTsriN' AVr i /. 

vi. 77 ‘I'hc okdicntial siufleiing^ and dcaiii of Cliri 

23 . Sc. Law. (See qiiols. ;. 

1693 Stair Institutes 1. iii. i 3 (erl. £) jio (lliedicntial 
Obligations ure ihei^e, which are upon inuii by the will 
of (nEl, not by iht'ir own will, and so are Natural, a.s 
intr«xl(i(:cd by the l..'tw of Nafurr. 1773 Kr^kini f/ist. Laiv 
Si\*t. in. i. § 9. 414 'l'hu.'.B are calico by l.ord Stair ohetti^ 
entiiil nr nnfurat e 6 /tya/itmx, in opp’j.silioii to lortVi-pJtiou.ti. 
t83t Austin Jurispr. II. 94-,. 

tB. sfi. Sccqunt. ) 0 /o\ /an — «. 

1674 Hunrsr (cd. 4), t iho'ic that 

cxcciitti! an Ollki; iiiuler Supoiioiirs, and with ohcfiicnce tu 
their coinmaiuN. 

lleticc OI>0dia*ntially'ti'i/rA, in tlu- way of nbedi- 
enec; Obedit'ntialneiB, .1 relation of obcdicine. 

1640 CiAUDKN 7 '//f /.«>tv*y rlc. fi64i) 12 No iin-n or miutU 
are more olv'dicutiiilly di>po--<‘d to an heroick p^itienc.o. 
1651 J. FJkcakkI .Iji^'f'ipfinx Oic. y’A/Viv. yS Which ulie* .such as our b-nlirs to oiir >unl:ii. /tiyoS 
lli-'VKKii.KjE 77 fr.v. / 7 uW, (1710) Jl. .7s To ihi.. works of 
chaiity to the poor, obcdiciithdlv to (lod's i.onini:iiii).* 

Obedie*nt.iar. [Scc^au-.] ^next.A. 2. 

189a Kirk [titu) .\c(:ount-> uf the Obediential stjf Abingdon 

ObodiOUtiary .t>b/ili|t*'n|ari\ \f>. and a. Also 
6 -end-, -ency-, fad.ined.l.. ohitlkntitiri'Us^ adj. 
and .sb.*f. ohcdiailia OiiruiENt-K ; see -aky.] 

A. sh. i'l, A person practising obedience, or in 
a position oi' subleiHi'on; one owning .allegiance; a 
subject ;*a liegeman. Ohn 
C1540 nr.^u- lt.vNi>!K in Kllb Orig. Li ft. Sor. in. 11 . j^i, 
1, V'.uirvci ytfliuii>blc(ib»!dici!« v.iiyr,Miosl uu krlycb' sci liiilu- 
your tinier. 1563 87 pf-xi- b .1/. i.-./v 6 :4/1 TI:r ^ir it 
}iii'!ati;s and fat dnitiU'i, a!id i.tlht-r ■.i)irdit'iici:iri<.> nt lb* 
Rijinisli sra. 1603 .Siow I'l,*- 1.'; .t-i/x Im n -.j*cel of 

the wliule Vf.,dn), I.,)iid<>ii is bii|..a ^ubji-i 1 and no fitr. 
.01 •.•k-dlcnciai y and no plaec endMwrd with . . alisuluto 

2 . A jnemher, of a conventual e>labli.shinetit 
charged wiili any dtiU or ‘ oljcdicnce * ; tlio holder 
of any office a moliastery, under the abbot or 
si!|)cnt>r. (See < inEJUKxt k 
.794 W. T 'wL'.M. tiixt. Er'i's/uint 04 The jirior sub inlji , the 
iliinl priwr, .md 'ijhrr •)bci.ii*nti.i!ie.s of ihc^Dokr. 1886 
AihensHiti elidy 14/1 In the 1 ave. in pi/;ul the l.••.•t^v•■ul i:i its 
■:lirpo.^'l^e capaoii’y •-li.od lo tin- obcdlrroiaTy in ibe 
of owner ol tl\e fee. 1897 K. 1« 1 Airso s Iiug. IVtuk 
.Vi'/i/C'j I, f,7 1 lu's« payuicnis wric I'tirti as.'.i;j:iu d to divci.s 
ulfiiiTs of ill*.* ablwy, obcdicnii.iiirs av ihcy wnc (Mill'd. 
atinh. 189a Kiii. »iiN* ://AVi Ok'dirnti.'iry Hull', of .*^1. 
.Swiiliun'.i, Winchevjr.r. • 

J B. Piactiviing or ]nofossing cibedience; 
owning allegiance ; siilijeet. Oh. 

1700 I. HnuMi- I'niTt. A’Vj;-., .V«.. 7 ., ri( . i^i. 11707) j- o Juhn.. 
YU’Idod his R'.aliii [‘libuiary, and liiui‘.*iif an oh<.di»::iliaiy 
Vii' .sai t'l the Ili'.di'>p i»f K‘jinc, 

Qbadiently (til)t“‘diaitli\ aih. [f. Oukjiii nt 
+ -bv^.] Ill an obedient rnanntT,: in or with 
obedience ; submissively, dutifully. 

x^Thlvts.i Ihirth. De A'. 11. x.'Mqs) bv] l«/i .Sedcs 
iiisilfr hem.M'lfr to god obtdyrnlly. k- not tonipt llyd 
but by vriy fiudiuii. ^1557 Mks. ti. .l/ivr’.ir 

i'*rnt. r.issiiUt Wks. lefts',' \ f wii , . k: iiMily*; 
M hys nii'sl bl*.s.v_'i will. 164a Mm.imv Ap-'i. Swii. 

ii. Wl;;.. 2^4 Ki'a.son. .I' linbicii ig wlrlioiU rrii.-r ih.i.v*^ 

that give thcniscive.s i.bcili**ijlly li7 bi- Ird .iccoidiuj^ly. 1748 
Ru tixKiisuN <rAiijA.v/r ticii) II. xs-iii. 1;,.* You arc so iibnli- 
cntl\ principled. x8i8 Sin-.r.i ky A’.-.*. islatH x. v, Cll.H dk'uliy 
(bey I aim:, ]..ike .-lierp. 1885 Maih h. Kyiiih. 18 J'VU 6 i 
’I'o Mil'iiiii ob»;dirr.tIy li.i iIk- I'owiijs that l»c. 

t Obe*dieiLtneS8. fVo. ran. [f. as prcc. f 
•NEs.^.] The quality of lM‘ing olx*<licnt; obedience. 

1571 t.Iiji.niNr. TaA'/// on /V. xv.x. s Wi.h bow redy 
ol)cdi«;ntne.--s lu* siiinnitlf'd his b.Kkc to (iod.s rod. 1583 - 
i'aiftn on /h.uf, iii, 15 A irm; iryal vjf ih«-ir ohedii.', 

Obeianco, -auiis, obs. fonns of ( lunrAME. 
Obeie, ob;-, form of Ouey, v. 

ObeisUllCe ((^U^'sans). terms *. obot8<; 
4-8 obeys- ; also 4 obeish-| 5 obeysah-, obeisa-, 
obayNs-, (oboyes-, obecy-, obbeis-, oboietA, 5 fi 
obeyss*. 7 obaya-; 4 - -ance, .f-f) -atincc, 5-6 
-ana. Sec also the .aphctic Bkisamk. [a. V. oKis- 
" l.^th c. ill Littre), f. ohjissaftt^ pr. pple. of 
pM> to OiJKY : M-e *ANCK. Obdssana had the .same 
ttdation to oh*iyscttt/ that 1.. oUdienda hail to 
QbiidientnM. With senses J -4, ef. incd.l/. p/vif/- 
eittia in Du Cange.] 

1 1 . The action or fact t>f obeying ; • t Iukuiknoe i. 

^*374 Chaco- B Compl. Mars 47 He hyui him in pep 
pc'iiiali ohci'.iiuncc. Wyiiif i Sam. \p « r»ciic is 

•ibf.i:,h:uiiK'e b.iSit oV*dicm.r.| than .sla^n rilicis. a 14M 
Kilt, (/tt i'a Tour 26 Alh*. women .. l.‘e not of ibc 

ohcisuuiu « that u incfthtuiut^rr wiff w.i.s. 1353 1.aijy J.ank 
fkKY iu Ellis Orig. /rtf, Sci. f. U. iS6 jo icm.4yfj« in 
Y**iii' oheysHiwiLe and dtic-iie tu the iriiiuriiall Cruwnc uf this 
Hralniu. 1680 Simruuck rigetaMes JOp. detb, A testimony 
of iiu- obcysancc and humble submlssiun tu your judgment. 
•|’ 3 . Vae obnisafifC (of any cmc), the obedience 
which he claims^ hence, Authority, rule, command, 
sway : • - OnEnifcrycj!: j. Oh, 

fc iiSs CiiAutt-M L. [A //■'. S87 Ctopatra, To conqnrtMi 
ri'gujs au*l h.Miom Vo to the loun of roinif..Tv> ban the 
woThlf vii-io hvm «i 1 >eysaiiiiL-e. r 1440 CrncryHiss 6630 Setu- 
I be laiulc in rcwlc . . hole to bc..vndcr his ohr.y.s.-iuiu:c. 
'*•833 I'*'* M. (15461 K ij, Tht? 

rcaliiic of .Acayc .subm^ tied Iiis . . jirouilc Imado, to the .’^wceie 

I ijlH;ys.aunf.c of the irinpyrT.*. 1684 l ivtUttn / . 1. 3 Ti* bring 
that Land (*> his okysanee. 

j tb. The sphere within which any one nile^; 

I a district under the inlc or jurisdiction ot some 
one;, a domiiiion ; OinanKNCK 1 h. Oh. 

14x9 J. IJF. Asmii-HiN in Ellis tVijf. /.*//. .Vr. 11. I. 73 
Tht .Abbot, .has sciii foi safe oiiiiJuti* fi>r lyt.imif tu V-un" 
ol.icj-sshaiis. 1487 /r.r.V#;/ .-l»i//.in jr/n A'*/. ///;;. 

Comm. App. \. 31*5 No iiiiin(.‘rc aliciiiii, Wnc nut of 
tl(ohcy^aiiiu:c of ihc Krill' itf Ingiaiuk. 1493 Mi v. \ 11 In 
KourC. Lift. •'(.'anidi:ii) 9 I Jit I* knunin};'-' and :i|h*.r 
■.•f ihc .in lidulvt'.N ^hti.wiiijM.:. 1569 'J . .N’oinos in StryjM.' 
Ai:n, Sty“ '*7^9) 1. I-.-. 561 Tin' ».*ii.iitrv r.mnd :ib/;ni wiiJiiii 
her iibcisanru. 1616 K. C. 7 inux 11. 7-.1i Tin' 

Ii'wcs, tojirthcr wiili ihtir Pidtsiinr, \\ hit h he bj’ f-jrtc 
will fimqutr, ai'd cimfiut To hi?. o*oci-;'iii i;. 

3. A bodily act or gestme expn.-s.'-ivc of .siibini.s.-.iun 

■ or re.spect : .-iliiiost .ilwa^'.s, A bending or ])iostrati<'i» 

■ of the body in token of this) ; a resi>eclful saluia 

■ tion; ft bow nr curtsy: — Oukiuk.vck 3. Often in 

plir. io do. makCy pay oUimniet in im.d.I.. <7.W/- 
i-fi/ia/fi 'flic chid l urrent .sense, but almo-it 

: ivilrietcd to literary use, ami oiti.-n with an archaic 
i tinge.) 

• Ill I-'., ij'-diTii^y' h.cs oiift I'jth *:. t sampler uf 
rA'7r, iii:,', .wi/w/, bui no *11*'. l'..^■amplt^. 'J'hc si is ii-.'l 

■ in f’<'lj;r.. I.ittii-, or Ifat/.-l >anii.' 

t. 138^ C.M-VL'i.i.k /.. (i. li \ /r.'c/-.*. And c.iu Mix\cl di-n 

( ailc hl'ti (-bf:3 s:ii:iii:is And wayi)!! hit'.- at ft.-.siiri and .it 
j d.ii:ti«.-ir-. 1484 f \.\ I : '.s* / /i/’A'i i /‘. f’-s.'P 11. i, J It'.y appif 1 li^'d 
. t'j tlityr kyp.le fur to iii.ilu* faK.*y--‘‘aiiiif:c into livni. n i5i;3 
; 1 . *. 1 imi;h Srnif. ^ JCtm. i'i-S43' i'j.t .A .ii* ml* luan’ihai b!iii!;;iii 
; Ihe l up. Ill ni.ibiti^ 4ilK-i', tlu. *.ijVi.T ft.ll to lb*.- ei--IMic!. 

: 1610 < •. I' M It lil t: t 'i,/. 11 xvii, Ift luwOrd Invi* 

With p:uuo ‘da 3--;\iirc. 1640 ill Uu'.hv.. //; .'. ('• //. III. tq;- ) 
I. 1. ; ilc iiiv-d*.: a I- '.i' Obtrv s.ii .*.**. <.1710 *. 1 Fil \\i S 
' < r “i!"-'.' 0 I I lu.-y .''*| 11.. ihf: wi.-mIuj i| p,ivr. 

iiiri-.i uiili y*: i‘ i-f Ilk viiiiirjs. 1765 1 1. W \:.r- ii.i, 
iii. 4ii 'J'ht; lurrald lundc llait: ob».i-.aii: f«, 

« 1850 Arn.’i. fs. (RiUljLi.' 44 ^ I II** J tiuiig h.:iit madt: 

bis obni.'^aiuc, I'V thr-^wiuij liiin-elf tiiih b;s fai.c to ib«; 

j yiiiuud. 1855 IVksciii I yV/.*.'.vA //, I. 1. i^. 'I7,e j^pai i.-h 

piiuec wax \ a ^'/Rlly tonipaiiy of Kn^ikh 
; I'lids, .vsi'.iiibb-d to pay him ibtir ob<.i*aui:c. 

4 . In mure general scii-c: ke^peclfuliieAs of 
I manner or Ixaiing, deference ; respect siuh as is 

■ or may be shown by bending the body ; homage, 
i .submi osion. (JIten in phr. fa i/j. ff/ bkisaw c, 

; bg.f • to * do homage', .submit, show leM-rcncc oi 
I ic.sp<ct. (In moil, use regaidcd as /i;y. horn 3.) 

t* 1385 L. <i. /J”. 137.*; /O/sip.. Thync ftynedc 
tii'uflit Wuh ihyii c.•}»*.•Y^au:HA• and humble durtri.'. 1; 1450 
Huii.isu !.:;«• niih'iMi lh;ii ir-.'.aif with it u» rt.ii-, 

I Ami V.'U -iMiir •.•bi.>.v.»rwir. ,• i§|o / VA,y /.,;rv46 L-ivij artird 
. nur li> lit myii uiiM'rvaiiiu** l-j his .', ami dooo biiu 
oV'vsauiu f, 171X .S ii.i- 1 1: No. 1&7 ?3 .A 'I bronc l-i 

, u hit h •:*.in jucu'd Nati^n<. virhlcd OUy*..iU!:c. «i 1716 Sfu. 1 11 
.St rn:. VIII vi. 1174.}) 16* Thv »;)*: niU'.l *l'i obci.iancu Ui ihit 
• wiiutiiw, and .‘'Ubmit to sunrHUioii. _ 1865^ Si r.i i-.v 
j A’evr /torn.; 1. f iS6.^J 6 He lb*-* llaptUt j did oi.'cl.iancc to 
. thu royalty of inward liappinc.n.i. 

! 1 6. Alleged lei in lor a coinpanv of serv.nits. Oh. 

1496 Jy’k. .bV. b, An oLckUns of ><triiai»:iiLs. 

Obei’sancy. ran\ [Sec -am y.J =piec. 

: 1846 W • rUK I Ib-S Pul-I.OK. 

t Obei'Snnd, obeyaand, a. Oh. [A northeru 
' form in which I‘\ oh/ssattt, ()hK!.saNT receives the 
nv.nthcrn paiticipiol ending -an u, ami thu.s bece-ines 
; in ioim the pr. pplc, of ohis t)bKHii :*,] Om:i- 
.'^ANT, ObElilKNY. 

1375 IbiRuotK Pruiw viii, lit That land He .‘Vi.iul till him 
; .dl '-ibevsiiiid t 1500 nt'..iii.iki(h al ulHS.-ai.'d 

|f» his h'lnde, Thai ni-f.hl U b fi wuLompi'-?-* in that I'-ad. 

1568 iu Hannatync Foens 11^7/) 104 vS He .. ord.iuil 
at iliy cuiumimd iu he, .\)ul tliow t-a Ik.'. olKrysand to his law iv 

Obeisant idv'’sant , a, {sh.’i Vuniis: 3-S 
I oboyaaiit,4>6 -auut, obeisaaut, -aiint. •; obeys- 
i .^ant, -aunt, (obeysaiant, obeiceanl), 4- obei- 
! sant ; also 4 5 oboiach-, obofich-, 5 oboyabaunt. 

[:i. F. olfcissau,*^ pr. pple. of t7A /> L. oi'rdJn to 
. OuEV: sec-.VNT.] 

i +1. ^ OIIEMIENT I. Oh. c.\c. ill 2. 

: iw R. Cii-ucc, iRcUs) in-,r.5 J^i to j-ufl i?; to Iwli- 

; i.liir«:liA: 'ilwysinl w'ete, t 13^ W\.-i il* ll'h, .;i3.-c-) 2;; put 
cli.rkis be iiu-kc & obt scluiiiiil to wor!dly I'jrilk. X38« ■ 

i h'-roii. A.xiv. 7 Wc shiilfii be oIit) v.iuiil. 1430-60 ir. Srxri-(>i 
! Srint. 4 He,. found hem rn«?re hiw!> and obey'-haiint tci 
' him than .my othir weii*. 1475 fik. A’.».V*-.i.v* ^Ro.vb.' 3 V-mr 
‘ vijTtay iMic obci.w:nt .Mibjti.ii.>. 1546 .Vv//».V.', Commonx 
i iK. K. 'I . S.l 76 We, 3'our. .niiw-t .:'.hei.saut IfUiie people. *570 
j .V/i /’.»»■«« Kejorm. xiii. it'i Re ubcysml lo t»otl .ind 
j niuiis L:\w is 

I i b. Subject; .=:OBEi)H;Nr i b. Oh. 

1400 Mai'.^ijev. (iS?9» xw. Many ben obi* to 
j the i;xeale Ch.^ne. 1485 C a v i-.w V'** ii. xiii. 

; (i.V-'i') 66 I He I nia*le them all lonx« and be olH:>s.-.aiint to 
: kyuKdomc of Koine. 1536 lU;i.i.tM.*i.N ( V<*v. St\7. i i.'-V.*) ' I. 

. 78 .\1 ti'.cionh lii ridit » iih the «ii;‘i-«:i:ii* •ees ar l>bl■^•^.lnt to 
i Kumane lawi.**. 1809 Hort am» . d w*.#. .l/.irtr//. xvxi. \ ii. 4x0 
I They . .joyiicd themselves umo him, as dnciilul and obekant 
j allyes. 

I tc. Compli.ant : - Oukmfxt 3. 0h\ 

i f.'X400 M.aimivv. iRuxb.) vi. 41 I’a* hai .^durid..l»c obei. 
j .sch.iiint to myni: askynuc-w. 

; d. ‘ . ObEUn N T .|. Oh. or an' a. 

1430^0 I YiRt. /'WAfii Ml. iv. (1 x:,4‘ b, Of heaucnly eoins 
! the dkviosiiiun Is olwysaiiiit au-.l_ '. ubua t t.> nvison. 1818 
iNIit..M.\N S-imor *7* The l-ark oIwU.miI to its oars. 

2. Sht.ixving resjx'ct or diderciice, deferential ; 
humbly or servilely ubcdieiit, obsequious. 

j i 641 K 't.! iS All. {</.';// ij If K.:!' .i>i lr..i'.!ii'r; K.ii-", 

I beailn;; uf a ihau;« from ( it>«l w.,n , i-!w):;.iiii, ji, t , (..m*- 

■ wiT hi.j ibrm'ie, j.i-d W»;»i .b;p li-nl. 17*5 I<\x'-.;\v f., 

; Sheph, JV. li, Ol>cy-..iut • vaiil-.. Irunmv 

I *855 I at. C/tr\ V. iv •1:1. 414 li;i y a'I.'. 

! lu be the ubei.^ai.t. < x^ci;! .oiiris i f pti!)i'.iiir't;riiv 
..of which ilicy ilid u.ii afliisit the jii.'tin-. 1878 .ii'o-a/tr 
: i'osis .'7 'Ihc uljt'isaut ‘lavc*^ w.‘o!d bxiuj; i..t» ..ijf, .. 

b. Df'iiig obfis.mce ; (illeriiig lu-mjgr ; b-.wing. 
i 1900 I'-.x-piiAitor J.iii. 77 dreaii.s '.f uli-i ’i-.-af 

J aii'.l i.tbekaiit .‘it;i.'. 

: i' B. . 0 . ( hie w ho i.s ol.itdicnt, an obcdiciil sxi vuut . 

* iitie under nuthority, .a siiborilln.itc. P/m-. 

•475 (K-'.xb.' jji.^ lu ilihiuie '.f !•..■ 

5 i.rarc ol -■issaiiuSt:*... x6oo W. W *. r-Sd'i /*. I i- ,jj i/.Vi (i6i;,'. 
jjo A dis'lueiicii beUvi>t a le.-.uit toui.'ii.ii dai.t. .iiul a 
leriuil -/ 

t Obei'santly, ain. oh. [.<■. j.rec. f 

In an iiuiuncr; obediently, ileJenjiU.illy ; 

; with .nn *'bt.i.-»:iiic(*. 

^1400 /.fty J-W/t'- Ma.\i Fir. App. iii. 1/6 M.b’.’i l'.; 

|K--.«:bi Iiauhirly !>cvi'. hym pu*.. 1507 /«.■/* .1 • "? 

in Hjyh J\ I'. II. i-2,( |#y the they Aud 

■■ib» \ ^.I'.n.ily »!iiiinc ihrjr hi '-'.lr*. ili«y i..i'.i. »5SS -Xi-.i'. 

, P.\i l>.iii. 1-^3 i.»bL3 a:ii!y 'lo lyfi my l’.;i!nl* *■. 

■ t Obei'Sh, obei'S, ('/•.'■ Foims; j obcRhe, 

obecho, obeisho, obeicbo, 4-5 oboi.scho. o- 
bcscho, 5 obci.sKho, obt.iyscho, obeyssho ; 5, 

obes, obcis, oboyHo, 5, obeiso. [a. f. 

. <i/'c'/.).r-. lengthened stem of chir lo Octv i forinally 
. tor.'e-puiiding to .a L.inehuative type * 6 hdiic-). As 
to consliuclious cf. OitEV.] 
j 1 . a. irani. or intr. XAiih Obey v. i. 

* a 1400-50 .. liV.i aneir r ■.6iy4 y'l.r*:rs, j -.iar hL<iiCia> ule 

with 'yMuke •-!■« c 14110 it. Stwn'ta S,ift 7 ., 

L.-r.h/:. =7 'I i.i l iut-., i.-.d’-'uu-. -I • i e, aud |*c kvii;:e, 

1483 1. 0. : I f',. tk in /■..•;,/ Ki\ h, Ve i.i.ii;!ii i-'.,-. uey.s'-.hc 
afid lf:iL’ I:} III b-'>!:i".ir. 

b. //.'/»'. Aiitli to: « 0 |il;V Z.\ 2 . 

•375 Rakiimi. !i I'ru. o ix. .u.*, 'Mu- v-.-iib r'liKip, ib.-.t L a 1115 liy 
0 !.i;yrii till III-, seri:joiy. • 1380 Wv 1 1: ‘uv 'i/. S. I. Wk]. 1 . 
S2 Meri niolen m-ce ube!.-»!it^ O-.'l l-wi So iiia". <’.1449 

i-'l'i.'ji.K Kt'pr. l\. i. 4 ■ » ri'ul wiiiii'ssiih Ikt sj'.ii'.t,. r.iti 
ihu-. S< rvaii'iii.'', obcisflu: t-i Hci'^-<.i.!i I'MvI.p. <1500 

l.iiii.elot 2»j4 To 2h''iir tiOuiu.'-Li:'.!, i;ou v. ill, > sal ■jbcH. 

C. }ijL * f.llir.Y V. 4. 

f:i40Oir. S^fnia Si rot .{ 'ny:'. I ordih. r,y Wli'*ure .. ]'ai 
his siibgiit '21 ^>*>11 a'.'j'.ad c?biiv:,e ki.-m m bb, l-.ui.-.. lupv.. 

2 . (ra/iA. i-r in!r. wiih simpl*. cfM.) To ilo 
obcisam.0 to, bow to: Oju;\ b. 

* 13.. A'. li.Aitii. !\ A. 5 s.-, "'v/ 'liayoe, .-i fe 

: fowre In;'..! / pill jjym i-bes /.V.6 )). 74!> l'> •» .Abiabam 

ob'.>.bt:«l lu-IU is. lo’-jly hiui |»«.lil-.l;r /, 111400-50 , ill’ 4Vl'H-/i-F 

i6:\i |\,n IV.i.nrron . aski*. ;ii biin . . t^iii ht '.bv.jcliid 

I .-o lawe it' d bciuii'. J»v b’-.'C.h.-p uf / 

tObei'sliing, obersing, -M. .'X Oh. ft 

prcc. + “iNc; 1.] OiiEidENCK, ( /ueis-'ANCE ; homage. 

f 1400 Kont, .?-•> K--.r ::eriiif.c a"'! * btiv iivj;. 145? 7® 

< 7 oingics 4 i,:22 Heir uuik 1 3«mv iibijkiiii;, .\> 

lord i.'t la: ili-.. 

t Obei-shing, obei-smg, 0 /'^. [ 
prcc. -T-i.Nd c!. ibc noiihein equiva- 

lent.] - klm nJF.M'. OUKT.SAM. 

i' 1380 WY»:!ir Si'rm. S!el. NVk'.. !, 33 Wlian :ii Willi's 
i'.ud alk hi'- Iwi obe'-):iiv.?.e t-.i re’-t.>'.»i\., *. *38$ 

Thm I i.K /. f,'. Ii' I f6 iJ/do, Thai Tyriith hyin >0 
iS: y.s\!i;:e. 1483 (!v\'ri*.s ,:r in .\! :Iuj 

; lint .. J.a'.ItU. bv L*bei:-.'--*jy.i.i: l'.> hi'- L'.niniauiH(tint.':il:-, 

■ Obeism : 

Obole, -ey, obs. Ibims of Ouley. 
li ObcliOXl ebz’U,ei .. . hiM. fmod.L. .a. Gr. 
dim. of i*df\i's sydt.] quots. ! 

1878 r.xwi! i-v tr. 7 'opit:ii>\i'x r/*. ii. li ■<'-:4 Ol-elivm. . 
ihc tr;;ioil sili..iti:d bi lwvvTl the l'\ .. paiirl. 1 where 

' the >a.;iu.'il sulurc b«.i-.-.nv - .-lii'p'e, w liuh i> ^•..■-*:!a.:y ai it-, 
fi-iiiili po-i<.:ii#i fifib. xSga Syd. /-t'.r , t ih< 

' point i.'f a iiiic ^irelvihin,; b-. iwi.rn the two |i.iriri:-,l foranii:..-i 
whvif ihe s.-ip.iii.'tl ^iilure --iuip’.e ;\i-d wbnc its 

; vI'.v-Qic .t'.C'it'railv l.■■lnll■:u■ni■l'^, abuul f '-ur fiiih'^ uf its leni^th 
fr-..-in ihf of Piv 'utuie. 

Mi nce Obrliac a., peit.?ii.'ing lo ihc oholion. 
j OboliSCal J'li/lr.skar, a. .\lso obeliskiil. 
i [f. J.. <7.V.VV. -z/j OitKi.l-K I - \i.] Of or perl.ainini; 
lo an of't-lijik ; of l 4 ie nruiivc of an oheli'-k. 

1763 .•'■ii;Kri 1 V /V/.Vi*<;v, StV. tii V* I'l llie temples 

■ of the |liiiid>. il ey li.iJ an ubvli cal m i rjniuhl. 1837 

O'llMrv /Vbiw.i. hit \.\.\iv. ;yil. i;: .:;m ’lOft', \ j > i;;iiiiti'.d 

. i/bell^cal stone, m.x or ‘•t'M ii feet in iie:>;h.l. i.s "aid to b.»\o. 
^too'i In liu: irnlre. 1880 I imts 6 N ov. 4 5 1 he ' belival 
i:lKirait*:r. . bel wv en lb*' and iht lowt r ball ef the ‘' 
. 11111*^1 lieiiolc ‘ kin>; 

Obeli'SCftT, I* ntn. |f. as pifco. 4 -A«, .'liter 

■ .in analogical 1^. ire;.v.] -- pnc. 

1B37 Frasers Mag. XYL » .'.y Cv-nfiniic-d Ijy the. ubtlUar 

■ iiiMTiption*-. //-/.y., I be ubclk'-ar K-ulpOue-. 

t Oboliacolychny, Ch. ntre. [a. F. ohUs- 
'idychnic (Kalndais), ad. Gr. ofi(\iOKoyv\rt<-yj a 

■ spit used (by soldiers'!' .as a lampdiolder, f. ot^tSianfri 

■ Mriall spit + Avxviov lamp-stand.] A lighlhonse; 

; a light -bearer. > » 

1694 Monn X .Vort/.i/r l\. .xxi», 1 Licbl on .t; (.Vv ;- 
i Hid. *.'. .v>viii, We w« re ■. .'.'iJiicieil .. by tui-j.e 

DbeliMolvt liny.N, Mihcn \ -('•uaMl'k u! iht !f, rt'i'i I '-.lli- 
: t lown'd'-. 

Obelisk o. -m- 6-r -ifko. ; 

: -iaok, 7 S-isquo,-i8e. fail. 1 . 

oticlisk, a. < >r. iliin. of uiitXh spit, pointci! 

J pillar. In V. in U'"''- 



1. A taperini; >haft oi coUnrin of sloiiCf si^uare or 
rectangular in acLioii, and usually inunolitbic and 
finished with a ynramidal apex; u fyjK? of monu- 
ment si)C‘cially characteristic <»t ancient I'lgvpt. 

[1549 Tth>M.\.^ lUttii' il Obcli>i-Us 11 a Slone 

that beynu broatlc and *.11110! i: ;ii the fcu»te yttjcniielh - 

tioiiallyc ».«• .i sh.irpi* ^ »iii( n* 1 1569 j. S.\SKiji4r. Ir. j 

/■*.»«. ^ 127 Tlic raised up so ni.niy Obeli* kes 

ibf M'jinliTe of ihc deatUt, as be had >liiiiie cnimies. 
1613 ri.ui:ii\s Pi\vhnaf:e vi. ii. 4/1 Obelrks:. tlu ir Pil'as^ 
of one .‘ttone, fasliirtiiinl like a needle. 1648 KwM'.M' 

II Mr^r, Itni. 7R The DbeliMiiin wjiiili . . i> lirM !'• bi. I lie 
liiiiRCSt of oiir 'itone . . dial cvi-r 1 aiiic Komr. 1695 
K. fb-HNARi) /'/*)■. /!/<//.> /.» .huimrr in I/.' . < 

If I, Q5 A very tall :int.l mI.UiIv (')licli--k or I'ill.T. r.>!id*t!rii; 
of ;evi:n laiije Slones, bobli's ii.-* ( 1735 J- '■ 
.S'.W'/'V. Thtiuuti 5 Slone ‘ f"'' I-nr'j."*. 1889 

R WVMNSON .'IWi'. /.'fv/. ? HI-.t.illi.ll events .. ie,.>‘Kb.i.l .. 
‘•onitlimcs on obelisks .n j ilkn •. 

■|rb. Loos“ly aj'j»lii‘d to a Oiiiiimn t»r pillar <.>f 
any foun; in qimt. if»i)S a iniiiarcl. 

1387 Fi.f'M (N't : /A'/zV- v/.r,/ I n . i I wooliiliskes 

or round spire*:, and be* weem* iliein ,1 tilninphall 1698 

l•■F.VKk . l,rr. /'■. '/r'ifVa V /'• ’/'•’ • oiisiant Honrs the Mipr- 

rior t’lfrijiy. .from iMeit Obeiisks. .c.ill to the lo JVay. 

C. A natural hnm.ition rcsomlding an oWisk. 
a-i a h'fty sharji-ji'-tnlctl tmuinlain piMk. 

184s hvKW'N / iT. 1. ('G';.! Tt At St. Helena . . some 
pinnarl***: itf :i -.oarlv •iniil.vr fioiirc .. hii\l ruiiittl by 

ihe i'sie-ti e; .‘f k Inio ynddin.;; siuiia, which had 

liins fiir'ii'-d iIm fiv ihcse >^ik;anlif: obelisks, i860 

'I VViiSM. ^rVtiL'. I. .\e > I'l.*: iliirk' ii»id tin: Mem obelisk of 

the .M.iii il: 'O'- «886 Si(M.i»*n tr. FUtufryt's SiihtnttitF * 

An of cyj!’.«.» lite.-; hiimetl a double ci'k niiade of 

.il'i !i -k-i. 

2. A sfrniolit hoiizoiilal stroke, either simple f- -- •. 

III uiiJi .1 ilni above and (me beluw u.'id in 

.'iiicitijt in .mti scripts to point out n sjjiiii.nis. 
Cvifriipt, di>ul»tful, 01 .sii|)erlluoii.s word ot passage 
( - OnEbi s, Gr. o/ifX(iv> ; in niodcni use applied 
to the uisTrk f uiicd in printing for marginal rel't r- 
encos, 1 »t)t-nc»le3. etc. DAtiOKIt :i//. ''' . /A'/Wi: 

the double dagger ’t'.. 

158) I'l (.Iv|. 'jf, WhatsMCVi:!' is 1 ,! f..r.nd in 

(hr . arjon the Ifwi..Sl. fu|i.iine did linnsl;l: wiih 
H spii or obelisk, a.s n'lt woriliy tj bt*. reo:iVi.*d. 1641 I. F \ck- 
S'lN i'nt,: /'■ *• 7* It i** ■*nftii.ii.i»t !<■ n -fe tht-.s'- tb:n..:s 

with an i>l»rU*.ki*5 Thny ntr dead pmiis. 1 1711 1011 'V ij.‘, 
Havinii it Hhc Srpiti.i Mnl| wiili ih*: Mebuu .and 
Moled by aMerisk.s wh.'il (brfm.ti;*, and by V . 
ii-ihindaMt. 17*7 W. M a'IHKK ,t/ii I 'o/i//. p ( ’\'/iaL 
is a mark of Rof'*rf:nc.r lo tin* Sl:n;»i:i, ilm- , i. 1864 /j\»A 
Ab’7'. i) .j'lly (>» I. r imed r.'immenlai'.rs .. nmy iran.sji*. ii 
•viiii theit ‘(jlic'isk ' of roach nuuiliou us spuiiuus. 

t3. As rendering fd (Ir. HUXhKm a spit (^h. 

_ i6c« f'l-: M.iiA.M Ci'tnpL (.'.•»//. \ii. no <»iio!ir. ■bei..iii%i; 

it v'ariNcd the foinu*. of a *pit m ohfH ’'ini: --o i.alled' was the 
.sivili part of a dram. 

4 . i'om/i, 

1813 fiVv/A 1XXXIU. i:'V« F 'beli-k-nniied jiin->.’>>.. i855<o*>'«a'ii/f0_? t Ui«.l;skdik«; r.K k*.. 1901 m.'I 7 
(2 Mar. 4/i< A ina^nificont (i}i(disk.sha[>«d pilko- .n.Mi:. 

+ B. Jis f obelisk-shaped, ol.u list al. {‘/tu 
i 6 jBSih' 1 . Mi-io.i III />rfi'i. irnJ. a) (4')Consi.stiii,: - f I igiiri..s,, Itiarigul.m, iiiivl pvi<‘ui'iida]|. 

ObeUski no, #/. HonrC'ivcf. [iro g. f ]iirc. + 

•INI-. ^.J IVnaining to or re.scnibliug an obdi>k ; 

l8l8.Sm «.l..i;v I / 7a-. nGr^'i ITI. ;,! yi'-vi 

j.beliskiin: foniiN of i!iti o-.r green pi»-|i.c ihn grtj sh.ulow of 
the wintry hill. 

Obalisd Ip b/ 1 v. Also ij rm?//. obolizc. 
[ad. (ir. In mark with a critical obtliui ; 

see OuELbs .and -i/.K.] /r<i//s. To inrirk a woid 

or passage' with an obelus or oljelisk; loconthiuin 
aa spin ions or corrupt. 

(i6n Coi.YAi- CruiY/iiS Kp, l» Kdi.bij!., Sm I: re 

■\ii- faicli'-, a-- are wonl n/irAiv ir.] 1656 r.i.-y- vi (./iOa/i:, , 
lo iii.ik-r; a long Mroke ifi 'w rii.ii-.'. Im ii.Miifn. 111 b.; ).i:| out. 1830 1>K t^niNCl V i-i Fi.i, 

XWHI. bn .A v’ii.\bTc di..ii'i,\u y . i;i-.iui:;i.idi«*. ih,.- 
goht nmJ siUiT words, .'n id oli.i|i/vs ihc l .o.e- IlniMMii.i^vin 

topper 1837 \V'Hi:ia.v\ i-imu ir . . 

The It .mil ihe ilireii f dl swiij;' n r 
to the .Scliiili.iM, olii li/rd by lln; ii!:is|ii.iis gi-.niini.ij 
1876 ( rl AOsi >SK Ifpunfi,. . I'j ‘lb. Ijiii- (.b/. n. 

<jtM:lisf:il as spurinns. 

So 0‘beli8in[(}r,«)/'i«A(rr/ios,f. oljeli/e], 

the action nf m.arking as spmious. 

i860 h. Cor.KPirxa-; in 7>/i»/r. /V/ .•/,./ y ,:*■ 1 1„. 

"fa I.hctinnary . is eniinenily leguluiiv.*. .. ]| , ihi* 

r.purinii!, from ihe ;;i:i:niTirj, int w.iy of cm lii'-iii!i, 
..or W carri'iil obe-li<-ni. 

II Obelus - p b/ l/V-. I’l. obeli i -I n . [l,. /i/W//.? 
spit, critical nlxdus a. (Ir. spit, obelisk, 

critiiral inaik.] « OitEidsK 3. 

138a V\ vcMi* 2 (.rtypii. ]*iol. ad liii.. rii.'m whi'r eiiiT jo ‘■•■en 
. -obnlns nucrlurneil, th.a is, a Vade, is mmi. I., fr,r.-, ib.-re i . 
betokened what the .sciinijiy remonoiirs mhlr-den . . u!..! in 
'.oluintj. ir is not rail. 1833 .Sru W. 1 I\mii oj.n Dh. 
tm~>. i4'J They siand jikewisf; withoni an obrlns in 

In. 1. biisfiid's respA.i.-ibU; cditfiiM of the FFytUi;^i:im. 1R46 
Tr^i-m . 1// XV. jiii In oiIkt .MSS. . . tin. obi his 

which Jiiiiis sns|jirioii,nr the .o.ierisk w hi' h marks rejr linn, 
is attaclicd lo it. 18^ Kaim ar I.ivps /'rtMi '-.v I J. .wi. :i 1 
T o amerni the F/iim vrision ,, wiih .-istrti.sks a:id ol.H*li 
Oboly, -ley, obs. forms of ffni.EY. 
f Obe*QUitote, v. oh. rare ■ ='. [f. j»f»l. PKm of 
I . oht'tjuiftir,' 1(1 ride tou.'inls, or up to, f. oh (On- 
J . h €i]uitarc to tide-.] He-nce + Obcquita'tion. 

I 1693 e'OLKt R.s.M, OhtjMitati^ to ilde aljout. 1638 rim-i.ii*.s 
' SI lidiiijn uhuui. 169^ Moiii.e.x RaMaU v. 

■ t J 7:17) e 4 1 Crtieiaied .. Wilh an iiidcsinunt Oheiiuitaticin. 

; t Oberra’tion# Oh,rare~^", [ii. uf action of 
1-. ohrrare lo wander alxuit.] 
i 1658 riin.i ii-s, a .sirayiii)^, ur wandiiii}; about 
(nut in ed.h ifitjb-tytjO}. tjat xSoo I’, Oberraiion, a 
w.inderiiig up and down. 

ObeS6 a. [nd. L. vhs ita that has 

eaten itsfdf fni, stout, plump, im.pple. of obedbre 
i to eat away, f. oh ,^(lbj- j)*k..'i/Av? to cat. 
kait: before loih c. ; in Johnson without ipiot.l 
Yri V lat or Ilc^hy ; exceedingly corpulent. 

Hioos .\Vn» y3/vAPi*qi Mine olie.-.e and idv.ihisrick 
billies. 16541 i \\ ii*N y Vl'tiA. 1. iii. 8 One said t>f an Ovrr- 

' I )l*esc Ih-ii.M that lit: uas;i (^rcat Ariiitiii.iii ; ^I'unt, (jiiiith a 
I second, thu.t he iw: all Ariitiiiis't'i, 1*11 swonr he is llm grtMlcsi 
I lliat c\ er I ^^|w■, i8aa I*. T^yi.«»k .116 A li.%yk, 

I ui!(l nnillUtled hiv:isi, 1848 c liiioMK 7. /->/■#.• iv. 11857) to 
I A w, Milan " ftanit*, square shpuhh’red, ..:ind 
I .stout, U'lt plifse. .8«,K . 0 VKiii I \ Jlist. Aii/f’j 85 .An obese 
I (K'l:i vi.i, exteiuling to .six htiiiili Ld iilo.stdy priiilctl p.ages. 

1 b. /'nfOM. ' .SCi* (JllOt.) 

I i8a6 Kifuv iv Si*. I'/ifpwI IV. j(ktOb. .u: .. Unn.'itnrally 
j t*l 1 lar^ 0 ll and disO if from diseasi; ur too inm h foiid. 

1 Il licit Obc nely ndr. ; Obe'senesa ( next 
i 1653 5tyt ‘I hc faliwessc of Monki-s. and 

• the obi-enC'*. id .Ablwiis. 1654 R. CooKiscitiN Ir. Ih&tin-r 
; .w.xyiii. 416 He. wa:». .shml in M.ilino, and hy iliv.obcseii'.'s.s 
i>l his siriitling belly, more like iiiiio a Reusl then to ;\ man, 

1 1820 Mimio. rubles w. 7^ Her fat loi.u -ts, like a i.lwiid Of 
1 pluruhsfs. iibcicly lowering. 1891 1.1. M i:i;ini 1 11 One t /pur 
: i'.'fuj, i. i.\. isi CM*csciit.s.s ib the iiiiv-l sensitive of our 




















Obesity (tflie'sui". [ad. I.. cAVy'Vdr, f. obCs-us 
OiiEME: cf. V. obcSi/*!,\ The condition of being 
obfM* ; e.xccssivc fatness 01 corpulence. 

t6ii It., oliesiii*:. i6ao Vi-.NNi-:k FV,t Ree/ft I'l I ho.NK ihtit fcarc 'dicsity, that is, wouhl teir waxc 
liuis.v.-. tyxB I’oi-K I. Nott;.sii7 if.i iro Hi: m.iy je.sily 

in.* I alb da mailyr to iiIm:siLv. 1847 j.‘.N C/tr. .Vprtk 
1. 150 'I hr iTaltli;. .eat ihcinsflxes u|.’ .inlu ohediy. 

./Tv- 'V- hi Mpufkiy Ri' 7 \ !.> VIII. 254 Maisy 

wiilcri h.ivi* perishc.l of literary obtsily. 1876 Kairims'V 
.ihituss It. in i rntnup. A'-e*. June i }i' A lihgiun a.s well as 
;i iiMii may perish through obesity, 

[ObesBO, obesH, app. misjjr. for r /.f'.vr*, (.'he.^s, 

i6s6 .Sitt.Cu. Ci’KNw^ /.*/.<. /V. 17 Yet 

Wimhl (hr I sMinqi^iiiit.:^ play .it dhevc .at liiiiors .unl at lairds. 

FRi'Pi'iniiid in Uarl. .l/Av.. ; ihcm.i; in Halliweli, • ic. J 
Obot'o, obii. (oTWi ot Oil IT, 
ii Obex (^'M’bcks). f 1 .. obtx. ohie-t'm Fjarricr, l.)(dt, 
f. obiitre tr>ca.-;t in Iront oJ, f. ob- r a ) \ Janrc 
to caM.] 

1 , An impodiincnt, an ob.siacle, Nuw rare or Oh. 

1611 (?MK\.\r ^ Vr/ffV.'/i'j 44y Thai he mi,;lal i>bji.i.l ihi: same 
a*: aii oIm x 01 h.iirc f«/r ie |.»uliiit*g ili**. vi-ilent*»i ofih'- 
Jkiiax iaim. 1681 Ki.A\i*f. Meik. \\k. \ \7 The .goat 

()bc\ of to our enjoyment of tl*:d, is .reiutived by the 
death *.if Chiht. 1874 C/trou. Cvnrpixitson •.•>) .Apr, tvi) If 
this l.uwi r Hoii.'-c should itilerposc any i.diex or, 

2. .Utal. A sm-all plate of white lu-rvous sub- 
sbincc sometimes occuiriiig in the mcmbr.’uie fi.trm- 
iiig the roof of the fourth veufriclo of the brain, 
over the point of thcr/z/irwr/r sn ibionm^ nnd filling 
the angle ltd ween the diverging y>z//zi7r//' ,.‘;/vt( /7c j. 
SyJ. See. /.ex. (1N92). 

Obey V- l omm: ^ 6 obeie, 4-7 oboye, 
(5 obbeyi©, aboy^e, aboy;, 5 /1 obay e, obaie, 

• 6 abeye, abayo ,, 5- obey, [ otei cn^ a. F. 
rV*. L. OLfS/ire, orig. cbudire to give ear, he.'iiken, 
obey, I. oh' (On- 1 .a) + audire lo hear. Cerl.ilii 
liail.-i of the F. verb ^c.g. pr. pple. obtihs-anf. pi. 
jue.s. r/.r oheiss-etth have the lengihened su in :?bt!i:.:.- 
\ L. type *(>AV//V-/Vv), whence the Kng. seeimdary 
verb OBEi'iii, OuKiS, a.s well as Uukisam k, etc. 

K, obiUrt like F. ohitirc^ is an intransitive verb, 

: construed with a dative prunoun, or the j)r(.p, d ; 
j /V' iui nous eb 'isson.x an roi^ anx hix. 

I When the vb. w.a.-i taken into Kiig., the dative and 
-tccusalive wcic already levelled under Ihc common 
j L.bjcrcl case, or objective; henc«;, ihc ting, ciwistruc- 

■ lion was either with a simjjJt objeef, rc[iresfiiling 
j the dative, or with the pn?|)o:-.ilirm lo. the vb. being 

■ thus syntactically, either trans. or iiitr. in the s.'iim* 
j sense. 'I’hc const, with lo has now become ob- 
1 solele, and that with the siinjilc object .survived ; 
j an intrans. use, c. g. *lo oljey is belter than sai ri- 
j ficc is now fell as an ab.solutc u»c of the tiaiisitive. 

'rhe tr.ins. construction U here taken first, but it ii lo 
be liMiu mlicred that the object was orig. a dative.] 
1. fram, (orig. intr. wilh dat. object 
a. I'o comply with, or perform, the bidding of; 
to do what one is -.^omm.anded by (a f»eisonj ; lo 
submit III the rule or authonty of,to be ol>cdient lo. 
In (luoi. 163J, To comply with or accede to the 
Tcijiiest of : cf. ()HKl>fENT 3.) 

<■1290 .V. Rti '. Lt'fC. I. 76/1 7y ^■ul-l■J oWif ii is soHfriiiis : 
; lie wi-Mili- f'rih. t 1391 Gil* '• nt Astyoi. I'r'»l , (lod s;i\c 
1 ill* k\ii;* jilli*. that liiai fi yih Ureth ■’v iilir.mlli. <'1470 
i H J NKv / Wdin'v \ 1. 71; ; Fra i laiiiliv ptlh the I.oid oljcj*t him 
I liuill, I it I ! f w;iitii. 1513 I ,ii, r.KRN'KRs h'reiiAS. I. viii. fi Tlivy 
j \vii|d»; Ml uml hrr .vmioc Kdwiird,a-i they wi.rt* 

j iN/undc In dn. 1519 S. 1* isii Rvy^ars 11 'I’he lii.ahc 

puAfi:^ Nhiili.1 In: ulwcyii obcid. 421631 l>ONNK '/'/• Sir 











/I. ( 7 ofliL‘re(i 6 ^i } poj, ! I uniiot obty you. if you go lo m(>rruw 
tn Rar&oiiii-Rrven. 1638 Sik T. lli:HiiLfiir J'rav. (ed. a) 25 
It I.Mvly olicytid a Queen recti ix ..but now riubniits to a 
King. 1697 IJkyuen /-Vr^n Oeet'S’- m. 1B4 The Lupithx: .. 
oiUj^ht the Steed .. T' obey the Kidcr. 1794 Mh.s, Kau- 
c:i.iFrK xliv, You Nhall be olieyed. iiiy lord. 

184a 'J'knnyson Ppra 57. 1 have olicy’d iny uncle utilil now. 

b. 'I'o comply with, ]>crfoim ;a command, etc.). 

r 1400 /)esfy, Troy .so6 Ciiethv.s . . Rude hts di>uj;bter come 

dounc..Aiid sho obeit his boiie, ik of lioure come, a 1533 
l.n. JtKKNKKs liuprt IaI. 712 Wc are redy ti? obey your cum- 
m:iiindt‘.mentc.s. 1578 Timmi-. Caluiue on Geu, 255 How 
M:vercnily His \Vi.iid wa.s to lie olu:ied. 1^7 Mimon /*. /.. 
vt. 185 |.el nice :.erv c . . Ciiid . .and his Mivine 1'ehe.siit obey. 
I76» Ooi.i sm.CV/. //'. sbi, The l.idies oheyiiiK the Muiimoiis, 
(.anic up ill .1 ^nmn. 1891 K. .Pi-.^cock N. jirenden 1. 60 
Iti'i'iuion iil»tyi:d I'lilcrN. 

c. 'I'o sutwnit to, subject (.du'sclf lo ; to .let 
in accord-ince with (a jninciplc, authority, etc.), 
N^OW rare or mr/t. 

a 1400-50 .Uoxaudir^q?.^ T.all )>an kino *:rlis and bine erd 
niyrie empire ohc3'i. 1539 Diui.k (('treat) Rom. ii. 8 Ynio them 
that arc rcliiillos, and tTmtdo nut olK'y the itiicth, but folowv 
vniiil^hieinisnes F>6ii doe not nbey the trncth, lint obey 
viiriRiacinisiu-..s], 1667 Mit/rtis /*. L, i.v. -jji Wlmt obej-es 
Rf is free. 1733 Port J\ss. Man iii. 21 j Virtue . . The 
^.m^e nhich in a Sire the S«^ns obey’d. 

d. fr/ '^chiefly of thing*; or involuniary agents;: 
'I'o ad according to, or as compdlfd by (a thing, 

ncy, force, impulse, etc.> ; to be? ai tunlcd by. 

1598 Siorts. Merty If', tij. iii. His diNS^ihifn disease 
wi'.i sirarsc obry ibi.s iiK-<li(.iiic. 1646 J. Haii, Ilot.r i'lte. 
i.|6 Hi.-. .that L.'in iii.iki: hi-- hand obey ibe j(i<l{:;r.nivnt of hi.s 
eye. 1719 lJ«;iM n.Vtw/4. Wkfc 1874 11. Pref. 14 JtrutcK olity 
ihrir in*.li;i'.i*. 1813 I5\ mis ^ (. wii, He luark.s huw 

well the ship her hi-hii obcy.s. 1871 15. Srr.\v.\iti (cd. --■> 
§ 67 A pi-ifi*i.I ftas ribeys (lay .Lu^sai 's law. 

t e. /(’ obe/ oh iitn^e. to lender obedience due. 

14x6 AriM.i.Av JWu.A II 'l'h.'ii most idicy (•liedyan-. that 
ili.ii be iKnimlen !•>. ibid. 17 And obey i-lir.dvaii.-* and k» pe 

ta. To be olu'diirnt A/ or ////A j : a. aixTSon: 
- 1 a.. Ob\. 

1382 \Vyi:i IK I .l/rtn.'. ii, If alb: fcilkis obiiii-n (.* ibc*. Aiilim.bkis, .. Y and my builicicii sliuln 

|•bl•ie tu tin- Lwc lif iiun- fadrciiT 411450 AV/A debt /‘fur 
1 1 'J(kl) Gu To ob(*V« bi-li.T It’i Il' l flUsbomit-. *1523 1 .1). i!KliNKI‘.S 
J'roiii. I. .v\xiv. 4° 'I lii*, J-'nipcroiir . i-i.’iimi.uiiiilcd . . iliat . 
all. his •v!b<ictH'N .-.Imick* obi-y to tin- kin/; of Ivifjbuul. 
Ibid. t.xv»i. R9 1 he mo.Ni part (;f ihr cmirey hath obrye'l 
vMfo hym. i6ii I’lm k Rpnt. vi. i6 'l o wlmm y»-e y«*':ld youi 
;.f|iic.s .^crnaril^ lu obej’, his .M*ruaiits y« .-in.: to Mlioni ye iibi.y. 
1651 tr, Pedas-Coveras' pp>i Hi*; i,on(iiictrcssf! 

pri'ycil him it> stay ,v Ii!ili-., to whiirn h« obeyed, 

t b. a command, etc. : •-« i.b. Obs. 

138a [m-k a]. r4a| Left. I. i.| IThcy.) scbiil.l stuiuu 

and obeyt to il:o. 4M‘diM:uin< * 1530 S/iyitiudl (’oun.vnyii- 
K V, .Maki: me.'ilwajv t«m)ii.-y to Ihy 1 imiiiiainnb nienli s. 1584 
R. Sf»!i />Mi,*r'. Il’ifrArt. x\ . viii. (18V.C*,' < (•;, I conjuic Ini i; 
..dial ilii.Hi iloo 4ila:y to iny uutiis. 1667 .Mn ri>N /*. L. i. 
\yj 'I'o their t l*.:ni'nus VViji-c iln-y .soon obryd. 
fc. a piincii»U‘, aiilliorily, 1 ic. : 1 c. Oh. 

fi374 Cii.M rru Doeth. 1. j>r. v. 15 tOunb. MS.) It y; 
;i spiierayne fiedom to l>ui y."Ui.-inyd by the brydul uf 
.ind oboxc lo hvs Itist>i:r, i 1449 Ff.' uck A’r/;'. 70 A.\ the 
RuineyiiN obcicdcii to the open ii.Mnni ami r^.prunf whit h 
Seiiit I’lud made. 1526 Tisr-M.r Rtw. i. 5 I hatt all ;;»-nlile-' 
:.hnldv ulteyc to die fayth wiiirb i-* in hi-, namt-. 1604 
Mil I. 47/1 T'j iibey fioni the brail vnto iFm forme 

of diA-lririe, whrirvtito ilioii. aii . .dcliueriid. 

•| d. A;--. - I t|. r>/».r. 

( 1385 Ch.M'C.kii a. G. li ‘. Pro). As .'in harpe olieirdi !•* 
the mind. <*1430 /V7<'r. f.y/ M,tHht>de 1. cx.xii, 11069)65 
Wiian hc.s^'xli l«il his body . . w olde. not 1 <|ie3 r l-i bim. 1 1566 
J. Ai.iiivv Ir. ILuiyituuHA That. It |.•4■/f/Tij I>, So that his 
.Npirites. .\v,is roiisi mined to obey to the harmony tlmt nru- 
it:rilc‘i| from the in- iruini'iit. 1604 K. (•, Ir. ItP.da's lliit. 
Indies III. Ai.x. i{<i l-’orih.*i all obeys lo Rolde and .silver, 

3. ahoL 7*0 do one is coininamled ; to subinil ; 
to bu obedient. (An intrans. use, but now' 
icgarded as absol. Use of sense i.) 

1390 (low I'.K Con/. I. i*8 Thcr iiiyhie nuthing r;oiit(i:vuille, 
l'"t every eontru most ulitie. 1508 Ki.-nnkhik. F/ytiuy; ir». 
Jhitibar 4-.» OlMiy amt the jibiy that ihow prelt-iidis. 
1610 SiiAKs. Temp. 1. ii. 38 Oljcy, a;iil he alteiiMue. 1867 
Mii.tom /’. A. XII. yjCi Ilirri liod . . vonlsiifcs Tn call by 
Vi.-*ii.Mi .slr:ii]j;ht obrv>. 1733 IVu-i: Rss, Man in. \ip> 
’.I liu.s li-i the wi:ier in.ikc the. re**! oljcy. 184a Ti;\\Vm»n- Ttvo 
I 'li/.i V 744 Will hi: i.'lHty when one UMnitijimt-jY 1847 “ 
/'tiui PAS V, 44" Man In i,i;iiiman(l and wiitiiiin to ol»ey. 
b. //«■. Of a tiling. • *■ 

1567 MAcr.rr Gr. lortsf oj Adamaiii drawelh it [iioiil 
to ii, find this kiKl fiiiloweth and obeycth. 1667 Mii.rov 
/*. A, Ml, 451 'riic lM*rlh oheyM, and. -teem’d at u iJirih 
Innuiiieroii.s living Cre.atutes. Ibid. _\ III. '.72 To speak I 
Ill’ll . . My Toii^iU! oliey’d. 

1-4. ,r/. I F. .(W///V]. 'Fo submit oneself or 
;/;(/£] ; 2. In ijuot. c 1440*^ to comply with or 

iicccilc /i7 (;i rcqucslV Also Ira/ts. To submit, 
subject (one’s will) le. Ob. 7 . 

a 1400-50 .‘lle.rander •jt8-47 Obey |m4«i )*<: bxrutout. c 1400 
Ckioo. t'n'od. 3458 |/ey a-l>evV'doiic hein iia*lhyii;.j to be 
kynuMS- Iv mi. r 1440 '^at.ubx It'cd 268 (.) K* (‘» |n pud ii lo 
hi.*; i-<jiri:iiii>dmciity.N. /bid. .*(19 Obeyc k) wyll to )»i goddys 
wyll. Ibid. V70 Seym i^regoriu suyih, ||if wr be olMxl^'ent 
t-> oufi? ptelalys iit cinalys, ipxl srhul oheye hym lo ouri: 
piaycry.^, r 1450 Mttlin 11.14 Wel« yc iThan obhey yow to 
ibi.i rlertionv 1477 FIaui. Rivkk.s ((Paxton) Dn/rs (»b, 
Huiiibir: .'ind oheye yourself to yoiir kynv*. 

5. intr. Astro! . Said of certain sign.s of the zodiac 
in relation tool hers (called rommandiu^c; nt 
.signs), or of planets when in such signs : see quots. 
(^CC also OlIKDlJJ.NT 2.) 




ri39l CffAUCiiCk AstroL ii. $ (fciiiiiii o>jcicth lo CaiKcri 
and tatiru;> to Ico, [etc.]. .. And llius cucrino j :>igni:.*> that 
bell ilUkc fer fro the heued of capricorne. oheit-n cut:!ich of 
hem til other. 1696 (ed. 5', the 

Southern, ur lu^t Signs of tlie Zudiatk arc m> called. 
*8t9WiL!iori Astrvl,^ AV/'//uv « -74'. ate at -o called 

uoniinaridhtif hcc.iusc planciN in them are s'tid 10 

cuniinand, and iho>e in the. (.>pposile Aligns to tdic.y. 

+0. varhiis coHsiriutions), 'J'o do obi i- 

saiicc to, salute rc.s|ici;tfiilly, bow to. Oh. 

IMO (iovi’KH Ctu^. III. V.IO With that hire Un'd cam 

nyh And is lo ihcin)n;iTour olicievl. c 1430 Syr Gvuet . o-oS 
Whan he come to his pre^em.7:, ffc obcid him with grric 
rrnerencc. a 1450 A'«/. tit: ta u- nrf! 150 Fullc Rwdl>' 
tlici reucrenced and ulieyed eclm lo citlier as louyiig cosyiics 
uikI parcnty.s. r. 1475 Ifabec^ lik. S.s At cucry tyiiic oU’>c 
vnto yoiTi: lordc Whciine y#*.ir iiriswere. a 1650 Sir Latftht - 
*i77 ill Futniv, i\’pxy Folia I, .She obayd her i.«f 
the King tiOc hend, tuohe lea tic away to wi.nd. 

Hence Obeyed ///. n. , Obeying vhl. sh. ami ///. 
a. ; also Obe^ ingly afh. 

<'1489 CaXToS SnnMfS (j/‘. 4 ynron \xvi. .Sj-i, I sawc that . . 
yc werrt oheyeng lo me. 1^7 Ifn-uuN lyks. 1 . ;to8 'l*h«: 
willtnp; (jli«:viii!; of the I.oid. 1654* 66 Kahi. (.hoo ky I't^rtAfn. 
(1676) 5;0 Ai'o.u'.cs had given :yi nhtAeil cutniiiand. t6|i6 
Arti/. ffautf.wnt. They an; ;.er\iiigs and i> of il. 
1843*/*«,v/ -V Pr. II. is, J'o learn rilaiimj i*. «hi; 
fiindamctital art of governing. 1864 Wiai.sTKK. Obeyiniily. 

t0b6y» ''^h oh. ratiT. [f. pric. vli.] - Uhk- 
idKNt'K In iihr. af his ol*cy at his comninnd. 

1584 KT Si.ot \ril--*u-r. w , ii. no Si.v and 

tweuiitt li'gioMS arc at his obirii. .'iml i.oiiiniaMi!<'iiiiMu. 

Obdyftble i«br'i*ab’l', </. rare. [f. OnKV r». + 
-AHhK.J, 'I'hal or shyttM, be obeyed. 

1676 \1. <y. iKKot:!! Hkih. Kenton in TT. 530 

No Autlioig^ Is <..!j..y.d>lL* nr believable in it ^cl^, wiihoot 
farilu-r (‘xaiiimaiinii, *894 .'icMViOl X. No. I). 36/^ The f: ll'h 
C iiiiiii.Lni'lnii.'i)i ajipc.'ir.s to me fairly ohcyaMc. 

tObeyance. obs. [i. Ouky v. + -axck; cf. 
next.] Obetlierue; obeisance, bofn.n;^'c. 

II X400 -50 AU'xamu r st* A To ^oiir honuut#: wiih < ihryaum e 
iiie*aTic rroii..iumir. X4ax ir. Sti:r. /'rtr. Pri '. 

1 ji 1 ban shaltc ihow f^ ndr rri:ndi.-i wy ihuiii K.iylc, c 
in ill thyiigi-. 14691 i' m^k am-. < (KoIIa.* 171 In vherh 

Iciici lie mad a iivw ol.ilNiiiis to the Kyng. 

+ Obeyand, a. north. Oh. f’l lw ]ir. jjjilo. of 
Obky sa, treated .as identical with Uwaa.nt.] 
Obeying;, obctlicnt. 

f X400 M.4\j.vnKv. (Ibjyli ) iii. •> I’.d t r iio^t 1 > |>'- 

khke Ilf R iiiif, iNtl, Avii. 7'^ Til hir b.ii i-r all wbty.and. 
1450 70 Gt'lai;ri'x 6/11/'. i.m; Now wil 1 l>c olicyainl. 
t Obeywt, Oh. [f. Ubkv v. f -ant * : not 
in hr.] Obedienl.* 

r. 140Q M \i. . \R«ixh.' xxvi. Will 5c be obeyaunt 

vnlo m\ * i*m:nir.d*Miu‘ntc.s V i4sa n. Sivwtu .SVi rt f., Pfih. 
Pfir, Td!^ Al ihay shal hr 1.^ yu\% iibeyaunl. Piii. tjy' 'I’hat 
hr ljc..i.uhi<Mc and •.iLirvaiinte to the la'.ic uf *,;vd* 

Ob eyer '^t?bi?'o.i‘i. [f. f.inisv 4*. \ -riihj One 

who obeys. 

•SS* 1 * WnSiiN Loyike 4.1 'I'hc caplainu is tin* i-flicunt 
l..•mlni<llnlIer,the .s..lili-> thccf/i':u.iit ki!i» i|t‘1r. 1680 Ua-V i i;k 
Path, i'emmun, -iS Vou should have •.!i^tingui.1hc1i . . 
tin: evil of the Luw* and 1.:\\)|>maker fiom the evil of the 
Ol.cvei*. *777 bi KKK Carr, (i.S.j4) H* A Imc Mlij-jrr 
Ilf I he laws. 1867 K'U kso.*^ l.ctt. fy S<k:. Aiois vii. 177 
New lull the pliiliiM.iiihei, ilie jn icoivcr, .mil ulnyer uf tiiah. 

Obeysa u nee, -a^u .nt, ob>. ff. t.)bti.sA.\cK, 
-A*NT. Obeysche,/ej’BO, -eysshe, var. OhKi.sii. 
+ Obfi'rxo, V. Oh. f.ail- r... ohjirma-rr. (also 
offirmiire':., to render firm or .iteadfasl ; rell., to 
l>crsrivere in, persist, be obstinate; f. oh i bj i 
fir mi! re to sirajj;lIicn,y/V/«-//,v stront^, Fikm.] 
iram. Tu make firin J 11 bad*; ; lo confiun 
i zr; an evil course, erroneous opinion, etc.) ; to 
make stubborn or obstinate ; to hat den. 

1563-87 Fuxk a. -V a/. •i([)34i 11. ij;? .\ii <5Uiiiuit'.‘ .uid 
stubhuiii pcr^•.'ll, obtlrnird in his uwn uiiiiiimi. i6ia (. 
'rAvi,oK { am///, r/lifs iii._ j In some ■^uhicci-s the will is 
conMrimfd and free lo iivihing bni good... Ir. s.iiiir. the will 
is obliniied .ind haidriitid in euill. t6«9 LU kii 'V /tf 

Pethil Fpist. t(« Chvilndcy 8 You h.Lue . . iihi'iirar.rd ami 
cihfiriiird ihti hciiils of Rcciis.irils. 1686 11 . .Mukk Diw. 
I\€x\t Prt's. To olflinn or harden us in imu u.-ibclicf uf . . 

lienee tObflTmod ///. ‘n., conllrnu'd in evil, 
l^rdeiied, stubborn, obditraU*. 

*587 J* Kisr; yi;//rt,v (l6iSi i*?.: .Xii obviin.-itc, obrunud 

iiiinilc agaiiiM the comniandcmeiit uf Oo-.l, 163^ Ih. 
Hall rcw/*.**7/// , .V. y, iv. Chrhi Azivmif, 'I'hc ublirniKd 
Iraiuir known hii^ way (o the hig]upiic.s(s imU, and to the 
garden. 1637 A’<-/*y, Prefflmncotxi^e U. .\i. 15.:; ‘J'hc obrnmed 
MUiic will hold out. 

t Obfl'rmat^y r*. Oh. rare. [f. p))l. .stem of 1 .. 
ohJirmCirc '. see jucc.] -- Ohkikm v. 

s6i6 K. StiEi.noN Mintx. Autickr. jj; They . . di'C ub- 
firinatc and inulrc obstinate their mindcs for the. constant 
tvulfviing of death. 

tOSfirma'ti&ii. Oh. [ad. incd.I.. ohjinna- 
tiCm em (Du Can|je;,n. of .aclion from L. chfrmitre\ 
sec Obkiiim,] The action of confirming or slate 
of being confirmed in evil ; sliibborimcss, ob- 

ISQ***"* on ix. iv .An impenitent ubHrinutiiin 

of thti iingiiilly in thcii impiety. i6i« Jii.i.Aii u il/itiislm 
Portiitff 4j llegtstliiig, inther a louthiu:.^se to bee infurnied, 
or uhfir Illation against all perswusinns. 1656 H* M‘'kk 
P.nikus. Tri. (i7ry) 41 ,V .Spartan obtirmalion of Mind, 
back'd with ilm .scum.* uf .shame. .665JLH. Tayuir t/uum 
AVrtW. ii. 3 .! The uljfirm.itiun und olisiiuaty of mind by 
uiiich they :diut their cyci against that light. * 

Obftl'8Cat6«//^. Now r<z7V or P/»jr. [ad.L. \ 
obfu^edt-ux (also offusciUus^ |>.'i.*|iple. uf obfuseare : 
see next. C'f. the later vatunt OKri'*>t.\ili.] 
Daikeiied, obscured, obfuscated Jit. and 
{ 1531 F.i,soi‘ O'riy. it. vii, ‘J'ht veiiueN lieyngc i:i a. cnieil 

I iM-.i'.oiic he..Mil!iM ale er hyd. 1535 Sf lwai:i Ovvi. Ai-i'/. 
ill. 17.1 t)bfii>'.at w<.s thair hoiiutjr and fhaii name. 1600 

■ K. I’lLi.'CNr hu /■b.Vt r Y-i Their dbinrbcd braine . . 

I obf'is' .'tie. iiTKi(*r>tanciing. t6At IU;aio '7 .l/ez'. in. ii. i 

I III. iv 11651 ■ 4?..! .A very obfurcalc and obstnif >ighi. 1888 
! I'all Mall i.. 14 Tele n/j Kven ihe Tories, in ihtir 
I and obfu-walc way, arc Luicsciuns ot the fact. i 

I Obfuscate -pbf/* >k\it, p bfjc?ski ‘i), v. ff. I.. 

! oh/iiSCitt-, ppl. stein of o/fu.\{fUc lo daikm, obseme, : 
I f. oh- (On- I b) k- J Used re to ilarki-n, y>/.z7/.f dark. 

! See rdso the later Ohtv.:atk.] 

1 . tram. 'To daikcii, obscure . phy.dc;illy . ; tu 
lU'prive of light or biiglitiiesi; lo ovei shadow or . 
eclipse ; to make dark or dusky. Now rare. 

I 1650 1 ;'. 4 M. .Mci.s.M. ir. .Sinau{T'.i Man I't. .fStiity i Tha!] 

! a (.w|i->te!iait.>ii whkh was in all ilibig!. ir.feri-.jii! l.> iln* 

[ siiMitiflubfusi.'a'.c hisbe.:t!itit.s. 1715 Itk.Mii.f- \ /'nut. f '>:\ t. 

\ (t'.trtlrn. A ( tardoTi •iliiiuM iiwi bt: l•^^li^(;ilefl i-i d.ii li«*!!*.r:. 
*734 T..VMI.S in /*/•//. Trans. XXXV 1 1 1 . .\llJ^■.^^|lh•.•re^. ..-» j 

• ur.iise . . :i'. iii.iy I*. t>!jfi,M ale..tln 1/u'lil 4it the star, 

fc 1834 T .wn In Sanifre/s .MiVi* \Vk-.. i‘.'7i/ |?r K^ithei 
nvoe oliri-.. (.ali*il than yunr Iriiil uf r; *\ilb:. i 

+ 2 . y/.c-. T o tiArkeii or obsxriire to the n'iinl ur 
intellect percejilion ; to deprive of ch arnos, | 
render obscure ; lo drj>ri\ e of lii-ilte or glory, thr<AV ; 
into the shmle. Uh. 

1536 . 1 t -.'S It* " i III, c. i:i 'The .n .iiti.i.d atu luii»e . 
till? pupe. .which dill u!>fiiw.iii‘aii'l uu-i lu*ly wuid. 

1613 MfmiaM ..4 'To •ilfis-iate Iriilli, an I 

U'.i-n to. . ! fit » «w.t ijrs. i6a8 1 -.i S: 

l‘.< rlipMim, obrii>c:ttine, and il-. piautn^ tlial iiatiirall ari-l 
liu.-ly Piv.uity. 170a /li t/, llisit. (i-i j) 474 'I <1 

■ ubfiiM alr. the laighines.i of lh«. l..■f•>''P*‘l. 

■ 3 . 'To deprive uf elenrncss of peiceptiuM : n% to 
] dim the .sight' ; b. to darkei), ob>oure ;.lhe iridcr 

j standing, judgement, ttc.'; ; to darken the uiider- 
j st.tnding of (a person^, .*-tii|»f fy, bewiMei*. 

! 1577 t'' o. "/;VV,/ Ti*..:'- s ; 1 . Of uf or. -.s .scll'c 

• .-.blMs.-ari [h .'iimI hliiiili ih i-ii!.;r'ii*.i;l. 1656 W. t.''» i.s . . 

! !>/ iij If iii:. ’i.;ht bo oM:is- af«.d ai cl '.I'.:]!. 

. 17*9 T.f i:Kr.n.v .'.//yr. Wk... itVi JV. C.''.iib..f4My 
}j.* 'j*j:t,f:ich where A int'bri.iti-*^ iiud ^‘l.'fu.scatcs ..«» \y -s than 
d-ii k i.r luciii. ,t t86a I l|. IL r V ) . rfjk. i: i K < ' nunl.t iii. 1 1 A 
4^ I h« pi VI li'-t of iziUghie-iiri.', IlUt of oblu-' i'ling i>-i: 
jiiind. 1803 Vl,iu!i\ GhtUft.'- I'.uU I, .\:i. :.;i He w:;? 

! ubfii.v/altif with brmnly and water. 

I Hence Obfti .seated jyLa. 

1 i6ao Vv.NNK.K i at A’.r/.i Iulr»«l. '.1 Tim ltd\abit:iTjt*. li.iiu*. 

Inibid and tibr.iv.atrd .vjririt-*. *79* Vo*. X'. Tntv, / tana 
! 105 'I’he hon-ct .irc of an ugly aO vl bru.'k. 1876 |. 

! U'tt. I him. -V Sunk*, iii. jw An o!il'.Ki»!*d pM- m 
i u lio w.ia fcclisjg uii>\ii)d in vain i i icun rt liis curpci'ltui.. 

I Obfuscatioa ( hf.mb (.'•id. 1.. e/'///.v,r;- 
j //e/t-io;/, n. of aclLon truin offitHdix : st-c prcc. ( f. 
i also t iFFt'SCAfloN.] 

1 1 . The aclioii of tibfu.?enliug, or cf*nd.iiioti t>f 

> being obfuscated ; darkening, obscuration : u. 

)iliy.sical, or of the siglil (see piec. 3 a'. 

I i6q 8 Tuisi.i.t. Si'rpraSi ,i| It ilhi* lute uf ilu. l 

iVliasl biiiigi ill '»biiii-.:atu*!iu.- thi»iiM v-e |..i ila* vyc*. 1794-6 

j K I>.\Rwis' /ivz/. iif/i-i? I. .-S In i:;uara< 

• if ihf •-urm:.t. 1881 T. W. I li..ssr. in /•■'i/y/. A‘i:' Imic f-..-' 

! Mi,\ in ilib iu-iaiKc ji i a pv^nraiij ijivi n ihf. jvi.i 
i MJrt \'f «jbr«-.4.iii(.**) which i> lu-.i vniiivly s:;ii*ia-:tuiy. 
j b. of an object of |X\'ccptioii or thought. 

I 1656 ./kaxi s .V/i /. A’.A-iii' f' I This ii;ijra!l corrupii' III 
I aiid ■.■bfu-^4..iti«.’n >f ihf .suuii‘s innnurlciliiy i’y w ui l.lly nuin-l-d- i*. i66o W.Mi K.MOi .sh AfO.s iV Aft:. 77 \V},..ti Viiii.i- 
(iu!i i.iiisii’g mu. li obfi INI -.1111.11 1 in Hi>l'»iy. s886 liv.xNCK 
A. Surt:,t::e xxix. j.|I The tiblii>v'.iill-.;i i>«;.l. | 

c. of ihe iindcr.Nianding, elc. ; .Stupe fact ion, be- ■ 
wildci ment (see prec. 3 b\ j 

lOlI lleKTOx .’lo/tl. Ml’/. 1. ill. 11. Iv. C.uc, ■ nn.'W, | 

and aiixif-ty, tilifii-i .Ilk'll i‘f ■•.piiii^:. 1837 e-Vf -y* A'# c’ 

I. U l hat .»hfiiNi:atkiii..wiih vhii li hr vv.i.n aiw.'i) s ..fnic ii d 
} ijii Nbore, 1878 t.'-M’.-* Mi'i...imn Iii, /•'.'f./iiVbt v i. -O 

i lii> i\>ii.<ir>ier' in ;i Niait: of <.ibliis.'ati.i>i. 

2 . Irtuisf. Something lliat tl.rikcns, or obsetTes. 

‘ 1660 II. Sb •Ki; My'f. i'-iit. xii. ijuitv; fid .'f ai'.'iiTc- 

I tended Tr.idlliiiio ard whatever i.*bri5M.aii.iiis an.l i-iii.vii>;|t.- 
j nil III V uf hninar.t- Invt 1881 . 1 . t»\vr.N / . .v. tv. 
j .Sliiptu s \ Iii. 11.14/ Tuo t.'ft\;n ihwl •.gi.iii:;. like . . ciilil*- \\ ii, 

I cNi .'ipe piirMiil by enveli.^pin..; tl:cmsclvc.N in tin ir 

i ubfiisv .iiii'iis. 

! Obftl’Sfity O'lifr/ sui). rarc'^K [f. offu>ecus\ 
j .SCO IT V.] (.)briisc.ited coinliiion. obJuscaiion. 

1834 |. NViisun in A'/W .'ti*. .l/i/j;. XXXII. 71 1 hii' . 
j i-i.iie nf Miciu.d ohfn-i.iiy, 

; ObftlSCOUS pbfz^'sko.s), tf. rarc'-^. [f. 1 ... type 
*obJt( 5 f -iis A. oh, Oh- i -t- /um-ux dark'* + -ups, 
i Cl- OK. obfus,/ue, offtt\que. It. ojjfmto : ?ee Okfim .] i 
Thirk in c«>loiir or aspect, dusky, 
i 1811-34 t/iii'i/'f Stuoy M.\i. fed. 4! IV. 4r,-j The term i^ * 
; nnj (cceliab ...111 1 it iiinnediiilely impMrtNi.Mii-;eonN,r>rov«;r. 
tail with slmdtr or smoki*. 

tObfask,-... Oh. .Mso 6 -ke, fi S -que. [a. 
()K. obfus^jiifr. alsci ojfusquer. .vl. I . .?/•-, i\(fuxrir,c 
to d.-\rkc!i. See also OKFl X^t'K.] ~t )nb‘bSfATK I*. 

1490 (?A\io-vi /o.riv/lv -xi. 41 .All my ruiendcnu.iii 1 . 
obfiiNked, enduHyd .i"d r.uij'-Nhrt!. 1 1540 Iv.i4.'i>:>i. rhrlei.(. ! 
for fo /.ernt‘ C tij h. It doth obfiiskp .nul dolli obnrl'ul.vt die 
iiu:in'>rie. 1549 Compi. Sc.'t. vi. 30 The intci jr-.-sitiuni* of ihc . 
! mun«:..riupeM;his and ohfiis^iuis the hv^iuis uf tlw .souiu- fra 
.' gur ^yohL i< 1751 RuLtaCLKUKt /*/ JS\s. \ . \\ lo. f f \. 

A ■..prrflu-'U.’: glau.: unly iiu-, '.in ..-Mu. . iiic 

iuteih i.iua) bi.i^ht. 

I Obga-niate, *•. Oh. [irn-. i. j., 

obi^aH/iire (aku orj ^- . to \i-lp 01 L;rinvl at 4 -ai »•. "•.] 
>6*3 (JuCKi.KH.v, Ui'^ttnia.r, l-x triiub'.'.. um: /idi 
rcp«..uiii^ of tjji", liiiii:’. 

liObp, obla, obi-inan. -woman ; r-i:u f 

II Obi n' '"•hi^. [Jap.' I>.V l;elt.] A hrighliy 
coloiirt-.l iiTsb worn roimd the \vai.-.l by J.i; aiie!>*c 
women and cliildK-ii. 

1878 I .MJY 11«A;.‘ I Y I ’ V. Sun' cu.m \ 335 1 In. > | .1; 

diildien] \v.,|-<r iiay lanbruidcitd . /v.-.. mi k.iyr •;! hi 189:^ 
.Mk T.. .AjusV'i.ij ill Grii/ki.- .Xpr. 41-/ j '1 In: vU jin.-iy 
u M.iendiil pir e i-f iV.'.ni* d jiilin. 

Obimoricate :pbinibrik/tb a. /hi. (.Sl,? 

f)»- 2.] Jmhric.Ttc, with the .'ic.iles deciL.iNnig in 
length from without iiiw.-iok, a:, the invi lif le in 
some f 

1857 ^1‘vxi- I.L c., f V.'.'/.iV I fh.n Mhiil. I 

iiMbMi.ali 1.1 i.i.ii'.ti;.uiwi>.'. ; applied by H. (.'•i.'-Mni tuti.i; 
if ll.r peti. Aniutn . vvlnrii- '.-f ilu. i'Mfji'-i I.-'.'. 

pui'.’.ri;.-.iivrl\ ‘.li.-ror tli.ia llv-‘f. (.iMi'.: •ibiilii.'iii.iii' 

xSu ni M./. .V..-- . /.t'.r. 

Obit d'd’»t, d'l' bit' , jA. Ch. e\c. ///..'. honiii; 
4 6 obyt, 4 7 obito, '5 (» abit , f 7 obitt, 7 
(i) nrih.) obyte, 6 obytt, obete, obbit. yt, -et., 
-ntfe, obijt, fj y obiit , 7 obet, 5 obit. [:i. 
f >K. ohil (\V:ice mb c.'» - Sjj. Ahifo, Tg. and If. 
oifiio, .'til. I . ii/'if-//} CL h'uilV^^ fh.iv. 11, -ettii'.g, vieilth, 
f. oiin t'l {^'tdifwii, perish, dit-. f. oh (tju le} + 
irc to go. The fie'iiunr chiil wriri J tih. tint t-i llicritiuii with J... of'iit ‘he die*!’.] 
t 1. I.h ]».'!rTuri; friiin lih.-, rleatll, decc.-lb'C (of a p."!- 
lieu 1 At- pel sun . ( 

il'i 'iU 't- '^'>1 hniv'cr '..-Iv '.ie ’iiiiii..:h:i: .-f 1 aii-’.i 

•.■1375.5;'. /'..v'. Saiu:.\ \v.\iv. :;7 ]V ' 1 yl U ! 

« f hyn: I'l ...111 111 d::v .if : 1425 <. '/ 1:/-'.;. .S.i/ jj v. 

i'j An^ii.t X. ;.V; '•.< T'l |':n j-.ii K"' I'-eo: :i '<[•■ .;■! 
•.'I'M*:. 150a 1.1. Nlieiwilit 

I iiu f !.- ;.!;d ir..i:ri^ '1 v;f h- r ! u-l- iiil '■* '■!. d.iir.^ .di-i 
tin: \ iv • f h* r 'hn-i»n;d. 1625 f s‘-iii i< .■if/sW. 1 . 

The. ;:ri liv •■:>.il l«- I 'Iii'.itieiai.inni-Mt ai tl.v: .‘f OnW.-I.'i. 

1694 .Me: II ' X jiai'cio S \. il/ '.7' • I h'..s<; J inn-.'-t.- 
■Mi*. I'S 1 • ill'.., -ii.'i t.iwiiN i.. it/.k.;i 

b. .V ICC' id ur nolice tif a jH-iNun's de:Uh, ui 
uf the d.Tic uf it; nn ubilii.iry iu*iic»?. anh. 

1459 Tt'.i, iSiiil'-i -) 11. .•.■7 Ari'illii.r wMe* Mr --c 

1- •V:i; ih.: whii.lj je lidM.1 .'t uidc !>|III' sl-.e Obi!l.'^ III ihf 
.-V'j'a . . .'f th»: .‘'^ii I h' iii.i .. 1535 iJ.KiKii.f 

ia A i.^T'. I\ti w. ..7 |V Niijd rcii'.-ivii ! f.i|fi 

li.cii '•‘•rii ti- \ -j\\ l-c r-h^Ji » IT hv’S p>ei]yo.vstii. 1673 \\'(iuT' 
.Lui jviiie it ». M. JJ. it s lldtli.ii i-»10 Mil hi-; oi ii via*, in 
t.hcti.i/i-l. 1691 ■ lAi.i.'.i ;.'.l..|i5 \I,:iti!‘.v.Ma.i:isi.iip{...i!i- 
tiini:v.;t!a; vlMt>;e.i<l«* I Ih iicdii Iiih-n. 

2. ta. .V ceremony or ulTicc jicilormeri :U the 
burial uf :i dcCeMscxl p-i ison; Um<r:d riles, obse- 
ijUKs. ...Mso ill fi!.' (/'■’. 

• *400 1 Vv.o; /'i.-i - H'is yr me «viih i>Mt "iih r.iyii 
15*5 1 '*• T*m'.vi 1 .X If v!iii. M !h.!i ilv 

1;\ r.L:.':-* "byic kV.:N di in*. |!,y i.()rii01i> i.f l.\ .li.i'ie. . wi IiIl I.j 
the i.ti:ii(:i il Mi>‘v.h':. 1556 i 'nan. iir. JftaiA ■(. jja:h;i; 
i'.v 'III*: wf .I'li'e I'f:.’) Ivpl lilt: ..-l.iil of Ija: 

ky:vgt..s . •.valu'd.. ene. wiMi .t h» itN t.vt.r var. ‘t :,,-. 

1660 li.ttii \\i\. (■/.' / . lletti iN Obji':’ iile- 

L.i.iti.l vv' ir. 1708 < It .*7 ia ’ ..V |.|'■,b. '-'/V/ In a 

I \ini:r.'.I . ei* i iTue t' i ll 'j •l*... l, a. y i yMinvuirily 

p- ir »ii.;td .it lilt- j llTit.r.d W.hii: ihf (. e'p ' h' ill ttii. t?i!Ull.h 
n'.-'ilitei tc'.i. 

b. A ccKMKi'.’.y or oitice (usually a mass' jici- 
f'oiinc'd in eoinme:in»>; avion of, or on behalf of the 
soul uf, a decca.^ed pei'-uii ^.esp. a loundcf or bciic- 
facloi’ uf some instilution'j on the armi versa ry 01 
other iniml-day of his d.calli: a ye.iily (ot i.i'.hcr; 
invni' service. e.xc. ///•/. 

. 1400 ■//•->/. l.t’ff. iO, If |ci \:*vv !'i ll'.*lil ill’, .d'll. C'l 

ojivi lids. 1408 P. P. Wii’.'s 'liiA 15 Mv "la ri-, ihal >h 

II I lo •■ .>M; vi.y 5vr_r.'. ntyrak. 1494 ^■■v;^\ vs il .11 in (.'/■/. ’v. 

J'ref. 7. I wiil, dial by dif "f .i.v. yi.iis .ifirr liiv 

(K.< be Vepl ii.i ohiti; w’in tin: p.iri .-h- chiif-liL- i f 
Tn'ii-l I'y.'it . 1564 A. ?S'."ii Al i:-’ ]\ar's ii//? 01 Willi 

iiwl.Iic ."diiii:! t*.' h-iir #>1670 It \i Ki- ■ 

.1 y. n 1. - 1 :in Obit>. Dii^vN, .vrc n i 

,sai.l h.n iK tiiia-S 1731 .N: vl //fi/ Pnt/!. 1. 4/ S.-in* 

tlif htvv . -t ‘''.•111 -M.i--.--' -ind Ulil! ■ 

1851 W.Wniiv k<i-‘.i Ralph l.u'd l'.i-'<l . 

ili'-fl i'l I a-iii lh^ y«-ariy ^•.•vpin.4 -if hi-, ohie, gavi. 
,;.>j iri.aiks i" tho .lii.'ir uf Si. Nit hol.;s. 

j-O. .A gdt ur ollcliug made at or fui .siicli an 
uflice, or in comiva inuratiun ul a deceased person. 

154s /• X./.i A'. 1. . '.Sol I1-V..N KX.', 1 will 

luvnv Kwciii-or nv;d c ••bbi.'t ot .a my twt Ifn.-.'inl. 
il.i'y. 15W Pm:- t'e Pan.. -in,' tlVan-nlc it-wt j,. \\. 

ebi-*.'!! to yj '.lyil v-liiiL'li by’ii C'i.'d..ofr the vakw 

uf Ilir*".' svliill\.;-.^rN :*:'.il fuw u: pe*»eL- hv yen: L.' !mv'.: 
K^{•■|Wt■^^ oft tiit pou:..ia bind- 

■f 3, "l*hc selling of a lieMveiily body. Oh. rafe. 
1686 « '•■'.M* Cr/csf. Piufii i \. .\ii. 53 Tilt; hlii-.os auvl A 


4. Mtrih. and Comb. 111 .senses 2 a and 2 b), as 
boc\'y </.rr. /C'7.v/. .;7//, ///':, ?vv, 

l$SO / i-.'i. It !t ■/ I .' ! flH' niv-ii I'bi'lf .i.iV- I ' 

pi'.iy loi '1'.'.'. 1558 I‘mm.i' . /: V. \ II. > ij bAN 1;'.' v ! '.i 
vvciv riah.lail. .Aud loiiil": vpu\N\il. 15651 •« • • 

• h /if'.' VI.'. ti-iw;' .■■'S bt-rr ."cii !'• ‘••■i'*- 

1^87 ' - /-V .!/.»» //i».r \.i:.i. '.;'..\n I v:i tiiJli.i;i -.liLii di»' t 
fr;i.-l •hlV'-iv ih nut I'oin liipiivis b.ol. 1609 .1. 1 
A\'o.ii- ■. iS7‘'» . ■;/i Of .vnl Nights thty mak. 1 h* ir • W.'.* 

1745 Obit fiooh htc Os-.'i'.v.uv A. 1} i8p7 /»./; ■ A • 
J7 Sept. 5/j Vcsicrd iv fii iiij *<•'■1:1 .''ii.;i' .v !.,• bariy 
pi'cayhcd :» N,' ;.ciiiion .it M. ■ C liain;', W nil. SOI. 




t Obit, a. O/'i. Atf/v.* In 5 obitte. [ad. L, I 
ohit-usy pa. of j/'i/f ; sec prec.J Dt paitcil, ! 

dcciMStd, dead, I 

<;f44|o York Nxxvii. j<w \\\i siiiiU- put I 

l)t.;r.L;s': siiliuliU: be obitu, 'J’u birll pat 1 scluiMc i;nt«v, in. j 
Aiiil ^.iLie my bctiiaun:i.v fm pni pitLt:. i 

tO'bital, «. and iff. Oi>s, [f. OuiT j/', t- -Ai. : • 
ihfctyinolo^ival form from L,ofti/u-s is Ouituai..] ' 

A. tu(/, Kecoidiiig or coininrniur.ili(ii; a dcalli : 
or deothrt. or Ihe Cflcbration of obits (sec prcc. 2 f»’!. 

1690 I.i/r {O, H. S.t III. jjo Muy lo. 

'Ih-nu.tN Fiticid lik'd, {Kiituedl in obiuil botik. 1691 ■ 

.iM. (l-i'iW. 1 . 415 Tbis iibit.d book..l I'uvc in inv little ; 

1694 - Lr/f 10 July ((). II, S.i 111 . 4^5 Kilwunl 
Wells. .>pukt a six:* i.-h ill pndsc iif Hr. Join) Fell ib\ is)-j hii • 
obiialj il.iy>. I7»< M. IVmiis Aifun. lit it. 1 . u-i Inc . 
Wliitc-ltook, or t »r>i(al lio'il; of ihul 

B. f(f. A ri:c«»rd or jc^dstcr ol dc.illjs, nr of obit- j 
days ; an obituary. 

i^i Wood Atk. Okoh. I. 415 This Fn^lisli obital was 
I)cn d by .iiKitbcr lk!icilii.tiMo. 

t Obi ta*neoualy, tiff;*. uoiiiC<>.'d. [f. ^I’/'.'Virwf.vvM' 
adj. ,iircg. f. I., oldftr ^sec next) + as in 

rti>faufaucottiy mot/icuftt/iLOtt^, elc.) + -LY-.] I 5 y . 
the way, in passini;; -=iu‘xt, A. 

111834 Cfii.rKiiHa. Con/'ts-i. S^ir. ii. ‘ I'.’v.i iS ; 

.such :i nociiiiir. .>hoiild Vs: 1 i*fl thus t.iiiitly, thus I'l.-si uicly, 
ui'iil. if I iiiuy v.i .say, obiiaiiooi.isly, dei-LiM'd. ! 

Obiter O’ bilaj'-, «.//., rind .j/*, [L.vhiltr i 
□dv., t.iri'^. iwu Wools, t’/> ifa't by the ^'av.] j 

A. atf:!, ]jy the way, in jussiinj, inc.i<kntally. ■ 

I $73 tk II.XRA I V (t.’.iniJt lO •> 'M this \va.s .s|Mj in 

ubiit r ai iht; table. i 6 x 6 ll.M iiN '■r*V'ii S TWi l'lif* t.'i.iiiiiiunu u* 
tlini «>r Sii:ind<.. bi-t:j< toUi lidl oi'itt'r in the MajiV<atloll ; 

of Soui;il>. 1716 M. J)\\n;s .Atlu n. Hrit. 11 . .'i') IHiJ lu vcr j 
thoui'ht \Mirll) li'iN while to incnlii'ii Ins l.ife iv.^r \Viiti!;v;>, ; 
not .-.ii isiucli as .jliiicr or iM.iM-doiially. 1841 J. II. Ni v. ytw I 
Van.Tfifi// /v/'ii.y/i'A* /iit.'iit in PisKH.yi. ^ A>s:£^. va 

>it llwbcrt tlvii-;, obliiT laiV, of iin|*'fi\cd mcidi.-i '-f ihiiitni.".'. 
1886 Si« C. Il'.nMN III /.iU-J A'l/. :.4 Cliaru;. Div. i'hc 
]irc->ciit of the K.ill.s. .e.sp.v s-rd an ..•|>'u:i>;ii.. 

With will* l;..l i..ttiiiot a^.'iT. 

b. ts/\ in the phi. Obitc^r dictum [ 1 .., 'a I 

said by the way]; in /.uit'. An*m of ] 
ujdiuun on a mailer of law, ,t;ivcn by a jud'je in { 
court in the of either aiijumonl or judge* | 
iiurjit, but not forming an essential part of the | 
reasuj).s deb rmining the tleci.sion, an«l iljtrcfore not j 
of binding authority ; hcncc .Vtv/. .Anything said l.'V « 
the way, an incidcnt.-vl staleniini or remark. | 

| 8 i 2 /’.//«. ./r»r'. XIX. iO? It V;*> Illultf. *.r UH j 

ttii.f.iur th.ui ii point ruled. 1831 AV./. blN'. .’yi.) 'l!u-. ) 

i.'/'/At* tiiKhfiu tf a ,iud.t;i. or tw.i. 1865 I' ahi.ak Y'nnpi. j 
i. i'iStoI y ‘Ihf rcvf.'lati ;:i of Kiri^Vui^c ti'nii 
iht i)biii.r thi Uun of an nxi toy. a a 'tmi /i»aS 4 iM I 

A. Ihricil Oi'iUr Dktit titlc.|».. .An obiti-r tfa /:/*>/, in ib*; 
L!i',;;u.iCt.‘ of tile l.'iw, is a •.•.cituit'jiis i.»iiini<>ii, an iiiili\ic!i.i.*il 
iiiipcMiiM'ric- which, n hctlu.!’ ir. Iw; wise or f>A'll;.h, 01 
wroni;, bindctli M<>ni;-'not cm a the lips ll'.ai iitisi it. 

B. ijuasi ^after ofifttr dfifi/mj. Made or 
Ultered by the way; incideulal. 

1767 Fa). M AXsHf.i.ii in .Vi^. IV. ;*r:^vi 'J h.ii i.-- 

.'Ill tt'i/t'r savin-,; oulv: iiiiil u^>t a Jcsolutii'ii or dcli niiinaliuii 
of the roiiil. 1769 FJi iiKow /.Vif. j-'j -4 Mr. Ju*-licc Willi-s. . 
i!ci l.iic'i * '.li.U he '-houlil ^:\c nil t'iiUr opinion iili'.'iil ^ 
neisO!' iiy . .bciriiLt li.iblr* lobe rated. 1891 -Siu K. 1 

\Vi a.'.ini tti .-i .\pr. y'i J h« nbilci obtcn.i* } 
IJon.- s.iid I'l h.ivc !x:ci) nt.kdc liy nwic.isiiiUe.'‘ 1 Irrks. ! 

tc. .i. .s. ‘incrhing •..-lid, done, «ir occuiring by i 
l!ie \v;tv : .'in matfer. f 'Av. j 

1607 \V'A;.Ji;i\-i.ioN uViI.m ifi.i In so little ;i toy vuli v-»- j 
tl’.i;:i. V.L-li; <'b:liis. .•■•iihl bi; Wvitby virwin.;': X 65 O ; 
l-'i-i I.CK ii. IV. I .J parcutbe-ls ..f 

jn'jli'ii! i:i full of hc.ivi rily iiiiiitcr, ai'd ni:i vt'ikr iinuc to tin: 

ih.ia i.iir hVi'. ; 

+ 0 -biterly, Oh. [irreg. f. J.. , 

£j/t/ 7 i'>' ' see pvi c. • I i.v -.J ])ici^, A. j 

1605 \'ki S| /I,-,;. int%!L lii. iIOj !■) I' llitln llo 

:,j>okcn as I M-i int^tid i.i sji..;ikr iVM.uii! oblii-ily !. 

Obitual ic>bi , a, and ^b, rare. [f. T.. 
obitu s f Ah: ci', /WvV//i/.'.] 

A. c/r//, - OuiTth A. (Iji tpiot. i^S(» in relti- 
erice to an obituary in)iii,o. i 

1706 I'lMi.t ii'.s. Ol'itua%y. a, «m Ki v'.i-n r-Ilnok, 
iii wlikh the Kiiri" in a Sl'.ai.i .ti.ry i ia«-iM liic Dijii--, or 
(lliitiial l»iiv‘.* of ihiir 1 iiieaJcr.s .uid ihiirfai.loi-,, 1887 ‘ 
.l/.-i;'". Ihr.: >4'V i I hi; Zhriit).-''* 'a ui.W'p.i]K.f J : 
.so ti'arfiill) obitu.'d. 

B. sb. » fIniT.M. lb OBiTrAit\ A. i, I 

l8xs J. Ukai.'V i'nknif. hCk) .'.o 'J he .Maikioit.s ; 

I'li'iiv.i .» ii'.iii-.t'TC'l ill tlj.-ir Obiiiials; ju.i . 011 :; who ■ 
iMirchaM.d such m iiiciiibiaii<.c. 

Obituarist 't^Lj ti//|ari.-;l';. (f. OwTbAhY + -i.'T: 
f;f. bctaHht,'\ The wiiit-r of .'in oF>ilu:iry nulii.f. i 

xi^CktUir, Thi 'iph lii;, When the tomb 1 l.iims hi' limb.-, 
shall the Ohitiuubls .say. U’lierr'.-. ii-av lii.-i -.iicri.v-ir, so 
lirilliant -sojiay. 1871 M. f’oi.i.iss .l/y*/. d- 4 . IF. ./-.i ■ 
I'hc obitu.ui.str. ijf : flii lieii.i base s.>iiu- of tlirili j 

bound til liefend liim ;iw.ii.' ihei liar>;i; <irbt iii;{ viilj;,<r. 

So Obi'tnarlxe^;'. ttifr., to write an obituary I 
notice. 1 

1891 .S/x/. AVi". 17 Oil. 417 /-’ TFty difiiculi J 

Ittsk of ' obiiuai'i/itv: with i*ppKlptiulelK-^^ vu a di jia.iid ' 
enemy uf their coiiiitry. i 

Obituary lebi fi//|aiT , sb. .mtl //. fntl. incl-l .. 

ohitiidri'iii .'idj. .and ib., !. oA/V/x-j; see f)niT .and j 
-auy. Cf. K obituaire Tfn^o in H.»t/.-T>.irin ;. | ‘ 

A. Jth 1 * A rcgi:-lci ul death&i or oJ obil-iIay.s, [ 

1706 tsu: Oiini'Ai. A|._ I7»5 HfeAKNK R. BruHne I^icf..s5 

ti:arr;iHy The Obitu.i«e», or OF>it I'lixifc.s of Jliidliiigton. 
y/vV. Aj .\;i may .ippear even fioiu the (ibiiuarics, or Chit 

2. A record or announccineiit of ii tleath or 
death.s, esp. in a iiewsimi^r ; comprising 
a brief biogtaphicai bketcli of the dceeased. 

*738 liiia.ii Life MUUm M.'s Wli-s. ijjS F. ,v.) He died at 
liis i-li.iise in Ffiiiiliill-K*:vv N.ivciiiber isthi am oi'diits.; lo 
Mr. F<ii.haMl .Smith, lib Xci.chl.oiii, in hk Obiiu.iry. 179a 
lIcr.Ns /.•■/. to .1//-... /.'ft/.Vi-yi t» 1 jiiunccK |..)iA over j 

the obit is.-.iy of :i iii.*\v>p-:ipcr, iFinl I »li» not ste iiriiiu-s ; 

tluil I h:i\e known. 1875 J. H. l.h ANKl' // V'/yi.’/- .Vi'i///, I. j 
vi. Um 'I h*: i.'.ilil i^asi wiiuK of the spring, whii Fi yearly till ! 
ihe .ibitiiaiii-s. i88st.VVtyA:i’7t» \ctin y Dee. 6/1 'I'he obituary ; 
of the ytar is .s^miewluit heavy. | 

B. ing to or reeonling a dcalh (iiMiialU i 
wlih a biographical .sketch ol the deeea.scd). , 

x8>8 W r.jiijTl M, ( V-.*/ifiiM . ir. lelaliric lo the decease of ;i I 
i:r person.s; a.s, uri obitpai y notice.^ 188^ iq /4 Ci’»t. I 
.■'«.) IIU LuiiUliip lia-. id.iitiiary noiii es ot them in Fiis j 

blue biK.k of 1.-'^;. 1900 (i. C. Uhookick .l.Vw. ly /»./>-, , 
I *.7 If he i.i. iild h.Lve writtei: his own obiiitary iiieiiiuii. i 

1 ii.nci- Obl tuariXy adv, (rar * lu the manner i 
of an i.bilu.Try’ (^Webster, 1.S64''. I 

Obj ect U’ *artly sb. use of ( Fn JKCT j 

//•/. ii. ; ef. I^at. o/yW/a pi. things objectcil, charges, ! 
nccn^alions ; but in»pliical and derivcil • 
sctiAs, ;ul. mod. Schol. I., c/ylr/ww. 'Jiuiis Scot us - 
</ 130S, JT.nntl 111 . 2o 8>. lit. thing thrown Udore 
nr presented to .the imml or thought) ; cl. OK. 
t'/yfi/ t.Ftf.iinc. 1.41U e.), now objif. .In branch II 
rcndeiiug L. obja fu-Sy and so in origin a distinct 

I. I rom T . obifi tumy pi. ohjeda, 

^ 1. A .statement thrown in ui introduced in 
ojipodlion; an objection. Of\^. 

• 1380 ; iv Vi t. li'ks. I. ;-.43 It is li^jt In icssoilc •.•bjcclis 

I'i-i. /.'V*A 11. 71 lluw C’l-Nt aiiswcridi; lu ubjci lis vif 
I'.d -e Ji.wi-,. 1617 Minshku Lh/\./ory .\n obket ur uliiecLiun. 

t2. Something ‘thrown* or put in the way, so 
.i-s lo inu rrupt or obstruct the course of a person 
or thing; ari oh-taele ; a hindrance. Obs. 

1 1450 It. />' /n.-tt/'OHe in. Fsii. 1.14 py fraihe wbci.irK'U 
lia.’-t i..\pv-ri':ni;c in many siualc i»i»it*i tes »<t eoniT.iri'nisiiii.'. I 
«? 1564 G'"'A J ofti's 4* in I 

Thv: in..--siiv *?•-.:» r pi.Ui'ih ;cul li;ibl.»loth that the • 
;..v*i.ijiieiit.-*4‘f the nt-w law . to liini that putteth »•••! an objei t ! 
nr li.l 'I use the m h-i'jl-nien’M*!, is to .sa\', lo him 
lli.'il hath ISO actual piiip>>:ic of dea'llv sin .. ;;ive jjlii-jc, 
fii;hl':Oi.''n. f>Mgi\e:)c.vs i»f sins, ih*' Holy Ghost* 

3. Sumt ihing placed l.’ef‘'ic the eyc.s, or presented 
to the sight or other sense; an individual thing 
seen or perceivetl, or that m.iy be seen ur per- 
cei\cd; a material thing; .)/•«.»•. tlic thing or body 
ol wliioh an observation is made, or an image pio- 
dueed, by nie.ins of an optical inslrumtnr, or in 
drawing or peihpcctive. 

1398 (Vi VISA luut/i. />« A’.liuxvi. tl40S‘ div/x pcnliic-t 
ijf the tve is all u»ay in: iccu, rd p‘ inayi: l.-c hr.'de . 
i-, oliici. I to fhr hiTyjigf, 1567 Mah i-.r X/>. /ivv*/ 70 ’Dial I 
till', carlti . . sli.iald };ivc to ilic ih*:%c nbkcli: *0 swclc ( ‘r j 
riiiiii‘ii.r :-i.cti{ so siroii;;. X588 N'lXKs. A. II. 1. 70 Fli.s i 

cm: b'...;i-is iiCi.a-it.i:i h.-r Ids wit, K.jr v.miry l ii-«: j 

i.-nc‘ il.itii (..'itch. The i..lh5:r ttnj.i-.s to ,\ iniitli-m4>ijiii.i: k.-i, ; 
16x3 Pi K'l K's /V4'^.’".rt..v lid.*) .'-..’•I Ik'ilj F«i!id .111.1 \V'.iIi;r ! 
rr:<--tiii.i; vaikiic t.>f Miincs with v.aii'ik* »»f objcMs.^ 1736 j 
1 ^. I lI.k AfiaL I. V. Wks. J.-;-! 1. >< .t-.i, fr«‘i)i ibcir \*-ry | 

birili, ;trc <!.i;iy a* •piaitiiMl with tl.u ub-a’-t • 

till in. 18x1 t.i'Ai'i^tj^ iii. i.^; j 'l\. n-pf . -.cnt xunr | 

i.'lijf.i I in lilt*. ,‘.l.-irc I'f apj.c.iiii.'icv wJjich it i>y its Jii^ht 
am! vbai'.vw. 1834 Ms:j’mn Au^'er in Waits J. xCm ’.I’lit 

^.;^.h^^ ri- juJ.iM: li'Mnl-k iildisli.iv I !|':S.S lo ohjet X^S 

.M. !’*.> '.iv.:s: /..M. I, 10 S- \i:ral .. pim'u'.ini; 

ditli rnii •/•ii i-ti • ! Miluc*,i.h:* larcd that they had Iwca ;'i)cii 
III liv iFic. bi-h' p, 1877 ik'N \f u '.lAf/yy//V ,y 

y,,M.v/V \.\Mii, !'( ho pidiitci'j lo*Ain^ Lip:*iiiirmi.U:)g no ol'jvcl 
ill ihi; fiii. i!.s of Ids tyc .. 

b. St»nic(hii;,g which on Inring seen excites a 
pailicular einolion, as odmirniinu, horror, disdain, 
couinu.scratiun. amusement ; a sight, .spectacle, 
ga/gig-.'lock; Jiirnierlv soinc’. lines, an object 
4. of pity or relief, an alilicled person, suffner ; in 
colloij. use, a j»eison or thiiig ol piti.ible or ritiii.u- 
Imis n.spcct, a g.izing-siock, ‘guv * iright *, ‘sight *, 
1588 t iiM i.m; /’j /■///.'*■,/,■.. 4.; \V:.;iic:i arc iimic Kl''*ri'*u.s 

obioi l;.. 1605 SlI \K.S. y.f.lf* V. ii), • ii J'li.dllCC liiu Li.hIu -4 . . 

Si:- '.I lh''»it llii.s -.fbiirt.r, Ki.iil ? 1607 — Tinttm iv. iii, i.vj 
*^wi:.»rc :iy,auist Obi'rcis, I’ul .-Ai iiii.aii' ou iliitu: curc-.s, .muI mi 
il.iiu* 1671 ti' '|*ti ^.ii idle on the 

Fj--.>udi>'ilil heart!),, .(o \e.ii.*iii'.<.fi Or piti'^d obj».c.l, 1740 
111. n.i.B Scenr. Rub. O^rttn. ii. >''*ii)i*. ui>»r objccis will 
li'* hcni iliilhcr in h-4>i:s •.! ;riit 1* 1816 in rl.i>nc /.fv»:r-xA/^ 

i'k. IT. d 'I tFivii' appmitkcA. .wn't. .rcmkicd i*bjtcl.s 
f'.'r lisi: remainder nf itiirir lives. 1878 Hi .sAsr /t K ick f.V//ii*jr 
A ; )(.\.vvi. I e*.-.:7i A/i, J he i liiUlrc.n arc . .hiealdii(SOUl:i:i;:dii, 
ill a w.ty (Iri-adfiil lo ]>ivk .it. Forty-six in nulhiug but. )in 
('tlikcr— .111 Obji.i t-- (rom iii%iiftii.i>-:i<-y of div-t. 

4. 'lhat to which .action, thought, or Iccling js 
directed ; tiie thing («r person) lo wliieh Momctiiing 
i.s done, or upon or about which something acts 
or optiates ( = materia area quern in .Scholastic 
j)Iiilo.ii»ph\). iVmst. /»/' (the action, cte. or agent'b 

/. 1586 t ’ 'cs.-i /-*.). ei.x. X, W.iiii and w*jc iny life 

ihcir obki.r inakc. i6it To' UNti.u i'raii.x. i. iVLv. 
j 1. I -(7 My wibcd'Mncthiit l).i.s Irt'cnc 'F'Jic uljectof men's 
ii''iriiiiao*.j!i. 1676 M. (.'1..11 roKO Hunt, Rtajinn in P/tenix 
11. Afaiicrs that euiicMii Kcli^Knt . . Lc-iv*^ . . a 

p.'irl of the Uiidcraiuiidin^V Olijci't :ls niiich (iisF. .any other. 
1897 I.'.k;kk Left, in SliUtnyfletil \Vki». tllolliii 11. 340 IdcuM 
arc. .ti)v inniicdialo objcriN ul onr minds in ibinkinK* 1^73 
Oh.ierv.^ State Poor 47 Ho .. will lu*. deemed a proi^r object 
of public charity. 1845 M. P.m -iison lUs. (18^) 1. x; Tim 
volume .. which liad formed the ubjcct of hix .study. 1853 

J. II. N»:w'.man Hist, Sk, (187:4) II. i« iv. 170 To sul>s(itulc 
oiiiccts of iiciiM': for objects of Imagination* 

.6. The end lo which efloit is directed ; the thing 
aimed at; that Avhicii one endeavours to attain 
or eaiiy out; purpose, end, aim, 
lC?r 'I'lioinas .Vijuiiias Surntna eon/ra (ktites 1. lx.xix, 
OFijcctiiiii voliini.'iiis c.M tiiiis.] 

1597 SiiAKS. ’> Hen. il', How ipiickly Nutuiv. falls 

lull) rc-itoli, When Golii bi*c;o)iirs hftr Obiccllf 1665 S)l» 
T. lliiuuKKr 7>«*Et (1677) A Traveller is nut lu iniaKlnc 
pU'.'tsurii his object. 1736 HeTi.)>i: Attai, I. iii. 8;, Hvitdcnn}; 
piihlii: (jooii an object and end to every member of tin; 
.irti iely. 1780 Print, Leji^ry/, xvi. § 8 Ihe 

iil.ijei t.,is to pteveni. .all soU-sof offences. i 8 bi 1 >. Sihwahi 
Pro^e. Pkiios. II. iv'. (1858.1 317 The profession of H.iylc.. 
UKuit: it an object to him to turn to >u:(.otinl even ilic swe»-p- 
iiigs oF his study. x 8 m H 1 . Mahtixcal' Hiii .<■ I 'n/fey iv. 
5J I'last fnimiccs and forj^es si:rve no oFijcct Fml that for 
which :hey wore i-Tti. ted. 1875 Jowm ty.i/o \ci\. j) 1. uu 
Whin you Fiavc heard the ubjccl of our visit. 

0. Slitixph, A thing or licing of which one thinks 
or has cognition, as correlative to the thinking or 
knowing something extenial, or regarded 

:is exlcrmal, lo the mind ; the noii'Cgo as related 
to, or distinguished from, the ego; also chtended 
to include states of the (’go, or of con.sci(, 
as thought of or mcnt.illy pcrcchcd. ((..T. On- 
JEiTIVK A. 2 b. ) 

f»SU •li.i.AS .line'n 1. 1-’ml. i-x; Obieiititn and ..ubiettuin 
..tmnes Mt:i, (Jnhilkis ai . .rife ainarii;e cleik'la in Mule.t 
1651 IFiimii-*., /.er.'/ii///. I. i, iTlie t!n.inyj)t.s of nu-i'J^rc cvi-ry 
une of ilii.-ii) i\ li.iireseniaiion or appv.'uan'.c of seme (|iiality 
ot i.thei' meident uf a l.nidy witliom ns; whiil) is calU'd 
an Object. 41x670 l\ /.Vw . ffuiit III.! ton. 

i.viiiin.; lIi«.‘. iTiitli of ihini^'., or '1 111th ill llu* obji'ci. Z76« 

K. v.Mi-s <■ V/>. (iOj-O 471 )'‘.vriy; wr pciniv,* or 

ara cuuiiiouK of, aht'tlier a^ ur a '.pial'ty, .. is with 
respect to the percipicnl Icniu'd an »8>9 Siit W. 

IFamii.ton* /Vjf., yV/ //:.«■, C Hi on,ii^ineif^'y\K's 'i I In: c-.v.u L 
disliiiiiion uf subjcfl and obj**cl was fjjsl madt- by ihi* 
Jii liuoimcli. I lii’M.: correlative trims corrt lo the fii -I 

and most disiiucliuii in pbilu.sopby : liic v i iiils.<(ly 
llir: orit,;ina) anlitbcsis in « oniiiiuiiMic.-s^.f seif and iiui svli'. 
1856 Fi.HKiKH fz/AA Mrtnfh, \ vir. ix. U:i|. A yji i hi lou.-'ii* 
tniion of the symFti'ds uf all (vunitiiai is ./^.aibjcs t and 
oi'ici i, ilic VM>rd oby.:>;t hein^ used in ibe must ^enn.d 

in which it ». nt be eniplu->'i:(| to sij;iiify anv thin:;, or lhou*;lil, 
or -State of mind wh.iiM>t ver, of any iniellif;tm *? niav 
be f.o^iii.sai.i. xB6o I. i. (cil, .ji 7 Kvi ry 

si.iti. '..f c.uiisi ioiU'iie.v. iiei.v.^sarily implies two eU-iucnt.s ul 
h::i:«t a con.scious .subjci.t, .ind an object of wFiich }ie is 
cuMNcknis, (• 

7. (/ram. A snb.sunlivc word, i>lirase, or clause, 
imiiieoi:iit.’lydei>e^deiit on, or'gowrne*! l>y \ a verb, 
as cxjiressing, in I bo ense of <1 veib of action, the 
person or thing to which tiic action is diiecled, 
or on which it is exerted. Also, the word de- 
pendent on or ‘governed by*n piciJosii ion, indi- 
cating to which the preposition expic-sses a 
1(1 at ion* 

f'^ireit obj%.t e i-t a vi ib: llie w-nd, elc.,iK(itiliin; wblth 
is vliit- ily :ilfci.ti.d by the ai.iioii u.uminonly ex|»u---ed t*y 
lilt: ;‘iiiiivr, i.r i;i'c uf dirci lion fi», in Latin and uih**r 
biiimi:i;.'.i;-u ; tlie woni *U'Av»iii:d ’ by u lr.'ti!>.iiive wih. Su 
.’Htii/w / iV;/, (.j! uf a ;! raii.'iilive ul ini ran>il ivt) verb u.imuiiuiily 
i-xpu.s'wi-.d byilu*. daliM’.casi: in l.aliu, etc.): -Nee iMMMi.'.r ■;i;. 
< Vy'ii /. a claii-i* m- Mit'vnliiiati: .st.nli:i)i:U furinin.^ the 
11! jccl uf a verb, as in ‘ «•.* knuw ttliao he i% alive '. 

(iys7-4i C’ii.\.Mm:.Ka (.> /!!, -..v, / ’#?»•/., Verb Nrnler, is 
wliii.h oi^jiiiits an imii.-n that lias nu jiarlii.ular utdt'' l 
wlnreiui to fail; liut which, of itself, t.ak<:.% up llu: whulu 
idea uf the ml ion.) n 1729 O M<Ki.(J.),T)K-a'.(:as*ilive after 
.1 M.-rb li-Ansitivc, ur a .v-i iitciici; in riKuii ihcn-of, is called, by 
Ki.uiiiiiaii.iii>, tlic oliject uf tiic vrib. (1824 L. .Mv fuevv 
iintnt, icct. c) 1. A'-t VerFis neuier do iiul act ii|H)nt ur jcuvcru, 
ii>'>uii.( .'ind pronouns. . . Tiwy are, therefore, not. fullowcd t>y 
an oiijectivc case, ^pia ifyin;; iFie objt^ct of .111 ai.tiu)i.T 1853 

C. ■M.\hi:ki. Arfrti,*; «*■ .Means lUeHt. f'u/i. II. Ai The ivoid 
dnv.iins this cMuiplv.nvMil uf the action p'f a transitive vcibl 
is callcii i^/yciV. 1877 W' yCw»v;A ting. CS rant, \Vi, 

We speak uf iNiih vcrliaand )lrl:p(•^i(l<.alsa^Kovcrnll1>; in the 
ii>»jei.iiv« ihe woid that is iheii ohjetl, 1879 RoBV Lat. 
tirant. IV. viii. $ ixsu .Soinn verbs iiuvc . . (wo (Tirect oFjjvcts, 
om: I'l'iuK ii pciMU), the ulbei a ibinj^. /btti. ix. iij? Nk t 
ii()frei(U(:ii(ly . . the indirect object in Latin correspond;: to 
the dirtrci objt'Oi- in KuiLdi-'h. t88x Mason L'njr tirunt. ted. 
-4) S l.)irei;l Ohji'cl dcnoU’S--iVi) Hie KiUjsivc Object, 

or ( uhli.-h Mitfcis ur i'<-i'cn\’vs iFin action iFirnotud by ilie 
M i ll. The Faciilivi: I ibjcct, ui which is the prixluct 
of the iu-Lioii. 

II. -T («*stcm), >--0BJ>:i;mN 3, 4.] 
1 8. *riic fact of throwing itself or licing thrown 

ill the way ; interposition, obstruction ; >- OB.r£C'* 
Tlf)N 3. Obs, rare. 

*555 KtJhN Pecadrs W. ftuf. in. \V. ii3 TbuM: walui? 
.siitihr: bee tiirntd iibonle by the ul»jecle or ntsy’ Uuuicc of 
that Unde [ii, IVtriis Martyr i1'An>;liiera Unde ctednnt cas 
a^uas obiectu nta^tx teUuris\,'.utiaj^i\. 

t-D. The preskcntritioii (of something) to the eye 
or peiccplkm ; (butcTKiN 4. (Vw. 

z6o6 SiiAKS. 7>. tlr Cr. if. ii. 41 Reason ilyrs the object uf 
all harmc. 1607 — Cor. t. i. I'l The ubitci of unr misery, i.s 
A.s an imieiiLoiy tu partienUriyi: ihrir ahundaiice. ci6t6 
l.'iiAi'.M.AN Ratrachotn, 15 He aduaiiciuj;; . . past all the icM 
arose In obicct. 

III. 10, atirib. mid Cotttb,yQ,^0bJaLi:arriery^€udy 
etc. ; object-ball (^BUiiards^ Crcqmty etc.), the ball 


whiclj Ibc player cmlcavoiirfs to strike with liis 
own ball ; objeot-flnder, n conlrivaTJce for rc{;is- 
ter iiif; the pufiilioii of an object on a mounted micro- 
scopie blicle, so as to find it a^ain; objeci-leiiH 
0]i.fKCT<(;T.AS!=i; object* Icaaon, a lesson in which 
ifistructioii is convi.ycd by actual cxainiMation nf 
a material object ; something that furnishes 
iii;*lriictloii by exemplifying some principle in a 
c«.»ncrete form; object-object ( Mtiaph .'. ; see fpiot. ; 
object- plato {^liaoscopy')^ the plate upon which 
the object to be examined is placed (but used by 
Power ns « OiuKcr-GLAss' ; objoct'Honl, a soul 
lielieved to animate «a matciial object ; object- 
Hpecuhtm [Mitt the mirror in a ic- 

flfcling telescope which receives and reflects the 
rays proceeding fn»m the object ; objeot-AttilT 
lSuri*ej'Wif)i a levelling- slafl’; object- subjout 
{A/c/apL;: seequot. ; object-teaching, teaching 
by means of object-lessons. See also OiuntT- 

(iJ.ASH, (tp.TKIT-MATTFK. , 

18$^ ‘ Crawlkv ' IfiUiu'iit {lanq) 17 'Vhe ‘hIjIccI hall ilic 
ImII stri:^k at with youi- ••wii. 1B91 1 Mav 4 

1 (Jin I ayhfi iho ohjfi't-hnlls janiiinrd in oii»* of thi: 1 «ir?»cr 
aiifl m.wh.* :i Lnrak of 1/7. 1879 Kri’i.rv .V/w7. 
AV</*t vii. V-i A Sjhj»-rt-»-4Uiir.r. 1793 

\V'.ii.LvsiON in y’A/V. / I.X^WIII. 14... ihc cy«?- 

on»l lo l^c of the 1 1 k-sci ■jif. 1831 I'ki-wsi kk 

Vis/, illitj^ic iv. (iS ;-j) 7:* So that tho lii;«rc on the kI.'i'^s is al 
the cliMais'.e iViun ihc hje..t hais. 1831 C. .Ma\o 

7.f.vi0nn'n JVi f. 9 I hr iniM'-elhiMt ous ‘ohieft ksvais 

wci c al'ia'ijoncil. 1896 A. IT. Ilr.-\VA\' .l/ftr^^'pr. \ii. 210 
t Unhappy t Italics ! for nil liin^, objc-r.f-Ics-rj!i i)f lost o|iji'»r« 
(iiaitirs. xWxS-'f Sms W. irwri iu\ x!ii. Jl. 

4 All oIijimT l.nown .. may » ishi-f he the ipiaiity of ■.unw- 
illing tiifrcii Mi froMi ihr t-^o: ur it may hc; a mDdino.Aii<.>ii f'f 
the or suhitct itseif In the fviiiiici caSir the «ihjVi;t, 
\vhii:h may l'«: railed .. ihc. *ohjj-ct-oliju< i, is ijivni ;is ..oinc- 
thinj; liitVcirnt fniiii ihc pfrcipiriit subiccl, 1664 iViwrH 
A'.r/i, P/tUr's. If yon Ici hf-i keep npoii i)u.* lowtii ‘■ide uf 
ynii» ulas‘.-*ohjei i-iibte. X667 f!, KiMi in J'h-i, I'tanjt. il. 
4 s 6 L.iy it oii the ot>jeci-plate 'if a jji>-5d Miiiru'tc.ope. 1875 
A. C. II. I.'.'NiE in Jirif. 11. 56/^ t lie doririnc "f 

'•ihp'ct-AOul*.. .hc' u%i«.tfSoii!tiiii(if I'eil.-Tiitan a« d idolatry, 
1781 Hnise.HM. i« /'hit. irans, I.XXII. </) The *\.hjo t. 
Kpvi Ilium or i.'l'.i'iri yj.iss of a irle.v pc. 1867 tj.\vK«4 
/'/b/.v, (•(!. ;) 11.4^4 I'ure lh<>n};hl .and pure luallrr arc 
uiikfMwn i|iia:'titii!.s, tii he rc:u:heil hy 110 ciutali-oo. 'I'he 
lhou>;lil is rcfcssarily and univei ally .siihj»-( ; iiiaiior 

isiiijcesiaiilvTarid to,*'ohjcct..siihii-rt. '1 hoiij^hi 
i-. ordy ealled inlu ckiMriii.c ijnch-r appropriate cunslitions; 
and in ihc '.ihicclivr slirnuhv;, ilic ohjcci aiul subjeii arc 
iner^cil, as .ni id niid h.i'E arc r,.. i)^r;d in the -ralt. 

tObje’Ctf PPL h. [ad, L. o/y<Y/-wJ, pa. 

pple. of objii tre to thr<.>w low.nrds or 

to place in front of, expose, 1. w’- ;Oiu 
I a) Jotr'n. to throw, i>l.ace. In use app. before 
the formation of Owkct v„ uf Avlfich it afterward.^; 
functioned as tile i-a, pple. until displaced in 
ui^ by 

1. 'f hiown ur put in the way, interpost^d, exposed ; 
^daetd lx.‘fore onc*.s eyes, presented to the view or 
pcrcejition ; cxjjoscd ;^to injury or any influence, or 
to iightj. 

*■ *374 t-'iiAn i.K p.u th. pr. 1 {o sCamli. MS.) pc niialilo!, 
of bodic-s I'Jir licn uhicf-tc fro wirli.owic-f'ii|>e iiiocumi. .( he 
InstriinirTil/ of tlic w iiiev 1X490 Palleui, I'n liusb. iv. 701 
i Midc IJlrtslis, Mimthiiiir uhirvl, i.k fi'..iii lu.iii luildo. *538 
Lki.anh /////. V. c)Q An .Ahhay . . .st.'imlMi); vciy hlcktly ami 
• ihjcct III al Wy:idiK*.N, «i 159s H. SviiH ll'l-f. (1^67) 11 . 

The texi is pl.iiii, and objci.t i«» fvciy iiiiin’n capacity, 16^ 
Wil.l.KT i{t'\ap/ts lixi'dt (?oi Siaisil.ilc liiiri>;s U'hi<-h arc 
ohiei;i t.i the eye. 1650 Sne \V, Moru-. Cty 411 To 

icfinc IHn I'luld, anil ptiiKc aw.'iy ihc id.'jur.i Ore. 

b. Situated in fiont of, or over ag.iinst, some- 
thing ; opjH:»site; al'^o /^*'. opposed, contrary. 

n 1^1 Wyatt 0/ riici. Wks, The 

OMC IpolcI we see alway, thciithi-r .st.viirN ijhjcc.i Af;aiii.4 the 
same, ifoi Hoi.t.AKiJ Plimy 1 . 71 |,\n island; vp-.n the 
Ca 1 .ibri.Tn coHsa bi-fuie Hriiiidusinin ; by ih*! i.'bicd .Nile whiiPof 
the iiaucn niadc. 1603 11 . Cm < 1 i.i: /.«;■. Mphrn, 

K, I Triu |\irit.iii‘l though ihcy hi: Mtirly object t.:i ihi: 
Koiriaiiistcs ; yri li.xne they inuio. Saints umong them ih.aii 
arc in thc: Koniish Kalcndi r. 1613 K, Cawdrev PaHe.'ltph. 
(cd, j), laitlc, 01 set .ig.Tinst. 

2. tibjfcieil, bi'onght as an objection, charged 

.a person). With at charged with some- 
thing, accused: cf. On.TKi.T v. 5. 

*485 A fisc, 43 Nfi I lung prokilile object 

ayenst tlm same l#y the said craft. i5(t^'.\TK>N.Mi>N tr. /V 
Imitathnc in. Ixii. 251 l.yti-Il thyiigrs ubWtc acayiist the, 
rt 1519 Shi I.V. Cl ut^ 7'y('> li.ii'hi;lcrs in that tiu'.iillic.. 
Shall not 1 j«? objerte al by im*. 

0 M 6 Ct './liflijc’kt), 7 \ [f. I,, chji'ci-^ ppl. stem 

of o^'tW'fie iflhuffre) to throw .against, etc. ; sec 
]>iec. It may also ynrlly rejircseni^tlu: L. frequen- 
tative ob/citarc, Ol*\ has .a solitary instance of 
ob/effr in 1 298 ; but the curreiil ohjetUr began as 
ohjdfer in 14th c. P'or earlier use of object as 
pa. pple., see iircc.] 

1 1 - irnus, j‘o put over against or in the tvny hf 
soinelhing else ; I0 place so as to meet or intercept 
somcihing ; to expose to, Ohs, or anh, 

*578 .b^^'***'^*''** A/an vui. log \ c'f.rtcine soft Hinow. , 
[isi obiected to the holc-s tranMiersrIy. 1848 Sir T. IImowxk 
Psfutt. /i/. 3114 Kvery one of ihi'sc cli>e ohackc the bodies 
obj«lo-d unto them. ^ 1654 R. Coorinoton tr. tustinc \v# 
He romm.Aiulcd him lo be objeered to a hungry .mid ;yi 


enraged T. yon. 1673-4 (Jhr w Aim/, lyunks 1. li. § ;.■* A | 
Yi:ry while. .]«•'»'«• «•! .■\shufi''»d. .liljji'^nl tu a jiiiipi r l-i,;hl. 
1813-11 iti NiliAM M'kx, >iJ*43l Vin. ?ui 'This b•.^^v,,sl.Tl (U I 
1 c.'lijt«.ti'd, i.i'. t-n-.i 1icl'*ri‘, ih:il oih*ir body AbitJi muM*-.. ■ 
j 1850 Ni M.i: .hW. // em/Wj i!74 Fr.iin wha! puirl tin; 

I wnwi hi' coui-« l.")!! tho. tciwrr diroi-itrih, to ihal puint il.'- j 
I C'w k liiT lurid Manfully ol.-jin i» Ih. 

j t b. To place f.o as io interrupt or hinder ilu: : 
course of a pcison or thing ; to jnil in the w.ay or j 
ijiter[)iKe, .a.> an obstacle 01 hiiidr.ancc to progrc'^i, ' .1 df- fence fii»in attack. Oh. or arch. 

1^8 I’l'Mi; [.\(t\Mst P-f'i/’ h' ii'.yi:: \ ij, To d'.iilu r 

1 Vi fiuiii ihr juirill ohIi!i;ffd. 1563 iloiuUI s n. 7 ii '/itZ/y ill. j 
! 1 Vj J T'l ohjet t 10 the wrjik*.* . . :.iH.h k-:. 

1 C1611 C liArM.xs ////If/ IV. st>S Alv -^irdlu, cnicts ij-iiiblct . 
hoK*. and my iii -.>t IniMird jilaiir, Objt-i ii d .dl ’iwi.M me :ip'l ' 

■ di.‘.i!h. 1715 Full; Ot/yss. VII. j\ Falb.i lo thi'ir I'yi', Tl.-e 

1 ini'll I'lbji uTi'd. 1814 S'M riii.v Ki>t/sr:,k x.iv, J ho O 'di | 

■ ubjiTls His ‘.liiold, .'xn.I tm iim rjin r-rt ti'Vil tho edct*. 

to* I’o cxpi>.’;e to danger or evil of any kind. 0^'7. 

; r 1510 Utii'.lav It. .V.i///#.s/' 7 He Ci'if huK-'l w ith l.vm.i T*- ! 

' t'j i.liii.M.t hjiii I'l d.iiii!'4<T .Mid ptrryll of w.'iirr. 1^33 |Ji i.- 
i I.I .SHKV /.iVy iv. i.o'.’yl ? -i Qiihy ih.Tv » bi--'-l hu'i 

i aii.'iiii*; s:i hu? d:-.n'.i* r*.: Miid 1566 Vw-IVR /'.l\ 

/ AviJ. 1 los; Obu'i-iliiij Idmit Ifu ir. ihu ihti'iiiV- i hvrtii. i.i* 
j wai likuly {., bi* uvi.rwhdiiivi!. rt 1677 H.m.!- uv- .Sc; \Vk-, 

I t/i^' 11. ?i.7 All iillti- (iu!:'..thi 3 kn..",\inj'Jy tlid '.d.jc.t ' 

I llii'iir-clvo*^ lu. ■ 

j +2. l o place (’si'inttliing) before the c)c=i or ■ 

j other organs of sense, or the mind; to p2cst.nt or i 
; i^fftr to the .^ight, ptrrctt»lioii, nndcrst.anding, etc. 
Oh. or Gtr/i. 

i^34 fhur/. at:-'/. Pr:‘\ iii. Tho l udily 

; iiuirictl by iliiii,;*''. . . ;Ti me •lutw.inily thni'./tVf! 

. 'Ciuilile worldly tliiuK*"* •■.»{l’*.il it ubici ted vnt'i tl;*.iii. 1586 
'T. li. La J't 'WnU't. J 't. . ii tut. i. ;■.» C-V.Tii'.'ip.V.. i*n.;c. .aj piv- 
li'.iidcth w l.nis'.'f vrr pharitu-.iu nii'l ubu:< I imI .* it. 

Cf x66f I K ill. .1.0 Wh-' U tVIlipc r.'i.*u.i_‘ 

Uiu. uf pi o..f acaini-.l any iiii'.il objf. ted hi-, appi lilt. 
<11677 M.ti.k f'tim. tb-A'- ••/<»;/. I- i. 3 As i!m*. ( ibjcc.i.'* of 
IT f'jluur aifr ubj*a;t».d lu tin.- when it is oju.ri. 
17*0 \Vi I h.i.N* .Vt/j/i r. .SflH t>f'Ci?d I. Fi ef. 0.9 The My-itciiui:s 
Work, objc".ii.*d to his contriiipl.itii'n. 18*6 Iv. Diiiiiv 
J/ftl. < 1. iiMcfnduS I "I? K»;li,'.l‘.'l' . -C'^TIN 

man ihere art- oilier ihinLs in hi-.iveii .md mrih bevi'Ii ■ 
thoii! whif.h are c lo his -eM’-cs. 

t3. 'I'o present or offer in tiiscourse or argu- 
ment; to bring forward .as a reason, ground, or 
; instance; to adduce. Oh.ftrar'h, 

1536 At./ 2? I/fft. f^lIlyC. 7 § K'Siich qucsfi;:t)'?. ..v iliiilli-* 
obi' I led to tlli-IM. 1584 R., .''<nr />.•■»/,*.*, ll'JiifW r, V. vii, 
(I'i'-io) Kortht iiiaintei:aiu*c of wit'-l.*--'j/.Tiati'-us. ihcy , 
obje..l the ;i-ils of ilu; li.' .ipell, wIumc ifie divoll is '.tid ('> . 

: (.ib: iiji Chri‘1. 1634 t.'ASNr .V. • ; 
. Aiiilustinc Was of mind, ronr, eil*., bishope, 

iiol 10 b-e ul jri.ted for lr;:d of • «i;’.liovi.-!rii ihi> buly I 
^«Ti| lilies oidy. 1704 Swii r 7. / z/'* .-Npo!., lb: has ncTer ! 
1 yet foiind it in that dis. uiir e, not bas hi ard it u! ircled 
; hy any b-.idy c!m'.. 1849 \V*. rnstCFicvio tr. It rx . 

Oii/>u\ 67 VVhat chuub b it wh.v-e example they o! jrM to 
. us as an arjiuniesvi t 

i 4. To bring furwatd 01 state in opposition; t # 

] adduce as a reason r.g.aiiisl .'omctliing ; to urge as 
; an objection tOj unto, axitfn.sP, a. m iih .simtde ol -j. ' 
c 1400 .'1 f.ctff. For ukin c ones c'v •urpliims pat in'.'u 
, iiiriy mak c’s: •.'bieiT. ’ 1513-14 A.t s /ftn. I'llf^ c. 1 It th'^ 
saiiiu iH-rM^as . .obitclc* »ir :iilc.i;i; anj cauyc uhy lie dial! !u»t 
.‘.■.'Utl to, 1630 Fk^nne ./«/?’-,*• i('5l’h».‘ self •-.niiei-t np- . 

tui!“j ;Tr« here ubi'ji.ted ai’a.iii't i;s. 1754 KiniM-MViN' 
III. 1S4 Tr.C> 'ibic'iJltil the- ia».rOobv5-''li.-t 
I’lifi. ullits in ri:K.tir»i tv) relu;, ard my cou.Mry. 

H. N. t. ui K» ir"".i. Of 4'. i fds iihii? jS'3 F*r>.Mii t.'!';! • is ilu-; 
veiy Liri:iimsuisii:c lo i;io .nnibrntiriiy of the llj-jd. 1855 . 
Milman /.a/, t /ir, fl. iv. vii. ^/;! Il-: :wbeisi.rii.'.s ; 

. •.•bb'i.ii’d th«* ahsonce t-.f all the j;rcai l*.ii;i:ii-;hs. ! 

b. with object clause. j 

! *559 Fr. .Si'oi in Sirype A «/;. AV/. : i?.'4J I. 11. Aj«p. vii. 411 j 

. It willif. .jbici lid a'.;a!iist m*?, ns thi*. place doihe inak'- j 
; n;4:iirp( tl-.e suprciiiacyc uf piiiwcs, so dulho il make lai 
. the piimncy^s of siiim Feici. 1613 Fi u< n.\s ; 

UM4' ir.t Hut K.TiUi? olijcvt, 1 his is to slaclt -.i !ii.u 11111111:1,;, > 

; laihvr then 10 Iiu iif*. 1685 l.i. itpm i AV-.'/ AVA uSsj) 1. /tj 
1 ihii-ciiai; how unlikely it was. 1736 I'l.’ A fiat 1. iii. 7 v 

■ Iflt is objc'tTod tliat j;ond .nvUMiis. ..iru iifton punished. x8i8 i 

. ClMT‘.F ltd. 2» II. 11 hil»h IjCVIT olipfUd. that 

this rcl.niv-. rnily t » th»* picsi-i vali-'iiul ihe hvid vM.ilu -f ihc : 

, u.'it', .ind iKit to the tiiiili'.-r ar liiiut-H i 

6. To bring as a charge .against any one; do 
. attribute to any one .as a fault or crime; lo lay lo ; 

one's charge, cast in one's teeth, accuse one of. j 
j rcjnoach one Avith. C<»i!st. to, t7;'i7//;j/ ( f ti/c/t, j 

■ indirect obj.) a. with simple obj. an h. j 

1469 /.e/A II.^4tS Charr;inj; yow.,iti app<ar afore j 
1 thc •said I-urd.*; uf uur Cuimccll .. ihnc l-i aij-Vi ic to sm h j 
ihiriijos iw. ,hy lh.;iii .shall he «'ibji*i U-d V'’sw. 

! 15*6/V.xr. ;V/ A iW . df W. iv !i I 10 \ f riii-r ihuii d>ii uny 
notablu synne. .he w\ll <>bi<:i.ic 11 lu ibc. cast it in thy j 
I nose, «54« H. t'>i'i.AN’ii Ir'rttyiit's Pi'hiAyu/, :• Kij, The ' 

! which ihyr.K wit d.» obiecri them, a 1648 l.o. llr.i<Fii<i ; 
j //<■». / '// / 1 : 66 'fhey wi-rt* couiinillcd lo diuci .% Fiisons. j 
j for Crinii's Cfbintcd aj^.iinst thrin. 16516 Huimiks /.i/'., j 
j AVfr.j.f., etc, (lihn 1 1 16 When lio*l afliictv.d Job, hedid obict I ' 
no sill lo him, Hl?mk i/ist. Fnff. .i3u6) IV. Ivii, ! 

'fliis .subilrly, which has l»cen frcqticnily tilijcclcil to C-harits. 
1844 LlNGArn/Iwr/.s.Srt r. C/t. ci?^F.‘ 11. x. S t This hypucrisy 
was invisible (o the conteiiiptirarics uf tho>.e I'l win 'in it it 

b. wilh object clause. 

1587 HoiiNsiiKTf CiitoH., SiOt. II. J59 Those tauuis 
whii'n the Fieuchincn laid upon iln*iii, obieolin>< th:it tlir 
I arvcdiiiessa uf wim* and vitilos iiad biuii£ht them uucr inio 

i ' diat coiiniric. *6^ Sm T. Hkuw.m-. // iw/i 7. i. 17 th) it It | 
was obviously object vd iiptiii Christians, inoy nm- f 
dvnined thc Prnclicr of Hiiming. 1711 .Sim.F A/fv7. N «. ! 


05 ^ 6. I h.-i\. l it fd'j*v i.-d :i.'.:ii'. .i 1: i.t p;, . .1,-,, j,. 
li‘-‘.'i‘i*-li'>ii-- I :.if .•.'■ur-'Vil 1: . 1833 6 ! 1-. . .-.I 

VA'i ll.. I.'., 1 hc.iifi a J.I I.'.'i .•'..n-, I t ■ I 

F.>US':ill, l!i;u lbf.-|i: ,v;i ; t.-i.i liv.. 1. iu bi . ; i. fiili-s, ' ’ 

1 0. Ir.iu,. 'i o iuii'utu, /,.> . .3 w- :i', ■ 1.. 

illg uf Oh. 

1613 Fl EilM’ . J'.ii;} in-.i/,: J i'll- I.' . I !i'.'y '{. ■.} V. 

I'r.r, i!m- di.'ifu:, tli.!i (.l.-ir'eiii Ai-.x..' . , 

lilt, wurdiiji ihi'r'.if I'i.i I li'.i-iii. 1734 I mi . * . . /'i, .. 

M. i, I.lii you ■.'■ i'.v a;.' .f y-.t;r u;. !",'. 

In waiit uf r.ii.bu'= s? 1776 I'.! .'■.MV t'/.'iA i/if *1 , I. 

;.i;» H.jiifr ’ah ) » r !•.*! r.'si* ■ tli r .h-r ihuir I, .,1 

aud A«.l:il!c : 6. T b!' : kHl uii ibo, iiiak« =: llei.iii; i , i!;., 

jih't'.e f ''ii-.T tl'.i-iii h.jih I t P.m-'. 

7. '1*0 .stale ill) c.'bjccliiin or ndw.-i -c n-.a-v.i.j ; 

now oficri in weakened .v_nse : Tueviir-s- or 

dis.ap|iiii\.'il, to disapprove. 

* 43 ‘>" 5 o tiiiT'hft ■ Iv !l VI I. i. -j I'.u: p*. t;,\ \ .; 

ol'ic' P:, aud say li.t n-it i-» a pu ti.- i.- ■ I..--; J i;ia'L:iilt; p»H..' : b'.if I'-'l*..!. 15*6 /V/y*. it'/ . 

dc W. :! ' il, i he*; | (.'i'-.Olii: j! i,!.-;,-. I 

A '.lyi; I'-t. .). 1560 J. I‘’' s li. s'. <!'. /V/..- 
V iii:j -i;'. }| :i': will 'ji.u ;i .iid : ^i bat sli.dl w.* 

dii ' 1S65 l>/i.Ki S ’. J r. J'. . .viv. '1 iicii ii tl;e la.’y .1 

formcily ..'•.Ji • Icfl f 1 tl,i;,'K 1 1) i il ^ ... 

il'jii'l • 'I-;.:-. I. 

b. wilh h '.stiiiictiine; i7-a;‘w..7, raic ly fV/ / 7 i/: 
'fo I.'iing fuiward a Mgninsl; *.i siale. :nid 
inaiiit.iin by argument, one’.s di.sagiecment with (.r 
ilisapi^roval of; nfW iiiually in weakened seiiic : 
To txpiess, or merely to fed, fif ; lo 
have at) r.bjcrcliMn /.). '!ii.ippru\e ol, dj-dike. ( I he 
prcvailii.g eiiriojii sense.) 

1513 Mi.iif /.'a/;. ///, Wh.-, 'i V** l iriK**-''. Mudb'.-i •■'.hi'/cif.l 

'•l-'t -iiy .t;'.-;i' ■! l i'- m.-.ri '.Tr. 1678 \i\ vi k T^-ix i<t i - \'r J 

Th.-.-c w).'.» obi'.'.l aviiiri .l i-. a.-v. ;-, an. ih..* Taii.'ui'. k-; ii. 
F.uiry. 1735 I'-nr /'I'lo/r ^.I^ e. . 117 His Farii'pct I pio- 
\» l-'f, Ml-i;df, I iir f'jiii-id, i .a: ail 1 .;; 1758 

I he i /.iiivLt'.:il ni-aiu-i lin; .■..'.ei. it 

f»r tiiO i.r<.'>'ri ihn":. 1775 .sm 11. 1, 

Ti-. ir.'-T!: in yui; lu • 1 1 !a''.> yor. k.. r. 

Iiulhili;', uf. 1839 Kl 11..HTI I V //lit. 1 1 . <r. He ub;*. l'."l 

t I ll.i . ".1 a Imi ^!i 1865 vs Mut. J r. iv, ;«ii. 

WulI i ill'.- l.-idy ! / my tli*; paii nf ■ 

1869 f. M \(m i.-.r;,'.!.- A.O. 11. i-m \V t: i 'dria tu tin*, au.uiii* a; 
u.i .M i»--iJliM<-; Cf'-'UiJt!'. 1885 Mil!,-. il. hxani, 6 .\ : v. I bt y 
ul ji'i.lctl I'.i be ;u;l'.>r i :m a I'arcc. 

t e. intr. To biiiig a charge or accusation. Ohi. 

1611 I'ii.;!.K .*»./. xxiv. ifj V\h:) eught to T.;oo bc*u.<j h'at-. 
!'< f Tt,‘ th':*-. iii.d .'•bir. I, if da y had eiJc;hl nn:. 

Hence ObJo'cting . //, 0 ,>. aiul fp(.a. 

155* Hei.'.i Dbif. lii/.'c. i»/ -f-r/iuv, oHy-./ok 1886 Mi-s. 
I.TXX I.iNuiv Piiitcni\ty\ \‘ 111. li. I'vir.i’- aba l 
ViSlat .iM'vv ivil.h dar}y:':i' i:‘. fiTvcnty .' ifi.liri^, 

Objectable '.dbd^/ektrib’l , u. Also s> cno/t, 

-ible. [f. Obj);it 7 '. + -.\hi.k.} 

1. That mav be objected. 01 urgeil .as an objec- 
tion, ch.irgeahle or to . V Vh. 

1656 Ay/*l> i/aiuh.'in H/i M Ibr ihAl •j«-pi;’\t.d:it.ssi; uf'l . .it is. .f. '.bjc :ill il.iii^s. T73 

X.-'ihin;: uf ronsc'tpiiMiii u.-i, oi'jurt.'iblf; to (.'hri^l. 1667 

J* cV'.*'. P.'t'fy VI. ^7 '1 hetu ar<r !*ul two ubji.eti.'iis miil 
these :tit; usu.iilj '.'bjoi-.taM'. to one sin ;i.s wcil ..■• l«j ;irioi!.c;r. 

2. Tiint ni.ay be olijecttd lo, e-bji cliunahle, 

*77S“83 J- Fi’A'i r l.ii't mi I. 1:0, I iKue «-ciitiirt.-<i 

to .e-'cri j. . t'I'jii lible .1.1 ibis ru.iy, I niiv i 

t.ikc iiji'*n ;isc..:'.i pti-'h i!;e point bullicr. 1776 — i'/ 

II !■.> *, I Will iii>t, Ileli.., di'-:rv.ii 'y»'.ii. 1 si.e 

rv.'tliiee :tt piO'.Mil lb'., ciiiile. 1885 / '.X- -•/</<-. 111. 

I’loAs for iii;ir:i.i.;i: .-{hei.iilv 

(■f ti'IlliiM- ■ J no liJsC'.j.-itjil'.-l.Tlib; .tv pj it. 

t ObjO’Ctaut, t 'A'-, f an’, [l. t )iu i.i t -.\M' • . 
Ci. i'.i>/yt\ fa/tt j.r. pplc.J One who or which 
objects 01 object ilic.i. 

_ 1615 f iii.i. S'.». J J:iVcs. II. 1.J5 Tf the I’lith':! boeu 
itii;;'iiM:itf-i. thi.-n I'iC fuiiM.-iiiit . f lilt- P'.-ine '.ii ji;!'.! 
lull the .'I bci.i,' whiJi lunlei •.iji'.dt-.i.'i, but or.i ly 

ihu .‘I'ie'. t i::n!«‘. -ti.'Oi!. 

Objectation iTftka''ktc'‘|i>n''. ntre. [Nuiin of 
a'.:fii»ii fiom I., u^/f i.Miy to UiuiTT : cf. L. pAv. /. 7- 
ti.y lejiroach,] 'I'hc a* lion of objecting or mr.king 
obj-:ciions. So Olijectative (Flid.-ic-ktiriv -, 1?.. 
given lo bl.jccting, fund of making ohjectiuii s ; 
i'Objectator h'h, /vi;v " , an olijector. 

1656 Ib.ucNT i.'.v.»-.v.>c-.-., C[:'tC!A!ty* tl.jil.f, he ib;it le- 
proiKhilh ur l:i\ 1 lu Ai\K:i i-h.u;;i*. ■ 1873 Tlf'ii'S A tlir;. ,y 
.l/ii.iY. vi. i.j6 Ifht- iM.):;!yi*bjivi;.tj-, c.ti:d ri!«>:iiL-fI-iii. 

1886 Sit lui‘» Li' f, .V'V.A -v .'/niA //.•'./. Tli. i.t ; Ktiutiv 

riiiv.ii' iliseiivse-b. wiihuiji '.rik* or c»!.jri.-:;,iiMn. 

Objected iM.5e kted. ,///. a. [f. t>I).iKi r «*'.] 
tl. riaced over against 01 opposite; proscnled 
to the view nr pcrLCplinn. i V'..’. nr an/i. 

1606 X. Fi\mt:m A/afi (A,.? rd i'x l-’.-irr .V. J\i.r. I 
a {S The forchiaii krji obieon d [iliankv-ir. 1 he hii ih-r pint 
irtiymlh im'murie. 1668 Ho’.vk />/<••-.?. 11, 

v;- I hb ubiri.lcil . T exhibit *'d );l<.»ry K t\^ u-fulil. 1713 C ri-sH 
\V'\ Ifftfi. /’«.’• ms 06 A DitMui, a visi- !i. . ITmici uu 
my i-ciisive ;ind beans it down Aluie than ilu* 

of ;ui olijei if'd iVniUTi. 1848 K. I. WiinruiuHi'L /\n:/y. 
/*.•!. iryiii/icn \iv. ii;':5vj4i.| 'I'hc iii-.pii. lio:i cf 's. . 
iis thc i:np:iited icivid uf I'i-jerted Until. 

t2. Atldikcd in aigiiiiient, tsii. against soii'c- 
ihing ; urged .as .1:1 iihjcviiiMi. Oh. ur an h 
1641 Mil. iv'is /V,.A /'-'A-f.--. U ks. ii.-:.?!’ )o T> iilh'd^c i"i 
lm:ij-r^ the a-.ii ifiil F.Tthc'.s. 1 h.ii!ysiu-,.Tnd ih; - • mi v''.';e- !*.' i 
livicciis. 1669 W. lloM'i'K t.ifPt:. .\Jyi\J. t; i The fur.i.t': 
pail ..if ihis objeoiiv.t difViculty. 

Objectee |'bdi;oktr . [f. On.n:cr + -rr.J 
A person objcoied to; one against whom asi objec- 
tion is made. 


1861 Sfa* 'I’hr Kf vi'iinjT Hanislrr vrinarkrcl I 

tl'K . .the Ilf ihi; sUuiit-ril iliHili'-.i**-. \v:is iiicirly j 

fvjiU'ru.o tiial tlio Hi-Jji c liail \imi ’■enl tti lln* i.lijcctci.*. I li** ,■ 
vi^uaiuu* ».•< till' ( mif-i lic 1884 /W/ ;l/.r«V (#. : 

lu ScpL S. v Mic- \\\.is«l . ri^iil!! iju\y ilir iT - 

aO'ulc of lilC ! M lliC tilUC lllC ohjnitUia wa-. 

Object-glass [(.)wia r 

'Hie Tens or coml.»inatiori of Icnscis in a tclesc.o[ic. . 
microsoojHJ, or oilier optical iuslniment, which ! 
situateil lioaiest lo the ohji ot, and lluis leceivcs the ! 
Tay<i oflijL;ht iliicetly from it. ^('f. 

t 68 s R- lt‘”>KK ,]/ii-rnt;f\ ii. it httwri'i tin; | 

inijci:t->;la'S .iiul the i xSi 111 . 1 . in /Vi?/. V 

l.XXV'. .|4 ‘riui'.ivigr m- uu i:ii iiii; ilir M^jti or j 

.s|ii't iiLiiii a lililr. 1829 i 'hiloi. I. Opti. .1 it’. K. S.) . 
Thu irijilc U(.hriMiialii <•{ . a i i'ik-.i' c | 

Mini j»iass Icn?; plaLL-.l In iwo i'.)ji\r,v Kiim-s ...f ti jv.h j 

ula'is. 1839 I i. P)K! Sat. i'uii. ; 1 I lio lU.i.:;i.i»y!:V..': jMiwiT j 
Lif ifli'Si iMii*'! is fiiti'ai I y lliy f >L.ii !r|iClh cf | 

the vjbjcci-siilav; ny lljal L'f t'.i- cyc .'.Li-.-., _ 1 

Objectiflcatiosi ‘j'lKi/ckiiiiiw ' j wO- [*'. of 

action li'im ( »n./Ki rUA : see -I'lcvTinv.] The ! 
aetion ol uhjfctityin^^or condition of Uinn ohjeeti- ! 
tied ; an instance of tliis, aii tAternal Ihiiii? in which ; 
nil idea, y-iinciplc, etc. is c\ pressed c.oncrt tcly. j 
1836 -^ SlK \V. llAMIliwN xlii. (r-'^o) I I. 41 J Tills j 

iliM I iiiiiii.'itioii i/f .SI If fr^.llll M If, -iliis ot.ijis-ihii lli»: j 

Hualiiy whiiili i lln■-lilutl■^ the <“-.-ii iiti:«i pis i.iiaritj of 0 »'m- ! 
h ill. "1900 .'Si iV. /.'/c* -V,‘. .7 y;. These Miysilc . 
^^lM 1 MlI^:lrc liTr, ihi* amImI msU-.i-. in *Mav;hcth’{ liny arc 1 

th« iib-w.titif.vtion >>r iny^U fy, 

Objectify 'I'hd/c-K-iifai), [f, ined.l . oljtrf- ! 
//?// i)iui:* r .vA. r -rv ; .alter L- Type *t?/ycv/////'i?>c’.] ; 
.Va/;/;. ’’I'o make intn, or present ns, an object, esp. | 
n> an ohjoct of Muse; lo renikr objective; to 
<r\prc>s in an external or coiierele lonn. 

1836-7 Sin \V. H \Mii ION Aft'taph. .\lii. (if;'..*! II. Con* 
•^•.i-jusiu.’^s jiii\ici.ts,as it wi ie,tln.s .suhifi-rivc j'h:Mi.ii;n 
fiiiiii ii %-’if,«-vli « : il .it a di.',— in a won!, (ilijci-iilks ii. : 
1856 T) »\ K / ?<■ i'.nr. Fuiih I. ii. 70 In ihf. latii'i' (i a.>t ]\\r. 1 

i»ljii‘'.iif> kii.'%ili •!»'c. « 88 o W, W.-o.i.Ai I in Hrit. : 

XI. I he i.hvv-y t.-f the ininil as nl'ii-i.iifinl in ; 

of law. ihi: f.iinity. ami the iiiaii.-, i.s 4lisi.'’..'-..-,f;d in 
I he ‘ riiilosiipby .-.f ki>:lit ! 

Hence Objo ctiflecl ///. (Je., Obje ctifying ?77. ; 
;/*. and ii, ] 

1868 C.oniL’i'.p. Ki.\ \T II. til a M 01. 1 lit \ . .i.s a certain .slalo i 
■ »r iJiinf- \u \vi.-%l ia rckaruiM lo naiaia I'lijci.-iitwil i!liii.ri.s uf • 
a widci c iifii.i'.uMicss 1883 A. ITp.ii.s t r J*h\s, . 1 /, U /npi , | 
rn .'IS imprfs<.c«] i- .1 pln‘ni.»in'r»-"n, jnu!.. ' 

!.-‘i.onuS llii'Oin’h tlit; inner iiiju' pioi^^ss v^orked up • 

i'liii Ml object or event. 189 a Tmaii i. in ^ Cent. 1 
J)fc. i/i| The ohjeclifyini; faeully ho' amo. .wis.kvni'il. j 

Objection (i' kjan}. [a. F. ( 12 - • 

ijlh c. in Hat/, llarin.;, ad. I.. nofiJivusm a : 
throwing behne, uphr.iiding, tc] -roach, objection, ; 
It. of aciion f. oljiiCre to Omjvxt.] j 

1. a. The aciiim of objecting, oi staling something | 
in opposition to a perdon 01 lldng; b. That which ' 
isi objected, a statement made in opposition ; f n 
ch.iigf or accii.salion against a pe;rson (it/'j.' ; an 
adverse reason, argument, or contention. X'ijw 
nfir-ii in weakfiietl sense : An e.\]'rcssion, or mculy 
a leclivg, of disaiiproval, dis.agrt'cment, or dLrbkc 
^esp. Ill phr. /o havion '.^or vo) oh;cdn»i), 'Jo tide 
ohWtioti : to bring forward a reason .agniii.,t some- 
thing, or merely lo state ones dis-apinoval of or j 
di-iagifvment with it; To i*i>ject. c. A docnmcnl 
in which an objt ction i.s staled. 

f i 38 o\Vvci.n iiy/s. II. loi Htrvcnvmn.'uiy r l-ioi.i.iouu*; 

I-E.i p(:. w.-.riii-i -f Cii-.i ht.'i hih.r, 1387 liov/.s^ Jliyfin j 
iK ‘ll-.i VII. 1^7 k* Tiivf'iiiiirc ki-rr 1 :. :i;i ll.iuii. it 1 
l;.llih a pifii.t I».il hi: *iho>!r 143 a go Ir. 

■.ki;!'i--- 1. . 7 g An i.ihii:i.i.i'.i:i w.i, made . . 1 ' • tt.r i 
hr ' h'.'PP'V . h .-vv iii.Miy ■■^•yllO■'^ .1 hr in thai J Mnle. ! 
i.'itl al:>.'i ■jijfL-.-'/ii‘-.and s!- '-> iiijirtii. 151 ^ >4 Ut^/h.M.i ///, : 

I .A o'ri'.i-'iyi.iiL ji*.r«.-i:ipU.ik- .‘i.iy l i pu-vr l.y^ r.l ji- r: iii ' 
niid ifii. 1613 Sii.vK.s. JJi/t, /'///, in. ii. ^ .SjH.'-jk': ; 

ijii, '^ir ; Id :\ii* y-uir wv-r-.i ••Ml i.i'ti-i.s 1691 i'. II.aii- .-ii.. 

A Vir /fi.ynt. To whi« h iiftl.lru; is -..j jiU!.- !i a-i jiirii.ndi •! j 

!•», ill Ol;ji*i:l.ioii hy the t^llu'cr-'., 173*^ *■’ 1 1 I K /Ir #;/. 11 . \iii. 

;,'i 3 T'hi* -diji .:!i(.»'is \ihii ii may In: ivuiji; .'ij^aiii.-l ari'-.iiii.; 
friHfi ihi* .\ri.ih.i;y i-f Naliiic. 1813 .'Si. t '/mrui /t’r {••P, a) 1 . 

XyD If Liir.y I'o ‘J.'i'Mi'iii l>i him, I adnuii* Ii«-r fir 
||-IMII ;4 liiiii Ht.»: ir. * 8 W hr.. /.hv/.'.v /.<TM ii3;0 ! 

Wi'/c, Mr. MalialTy . . !i:is lakeii wlijeLti'iu l • llic ijn;; ' 
i»r Miefiiiii)]^ 1 haiv ;;i\-in..i j ilir vi«ird 'motivf'. 1875 I 
J'JWFI 1 r:(l. 1. 1 l.avi- nn lin!) Im willl 1 

yi.!i in lli»' piiuiilrj*. /.••///. J V. i’ .-j A ji.:.A*.-!.je.i:tii-ii 
in.-\y lie iir/r-l iijjaiviM this doi-Oi -.i;. 

‘1*2. trail sj. ax Jis- An adveise action, an as'^aidt. 

4 f i 4 $o Mnukfutl inr.i'iilT 3-/4 J’c irieiiolaliyll ' Ijirtcionc 
'if riiy ^ i-^dy miiiiy. 1516 /V/A iW. i!i; W. if. ji; 71 ) 

T h'-y have . siiflri-d n,i ii.iiHy or in dede imuiy «*l.u-.f,i:ii.Mis it 
iniiiryes iriiuM.-e'illy. n 1586 .Sihm Atriu/ia i. ,• ? The pMt!*; 
eilhrr I. 1 . 1 I Wr;:kly m . .>hrinlit ImvL'hiil sluirpely 

visiiird, till! fh:it liiC an'-vAi r wav a . q-.ui kt; us ihe cihiVi ii«.i(i. 

1 3. The action ol liirowiiig, /.r c'UKiilion ot U-ing l 
thfown, in the way, or so a.s to iutereej t something ‘ 
else; interposition. Oh. 

1549 i'ompL .SV<’/*vi. f.'j The nimit i-; in he ihe 

ohifci:.! h -m' i.f the L'iiil. 4 l6xi (.' 11 . r'MN liia.i ;,'j Hi-, shall be wiih-it-i .d AViih •ii l- ;il.iji-.i.ri.iii i.r )r. 

f b. The condition ol there being sonic'.hiiig in 
the way; hindrance, obiVin.Tii,n. Oh, 

Ii 1667 fi-.R, T. wi.or ill Spurjp-'in ftrin. />/»,*■. P.,. Uskv. 11 
Our wrivifii/itublt-sonif loiisi lire, fiTi! of • kii-i d.i-i .lurl daiif.i r. 

1*4. lTos<*xitation to the view or lo the mind, or 
that which is so prc>ientcd ; lepreseniatitin ; iifkr. 


1554 W. Trit Kijb. Hyilisit rcprc'^nlorion they 

hr u.ioiod Ilf till- Iiitoil.'ill Iiiiirbiiori by out* of llie sayii 
obiccii 'ii-', il! d by the oilim tiT ilit- iwissimi nf Ic.sus Christ. 
1596 ///, II. ii. All ihou lOiik* To s|)cak rbo 
ni-iic lii.iii litaviMly wonl of >i*ii, To my object ion in lliy 
l» :iiUeoiis love? 1649 Jl w. J avI.or OV. /:‘.n w/. xv. 4 ifi 
\\ i'll •!!• til in lu: made, tlrni theymij^ht )ii>i be seandali/tnl 
ai ihr siidiii ssor •.ll•jelMi••ll ol the i*as.<iiiiii, but tic I'ordii iiivd 
in I heir birlief. 

Objectionable ‘.plxlare-kjamil/l), a. {ph) [f. 

pnr. 1- -AJii.K.] OjH'n tn objection ; that may be 
objected lo ; agains«l which an adverse reason may 
be nigi-d ; n(.iw often in weakened sense : l']^xciling 
disapprotal tir dislikc« unacceptable, disagreeable, 
unpleasant. * 

1781 ^l•\\rl^l♦ /.,■//. Wkt. \ V. 11,1 II (I01.1 not .'ippear 
t'l nil* ihat tliu v.vpit.'ssiuii is oiijn.ihniahU:: il is pl.iiM, 

indi but n••t linh!. 185. C».iii*i-.Mi;R .l/ziv. led. I 

^;| Il is . . iifit i!iifrc.ipitiitly leriucd ihe i;.'i!i..;li'.»iilf: sy.*-«ciii. 
..Ihil tills term is ohjti li(jii.i!'-li*, :is Uatlin^ lij a siij'ipiYsed 
aiialiijjy l.v.-tvceii llii'. •A-tem and the .>1 iii:iai m.-rvoii-s sy-.lem 
of l.'ixi-rti-br.'itn. 1856 •Mi'^s iMi I'H.k y. /V,i/i/i-/.i' ii, lu.t rdl 
this was Iiiubly tibiin.iiitiiiibie l‘> J.ii I. i88« I.M‘V llr.KnriM 
/ I?.*// o People ab- ml ilii:iii . .or:! \( i> ■diiei.tioi'aMc kiinl. 
1881 T’l XN ( ^// .^■ '-S* ii. i<(i 1 Ilf i.UH'i.-dilcs ale 1 

iiii'Nl ol.-jt I ihuc.ilii.: I 

B. as sh Am objei timuible person or thing. 

1884 /'/•it’-I ;i». J.V/<*. Aliii. •/!#:./; we our oun 

*'i<:clioi\alileH ’ l«> Jeiliho. x886 k. Kiri.iso tUpattin. 

etc. h.yii' 117 J be xiliiskified f 'bj« •. U«'nalile, Ihi- 
cle.iii, alHiliiiliablt:, out-al -heels. 

Hciiec Obje ctlonalilTity - next ; also, some- 
thing objectionable ; ObJo'ctlonableuosB, the 
e|U,'ifity of being ohjeelionable; Obje'ctionably 
(tdv.^ in an olijecTioiialile irianncr. 

1865 /Vi/7 . V.izV I .7 M.-ir. -i/i Ic ubjci li-Ui- | 

iibihlit -i 11 -iv liie* c isf lii'iiic I>j himiids lead to Y 1856 j 
l-’.i •.i.'X ,hW. / Vf.v/.V III, r. . -xii'. § “5 T’.vpiosiit? of gtiitr.rl ; 
r•!••l■•■tioll;tl.■U•lK■‘■..^ m;J ii!.ploasuil!i» s. K. Ki.i-M s i 

ll'und '1.'.'. thie **f ihc ohjei tionably 
i.hiiri.lK. iu die \jh.iiiibr.i prei inrl.‘.. 

Objextional, (b OtuwnoN t -al.J 

1 . Of l!ie mil lire of, or involving, ubjection. 

i65*r.rM , wKi' .'I I ( '1 rt. 1. 42 N 0 more pri jiidu jail or | 

i bji;! Il rhedi-^piil.aii i!Hiiiilii*JS/.h.>.-K. 18*7 .\iK- 

*!.i.x Sud. IV. .x..i43 Thcijhji ftliiiii! aclsofhis A|:ijf:st) . 

2. (>]ien 10 <ibjee.tiou, objectionable. 

*799 J 't‘^ti‘ III. 1^3 Inlorprttcis 

..Iro'c <;iilMiiul<;d a sort i»f gay Ih viiiii'iism*'*s in the* 
tif ilif. i.ibjetli.ii»al v;ii'.-sin*ss. 1845 kix*. I.Vli, 

A '.M-.i.k -s-’liilioii may iKitlie veiyobjci.lioiial. 1897 fl l.'i.iil..s 
. 1 .\iuf(:rrnth tt.u Jcvir i. ii TTu* n.iiuw /.v/Vmei i lu 

J/. . .ha.s II'*! the .-.ainc objeetioiia! ^harac t» i '-. 

Objextiouer. ro.ic-\. 1s*c-kk.] « next. 

1799 W\siiiN«.ii»N /-://. tVlii. i-M.i XIV'. 177 '.Thf. U-sli* 
iiu-iiy of ilcneraln J.iiieohu Knox, IhixAs, j.n k-.oii, arid 
olhcrs. . w-iuld be a counterpoise to the objcclioiiers. 

Obje'Ctionist. ran. [f. OlMM-TTu.s- + 

One who olTi-rs an objection ; an object or. 

1607 \V.\LKIN*.UIN it To slirnd it fi 'III till the.. 

slal-ai.|iic.^ of auy..tibji.s.ti')iji..i. 1B36 7_ .Sik W. Ha.mii.iov 
JU'iaph. xli. II. 4-.i3 No far our ubjvi.U*.*iiist. 

ObjO'Ctint. rare. ‘ One veised in the objective 
philosophy or doctrine* ;\Vorctsier i8.|6, citing j 
J’.'ehct/r Act'.]. 

Oblextivate, t/. [f. Opjhctiyp. ct.-t-atk. (T. { 
F. oojfttivtr (^neologism in lAttre,.] tra/ii\ To | 
render objective ; OiWEciii-’Y. j 

1873 ( Ahr'. XXI. 447 Kuouleilge or p(;ri:t ptif;n is j 
an clTeet wf the ubjeriivatiiii; will. ^ j 

Objextiy action, [n. of nc-ion from prcc. : 

50 in mod.F., neologism in l.iltrc.] 'The aetii.n ■ 
of m.aking objective, or .an instant c of this ; j 


1873 ( 'i*nt. flip. A’f X XI, 447 T he degree of ‘objci iivatidii 
of Mill' in pii.’ih mu i.a is wiiat divides ilii.-ui iiilu Viiuls. j 
s886 W. S. I -IU V <■'//.#/.'. I'Mfop. iii.>f. 1 1. I ll) T he r»hii-..;f iva- 
ri'.in f'f ihc piim.iph:.'-- iif ’17. ^ 1894 A. <’.vT? Lauf ..-i/ 
klujeclivaiiuus i#f ideivi or images, runsciuiisly or umuiu- 
Siri-Uisly pre-eiit to lie* luiii'.!. 

Objective (f'bd.:{c kliv' , a. and stf. [ad. Sehol. 
I., objcdlvns {a I joo, in adv. objfittvP in lluiit j 
.‘"'coins Qu.dc.lnima 17, 14,, f. objttttts ppl. a., 
ob/sc turn sh. ; F. oUjcclify ~ivc i represented by the 
adv. objidwement, i-ith c. in Ifalr.'Dnnn.).] 

A. adj. ti. J'hitoi. Teriairung or considcrcil in 
relation to its object; consiltluling, or Ixjloiiging 
to, an object of action, lliougld, or feeling fas dis- 
tinguished from the exercise of those) ; ‘ material *, 
as opposed to subjective or * loi nml * (,in the old 
sense of these words';. Oh. 

xtwVtVx.wx Vt. y^f-ipi's ttid. Ceuv: . 7 '‘Vni v ‘U. 700 1 Kc] 
.addl'd, that, wh«re they w*:r»' dedicaltd, .. si divl 

liToug viitrt ibeni, b» .sii!r-s ilic .i.tiiiatum eiiti viilo ihtf .Siiint 
v.-'ir‘:hl;-jK.-il in tiiciii, callirii; lhi^ Juloirtib.m Rekilhic, atul 
till: oijit f Ohi'c iiiii*. KeiHKsniKu nnd jl fh 

J\t:th vii. fi?'45l I's tTliri'it liinea-lf, the */\e happiness, 
is far a cn-.iied and f'jrmal li-’iilitmie, whivh i.ssiiflh 
. fr.mi him. 1675TKAHI. usi-- ( A/-. ib Ohjettive happi- 
j m-!*! is :dl ihe ijfHwIiicis Iliiil is fit tn be enjuy»-:d rilhor in 
! nr ill Hw vrtsiliires: uTiilr fivnivil liapjiinrss is mi 

i .'iiiive tiijiiyiiK'ni of all i»bj«:is by * «>iitepipl.alion ami love, 

* alteiided wuh full 1 '■u;pl.a* in all ibeir pcrfecium'*. 
j t b. Ul Of piritaiiiing to the object or ctid as the 
. cause of action ; ohjeetive cause •■= final cause ; .see 
; Cai'^ik v/?. 4 b, 5. <%. 

1616 J. V \Ti.s //’is II. n5 Ouil, .. wlu' df-ih . . 

j I > ft mu . I s\\ iii 11 iii-ii..f*. and not by any i..)a<:liut skileticc, 

J II u yi,i ijnly hy iibivLtiiu: allureiiivtits, ., lunic ibe wih uf 


moil at bis iileaMire. *678 Ci awnUTU /«/<*//. Svit. 1- iii. ij'ft 
Aiisiudtr's Jiist ino\i:r it; imt piopi.rly tlic elTiciont, but onfy 
ilie final and objer live I'an^c, of thi* mutious. 

2. i'hitos. Osc<l of the existence or nature ol 
a thing (t.\ an object o/eoHsciouaness (as distinguished 
from nil exisienee 01 iLatiiro termed subJeetivO}. 

The .Sf.hol.a‘.lio I’hilosophy made Ihc difiiiin lion bciw-een 
what bclones 10 things siibjtiuively UHbji'dir/'i. or ;i.n tiny 
are* in llienisc.lvi.*. and belongs lo tlu:iii olijcctively 
{o/riect;vf)^ .as lliey !ii«: jm-senled to LoiiM' l.u later 
tiiilirs the laistoin of considering the prneiving or think in^^ 
f.iinsi.iuu.siic.-s as pK-.cmiiieniiy ' the subji-i t ’ luuuf'lit abi>iil 
a dincrent n^c ol llu'se words, wiiicli now’ pn-vail.s in philo- 
.sup.hii al hriguaj^r. Ai 1 oidinK lo this, wliat i.s eoM.siilered 
a.s bi-l.iDj^ing lo th«* jKJiceiving or thinking si-lf is calltMl 
.su/’jt‘i/iyt\ and whai is ronsidcrtil as iiidrixmih'iir of ihe 
jHTi-.civinp ul ihinkinj; si:jf is i-allcil in i:uiitraHi o/'jftfh'e. 

1 As lo this Iraiisitioii of ii.e I'wlih h priniai ily comrrns the 
w Old su/'/i'ftr'Ct anfl :»ftei is diu'i tixr ns i\s nntiilicsls) rcsnli • 
irig in what is ulniost an exclKinyc of .sense brtweeii the twn 
.'idjtaive.s, see AV/VA It'ks. BuC note, K. I,. 
Xi- T'l i.rsMii> /*/i:/os. /.tvt. A Kemains J. iii;j. 

+ a. (Iiiposed lo subjective in llic older -- 
* in iii»ell * : F-xiiiting as an object of consciousness 
ns dTstinct from having any real existence ; con- 
sidered only as presented lo the mind ^lot as it is, 
or may be, in itself or its own imliin**’. Ohs. 

|^■I3■5 Ocr.wi Si'nt. I, Idtl. 2, cju. BE, UnivciMde iion cst 
aliqiiid tcale h.ibms snbK-trtiviini iicc in aniina iiec 
I'.vna aiiiinaui, ^l‘ll taMtinu halct esse obmiiivuni in aiiini.a 
<1 evt ijucddani rictiiiii ImI.’iuis e.-fiC talc in t s^c ;il>ici livu, 
tpiale luilwt rcK cx(r;i in i‘s>-c -;‘.hiia:livii.) 

1647 1 1 II. Tayi ok Li/’, i'fi'ph. J33 This corifes.-iuii was flu: 
iihji'iilM* f.iiindatiuii '.'f faith : aiulriirl'i and his Apu- ilvs, 
ihc •iihjf.ciivc. 16m J*i.\»is,-N tVif'i/ ii. ii.*^ ',(i) i/’P. ‘In ll'.n 
bc'v.inniuit w.vs llu* Word ; ihric u/is must si'.:iul) an ftriual 
l■\^■llce : Mid if M>. why in the next .--eiilciii iht Wind 
w .1*, w iih (jud ') rhall the sanii* \ ci b .‘.ij>Milv an l.■bje(.Tivc btiiia 
only V 17*7 41 (.Tiv.miu ks i j, /., r///./ /;:«.• .. is umiI in ihe 
.si.liiH.>Is in .-.jiiMkiiii: i>t a ihiii}^ which e.v l*.ls in'. ol)u:r\vi'e than 
as an iibifct kiiiuvn. T )u: i-'.sc, or fKisleiKi: of smh ihinj* 
is '■■aid Ii> bi; ubjiaTive. 1744 TiKuhri-Kv § 2^2 
phu’ii.Jiiieiiii are only nalujal .»i-p«-.-.i:um:s. T l.c-y ai**, fhfre- 
foic, Mii.h ils wu ‘ fc and pm five tlu-m : T lifir aii'l 
o|tjei.ti\e lutnurs .in:, ibvri f. it', llu. .s.iiBr. 

b. t*pj»ostd lo ll% nuxUni si-iim; : 

That is or beloug*> lo what is pv.*s<.iitid to cim- 
scioii.siieH!;, as op]K>scd to the eonsciousiu'Sb iiself ; 
th.-iL is the object of pcic<*plii»n e»r lliought, as. 
distinct fnfti the jn-rcciving or ihinKing subject; 
hence, that is, or has the ehai.'u ter' of being, 
a ‘thing’ external to the miml ; real. 

This staso U <it:r:i^i....iial in wiiiv-rs of the later i-;lh and 
Ctidy jHih i. (die r.ifly e.xainpK ^ biifiji: ur less tr.iii':i. 

iitiit:il) ; Inii iis cuin-iu \isu appeirs t.> lirderocd fruin Kant, 
.'ititl to uppciir in Eii^;:. Mihv-quonib to >7>/'! and <.hii,l1y 
aftrr 1^17 im.*c ijm/. fn-ni Colt'i • 

1647 J, < '.\iM»i-.i I. .Vi //'<■. t if'i'-.; il; VVe du not -^ay, TTkiI G'zd 
d'-.tli iiih:s«; any iy-iiim:, ubjisiivc inal it. '..r wiikeilni'.-s 
iiitu die hcaiis i<( ipen. iMa .Stii.m.nuh.. Saer. in. i. 
il .{ 1 lie Iilra may be i.ui.tldm d in if.i;.ard of its live 

krahiy, or as il irprescnts sume outward ohiei-l. //id, 
Wre arc apt ti) iinaiijiiiu .simh a J'l-wer in tlii* nuder-laffd- 
irj;, wTnndhy it may fuim Idea’s uf such things which 
h:i\ c no ohjci five realiiy at .dl 1724 Watis /.iJiie 11. ii. % 8 
ii\c leitaii'iiy, is when the ptupusiiion as ceilainly 
tine III iistrli ; and Kid.jcclivf, when we ate ici tain of (he 
truth of it. The one i.s in thina^S die oihei i.s in ••ii» minds. 
1793 .U’.'nt/i/p AVr, X 1 . 498 Have die objects, .in favl a leal 
ciFijreiivc f.MslCMec, iiidepeiulLiii of oiir infide of pen ( iviii);; 
llifiii? 1817 Coi.FkiPv.K J.jt, 1 . X. 1^0 The viry 

wurds and .'/rr of .sni.h conMant rcriirrcm «* 

in the Si hools of yoie, 1 havr ventured to re-inlrodvics*. >853 
H.rMiLius DLius!., /‘/li/os. Unciindithni'd ^. tio/i:. In die 
pliilusupliy of mind, sub|mi\e dcnuits what is refenrei lu 
tfie iliiiikiiig MdijiTl, ihr Etjo; objci.ii\c W'hal belongs todu: 
ohje-.?! of ib>>nt;ht, ihe Noii-E^o. 1856 l>f (^KiNVi- vOw/iMa'. 
Wks. y. '^65 w.-'A'. fJ/yirf/Vr; This wuiil, so nearl\ im- 
iiitelJigiblc in j»'/i , .so iitiensrly .st.liiila.^tii , and, r-on.sci|uentlv, 
whfii siirri.)inii(ed by fainiliar and vciuaiular words, 50 
ai'*p.arfntly pedunlir, yet, on dm other haialj so Indls. 
pea.sable to iicCui.ite ihiiikiii^, niid lo wide thinking, has 
siiii.e. to:: I hfijiitiu: ii.h-» i:uniimjii to need any atudogy. i86t 
Mii.i. t'fi/if. \ |>i:ison win* sees iii tiMi.'d oiiligaiion. 
oljjcvlivc iialtiy hishmvjinn to the piovuii.c of ‘T hings in 
thfinselve.s X879 I’ aukar AA I*au/ I. .^77 This lt!hiist's 
lounei tiun] w.a-.^ an histoiic objeviivc favt. 

3 . transf. (frniu 2 b a, t .U a ]k:rK()n , a writing, woik 
of art, etc. : I >ealing with,or laying stress uimii, (hat 
which is to the mind; treating of uiitw«'trd 
things or events, rather than inwartl thcuights^'or 
Icclings ; rcgaivling or repit.senling things from 
an r>bjcctivc st.andpoint. (Occas., after iihhI, (Icr. 
objek/iv\ Treating a subject so as to exhibit the 
actual facts, not coloured by the feelings or opinions 

the writer.) 

i8ssl' i r/j. Sii I'HKN in Ca»tb. b'ss. i»j(iThclx)iik (Rol.>in^>n 
Cru'«i>t;l. .H, lo a in uch -abused word, eminently objeciiic; is, the (.iri.u«.stftiice.i me dr.iwn from a md .study of 
thiiij^.s as they are, and not in order to exfinplify the work- 
ings of a habit of inind. i%78 ( Ji-ADSTonk /V;w. 
Uoiuer xiii. r54 f/f all p-. )(.•(•: he [M«nnci]js the nio:-l objective, 
and the le.ast spci nf.itive. i8tt RkVi r. Afuer. yomimt*. II. 
l.xxv. 6 t9 To c-.miplric the siii vcy uf the actualities of patty 
pvbdu.s by .siatiii{( in a purely iHisiiivc, or us liic Germans 
siy 'objective', way, what the Amcrivai^ think .alxnit. .ihcii 
.^y.sLerii, J.i-r.K\ d/f(^ of I. i/e ii. % Engliiih rhuractFi- 

iin Unit sides of the Atlantic Is an eminently objrctivc one— 
a r.haructcr In w liivlj thoughts, interests, and emotions are 
most habitually thrown on that which is without. ' 

b. Med. Applied to symptom 'v * obw? A'rd by 
the practitioner, in (1i.->tinclioii from those which 
VC oidy fell by the patient’ {Ayd. Soe, 1K92). 




1877 Robehts ffamihk, Mttl. {til. yj I. 19 I'h^ actual 
clinical phenomena obv^rved,v*ipccially those of an objective 
character. 1896 Aiilrntfs Sy^st. Med, V. 1)71 He rn.itiifcst«i 
the subjective and objective sifttis of valvular disease. 

4. With to: That is the object of sensation or 
thouf^ht ; that is presented or exposed as an object, 
perceived, apprehended, etc. In Metaph, Kelateri 
as object to subject (sec Object sh, 6). 

176a (jlibHoN Mhc. H’ks. OHiii) IV. Op4*mlions, ’which 
are nmde obivctivc to scmisc hy the trienii*; of speech, 
and action. 1837 AV7<» Mi^utMy Ma^. f/. i ’,5 'J’lie inh.-ibi 
(nnif of ihi** hoslel were .seldom 'obitriivc' to the fiarisli 
eye of da}*. 1841 Mykrh Cath, Th, iv, § i {, 051 'I n.c 

Supreme Creator has .. sty sepuralcil Hitri'-elf from Mi*', 
rrefiliviii u<ii 10 inalre it objective lu Himself. 

6. Pcnpfctive, That is, or belorifjs to, ihe object 
of which the delineation is remiircd. 

1708 Phii i.ii<9, Idtu Ol'jeciive (in Per ;ptrcU, is the Line of 
an Object; from whence the Appcararice in sought for in 
itie J)r.itiglil or I’ 1727-41 Ci< a M iM:KK fj-.V. v. / /«*■, 
Ohjtciwt LhiCf in perspective, is any line drawn on thi* 
georneiric.'il pifine, who'to icprer.entiitii.iii is sought for in the 
draught, or picture, ih'd. s.v. 1 ‘iftne, OHretive Vlnnty in 
perspective, is any plane sinmte in the non/ontul'', 
wno&e representation in nerspectivc i- teipiired. ilM, s.v. 
/V/'j/fc-f/Zw, To ♦■xhibit the (*«.r:;fiec»iv«.' appearance,//, of an 
otdcclive poinU II. 

d. Appliecr to the lens or combination of lenses 
in an optical instrument which Is to the 
object Xobjecth't p^la!^s\ luw commonly called 
or simply ohjcrtiv(‘^. 

SiiOHT in Vhil, Trans. XIA 111, An hcliometcr { 
which is an instrument, con..isiti,g uf tw.r ohjirrlsve gl.a^scs 
for measuring the diatiit>lrrs of the pbiueu. 1782 Mmy 
lA/./, L Ilf 1^75 The iibjertivo-e;l.'i‘.N of my ^ feel ffli.'s<.*t>pe, 
1B37 Gomiw & FritchaiiIi Afnt\ty^r. 1^4 So far as the 
o^ective pOft of the iii.sit iinu:ii( is (.oncerned. 

7. Cram, iApie^sin); or denoting the objecl of 
.in action ; spec, apjilicd to that of mod.Knf^. 
in which n substantive or pronoun stands when it 
is the object of a verb, <ir is governed by a preposi- 
tiox, with wliich it forms an attributive or advb. 
phrase (sec Oujmct so. 7) ; ; to the relation of 
such noun or p^noua to Kiich verb or preposition. 

^ The accii'iiUivc/nd dalivuof earlier Eng. (u*. well a.s the 
instrumental, locative, and ablative of piehiduric time*.! ;vre 
merged in mod. Eng. io^ the objeclive, which in pcr^rmal 
M'ld relative pi’uuouns is dbtinct in f ‘rm the nominative, 
but in sb-^. and other pionominal word> i.s ideffiical with the 

1763 I.owiH Ent:\ If’/ 1*///, fed. 7) 3a which follow'? 

t he veib Aribe, «.r the f^rcpo5iiii.i:i . .ailrw cis to the Oblique 
Cases in ].atin; and may be propedy enungh called the 
(.)bjcciive Case. 18141... Murhav A/ijf. Gran:, led. H'. I, bn 
There seems to be gi el'll nrnpricty in ad mining a c.i-'c in 
English substaiiiivvs whicn sh.ill .verve toilcnotcthe rdijccts 
of Active verbs und of prepi.<f.itions ; and wliicli i., thercfoio, 
pioperly tcrriii-<l tlie^ uA/tV //>•«• nue, JbUl. a63 Kart of a 
venieive. . may be said to bo in tbe ob^'clivc o'vse, ur to l.u 
|iiii objt.-ctively. g/'vmitd by the aulive verb. ..Sentences or 
phra'ics umitr this (.iiciniv.iaiicc, may \,» termed obJcctivi« 
‘^^iiencc.s CT phrii5<"i. 1879 R^my Ta/, iv. ai. § 131.’ 

((Tenitive iler.otingl Objert of action impilevi in •«iibst.’iniivoN 
and .'idjectives, (Objective genitive.) iMi Masom Ertjf. 
Grton. (ed. 74) § 36S W'hcn a v«ib, p.'utii.iple, or gerund 
denotes an action wliich is directrd tow.'irds some object, 
the word denoting object .si.nnds in the objwciivf; rcKi' 
lion to the verb, participle, or gerund. 

8 . ObjeeUxte^int : oiij». Mil, the point lowanl.s 
which the advance of troops is cUrectc*<l; hom e 
^fn, ihe jioint nimctl at. 

1884 b^tiity Tel, iSOct., In ;tf:qiiiiin;; piisser-M.iii of .^^l.■lnl.l 
the Kederals h.ive gained .v great. .ad% am. ige. It ii il.e 
objective point to which their western campaign was 
directeil. _ 1865 Spectator 4 l<'ch. 117 N<i light a.s to iii.s 
next ‘objective point',, .os the slang goes, has yet 
been gained. 18^ V'tf/ns 77 Dec. g/t When the r.nilw.iy i-. 
extended to Mafeking, the objective jannl in Mu-shona-land 
is Mill 800 miles fioni tbe b.x.-e. sBoj Eaki. IU'nmokk 
P.iMirs 11. jj3 The city of Mc^lifd being my objective 

9. CharncUTizcil by objecl ing; that states ob- 
jections: cf. OlWKCTlVELY 4. 

1814 \y, Tavlor \h Afantfi/y Mnci. XXXV III. 34 I.ei 
us examine Mr. Pilgrim's nbjixlivo argtinu-nt. 1833 Mi. 
M.vrtinkau Broeke h'arm I 14* And what siiyS .Sergc.'int 
KayneY' 'He too is of the objective .school, sir',, ^\iid 
were his objcotiotiN listened to? ' 

B. sb. (elliptical wst's of the aclj.) 

1. Shott for objective ji^lass (sec A.6) : the object- 
f>las$ of an optical instrument. 

1638 1 .iNOLtv Intrtfd. hvt. '1648) I, 17, 1 commonly make 
use, 111 important tiivestigaiious, of tho three strim'gesi of 
PlAssl's objectives. 1879 Nevvctomu & Hm.DhN Asir^^n, M 
The construc.tioii of the iudircuitaiic objective, 1B89 NtUme 
31 Oct. 648 An objei tive which can be adjustoil to work us 
either a photographic or visual objective. 

2. Gram, Short for objective case : see A. 7. 

_t86i Asgl'S Ilandhk, Tanpee ai/i Ol.ii« iivo with 
Passive Verb. 1861 Mason A’«r. Grap/t. (ed. 54) 4 80 
The fact that pronoifhi? Mill cli.siingiiish the Obji*etive frum 
ihe Kooiinative . . compels us to rccognire three cases in 

8. Short for objective point (see A. H); aUo/in. 
fiontelhing aimeu at, an object or end. 

1881 livmitAUpm Tbomas 152 At Johnstown, ono objei.iiv« 
wft,s the Camhrtnn Works. &88a Z’/'wf 10 Pelx, Serviein 
Knilwavs.. have been for ^-ears |iasc the objective of in- 
numerable flnnncinl attempts, i88i Stapuiard 14 July, The 
objoetive muM be Cairo, . .the must iiscfid titraiegical ]^int. 
1894 //»/>//» Kez\ Apr. 391 Thu king had for his objerlive 
the divorce, and rontingently ihr religious poli/7 • • 
sequent I y engrafted upon it. 

Yni. Vll. 














4 . Somclbingf objectivr or cxteinril to the mind. 
Y884C//r. CV'wwti'.ao Mar. Ti e v.dne and aitiaciiyii 

of ilio evteriialv and rihh-ctivcK, 

Objectively (fTbdyc'klivli\ aJv. [f. prcc. .'idj. 
+ -LY ‘.J In an objective manner or reiiition : in 
sciise.f? 1-3 opposed to subjectwely in varions senses, 
fl. In relation to its object; as to the object of 
the .action. Obs, 

16x4 l*ip, Maf's-i.\r;u AV*:i/f^/7/,'37-i33rynlfe-itva3*nrlh. .'thou 
Miiilt not covet or drsire', iiiitormK particuhir.Ai i, objectively, 
the ni.tduMing aftr-r i.r t.le:.iiiiig of u Womnii. J, 

ItoROi s .d//jr7i>. /Ct'j\vpped Pref. ;;ft 'J hv {Kroplc* wordiipjicd 
God and «hr. King: iIh* rtreriionic wns inntciially ih«- 
sinm; but obiectivtdy fliBercnt: one Civill, the mher 
Sacred. 1873 H. Muhk App. rUdid, Idol, t-j He niii.-,t.. 
I.OW tow-ardi the Cheriibiii'^ objectively, anti not nieerly 
tirciiniMuntl.'illy. t(Sp8 Xoiiri''; Tract. ip-j-i-j) I\ . 

ifi7 Tbat iove wheipb) a man lov e*; G vid, t.iking tin* 'lVri;i 

t b. Jjy mcjuis of, fir in the way of, an ‘ objective*; by the attraction of some object or en/l, 
(See f iiuKrrrvE i b.) Obs. 

IhiOOKs Go/d. Key Whs. i?<>7 V. 1^4 Some .'liink tliat 
ChriM by In'- buiigfr did t»bjet:tivtly alUiie. Satan to tcuiji 
liiiii, that VI Im lujglit over. rmu*. Itiin. 1678 Ci'i.wOKni 
IpiU'U, Sy\t. I. iii. 170 Tlial wldt.h it .tflf Ving nii.Vfil, 
(•.lijcctivcly, or by Appetite anil iJi-'^irc of the I'ii'.t>od) 
niMvoih other thing-;. 

t 2 . As an object of coii.Sciuu.Nncss, as presented 
to or perc(?ivcd by the mind ''not as it is in itself . 

a 1617 R ItvvNF. t.f. t. (i''ij4» 3x5 X'f-tfiom tuij iriwan! !ia»'it 
, . but from soinf. rvunial siiavilit's i.»bjei:livcly appolifn.jr..L 
164a \V. I’p;..K ScP ht, \i) Our Cn-t-.l i.-; obiHi.-iively called 
O'lr faith. 1848 Sir ‘r. RkoW'/e t'scttd. /•'/. r;fo The ftnsili'-k 
. .icceiM'lIi tli<‘ raye*; of liis Antipattiy viaiLir.i'ti.s 

eiiiis;diins w hicli obj» Ltivcly move hi- t^nise. 166a S tilunc.i i.. 
fb/'C. Sni p\ III. i. $ 3 The thviiie l;itc!lc*:t doth uadcistand 
tilings hy thi*ir Irlea's, wliUh aiv. .. ih*f things thenis«!vcs 
as they are object l\iily jeprc'-iinUrtl to the midt:rstiii'>diiig. 
168a If. M<>hk Annof. Gtinzntl'x Lu.» O. 177 As cvisiHiii 
t:bjccii\clv, not really. 1727-41 (hiwnFi-s Cyd. \.v. (.V*. 
ji''C, A thing is s.Vid lo cxiM objectively. A jccih'/, w t fii 
it exists no otherwise than in Iwing known; or by l-ein'g 
an object of the intnd. 

3. A>» on object of consciousness, in dislinctinn 
from the mind or con'^cious subject; in relation 
lo what iaexleriml to the mind; exUunally, reall\, 
in actual outward fnct. 

1817 W. Tsvu.h in Monthly AV. LXXXIII. The 
inane, rr in which 1 lift thing bccoim:.? a pbitui'.inenuii. .is 
e.vplicablft only subjectively, not objectively. 1832 .Afslis 
jup'/spr. II. xlii. 737 In the languagt: of Kant, lln.l 

cxisi.s objectively whi«.h lies wtlhoul the undcrst.iruVr?;.: or 
vvlilch the iindwTstanding knows by lioUng lieyoml 
185s H. •Sersc R l*rhic. Tsychd, (iS;*/* I. c vi. f.’2 Whai is 
olijectivciy a nervoii.s acii n and si.bjtviivi'b a fcciir.g. 
1B79 Gd, Words 30 Any niiiacte. .a-sCrilntfi lo «.tm’ L«^rd was 
objectively loal. 

1 4 . J 5 y w.iyof objection or .vlverjtc reason. Obt, 
1593 R. H.vrvfv Thiiad. 40 Hcc ailowed his fatlicT': lave*. 
fut his time, lcs-,c atiy man should objeciiudy c|u;iiiei| with 
him. i« 4 * .Silt K. Di-.kiNO Sp. 01 //t/ijf, 1 4*.) Let me here h) 
way of .inticipation pievcnl iluvl which will else c>'/iiic in 
objectively up«.ni ir.e. 

5 . Gram, In the objective case or rclalion, 

lt.'f. miot. ill sense 1. 1 1824 [seft Omjkciivk A. 7I. 

1881 M .vswN J:*iy. (rtappt. ;/d. 74) Index, P-.wsc.ssive vase., 

used ofijcctivfly, 7^;. 

Objextiveness. The 

tpialiiy Of character of l)eing objoctivo; ihe qu.aliiy 
of presenting' it««-lf .is «iii object of sense (ipiol. 
1677}; cxi.-^tciicc as an object external to the iniml; 
(of a person, work of art, etc.) the ohaiacivr uf 
de.iliri^ with or ripres«.*nliiig outward things rather inwanl lecling.s, 

«vt677 Mai.k /'rim. /V/^. Man. 1. i. i Is llit-rc siu.h a 
or objcctivciufj.s *4 cM*; r.«.Kii(s which pr-Miu rih 
light or cul-.iir..? tin: Faculty -if Sijihl fitted o> rccvivu 
I hut iiiiprcssina or f:lijv*livrr.e*s, and that fhjoi.iivcnr'-s 
filled and .'icconinuHlatc to that Kai nily. a 1834 Colkkii-.c-.ij 
Grn/iss. A'vy. .S’/Zr. vii. (i?|o) 53 N.j » an .. tan rto-.giii/i' 
his own inward e.xprricnccs in sii* h wriiing-, and m.-t find 
an object ivcnc^!', .a lourirming .and as.<;u:'ing fUiwardMfSs, 
and .'ill the main iharactors of icality, rvllwlrd therefrom 
on the spiiit. 1856 Fi.-oriir: //*V'. Fpp.f, I. v. i«;r The 

healthy iflijt^rtivr'icss rif an old English Clirociilcr is in 
Iftigcr possible for us. 1881 Lc Contf SVf/rt i ? In smell, 
there i:t an equal comminglin.'; of Mibjevtlv'tnc.^s .snd oli. 

Objextivisu. [f. Objkotivk a. f -ISM.] The 
tendency to l.iy strc'^u upon what is objective or 
external to the mind; the philosophical doctiiiu; 
that knowledge of the iion-egi> is prior in sequetice 
nnrl importance to of iTie ejjo ; the ch.'iracicr 
(ill a work of art, etc.) of l>ehig objective. So 
ObJe'oUviit, OTIC who holds or advocate.^ the 
doctrine of objectivism .'als-i af/rib .^; ; Ohjoctiv- 
i'8tio <1., chaTacterixed l»y objectivism. 

187* W. (}, W.VKn in Dpt/i/n /\et\ Jan. 71 It .1 fnvouvifft 
.irguiUc.iit of Mr. Mill's that objectivism l.rcp.s incii;d 
in a stniioimry .sr.Mc. ///*/., t>bjectivisis hold as .stion.gly 
as phenomeniMs, that the morality of ai.ikvis i** iiupTtantly 
nfterted by I heir vrinsequrnrcs. 1878 Mivvrt Lcss.Jp-. p’at, 
?4 The dugnus which Ihe objectivist pbilr**’‘’phy euvinvjaics. 
xMj Epfrshfim l ife .VrmaA (i88ft) 1. 208 J’ruc icligign i> 
ever objrviivlMir, sens\u>u.s subjcciiviMic. 

Ol^aotivity (fbd//kti‘viti}. fniiid. f. tned.b. 
objec/Tv-us\ sec Cf. 1 *. objectiviU (1S7S in 

Diet, dlcad. :.\ 'rUc cpuility or character of fiein;/ 
objective; external reality ; object iveiicss. 
























1803 /'.iVv, I. s.--.;: In b.'t!. Vb-W'; it |pl.i!.>w^phv 1 

b.'t;-. Xillulii.r: oiily III Uu it ubitiliviiy (1812 miv 
ana 1. lucs .\ l ^•nfu*;|■.•^. ofiwh.-xr tR/: .-ilil havf: 

railed! Obji’ctivi I •; ;u;il .Subjr' liv/*iv.I 1848), II Ni-.wa', 
y./H'v .V tV/iZ« 111, vi. <id5R‘ »ii, I I'M t! 

jrttiviiy *4 n-vi.litii'-ii. 18^1 t.-oo y: r u. m. i ,7-1 

gh The principlft uf ilfis dilivi* uie. m.% i , I ilmi v. ell- 
known ori»; t.) the pifdiuiiiiiiint ubji:. l;\ir\ | jJi*. 
mind. 1884 1 . 'U vji.k Ac.'at. AS.’/;. . .y .SV. i. jr, 

Kar.t appeals to have no <• foim .'.^'-Ji'i.i’ig tbi-. .iltjrc. 
liviiy (jf '.■jj.v.o to didn-.if.n. 

Objectivize .pbd 7 ,cai;v.^i 7 \ [f. 0 ».iFt.Tivh 

a. I- -IZH.] fnipis. 'To lender obje dj ve ; to nhjeviifv. 

i8s;G Masson /''r.f., 'J'/n. /'ociry 4 .3 G.'i ihc's thciry of 
poviir.'d i>x ric.'iiixii literature i!i:it it nothing e!-.e 

?b:oi the. iroiv.s of its pim tiiinr-.r! objn.iivi/cd as they 
187411 : siro.i.i, /Vvf;;i-.v/j;».t A /.:i:v iMioib 13 , 1 . lu.TOiinrfrd 
bir the woid as f)r,i: by which the di-.' ipl<* rjhicriiN i/r.s hi*, 
own fVe’ii'gs. 1899 Wrstn:.Gaz. yjiiiit; ;j/i The Ici.di'rjf.y 
lo L.vri iii:iIi-.<'. and obJerii\i>e spiriluid ihings, 

Objoctino* f^'b'l.i^vkthi’vtf' , used as coinhiniiu/ 
form Ilf OwtCTivK £/., ill Objectivo-obJootive a., 
of llic nature of an objort- object ; Object! vo «ub- 
jeetive n., of the nature ol an object -subject. 

1836-7 SiK W. Hav.ii.ton’ Mtinph. yxxiv. ' II. 1S5 'J he 
ffgnilimi ..UObjf tin-.i.r rM:jr:i (ibjoriiui-t )bj»*Ltivr, when 
held tofoo'^i'-l in an iiniiv dial'* 1 fV'jHi-.iion of ihe. (lower or 
«■ fficacy Iff rail -r>. in llif l•xt^:lrl:il and inti*rn.d worlds ; and 
Suhjcril\r, nr rrithcr t)bj/'.i.ii-,i.vS'.d.ijc<.tivr, when viewi-d as 
ill a '•vil-i 'III L loll •riV', .-lone <,1 the j>ower or cfTic.icy 
of oiiir \i.>:itii>n?-.. 

Objectize f>‘bds;Zkt.n‘ 7 .\ V, (f. OlwicT sh, - 1 - 
-TZF..J To tviake into in objecl, render 

objective, objectify. .So Objectlza‘tion, the action 
of making '.s/ methin^) an object of thought. 

1668 Wii.KiNs Kcal Ch:ir. M. ix. 727 Actions of the l>idfr- 
slMiifling and Jui:i;;iiii*t't .. in ifio. t.U.iiH tir.ition of a 
thing ; f»T »hr reflexive T h’V.igl.i iibcul it. 1817 Goir.aiDCK 
//Z'fjif. /.//. .vii. I-I.J Ih': int^lligem e i.i ihe. one tends 

lf> i.hjt:(;il/c ilM:!f, ;iTid ill the 'fihei to W.-'ViW ii^tlt in the 
e.bjt-fi, 1B38 Itiackiv. Mat;. XT.. 11 I. i*".-, M;in ohjecli'e'i 
him c!f a-. * tin* hiui::m miM.-l 

Objectless (p*bd/>‘ki!t‘s), a, p. Object jA. 
•i.LSN.] Dcvoitl of an objecl or olijecw. 

1 . Having no objecl lo winch it i'> directed ; not 
relative to something else .ns an object. 

1 B 05 SoviMFY Modoc i. in, His ty»*s .. fix'd lifelc-dy, fu- 
nl.jecilts:. ilu-y r-jli'il. x868 G. M Acrii.xsi :> .SV/iA'arr / /’apisn 
1 , XV. 7.' I Her eye.';, an hifiiiiift i.i ji-.i'ev.; outloiA. 

b. csp. Having no object or end in \ievv ; aim- 
less, purposeless. 

18 x 8 l<-acJAi'. .!/.»<•. III. 794 The dull .nud ohji'cile'.*. mc-de 
of life iidopfril hy U;-) m.’ir.y fJ ''ir ii-.ihility. 1846 Trkslh 
.M/pac. liitrod. (ihfi'j) 5.1 TI.ey inuM not he .airnlris and 
ohii' il^v’., f4U'.l:»«tic freaks dI pi.iwi-r. 1879 ji Wavv. 
inoifsi-; /!.*i/i.y.‘i;//v .1////, elv. 36, 1 -ct off i..i -.ri oV'jecileis 

2 . Pevoid of (visible) objects; presenting no 
object lo the view. 

1820 Ji/m ho, Mott;^. Vll. . 03 As wft weie i.-Miged to keep 
the gl.'i.s^wcs up, (.'.ur driu* for .‘several miles waj? ohjeoilev.- 
mut ilrearv. i860 I'.nssv Ki PH. Sat. //i\L lyT e Intce the 
Same Ltird far up in the -oliiudcs of the .sky, breaking into 
viv.w OMi of the o'.jcr.tlcs.s c.xp:in‘;e. 

Hence O bjectleasly tin?'. ; O bJectleBsncss. 

1830 R. F. r*LK!oN(.''i*i/r A/p\ ill ypyii. oVi’A". Spr. XXIX. 
Tney lie .. ohiecoft'idv. m edlcssly, when lart would !»r 
iii'.-.rc pinliUihle than fnl.ichood. 1862 F. Haii? il:ndu 
T/ii/oi. Syst. vi?4 'I'he ch;4;iriife of ih'* chjr-f tlessiicRs rf 
jtrahina's •;(» ^.all' d tt«gnilif>n. 1869 W. M. RiNSsiTTi Mem. 
S/n/tcY p. I h«! ohj‘i‘1 of inventing '•.ich a t.ile. 

Object-lesson ; sec under ib. jo. 

Object-matter. [f.OBjfCT///.ij. » Matter.] 

1 1 , ',,l'ioj)cily two words : see DBJttT ///. a, i.) 
^Iattc^ presented lo view, or lo be cmploycil as an 
instniinerit or means to some end. O/s, 

*652 t’fAt'LE .tAi/;i 7 j//ir:#»/. f-1 1 hc cbjfci m.'iticr nr ^igTl:dl 
mt.'ins 'i-f di\lr:iiig ihy tilings in h^vrii, or on cnrlhh 

2 . Tne ru.ntUT that is the object of some action 
or study ; the matter dealt ith or treated. (Usually 
coincident in sense with the m</ie common subject' 

1836-7 Sin W. Hamuton* Mitapk. 'it;;'!!, iil 31 The first 
nml svi os.d lilrfiiiiliun.*.] ru fisic pljiki.-.«#pliy fi. ui il.s objecl- 
nuillf.r; -ih;il which it is .doi.r, i860 M.vnm l t 'po/rg. J.rg. 
iii. f)3 To thi'.k .Yrtu.ilSy wc think ;d.n'Ul soUiz-lhing ; 
this somc'lliiTu;. ihi* olfjccl mafler if thought,, in the in.-ii.mce l>e .‘■upplicd tlu-'Jigli the sm-ir';. 1B84 tr. 
/..'ties Ai’cZ; iii A synllirsis in which ;he .. lequirtiMeiit 
w.juld he l OiiipU tcly saiUfiod in regard i j any given object- 

Objector ^jlUl^'c ktajX Alsi^ 7 -er, -our, [f. 
Object v, +■ -uw, the form l>cing coincident with 
til at of the L. ag»'nt-n. If ora o/jkhe to OluiXT. 
iJiit the J’jig. form in -tr has also been used : cf. 
rcjeitcrj\ t'ne who objects or makes an objectixm ; 
one 'who brings forward n feason or aigument 
ag.ainst something, or expres-ses <’ilsaj»pioval of or 
disagreement with it. 

X640 Hp. H.all Epi\c. 11. vl. 119 Lrt me put the Ohjirt or 
in mindc that Ictr.). 1645 Mn von re:rin k. Wks. t;;^ I. 
235 KTe*d. xxiv. 1) If ihr-c obicctcrs2iiiij;ht l»'' l-'.e 
of* human frailty. 1654 WiiirtocK /.ooiomta 496, 1 .. 
fftjirc not ihv lialf-wiiivd Obift*;**'”*'- dual I may inctt wiih. 
1722 \V 1)1.1 ASTON RsUg. Sot. iv. f*3 .\nothcr »pu'st;.)ii, sap 
pii'.ed . to bf prn|vv.ed by an iibjtvfor. 1861 l*ro t >ojn- : 1 1- ). 
1883 Fhocok Slny\t Shtd. IV. it. iv. .x.s K.vpn .-sion.s . 
qualified to Nr.ii«-fy objertors. 1899 j'dakers A/m. 4.:vj i 
oonscK r.timis idijivi'T to x-a'-ciu.'iiiou '.‘.in . all 





t Obje'Ctiml, a. Oh, [f. throw- 

in#; against, an object + -Ai..] Of the nature of an 
object ; that is the object of some action, or that 
which is nimeil at; that is a material or external 
object ; objcctiv(\ 

s6o6 Pf\}r, fate 'J'rtiifrrs vig Wiilumt :nij’ other pftini 
or si>^pe objt:riiia! to move uiiio. 1614 I*. Aii wis Tetuf>ti 
Whs, 1B61 It. Uyb Conner riinfi; ih^- niiiltfrial leinplo, cxteinal 
or objcrtual iiJoiA. 

Olijjieieat (yVh(lvi-J’t*nt\ [atl. L. ohjidctif’-eMy 

jjr. pple. of oh/icHrc to ()|i.iKCT.j One who objects, 
an ('objector; an opponent of a motion or pro|>osjtion. 

1864 in Wp.fiSTCit. 18.. t.ViiLviF. citcR Cm.. WinroAN. 
i ?94 Afi'nth Jvmc Willi the comnicntuiy “fthc iilijii icrnts 
chni.ictcr, atitcceiknt.s.amli'ii'i-ninsiancc's. i8g6R. F-Ci-arkk 
ill T15/4 CV«.'. Aujf. 't 7 \ ( ruiiii. of Jesiiii’, 'I hr ‘ t'bjiokiiCs ' 
do ihvir to ttunt out diftioultics wlii^h may |iii/7lc the 
tr.vpoiicut of the timli, who is called tlic ‘defcmleiit 

OljlirfttiOli (pbil^urr ‘ pri'' . ; utr. fu. of action 
from L. cojunire to Obji ue.] The action of 
bincling by oath, or of suleiuiily charging or en- 
treating as if nnder oath. 

'*>557 Oi'curr, .l?aiiatyiic Cliih^ i ", tJhjuMiii nn of 

the tanoitforis of Mcrtenc \ i-.t.-.r, in the ahh.iy of nnly riu!- 
hous. 1613 Coi KKRCM II, A A’//;//, V I’V o.ith, Kxmi i-ni'*, j 
Ohiiiration. xSia.StoTi" /.t/. v ^ Jii'ie in /.n/vt'/i.jj ! 

1 wroio. him. I'-^r the it-iTif-tiil.".an» c ui his liitlui . . j 

and hy every ^.^hjlll'.lli•■.'n i ( tuiUl lliink of. j 

Objure ' 

to bind by an oath, f. />/•- i^On- 0 +y/r;i;.ir ti> j 
Cf. obs. F. oijnnr (i,|6o in (••icltf.).] | 

1. frjns. ^‘o bind by, or tlmrgc under o.ath. j 

1613 R. Ciwi.iiJ'V Tab-r' AI/‘h.x IuiuIl* Ijy ujith. I 

2. infr. 1*0 litter an oath, to swear. [ 

*830 -'Ay. n. 173 .^*1 ihe iWi'ple milv Uu.dit'ii > 

;ii he ..iie:l ilu*. .mure. veheiiKmliv : nay, at, l#t'”,iii i 
uhjiiMM;;, iiUproall'i^. I 

Objurgate (rhd.=;i''-jgrit, v. [f. i 

]... ppl. stem of ohjurj^xire to chide, j 

rebuke, I d ((..Ml- 1 i 4 to quarrel, scold. J i 

To R’biike seveielx ; to ehiilc, scold. 

1S16 Rei.LOK VR Pui;. Fipps.t to chide, to rv. 

iiivH'Vic shjifpcly. 4856 R. A- VsccH.vN MyUii s u -o-'i I. 242 
Violtfcaly he ohjnoj'ited lh:il uret* h uf a >;ruOiii. 1873 
Tristram \f uiff v. 90 J'hc oM m;in..i'hjur};aied his .son, 
b. nhd. or intr. 

164a Ji- i#. /-‘//jV.'. xie, 76 C. Jill mond, hut nut yVijiir- j 
Kate. i837 C'v«i \lf. /V, A' *-. IF. v. vii, Thi.‘. i»«»or I.e«jis* 1 
l;i(i\o. .« aiui'.'t :i .1 : om » nly uhiuiKaie and per iiaie. 1870 | 
Swis. '. RN*n Kw. -y Snu/ (liiy.ti) vt-y L\ile»i'.iKe wait*., ajipeals, . 
dfprecalc.s, ohjuiKat' s. I 

Hence Objurgated///, ti., Objurgating vlI. .>/«. i 
and ///. a, 

i 8«4 S.if. /iV.*'. XVin, 445/ ObjiiigRlinp; impotence has ' 
always t>r:KiiaieKniii>aie snhje. t |..v ridicule. 1887 biHKM l 
Obiti’f' S*T. II. s-t A hi.siwry of ihrUKld during thi.s 

oljiitg.iic-il jKTiod. 1893 Times ifi Mar. ij ’4 All ihe hyi>i.i<. 
critical whining :iii l objurgating ir, ihe world will not alter 
their dctcriiiirialioii. | 

Objurgation J- : 

fioM-ffn, n. of action from o^/itryhe: see |>rec. ; 
a. h\ \ ibtli c. in (jodefroy\] The ! 

action, or an act, of objurgating; a sharp or severe 1 
rebuke 9 chiding, seoUiing. [ 

l550'Hci(n-Fft .V.7W. Ti z/ari. Wks, P;,iki*r 445 'I’hi? • 
f iurih part [•>f t};if hi.’iik of j'.KuihJ aM't;dri>*th an objurg.uion • 
and rulii.lceof (lod. 1653 A* WiMtuN /, iv>? He h.u.dlfd I 
him nuiKhlv, wiiii rihj'iiKati' 'iis. i8a8 .Miss Mitfoku I V/Arye 
her. :ii. .r 3 Av ',4 -A Mnari ioiiiiK y:aIlMr. .by n-j inraus iu- ■' 
sciisihlc to fciii.ilr iihjiirK.iii'in or ir..linV:rt:ril to fci.udo rliarr.i.s. j 
1875 Kisr.i.AKK I'rimea V. i. //) I'hc .'mgry ohjiniM- , 

ti-il'.N Ilf cati.>;r%. j 

Objurgative 0^1 •'! /fi- joaiiv ' , a. [f. L. ohjiiryT^ I 
pjd. stem of o/>/2tryire to Oiul-iujatb + -ive.J \ 
ne.xr. lima- Objii rgatlvcly j 

1854; Makmv H^ri.asii * ;Maiy Hawes' xsii, 'I'hf 

driver^ objijrg.'iiiic eloi|iirrif.c. 1897 R.sfiiM'.-t.k i t.i> T/ttAjs ■ 
x.\ii. 760 They expressed ihcli lUsiippioval , . l-.iiujly ami ; 
objuigail-.ely. ; 

Objurgatory ^^)ri/,i 5 Mgrilari;, a. [ail. I 

oh/urj^atdri-ui reproacldid, f. ohjur^Cti.^r-cm^ .agent- * 
n. from objurixafi to f)BJriu;.\TK : see -onY. * Cf. : 
V. objurj^ttoin vCotgr.).] Having the character of : 
.scolding or chiding; convtrying or uttering an i 
objurgation or .sharp rebuke. | 

1576 Fi-F-Mino TuKoftL A’/A-.'. Kpit. Ilivh, Dclmvi.Tl irw, ! 
Ohmrgiiloric, IViiloric. 1603 Hoi.i.Amj TlitturJis M. r, \ 
n A Touched to the '|iiii..kc hysomcol.jiitK'U-fimrcpir.hcnsioii. 
r 164s Howia.i. /.f. 7 . (r'-so) 1 . 1 Li:i?»;rs .. (.-'i!niiii.inly .. aic 
<riihcr narr.U iry, nhiuriiaL.ry, coiis<daliiry,TiKiuiiiay, or Fun- 
KratuiaUiry. 1794 I’ ii. iv. iiiJu'j) 11 . an ihe ob- 

jurgatory i|iir.slion of the PharUffS. 1859 t ir.-.i. F.iiot /I. 
BetU vi, Kcniaik able fi r llic facility with wdiich she fniild 
rv-lapuc from her ufuciul wbjuFg.'itury to one of fondimss. 

1 fence Obja'rgatorily adv,, in the way of ob- 
jurgation, chidingly. 

1659 Jh Pill luipr. Seet May I not objurcatorily 
Sprak it? iB8a W. 1 J. W'auii ksi. Pniios^ TheisM (rSAai 1 1 . 
iS'j Wc ari! riMl w idling to speak objurKalorily but only to 
c\prcx.s uur moaning^ when we say htc.j. 

Oblanceolate «. Dot, [See 

Ob- 2.] Inversely lanceolate; sbapml like a lance- 
bead with the more t:i]x;ring end at the bi-sc. 

1850 Dana Ced. App. i. 7 if, 1 be yMiii;^:i.'r |Ii:avi:.s] are ipdte 
narrow oblani-ftidatc. 187* * >/ ivkr A'A Pot. it. * oui* 
ition Primtosv. .A iHirennial iicrh, with «i.-iani.r:ibac. .riuikal 

ilOblat. Oh, [F.*, ad. I.. •- 

Obl.atr sh } ; also, a disabled soldier placed by 
the king in a imin.astory to Ix! there maintained. 

1 1656 lli oevr . . OHat (Fr.'. n Soiildier, who, grown 

impui^nl 01 iiiaiincd in .S«rvic»r, hath ruaintoiianre 01 ihf 
lii'ncfit of :i .Minik-N place assit;imil him in .tii .AblH-y; Also 
the iiit'ans ut of a Aloiik, or •iiich SnuUlicr.l 1693 Ir. 
i'.miliitnnt x tiisi. Mnueist.Oytf wii. 179 These. CMd.vij, hiive 
no Voles in the C:iiaplci. 1706 Ph'I lips, ONtitx »/ ST 
’‘jennn, a OHigTeij.uiim of Smil.Tr Pro sis in Italy, founded 
liy St. I’liarles lloiroirtrs*. Jso ijtt- in JIaii fv. 

II Oblata (.pblf'-ta .r/*.//. Law. [L., neut, pi. 
of ohil/MSf useii absul. : .sec Ohh.xTE .v/'.l] Sec qnot. 
1670. t^Iii (plot. i7f»J. ciiMii. pi. ohaTis.) 

j 1658 Fansii.awk Tratf. K rehequer Crt. 78 (//crtifiM^- Ob- 
; hua or old l.hdjts. He makuih ohiuia ihc next tide of die 
i Charge of llin Sherili. I<^ liLOCSt /.fivi* (Ji'AiAr... 

j in tlm F.xrh(‘i(iur it sigtiiftcs old Debts, biought, a.s it were 
j toilet Ikt from pi •.o'l.tcip >ears, and put to the prrsent 
' .'-dicrdl'.s chaige.. .Aho Gifts or OblatioiM in.idit to ilie King 
! by any of liis Suhjtvtss which were . . enicred i»i the Fine 
Koll.s iiiuUr the Title ObIatti\ and, if not pnid, <Ktre.iri;d, 
and put in chat ge to the ShcriiP,. 1761 Hcmk. // a/, /'.'fty. 
1. .App. iu vf./ 1 ioc.s, aniciciainciit.^, and •>!<ht.Ts. 1848 in 

Wharion /-ati* Tvx. 

Oblato f.g'bif't, fbl/“'T;, .vA.l [ad. Ilicd. T,. 
cbiiit‘H\\ sb. ii!;e of pa. pple- of h.ojft nr 10 Oi-TKii.] 
A poisun th- voted to a monastery or to religious 

r/'ei. a, A child ihiilicated hj* his or her parents to a 
uiiiiuistic life :t!id pkucil in a moiKcstery to he tr.Tincd, b* 
f >iic‘ w ho lui.s devoted hiimelfniul his property to the service 
of :i iiionastciy in wba h he lives a.s a by hr- it her. C. _A 
ineiiiUT of n conKrcg.-ition of -seculiii p:iest.s or a connnnniiy 
of Miiiucn dewiUd to some .spci i;d work, :is (?/•/#» A* 
f /cr, :i piiesl of th»' onlcr of St. Ch-irlcs 15» »rroinLO, cio. 
.Also as Ohafr t-\tthet\ 

1864 v^.’V/V) ihe Coiiipleie Woiks i.if St. John of the (!ros.s. 
.. Kttiicd hy the Oblate FathciA «'»f .S.iuil Charles. v86g 
Morn. STtr y May, lir. Mniiuing . was also thief of an 
t*rtler called the Oblatcs of St. Cli.TrIt.s Porromuo. t88o 
C. E.^ Noli ION Chitr<h-!'uiU, MtJ. 151 ihic Ma'^ter 

Giieeio and his wife, Mina, who had Kiveii tiinnsclve-. as 
*oh!;ite.'>', with .tII their pioperty to the ihurch pit .Sicita). 
1889 — in Jfarf'cr's *h i. s I *01 a of humble 

p.nvMi'i;, who offered him in his caily y.-niih, as an ohlale 
ar the altar of St. -Deni-., tie hail t>ccn bifii in ihe srluxiisof 
Ihe aUiey. 

Oblat 6 (p'blf't*', .vA.'d [ad. L. obL'ifa : see above.] 
atirib. in oblate roU^ an cxcherjuei toll containing 
a leeord of the Om..\r.\. 

1873 Stciiu.*! C>«47. Hint, I. xlii. 598 'J he Pipe Rolls .*f 
Ilrnry)! are vtippifincntL'd under Ji.*hn byObl,Tte, Liberate, 
ami Mise Rolls. 

Oblat 6 (f'bl^‘ t, r/. Cvom. [ad. med. or 

inod.L. 0hlittm\ f. oh ..Ob- i bor V 2) + hltm in L./;y/- 
latus lengthened out.] Flattened at the pules: 
.said of a spheroid produced by the revolutirm ol an 
clb[>.se .nbout shorter axis. Opposed to ft date, 
PrinC, RelijC,\. (I7isf 5f»l*ydMsGia\ita- 
ti'ii], lk'j<lj«rs on this Globe will low.Hrdsits Centrr, th>>' 
not exactly* thither neither, by i east m of the ohlalu •<pho.iiiid> 
i!.nl Ft^iirc of the K.'trlh. 1774 Om i»SM. AW. Ifist, U/;6) 

I. 33 The <'i\ its w-hich, from iKdm*; ituind, 

wa-s now btic.-nie obb'itc. 1778 Pitil, Swt'S’. .Hi". JteT 10 .\ri 
iihluic dome. 1831 Bki.wnTlk AVti 7 i>m {i 3 s 5' L .vii. 324 'I he 
fiRuri* of the i-aiin is an obUie spheroid. 185* Dana Cm^f. 

II. il >26 a laige obl.'itc leiis-sha{i«;d coiiwa. 

Hence Oblately adv,^ in an obl.itc irMnncr; 
OblatenuBB, tbc qu.Aljty or fact of being oblate. 

1753 N. Tormanu Midufi/fy 16 The Womb .. litcunus 
ab4>ve die Neck ohhiielj» I/»7w.W abli«ielyj sphi-n •iuical. 

Rov ill P/lit. TraNH, LXXVII. 2-v ^jevcn ellipsoids of 
fli1ft:rc*!il d‘'grec.s nf olilaieness. 1871 Roi.i.wvn Astron, 
.'•/»«//. X-v. :.-35 l.V.tiirifujiid force would satisfactorily explain 
this .spheroiiJal ubSateuess. 1880 Grav .V.VwrY Hot, (ed. f)> 
417/2 «.re.scL-nii(: with the ends rounded; 

v»-*ry oblalely cordate. 

t Obla'to« 7 ^ Obs, rare, Ta. t. and pple. oblatml ; 
alsio 6 .SV*. oblait. [f. 1 ^. oblht-^ ppl. stein of offerre 
to Offer; of. re/cr^ rdate^ tram. To offer. 

A 1548 ff.vLL {.'hrtfH,^ Ifen. J-V i66h. To rciiih-r the riric 
upon rcasuTiahlc condkdous, to thvm hy ilic Frr.nth kyu.; 
sent and oblatcd. < PtHus r. Am- 

giildiii tkiM, the quhilk buii.sclf ohiail *J'n Venus. 

b. To offer as an oblnnoii. 

,i8fti O, SiiiPf.FV CItw Rtcl. Terms .s. v. Ohtation^ Accord- 
iiiK to the Roman use, the idemcr.ts w'ere w:p;»ra;ely ublated, 
wiiich ill KnKl.ttid was followed by Vi»ik, whiUi the other 
two Wics, of ^ia^um aiul Hen-.fxd, obiuled Imtii toRciiivi. 

Oblation (I’bl/'^-Jw). fo, OF. ebuthn^ -don 

nffeiing, a .‘laerifice, a kind of iinpoxl, ad. late L. 
obldtion-cm offering, presenting, gift, in eccl.l>. 
sacrifice, n. of action f. offerre to Offer.] The 
action of offering ; an oiTeiing. 

1 . In religious or ecclcdastical sen.8es, 

1 . The action of solemnly ofTering or presenting 
soint;lhing to (Jod or to a deity ; tbc offering of .a 
.sacrifice, of lhanksgiving, or 01 religious devotion. 

i4ia-ao I .VDo. Citron, Trey li. xiii, Ho . . quit him manly in 
hi.s oblacions And ful deuouilyin his oryson-s. 14.. in Tun- 
ifafe's Pit. ii5’.4-i) 05 He was called Crysi for this enient For 
he fur inoTi .scliuld make fiblitcyon. CovKRUAi.e Ps. 

jr.vvili), 6 I hc-rforc will 1 olTre in his dwi^igc, the obhiciun 
of ihaiikra cruynge. 1548 Latimf.r Serm, Ptougk Wka. I, 
74 What cither ublatiun have we to irmke but of obedienc'*, 
ofi;c2« .il liv ing, of gcyxl woikfi, and uf helping our TieiKhboursV 
1^8-9 !'k. Cont.Pt nyerS'omntun. Strtt.yPrayereJ^Conseerii- 
ttoH, i6ji8 Wi riiF.R Brit. AV«iri/iA I. iA4«; Oblations of true 
ik.Aiifciv., iiri'l liivc. 1641 J. Jac.k*.i»n True Jirwig, T. II. 08 
I'liC Oxc .. is ;u* holy < re.itiuc, being one of llie beasts «>r 

Cihl.Mjon, and sarriltcc. 169 $ Loc'kr Reas. Chr, (R.), This 
iiblation of nii lu*.irt, li.ved with dupciidence 011. Iiiiii, is the 
lUnsi iicci'ptrdflr frihuto we lun pay iiim. 1734 tr. Kollirts 
At:r. Hisf. |. Pref. (1827.1 35 Hy the idikitioii of the inu*.r 
piyrioiiM of ih** N|>oi!.s. 2755, Vot'M., Cehtaur i. Wk.s, 17S7 
IV. 112 iFaith] is a suhmix<iijn of cjtir underAltindings, «m 
uhkiiinn of our idcili/ud rcaMuii, to God. 277a Fi.ltchrk 
/. cy.-/f.« 228 Free will togo>.Kl is founded ii|H)n fn-o* 

KJ ace, mid neiiciu) free grace ui<oit tin- pet feet oblation which 
Christ made iipuii rlic cioss, ^ 286$ .b II. Ini.:uaiiam AV/a*' 
ly* J'itv (i?72> 179 This ho.nilifnl tmitplc was erected .. b)' 
yXineniipIiis 1 , for tlw purpose of s;iLiTHoes and oblalious. 

2 . The action of offering or presenting the clc- 
nient.s of bread and wine to (Sod in the Kucharist ; 
also, the whole office of the F.nchari^t. 

The F.urluiiistic 'civicc of the Roman (Catholic Church, 
cuntuiiLS two ohiatiouft: the offertory or aiilicipatory obla- 
tion, ill wliii'h thu‘crnU-il bread and wine arc oftcreil, 
and great obiation^ in W'hich thcronsecialrd elements arc 
presented sacramentally the body and bluud of Chniil 
(fi inning the .second part of the prayer of consccraiioiil. 

ct450 l.A.NCfOKnK Medit, ghoosUy lixert., ilhidl. MS. 
I A. Wood 17 If. io», At y' offertory when y" picsi doilh talk 
j y" Chalice and holdc yt vp and forinys \* ObhTt yon. 25a9 
I Morr Suppt. Soutyi Wks. 327/2 By the sailed oblacicn of 
! that iiob’ sartaiiiciit otfred A'r the in the masse. 2651 
! C. Camiwriuhi Ci’ti, AVf/V. 1. 135 Tlii:y doc not luliuii. 
! Kt]chni i.sts, ami oh] 3 iion.s, )»»-t .niso t hey dor nut i:onfc-.Sf ihs-. 
Ii'ni.hurist. t66a Jrh. Tam.oi: IWu't/iy Coiuntutt. i. ff i. 21 
' men . . fiiiiniPr.itc inatiy ijloiir.s of Ihc Holy .Sai.n- 
iiK.iit . . rallinp, ii..thi* {i.-ist Iml «jblhiion. 1706 nF-iMM- 
Cciiit:t. ?7 j;in. fl'. M.S.) J. 171 The Gliiaiiun 01 S,u.riru:e 
of Brc.xd and Wint iMfloic C’otisccr.ilioii. 1866 Nlah 
Sequetufs 4- Hj iuhs ai ^ Moi 111114 by morning tins Gum! 
ULilatioii N iiKidu ill ouriuiipte, i8B< (*'7//'. iMet. (ed. 0 
. i'lie K>i'a' •■•bkiiiou of ChrUt's W'b’ and bli.H>ci mii';t 

I lie I’aretullj ilistinguidud rii.4U i he Offi'U«»ry 01 anticipattjiy 
' oblation of bread and wiii(\ 

I H. That which is rdTered nr picsrnted to (lod or 
to a dt.ily ; an ofiVring, sacrifice ; n viciim. 

li - 1430 Lviic. / eriueiif ihe . 1 /i>.\.\v « MS. Hail If. iC? hj 
' Wlrnn a in.m onVithciiigod his hen Rk hest uhi.icion.l 1561 
; 'r. Noritin Cahtn .-i hist. ill. 21.. l'‘or;isimn h ;is lie alone is 
I the l.wiiil'iu of t.h>ii, he ; aloM; s'* ohlalioii for ^iiim's, 
1611 Ihiiir Ler. vii, .>9 Her .shall biiiiu hi.s oM.'ition .nto 
the Liini. 1678 Dwvni s iV 1 .i;k ii. i. Hear me, 

. i*im1.s!.,I M.ind lip an dilation, I'n met** your ssiifu-.i 
I stveicM anger. 2788 tlii>HoN /.V//. \ T. 1. (cd. .Milmruii V. 

19 The life ol a niaii i.s the inor.t pvc« ii.nis’Xirlatiou to dopte- 
[ f.aie a piililic c.iluniiy. iBii k HvninP Rrid,t.x* \ 

I i'e<t' Vainly wc offt:r each amplr obl.itiVai ; V:'.’iiii\ with 
• gifts would hii fuiour .sccuie, 1828 Mai..\' i. w IltiUnm 
\ irJ37) 5*1 To lay ail Ibcii i>l;!alioiv. on the sl.iiiie of Si. 

! tl>. tram/. A person s.Acrificcd on any account: 

I a victim. Obs. 

I 1594 •- ( 'h^baira iv, :>i>C Jb f’e to lie m.-ide th’ iihla- 

I tioii fur his fe.ii.s. 1623 Havw.ihd .X'#u 7 //. AV«.<‘A 91 M.oi> 

I IniKKcnts w i!tf m.iilu the ohiritioii.s of hi.s .imbitinus fe.'ucs 

i 4 . The prcsiailalion of somctliing to (loiI for list- 
I services of the j'hiirch, the matutcnaiicc of its 
i ministers, the relief of the pt»or, or other pious 
j uses; that which is ?o prescnlcd. b. A donaticin 
; or bequest of properly. C. A customary otTcriwg 
: made on ceitain occaMuns, c.spccinlly in connexion 
: with the Fuduuist. 

; 143s Ro/ts of ’#? rlt. V. 304/.^ PcMsio!'*., For I ii ms, T'i f firs, Ol ila- 

: lions, ..m: rioor.oihirlhynKCli'lliC.^tiil Fiknjr^^. .bfilimgyn,!. 
i «547 iH^iHcttOHS in Crattmer's Mhc. H iP.iiker .Soe.l 
I to I WhK;h tliCst ytu sliall .stl and fasti n near unio ihe high 
i tdt.AV, 1(1 the intent ifir parishiontT.s should put itif'i it thrir 
i f li'atir.ii ai.ij ;diMS for ificir poor nriglibyurs. a 1348 Hah. 

! ( tl ■ ■.!.ji.h. Tin; w luiU- r'lovinre tif Voikc, gave 

i j’civly I'Mliis llospitnll (eiTain im-asmus .if niri.e ; in tnam-.r 
; ns an ohlaciori of tin; fust fruiles of tfu'ir iicwe gi.’^ynt. 2597 
j Hof'Ri.n Rid, /’>/. V. Uviv. i 4 The name of Ofil.itious 
, app!y':i.l not iiiieb’ here to tfiosc :>maU and {rtile [laymcnts 
i whieh YM iiic: a p-irt uf the MIuiNtrrs right, hut also 
I genoi.dfy gim-.ii xn'.uall sin h aliuw.iiires as .ser'ie forihrir 
! iMxiIfiili iiiiiinlct'Hpro, is biMh nneieiit and (‘ummiiicnt. . . 

I Nothing. . mure pro[ici' then lo ginc the n.itnc uf Ohlations 
I to siii'h p.'iymi*Mts, in token thiU wr.f uITci vntu him whatso- 
i eijcrhii n-t einp. 2635 I'Acarr 211 

I Ghuri'.hcs.. and their Livings wvie. dedicated unto <jod .by 
I ll.ft .suleiiinc vow and oblation uf the F(.>iiim 1 i-'.s. 164 $ 

Hxv.mond IVrr:# JVrtv Vireet, i, S 3*5 Many |Xirtions of 
.Scripture are hy (he Litiirgic designed u.i he read t^> stir up 
K tpiiiken tilts bounty, and ihcxse uf three .sorts, .sutne 
bclotigpig lo giiod works in Kcncr^d, others to .’diiicvdecds, 
othci's to oblations. 166a Rk, Cotn, Ptayer, ( orntnuu, 
.Vt77»,, /*rttyer CM. Militant^ Wc humbly fic.sereli thee oukI 
ineri.ii'idly 'to mrept our nlins and olil.-ttioir- . Margin^ It 
there he no ;dnis (.»r obl.ntinns ifieti sliiill the W(>^s (of 
acLTpliiig onr aliii-^ nnd (.iblalionst lx; left out unsiiid. 1706 
i'ltii.iirs, /-’A'we/ o/f.Wrtf/Vwji,. - to atone for the Neglirci.s or 
Defaults of the dei'.e:i.sed Parly in paying Tit bes, or other 
Kccle iia.sti(-;al Tines. >•45 Stfi*hi'N Connu, f.ixws Tng, 
(1874) iL 740 Those fees and dues which go by the naiTm of 
.surplice lies., and Ka.sttT offerings, and inortiiaties : .'ll! 
whji h .310 iwniiiiiud ccncrnlly in i^iir liooks by the name of 
oi'lations. 1M5 Cath* t)id. led. 3) 616/1 The uhUtioris of 
hrctid and wine by the faiififul Wgan to fall into disuse 
about the year i<.xx). [.See Bp. Dowden * 0 ur Alms and 
Oblation.s‘ tti ^rut, Ttuol. Studies Aj^il 1900. | 

II. In general senses. 

t 5 . The action of offering or prest-nting : a. o( 
a gift, esp. in token of respect or honour ; also, 
a gift so offered. Obs. 

>598 Markham Sir R. Griuoite (APb.l 43 III limn'd 
inetnorinls of divinest nige, I offer or oblations. 1809 Bacon 
Ado. Learn, 1. To the King 9 I thought it nturc rcq>ectiue 
to mako choyce of some oblation, which might, .rvferrc to 
the. .cxcvllencie of your tndividuall perKou* 1689 Tryal 
Bps. Fi(.*f. 2 To your illustrious Highness therefore the 
Oblation of Sheets. .K luo'it justly due. 




b. of ftn oppoituiiily, inducciiiuil, or ihe like. 
Obs. rare-’^* 

ffiTSGALi: (>/. GtntiUs 1 1 1, 70 The pcrmir^ii.ii cind Uxaiiuu 
of ihc reinx to Sa(an» the oblation ii 1 iunienlx. 

0 . (In Koinaii law') of an n mount due. 

[1880-1900 Holla MJ Jitrisp^. (ini. q. xii. ‘TcufJt:) 
‘ohiatio of the amount due, rillowcd by ‘ puymt.nt 
iiiiu court cither extinguishes ur Miriperids the debl.J 
f 6. A picsciil Of [jratuily. Obs. 

1433 f. Afth. in litM Rip. ttist. MSS, Comm,. 

App. V, llerafU't' no 111:111 hhokle l::ivc iii>nc oi;];iiioiif.-b 
cxc<.M>l lilt: Merj:iijril and bakvic. 

t i. A sul>M<ly tir lax; a j>ifl to the kii.^. (Cf. 

Our. AT A.) Oh, 

1613 Plk'.'.has (i^i4' 13-' 'I'hi-. I*4jil>iii(tiK*y . . 

ollirr Anihoih nii ntion the-e OljIaiiuiisoftlK- IcAes lu 
Treasurif >euiel> . 1656 Hi.oi %r ( ./•Mil.;;;* ., ( W.»//iO|.. an 

ait! or .Siib-iUly iMPiifV, 1668 1 *kvnni- Aufum Rt'^in.e ii.j 
WAh payd f!f'i evi 1 y Fine and Oblation ainountin;^ 
to 10 Maiki; .-iiici upwarib.. 

Obla*tional« t/. ff. piec. + -ai..] of or j>li- 

tainin^ tu an oblntioii ; «jf the iLdurc of au oblalion. 

M. FArM-.u«iN’ ill /-.jj. Rctii'. -V- LA. .Srr. ir. (iof.17) 
4qq The wurd** . . br ir one ami iln, •..iiii- ^..u.ritif*lal oi 
oblational iiiiMniiii;. ^ 1876 S. M^sMsr; J fniii >1/' /*/:a»ai*//s 
ii.t 'J hose Ion;' oblaliijiul j>f.KesMini.‘. I0 llic slili:i(.s. 
Obla'tiofiLary, ib. :tiifl a. Eid, f.ul. med.I,. 
obhUbtUifi-us, f. l.alc I.. obtatLm-em OubATfox.] 
a. di, <.>ik; who rfci.iveii.lhc iihlntioni» at the 
cclehr.'ifloii ol the J.ucharist. b. adj. Having; the 
fiindioii of leceiviujr the oblations. 

i 87 » 0 . Sitii’i.KY07iM.v. Am/. 7V>vio s.v. At -Vi /i-, jIAcbtesl 
(JbUiii.jiii^y who ruc-ived li.c oblatloir.. 1B93 li.jiy 

T wouther siibdt .'n ■iii'. •imPaii aL>.ily!e in a:i alb, with an 
obUllonaryj^u maki; way h r ihcni. 

Oblatiouer. [f. Om.ATiox .] 

1 1 . One who niakea nii oblnlion or ofTnini;. Oh. 
1393 N' v/'s 7*. 1 161 ,» 4 1 'I'be . . pri.*fn:-.i- s.n. i ificaiory 

t vj.rf )H.ts ijf f..' li:;rni I--. i66u M. M-in: .l/r.\7. 

(nil//. Mil. »i’. 4.*; He. . |ii(. eiitt biniselt .in Obbuioncr 

lirfi^jrc the -Alini .dity, 

2 . - Or.i..viioY\jiY a. .Ci'j//. /bV/. 

Oblatory '.pjbhii.-»n a. [f. 1.. M/., pi.ii. Arm 

of o£cyr€ to (Arhit; ice ‘“iiY.] IVriaiiiin^' to 
oblations or uUcrinj^s. 

ifiii Sri i n HA!. At. /■<■./, V. I. •i.'ij.;} i3':4 M;i-,,i.*i .-iml 
i;bliil\jrv .<1638 \tki*K liVv. (in;.*' iw.A Ibir 

PrayM- fiif die whole siaiccT Chi I 'iS Church if >eH)bhu Mi y 
. .jnd In ihf S'Jiy b^.'lniiini; iheicvf wv. ili-.jn:* Aliai..;liiy 

< kmI l.i |ii nur Alins .on! 10 n.o.ivr inn I’layeif., 1639 

H. f .'Ksl iiAVii: .i/HitKu' /V.-. V.'i l.ili. .XiHdo C.ilh. Thci i.i 
.^74 It is that mir Ciiunh inliriiilfd n oOVtiog — 

.•lie l•|l•|'Hi J >iury. aluiB fur tin* a:ua!iir l..■bI;^^ jiy, ii,|- 

the nuiinu-n.iui.p i.f ihe cier;;y. 1717 C.)i.n; k in l.nihbury 
.y,inA'i»i:r.-i i'yj 'J hc Obl.tioi v 1‘iiiyrr iipnn lliis ;;roiiiid, 
lliit the Huly Kui.h irist i» a ji:'.j|ier vicrifkc. 1835 'J . 
.Si Al'i V. !o.s in.'l t\!i XXVI. }4 j 'J h.. Qi:«rir.s obiaU-ry 
tnin ol ll.e saui« lalne iTs •vBSa T. F. SiMm.ins 

am/ Obi'otii'iu 6 I his i»f«iytr is in ulisiitulii;.!! of tlic 
obhiloiy portion ofilio prAVci hn itn- Clmrch .Militant. 

■* Obla trant, a. Oh. /v/ tf -'. fad, L. ohh- 
irftnt pr. |.plc. of obhitra- n to rail or carp at, f. 
cb- lb -t bUr<)rt'Xo b;irk.] Kailiiij;, revilill^^ 

_ 1601 IJ. Jons >n* /’.If V. iii. llfi. /^itt-wy froth, 

//I .md Vt'nt. iity an*, loiiic up. 77.*. t) 
ti iiilih; ■.vi.idy W'ud-. ..//oi-. Hoic'.s ;i dfii! ; cllalra!::^ 
fitr/!i n:if, Stii/ait', s!yL’>.itO‘!\. Cf*. N.j.v .il.'s u/im; uji. I 
ti-.iw. W'liat a tiiiiiiili III*, bad in ids bt:!!;'. 

tObla-tPiitc, r*. Oh. [f. 1 .. 

ppl. stem of o'biMf’iht: : see 
16x3 C<M.KeK.^M, i)i'latnifi\ i.j b.iike 01 ia)lo ;i^; oui, 

t Oblatra'tion. f v i-. [ad. late l .. duitrA./iOi- 

< w, I!, of action f. obidintHi sec (Juu-vruAM’,] 
Harkiiij^ at a j>cisom. mi! in;;, scold inji;. 

1: 1560 Cii!^ iif.iiY MiP (•/I'iV' .A IMayii ami Fx iia!| r!nifiitaii-..ij 
of Camnicirs tAirlj ke. t >blat»-aiaiiii. 16. . T-f. 11 1 1. .'Srrm. t,j 
/.if*. <10. The .Jposth; hairs a. me -.if rhes« i.nrrish iiblafi.i- 
li-ms, i66t j. Slihi ii! ssl ttnuions To Kdv., Ho 
fe.ireth ohlaloUi- ti must ri'^t 

Obie, obs. I'.irin of 
t OblO'Ctf Oh. rat e. [:id. L. ohlcddre to 
tleli^hl : cf. obs. K. obln ier ^Cott;r.‘j.] //.rw-f. iiext. 

>555 Alir. Parki-.h /’j. esix. 356 Olila>iid I luiiic; thy 
wiluO’Scs in iu*l fee iiiiiiplo .slate Obleclcd mi. « 

tOblextate, v. obs. ntJe. [f. r,. obhi/r:/-, 

1^1. stem of oblcftArc to dcIiy.lM, f. oh Oli- id) + 
laetdrry freej. ot/adn to entiee.] /, tr;i.r. To deli^dit, 
please, lejoicc. 

^i4rx tV.'7ic/iv, to 'ibKiclaie, rfinyr.t*, i.letijjhi. i6ro 

VhN'.VKK / Vii AV. /.I \i, Ii.;- Mi\t .sunCfs'. tu obkclalo llu: 
iMlIatc. /AAA udjn' 17 X.jthinif doth nunc wbieiCUt- tbr 
he.iil. i6» /A/./,, /W’ni. . o 405 T but which .'nloi ns die bai.i; 
or oblci,t.i(<:[sj the puiat and throat. 

t Obleota'tion. obs. [:u!. I.. obhwtAfiht-i'tif 
II. of .Action f. ob/eddre : see prec.] Del iijht. | *le;L<urc, 
enjoyment. ^ 

iy»8 Fimikk 7 /V«//, /V. \!. \Vk>. (1.5701 iS \f cueiv 
ub1c(.(,-ieyon of s^nne atiall be ib/in* awaj' by wrpyngr. 1596 
Hm,l I. I. \vf. 64 Whiilrvrr bringeiti i oipo»:iil 

WoKLiLti.ii.Srjf.'. /Ijfi'iV.(i6?ii ?i4 IMraMiiit 

"‘ll.s, or sIijuIliwic Vallic.s, dclr^htftil Me;u.lov s, 01 oihci du: 
like Obl<!Cinti%(is^x83a ihn Ar«^vi.v . 1 . w viii, I' limi^h- 
ot»|cciaiii>n iiuio his neighiMfiN, 

Oble(e;6ro» -lelBi.h, -loese, obs. If. OuLitir.. 
j/ Oblo*Biou. Obs. rani " [a. ol.»s. K. oNdion 

kin Cotgr. ddoesioti 'sou* Imit, . .great harmc’\ .id. 
late L. ob/ifsiAn ymi 11. of action f. f. ob- 

(Oli- lb) h /.WiV'e? to hurl, injiiic,] lliiif, Injtit^-. 

I 1656 Ib ■•ICNT f#*i7*.Liv>c>.i OAiVf/.m. an biirtin.;,' or auTioyiri;;. ' 
I STSi'iSoo lkMi.1 V. Od/tsioH^ an Injury done to any .Fan. i 
! 1857 in Maynl E.rpos. Lex. 1 

j t Oblest, corrupt f. AitUAhhr^T : cf. next. ! 

' 1780 T. SiNCLi iov /tw. Ptopf rti ^ 0/ 1 hratr^ in .V. .y Q. , 

sdi Scr. OP.761 VI. 64/j Shtbifik's Kinfi: and Sliealb o. i.-. 9 1 
. '1 welve Oblcbts for Coronation fi. i .-. o. I 

! tO'blester, obs. vat. ay-^a/ j uiitb/mUy, .\ub.v- j 

I hhSTKU sb.^ • i 

; 1487 Barbour's Rritcr wn. ;!j6(C'anib. M.S.) He vith j 

J him..ob1i:si^ii:, (.l/.V. /w//#:/'. j-.wblastciisJ. 

, OMey ip bli . Also 4 ub b it?, ubli, obcle, ! 

, ,|-5 oblo, 5 ubly, obly e, obeley, ly, .;oblys , ' 

I 6 obleyc, (obbley' , ^oublic; also 5 oblcto, / 
j oblctt. [NIK. a. OF. oubke, vlikt\ o\u bkif.^ oblk, 

I etc., mod.!*'. <;rrAfVt.' ccel,!.. sb. irom li in. ■ 

; pa. i>plc. of cjffyyt' to filler. Mrd.D had ab-o ‘ 

I oidt/Uf ami other forms fa.shionr^d on 01 

; iidluenard hy OF. 'I'he iVunis eA/f/r, t>A/f //, show 

■ iiKal-L. inlliKaice. (’f. (ier. obUiit wafer.] 

1 tl- An offering, oblation, saeritice. Oh. 

#71340 H.'Mifii- /\\.i.'/tr !. .!.i I'aii jjMu ;,all aci-l'pi p*. 

■ -kai.rUiLt* of ri^jhtwiMiir-, ...■hItL-, V . 

A, - 4 »i a I, 

2 . A IihIc cake of bread, u*.u.iHy thin, }lat, and 
circular, and stamped with a cTur.^, an Agi;u.^ Dei, 
or the letters II I. S, prepared for miiserralion in the. 
eeK br.-ition of the I' ; a wafer. Now //At. 
1303 R. Fki'S'si-. //if/if//. SjfHtte 10 41 Wh.'in [h: \Mc w:i-» 

• »M f**: iiUlfTi* h.Aite, And pr. f»rr-t l»r wrdcii luuUi s*. v h- 13 

.V(i //•. //.••■le iVciiici!! M*'.‘ ill Hrni..^ . t lY 'i/;' I.Vn. -/cT In 
his ll•■■|^ll hi*'l full he l>f li''riiyij:»: Oi i.dels .'i 

, >387 'f'l l.\ 'SV li. //‘X'-A " Roll -: VH J. ly hey bl'ni--!*: 

:iii oMi-y li'-t ""’.N. i-'-.i.cicd [.■.•// //i/ 'aF/.j.'// toi'n :.‘r'ifa:r]. 

■ ‘ *450 h. t. 7# rt (Si:i 1 ••<:•■) 701-0 f’*: p.U l*- i-f b: t \t\r hi; i.»iw 
hi -k a-, any ji^k. <.1509 Jh-i-yMi ('.‘rra. l/.n. i'/ll in 

} M;i-,lctILiA'i/. Kit. III. i», iv. fu)tt\ Tho kyuji; shai! -urio an 
I nlib'i y •■»f l-n:flf ..widi the wl h hi- id-h m: • ■•Mm c 

dll' kiir^ sh dl I-h; h*.»w.‘.r!d, f88t T. K. I'viiv.i : 1 //;.v/ J/o/y 
) U'. hut is! I. t?.v4 \>ry detailed i.i-^tiii' li'.av. .»iv*-n . t.u 
du- vi>'p.ii.iti'jii uf the otlL-(t-j or obk->>.. 1898 I. T. Kowli.u 
i)urh. < itfh. .An ov<.ii that was u-^d Otr l :ikir.>; thu vdiic}', 

I or aliar-brcad. 

‘ tU. A thin eakc of pastry; a wafer. A'f. V. 
on hie. . I 'lbj. 

<■ 14*0 /.//•« I' ( Vin.'/v;/i.» -.F T:iki; i-hlc-. iisid wafioTJi . 

f!h. 'T h.'iJi in «'y.;dii.s .md 14. . AW’.t* /ib. i'n kt y 

1. ' 1 T.ik fblfvs cr wai'I sir if d f.ouf h*? iheMi 
i'i .1 pkiiii T , 1616 S'. Ri I.. A: Mai.Iiii, Ct'un/fy J'liriuc 

Tin; kindc i.'f W.if*. r- u\ri»*d t>ublit-, ai-.: in.n'.** with Huinry 
. in '.r*:;;-! -'f 

' 1*4. ScOijUot.' /’•/'. 

i 1088 R. H. -i-.ML.'li /A.'/ii;;' II. . :/( tcitai.i i » s . 

' of .MuP.y li.eiii:; snunp of ]. H, S. coimd iu»iCLi:-..i!i 
, V.iluc it w.ia W'lrih Pniny I’a’lluM,;;. 

: 6. Comb., .as ohUy‘}:taker\ oblny-ironn, irtins ’ 

; between tho j lates of which wafers were bnked, 
j waferdfo:is. 

1^6 7 l^uthav: A if. Kd/s S:uit'.*s) n:5 Kt in j Jc , 
i ;•»/. 11430 Cdjfr. /.yf MaHoriic 1. Iviv. 

« (ilO ij 41 Pi il-.e i\. ore of an oMty inaki-r**. rt 1440 /. dt r ,A' 

I r/. r •/•/•«•.' y /A'tii.’f /;«#.*• in a/.V, /.imr/n. A i. 17 If. ifoi .ll.illlw.j • 
; Mak ji-.M'/. ii!iil b.ikc it ill ol U:.> i\ii-...jind afitrr cl-.- the i 

! u1i]''?C*. 

I Oblick, Oblicque, ob>. fff. OPLiyi K, 
i Oblidge, -He d ge, -liesh, ohs. If. ObMuK. 

: ObligaUe iirblioab’l ■ , a. ntye''^. [ad. I.. • 

i type *ob!idd>i/~iSy f, obii^dre to Ouligk; see -Aid i:.] 

: 0.ipab!o i»f lioing biviughl under an fibligalifii, 

i860 KumsoN ( A.vV vii- tioCiJ d’-J 0; e m.ui ran ■ 
; c MIC iii;i‘cr ohlij'..i vfi w hioli 3'ou can 1 cly,— is i-l>Iu;.ilili' ; 

■ .~md iinodir.r iv 

O'bligancy. [f. next: scc-axcy. t'f. 

ined. ].. ob/ii^du/ia (^I)u Cange;.] CM-ligatory 
i qtialiiv 01 cbar,aLter. 

I i8<6 C AKT Viii A’(’/t'AivF 7 Dvc. in Froin-t; / i/f I. w. 37:: . 
■■ W'hrm.*; , • ouu-s . .tin: oV«liu;vncy of ihi.-i uiiU: y . \ 

Obligant V’bligant ) xf. and j A. [ad. L.cb/icdttO 

■ ‘Wi pi'- ppi®‘ **I ob/i^dre to OWLlGi-k] ! 

I t A. obli;r<**i or binds, obligatory. rA.-. ; 

• i6a4 F. Wiirif RfM. Fishfr 53^ Fit to be donr, but nut. i 

! oblif-Mlil. //ViA, All du: Pris-tpls Uu-tci.f aii* pi rjifiu.'illy ■ 
i oMti;.ini. ^ ! 

j fi. sb. Sc. Laxo. One who binds himself, dV is ; 
j legally bound, to pav or ]..eifnrni sonit thing, 
i ijr54 FhsivIse /V/iti. .Vr.. Xri-v (18.^9) 335 One cf j 
j uhligaiiis uf tl'ii ii.irt, w-h-a pay.s the w h.ile dfht, iir fulfib the 
] obli^aiuiii, i.s t-:ilitU.d lii a pii.'porlioii.'il relief a.t^ai'Lsl diu 
ri %t. iBti 30 1.1*. Ci>;Kiiri/M .lAmr vi. 11874.' The other | 
; «ib.'i,;:ints witiicimv their from the bund, 1861 \\' . | 
r.i-LL /Vt/. Law Scot. 51/6/ -• rt»e debtor, whom the Kie^li^h ' 
! leant the whligor, is in Siotl.iivl teimril the ol>Iig;\iU ».r j 
j granler. i88i /77 /f**.v -.'S Jim. 1 1/.*, jO has been paid I*.) | 
i ritxlii.irs by usher obli.'.AJits. j 

i Obligate . ^F'bligr?t , ///. <7. [ad. L oblii/dEuSf ' 

j pa* pplc. of to OliUliF.] : 

j fl. Hi.'imd by oath, law , or duly ; obliged, Ch. ; 

• ■431-50 tr. /iityen (KolK) V. 185 .V man uMis.ile fijSy ! 
Ti-'KMh.t p;ii hadde edile^cd hym ^cl^| to dw lU vilie fur I’c ! 
Iiiffe* of a ni.'iyile. ■538;~9 JnA>\ Hen. i'7* /, Vtut. Monaht. 

• T hat they U: in no ca-'e.. obligate to the .s.iine. 

2. AViV. I'hiit is of necessity such. Obiiynti: 
farasiti', an organism of iii ces-sily, 

1887 Carnm-v ir. /V Morph, -y /-VW. /«««/ yii. <5'^' 

Oblijiale’ p:ir.v><ile>. that i-i. ^|>l:l.^eA to whieh A pAriiStiii; lif«r 

• is i'iulis|i«:nsililv fur the iitlaitimciit cf their full urve-lopment . 

j 1890 B. A. Wmiiei.ioi’.k //i.t.»/r >/«f -r rd. i/taitk x. f.'; j 
j Furasiteii.. round t.i grow under ai'-y known •.••nditioiis I 
I :>;i3tioph) (es aic i{i.'tliii..;iii''liL-d u;. ' obligate ' ; j 

[I. I.. ppl. 


Klein of oblii^iiye to (.)j.Lit;i..] 

+ 1 . trans. To biml louivl, f.i. i,>m up. Ohs. 

C 1600 7 'itnon 1:1. V, Let it U, l.-.-wfuii hu Tiic. .to hjaO; .uv’ 
oblimitc your narr-s a ii.h my worc!^. 

t 2 . //f. 'Ji> bind, connect, ;il Inch. Oh. 

1547 Hooi'ir Dcdar. Chri.A xi. Wk-v .faiker 
1 he-reforc is not ihc interpictaiiuii of the .s* ripi'jii: u’.lK’.tifd 
uiiuj ail oidhiary jE>\ver, i.'jr to the nu-si jMrt. 

3. To bind (a jierson', by .1 iiuiral or Icgni \\r. 
a. To jjul under moral obligation, tooblige. Ciiitily 
in /wr.f. : Fo lie bound or conipcllcd. 

1668 in . « June- .\|y . Cali »ii v-hliv^ai- . 

MU' lu i»‘Ufli:l -«:i» iff widi i-bicii' (n v I-. 1 ti l.•.nfllIl.•|).l1 - 1764 

Fo'-'IL Mnycri'J O. I. W'k-.. 17:^, 1. I'/I ^u, | aui i.hli,;:i{*-il 
to Iriivi; 5 ji;. 1768-74 fi.i.Ki.R /./. .Vat. :i ,-4; Jl. -j ' l j.,; 
iiioie ti'.s W llvi rwidi ue iiir ■ i** d lo .iii\- iln; i.ia'.r 

i.e sl.ifid-- i?i iJii!.viiiiiiy :•» ijn. 1859 '• 

Voj ar'j jiot w;ii imi W 

vimli-iUe J- •III self. 

b. T'o hind by I.iw. 

1755 /w'Wiilf.. 11. loq If .1 .ills 111. 

>hip, ilif i.civ ,11. -I Sail-.*!.- • l.a’.l imt be ol.-li^’.ir'*'! 

I'l t ach lahrr. 1879 :’.ttt; 1 -- Ijcr. !l).\ The Ko^::! 

I'riiM . hjiv'n.g be';ii pi'ij.' rly ol'li^'.aS*'*! «tre i'ivi.oc-.l :is 
Ksii^l-ls >/l III#: It iniile aiui .MaUsi. 1888 in lhj#-r! 
f. L-nii/r.r. 1 1 , Apl'. F I'.v ry '.uiilia'.l . . 1-y whi-.a a lU-.b'.Fir 
i.N 'I Co |i.i> .'iriy ta\. 

t 4 . fo inakc (a thing) a sceiiii'y; to jile-.ige, 
pawn, moilgage*; if. f.)M.n.K ?*. 3,1. Oh. 

*54> i'l R- Cl. -Mi-fSiVii /■/. ( ft Ad//, ii.;g4) 1. i.»7 
Th f . ......jiliav:'. .hath full j-'iwm . .1 '..y.i'i ..'id ublitaie. . 

:.lii(i|i wl:h lw:r f'ayijliti-. 1774 l!i .ina/ K.mi. 

/.iTTf.' ( 1 ; gr* ;-7 .Ai.ijij .Sm viai.-.i . . f'-i ilit^ n.H .uf.-ry of 
•.d.ili.;aii'.il hy die as a fir liis Reni. 1890 

I*,. /I'/.-i- ( Ai /jYiM.’.'i/ yj WhiL’i inirv.;*' ..wo f- ibj J 

to j:i; .‘.liraao-d a!j.:l ul.'si/.aie'i. t\ tpl li f d'.i -ake ef lli«.' 
fl A 

6. OiiLici; V. 6, 7, (Vul MOW in godd u-n.-,’ 
>699 St-:. CM 13 Serr:. >. I. y.r3 Whil*: llu: (\ 
pt.-i'-.oii th;iik'i '.l;ar In; i*- mi- Ii :i:i e a 

h.indne>.'=.,iluiM^ou'.l i»';r-un. .iu.i"j!.ishifii Ciibi vuSy A 
a df.ln. 17*6 Ii. K«'ti».iiiN Eonr # V I'. i«^./ V«i, • l 

they, we a.i; in-.-re ubli^atcd to St. h'.;i-:iu.«c it wa.. 

he that diieitiil ihi* l\#rl:i jur.'^c. Ui dils lsl.»nd, 1610 
.Ski fi.KY /.r/t, I'r. M’k.s, Cl:-!. Ml. i-.s. I ani imi* ii •■f‘fi,'.Ufl 
by die trouble laVeii C # fit il S‘*i ila: jin*',. i88« 

A'-t/ii'V XXV. 2 Fur !i ail £-• ieuliln; men uili fc^■; 
liniply ublij'fiU'l. 

d. I'o rcinltT '.coiiiliscl, i lc. . obiigrcloiy. 

. ‘®79 li. M .\.'l li / /i/cr I. .V'. ii. ..'ll/ I III* ■' 

.:ti ii.Ctreil in .'ii.:! \\b;ii jbijjT.Yu-.l. 

Mimrc 0‘bligated /■/■/. ii. 

1741 Ri'’.:(.\i:’.iv':s- I'anxia 1 1. 7.'. V-mr -■> Uiin;h ul l.Rultd 
P.Ki>i.Ia. 1813 r. r>' .^hV li . f .Yt Ii .'.'ifj 1. |i. X \v. If . . 

the. jrily ob!it;tiled liitfcivKi'f. , l.c il'> Md-jL'-li ' m 10 ni'..-»i.iiii) . 

Obligatiou .'pblig/^ jja;, [a. Ub. d.'ly.,Mion, 
‘itdo/i ..1.235 Cioilcf. tVw//.';, ail. 1.. ob/rir(i/ti>ff 
cm an tngaging or ]’U‘dgiiig. a binding agrcemtnt 
or hmid; r.-irtly lit., a binding; hg, :m entangling, 
cn.snariiig ; n. of .iclii ii f. to Oui.kjk.] 

1. Fhc ne'tion of binding one.sfll by oath, ]»romi>f, 
or coaU.ii l to do or soineihipg ; .an agree- 
ment whereby one pci son is bound to .another, 
or tw o or more persons arc mutually bcumi ; 
th;it to wliich one binds onest lt, .y loinnii jyornise*. 

IZ97 K. l-l!.' '. '.Ri ll'.? Pe .bcil hi.ii-.t.i linn !•> 
ghiUi.‘e:-Cjc \»eiii!v Anil liiiii uMij^ I'.i' n iV Oi.'.a,!': bin: 

j;an scmli; |‘iii be • •..•! . le 13 him t'.Jinc al Mint, f rijo K. 

iiKL’^Nl; i hr. •. ii.'ioi J ■;4 He wiih siuiiii: iS: i.'lfi iiiSil 

i>blii:ai.i-»ii. I'.it f I Iriii: ii'.i ivdi werreon ' im 1 h.i1\«!M', 

1426 I \ri . Ih' In-ilV: ll.'i-- 

b wr-rth .’.n ol.iiL'..i» 1 »i:'i. >5^ /'iV^.»-. / 'erf. iW. dc W. vs ii) 

Kl.-, (>f dir iraclt byltti.ri*i iV''d ; us. 1634 
SiH T. llKKi.riiT /'mv. ;-.i .\> Mrll lo disc h arse ihciu-selvi..', 
fi- in dicir i)l Alien tu ;;i\ e s;uir.f:i.. li ..11 umIo tlie pei'plo. 
1879 (*. R-'ksi. M S.Mjin b'. (i/ai/s/cnr -fl. .!» I. vi. i^-j 
A M’liil oh!ii|;.iiiiiii o.mi'l n-'i be iiui'lr wJdi ti.e. Couit ul 
Ivjiuc wiiliuiil con'.iTiiini,:a(ion wilh d.c IVpf. him rlf. 

2. /.tnt\ .An •agrecmciif, enlbrctablc by, 
whereby .1 pcraoii or pcisoui I'ccome bound to il;c 
p.a)n!ent of a sum of money or otlur perroriri.Tncc ; 
the document containing i.uch an agtccmenl 

in Law, a wiitlcn contract or b'or.'l undtr serd 
containing a with ;; Cvitdii.o-i rmiiexeil. 

Also, the right crtalcd or iiabiliiy iiicuried by 
siu h .An agreement, ih.H iuneTif , or boiid. 

.’3 »* Wn* i ll LhW .vvi. 6 A* d l-e seiili: r.; him, T:iak iMn 
i-b!i>;a'..ioiin, ainl >ii:c d ..ur, an.t v rvt l\llt. 1431 In A’l.^. 
Ci/./f (i?7o' ij. .'•iilVu ieni pVt:^f Ixiw iiilyn »v' hem in 
a .s^iiiplu ^yuKylll el''-i*. *'•! lo ni.ike :i firH'* 

dclyucvaurice uf .'■withe ii-.H?*!}*.’ av ihci reecNue. 1538 
Fm/hluk. ///J.'. /'lit.' 91 b, fill he. bii biMWitlr !>)■ 
til the kyiv»:.'i u;ic, in Muih .soivic ; ix; ihr’-uj^hi 
M:M.'r..ible. 1615 I'l - -p n Ar.ih. /'ru.k. T.Alby, :\ pfp:c 1 1 
pi-Aji-hnu-nr, r.ut any "lilt bU;;'*.*i ihvn un •.•rii.n.aix ubb,;.!- 
tii:ii. 1786 Bi Rki :<p. A', d ft. fines Wk^. XH. .’' .• 

He h;ui madt* :i lr)np>‘i.N!y fciziiic of du: pri-fils. |.»i ihi: 
t'-’-payminl -.‘f whkh lu* j;.ivr; Id-; bi.>nf.'!v .u-d * Miji.iti.-.ri-. 
1B18 J.'.S. Mll.I. Br.l. /•■if. H. V, \iii. Sn 11015 ..h i dr- 
d-.sdKUKC I'f die i>li|ij:;ili.r-.-, 'A-Jiidi du- tV.'.i'p.iiiy hihi 
tlm y.iixr-iniiiC’nluf Oiulf. 1B83 d '4^- /.'»i’.i /.a'.o /..• r. vd. 
\'.-d\ \ boM-i is c:il!».-.l >incle wbi :i it*s Midi.-:;; :« i>r;i;il»' , 
nitti .'ll! tiMi;.y.itii'rt ulieu il c ('hi.iiii.h .1 i.i 

^f'KTidly d iiMc ibf .mu.M'.ii r-f tb- sT-,n ...t-- uM.d. 

y. Moral IT ! consliviint, or CMri.sti.iir.itJg b ivo 
or iidUiciu i"; the condition of I ring inoTaliy i r 
legally obliged or b'ouiul; a moral or legal tic 
biiuling lo some |>eiloi manes'; ; tbe biuthng j '.'Wtr 
of a law, moial precept, duty, uoiiHacI, i;b*. 

«} ■ • 





Of ohligaiioH^ ob}i>;.aui > ■ />-iv or hi>lidity %)/ 
a <l.iV on ^^hich every one is ob'ii^ul to ubsiuin from wuik 
and to attend divine t-crvice. 

i 6 o$ SiiAKS. //az/i. I. ii. gi Bouiu.l In tiliall Obligation, I'ur 
some terme To do oWciuiouh Sorrow, idjjl Uaki.k tr. 
ffit/sai’s Lett, (vol. 47 There no obligation to follow 
them in th-ir oiiinioiis. 1689 I'oi'it i"- tr. Zi^vJy'.v \it Lit. 
/'<•/€* at/attf L.’s VVks. 17^7 1 1 . :f47 * Hear O Israel \ Milliciciitly 
restrains the Oblig.iliun of the Law of Moses only (u 
IVo|}Ie, S701 Gkkw Cosm, ^aci'a iv. ii. ft 34 .And Nuiua 
appointed an Oath unto the Roiiians, say PlniarLli and 
l.ivy, a-; the ebiefest Obligation unto Faiiii and Truth. 
i7i« Lkkkl'llv AtfiMr, u § ij they took great iiains 
to ittiincihcn the obligations to virine. 1780 Bi kki: Sf 
/}ri\ttfi hf Elect, Wks, 111 . 371 What ohiigaiioti lay uii 
me to be popularY 1849 Mac.vui.^v Hist. ii. 1. 17.* 
Ife h.'tU a siiong sen-ic of moral and religious obligatiun. 
iB8s LirrLK'i\Li£ in Encycl, firit, XIX. Oji/i The Moham- 
rnvd-iii pilgrini-vnes . . i !:in.-.i.Nt . . of two iiiuin cla.vsos, u liiLh may 
be distinguished coiixcnienily by Latin thi;ol(>v:iral terms, 
a« llio-’C of * obligiilion ' and ih'.i..c of ‘dcvoiiiiii'. 'I lit rc 
i-s ptojieily only one Moslem |iil.<i image of obligaiian. 
th.1t to Mcur.i. 188s Cat/u Diet, led, 3) 364.'.' .Ml bishops 
iv J priestN xviili (.me of .souls are Umncl to ^.ly Mast for 
their people on Sundays and luxlidays of obligation. 

b. Without mural or lejjal rcfuretjce; The fact 
of being logically or ciistoin.'irily obligalory. 

J Wfub Stonf‘Ih‘n^ f*7 nun ly other OMi- 

gations induce us to .crant the bi-ing uf Poiiii ucs 
1^^ A. J. Hipkins /VVpiiyjj 4.1 Seoin.' tli« inilllaiy band'. 
aside as forminiij a pi ovinr.c uiK’d bv ii.s own law,thr ricmdi 
piti.h yet remains as ap[>ti'tainiiig to ineftiviuc and not 

4 . Action, or an net, to •which one is morally or 
legally obliged; that which one is boiiiul to do ; 
one's bounden duty, or .1 particular duly. Some- 
times wiih the further notion tif coercion; An 
enforced or biirdciisuinc task or charge. 

1605 Sk.xk.s. /.firrii. iv. HI, I rannut ihinkr my bbu-r in 
the Irast Wwiild f.iile her Itbligation. U1704 T. 

Piai^e Oyiinkefincss Wk-.. 1 . jA Tlic hi-'t linger away 

th :ir lives in perpr.tnal diLidi'(.-iy,in sI.'M ry antloblignll'ins. 
1718 Momua.n A/^’icrs II. >v. .7.* Thus t:i«;d ihU \alorous 
uivalier, h»i- his Faith and for )iis ri!n» e,:i>is the nbluraiion 
of every g«-nileni.i»i '>f Hmv'.ur .ishI Characier. 1857 Toi i.- 
MiN .Ssnni Punish f>4 If he have lUst If billed his obiii;;tliiii'..s 
in one rrspect, li« (..nmot Tightly clahu his picropativcs in 
the r.ihei. 1875 1 Jk>‘ k Ifc y Kotn. /\n:f ix. «,» i-jS He 
reIiM,>rd the ilnkca from the vbUijaiivin of tiibutc. 

6. a. The f.ict or condition of being indebted to 
a person for a bciiobt or service received ; a del.-t 
of gralitndi*. 

t6ia j. H \\\\ \'*o tr, l<iiiH{irs J‘ycf/U>/. 1 .47 She..iuii;b.t ii<it 
see fiiih, to atdaiLiwlcdgc the oblijjili'Mi she owed liiin. 1751 
JoHNsr.s' A*rt,;:.V(.’cNo. By ^ i/rheyrcuini bfiivAts, ..boc;in-.c 
o!digaii ?n is a p:iiii. 1847 Mammy.\t (VuMr. JV. /Wist s, 
You h.ivc no lig'hl to put her under an i-jbliyati'm. 1881 
Sh'jk I H ofst; 7 . hi'fle^ant iiS8-y; 1. \vii. 305 InglAMirit r■•- 
tumed a e^iirtcous messa^'e e.\j»rtcs:ivc uC his oblisalion f«ir 
her eAlriiordi.'iiu y gertet iiSily. 

b. A Umetit or service for which gr.itiludc i.s 
due, n kindness done or receivcvl. 

1618 Raul oi- .ScKrot.K in Fi^rt. Ptjpcrs iCaindrnj >,i 
Which I wyll ever acknowledgloy-ui for u .;s»:;(l. oblygatioi?. 
*775 Siil.RiOAN Rival* v. iii, Cajitain, give me your liand ; 
an .'liVionl handsomely rciknowR-dgi d Wf inivh an ol.ligali<.)n. 
i8»i Lamii /-.//rtS.ur.i. I’nlcKtinc's 7^0', When a kimlly f;«’*: 
grtel-s us, th*:.ii,;h but (lasting by, .. \vi: shontil fctl it as an 

•fc. t-lbllgingno^s, civility. P/o. 

1664 Pt.fV4, Dv.tty 4 fiiiif, 'I'o ni.ikc him civil!, ;.nd lo 
command in HnrJ.s of obligation to hi.', ofrict.'i.' ;iiid men. 

■f*0. Jj' lini>ility. Cf, Oni,iO£ r-'. 5. (.>/•>. 

1676 II \l.r. Confctnpl. I. Si A^ :in imputed sin drew wlih b 
iht '^’•lUalion unto pniii<hTtie.i:t. 1758 Jf. H.ww.vko Jj-v-'". 
i. 5 Guilt is an obligation to piiiushmcnt on account of .^in. 

t 7 . A I dnding, fasUning, or connecting; a con- 
nevion, link. Obs, ai/v, 

1648 biu T. Hkoam-; Pscuif. Kp, iV4"i Y* t is ih-a'c one link 
and common Li-'inn-xiun, oi.'c Ltciieiall li.i;amciit, and iitLes- 
lary oiyli}j;aiioii of all whatever unlo rf..|,d. 

'I* 8. A bond by which luic is held captive, y 

35 ?* N. T. (RhcTil i .‘lets \iii. 1 sec llici art in the j'all 
of hiUerii»:s.i»(l the '..blit'iitiontVid.i^ iiiiijuiiie, 

9. Cofftb.^ as obiii^ulion-tuiiArr. 

lfe8 C'limi'Kill fnti.'l. Svsf. G(.>iile.1il-, 0 . V. R'/.p 'IIk-m: 
artiriuiil Juslicc.inakt-'is and t>bIi;.'ulion':n:ikeTs. 

Obli2a*tioiial,it.. A/;v*”h [f. ])rec. + -.\b.] Of 
the nnlure of, or pertaining to an obligation. 

1887 E. OfkM-v Tcrliutn Quil I. /fi.| WlieiWr ihr nxicin, 
when thii I.11IC1 ubligatinna! form Is trivi/ri to ii, cyaseb i.j K 
.scienlifn:, is perha;);! 110 more diun a ({ucsiio'i. 

Obliga'tionary, a. [/■ ns piec. + -ai;y L] 

Pertaining to a legal obligation or bond. 

f 88 o ISTi. iKiiKAri Oiihis l>i;;est 5^*3 She was ei.litlcd 10 
alienate her res nee ttuuK ipi^imou-^rX which obliyaii in.iiy 
cUiiiis were includeik 

Obligative (p*bligetiv‘:, a. [f. L. ohUp'CU^y 
ppl. stem of ohli^are to Cm iok -»■ -ivK.J Tinposing 
obligation; oblig.ilory. 

1598 Hi LL Ymat.'. Popery m. ii. i.-.! ) Dr Rive puwer obliRalivc 
unto them, s6as Maluil tr. Alemans Cn^iman d' Aif, 11. 
242 ililt.s timj aniW‘eii,s . . iirof C.s.'inc, .jnstiliraLiue, obli^iliue 
. .renurici.iline, .ind infinite other the like. 1875 Visit 
hatus I. -'cd. at 7^ Conftjict in ihr risrrowet sense may. .Ic 
d2&tii)guislied as an obligative contr.n.*. 

Hence 0'bllgfttlv«nei8,;». 

1676 Nokbis Coll. Mhr. 1^)3 The Oti]ig.itiveni*.^s .ind 
Reasoiialdcnrss of the Iii.siiiution. 1831 K. .'sii.^rv I. eft, V 
Pas, >1334) r<;c} The ob]it;ativcncss of lu irul tondiu t. 

Obligato, variant of OBDLitiA io, 

j Obligator (g'blig^'tojL mrc. fa. ined, L. ? 
; oblii;dtot\ agent-ii. f. obliiratc l<i OHUUE.] j 

1 . 1 a:v. One who binds himself ; — Obi.HioR. ■ 

tx 18 x 5 SiK 1 1 . Finch LaiJo ( 1646 ) 204 So if two be bouiul iu 

ill) ohliRiition to a fein side, and after she taketh one of the 
olxlii^aiurs to husltand, the whole dulie L extinct. 

2 . One who confers an obligation; ^ OBLlCiKR 2 . 

1798 S/orthtj^' Mfifr. XI. 42 He wa. thus interrupted by : 

! the .sa..;acious ublij^atiJt. * 

I tObllgatO-rioUB, a. Ok.\ [f. as next 

! T -ocH.] Oblig.atory. 

i i 8 oa Ft i r.f i^Ki-. 2 //./ Pi. Pit rail. 2 S It is on IkiiIi ddes 
! ohli.R.itoii>jus. 

I Obligatory O'-bligaUri), a, [ad. hale T.. 

: T. ppl. stem of ob/tj^'dre to Oni.icK : • 

I see -ohy.J ^ j 

j 1 . Imjio.sing obligation, binding in law or on ■ 

the conscience ; of the nature of an oblig:ition ; I 
that miLst be done or practised, f.'onsi. : 

(t/j, t^/'b 

X 50 X Orti. Crysle-i .!/»•« (W^. ile W. iv/p. 1 : 1 . 1 . 140 Al>u it ; 
is .1 thyn.Rc oblig.Uorxe. ii i 8 a 6 UAf.'JX U-'i h^*h«'>: it hv ■ 
imt ubliRiiifiry to rhti-.ti:tii priii' '-s. 16155 Ft u.> k ( h. Hist. 

: III. i. S 14 Thi.': his Loiifirmathui of KiiiR Edward's Lav..; i 
j wA.'i .. but .1 pers Jiial ai.l ..and no wtiit uhliR.-U'.iiy of his | 

i poiiicriiy. i^t li'.nii. 11 * 75 ) Miiny ! 

j thiiiRs ciKU'tcd in the Did 'fcalaiiirni . nut now'., j 

obliRulcry on us ChriMmiis. 1703 Kcii.xvi) Eeel. • 

\o 7 'hoy weic not •)bjii'ati..i y to oihrr iiiiiions. ^ 1795 Li kkl: J 
Ris^/c. /Vrt.c i. Wks. VIII. 18 s ‘Thf;ie arc situation.s .. in l 
xvhiidi, lhci(:f-.ic, lhc'i(.*«hiiiyNiuet(liliRaioiy.^ 1875 Jowi ir j 
JWiti) 1 . 47 S riio ai'd LonlaitihiR |k'avit of j 

the £;o(id i^ as iiJihicR. 1888 'Jimes '.weekly ed .)6 Apr. i (»/4 j 
Roi.'il ilcertc .. n«akiiii* it obIi.e;»ii)iy on m.nm -'fis of I 
theatres in .M.ulrtit to liRht those buildings by dm iiii ity. ! 

I 2 . Creating or Con .titming .in obligation ; csp. in i 
; y»///, etc.) ob/ij^dlLny « f >iiUi.: VTiox 2 , i 

i 14 ^ .-siK G. H»\c La:u Arms iS. T. S.) Siipp«i> the • 

! wald ohliss him l.<e his letlfes obligatuiis. 1480 

I Gamon t.Ar.jft. Fh^. dxii, .As the slrcngthc of the Idtcr • 
i.>bl>y..ilAiit wyliic-ssyiL /f 1548 H.O.i. //' .*46 

; .rh.'Vioieiil iiislruimuil o^iliKatone. .for the . .euiitcntaciim of 
j (he same ur'iiey. 1644 I’.i LWLtt 108 111 all obligatory 

• i 1.11 Raines and plcdgtjs. J. I ).\viks Hist. CariMy his or.^> 

'I hi vtumifiMiily deliver obligatory arts to limit Ma.sler.i,. .by 

i V liii'.h wrifiiiRs they (»bli};t. iheniscKes t** M-rxe |t>em. .three , 
! 1891 Hovi.i: If V.V Wks. 1773 I. Life idJo Whereas my 

lervaiu John Wjut is iodebicd unto me in the sniu of by 
b.irul or hill ohiigat.'/iy. 1778 Ttial vf Atfnioiomitr 
\ 1 nexcr h<-:inl ^ 1 # bis imttiivR his to viiliitutory papei-., 

‘ (HI xvlib.h mo!icy was to be reedvtd. 189 s Vaily Xirir* \ 
i y-' .b’ty 3 / 5 I he JuiIrv decided ibal fb*; fuil ihuL the . 

(l<H':nniciit xxas T'ot * ninU r sc.d i».iii(»ved it from the Icaul j 
i (.l*‘fnni io'i uf ii ‘ w ritiiiR obligalory ’. j 

3 . A’/ij/. OinauATK ///. ti. 2 . ! 

1898 . 1 tiriiit's Syst. Med. I. 513 ObHjLCi!-*( y .iv.r'd(C.s, w !iU.h 

innst be Mipi.ilj(*(l wilh 1898 Ii‘:d. V. If iliis * 

• oby:ix:ilio!i should be eolilirmcd, the lulxm le bacillus i.oiild 

■ no 1 ^ omsixWred an obliRfiiory parasile. 

lleiice O'hligato^rlljr ddv.^ in r.n obligatoiy 
manner, so as to be obligaUuy ; O-Bligato rinens, ! 
the <[u:iliiy or fact of being obligalory. 

1563-87 Fovj. J. .V .V. jy.i Ih-Jm; bound ijb!ig,ili;i ilie, 
l.-oth for liiiiiM-lfe mid his suc'e.sMTir.s. 1650 K. Hi.'i.i.iNo\xoui 11 
A’.i ur. C,\ut‘pt.i{ Poivi f's 27 ‘I'hc iibliciii'ii itu .' of ihc O.ii hs 
aifl Coxeiiaiit, 1755 Johnson, . . 2 For vxer 

chli'/.atiaiiy. 1879 F.xkh.ak Ar. J'aul 1 . iin'l'iiv-obliRMtoiIiie'S 
. oft. in umcisicn hail at that time been Ic'-Sscriouily iinpii.encd. 

; ObUge. pbl.ivds;^ 7 '. PViriiis: a. 3 obligl, 4 ; 
-lege, 4-5 -licho, 5 -leege, 7 -Hdge, -liege, ; 
f,-ligue\ 8 -Hedge, -leadg; 3 - oblige. /I, 3 5 | 
(-7 .SV*.) obliRcb, 4-5 -lisMh, -ly.suh, 4 ( 6-7 AV.) ! 
-lish, 5 -leacho, fobbliRh), 7 S,\ oblieah, -leish. \ 
7 . .S.‘. 4 -5 obliuo, 4“6 -lie, -lys, 3-6 -lyss, 5 -7 ■ 
-Hns, 6 -loias, -leas, -lense, -la.a, G- 7 -lei». [a. 

! <JK cb/r-if\ -/Vr ( 12 G 7 in ll.ilz.-l)arm.) to hind | 
by 0 . 1 th or promist.% pledge, render liable (also 
; n il. •, ad. I.. ob/f\;dre to bind or lie around, bind i 
I’.p, bind by an oatli, prorui:^, or mond or legal ■ 

; lir, n;ndcT ll.ibk’, pldlge, morlgagc, impede, re- ‘ 
si rain , f. ob- ti iw.irds + //care to tie, bind, F ormerl y 
pronounced .ifier Fr] 

J. 1 . I nifty. To bind (a ]xerson) by .an oath, ; 

. proinis<r, contract, or any in oral or legal lie Uo 
a person or a couise, or (0 do .a ilniig); to put ^ 
under an obligation or cj.-gagement, to engage. . 
Xiiw only in Law, \ 

U 97 K. (JiMi 1 :. rKi.>lb; ;.'Uli* xvilliaiii xr kiu;.; . . ti.x 

liim \;inIv i'i!ili;;ed |r/. r. )*c km^ t>r hCuthjiid. ; 

] (■ 1400 . ipM. {.oil. 41 Sv(^ Im-i Jf.ii |•.■i vbl^'.'ichr uu mmi l‘:i |»»*r ; 
I'l.iiivi (.if ^iMutri, rt 1548 H \:.L Crtron . , //•.«. 11 / 2 All iiieniic 
w i.i V |ii;iii mci! . . xvlikhc xvi.uh.l by uthc In; obli^vil truly to 
.sci vl and .d#t-y<: liyni. a 1657 K. Lovi;oav Lett, s-’ 7 .Si ’ 

. I iii(.:l 2 i‘d l)i«; N>.rir..iii a l.f;«vr tQ my Brotlitr, and obliRM ' 
liiiii to be vcryc-aicfiil in m'-ikUiir it. t 6 ;M Locke f 7 r»?V. 11 . vi. ! 
S 71 It been Luiiiiiiouly .'■uppos’d, 'lliat a Falli'.'r could i 
ubliRc his P'j"it;rily m ihal Ciovv-rnim-nl,uf which he hirnsrlf . 

1 XX as u Subject. 1759 Johnson Rasselas viii, .My fatlmr hail 1 
: iibliRcd me txi I he imjircix euwni •/{ my slock, ii«.»t by a prumisii: j 
. ..but by a penalty which I xi'as at lil^riy to iiKur. t 88 o ! 

MLiinik.AO Cains 111 . § 104 irlaws. .cannot be obliged to any I 
; . .pvr'.i^ii. Ihid. 8 ».^7 In utmtina. XA^hilc one, by making an ! 

I eiiiry f.j the other’s debit, lax-s him under an ubligutiou, it 
, i:i only the lalier that is obliged. 

•' 2 . yffl. To bind tmcaclf by an oath, promise, or 

' ( Onlnu.t {to a person, to a course or to do some- 
j thing, \ihat something shall be donC;; to come 
I uijdcT an obljgaiio.i, to plcilgc, engage oneself. 

1x97 K. Gi ouc, iKull:.} 2161 Hii hum woldc ohliRi & dker- 
iienae vindc {;odc 'J o here hoin clenc bur iruage. (-'1375 
Se. Li^. Eaints .\.\xiii. {George) pane seds pe wicb : ‘g)‘f 
1 lie Ilia Ouicuni his craft .. 1 ublhe me.. but roiisoiiingc tu 
lliule dede '. 1405 Rails o/Partt. 111 . 605/j We. .oblyMyng 
Ub, by tl)v.s presenter,. . lu fulfil all nianm uccordez. « 157s 
Dium. Occurr. (Ilannatync Club) ypi We obleias W6, and 
proincbs that . . the said abMincncc of weir . . sail con* 
tiiicxv. 1609 W. M. Man in Moane (1 S491 37 Having plighted 
your faith uud »iileniii1y obliged yourselfc iiiito an hu&band. 

Makvku. Gorr, Wks. X872-5 II. 1341116 time for which 
he had obligvd liim^'clf being expired. Z7» in T. W. M^trsb 
Harly p'riends iii. (1886] 29 \Ve Desire John Croker to Like 
his place and. . we doc obicadg our selves to give him 40shilL 
Pail Mall G, tj Sept. 7/3 In gratitude for the bequest 
of rreston, the_ tow'ii council obliged thviiiselvcs to liis son 
to build that aisle to his memory. 

t b. SMlr. ^for re/l.) Xr, Obs, 

Dol' /W. Hon, 11. xwi, 1 ubleks be niy baud, He 
sail obseruc in nil poiiitis suur bcheht. 1587 in Koxv Hist. 
A 7 »-^- (1843)34 That thc,se pi;escnt oblishcs to refornie them- 
selves.. 1634 Hid. 374 \Vc .. uiidcrsubM:ryve, and obli&hts 
mid }iroiiiisc.s to obey (he wliull contentb of the said letter. 

1 3 . I rafts, a. To make (lands, pioperty, a posses- 
sion 1 a guarantee or security for the discharge of 
a nrdmise or debt ; to /pledge, pawn, or mortgage. 
Also to pledge (one’s life, honour, etc.). Obs, 
*197 R. Gi-ouc. (Roll") O771 |)e emiKTOur of lome to him. . 
( (?’. r. ohlvged] tii his niosagers .die bing Jtat xxas 
1388 Wvci.iv J’roz’. .vxii. . ti Nylc thou be xvith hem 
tied idilrithrn [i ;,P3 fict-hc dounj her houdis, and that pro- 
h'.ii:ii hem siif borewi., fur dettis, 1395 Pi:kx'kv Pe/nonstr. 
iif'i^t) -Si King Jdii olili-vdiidc his rcxx'im: cf lilgcloiid and his 
lord.shii'o of frrlrjiid in a ilauiciind murk, to t>e paird yeer bi 
yccf . 1474 C.'ax ion t he* *c - 1 ii ^'f thuu xx-ylt oblyge rhy soxx-fc 
to me .lyeii^t tii> Inns 1 xvyl ^l.iye wyth llic. 1675^ Ma(cvm.l 
Corr. Wk'.. i>'7J 5 II. 441J ’Tin: geiiilcinen . . weic ordered to 
Atblige each ilieii fumour, not to lake any r<-sei\£iiient. 1700 
TvjiiiKM. ///.lA Fug. 11,938 fHe] fuibid all the Prelates.. 
to I't'lige iheii L.'iv- Fees to the Jscc of Rome. 1750 lltAxvi s 
Al t: .Wcr.fLt. (1752) 113 'Hie ship is lacidy oblijjjcd for theii 

fb. T rt agree to as obligatory. Obs. ran. 

1513 D() ,‘ 7 i/u'is .*-111. iii. 'I he haly firoiny^ and the 
bandis gent Of pe(.e and Cixncord’ oblisil and *.,vxoin. 

4 . a. Of an oath, protuisc, law^ command, etc.: 
'To bind p-eisun); to make (fnt) m(.nally or 
legally bound lo sonic action or ci'iidiict, or to do 
somelhiui* ; also, lo a peibon \ok. e.\c. in Iaiw''-, 

Wv< Ml- Sel, H'Ls, Ilf. -I’j Sipin R'-kIi? dredb, in 
( Joilclis myra'.'li:., obihcheti men iuihmc ti^ -svi vc *11548 
H.x) T, i'/noi/,. Hen. I'll 2S b, The ctaluU.s .imi'tirdiTiai'm'rs 
. .(lollie iii.>t oblige and b)iidH thuni to that (..ise, but in <;er- 
liiyne poyiilcs. "1589 K. Hkccl tserw. .;3 The com* 
maud i»blish«*> you lo obey. 1849 W. U.m.i. i'ovfer ef Kings 
(( .\> ibo Oath (ix'th and Him to the i'qople, 

ci.TCdnIy the iV.r.>pIi> (huh lieth .ind ubiigrth them to the 
Kii'>;. 1741 Waiis lirffm', Mindi t. (1801I i.:. Oiiistianity 
."•> much tiu- iimrc nbli^cv'* iiixoke the'<tance of 

(l.f! true God. if{65 M G; )*.'« ‘‘ajxx )■; .Aralia I. 449 Hn?;s i.»f thi ‘je xx lio'u x'ieliiily x;bli^»c*s lo are lead 
i.oei iiioniinR and cveuiiiR. 

b. With simple obj. ; To bind, to be binding on 
‘a person, conscience'. Also absol. r 

t'1400 .f/uA toil, lox Four rriiiiirid to ilk vowe 

hat oblisctiiF 1843 Phvnne .SVirc Por.Ker Purit. 1. led. y) 
■17 Yet ihc.^c Law*c.*i would no waye-.* obhegr. them, unleshc 
they Voluntarily conM'iilcd .uid .subuiitled to them in Parlia- 
ment. 1673 Makx i.i.i. Re/i. Transp, II. V41 Von .say they 
.M'c no Laas Tiiik-'ib tlivy oblige ilir Cuiiscicnce. lyaa 
Woii xMoN Rel.'g. Xat. vii. 153 'Txxo iriconsisteul laxv& c.iii- 
uol I'iolh oblige. 

C, f ass. 7 b be oblf);td: to lie Iiound by a legal 
or moral tic. 

<■ *375 Xaints .\x\viii. {Adrian) 165 He wes oblistr 

til Ills wyfe To '.peke wiili lie.) in-lo hi.\ lyfv. 1484 C.xxroN 
P'ah'es n/AlJ.fHi£ i.\. I piomvscd lo the liOUglit at al, iu the 
•rv.sciji.e of xvhoin I am oblygcd or bound. 15U Abp. 
Ix.Mii-TON Cute,. A. (iR£ 4) 43 Wc ;ir oblisMf to blfc Gcxit. 
1600 .Skknk Reg. Maj. 5 b {Staf. H ’iii. k:. ii)\ The wyfe i.s 
iiriciil oblisclied lo ai-i.iisi: hir husband. 1671 Cave Pritn. 
C/tr. 111. i. (167 .V 2O8 I Duty and KcNpect, wheiein we 
Miiiid obliged lo Others. 1709 .Simyi-k Ann, Ref. I. xxL 241 
jMarijT e.vciisei! his reining, partly lii;';aiise he was ohliged 
ti^ tlic city and church ••fXiirick. 1810 lloitsLLV.Vi'rw. (18x1) 
47.Q T]ui.-!i it should seem that Clirisrians arc ckarly obliged 
ti> iht: Aibicrvaiice of a .Sibliath. 

II. 6. ta. triins. To make (any one) subject 
(»r lialdc to a bond, penalty, or the like. Obs. 

1340 Ayenb. 113 pc /eiuiollc bv. luic /enne dyadlkh. .is 
y*(>t'Iiged to /no anu grv.itc g.iin:lii)ge. C1380 Cual^k 
Piirs. * 77.4 ‘i bis cursed syiine anovcili grcuou&lidie hem 
lliiit it h.iiinten .\iid liibr m liirc .sonic, for he obligeth it lo 
synne and lo peync of (lef.-lh.^ 1533 f Ri/ nt iPay 105 
Qiiheii .A' Miinit he ol>list hinic sdf and al hiu ofTsprinj^ 
ti.) the etenul dcid. 1840 Ji.u. Tam.'*R CL PUemp. Picf. 
$ 14 It is to be iii(|uired liow ilic-tic became laws; oMii:ing 
U.S lu sin, if wc transgirss. 

b. rejL To render oneself liable* to ptmishment, 
lo involve oneself in gnilt. (Lat. seobii^are!) Now 
only in Civil Law. 

xifm Wveui- y'm'.xiii. 13 Who bacl|iteth to any thing, he 
obiiiihclh hyiiiseif in to the time lu conic. 1880 Mviuiieau 
( 7 ,riKy IU. 8 2<.iU Most agree tliat, as theft dtqiendn upon 
intent, such a child can only oblise liiinMlf in ic:q)c(:t uf it 
w'lieri he Is close upuh puberty. 

III. 6. irans, ’Po bind or nuikc indebted (f to 
oiicbelf) by conferring a benetit Sr kindness ; to 
gratify wilk or by .(something ; to do a service 
tu, confer a favour on; tto be of service to, to 
benefit {obs/;. 

1587 Tuhf.kv. Ovid s Ep. 71 And oblige inee unto ihce by 
Ihk buone. a i8ie Hi-.ali.v ThcophraiUts (i6j6.i 83 If any 




man be oblig'd, be will coinniHiid liim to rememlic-r the 
favour. 1615 O. iSANiJVS J'rav. 2 Here take oh Zuni lld.^ 
ring of gold, and by gining it to the »■», nbliKe it \uto thcr. 
jM T. HIawkins] Caui^siu's Holjf CrL Fliiiy . . iiri>- 
nouiu:eth..That tliu greatest diuiiuty is to sec a mort.iil ‘ 
man oblige his like. i(^ Cottow llsp^rnon 1. 11. 60 'J hat ! 
her Family had oblia'tl Hungary with a Queiiii, and Fraiici*. 
with a Gaston dc Fuix. 1775 Siichioam Rivals v. iii, t') ; 
pray, Faulklaiid, fight to oblige Sir l.ucius, ^ Dickfns | 
Rtini. Rtu^gc XV, Oblige ihe with the milk. 1685 .Siu ■ 
W. V. FiiiLU in r.itw Rep, 15 Qneon’s Rciu:h Div. 41.1 ! 
Th^ustonier requested the appellant, ii> obli.<;;e her, to send | 
the u>aves home with other gomls she bud purchased. 1 

b. Said of the service, kindness, etc. | 

1639 Baickr tr. Ar/uaf’r (yol. n.) 8i If this tender- ■ 
nessc procyfded from a soft etTcininate spirit, yut it wunhi . . | 

oblige ino infinitely unto yon. 1683 Uaxtkk Parapkr, N, * • 
Rom, xvi. 3>4 The . . helping an cniineiil Mirii'^ter, may 
oblige many Churches. *796 Sm J. Sinclair Core, (18311 , 
II. 439 Your early attention to this applicuiioii, will much ; 
oblige, Sir, your very faithful and obedient servant. 

C. absol. To confer a favour; e^p, to favour ; 
a company (with some perforimuir-eV ioUoqr ; 

*735 ForK"/*n;A Sat, 208 So obliging, that he ne'er obiigVI 
[riwe besieg'd). 1865 UkkHtNs .^ut. Rr, in. vi. Sit, wiuilil 
you obleege with the .snuffers. 1888 f'uU Mo liC. 18 Nov. 
7/1 To-night, Mr. GrosMuiih ..atfd all thr talent^ u lil ubln:':. . 

tr. BatMU'A ('o/ts/n Pons i.? H«i 'oV^ligLcr at llir 
pianoforte. Am (iaz. 15 Apr. 2/1 A i.haiiiiLaii : 

was elected, r.hfignl with a sonir, and then nailed upon a ■ 
member of the coinpiiiiy. gents were t-hy, or ilrv, ! 

i>r both, professional talent obligeil. 

7. pah. To be bound (0 a person by tics nf 
gratitude; to owe or feel gratitude; to be indebted 
to a j>erson (or tbinj;) for somelhini;. Now said ^ 
only in deference to sinaik services, esp. in making 
an acknot^lcdgement or request; also, formally, 
where there is no n-al inilebtcdness, as in ordering 
i;oods from a tradesman, eli\ 
a 1548 H.\ll Chron.y Ilc». Vlt u) Vf yt chaunce iu« by 
voiir lecovei ..] ..shalhe so muche obliged and 
Dounde unto you. 1619 WonoN /.ef. in /.//<'• ^ iifym, 1 
(Cagiden) 49 the foresaid rrsoluiioii in vjurc Ma^’" ; 
ymplying. .the gi.V'C^of so inunii; uf i;>nr fvci-ides they livid ^ 
iheinscivcii eternally uhligciL i6u Hi.mlkv Royia Lccf, I 
viii, 295 To those Mills vc are obliged for all our Meuil'. ' 
17*6 G.* J Vvm f Vy. 53, I told ilieiii, I w.ii 
very much obliged to them for iheir I rooil-will. 1701 Cmft. 
.Ifiy. 3?/a The rep!ibrK.k of ]etter;i is inriMiL<?ly obliged (o 
M. Costa fur the pains h<^ has taken. 1836 ^IAeAtM.AY tu 
Trevelyan ZfVe.* I. \i. 4j;.i There i^ an oversiglE In the;irticle , 
on Bacon, 8ihich 1 shall In: much obliged to yju to ' 
correct. • 

t8. inms. III looser sense: To gratify, jdease, j 
attract, chaim. Obs^ j 

i(l^ '56 1 see Oblicino pp/. a. 2 1 1|. 1673 r C. A yi f Cow- 
ptiti.utHce ^ Without which it is Impossi'oiR t«i oblige in ! 
to*\’er'>a!u»n. 1679 iJ. K. tr. Hoyttititiu'x Thtai. UWAt 
fJed. J Perrt.iving many things in it which did oblige my 
fancy. 1709 .Swiit iritinil It wic. rcasoiiahlc to j 
.-.uppo.<, y')u would be \«ry miuh obliged with any thii'g, ' 
that w*a.s iii'w. j 

,IV 9 tnifi*. To CMiistrain, csp. by moral or 
legal force or infiuaia: ; to force, conipcl. a. to 
(to something. 

163a J. Hayward ir. /uouiii's Rromaui 91, 1 will oU-y \ "ii 
puy Lur.i) fill’ all tilings ol’ligc me so to due, 1715 Di! f\n; 
fam. Fuatrui t, i. i 5 |. {1S41) I. (.-4 Ki .m this time I re-iolve m 
oblige .ill my family to serve God. 1776 i'riiii <]/ XuuJ. - 
conuir H'f is ..o wi;.iU that he hre* hctii obliged to be 
held up by jnrriplc when he came out xf die hoii'.e. 1808 
Tikl Sources Mississ. in. *’13, I will give you a cerlifuMte 
fruiii iiiK'er my hand of my haviin; ohiigiM.! you to imnch. 
1896 "I. F. Toof h'dv'. /, iv, 83 Tlu- 1 1 »y;il officials commilii'd 
NO many niisdecrls the king on hisreiurn was ^'lilujed 
t j make a .-jterii rsaniple. 

b. to a course uf action, c to. 

*r. ^S:-Utfe*fs Cnrits P-‘L wi See hiac the rcaso-’is 
whk.h obliged^ lilts illustrious 1'riiu.e i.> hi-, resolulion, ami 
the true Motives of so gl'»ri'ni.s lin iicliufi. i;»aa Hij, 
PtaiHC 153 .Sdf-pte'-ervain.ii ohiiRcd the pc.iplc to lliesi- 
seieiitics. 1875 1 linvi-:t.i.s P'orcfCOfU' C.V'/u 1 v') It is llaltcring 
to a mail to be indi.sjn;n.sable to a woman .so long u:i 1 m: is 
not obliged to it. 

tc. To rcHtraiii aciitiii, etc. Obs, 

<■* t66i Mari/. Ar^’le's / ll'iil in Hart, J//.w, (17*^'’! 
VIII, 29/1 [Argylcl oblige from the Kebi-llio-.i 
then oil ('•iiot, created a Maiqui.s. 17119 |. JohnsuS<'^'aX>'w/. 
I ifrfg J/. II. p, Ixxi, 'i‘o oblige the ilelinqucrii fiiiin the 
exercise of his rum.-lioii. 

40. To render imperative ; to ncoc.ssitate. 

163^ Sir T. HrkiilKi- (ed, :•) 8a In some sort to 

oblige their depondancA iipun his iU:ts mid fortune^ 174B 
RiciiAUDbOS Ptirut’/iz HI. 60 IVliey ..uhliRed I'lom the Jrar 
Gentlcinan this Frankness and Ackiiow-legiMiient. 18M 
Cprnk. Pec. 731 'rim cnstuin of the Fli/sibt..Hmii 

thenlre obliged this double authorsliip. 

V. til. trans, Tu fasten or attach closely; 
to bind, lie u’\ Obs, 

*8s8.JSvanlev Hist, Philos, \ 111.(1701? 333/x Tonjiing *;> 
a Spirit extended from the llegeinonick pjut to the Siqicr- 
ticics, so that it twreeiveth that w-hich is obliged to it, 1718 
Morrtox Quix, 11. xvi. (iBfiO 293 A-j SiOOii us M.iritonics 
had fasCened him, she.. left him so strongly obliged, ilmt it 
wos iinpotsible he should di.sengage himself. 

tia To feilcT, ensnare. Obs. 

ASM Ha.m»oi.b^j'«/*>' xix.Q pni ere obligid and hai fell 
1381^ VCMR /V. Tix. 0 Thei ben oblii.hl, and fcllcn. 

sb. Oh, rafv"^*. In 7 obliege. 
[f. prec. vb.J Obligation. 

1611 Sri- hij F/ist. Of, Brit, IX. xvii. ^ <t, 2,3 Wheihcr he 
did It in tMilicy. .or else of duely of obliege. .is viicei luiiie. 
Oblige. obj. form of OisLictz. 

Ohs, [a. F. (!/'//>> w^/Z^bl/jjah), 

pr. pple. of chli^ftr to (miGt'.J Obliging. 

Si,udcyy s Curia /W. 81 Reputed the most i.!vill 
and uliligeaiit Ihince of all ill*- world, a 1734 Nosdii Exam. 

I. lii. f 103 11740' iiM It i.-. prodigious that d Tarr »-1 i»f.. 
I <yes '■hull be thus tenderly ticmtcrl in the Mill aiid obligeaiil 
stWe of .SuiKTsli-uelurci and subsequent Addiiiou‘> 

Obliged .fibUi-d^d), ppL a, [-ED l.j 

1 . Hound by law, duty, or any moral tic, csp. one 
of gratitude ; under obligatiini ; now chielly in phr. 
ohli^cii senuuit, used in signing a letter, etc. 

16^ R. Caworky' Table Alph,^Oblit/i.J^ bound or l»ehcldcM. 
*8ia J '•**. I, Dtflar, Counuius Torstiui Pcd., I’o tlie 
Miiiiour of our Lord and Saviuur Jt'.us Lhrist, by Hi:, luvsl 
ohligfd seiViint, Jiuurr,, hy the (irai.c of (J-id, Ring leri..’, 
*850 Jki*- T.lvi.or Holy Lwiui/'m. 4 \ 14.4 A Brjiytr 

lo lie .s:iid by Masleis of Fainilir*., CinaU-s, Tul',r'S, or i-tlu.-i 
obliged Persons. 1784 Ri-id Ftuptirv Jjed., \'uur Loid-.l»ip's 
most obliged and most devoted Servant. i86b 'J iiAf Knii.w, I .May in Alheni^unt (lifo*) *'•> June Roo/s Belie v»: I: It; 
Your obliged faitliful SerV. W, M. ■I'huckL-iay. 

2 . fa. Rendered binding or obligatoiy, boiiiii ten 
yobs,), b. Cutiipclled, liecessitalt^l. 

i6s9 Hammono Cm F's. IxvL i It i-, the obliged •luty of 
all. 1891 .STKV>.N.soN.?tOsuoi:«N|.; ILVc /.r/* x», KveiysjKike 
of the wheel a rash but an obliged cxricrim«:rit. 

t 3 . riedgcd. Oh. 

*S 98 .SilAKS. Mtfih. /'. 11. vl 7 O lf»i liini's fastri V’riiii;-. 
PldgioMs flye 'Jo stealc !oi;os t>iind.-=, new luailci then llivy 
arc wont To keepe ublii^ed faith vnforfiuied. 

Hence Obli'gedly i^’t-dli) thtv,, in an oblige<l 
manner; Obll’ffedness ( ednes , the condition or 
fact of being oWigetl. • 

1639 P. Pri.i fmpr, .y,;,i l,v, A little uf t’ 

great respc' t 1 ohlicgediy, and vnily btiur you. i66z 

J. B.MiriRYvK Ait’.r, i't/ (iii(.i7) JO He l.ji f 

autlior of the elerli-m of Tniiixe.rit X“‘. who cutiieih hin.self 
Co lliis jirim e iinjst ;irt'€.:r.iiti!iali.-ly, Liblicedly. ;i!id in «;jy nf 
graiitnne. 1887 iV.sYii. Mtufvrti. thtotiiutt .vL i;,<j 

Looks, wherein h -ih gratitiule and ...Mijj»»' iJi -phixAiI 
themselves. 1853 1 1 NNVsu.N jn 7 * AVi »!W j 

Kem w ing my tliaiiks to all,— I reniain. iii> d* ai Sir, youli 
ol ligcdly. lV5inv^i>n. 

Obligee • pbiid/,; \ Also 6 oblygo, -lige. [f. 

Oblige v. ; see -Kb.] 

1 . jAinf. One to whom anotlur U bound by 
contr.act ; the |>crsou to whom a bond is given, 
-^forrclativc to ot/r]^vr.: 

1574 tr. Z/V/A.Vi/'v 104b, If y ollyg*.*. i*. Ita.e 

li) ihf ohligui ;il .ti tiuii^. a x6a5 Si;t H. Fiv II l.aiV hfi}'’? 
t'l So vpi»!j condicion that ih« OMiyce shall bring to the. 
Oblig.'i.-. sliup 'being a laikil ilirte '.'f whLh 
:-.ha!l be '•hapm, and iho Ohliy*;.' i-.i make ih- (>bligt«* a 
goxvne (if it: t!ij t')hiii*or must •<h.ipe ic. 1767 
i'omm. IJ. JfTla* n.»»iiliii.)ii . . Ijccomes inip'»sihle l.y 

..Ihtj act of i!u: obliycc hiiiisclf, then; ihe pe:uiity (;f the 
(‘hlig.'ition is .-;ixcd. i^t S. VVm. k*i n ('cm Thciijona a I ’tf/r 
.'.Ml, 'J'lie t)bli,$4M: of the bund.. is Mr. 'riithhat ritniuu>e. 
t b. One who iindert.ikes an obligation, ( V;,s. 

i590S\YlM;t'HNi-. \ujiion iujl.<.jM ( ..Mintnl 

a ttr>Uiiiunt.. then.. the duinght of an i'hli;.'.itiun i^ lu lie 
accounted f»r aiiuhIis;.ilion before it be ueakJ asd ilidiut rcil 
by I lie «.’b!i>;c as his actc arid ih tije. 1689 t\/, Lifirfy 
J'yraHts 144 Cun Chc l .uiknimpiini of o»ie A ilic 
(•l (igi.i;s quit the rot of their iu^a^^inenil 

2 . One who is under obligation on account of 
benefits or kindnesses received. 

1610 w. r m.KiNOMAM .Irt n y Kp. T.Hii. i l'roukiit> 

uf w»Athy wills and paitli.'.ihir » )Miue(.> to einiiM.-iii IV.iJcni-.. 
z68a ViM .liiAS'.Pk. Btirkliiii 1 (’'v.i-.. i'j Wk*. '.1714' i;*, 1 :uii 
•ii) liii^hlv j"unr Dhli-.'^f. kit the m.miM.r of j*>iir Kr-quirie-.. 
i 8 j 7 Lx iii'N i\lhanf \\iii, U you wLli to pI»:‘.->o, juu v.ill 
r.iid it wi.H r ii>M.i-eivc— -.vilicii rvfn- faViiur.N.lhan tu-ucfitl 
lluin ; f. r l!ie vnniiy vf the (.•idi.ju i> always llatltivd— ihat 
of liiv. (•lilt^ee lalely. 

Obligement vVblmv-L,mciit;. Ah-o 0 7 .^v. 

obliH-, oblcis-. [f. Oblige v. -ment ] 

1 . The fact of obliging or binding oneself Ia- 
formal promise or c<intracl; .i couli.Kt, cuvcnaiil ; 

f )DLiG.vTi(iN Oh. c\c. in Civil fi.uj, 

13^ -’b/.v Jiiy. \'F (iri 4 l Ilf. 325. J Coilfol lUc 1 .1 

ihuir i)bli>iiieiui.s and contrui.tis ri’M*'-.- liiir maid wc tlic 
svid Cdlonell thairvpunn. i6ib W. PAKKSii l utfaine-Or. 
(1876 38 What muu dare trurii his ftini'l . . >ra almost vpo!i 
the Miiest ohli^ciiir-.l ib.d m.xy’ he deuioed or drawnu? 
1871 /'rue biomonf, ju; li he continne |hi: ‘.iiiiine by .lU 
<>alh, the force .md xertue thoev'f duih alsu rt.-a-.h .df ilic 
off-suriiij;, rijnivcu'd in the uhligi-mciii. 183a in I'emuy 
F.ituitfijioivskire iqj With tiMigeiuents b>- the haiilirs uf 
tjneensfcny lo liiin, thciu^^clve^^ to ii'inoxo therefrom 

when desired. i8fo Muiriilad r.-'.i/Aj i. $ iqe As rcjjuids 
alienation vr ohiigomeiit. 

2 . Obligation (nuiial or legal); obligation for 
benefits or kindnesses reccivy<l ; a kindne-js, f.ivoni. 

1611 .S'lrm Hist. Of, Riif. i.\. viii. § i- 5^3 Fiiidini; heO 
had Milt the sway hec.. tluitigllt lice'. tied (bv ohii^'eini'iiL 
of liis first AcrriiA’ ahuiit the Crow'iie’. 16814 1 *RVIii--.n Rira! 
J.a,li,s II. i, Thi.s I would f;i)diitc. And more, to c;nii.t l !uy 
obli^cinenl&tohmi. 1711 CiuhiiK Co/i.'. f.iners iii, \ cl I h.i\c 
so'iic Ohligeiiicfit.s to him: He Icmi hc-s iu« new- .\irs on iho 
(fuit&rre. i8ai8 Lamu in hlatkw, Ma^. XXIV. 773 All my 
leisure ..Would not .1 lyilie uf the cbfi|;(:ini.iit:i I 
cveiy hour incur. .lA*..’. i V.) ' It would be a whli^L- 
ment if you wotiW, etc.’ 

tb. xVttachmcnt ;by alYcction or regard'. Oh. 
1647 N. Bacun Disc. Corf- Eag. 1, ii, The deep ubiigeintnt 
uf the pci)]iic unto these their Kabbios, in .1 dcvoii'jsi fipyoiid 
the reach uf oilier N itimi.--. 

t C, A bond of union; a tic. Oh. 
i6aj /V?-(v«j^* .-»/ b //tx.-x. -V.'V. Malh.; III. 
j-fl' rlii.'.-e fbiigciiKnts xvhich hitui them lo 

13 . C'ompiilsitni, coiiiliaiiit. ( ■i'j. / uVt.'. 

1641 Nlil ION hi/Kt'iii 1. » (. iidiji;» .1 

lies • -.-ily, uMl/u.-llltia ul juiliil.'.s lla: b ’<U f.jrin’.iil 

t Obli’gence. Oh-.ri/Pc-l fa-i. F.i-V.;,v...;.i/.,. 

1. 1-0 : bce -a.v.l; cf. inui.l . 

ofi/i^d/ttiii.J f }bl igat ioi'i. 

z8io W. Folkin O il. .1,: i_i/.Sh*T.(y T » Bdr. 2 f iity new 
■■li^hl their Lords and am.aiitdic then 

Obligor (ybloi'dzaj^. [f. Oulk.e v. f -i.itJ.] 

One who obliges. 

1 . One who binds anolhcr to the pcrforiiiant c dl 
.1 contract, law, or duty ; one who impose:> oMig.i 
lion. (*|' In trirly quoL:., (.)iic to whom .anotht i i^ 
bound: = OnLUiKE i.) 

1850 /-V Cf/rp. 18 T-b:ivv.7 i.:!I,-..;ill, 

.(!•• detcriiiiiiablc at the ill of die (JbiiK'ti. 1651 — 

'V -SW. ii. 4 I j. 27. I call him the f)blit;cr lo uliuiu i-i y 
i\cd, and the Obii4;eiJ hiin wh.-j i-; tyrd. 1851 IL \V. 0, 
C'.'ireFs /«>/, 17SJ If fhc Cfjvi:ii.iiit(.r ilnnktth v.d- 

one thin:^ and the t!iC l.uve!i:iiil i:. ri'i iif u- 

valid ihi.‘ii lur:.]. 1738 \V,\i:i;viacA- /.Vf. F.f.Oit. I.4j 
liun, in iierieial, isei.«‘^s‘iriiv iiiip'iics an Obli4;cr. iHzz 
.Siili.i KV pr, H'k\. fi3S5) II. ici7 'J'licre cari ht: no ohi:R.-ui ci 
wiih jut an obhijer. 189s b.UiM. /w-'V'. July 219 
iiniilu-i at least two terms— the ohlli;etl and iLc ob;i;;cr. 

2 . One who toiifi is an obligalion or f.-ivour. 

1634 W. l iirwiiYT tr. JSiii.:ai.'s F.eif. 'v d. I.) m V.i'i ..rn 
.•*i» .l;,l'al.i•.>ll.^ an c)bii:,ier, that il dulli cveji augiueiil the x..-', n: 
ijf yoir iK'UiJiy. 1748 Rn.MYh.^N-N f iiiri.\ja (i ’n li. li. r : 
Sl'.jill it Ih: said, iLat fear inal;« ii' ni':)rr ;re‘:;il^ oblii;r» . 
than love ( 1893 K. Gramami. Paoan ' 9 .S cm: in.Jx.'.m. 

ai!iiri:.|i shall pain the dcli'aic le»:liii,',>. •it the ob!i;;er. 

Oblight, xaiiant of Oblite v., to foigct. Oh, 
Obliging^ 'Vbbi'd/iij;, rbi. sb. [f. OuLHiK z*. 
+ 'iNG 1.] The .ictiim of the aIj. Oblige, in it-> 
various .sen.^ts; obligation. 'Vow 
e 1380 Yd.D S'cF III. 4 -,1 It is erect obiisb^ng tj 
be- In Hide to pt-rpvliJal kepys -i; of vi* h*.. mam 1 c'1470 

Hi NhY'H)N J/or. Fab. x. 'box .If- li v:i. ♦t'.yif I my li.iu.l 
ur 'Mi' diij; f ’ said he, 'Or haif y \x»ii 11 wit.r- l-ji l >' 1583 Wisy. I Po'ir Sr.o’r y /;;■(' WW-.. tV-ir, 
I. O') Hy Lib'/Uiis I*.! fiilfill hi.s fbli’-,'..;.;. 1676 TAif. /'r;u;,. N I. 

I. kd., Natiu;^ . .cotiien*liii;l . . w h-' •-hail c.v.el the other in the 
ifi'.'st Uimflcial oblifiij.n.s of \I;(tikii.d. 

ObligiM 't'bl-n d/,ig;., pp/. (F. [f. as prtc. 
ONG -.y Tnat obliges. 

1 . That impose® obligation; Liritlirig in law 
morality; obiigntorv. Now' rjre. 

1638 Cmuli.mmv. Ri'l.'j:. FVet. 1. iii. § 74. if’-i Wh'jthtr li.-. 
tJccu.-c .'f .*1 Cuiv.'.ell, wiilvinl the P 'p**H '..h r!iii:.uj.i:i. be 
'•lu.-'i an ps'..p 1658 J. liii".* \ / •/o t'f F,i;lh 

II. i.v. .it24. I he. I ( temonial Uw amn ;ii’l 1748 

(». >\iiiTK i.MS).), \>“f ihi! .Scrond |C'i:nm;(Mdmci.l j 

‘ I hou shall lose thy i.t :,^hi>o'.ir as iby'-mf i*-. U':! e^•Jrt)■v 

and ...Mi 1*875 L. Wino. li/e in Cbnst !i. \ • 1^7.^; 99 

'I he .ill-ubiiv;InK ioii'mu'idri.viit of ihe Supi'.mi*. | 

2 . Of persons, their '.lispo-diion, etc.: TlnH con- 
fe: s or IS willing to confer kiiidne.'>SiC'4 ; teady {o 
dtj strvicef 01 fuvuurs <»r show polite attention ; 
cc>mplui.s.iiil, coiutcous, ci\i!, accoiiirinidiilir;^. 

163a J. H.ww.'.k;.* tr. /iV.’«.iV'.x b./ i-ihcrii $6 Vovi lia: 
obli^iu.;, 1 ii'osl *.«»ti.Keq!.ently nef:i.i‘- !*« the ohlii^cd i-uto you. 
1665 Sir ' 1'. Hi-.viiLKi 7V.i . i' ;*:* i-'-, Of a "‘ly .ii.'i 

Naliiie. lyca M:.Sh'- in I/ V.Ct.* s t Vi r. j 1 .V.-o 
IV. lo/ Myviiicie luaio'i was .so oblif^iniX !•> tail btic 
yesterday. 1834 .Mki.'\\:n .Ir.j/ur ia iCtti.T I. C5 Thr ism.. 
wa.N • U.iiii and comf'.'ritddt-. .. an-1 th<‘ laiMihtiiy •iv.l 
a 1859 .M a; \vi '.v //:. (, p.i!^. wiii. V. it K-rppt I 
Lad a twc.ti anii teii'pi 

b. Of actions, wordiG etc.: (..'ouiteons. civil, 
polite; t gratifying, jdcrisiiig >/ .). 

1635 ^6 t\j.vii..Y /\x.;.-;«iV/* mt. .Ml ih.-.' was d e, .ij 

.■=..iid; lUe (irirf, IL-pc, Fcarii, Hi-- iruublcd J -■», and hrr 
ubliiji'.'g 165a K. Nil m.'L.As lu .V. Papin. (t'am- 

(.! J93 Ilii M:ij(;''ty’s yri.uifUN 'uiiei.-WaN i.-A ir*«.u;t 
weluomi. blit veiy a 1713 I',i.i wooO 

i-j ; I he Liidow menu ut liei Sli-id Wtfe every way e\tr;i- 
oiiUiuu’y iiiid hiphly ohli.;ijig. 1781 Cown.K Fxti. Wks. 

W. I7 My priuapal is l'.» iliank ymi ..f.^r yo'i: 

oi.iiniii.;' pre*efil. J^54 ) S. C. .\»-.i«iTT AVi/i’.'i-.-v (li js) 1 1. 
vii. 11.' He -Spoke huinc ubli>',ii:^ w .frd.-jto Gfii. Cuhoi n -.m the 
f«;it 'd' gallantry lu, h.'u! dhpl.iyed. 

Obli'giugly, [f. j-rec. -I.V *.] In an 
obliging nianner, so as to oblige, a. In a biudiug 
manlier, .so .as to impose ol.'ligation ; ^0 n.s to 
furct; t»r constr.'iin. b. So as to confci a iavoui 01 
gr.itilic.ation ; i ourtconsly, with kindly inaunci. 

1654 86 L.MxL I ihKKK^- Pat lhvFL 1 1? ;6' 803 T >r:r.t:;t.s, a 1 iU:’j 
my ^^^.■Iulil'n ii ‘.-o ready to eOufer i>:i me. i66t 

t/.uy? /'* !■/. A af. Ph'.ic.y. 1. ii. - ,• 1 l.-c l\*;:-i'.'.eul'.-x ai 1 
bein,; ohliii^in,;|y .;l!^l»■lKi^•d till the pa!a«;t: w.c- made rcadv 
ti) entertain him. 1678 C’. nwoKrn lut.H. ..V‘L i. v. S :/ 
SoiiH lhln;4 unji;--t ui indawtul, wl;kh ihurforc c.innol hv 
c*!ilii'in>;!y (.iiiiinanded hy .inv autL'.viLy wImI-xulW.'. 1741 
Mlitm.i'ios II. vii. 5 Siulhiii);..v;xaiM b-* vaid i:uic 

uhli>;in,qly ciiiu.r in hi.<t YsuriK ui niaiiner. 1B48 C. Br'inil 
/. i'yro X, .'s.hc ciii.siulcd la aul as niLdiniri.v. 

Obli'l^gnesa. [f. as prec. i- -nes.<».] l Ik 
tjiuijity of licing obliging, a. Hireling quality ot 
charactei, obligatoriness, b. Kcatlijicss to oblige, 
by doing a ^ervice or favotn ; coinplaisarKc, 
courtesy; kindness. 

1638 Ln. PluHY /.l//. (1851'.=. It i- .il»ir; 'f.\rl icn<.c dual* 
yaii by your rv<.*.Y® ')f .(ml uM 164S 

Li'. K MM \Y, eli;. Rei::on.\tr. 1 In.-’-e I »i ''i.N . ■’ iii 
imiiaiiie . iicrni-ln.iil wiinci-.-C’. ilic - .(niiiiy i.S-je 

L'f, (T .i;iy ‘-e lu ilu-i i, 1790 I'Am-i'V 

Piaty .Anj;., i.'* '..Iway- I;.(ppy wh«.- i pesniitjrf] fo '■h 

tier native,:iiii,iw-.s. 1814 J vm; \i >1 -h'*?^' • "■ ’ 

I. vii. 5S -Slo; vl;i}cd w'uh the lie -y. 1851 

0. J. iloi.Y-..'.‘lx' j-j i xV-i' N. \ !.■ N J ;.i- !'.ji:i...:iix .•..•} 


iUid accc^ssUiiliiy more rare ii> iitunarchical lini'iuiid Hum 
it ui in republican Anittric.'i* 

Obligor LauK Alao 6-7 -our, -eor 

j\ [f. OiibKiE + -on.] One who binds him- 
self to anolber by contract; the person who gives 
a bond or obligation. (Correlative with obli^tc^ 

^ 1S41 Art 33 flcn. .,•> § 80 If any . 

in Hie seu^on .imi posscy.ion of -iirr.sones, oihei then the 

obliS'Mtr 01 oMijjouis. 1574. i6c5 [see Oiii.i«-.kk i]. s6«8 

CoKi: Oft Lift. *-i.» If the or la;VMir pay a Itiisci 

Miniitiu. and llir (^bliicc m i''ei.»lTce it-.i iiieili it. tiii.^ i'. a 
JLlviod s;jii:>facfii n. T755 Mm;kns his;i*iiiucs 11. -/> \Ve, 
Don I. I'l. D.irravin .. as principal Dibinr. and (ddiivpr; 
and !>nt f. li. Mflinrui. .is iiilt y..ack.rn.»wb.lj:e that ^\e 

o^Ac;. .to l).«s:i M. dtd Dinpii', t hive Hu m.*, and Doilais. 1B18 

C-KCisK /VciiHed. v) IV. .if 7, It was eOjiVt'aii;nl 

(IiL- I'oiiM wdloi :;i\c Ills inlvi.. e l> ilu: olilieee. than i •• 

the •. Ijliiiur. 1B70 I'lUK'.i i; A'»-r, xx. i iSryM i ; 1 h»; 

ill bus indeiiiiiti: pii'lni.M: In pav, lul l ^ aliisfii'd. 

tb. ■* Oin.lohM 1. (>/*.,' I 

1660 k. ( -uKL (• I 'iu-J. ; .V<ivv here let any lii.i't ‘y-'e . . 
whether our Am.'i.'r dvn.-M not inakr I'-n-dii-iue n* •.Liiiiii:'!, »'ii 
the pan, in eiuifurinity to .1 (lfh i;aLe and -aihordiii.ite 

IK'Wiir of their own j'lakin.^. 1 

ObUgUlate a, I'oi. f^>ee Oh- i ] ; 

.VpplU'iT lo .a ligiilaie linret of a compo.dte Ilcurr, 
having ihc ligida on the inner in.-tead of the outer ■ 

1857 A'l/a.v. /,!. 1892 -'.M., < ’<'•- 

/.'Ctt/itf-', (■a-:sii,i s iiMiii a ll.utt id .i 1 niiiii.'iir- pl.iiil 
iV.'ltli :!u;)t i.s .1 Ml. .ill !j tiie iam r •M*.. a.' ill .■'f/ji'f.J. 

t Obli*jHflU*ate, | ■. ( 'Os. hinr-", ( ir reg. : sec ucxl.J j 

l6« C'-LKI f >/•/ '• I-' - pi i:'i i.; belly •i heiTC. j 

t Obliguro, fV'f. fad. \ 

f, cb (Ur- I ; » ft) he d.ainly, liek, lick up.] 

i 6*3 CouKi e.\.M II, J ■' ll.n.iiiiei, eV'i/'c 

Obliko, ohi. form til (Iiii.piLt: Lf. 
t Oblima^tioil. (-.v. /./jr, fn. of action fiom 
next.] t.'overing tn stojiping 11^.' with imid or 

slime; .silling up. 

1656 Ui.oes‘i tfY.V.-.;.;;-., (V;//Wi'iit'iV«, A d.i*vljjir.’, ..’i LOVfiiiig 
o\«.r vcith mild i-r s,,re i.!ay. 1691 I'. Ilhii l AV.'f 
A'.'V/.'.*. p. l.\iv, Harivmis . , Jcsli-iy'd V'y ( •liliimili«)?i nr 

t Obli’iiie, fVV.. [ad. 1.. d/wv.wvio 

Cover wiili inuil or slime, f. ob- \i Ui- i b) -i- /Outin’, 
f. /i'fifitx niud, slimi*.] 

t>.KKK\M, I j couer uitli -Ja)’. 

t Obliquanglcd, ob.'. form of t’/'./.y//t-i7;.\'/i./. 

1688 I. S. /-'rf n::i i.‘ s < tMi'inanj^lol [ l*artl!».*lijyi;iii»'j 
aiv 'iKn as luivc iibli'i'.n; aiv.»li!s, 

Obliquaugular > t>blik\vii. ijgi/HiVi), a. [f. tno<l. 

L. Hi f. cNfqu-nx <.)iil,njUE t- iin^q^ulns 

.\N :l.r.) -AiiCj ( )blii}uc-angled. 

i686 I S*xffl>ri/):h. !■;'' Ilc.xiiedr.i ofn|ii:d objit|ll.»!!^ulai 
•.ides. 181X Sm H. Davy Chon. Ph^fo*' !■/’ 'riio r.A)?. of 
Iii hl in p.issiny; ihn.ii;,;h «.i;ili«|iiaTi.;; i.rv-tal!iiu» IkkU'::!, 
folIj'A' different laws. 1857 Mavm. /'.’.r/.M. /.ce. >. v. 0 l'» 
quadran'.o.djr, ohIi(;uan<iilar prism. 

t Obliqua riguloiis, a. Obs. /VJC^K [f. as 
prec. + j-i preo. 

1680 r. r .A'A^ijM .T/'.'c info 'I'lu: tVali and IVrms i 

cf this .^rl, tVifeir Puint-.,. ilicir l.iia--, l*.iii.di'ls,..Tri.'iii;(;ic, 

K«.:i:in-;*, OblitiiMii-juh.’M- ; 

tOb^iquate, A?/, Obs. /-.//y*. fad. l.. 

pa. pp!e. ol ob/fi/itii/L ; sec OnLlyi K r*.] 

Ih ril to inn. side ; l\vi:!ifi d obliijiiely. 

157® P'-M*; I'J.M /i/M. .'if.tu V. ,‘:?o ihe .'itomach niiidn ■ 
bt le:^S'.; :>.'.]ii|ii.ilt‘ 01 i.r« :.lad J 

tObliquate, v. (f. f.. obUqmr. j 

I'pl. ^l« ni ol oNiqttilr-. : sec OBJ.lori? v. and -AiK-h] i 
trau<. To bvanl a-.;:d'.'. I wist ol)lii|ue]y. ! 

rf 1670 HAi'Ktr A-'/f. U'r/Zritns 11. (ini) n5 j).,;,.#.; 1 

ciouhcd r'jlcs i.ibrK;uaur ih.osi: hiyal ni.A.\iiii.i which .iiv ' 
SI rail in ISt. I'aiir.' /i 1703 .Vi»v.y. (i7{yi) llii-y 
ri.|i!«;-i!t 1 ioil's simpliiiiy '.bli'puiltd mid ii-.fiacled by 
!cu:>-:ii) III many inaili-.pi.'.it: ‘A'luicpiit.uis.. 1 

t Obliqua'tion. Oos. [Ai\A* oW/ijit.ulht . /ft, , 

n. of action f. see pice.] A btriiding i 

.iside or in nn obli'iiu* dii-.'ctioi; ; .1 twiMiTig awry. 

a 1648] .,u. ii'r ////*. / '/‘//of'S^! jiji 'ri'af .wme .mu.Ii ■ 

iibh'(iuil!oti Ilf J<c!i;;iMi! h.-.lh bap'ncd. i6<i8 .'^sh T, 
r.rtf.f. iii. ffc llip rii'hl ami l;afi-ivi.r.-:t librts .ii*; 

lit*. ;s;-at'.:il h.y the nlilkk fibre:,. ind vi imint frame a keli..n. 
l.M'.; :ic.d (..hinu unid.'d Ffguro by »hi;ii •^.UjliipuilitMis. 1677 
Ibii.!'. c#/. i.u fj/t/ii IV. i-.x^ Oblh|ii.iiioiis *ir O' >V.i d : 

l8» 1. I'/tYUfll Af.ulAtii XI. .-yi, 1 .. p;.*;,f;d l}noiIi;h llji: • 
crwvd..wi;li a {>r;idiKd ■■hlIi|iiJilion t.f my liidy. * ■ 

Oblique dhl/' k, h>i k a, I Also 5 oblyko, = 
«; 7 -like. 7 -lick. [ad. 1.. ob 7 :.jH us, f. oh- picf. ; 

^ ail element /.••- Tf. tUinitx litiil upward): \ 

ef. V, obUqiut ''13-1 4th c. in (iodef.;.] j 

1. Having a slanting or .sloping direction or | 

position: declining from the upright or veiticiiL ; 
or from the hori/onial ; lying aslant ; diverging i 

from a giv».:ri straight line or course. ! 

OhUqU€ pian.'fv'. tc • •-fc IJII n. r-ifl i. ; 

*4.1* 5** * ' kulK' 1 1. .;fi7 I’hf siappe.t b't [in .swwthi. 

partt: of lstbii.'pof;i U; •..iilil- 1* .-ind '...I'JiitiarioLu- f«/v otiofua ft i 
p.ynv ...'Utntrrii j>ii A U) ihcyiiu- w^tj, h.-. dwctle . j 

yiider fliiitpole.iiril v. 160311 /.'s PntftfoiKut,, ; 

She |.\iin:i| fi'd;. lb*- year, And ki.ils tin- «>blii|ue -ii.aif i 
silts ihe sphori*. i6a6 P »» i.n* .Vt /. vii ft 1 i 1 lliii>li.t > - .. ' 

art- .•irimctiriu'S mai.h-.Mrai-4ht.;tiHl n tl 0!.lii]iie. 1697 1 )kyi.i s : 

fOVy. IV. I'liiir Wiudov. , .m: 'ourri' d, | 

■ irikc Til til'.* fi'.ir \\'hid:i ijjip'js d ll.» ir i;'..tiii.. oMiipn. : 
1713 fA'-ttif. S>'i. .M » J Thii iiblii|iir v.l'inie v'iili j 

v-hi'Ji h.'.iicd d-.'ili .ilw.iyi sec lliiiii;;:. 1781 Uiuiv^s /*r. o .y 


j /'. .will. II. i.ij Advancing llu-ir whole wint; of l iivulry in 
! an ubliipic lim*. ** 4 « I Kxwsit-S y.'io I t./i r*ji' 10 j If stiai;;hl 
ihy Hack. i>r if [nf/ffs .siiike, lifci-l, Thou know.'-t 

‘ not. i860 I vNnAJ.L C/tu. 1. ii. 17 My iliadow wiu» ublhiue 

• lo ihc river. 187$ Ksiiiiii- Pitt. Ohiit^ue Ann 

als.) railed a .v/lv7t'-,*i rA. 1880 J. Hipkins in Grove /VV/. 

! d/w. Jl. 486/1 tW/yvi,' Z’/Vf/w, .1 f.olliigc pianoforte llir 
sirii) of which me di^iiiiscd dJagonally, instead of vf 1 ikaJly 
: ii^ is usual in upibdu mstiiiiiienls. 

b. qu;l.d‘tb/?'. - Oni.JQUKLV 1. 

! 1667 Mi.' ion /. X. 071 They with lain 11 a* push'd f ihliijue 

■ ihe C'ealrk: tdobe. 17^ fnsff. 4- Kf£\ Cttinify iiSrji liJ 
; If ihe. citlumn halts ii]> the new line, tin: divi.sions 
; will |iiii|ii>iiioii:iiIy wheel .s.) .I.s [i'U-.J. 

I 2 . Specific USC.S. 

* a. Of a line, a pl:inc figure, or surface : 

Incliiu;(| at some angle other than a right angle, 
lb an angle than l\v« right angles): Kither 
greater or less than a right angle. Uf a solid, as 
a cone, cylinder, or jirism: llaving its axis not 
perjicndicul.Tf to the plniie of its b.ase. , 

fV'/.v/.vt' h a hypt ibi'hi llic a.iyini.»tule.*» of whiji 

arc Hill ill riqhi iisi.';b-:> tij ••!,.; amtihiT. I 

XS 7 * Diui.i-.u PanCAtn. in. i. tjj. Of bolides r.'illi*d I’ri:i- 
ui:ila, llirii* are two l.indt>, ihc \*ik* dii«'«te vpr'i!;ihi .. 
iIm: mher ublupic or th-clinin'.;, who>c l’ar.*l*loj|;ramiU':N fliiiiiiirly '^ilii.-Ue 1*11 their IntM '-. 1695'.ii.vm th-.un. 
/■pft, 7 An Ob:ii|;'c .\ngh*. i.s tilhui .Xeiile or 
1709 I. W'.AKii fniro./. J/iitfi. IV. i. ./J-’ A JSi-.iIcne. 

"I Oblique t. (.me. 1727-41 LTi.v.Mni KS t 

in diiiri;i.c, are .muIi as leiliiie fr*. iii the /t iiilh, or iii.’liue ; 
t iward the b-.»n/-,ii. 1816 i)i.sKAui i’/z\ (rV.-y vi. i, I h-> : 
Hfiihiievs held itu: Ivillle at an i.btii|nc anjile with ibe ; 

th. iiKieiiei. 1837 r-ki w-^tPK i/ii-. w .^ 1/7 A pi'Mlk-ri im-u.* 

L'f I1.-..S oblique ti* ihe plane t-flli?' |i;qHr. 

b. Ax/ft'Ji. ( .•///r-vv', the c»l<*.::tial «>r ter- ; 
rcbtrial sphere whtMi its a.\is is oblique to t!u; 
hoiizoii of the pl'ce; which it is at any part of i 
the earths surface e.vcfjjt the p«.»les .and 1 he eijUator. ! 
Olhiqac tihicmion: see Am:kns|i.*.\ 3, ■ 

IlK.'seE.VMioN- 5. OhU.juc \iiitfuic, one ; 

which is oMi'.jue to the cih.sti:il eijiiator. 

1503 Kou n t, a 1 ij, 'I hey lh':«|W>eli Ll«ell> 

i»ihi I ^dill•^^b.J| nmb I iheeiiwyn'i.syaldic) h.tueihayi oi y/ f-i 
(ibbk. 1594 III. I M.Kvn. /••.i » /(. li.’i.if; ii6 If liic decdua* 

ti. ai be Si.mihwaul, ilit ti adJe theaM <:!iti(ii>.ilidiflVrc‘n(.e imio 

ihe ^l.^bt .im • filif.n, and the sum ^.h.dl be the obliipa? eii- 
li'jii. //•/./. 111. I. \vii. 313 \N hen is it said 10 lx: an ubliqur 
iloii/, asid lUcvby ii> iiiake an <d>li(pic Splifair? 1669 
Woiiiinc.i' .\i\ft. i.ioSi* .•<» ; In Ml' li Countries where 

ihe .'ie.iV'.'is and \.'\ri.iti-.«i)s ..f \vi.\i;l.» i iiiu.-e tx.ailiy fidhuvcd 
the G'eic.lial C.V.nfr.;inati':»m, iliau in mure obliiiuc 

t 'llmaies. lysb u\ (Aty.-fv's vlstfon. I. In an Gbiique 
.Spliete, where il.t: Hioi/oii. .< tits ihc Kqiiakir . ..if nbliquc 
.Ai:;;le:>; nejilcr ..if tluin lhi(iii.:h the Pi.lci of ihe. 
<ilh»r. 1854 ro.MMNv.v^N tr. A A 37 The cin li.'i 

de^i lilcd by ibrt '..i.-o are liulintd i.» the h')ii/!'ii; vvhc;ii,e 
this p''*-itioii of ihc sphere tlerive.s ii^ n.imc (.(fublique. 

L*. Amit. H.xving a ducclion patalicl neither to 
the long axis of the body or limb, nor to It.s liatui- 
vcisc .section; saitl e>p. of certain imisclcs; ah-o 
of various lijit.s, jidge-i. lig.'inieiits, etc. 

Obiiifut. prtHCSso of the r-, /v. hf.y : ■: Zo; ovniYsi.s, 

1615 Ckockf PeJy of Muh k.! If c;v.h Mnsilc vviirko by 
it seib , ilioii ilie iihliqitit dcsi endriit dr.'iwv.s the b.'iiiiii.h 
i l''.i'lii''!y lo his ownc ^xl'.^..lhc oblique ascciu’cnl liradcih 
ill". iiie-.i tibit<|u« ly t(« the haunches. 1658 Sik T,\i: 
(i.ifC. (.'yfiiA iii. fs; Wli' ieiu :u.c>'.ifiiii^ lo conmiun.Xriai.Muv 
the ri>:hi ;uid iiaiu vrij... lihies arc dci:iisN»le<l, by llict-blii k 
lib'cs 1741 MmSk.o Anil/. /». //«■.» icd. 3.I ji >6 Tin*, iwo inferior 
nbliquc IVocesse^ . .f each A'frlehr.i. 1838 t'enny ( 7 yi (. X. 
i.|(/i \Vh»ui ihc obliqiHi iiiu-iTch ucf P’'.'.i:ib''r wirh I'vic*', 
ihey ImUI ihf l yi.-ball lirinly a^aim.i the lid.s ;md lo tin: 
nas'dl .dde uf the urbii. 

d. Bot, Of a leaf: Having unequal sides, inequi- 
l.iteral ; sec also (piol. 177b. 

*77® J- I ' n hiinnl, Pot. i;i7.Yf;i •zrjb PiPffptv^ wlicn ih»* 
Ha-.'.: of ihc laaf h^jk.s tow.iriK Hi ati n. ;uid llic Aj«:s .-r 
I'lp low.'iids the U.Mi/Mi*; as in .\iid h i itUiat ;tt. 

1835 Hookcr iirit. f hra 14^ I '/inns ntetjor, .Ita\w> ovaio- 
acuiiiiiiAlc, very ohlique ut llic 1857 Hi-M ki v Ffcm^ 

Pet. 3{ OMUiuCy !!> .-ipplied U* leaves whcie ihc poi ii<fn.s on 
f itlu.T ‘.idc of ihc niidiili :irr iifu;rjii:il, a:, in iht ljc^ jnui.s. 

e. i'ryxf, ‘ M«»noci,jmiv 

1878(0 :rNKY 37 Cry.-:la!s of. .the 01 >!I>|Mc or 

U AV/r/. Oblique xaiihty. ;'SL-e quots,) 

1706'.s, Ohtii/nt Stti/fHo .airong '^ca-Micii?, is when 
a .Sliiji i(it» upon ;..mic Khiiiub, b«:!w«.i'ti j-ny of the four 
Cardinal Poiiils, and mah'vs an (.Ibiiqvc .Anglo with llit: 
Meridian. 1867 Smviii t\itiior .\- V.'or'i'f'l.yUUvjnc Sa./tny. 
is ihc redm lion of ihc p-.e.ition uf the *hjp fn»iii the v.-uiuiis 
■ ijiii'.i's made ^'Cral, ob:i<iuc (o the ini-iidUn ur!i;l of 

g. Ohlitiuc parapet five' .*cc l*EIi.spi:criVE. 

3 . fr.;. Not taking the .-ilrtiiglit or direct course lo 
Ihe «id in view; not going straight to tht point; 
indirectly stated or c-spresseil ; indirect. 

* 43 * ' 5 ® »r, tHuifn iKolK.f W. The olfico of a |k»cIc is 
to tiuiraiiuli: ihi.i-c thyiiy.i-s whichc Vie ..kxMi truly in to olh. r 1 
>.iiiiiliimli-s ill '.>b!itc fiii^iiiai.InTies %\ith pukTitude. 1606 ! 
SiiAKs. y>. .) < V. V. i. »Vi Tin* piiiiiiiiiite Statuc.aiid (.ibliqiie 
iii»!imrijll_ of Cuilcokls- 1618 in Cinlch iWt, Cur, II. 

JJi‘ piciidiii;; Imi..>crrn.y was.-iii •..•bliipic (nxin"of the JusIhc. 

"f llic R(..diiis upon knn. 1735 UoMNOixROKt f}n Parties 
Did. ii73'ii :?7 TIlnll(.tll^i'^, and Pjiridlels, mid wbliqne 
jMraiiinqs. 1778 J!:ius:m>n in -.1% Apr., .All i.r-.ii.;iirc j 

f*f a mU is obliipie piai^c 1818 Jas. .Mm. I.l*i/. } 

//•nVii II. IV. 'ii. :5.-i ffie»d iia.-.';ii.4 e\i>tcit for prcubidiiij^ 1 
ihi; l'«ir fioiii viih ifbliqii' cluiuuvls of K-vin. 1B76 1 
-Mo/l.l-.V AVi vi. I it 'I'llt l.uqiuiiv.c of nbli'iui: alld j 

indirect c.spi-rydoii. 1883 rKoriiK / .S 7 «fZ. IV, 1, iv. 43 ! 
.ULU.s,ilioii.s .wen: r-ii-^cd .'it^aiiisl him. 


I b. Of .An end, result, etc. : Indirectly aimed at; 
j resulting or arising imi i reel !y. 

; 15*® h'u.\ Lei. to GarMnir In Sirype Aye/. Mew, (i/ai) I. 

i App. x.\vi. &o Wherby niay arlbu .. ublhiuc daiiiinagc or 
! prejudice l.i ibe .scc ap>vstiilii|Ue. 1630 Dray ion Muses' 
I L'/ys. iii. Poems u8k.) is iV';: Tor that llic love w« bear our 
I fiiciulit .. Hath III ii ccruuii oblkiuc cuds. S711 Auui.son 
; .S/f.-/. No. 59 ^ 4 Nut . .for any «>bli(|ue Kc.-imui. .hut purely 
i for the sake of being Witt y. 1825 80 J ami 1 sun s. v. ///rst, 
I 'I'lii'i is only an oblk;uc 

I 4 . Deviating from tight coiulitcl or thfiuijht; 
I morally or mentally ont-siiled or pervwse. 

1 S 7 ® f*T.i;.MiNt; PonopL P/ist, Pa Albeit he follow an t.bli«pii; 
and crix>Ue.d oinniou, 1677 (.Jali: CVf. Gentiics iv. 18 j 
O hliipic reguid to private lntcrc^(.s doth subvert and osci - 
• ihruw tlieiii I Kepiiblii.:.]. 111770 Juki in Serm. (j/yij I. vii. 
ij 3 'J’Kltc arc ]ier‘ioii.s lo l>e found - who grow ricli aiul 
gieat.Jiy various i-bii«jue and .si.aiKlaloii.'t ways *837-9 
UAi.i..\M Hist. Lit. III. li. $ 800855) U. 464 It is .. seldom 
disi listed with al'i ihc li.iu|M r ami frccOoiii from oblique view :. 
whii.h the subjcit ileiii.iiids. 

6. Gram. a. Obliiuc aui\ any cai^* excc.jit ihe 
noiuiiiativc ami vocative (or .sotrictinies, exeejd iIk- 
mmiiiiativc, voentivc, and accusative): see ('.\SK 
.A.y y. b. Of speech or narration: .F*ut in a 
reported Ibnn, with consequent diangc of person 
.and te-iise : TniiIUEi t b '. 1 .. orutio vbliqua). 

1530 P'l.s'iH. Inirnd. 3‘.« I'l'.uimviio . . have but llire Lasc.s, 
nominal' \e,;i. (iis:.i^ve :iiul ^ blupu', as.7<’, a 1568 

Asi.iiam .S,./it'/% nf, 11. (.\ib.' i5>> .VihiNl (hath) Muftis .\ibi 
i/.7oywf.' iutpifiiiiu pfifutibus.^ 1 bclcuc, ll-c In'it Gram. 
in:ii ii-n in I'.'cclanfl i.aii M ;ir>c qiije ii giKid rcule, why 
ill** rioiiiiimiiuc ( so ihrie-t vp .'t'it(>iii;est .v> niiiiiY' 
L-hliijiii' va-ai's, 1678 Pmi 1 U's 'td. .i'), ul'iujue Cases in I'daiu- 
iicir, arc uio%i pi..n*rily the Ceiiiiivc, the Diillvc.'Siiid Ahla- 
live: li'jw vvi.T,.-un.i' will b;iM: aUOMiquf but the No1llin-.^(i^ c. 
i860 I- C. ua-M.s /''if-. fWfotA Jl. 17 \VV Kwe ;i'l'')iU;il 
ihc oliliqiie 'uuralioii iinU.-.ut of bi:i i"ti)i, wliii h um-n the fiisi 
pi-isoii. 1668 Gi \ I 'Si ON) 7 uv. MftUiii \. )6u JIc istiicn* 

lioijid MY limes In obli(|ue .. .mil five i;iii» ^ in the 

iK.MiiiMativ-o. 1882 Tm.-iom; l.tviy Chr. li. jl.s ’Ih-i'; is 
t.i.aivi ly a .singb: oblique .sciilcncc di'-'iit 15 (. Jo)ifr.N 

t 'nJ.'pi I. 

6. d///.v. ( bliqnc mrlUm : see qtiots. (Ojq», lo 
Buriliir :i'id iCuiuuyA 

1811 Ih sr.v /Vf 7 . Mux, »i:d. p, ChP.juf Motion, lb il 
of ibe p.irls of a » 1 i*ip<-Mii'.»!i iii h v/ijr.e or iiisto:- 
mcnl ifp^als the .Mtinc ii'.ite, winb' an •ibci, )iy a 1 fi dinq in 
dc'-vemhn;.'^. irci des fisnu or appucj' bs-.i il. 1875 Ol sn » v 
Harmony (‘bli.juv; inoii'iu is when one ysiit rcinani.-. 
without iii Aiiig while aii jlhcr .is^CMd:, or»*iiJ:^. 

7 . Comb.. n.^ob/iq:fi:-au;it {l, 'iVifftthiry -Icave'i \\i\y:, 

*594 Ik.i NOMii II. 'if'/) H) If lb'*y h.avc ii.qhl 

.■adi r., .-.tuh Ti N aio cul.i i liy* t anulr-i.i I'riarglc^. 01 
oldiqiic aiiylKd 'I lia.iub's. 1744 P;,K:a>Ns in Phii, ’/’ram. 
XMII. larbarallcl. •gium. iBst Kicii.oij'- 

Goof. V. .Sd \n I bli'|iii'.uri.;drd paiulliln^ir.'ini. 1854 
\\ot'W\.v IJif/rnt, Jffu’s. 1. 11. ;*8 .\n uMitpie-lcavcd 11;^ i.lir;bs 
the iillicr i)i:.t‘b. 

B. .absol. .AS .' 4 , (uMinlly elliplical). 

1 . An f*bliqiie nuusclc: sec A, 2 c. Also in I . 
form ub/ii/uu.i ■^<c. m:n>uluf \ pi, •/, as oblutuii\ 

I {ttk(uminis\ astt.fhhna^ olniquus ntpifis iuft/iv/\ 

; obliqnns thufi iu/t/ior^ etc. 

iBcro Pftii. 'J ynns. .\(’. 9 The i bliqiuK,- .dn* ;i';ta.2or.isl of 
llic tcic.or imiM.le, 1838/; ■ nay i'}tf. X. 141/1 If ihc pupd 
he indined fiilicr v.av, to th^ n«>sc or to tlie icntiilc, iJu. 
iiifcritir oblique in.'aeasf-s that iii(.Iiri.ilio>i. 1869 H. Usmikh 
I in Euf^. Mth it. I'j Dci', ^1)4/3 A Hilling or oblique moti...>ii 
. lof the eyel i.s jirovidrd f'T i wo. . mm.(.lcs called obliques 

2 . ikon/. .\ii obliijiK- ligujc : .sec a .Above. 

a 1608 Sir I*’. V > ni-. L'i.v;.o/'. i ;’4 .\ pie( e 1 if eri'und . . birelchvd 
. s’Ul in the. foiin of .1 iteomclrii.;'.! oblique or oblong. 

Oblique '..pbls*k, -loi k), t*. [a. V, obiiquer to 
■ march in an crbliqiic dlreetion, rarely, lo make 
' (d)Iif|ue, f. obliqur adj. ; cf. 1.. obliqu-are^ trans., to 
: make aookt'i, luiii or bend aside, in med.L. iritr., 
i to go a.side or astray, It. chliquarc ‘ to crooke, 
to miike Crooked' (I'lorio ,.] 

' 1 * 1 . irans. To turn askew or in a sidelong 
direction. Ohs. 

*775 i^iii'ionA.'; A'/ViiZ* i\'. iii. When love-eye was fixci,! 
on Mil*. I'.-lbi-!, Icrr eye ^'f iluly. wa^ fir.ely obliqued. 

2. inir. To ailv:mec obliquely or in :i slanting 
direction, csjj. i J// 7 .) by making a half-face to the 
right or left and then marching forward. 

.V i\iit.Cti’;afry\iMy^ 104 The tc.'ider of ijic do i don ord* rs hi< .second .siib-disision, Ldl ini libi:, 
March ! on whkh it briskly obliques lo the left. 1827 Aik'- 
; MAN It. UuehannH's Hist, tyiot. 1 1 . \v. I. ;68 They gr.'iduaily 
' obliqued from the diitrt aMcnt. 1857 NIavm, Rkii> ICar. 

Trail \lii, .Sav;i'.;c and .Saxon were now obliipiiug towarrls 
; e-rich Ollier. 1865 titar 3 l■■|.•b., General Cuitis w'cnl into ihc 
I ass.uilt iimlcr instniclions from Gciicnd Allies. -to oblique 
I to the rigid. 

! b. Of .1 line, etc. : To slant or slope at ,au angle. 
1814 .Sroir li’tro. xi, IJi:. .acliicvcd ,1 c«imiiiunic.iLii)ii with 
his pliilc by piiijci.-ting his |n.‘I.miii lowuids it in u line which 
oblii|uvd from the hoitoiii of hi.s :-pii)c.* 

Obliquely (jfbl/kli), ath. [f. Oni-igni a. + 

*i.v -.] In an oblique niaijm:i . 

1 . In a slanting or sidelong direction ur ])Osition ; 
with deviation from the straight line or direct 
course : diagonally, or so as to ihake nn oblique 
•ingle; aslant, 

1571 [.si'c (^Bi.ioi'R a. a). 1594 b’ i xoi.vii. A‘.tv>r. m. 1. 
\x.M. tiDjfi) 340 Acc'irdiiijJi i\s any ponion of Hic litliplique 
lisclh or .vcttclli rightly or I'liUqnefy. 1615 heu Oui.iQt.'K "i. 

k *834 Vr /’iv. I. X. 13 T’he. heuiocs of 
t)^' :*iiniic uiiiihung ubitkely or .sidcw.iy. 1660 K. CoKh 




. 7 N 5 //«r I'/fiff. ic» The ncui'T the lailii rn-.; II flrctril to rli'li! 
; ni{h"-, ihe linJifr it ir.: aiul ilu* ni'ire ntiininrly iln-y aro 
rertccicd, lliP it K 1745 Foi i- iv. 4.^1 HU ii‘ <T. 

obliqUi'.lj' huTip i860 IwiJii.f. (.,/fir. j. 
Ai'ii. i.'^o Kains.nyaiid iiiyKf lfi'ri>ssi.'i| ilioiniiiiiit.'iiiiiiililiqin ly. 
2 . III a 'vay that is not tlirrcf nr straii;lit- 
foiward ; by sugj'cstion 01 imjiliiralltm ; imlirt-Llly ; 
with flcviaiion iVojn the pnini ; -l-cvriMvcly; iml 
straifcjhtfnrwanlly, dislmne-^lly, unfairly »p/v.'). 

1601 Hi*. W. IVakLuw Jh[/ii\riSi Thr ‘■('lipfnre, . worl'^-di in 
vs fniih, ni<l oIilii|iii.‘ly, JuMiuerly, ami :iiii!ii'_:uuiisly. 164O 
Trai’I* Cowfif. yohn i\. i!0 Ttic^' aiv.wt-r cilili-jiu ly and om i- 
warily. 1771 Hi ukr /-•/. /#* lip. Chf'\t€r Out. 1S41 I. .*.,1, 
1 sh.ill thiiilt myself h.niim*, if the .-.ulijvil i.f my di-fem i . . 
may be obliquely ami a>Tiifonlally (In*, means f.if iindci.i i’.in;*, 
you. i8i6'Qi I/. J/n >■/»■/• V. In fut.tiie 

very likely, Will find some Irnili*;. thn’ Inld obliiimrly. 1881 
IT. rorlr, i.itiiy NAi, They .‘ippiwm.liisl rarh mhi r 

ohlit^, as it wci**, ami they .a-!dn* M‘d emTi i.iIvt by 

In or by oblir|iic oral inn. / .St c OnLK^t.'K a. 5 li. ) 
1834 L. Ml kimv /■«/■. iifaut, ,i d. ’jiJ J. 41 When a qn* la- 
tioii i< brou);)'il in (.•bliiiiK-ly al'tei- a cnniiiia, a is 

unnerc'isai y. 

Obli'qtieuess. [»'. Ohi,i(*i r + -nks*-.] •The 

^ ejuaiity of nbiif|uc tir slaidinir, oblirjiiity, 

i6tt CoiCK.,^/«/fi/.Vi'w;>-, ‘, byasnes^ir, r.blii-nic- 
1.. -se, n» oMiijuiii 1737111 vol. 1 1. 1755 m Jj-.iis'-' N. 
1869 Ai’iiif 1 July, Wiinhi'.vs nf ;i;;-4iavati'»f'‘ oblii|iii- 
nt‘.s, whii h j>rt \r»ii y'lii ‘Wi'inv; anyobiocl in tin lu jifiju riy. 
1877 Moifi-i-.v » ■>.•.*- SiT. ir. Loritrnver-ic-i. ina.’ki-d 
by nliliqiUMJt SN, evri’-ivcncss, a .sliiliiiiCN-. of is*'iii*. 

t Obliquiarifi:iilai’, obs. wriri AR. 

1635 .l/ifj,*//. i;* The 


tOblrquid,//^/. a, Oi- f . fa pp. for ohUqueity fn nn 
OBI.lqtn: 7'.*: <:f. ObUol ATKiz.] Diirctctl oldimicly. 

a i599SiT\r.i i> /•'. vii. -4 That . Ueheckl .'ind 

(.handed fu-ni In- inw. I'.y others opposition ur 
obliqniil vii'W. 

‘fObliquio, '•'/?. Profi. a misprint for ohtitpic, 

^ ifiry Sii\KS- r-. u.>}i IV. lii. i ;1 All', nbliquie All 

is i/(iii<|uei; l')iei-:'v nolhiiii; Icii'-ll in onr i.uim! ! Naiine-s 
I'.Ml divect vill.inie, * 

Obliqnitou^ .■bli*k\vil.)^\ a. ff. Oiii.itji IT V 
-f -oT'.s : cf. yir/i 7 /A»?/j-, /;?/.; .■i/Av//*. ] Cbar.idPii/od 
}))• obliquity; inorr'lly or im-nt.nlly pirvoist*. 

1864 S. H. 1 )a\ ill No. 770/:* Mor.illy 

nMi'-Iuitoos to the tion cT vuum :ind%wi//r. 1884 

KruKfs Art%/h,i, iv. 1 They will not . .U: <h'j'iv,f(i . in 
a-.iTitH* tfi the obliipnliiM*. imfinn (hat of siippli' iiy '-f inind. 

Obliquity .dbli kw iir . [.i. ( besnu* 

i4tli c.), ad. fi, oiilitjitifiit t'm. n. of quality f. 
ohiiqU‘m\ .see OliLhii K ami -ITV.] 
l^Thc quality t»f bciiijr oblique; inclination at 
otlur than a riqbt an^lc to any stiaii^ht line or 
plane; tlc^Ljiec or extonl of ;iiidi in^dlnalion. 

OHii/nify flf :hf t. the nf the pl.anc of ili« 

e. lipMi! i i I hat L*f I he eqiliildr. 

. »|S.» tiV.ViV. Ciixf. A .‘i t/.) .^5 A fliyrtlc diiu»r*.iiyi; 
I-’, .ilu* iiJiliijiiiiif.* .>f ihe H -rivjutc*. 1625 N. OHrMNiKK 
O’oTf. /-•i*.'. r.y, fif ,s.' 114 Iiy reasmi of tlie ol-liquilv of die 
Ki lipiji kv line. 1667 Mil /,. vni. 1 Sevcr.d 

Sphc.iM . . .M.iv'-l i.niitLine with thwart obliipiities. 1739 
l•AltM.YK .S/iinf Aty. i it'rx //Vi/yv. i Tin* Stream 

of the 1 iile ., will jia^s thro' the; Arche', W'ith«i’.it any .sen- 
sible O’ liijuiiy. 1794 tJ. Ai>,iMS Art/. .4 /i.i/. /Vv 7 .»t. II. 
w. rbi I'jie raj'^ nrif!tf.;:j no nllc. ration, they have 
itO obUiV-iity of ini lcb'iitr. 1871 I.»aj-.\vin /J.-fi', .!//?« H. xi.s. 
M4 The obliipiiiy .f iln: eye, wTiii. h improper to tli»; Cbl'irNe 
and Japanese, is i'l in their jiirtiiirs, 

b. Ai>/. Of a. Itat : quality. 

187* Om\fr A/Vw. Up*. II. Observe tho ubliiiult y ' f 
the of tin* leaf-hhulc. i.!iiii:i' (c-ri'ilic of the l.iiiie. 

2 . fis^. Divcii^rnce from moral revliuulf, soiinil 
thinking, or right ]>ractiei: ; moral or mental pt r-^ 
versity or abetralion ; an instance nf this, a di liii- 
quciicy, a fault, an t-rror. 

ri4ss Hoi i-LKVK 'j,}nitt‘tas M0V.1I. Hy the rj'ni; l>at is 
rci\vml We ■»hiil vi.cliisUunit: fi. iili \v)iit;b isrownd, widiouteii 
obliqiiitcc m rK.Mikidm s'-c. 1551 (.’i; \nmi n A nxr:'. Cur dhu r 

i. \Vk.^. (Parl:i*r .Soi .) 1 . 19 liO'.k is so full of ernfts, 

sleii;ht*^, shiftii, obliiinities. f;iid iri:i.') iiutri'.ths. 1627 
IldS'ST. Si't'ni. \.\viii. .-i'* J M'he pi rvir,.*iL-’-s«.* and 1^’ llquity • f 
Illy will. 1759 Sn i{;o: Tr. Sftan.iy 1 . iii, A in*i<t iiiiar. 
roiiiiiuble oMiniiity, he. t ail'd ill in my ni.'inne.r tiriwettin-:; 
up iiiy lop, and ju*..tifyiinj ihe pnnciiilf s upon wliivh 1 hiu] 
ii, 1844 I ii Ai'srosr: (.V .i#/. V. wxvi. i..’i .Mr. M’aid 
evinres the .\.i«ie t1i<)riiiiL:li o!lC•■ii(!clinl:^■s a.iid oblhpiiry '.sf 
jiid^iiii lit. 

to. Drvialion from anv rule or order. ra?t\ 

1646 IT. I .AW KrNt:r. cpmm, A u,^ei‘s l.ot u*., ihiTefiMC, - . 
V.Mric ihftriil^ from the oblifiuiiy, .as well as the obliquity 
frmii the rule. 1751 Johnson Kaif.Npy .No. i.-; e 3 Far the 
Kreafei* pill l . .deviutc at first into ^li^jhl oijliquitics. 

t4. 1 )cviaiioii from directness in action, conduct, 
or 5 ,pccch ; a w.iy or method that is not dirccl or 
.straightforward. Ohs, 

rt 1619 PoTijnsuv I. \ii. j| 6 v*.*? We may 

behold, euen in the Atheists, by a kindc of obliquity, diucis 
inanire,st foote.ntcpps, nnd ack?iow)cdiriiicnt.s of ft t.^iuluily, 
* 75 * Johnson A’rtw/A/ry No. 141; ir 9 'J he itisul«:nce of Iwnc. 
faction tenninau's not in nogntive nidcnc^ or (ibliiiuities of 
iiisiilb 1 .Hin oft«>n ^Id in e.xpn^ss terni.s of the misciies fnnn 
which charii y h as snftichcd me. t8x6 J as. AI hi. Bn'*, India 
Jl. IV. IV. 134 Ihe nbliquiiieK of Kastem nr.goliatii.iii wore 
out the temper uf Lally. 

t6. (ham, CnsednMcxion, declension. Obs. 

18M Wii.KiNS Real Char, iv. vi. 44^1 M is i apnble of that 
kind of Obliquity by prcfiviTu; IVepO'-Itioiis, whirh h com- 
inonly .stilcd varLiiion hy Cases. 

I Obli*quo-, ct'iTib. f*irm of 1.. c>/*//V«*r/f fnibiqi r j 
I fl. ■ obliquely-, old iqiie aii'l - Sv.i; ~n .n//i \ . 

I 185a l.)ASA O II. ?■*■'» I’.ib.i f-b!;itrv.-r,<', .uj.* I 
j .*1 i'i.nh m ar b;i*,e t f Iiii,m. ' 

j 'f Obli-quous, ^/. (Jh. [w L. oh/A/n i, I 

: < ifiLKii K + -oi's.j -Ohbioi .' . 

I 16x4 SiH .\. I'ttiRoi *, tr. 1. vj T hf.>it4'*.ii ih#* .'lin: lii l 
lljlrig ji.'isse Obli«iil.‘ilif. : tir;ini' S, 111. l*-r* ill- . blight. 1757 , 
j Ilnalii Nil, 7 fi7-J;i I. i-.u .\ t'liilcinpt, whii.h ‘.p'-eil.I' j 
iiiadires intu ubiiqiiifu:. hatii-ii. ' 

ObliS’e, -lia «:.h, -Iibb, obs. furnis of Om.ior. 

I ObliBk, t)l>.s. variant of 

i t Oblite, //o «- f ’/'p. *. [ad. I,. Wv/V 

; Jia.pplc. of ohiittrn:', see OUl ITK :■.-] l)im, ns 
j if paitly lilollC'l out ; indi.slinet, fih.sciiiv. 

I j6so Fmi.f.i-:r 11. v. i;{2 iJiit olvicurc oblite men 

' t!-;ji is iii;ide of th«i=>c wiiler-w-irk-;. 

i lObli'te,*'^ Also obiift lit. [f. I.. 
ppl. skill of <7/'.V7' /.•, -/ t«‘ fojgr !.] To foigct. 

*547 RuhniOuJ II ///.» .'iulfi ■ 1 C-i III I'l, 1 jij'.'j to iliv by- 
rilt»-i for 'dtllKd |}i:- ili* *,:i Mcwc.dtiiicffiiibt*. f 1560 F'^r o. ■ 
(.'aiifry.fy iri 1 1;1?I /h\iM't i* I \ . '• 1 h'.li li-'U.^bi 11; y 

iiii-‘.;i.;;r. j'l*. t-|i 

t Oblite, Oh:.. *. [f. .L. iV*///-, p|J. ^ 

: slrin of (•h'/nht’ to '•ni* ar o\(M\ I. ch- OU' 1 v, -f 
//fiAfV til -Tiu-ai.] />»*//;?, 'iv* snu :ir over, ilniib. 

1657 T- vi.r:s..-.- Di:./. ?>:.• A Iit!!i* boOlv • hlilf.-d 

wiili wav. 

Obliterate VbliTtrA^///. i/. [ad. T.. oWh re- 

ritl-us^ jiji. in •!'.?- 4»f ohIit= ‘-loe iie.xi.) 

1 . TUdHcm.I Mill ; cbaced ; raiiccHcd; nfdiitTatcd. 

■ Now only yW/. a. Const luci I .as /■<■/.// O'. 

1598 in Riav Hi:.!. A /i v I *p*' i.o It is iiuUil .ill 
; iho'^i' i4»<-«*v,iin c.' be tiblitci.ii run! biuiid. 1613 l.^i i..s.-;\* 
Cr.'td II. vvli. ji 1 'I'hi* l^riiil-, yf fiji.sf-top.s, aliiwi-.l ob. 

■ liuiati'. :iTid uucrgiown bj ihesir.ih nmi i,«-‘;Ii-,;f.;4.e of b.irim r 

. llim ■,. 1647 Jt. Mi.-rp. 11. li. la. .\i. A r;:iiiii- .. 

ihi-'iiich liii'v ;i!iii.»,t oblitvr.itf. 1S34 l.n. J/V//;. 

A/iirti* .S'li jos, MPtf, Crrtt\c' ( 1.544; f.-j lliiioi-y r. * •uiK a lirjii- 
i l h iui;li ill fl.c*-pb:ndo*irotlhc:ili* i li-Jii Nearly . 

b. t ’oii-irucd as aa'i. 

/f 1631 Dj nm- in Sciect. ''itn-; lm|KSiM.*ri,h«*d ruv.l tl 1 
SJotfiT:, .'tiid libhtcmti' fniiiili-':. 1647 WA^fll.^mvA « :* 

li mny iiwiini,iiu..a b.-ij:ib!i: pi'S.,c.-.-.i-‘a a:i ublitci.ili 

I l.iinu'. 1737 I'r.m'm-s /•Vrivv, rr^;) II. n >5 P:;!!- 
I of ihi ir ImkIi*—, bcc<*mc .d>ii»v»atc ami «Ii-fai-t'il. i860 1 J Ka\ v- 
h'ijpfu) lJ\vim!!i.-d dvubtlVil to i-l.lilcralv shad**. 

‘ 2. A///. ' .See qiK«t. . 

1826 K fkiiv 1^ .Sp. i'.ti!on;pl, TV. Oidifcmic, uhi*n tlu- 

-d' -.iMit ; f;u.b* iiilf the t' nr.iuinb. -.•Kai; ; .i:i.f 
when »:l».*v;Ul'iTiS ainl «;•, .si. :iri- -.•» Jit! !f r'li'-«.-d. 
j Milik from ili«*. unu r;.! '■u«r.uv. .'v, l«' be nliiiosi Ciu.-.v<i. 

Obliterate fpidiTci. •I 7'. 

! ppl. stem of ohliC r irdr^- (/i strike or Mul out, 
j «‘Jase, Idol out of renieniluance (rate in lit. sense', 
i f. iV^- 'Oil- I b'. 1- an\iliing wriueri,a leHi.r. ! 

: C'f. K. ohiiici'cr .15 ifith r.' .] 

I 1. Z/vw/.v. '1*0 blot out nil} thing writti-ri, figiiied. 

I or imprinted' ^<0 as to leave no distinct liaetrs; tu 
j erase, delete, effiiLV. 

I tbii Sri-a.i* J{:sf. trt. vi. vwi. f fi. 1 Tho SciaU- . 
j 111:* ! rod that Ins i:;nm shtinld bi.*»* ii]*!itf i.itcd uui i-l all 
I til. i.uim'Pts if, K.yiiic. 170X t'.r.i .V (’.'.•///. ,1 n. iii, .j.; 

j Whiai wo. f».f/,i-.t Tlii'ii! . !hi* liiiprr'.,:i. .r:*; art I'l ’;'!. 

I 1843 Lvi !«.>N Laii /.>.i>-. 1. iv. The c-doais \\rfe half r.I.-Iiicv- 
. by lime .ainI damp 1863 l.b. n'; oN /».'•. liunt. t A*, hr 

i did iiHi olilileralc the wn..^ir*aT vuatler. the priulci w.'i.s 
I |ii::r/li'( 1 . 

I b. ‘To cau*-e to, to i-tTnee (anything 
‘ visible or jicrccivcd l.)y the sciises>. 
i 1607 rf'. si i.i Rri.j-f. Pf\txf\ jf.s*:} T- .1 Thv fra'jr.irn-y Ilf 

■ o\ftv ’4' ••III IutIi yo'.-Molh '■ui h a v.ivirtj» a* d'*lli u-ti a IjmIi 

' obJiioiaf*: and I'vv^wav l!;*: s.i\.nir of ilic bivr-L 1833 ® 

I J. K. 4 i,:.»s Sketiker -.vj-J-.) 35,*; 1 hv .mi<iw-,'t ihe 

; .ip^ni'id III! wbMi :-l- -a! >kvli.Tlir4. 1848 W. li. 

IV^Siii.KTT I'./rypt ii> J'ai.w \\\ ■:<:.'* -..u Kwi-yihcift up*>»i llic 
li.wyr li’vtls of ihc Nile must i;:vi;Iu.«!ly mT i.ipifUy I'C 
.'itiil by il.^ 1878 Hi m i v 1.J5 New 

being thsi'wn up al upo time ."lud muc.s brin*.; ' 
ijblili'.-ralnil ain.itlirr. 

2. 'I'o eilacc, wipe oid .a 1mnl.1l iniprtsidon, ; 

niL-inuty, i-r ft.> ling : t*> do nway il.e remembiunce I 
<ir sMisc tif; to <li.) away will), di.stroy (qualities, ' 
cJianicteristicS. et.:.\ • j 

x6ooW.\V%. si.*\‘ !\oi rVii’ir.viifi.v) i-_»4T«'»rl liioi.‘4io,orafl!- ■ 
; c.lfr, ;|r,d vlU-l ly e\tip»;lii.sli ihr iMHh- i.f Ihslnsps. l6o$ ' 
; H.imx Adr. I.t/im. ^ 14 Ilr clesignrd to otilitcialt: an i , 
: t\:ingiiish the iiu-iaiiry nf hiaihi-n antiiiuity ; .Miih *rs. ^ 
*734 A'iyVVWy Attr. llift. . .\iv. 2x4 It 

i o'liiirralesihcgh'iiyof rillhi'OihiT.'iOliun.s. 1881 Wi Mi o; 1 ! 

i iX- Hr nr ( V.i-. ;V. /’. li.troil. gJi The piiifos>ioij.d liaiiiiiig < f 
i scril>cs r:;in r.ircly ohhit:r:ito iiulividu.'d vl!lT4-ii.n4;r-c ! 

3. Phys. awA ToelYacc, up, or other- i 
I wise de-troy for it<; 5;[iecial piirpo.^‘ (esp. a duct . 
I or passage, the e.avily of which disatipcars liy con 

! tr.action and adhesion of lire walks). Also inir, 

I for rrfl, 

i y, T»i!iM-7i"iN Ir f. InJla^K. 417 Con.sequcfilly .i h^s ! 

j Pxlent of suiTiu.i: in the ikmv parts is wunicd i*> nblitviaty, or j 
fill up this cnviiy, (liariwhril forinriTy filled it. 2828 lb lk i 
! Maroi.\nt AV/k. ( Vrt/wt /-‘rtriiwj* ,>/ ifi4 Iheiii-rk ! 
! I if the womb graduRlly obUteralc.'s. x83$-6 1 onn Cyrt. --I nat. j 
i 1. *41/2 'Ihc umbiruMl vevsi-ls [aitd i-blileraUal ill the uavi-l j 
j afiiT. .pii1in«tiiii' r«.--pir.iii«»;i i'l 1 •J»;\bli'-hrd. 1841 71 T._ R. j 

• JoNts Anint. Riifj^d. (cd. 4} ..;.*S I 'Iiinuti lv lliemniimniir.'i* ' 
i tiiiH Ijetwrrii llie parent the ><»urig iiulividunl 

I Ixr.omcs oblite I. ill <t. 

• Menee Obli’teratpcl ///. i7. ; Obli tfraliiig :vV. 

1 sh. iuitl /p/, iz. 

iCif ('• r'. i.-liiil.;: 

(|Tj 7) *14 Hi - I--JW1.-I .li SiiS I,. 

plil-.i 'q h.-.. 1G94 , /I 

iljij: up ttiL- laiMit .'liii./i 

1863 y>7-. Ihtr.irt 

■.viiiri'fi i>v.-r .-icai'! i*-. 1 .li'f 

Ari.* A'.v. 

pl.ll 1 

i‘ I. 1677 1'.ii . . , r.u.flHPf, 

■M* l:*.i lb'- 'iblii. . .\ 

' ■ •;*-i r- iM,. -.' , f I 

■ 11 i 

.1 All tiMi;..!,,.. ,i , 

tilHs - ir.i.- •. 

. , , ; t’ ■ ; i I d- -v 

• MI.I oblilcMl.-l . ..a.;, .... ,89* I ; | , , A /.■ .• 

i'yfpy -'1 |. ,1 .1!: 1: ■. .i/, / A-, 

'•bpig ‘ . 

■I.' j-Jll'.* [ad. bllf; I 
(ioti I. ci'ii:' t » 1 

.'iditiTali 11: '-laTiip f<.i 


oi'Ut riUivtt -r Hi. n. Ill; : if. I*. 

1 >af 

1. ’I'he nction of fd.diltratmg r.r fact nf bciii'^ 
oblilcralcd ; c insure; effaev numl ; c 

*6^ riiii.i.i! .s, OHitnati ;!. a bV.-.iiMi . ni. ,.1);,, , ... 
ai|*ili‘.lii!.::. 1670 ii. ??i.ii;!eis i}.r!v |. 1 1,, -f v 

• a ( V,;>iiid ,ri, j.jiy p j, the,,. |... m.- .1 

< »bii'« It. 1793 Hi .».i. .1 ^ / v u/,. /.. . -'.li'i.t 

(j-ifii b..ii-!p_ ib‘- I .■line i,( a pa, du ul.u' i.*bj' i r, h.i-. !.■ '■ui-’:. 1 ; 
oj:i-.i*i;iii;..f.4: . ( ill.- iibM'ci.iriuii . f d;.ii .ui^-irtal !”■ i'l, .:!i 

a r* niai k'.ihi*- :ibl..i;vir-ij*.-. in !.ir.'i*ii;,:p-. 1830 1 \i 1 *. 

tni'/. |. .'■> ■ I hi'; • v:ii:*;:.:uj‘j:i < T .■■i|.i!i. I .'j;; iu iJii 

di i.-ii t; :if;...|.i. al-nwiai.t | ; . . ..1 ih..; 

I.f a --m i -f hiki *. 1858 l.i*. ;-:i. la Rif. 

I'ri'P. /.'i.M .y iii. i,j', 11 ibi- iibjiti-.i.-\li>-.u i-. i rt4-i:tii il,..r* o'.n -*.: 
ibi: d|.p..j.,iiiiai ia i! -wil! a-, if ■.■rigii;:di\ <aia. 4 ’ 

la.ldt: -lit, 

2. / hy:. a, -id Path. The d.i..iai'p'*.n.n)tv .w e.\ 
tniclif>ri, in legnid tn nriipnal piii|»u^e, nl 
a Stiueture, vt ssel, cavity, f li\. e. g. of i dm i 
tiiioiujh adkcsii*!! tif the walls. 

1857 M.wvi. /-.■.r/'H. Irx. 7^-4 V 1 iMsfi.i.-.tii-n. 1875 ^k * ■ 

W y //. i.ip. ii -, 71 , ■ .j..-r b.idiue li:r. i-i-iy Iiu^kI^ ci!.. 

plt:\'iii 1 y jjij'-* ii. '1 ii:* # ■I', i:, i-j.'-.t:'* .. b'l dll' piPi'OiiC* i.'i 

• V. Is-.fla.i'a aii . i.i;i, r '.I io' n,( I ht II 1 ii vit ) 

1876 /ill#..*. I..'.'.,. -f/ IN j|- I;it .-.urjiTi. i: i-tfeiil in 
.v.iii.: ari' •ifi.‘'ai ■. f . Id-'.i ■*. i,l I'.i.- ■ ai.a-'l i-Jlv.-y. 1884 
r.'-WlK.V •*•• *•! I /f .'I r I ia*. a -.1 

ihi* 1- !*i!.i-*- in ‘hi. ri'li.-t •■'!i-i*';l 2 jf.r*’. i.rt!!!- 

• ■a i«. \, .'iii-l .;■;*. .1 ■..I -., in l.’i" 1 • ,*iiri;:e'.:.! dii* ''li.iM. 

Obliterative ’ eidi-tir, -iv i. a. [f. a.s t 
A 1 1* 7’. + i\ K.] 1 la\ ilig t!;c. i^iialiiy Ilf Oiiliteratirg ; 
b. IP dug tu ids liter, lie. 

1802-12 l’.!\-t1i.\M /I’.l/;’ >•;. /. ■/,/. li'-;! HI. . 

i.^ f.i'.vn- main ili*-ilii.- riDU — i.*i!.'i ri!i;-|i.:i- 

liye .1*1 i .•!.!iri.i.iii*.i.. t8.r,8 .lV..'.*iO/ii/ i.k.-i, -^:Ja If *1... 

viii:i.ii!wn .ii,d 111;% ..f W'.’ia; -. Ji..\. > iittcriy ..i.liifi.-i- 

I’.vv 1 .iii-'i iiii',.«irt -vi.t Icti'. |. 

b. /'hy,. Hid /\ir//. No t.>3‘i.iTni.\Tr<*v 2.' 

1899 . 1. V .5.^^.*'. VI. >pu.iiiii‘ri ;f ..’ 

i-iida* !i 

tOblive, f ‘fiv. 4t7; r ‘ . [f. -tern of 1 .. e/ I:t- 
/>r-/’lo lurgct.] /raas. 'I'm b»rge1. 

11500 in /t.p, .l-.'.►gl |V, i-*7 tii.m 

li.-iih .HI i*rr .‘f'lv*. u.c, and ri.*bi:l st. inriki- nf aOVvi.-in. 

t Obli-vial, Ii (Vy. rare—', [f. I.. 0 . :h>r am 

(Ibl-ivfi.x + .M..] 

1721 pMi I >, (■’ '/::■.*,»/, i-aiivin.r Oi |i-.*!.-..i. 

tObli'viance. ui\ .ari-'. In f» oblyuy- 
Huiico. [f. I.. l\p!* * Z-.o;7,.*'/f.’ : .--ec * >r.MVT.\i j-.* 
and -ANVK. Cf. 1 )!•. ^'.}] dblivion. 

1503 H.v.vk.s /-.. irt.'# A. I /."/..VI!, vii. Vr iicucr i-.'iit ITU' ia 
•./I’b *.iV.i'.n-(i.-r. 

I Obli'viaricy. f jan--'. ... prec. 

Z820 /•’ l I N 1. •( J. .. ;• -/i I'.Mi.'iv-.jian* whi>:h, 
kv i,f ‘the i!i'.!.i>^i t.'.l s'.a'iii.-- nl \N a* d 

Ni: 1 -vj!i , Ciili ITi. v'l-i * I c r.i-.l into ll:L: '■■hiTih* nf viMiviamrj 

’i*Obli'viatc, r. Oh. ; /#v. [f, i.. ttpe 

'VVV/; /rt /V, 1. I- '-'.-. 7 //•/.' = eiV /t'ii7. Old IVlnN ; see 
■ atk'* 7.] tintis. 'I'm fi'igd. i.’iuiimil Tm oblivion. 

i66t in ryp.%tfipl: y (v’oi' i.i, 1 will .vt v'Ml«..iio il.c 
Ri'.Jii H--;-n. ;ui:: I.iii- Lmd t '»*.■'■<. 111* .*ui- cf liiTwii.-ke. 1791 
Ml;.-;. Rm’i.j.m . • .'Vi'/w. j-'dift HI. v\*i. .iVi She wii!id:>.\v. . 
.imI Uird l-j \ .s!i* hi*r arjvi.-tii .* i'. 1835 40 

11'. i .'■• .vii. ti.-:; .-' I. I ri.'vv i.iioi ilii ii urr.'.:-.d 

and l.-fl l:i:i. 

Oblivion sh, [.1. OF. chhdoa 

y 1 245 in (iodef,', ad. I.. ohTrii'n-i*n forgctfi.!- 
mss, slate of being fiugMticn, f. v|i.-su ni iVVVr.-. 
foiiMil in inceptive depoiieiil i.'/V;V' /v. / to foigi.t ; 
f. vh- .()u- I b + '. ef. /. ;•/■/.' iw be bku k an.l 

blue, fir:, /-if: black ami blue, dark.] 

1 . 'File stale <'r fact of luigc^tiiig or having for- 
gotten ; foigctiiik-K-.v^. 

1390 ('■• •v. i u ( ‘.'v/! H. ? ; Whl. h l\iii{» Uir of Oblivion The 
llaii:.'. 1432-50 tr. ^//e.*y« 1 Koll-*! I. iti; T'hnc hr ( J>rT i'. 
vvf.-H4,*s .dr^o, *1' wh-.^in •-•■ai ii.;!i!i i'd)i* ini;moi\'. that ''ihn 
i'!>lir;l.vil. 1601 >t.^KS!vN /'w.v. !\. iii, M.'ikr ns 

liniikv- kcihr by ijufim i-ijiis ; !■ 1 two il.iii-; 
1 1/iiv i-jn .'imi'th'.r priefi.?. 1770 Ih/i 1 - vi • ii /V‘, j' Vi'. ?4.» 
'J hithvT III.1 pii.rif rl.r vl.a:) rrp.'iii sw'.'ct u’l'ivio.i 
.->f hi.s daily •-.Lv 1873 Mxvvnr 'S httr 'I Life 1. iv. (1^70 

.\| Vour ‘sor.l I'.m.l bi cuir.r ilvaf in *-.;». •-p'* o! ■livi-iii. 

b. Forget I'll V’le.'.s as lesultiiig fri>m iu.Mlcntit*n 
or eart h ssness heedlessiicss, df-iregaid, 

y 1*1470 fl, AsiiPV /W.’i^v /'nitre I'.-kc tliI.sles.STri to 
uo.jn t.•’•lillion. 1526 / /'•*/. iW. d** \V. iso) :'.»h. 

Hy obliiiioii ..r for^i-St :i^i.* of Miv rt 1700 Ih-viu v -J. . 

Ainon>: OUT crimes ohlivi-u* n ay be- sdi Fiiii 'ti-. •'!!! kiaii s 
pi-i fret ii til I'.' fi»iCi-t. 1850 I’arlm-I-: / n.'.V/-./. i:. 

'ii'72* 43 The th.-i'p 'al.-lixi iii »t (hr i f Richl a:id 
..i^hy iirt III, '--ins b» i.uofiil. 1895 /'.*##/'’. \. V ' Frh ''r* 
Oblivion (if this bu t i. the n-.i .if ilu: v. .e.tvful . 1 

to pvi.nin labor ;»nd iiiip-wivd lab.-r. 

c. Intruliminl ovcrInf*king, t>p. “f I'fiitical 
nffences. Ai t nr PiP i f (y/hum, an net m I fill 
graiiling a geiu:i.)l j»ardon b*i iwrlitu .al ullcnces 


In IHsf, ibc iprrii i< -j.if-iifi- ^Hy .'ipphVJ |o llir Art*? 

of i(i6o ;ind i'\v\ i‘\4TiiptinK tluKc wh.* h.ul i:ik«n arni'; or 
(..Jii.-irlri 11 an«T Willi.wn IJl Tcnpeciively 
ihc ppiial co:i''cguer'.i‘p‘. ihcir foinici doeil^. 

t6ij Nohth yV/.'/rt*. 4, y4/viy/. K’ A 1;VA that no man 
^hoaU li" filled in nui*<ti'in n«.r tmnlilecl for ilmi 

were p.i^t . . \ alU*i| AinM**-ii.*i, or law ol' obliiiion. 1647 

(’i AH \ivis //'jf. AVA 11. «| .|3 The. .Armie.^ VMjre to he tli-.* 
liaivled ; .111 An nf Obliviuti pas-sed. 1654 tr, .Si iiiA f^ 'v 
C. v/.ii yW. gS The ohli^ion nf injuries is nn An every way 
ii-i as u-VL-ii^e., 1TO3 lli uk.i*' AVwi, ^^/Z/rx \Vl,s 

1S42 J h'j A xaliiahle hieiid ..asked me wli.'il 1 lh>ni|.:hc of 
ai.-triiif ):ciiefal Imlrinriity and oVilivoMi, as a means of .sntliii;.: 
l-'raiit'u. 1804 NVn.i.iN'.iTov in •fiinv. ii.y^7) 111. 40J 
There shall he .1 mutual ohliilou :imI pardon 01 all iniuin -. 
'■a Imih sides. i8k MAfAi.iAH ///s'. /-Xc- 'i'- HI- Vjj 
VV i'.liani. .cxpresscd^liis hope tliat a hill of uenenl 
aiul ohtiviun wouhl Iw. .j»ri*.enlt*il for hU san!;uoii. 

2. The state or corn! il ion of forfjoiten. 

(Hence many phr.iso! and li^;. e.\[>rc:.ssioiis.' 

r 14x5 l.vnr,.*.-? ri.i; Voiir nauu's ‘.liall'e 
put to ohlyiiy.riif. 1447 lVn:i .S# j v.'/.'-V iKnxh.' 1'.) 
Throwyn it !.i l-iv.-kj la ihi: ;ini;!c ol ^1548 

Hai.! Prof. L r.iiiicd in tin- poke 4?r ohliv 

■555 r.i'.' x l>n.!. (All).' Dnnv.i. «1 In th»^ whiih- 

pode 4.if Lihliiiion. 15^4 i-sjiiu i, /V'. *'. ///, im. vii. i/g ! !'>• 

.s-.valluwiil.i^ Gliif'.* t»l iliirkr: !• or In l:ie.v.i;, and clirj'i* 

Ohliuion. 1697 K.vii.vs I m roil. -» Men h.i-n* 

•oii>;ht liviinortaliiy.ind Tref iV .in from 0 !jIi\ ioii.hv iMail.lfs, 
-Stature, Trophies. 1769 j'.v/.'.'//v / »’//. i.o A iuu--.iit.i!i..\\liii h 
I'MIjhl to havK hotrn iniihtl In «>!)livion. i8io U. Sh iva ki' 
y/f/‘/i»r. AVv. iii. 117 In Kn^land . . this doiiil.n: sunk 
iiil(‘ C'.-.inpIt Ic- i.hliviou. 1858 H \ a moiiM / r. •% It.'Jsnlx. \ 
II. i" l.f! him pass into the i;\rivt of ohHvio:i, uhtie iiiany 
things K-i^'d, or Ivllcr, aie pllvd away. 

■j* b. ttumf. A lliiiitf furijoiti'n. f '/'f. 

*59® ^ r “S Mimls i.Iianj^o fr«‘in that lln-y wont ; 

to hf!', (.HiliiiiofiK floe riniiue ai^alnor 

3. it/frih., as ohliriou pifint^ 

1865 I hoKiNs Mui. }'t\ HI. vii, To low ir himself I.t ohliv ion- 
point. 1871 Mach in- Mem. vii. /» Kfirsi ro*;. 

vietions are se.lVeied to i!ii* away, the ivld'.i [ 
di es it.i work. | 

IJence f Obli vion r». f%., In put into oldnion ; ■ 
ObU'Vlonliitt one whii li»*]«ls a Ihcury of, nr j 
ihvoiirs. oblivion, 

1658*9 /iur/n»'s D/.trj- (I:?:;*' III. '.m.i. I wkli thtsv weroaii 
acl to ohli\i '«ii all these tliirii;^!, 1878 T. Siw.; mk A/i>:inf ■ 
The i»hTivi.-.',nst.s Jo not clearly .see the wliolc truth here, ] 

Oblrvionize, r. (;f. cbti.ivio.v .s/*. + -izik] : 

/ritns. To riinsijrn lo olilivion. 

*593 ^^sjiK C/rf/\/'s T, nfnjl .j6 T>ct ihy deepe entriti^ 
Dart uhliuiiini/c their iiienioiics. 1603 Dt.kkik Gris^it 
iShaks S0C..I «i, I will ohln i- mire niy lovtj to the WVI-h 
widow. 1790 Mao. D'Akiu.ay Diay^ 30 May, 1 ain per. 
petnaily |itep.tnn«T myself for penitlviuK hi.t tlirmi;hi.., ahciu 
inij ohlivioMi.ced. 18^ F.tho .■? iVpr. ■-! i A c.'in'pirst . . mi" 
reptcsetucd or obliv ionised by Icadetf of the Oppovition, 

Obliirions (|ybU*viDs\ a. [a<l L, nhUviAs’iis 

fnrgellul, jirodiioinjj f(>ri;clfulness^ i, oOlivion-CfJt i*r ; 
o^^Hvium Oblivu>x : see -ots.J 

1. That for^jets or is given to forgetting; forget- : 

fill; unmindful. Const. /yi ’ 

411450 Man/finJ (Hrandl) St6 w^rc oljliiijvnjs «if my 
d'Ktiinc.^ 1581 J. Hri.T, Ahs:i.\ 430 4h.ds 

mem.ny is u .t .v» ohiivirus. that it can J-isoonc this • 
euauiit. 1697 >ni I'/i.t/. i/ras. t 'iit. yi ; I'srajri'.i • 
VVh.'it skall we s.ay to siu.h an ^’'lilivitins anrh- -r V 1780 IIi kk k 

Af77«. /.y/: Wk>, fil. i-Ol 'J'he ^loW' fitriii.iijiy of au oliljvious 

and ilrrmsy exclujifner. i860 I vmi.m!. (f'/'/C. l .vnI. i 7 
Happily f.jr him, he was (.tilivifi.s 4.,f ihi:-. 

"T i'rron. Cneonsi ious. < ’i>n.i!. 0/ or to, 

(See Ai.7r AVr/'.v. r£ Ajir. T' a). 6 'i.J 
ft 1B61 Ih'i. KI.1: OVvV/.:. (iS6',' III. V, 311 Hr- was so iiiile 
t;iv»*’i I'.. !'h.s»'r''.iiinn as to h.f Ijc'jiua.ily uh!i\ imi;. .if wliJ-.i 
w.'is p.issiinj aruiuid him. ii8k Mms m h /Cry 

f i.Vfi I, 7^ 'The oVillvI- nsii';ss of i.j\i:r?i to .n:) iliine. hnl 
llicii.^clve^ |s truly aiii'.isin;;.] 

2. Of or ptrlainiiig tii forget fulncs.s ; attcrid-.-d by 
ur ;is;iociali?d with ohliviun. 

1563 B. < 'fOor-.i' /;’4;/.sv(.\rh 7 1 In ilecjiC r»hllliu>u.=i Kroumh', 
1605 SiiAKs. iUa.:/’. v.jii.H, Si Jine s'a<;i 1 Auti'l'itf, 
1M7 Mti.tox /*. /,. I. ■. i)6 Whvi-f.ire let we then our faiihl'ul 
ftitiiids, ..bye ihiis :iM-Fnl..!il on Ih* »»l.iivious T-^oTf 1794 
Mi:s. Ihyzzi Syumi. 11. v.'^< A full hat vjenlhs river ^Hilt'S 
.'-.lowly .. ini'i a dark oMivIins l.ike. i8zt Ii.amii AV.oi S*;r. i. 
A/jt rt/^/iflui, C’- n'i/^m I Ij iJic ohlivious luiiil>gr-ti.i..)m, 

t». Kori^oiteii. Oh. Til re. ' 

1535-6 in Siiuthre/i fv.wV. OCI'yil 1411 Item I rr^ve. to mi- ' 
James 1:0, vii.Atof cannlon. fu i.)h!ii ions tithes and 1 ilii;i, 1 
lijr. iiij.A 1813 H. is: Sv.iiii A*,./. Cut /Ion > iv, 

His hfe a fl.ish, hi-i ue-uioiy a tln.-.-un, Oblivious down In; 
drops in la-rhe .< .sircrun. ^ 

. Obliviously, [C prec. + -TA’ -•.] Ti\ tin 

oblivious inurim-r, iorj^otrully ; with oblivion. 

n 1548 Ham /C/^/i. i/tiiy Ohli . ioiidie fiirKettyti 

and liit«'ll con.syfleryn/, that (ctr.}. 16x3 J. Tavi.or 

i*.i //'/•f. (ifijiv II. /i3/j What i;i-eai j>ii».y wa.** it, that iln: 

.. rneiriorit.s of them [T)i:ir.i«jh'.s charioLs] bad not beeiii; 
(ybliuin.jsly swailowed in that r.{;yptiau downfall. iBix 
/ixaruinet \i .May lleforc ihi: pnhlic act . . so ohii. 

viou'.ly hy pa-.i .s;u rlliccs of hlood atul'jre.,* 1870 /■'. iv/. 
Siant/ef^t/ y.ij Thre-fs who arc so rihliviously krjjhhus 

to France in the hour ()f her mUrrM-tiiiies. 

Obli-viousnsss. [f. asprec. + -> e.s.s .1 The 
state or quality of being obll’t-ious ; forgetfulnesks. 

■533 civrry. /i/. /Cpi/ifsier\\\i^. (i’'. ;;, i^y.. I svondcr 
what obliviousnes-* is coiiicupoii hini.^ IS4X Hoohi'k /)ye, *ity 
viii. riS7o) 244 Immofletatn hicpc. .iiidin.eth and cau-^eth 
ohlynyriusties. i7X^ in RAii.t:Yyol, II. Mkhivalk/Z/s/. 
/Cow. llutp. (1865) VI. 1. 14/ 'Tlii.« impiitalii)ii I'f cxtraordinai y 
weak ness anil oliHviqiHne.s.s. T. H\s-i.iy If'fflt/iafu/ers 

vii. 49 Meinririfs rcvivcil after an interval of itblis''ss. 


[ OblivisCSUCe J-*M'r/sroM/- 

'• f*fi. j>^. ppb.*. ohrc'ih-r io forget : see -tMcK, and 
i cf. obs. 1 ’’. ohiviscfntf (.*■1420) ] fact of for- 

gelling or state of haniig forgotten ; forgclfulne'^s. 

1774 Kti/.I/isf. ill Aitn.Kef:. iw/? lie lijul returned Ui 
I life, .with a total ohlii Iscfiu e of every past traricartiou. 1831 
' /fos/tm //et'u/it &•-.! 3/0 It would take n volume lo 
I record his obi ivbccnccs. 1877 J f\ oNs in Mind VT. 1 1,3 \\ is 
mind has prfiksbly sirit-il nut the facts and. reiected the 
unimpf-Tiaiil ones by the law of tihlis-isiv.nce, 

II Obli*viuill. (*h, [L. cldTrintii ohivio 

iibliviou.] Ouuvn»N' ; forgctfulneM. 

1699 l‘-\M.YN At'chyjft :,4 ITarsley] was of old, we re.Ail, 
in.vfi hroujsht to the Table .-it all, as wicreJ lo Ol'/i'/ntn ;iiid 
the /ye/uHit. 

t O'blivy. Oh. [.ad. I« ohlir'Mtm : see prec. 
i vberJi, refnsn. fniru f>IC anhie^mitdiec.)^ Oblivion. 
/'1475 PnrU-Kay \'uiir sonc lit -.11 a unit 111 ohliiiy put 
.••■N". 1513 Dorc.i.vrt .Kni'/jt vr. TioK s Let he, Cochile, llic 
waiciis of oleivic. 1550 J. Cokf AXc-, -V py. J/et'it/dx 
§ r>5 I1B77) i/y Who. .ou.^ht not M lie pul in ohlyvli-. 

i O'blocato, r*. Oh^, rare^~^. p*. f.. oblocCtl-y 
ppl. stem of (po.^i-id.> ohlciCtre^ f. ro- (On- 1 a) * 

/ iHc: tu let out on hire: see I,oc.vtt.] /ratn. 'I'o 
let out on hire. So 'f Obloca'tion. 

1613 RAM, Orii'eate, to set out i-i hire. fJ/ViW.?//.'/;, a 
selling iiiit to hire. 

t ObloCU‘tion. Oh. [a. (>F. choculion (1352 
in C.iodef. , ad. bite L. cllotu/ioift m coitlradiction, 
n. of action f. 1 .. chloqtti ; see (.buoQUY.] 

1. Kvil-speaking, obloquy. sl.^lKhT. 

■ 43 *‘*S® //''gdeti tR'dlO VI. 7', 'The kjmpe . . .'Kkcilc 
r)i3ifenes.M*, jiroiuiM-nge that h»? wnliTe not ohlocncion 
after that in that parte, c 1450 tr. /V /mitaiione in. xli. ri 1 
Fi>i |>c ham of ro*! )kiu owki to siilfie all )>injitv^. . wronviLS, 
ohli.iciicioii^, reprclieiisi'jris;. 15x6 I'erf. (W. ih* W. 

15^1) g;j Preuy bachhylynijc . . U whan one .. s».*tiret' lv 
.‘.peketh olilocuryyu or ciiyll of thcyi neyiilihour. 1731 
l^Mt.rv, fVv.»i7i7/*'//, ohlcupiy, ill Rffwrt, 

2. Ihil lociiiion or utiemncc, bad tlclivery. 

1 . 1450 Cov. viii. iShaks. Soc.) 70 Ciyyi conserve., 
tlie pcvsi'myi here plv.'intl, that the pioriuiiciaci.Mi Of hcio 
;;.niti!ns lo he *.eyil iiiolo be -lad and .sure, Arid that ni.iri 
olilttcueyiiii make this iiiateie r', 

I* ObiOOU'tor. Oh, Also 1 -quutor. [a. L. 
oh!ocnfot\ agent-ii, i.obio^jui'. sceOni.otvi'V.J 

A g.'iin.sayer, contradictor; a <lctractor, slanderer. 

1^3 M -.xvxkt /V'/, Impost, x.sii. 147 To "itop the luouthc 
of all caipitu* oi.L.i.piUloi.v i6$6 in ii/osso^r. 

Oblong (/’*bVij\ a. ;iiid sb. [arl. I.. obhity^-ui 
somewhat long, longkli, (later) oblong; f. hA- + 
T.o.vtJ. CU K obhft,^ (C'olgr.). 

^ Tlie c:»;»ct force of the prcfi.v in ob/ot-'cus D ubscuro ; ih«‘rc 
is no .'inaloj^ou'* wurd in l.:\ltn.} 

A. 1 . FJongated in one direction (u.^ually 
as :i deviation from an exact square or tinnilar 
form); having the chief axis coiihidiTably loisgt r 
tlian Ihe transverse diameter; .v/tv, in 
Kcclangtilnr with the adjacent sides unequal. 

t <‘VVi.’//4r WiT-*7 C7i», illR nudulU Cihloii;;ala frb.r.), 0 -’’/oV.!T 
sp/it f(’idf a piohac. spheroid. 

4*14x0 I'n/lnd, on //ns/\ I. k».j 3 pipls . . 'I’hr c» Ills 

sipi.'tn; obl<.)ii.;rc,as x in br< i.-dc Aiifur .vv in le.iiijihc, i.s out to 
-spirdc. i6ti CoiOH., (.iMo/y, 'ilA.iijr, s/.Kiculi.'ti lorii;. 1657 
S. Tchi'.il.^s /'ol, /•'/yin^’/ns. 4 I’Tht;>J .shape is Ttiih*. 
l.iri^wn, oM'iui;. 1658 Sik T. JIrou vk Gat J. Cynis 

ii. tig 'The beds of the Am ic-.iLs wi.-re <lifl(;t-Riir from om-.s . . 
heiri}; fi-.a-med oi).|.iii}». 1706 Pii 11.1 irs, Ot/ony, . . of a Ki;:iu c, 
inolliilrif; to Ion-.;, h'rr^isli, or soiiu i.ui;;, 1774 ( Joi hsm. 

Art/, //ist. (f;:'*) VI. 'The eyj^. .thoUc;h round wheri in 
the boily, yoi. inriroiiu s mu» li nu >i e oM m;' ili.m those of fowls, 
upon ]<rin^ t;xi hided. 1777 W. 1 t.M.iiS Mn.K '/Viirc Csfi. \ 
/'Oil. l%i, .An aiitii.nt wall with, lonaiiii* a kiml of 
• .hl.nig squ.iic. 1801 /<my. /. /ir-i. ■• d. j) hiippl. II. aoi/i 
i id. .is r^nnol hy an ellipse itAiilved about |is 

loiviier or iraiir.ver-e axis; in f.oi:tY.«fiisiinction from the 
olliC.o. sp/^eroid. 1834 .M I’.s. ii.i 1: ^.'omnx. /'liys. So. 

xiii. 11 J. I'.)) jcj4 The wMtrr<; tliii.'i.'iitiai ied hy the imion w'ljiild 
.vsiimii: the form of an oMouv; .-.phoi'iid. 18 53 K ’NT Grin noil 
iii. 'i.^5b.i 17 It \v:is in sliajH; an ulilon^ cihc. 
ti. /ipf, .md A’w/. (.Sec qu'ds.) 

■753 t'liA vfiu.Rs < XkI. .S'’/P • . V. J-eaf, Ob/ony /-faP one 
the leri^lh of whh h is nuiuy tinus egi.a! to iu lii-eatlifi, iiud 
Ihif ey«ii'inith:s i.f Mh:i:ii arc both l'i«> iiairow lo fit m ?;<■>: - 
jiieBL*. of circles. 1776 J. I.i 1, initod, /tot. 1 'lxplnn. 'lerni-s 
7..*.^ Ghjonyttm, ohl unj, Iwh.e ilw. of it.s ]hc.'idili. 
18x6 Ku't.v iv Si*, /’ntomof. IV, ?rn ONouf^, haviriu ilir 
hAi^dliidinal diamcMer menc tlmii twice the lenjiith of ilic 
ii.uisvcr.'e, and the ends v;ii)i:ii;, or rouiiih-d. 1B61 Miss r /'7..»7» vn f'/. A' 1 . 171 O'dony lfWdri\t. . . I'rond 
hdu or pli.natr-, h.'iiry iM^neath. 

c. Of a sheet of ]»apcT, page, book, pictuif, 

I panel, postage stamp, etc, : Keet angular, wilii Hie 
I breadth greater lliaii the height : aa an ohoti^ of.t/rT'o, 
oi>|»ij.scd lo ail ordhitii^ Or uptij^ht 

ill jAfc.hi Printets Poenh, 8g. x8g8 Koytm Pautx 
Id>t of /'.th/utxtionx, Sizes €if Hooks.. thy lircadth hriny; 
;'ilc.r ihait iht* hfi'.ihl— the si/c is dcsi rihed as*ohloni;' 

f'VO., ‘ohKiiig ' 4ti». I'vC. 

t2. ftp;, riisproportioii.ately long, drawn out. 
0 h.^., 

1643 1 *. I!m I.': Orath Dom, u Their prnjMTs arts oblong 
.and icdii.tis. for they ai-*;..<ioinetinie.s. .three hoiircs luiip. 

3 . Ctv/ih, Uhd.) in dehiiitioiift of form, implying 

an oblong iriudification of another shape; ns 
obloHii-a. umhMte^ ^coniafe, ■ elliptic t ’•hutatt\-(n*nti\ 
“Ti 'cdycs/hipcd etc., atljs. ; also adj. 

■769 ill I'/iif, Trans. 1.1 X. itg fioto, bitllc oWonj^. 
o\al seed vessels. 1776 96 Winu-KiMU Pni, /'tant\ ;ed. d) 


f III. 135 I.e.'ifits. .obtusely oval, or oblong-wadge^ihapcd. 

i8tx-34 Goods .y/A'rtJy /t/ea. tf-d. 4.' 1. 630 The three '.pet;its 
. nf cinchona uwd ofiiLunally . .the lance-lKitv«d,.,lifurl-leaved, 
...and i*blung.lcavi>d. 1847 \V. F.. Siiki.v Piftd Pot. g 
j bower leaves ohiougd.auccolate, //•/</. 196 Fruit oblongs 
I olios ate. /bid. 109 Fruit painit, oblong*acutiiiitate, /bid. 

703 Bairet] spikes'.. ohlunK-cylindiicjiI. i%j 9 Hoqkfr Stud. 

' /’/ora 34 Radical leases oblong-rhomboid or ovate not 
cniilate. igC bcavcs oblong-cordate. //•«/. 316 l.cavcs 
I more ohlong-ha^itatc. /bid. 353 SpikcK oblong-pyramidal. 

B. sb. An oblong figure, or something having 
' ;in oblong fiirm ; spec, in i/eom.t A rectangle of 
greater lengtii breadth. 
fT 1608 .Sir F. Vi kk Comut. 174 Stretched out in the form of 
i a nt'*^ui('lrii:nl ohliipm or oblong. 166^ 11. Mo»a Alyst. 

. iniij. xcii, fo Stoop lo divide rkiy or dirt into ypiares or 
‘ ohloriKs *787 M. Cctcfii in lAJc^ Jt'tih. 4- Corr. 11888' I. 
^ yyi Were the entlx iuorased . . 1 should prefer an oblong to 

• :i .sf;uaro. 1849 Gkovi* 11. Ixx. (i S6ut V 1. 756 Xenophun 

i thi.ti nio\ cd . . that the march shunlfl he in a hollow oblong, 
] with tlie baggage in the «:fnric. 1890 Pmoctok OtAt^ 
j H'or/ds ii. 38 Kacli iii\;igc winild ulso be a horizonially. 

pli'U''.:d ojiioiiij. 

lIcnccO'ibloiigiieu. ran’’' ". 

I 17x7 lUiLFV vol. 1 1, Oi'louyness^ uhliiug Form, or the being 
. of ilia Form of n long Snimre. 

j Oblongatal (Fblpqgz*=i tal), a. [f. inod.L. 

cb/otippaf-us (.AS in medulla oblongatd)^ pa. pple. of 
cbhtfp^iire to prolong, f. J.. Oblono + -al.] 

f.^f or pertaining to the medulla oblongata, the segment of tlu? brain. 

1885 A. Ji. HrcK /tandhh, Med. Sc. VII I, ;?4 Puniculus 
j yraciUspAo: oblong.'ital (-otitinu.ition of the niyelic dorsomrsal 
..colli inn. 

■' Obiongated (p-blpij/rr 'letl), ppl a. [f.. as prec. 

e Proloiigf.d ; in ebhuje-afed Mttrrcmff Xhe 
I medulla oblongata. * ' 

t8xx-34 Goods Study Med, (et!. 4' HI. z The eerebitim, 
, or btiiiii, propvriy culled, tile CKrehrel, 01 little bruin, and 
the ohloMgiiifd marrow . 

Oblongieh rhlj'tjiJ), a. rare. [f. Olil.ijXG ti. 
i -isiT.J Somewhat oblong. 

I 1693 Kvfiyn /.\- til (^uint. 0 ra«yf- 7 Wes \i. ra Though 
I they sometimes make little Round oiie^, and otliei lease-; for 
: Ohli>n;j:i‘-h. 1750 tr. Liotmrdui^ Mirr. .Stones 73 

.A round fii^urc of the- bignes ' of a luitlling nut. 

. 1786 /’'omilies 0/ Plauti 1. 78 Anthers ohiongisli. 

Oblongitute FbV*nd,^itif/d). [f.OBhOXG 

I after lon^i^uU.'] Oblong form. I Iciice Oblongl- 
1 ta'Ai&ald!, having an oblong form. 

; *739 C-sKitR ir, Aharotti on Xnvtods Theopy 

j (17 r) II. e6 'This Olilongitude of the ‘-ol.vr Image. XB9X 
I Pall Ma/tii, 1 Oct. 4/3 .Mr. Gladstone. .‘^^^;it in the curve of 

• ;iti ubKm/.itudin.'il segment, as our cv-'reSpfndenl’.s i:iformant 
I lU-si-rlhed the Trt'niicrs situation. 

O’blongly, adv. rare, [f, Obi oxg a. 1 -ia* 

In an oblong manner or form, 

1650 Ih’Lwi.u Anf/iropomet, Fref., Like a Bull of w-ax, 

; Hhloii;;ly sprt.'iil. f. 194X (’ifKYNK Had the globe. .been 
I either Rpherit al, or ohlongly spheroidical. 

! Oblo*3lgO-9 used ii) But. ns combining fonn of 
! oblong zdS). in 'with oblong extension*™ Cu- 
rt '.sg a. as oblongo cyltndrieal-eliiptic^ ‘fusiform ^ 
-htnccolcitc, pr-'nid adj <. 

*775 JcN'Ki.T.soN /?fs,-r. Hr. /V. lUo'^s,, Obioufo-otfate, 
ptiirly •.fblori^, but latiwr more of an oval. 1846 BciiKki.Ev 
‘ in P/.H\ PeroK Xnt. Club II. No. 14. igi 'The spondia .. 
are. vegul.iil^' ublongo-ellipfic. 1847 W. K. Stkki.r PieCii 
Pot. 149 leaves oblongii-Unccol.ue. 1871 Leigh roNZ/cAtvt- 
Jioru 37 Obli>Mg or ubiongo-ovoid. 

Oblo’quial, */. rare. [f. a,s next + -Ah : cf. 
loilihjtiiat,^ f>f or iioitainiiig to oblttnuy. 

i.iJVM.s Slir.n'c Tuesday 24 Obioquial arrow.s 
: s**hl..'iii whi/ ariiiiiid, But from that quiver Error hangs— 

; U-hind. 

ObloquioUB (Fblf>>i'kw)as), a. rare, [f. L. ohlo* 
tpiGum (.liiLoqi. Y + -obs.J Charactei izetl by oldoquy 
■ or L vii -sj leaking; bringing reproach or dis^;race. 

i6i» Ooir.vt., reproachfidl, detract uir, oblo- 

' (piit/U!.', a 1635 N AUNioN /’'rasm. Reg^. <\th.) 16 Emulations, 
j which aro apt lo «ind vent in obliNpiious arriiuuny. 1698 
I Fhvrn Aee, P. India 4* /*. ic}|3 After many oliJoqiiioiis 
, Sulutes.sbe put ihi.i AfTronl on him. 

' t Oblo'qnity. Ohs. rare, [in eg. f. L. obtoqui 
or obhqmum 'sec nexi^ -iiy.] Ojiposition or 

, contrail id ion in sjHLCch or writing. 

^ 16x0 liRj.Ki U.Sarpt s /fht. Ceuw. Trent \\i\. vt* To doe 
; it l»y way uf nan. it um, or by obliquity (/a/rr oblo-j of 
iv ad**s. 16x4 F. Wilt Repl, J*ishi’r ^63 A line or .sentence 
c.iiwioi escape Critickes, if there apjicarc ohhjquitic, or 
.tiilip.if.liic lo ihcii iniii'lcTntc rotgi:rie.s. 

Obloquy (F’WJkwi). Also 5-6 obliqui, 
lyq'iy, f> -llcque, -loqui^ -ye, 6-7 -lo. [ad. 

. late ] .. ohloqui-um contradiction, f. ohloqui to siteak 
. against, gainsay, contradict, f. oh (Ob- i b) + lotpei 
to speak. (The early siielliiig obliq* may have 
: arisen through confusion with 

1. Kvil-speaking directed a person or 
! tiling; abuse, delruction, calumny, slander, f F'or- 
; incrly also with an and //., An abusive or 
I cainmnioiw si^eech or iitteraiicc (ph.). 

1460 Ct.i'<:R\vp.f*4rti;r. 281 In this tyme cam oute a biille.. 
whttrh revokid idle the gniocH h:ul be gi tunned ..of wheeh 
ms lURvh slaundir and oldiqui ageyn the Cherch. txoa 
Atkvmsms tr. Ih Imitatione m. xi. a-jg Infynnytes, & ln« 
iurye, ohlytpiics ik repreues. . tlirw t]i)’nge.s he]|»e to imrches 
i vertues, 1591 Shakn. i lien. F7,li. v. 49 l{G..ilid vpbrayd 
: me with iny Fathers de.'Uh: Which niiloquic set iMtrres 
1 b^' my tongue. 1673 True H^orsA. God p. ii, 1 shall not 


much cuiU'ern my Jicif whh ihe obl^iuics uf such men. 1777 
Watkun rUiiif // (i8y/) 375 It wouhl U* j*rrfdcnl iHtrlmps 
not to cxiKxsc himself ai^aiii to (Iil* uhl<jt{ixy uf liis ilotiacit 'is. 
1867 -SMithS yi«v. viii. n; J'hty IiaiJ lo ,, 

hold ih^if eonviciions in the fat^i of oMu«^ijy, cipportitiun. 

b. Abuse or ilctraclioii as it aficct'i the peison 
spoken against: the comlilion of being spoken 
against; evil fame, bad lepulc; lej ‘roach, tlngi ace. 

1469 Paxt*H Lett. 11. .d.»> 'J hey ihai In* jihut yu\v U. in 
fililc>(|iiy of all im'ii. 1494 Fa 10 an Chron, \ii. 6i3 All w.*s 
ruled l.ty iht*. qii^ue & linr i:iiiiiisayll . .10 the gnrat I'i 

t.hlytjiiy of the 1513 Mc.hK in t hafioii (. firun. (i 

II. 7^37 [‘'roni the pieat oMuciuy that lie w:t<; in r^) laic hrlmr, 
he was .. in ro gio.'it trn-it iluii . , h« was m.ulc (cd .l 1601 
Mammon Autonio'^s A’r.-. iv. iii, 'Ihc just levriu'c Upon ilic 
nuilior of thy uhioquivfi. 11S47 <..:i a»/i /Ust. /I't A ah. 
4 luulergn the perpetual oblotpiy of haviiit; hv i 

a Kingdom. 

t2. transf, A cause, occasion, or object of de- 
li action or feproacli; .1 leproach, a disgi:ice. Vh, 
1589 Nasiik Anitf. Ahtmf, -y) 'fo '•hew wh.iL ;in olihupiit 
ihfsc impudent inripu nisin Arisaie \ni > Ari. 1601 Siia»;s. 

// W/ IV. ii. 44 An liuniinr hniuin-^ lu *1111 lii'uisi*, . . \Vhi( !x 
were the grc.'itcst cihli.«jitie i’ ihc w«iiM, In me tolousi.;. ,i6«r 
Hv'RVON Annf, ,»/«•/. 11. iii. vh. uust' I ha\*r heen 
airatgiicd aiul comlcniiieil, I am Ki 

tOblnctft'tion. oh. 


1741 , MinoivKl oN ( /V'lVrt I. \ i. 4?4 M ilo . . a*- alwn v-. ai 
to inhibit^ his iiroi^erdings, by t^hirun. ;,s ii uas i. 
or declarifJi; ihut he wa.*? taking the an-Vpiuci, ..n tl.;j| 

( uiiunuii ob!<H|ny. 

fad. lale L. 

-CMt n. of action f. L. ohUtetiin^ f. oh~ (Ob- 1 b) + 
hicUiri to wrestle, struggle.] Striving or strug- 
U^hig agj^iust soiTKilliing; rcsistanco, opposition. 

161S CwooKi- »»/ ,VfT/i 4'ir> ‘I hese niusch.s p.irrly}.y 

yenlding and niulug ground, t*;ii'iIv hy ohiuciatidii or upf..». 
Mlion liij sn.nrc ihc .Mi'inl.ranc fi.mi bring luriir.. 416x9 
1* uTllifUiiY I. xii. 4 ■£ ‘^.s) i vitC lluiL artitu iail 

obhici.'iliiii). and uuL of tne niato-r. 

Ob]ygo,flys,Oblyke, obs.ft. OithUii:,OBLigi:K. 
tObmisSf V. (Vts, rare. In 5 obmysae, (i 
obiuyHe. [f. L. tiAwm , ppl. stem <if 
late spelling ot omiUvre to ().\fir.] next. • 

14901 -Axrov /’/; .vx*. Iii. 110 hauc uhiny ;m'd f.'f tu 

dyfrnic M>ni uf tt.r ronvU*. ) a i»l i ipcjarvuns of iht? 

i:insi?i piiiNciiiyis*;, 1541 K, C.n i.,v.M) Ou/n k's iirafuht. 

I', iv, Where th- y hituv. i.-.icined that it ‘.liuldc be snpeidn*: 
Ij iccyic, ihry hiiu<.y)i>iiiVM*d and left vnvic. 

tObmit, V. /Av. yau\ [nd. I.. obpuUthc\ sic 
pp c.] tran^. To Icrvve out. omit. 

*54* t uM.AN.' '/rt. ■>•.-/,*’* 2 K iv, Ohinydy Mg 

and h;;tu vng llm sc., .mh*. 1549 1 ■. -m .r. luiut L A /.•.•:<•/. .\ x . 
17-1 'i hc wh^lic 1 dll tliinkc b.:l!i.' (1.1 (..hniyi; an'd t'l 
ynurjlcii. i!«4 C,i-. AV,. 1. u.j c-.mlinnc 

'I hw.c words, wriiin^i; Imc.l . Spe.ikm^t to he UbiuiUvd. 

t Obmttrmnra'tion, Ofis. [nd. l., ohattr- 

wtirdfibft cat, n. of fiction from cbMurtnuriim to 
murmur .'igainsl, f. (Qjii- I b) 4 murmurare lo 
Mi'4t.Mi’U.] A itiiinniiring agfiinsl soTiicthing, So 
+ Obmti rmurluif * ff. vb.]. 

1604 looKiR ( h. 'I hcir^cnxic and (.iiinur* 

imiraifMi. 1647 If. Sant: *>/ Si’uf w. ii. ir. x, Maugre 
rdl ih'olinmnir.irings I'l 1648 J. r.-.fii.wiN .v 

tiligftt 2(1 Kj.iigi..vis. inc;u brvakc nm </ ihe May uf . . mnh, 
wire rhe ryidicmiy .ind .ilnriiMinnr.itioii Cif ih»:ir jndgmnci.i-. 

(pbiiiiz/lc'sciis' . [f. 1.. /»//- 

(f. ab- {f 

and Lonsi iena''i. 


tudit'sc i^re lo liocome dumb or mute (f. ob- (On- 
I b) + to grow mute) + -KNii:.] A 

becoming vuilfully) mute, spccchlL.^s, or diimh ; 
the rictioii of obstinately remaining mute. 

1646 Sir 1. llpiiWNif J'sHuf. /.'/. n;. v!ii. i..-2 A Vi'ht!mf:nt 
fc^r which naluudly piyd.c.cvdi c. 1794 JVm i y 
J.rt.f. u, ii. (sfiiir) V/ 'I hc uhiiiviii f, i|jc and 

in-nlifi aiimi ol vclivi.-'ii' 18*7 A'Ai. .f-.'f XXll. 
.p'd .Suhitvt to h.i'idlnal and iiixi'ii il.-lc ubinuiCi-iieiu.f. 

.So Obmute'Koent */., u iu.'iniing iiiut«r. 

1876 G. MKOI-.tilM! trffv.v- t. iv. (ii [IJcI 3V.UU. 

mcht'.f Ihi; uhmiitc.sf.ciii inas.s, lo tim f Oi.fiisi.jii »/. a .. n- 
C^ivablc epic. 

Obnebulate (pbne*hl;d.'il), z*. m/e. [f, (Jb- 
ic + L.trebt 4 bt mist, fog h-ATK'l ; cf‘,OnNiiUii.AT>: ?»,] . 
tmr/s. 'i'o otiscmc as viih a; to befog, cl oiiib 
c XS40 Kooniw. The boh^/.'r to G iijb, It doth ubfnske 
ftiid doth oliM' bnl .1 the iMcii;.)ii.‘. 1547 — /T/r?-. Jhaith 
cc.v 7'jb, Coldc I'Lunii: duin ohncbiil.tic u niiins ineiYun-yr. 
*834 H. O'lSk'll ft j\. rs /rf/. Sn |iiJlit tiliiniN M.IS 
their irgard loeu{ihunv,t)u*y s( rnplcil iiyi Tut .incel, urotlin . 
wise obiicbiilate Oiv f.s:;tvitial . .h-lti-rsof the primiiivc words. 

tpbno'ittion. Obs. rare « fn. of action f. L. 
^bftrrfi'/Cf f. vb- (Of- r ^ nee! he lo tie.] 

X656 bcoi ST G!vssof;r., Obncdivti, a fast knitting;, a; in 
man iat;c. 

tObnl-xely, adv. Obs. r(Vf-\ [f. after L. 
(fbftixe ftdv., strenuously f f. obntx-tt.^, pa. pple. of 
ebnibi io struggle or .*.111 vc ngaimst); see -ly 
K ariiestly, .strenuously. 

1641 K, CoDRiMCTON Let. foSir A'. /V> A c 24 May in /V.r. 
tn Kent (Camden) 5.3 Mum humbly itiid obni.xfU 
I must bcscach hoih lliem and yon, 

t Obnl-xioUBly.Wrr. Ohs. rare-\ [irrog. f. J .. 
cbfti.ViT (.see prec.) i -oii.s + -i.v prcc. 

1631 l.iTfn:auv 7VwrA x. 450 At tbe /i«hl of each in w 
AfdOtie ttheyj licinieath their l^altcll lo her prutcctiun, 
obnixioimly implorin35 the isdc L.idy of the niK'lit, that .slu o 
thein Median in as g.XKl plight, as shw found 

Obnounoe (plmau-ms), t». /iom, Antiq. [m\. i.. 
obnuntiHre, t ob* (Of- 1 b) + mmiuire to tell, j 
f///r. Of a Kouian magUtrnte: To announce an 
unfavourable omen (aiul thus prevent, sloj*, or 
rentier void, some public transaction \ • 

VoL. VII. 

.*11 hand 
was i..'dh:d, 

- ^iii-.pli:( -1 '.ii tlj;j| 1.1a V. 
i8s 3 ^IHHl\Al.^;A'eJW, AVA ix.t1Kf.7i .-fvf. Mic pt wph.-..ullt;ud 
liiiii, hi, collcatpic in vain obnuiiiu isn;, the i'l'iAiin.cs uf ih’.; 
Ci.s.Yl] line and lllyricuni. 

Obaoziety 'f'bnpksaivli). rare. [f. 1^. obmwi- 
vs ( )iiN(i.\K»L-.s + -ety \ .see -ITV.] The siaie o( being 
oLiu».\ious or liable !o soim tbiiig; liabilifv. 

1656 l*i.*' Obnoxi, ty, (■^•lllJ^illll-^.l•s•.; liahlr. 

iK'.s III d.iM^rr. piiiiid.iiit‘iii, iir to the* lash, 1839 |. Km.i i,s 
I *••• iii. 1.S5 Olim»i..iv lolln. rhlii.-uli:’ ..4 jiiai:. 

Obnonous -dbnivkjns;, it. [f. b. olnio.\ ids- It:, 

\ f. obtwxi-us expiiised to barm, sulijcol, liable, I. ob- 
\ j,Ow- I a, b) I- nuxa hurt, injury ; cl. tioxius hurllul, 

[ injurious, No.mmi-.s.] 

L J'.xpC'SCtl to ( or possiblL) ; subject 
or liable lo injury or e vil of any kind. 

a. AN'ith to\ l.iuble, subject. e.\, open 'io 
anytliiiig liiiniifiil, or undesiialdc ; also, by exi.cii- 
sion, !o any kind of inllutnce or .ngciicv\ l*’ur- 
incily the i-rovailing ; now lc.;s ircjiu’iit than 0 . 

1597 ll'#i'K» K ATitV, JW, V. l.\.\'i. $ 13 Whi-lli. .ihvy W.iuhl 
, . make nbnij.vinu.'. 1 o w hat ]iuiii:-.hiiit ist i hi-m ;».!vts let. s6>x 
llvioi s Aviit. Me[, I. i. m. il. TIi*: liricit '.vit.s . . arc li<.r.*it; 
r:llic.r u!)'i<>si>ius to it [inckim h».dyl. 1658 K' Ki.iN /*»*. ( '.art!. 

t '-'cr ihirni with iVin ur Orav., I.I .Sf. :irc llivm flOin 
the fiti-is, t(j M'hich they aiv i.'bM-iyiiMi'. 1665 ( il. \N\ 1: L 
.SVr/iVS .St/, xiii. 7s jh-ini;. tlili.^ ••hji<».i f.d!at..y ill U'.ir 
.''Jjjiivhfn i'ms. x68« .V.'/r //<»/- •i.a.v.i M- 'Iht: 

I'lMH of .M:'ti:s'tul .. n*.»w lie- obno.xions to ic. hxrs. 171* 
AijijiK.iN .S/r. r. N'lj, 441 ^ .• \Vt; ar..* lu *0 m.iiiy 

Aiji.itkiil:.. 1754 .Siij..i.‘LOi:K y.-hV. (i7Vi' I. ». -if, 'J'h* y ikikU r 
lh« iumjIms obnuxioiu to iho jii.sii- c uf Got!. 1810 Soi nirv 
Kthnt/iit xiv, J'hat r. jip-.jiual sh ijit; alike to pain O!.- 
n«^\i »ilb as to*. *847 Gkoii. <*/VhV ii. liv. IV. 

( ihiifixi'iU'- So I' tlislikc.^ xSgx /.rtvf 'I imti Xld. 
4Ci<'/ j A .siniikir ;unl h *d«ii/ lo siniiki) 

i b. With /;//’. Idablc. Obs. 

1610 rh*N\i‘. /‘.'i..:ob‘a/:artyr 11* (bn roiitipiii.n now b 
.'.itiu:, and apU i to and ji. y- 

viiimus iia’.K.tlirniN. 1643 .^M.. \\ n.i :\Ms !.rf. in CiOc ( '>■/■ 

!i i.itt. (f/;*.;) -.14 ill-’' in •• '•!.»'• \i< >us to hf 

••hak.'.rn ami n iiKMrd hy variety ' I foiii..:iIU ..••a 1 i ui,)- 
M iih-d JcsuUui'iii. /1 1677 II-Mi. Conter.'pl, \\. ,\ f ’llic liti.i; 
of Vomit i.s mud 01:iii>xion.s toi\.T.j:it (.;.}il. N«.i:)ii 

1 1. 7;! I ht'y. . W' re I . ir.kcli UJ* b> 

fvoiy p.-eNidi herirt ui Tnayi ti.itc. 

t C*. Liable or expuscl to harm. rxue. 

a 1631 1 1 i\M Pny^r. Sou! In Avv/c.v j(«;s ; ji:-; J hinkc hm 
lunv poi.iH' ilioii w:tsi, Imw obnevious, \\ tioin a sra dl liini)ic; 

• ■•f Ih di cuuld poNMii thus. i68« /.w./. / Ay/. .N///n ''/y j 
W’nc it mi for ili« div!i:vT};i: uf my duty .. 1 should laa >«» t\po-c and lay rii\;-t:f tioxiou-*, a<"l forcstc J ,sha)l d.*. 

+2. I i.'tlilc to jmnishmciit or cci.-Tik; guilty, 
blameworthy, rej'rclicnMblc. Obs. 

1604 K. C’AWOhKV Tabic Atph., O^'HOXli'US, ;.MbIl'Cl lO ’ 
dai.r:i.r, fiiiiitic. x6xo IIdnm; i^sendo- martyr ;53 ’1 h*. | >. 
tiiM'js Ilf th«.r Kfyis. .and all tin: i.rrr.Mionic.s, Mhii h were tin! 
ino-t obiiovioiii ifKittcis. 1641 / i*ul. 0/ Khtp, p. ii, It i;.ni!d 
make lhal oljnt)xi.>us, which till this I'ruliaiuftt no inrm 
(Mt'.ld ever call a fanii. ^1719 I>k K« i: 11. xiii, Our . . 

pci'.MH.S wvre ci'il i»h|i<;i\V.lls, 1x1774 di/r.'*. 11 >//. • 

t»‘d. Prior) 1. q;',5 A kite w:*!k lia> :.iiptM;..d l > us hij^'dy ! 
iihno.xion.s in thi'i rc.jAvt. 

+ i3. Subject to the rule, power, nr authoiity 
of another; nnswcrab'c, nnienaMc f/fis' iiic autho- 
rio) ; xleptudeiil, subject; luiicc, submissive, ob- 
.scvjiniitis, deferential., !o. OIk^. 
i^8x S’.Mi K '! .uifus. Hid, 11. nI\. .10 4: S.t T-.c Gtucials 

hcii)'4 lit iiij.ii'Mj.', u:hI m I lii juvjiahit it, !! '»*. v.vw i|. 

' / ’i Oiif. .«T their ownc 1 hm'.'i-.u, ;ii!d ilii-rcfirc vl'i-lly 

ihi-iii. 1658 V 1 1 ; ,Mt .'V;. r.'.n.v A'a/.'/A Wk l. 

VUj 57) I 7 J'lrii Ki!ij;s aio only tiu; 'l •..u.l:l?s of llca^cn, 
ebi;o.\i.ius to i!..d ai.u;*', 1659 P. II.m^ -is Ta/ii abs (r n 
Axe Ilf It.ins- J'owi:-i,. .jcaily. frtc; amt p,»iily Pruvimid, 
;;nd oh..- ■.\i i:s. ,i 1695 W-iot, ] :/c\K. k IL Ji.) 1.* '.^7 Must of 
thou U./i;.,; .sncakaii; and they did n.n 

with the. ti'uii'H'ri.’f ifie Warden than .stand a.:-.iiuM him. 171* 
Woi L.ASTo.N .\Vf/, V. 77 .An cvi'^icn* c is iv>i 

depend* III •'!»nr..Yiiuis|.-.:iiiy J754 .V. M' l ;*nv ' 

Grays Imh Jitd. No. 77 Wht.'luT liny arc r.ui ohuuxioii.s i 
li> iliii'oii for prcsc. viii;.; the tkiiiu*. 

} i*4. With / a: Kxposed to ihc :]*h\iic;d) .'iction ; 

; ».»r inllucncc of ; liable lo k’ anVeted by ; open I;*. I 
i6a8 T. ; GhVS ir. /■*<ri /.tj’.v .-l/;4s »,* v o. ilii'iMO .•.■u’l- : 

! staiur, which hy its umii h-nitio is ebu '.xi- -us i.i xvl..-itru«-r 

n iri'sscih it. 1665 Sur. ’ At.K /. I M'- • i-l- 1 i!.i:!:uid 

\ olh 1- .T-,t a :ir«l uImh .vi..iiis lo W’v.'.liih.lU'n in 1 Isgli-Gcrasain , ■ 

I \. and \V. lo the m.iin ()i r..!ii. 1666 I Juviikn .Mira’ . , 
j f.i'.lviil, Tho in fields like hcidcd h*;.iM-* lu* d.iwr., 1^. 1 

I xU-M's obuoxi'.»'.i>, 1671 l^'»ll.vs ii J57t lit. '1 lu.'j 1 
' an: •'•biirsiotis lo ■■ensc, and fall under oiir j 

I 4| 5. <7vw/. (by confuskm \vilh ;//>,vW2): Himful, ? 

I in]uri«Mi5. Obs. ■ 

! t 6 ia Wi.iono.i. .Sifri:. -k'l/t’ W'fcs. ■ k*.-. ?' Cu'd .n'le In I 
• time v.f sMY.'tlifnj is tibiKi.xiuiis ;iTid dan,jL-roii.'s 1638 S:k T. I 

I Ili-Riiiiif yViir*. (cd. 4.:4 l.'roi uillh-. . ;hf iiH'st ohnoAious I 

; vt'-i'S ll'.ollMrr*.. 1646 J. Jf At l. I ft . bl l.*HsxaNM!Kih;»: | 

j liineS uf study arc vc'y l.•l•ll(l.^ilJlt^, :i.s afirr mr.'des. 1683 j 
' Sii.Mi'N /k /iVi Miif. 11. y‘7 IVmcrful in c.viit paling all j 
j obiioctious tiiinuY':. ! 

I 0. is :m ul jeel of aversion or tlislike ; i 
: oflxusive, object ioimblc, <»dhius, liighly disagiec- j 
I able; soinci.inies with more active force ; Giving ! 
(dfcncc, acting oI.>jeclio!iaI'ly. (Gf. j and 5.' Tin: 
chief current, apj). aficeted by assuciutiou with 
np.rii>t/s. t.’ A/. 

*875 Woon Li/c ; July fO. H. S.> 11. 318 A vciy obnoxious 
piTson; .'ll! ill iifieldnnir ; .md given mui h tolaxv siili:.s with 
any. 1680 in Soiuqi-s />.#. /x 1. iiu To inakc llicin Lib- 


srnnv and oil!. -Iir ions l-., imc i' 1769 liLi^:i.i-.» A..., I. 

III. 53 Ssri; 1 ;.,:,d ., l,:id ihi- i,. i;,.v,v tl-** 

obiiDviunx Jiili. 1841 !•:. K;i/I ii.,..w , A./;, . I 

( arljic . . p. vi-ry ulj:i').'.i . 11 , 1 . ij-.u ' i.,. j ■..! 

bc.'uiiii- jiopukii. 1857 III-, Ki I e . : if;.; I. ■. li. , , , 1 h, s i 
nut .lart: lu ]iiih!:;,h a »v. •!< if ii.4 i-'.i'l. 'r xm.i,- o* :i..xi .‘u;, i., 
the (..-iVlTl. 1866 t.i. M.«1 U-IN-M 1 1 .'JA'/.'. G- /' • i -Ji-’j 

wih 'Ihiiiiilj ii.iiii • I tjiii] \ :ij ohnu.Xi..'!:.. " ' ' 

Obnoxiously, [1, j.kc. - -li -.j i.-, 

an iibnoxious ■;m any scum- of tin- !j. 

1635 K. I.:i\«; I:. m. j;. j-, 

V.i..j.>liu: i-.-iiii: l-i .1 pit. hi I ii ld : ihrh ^ ;,J,. 

vd'kii'...-, (.a i!.. v .-i.r .'.y j.;.^i!i,d 

• an/itr ; m •: "1. 1753 /omv'^cn. (//■>.. 1 j,, a -n i.- 

iT ■.nl-ii.i tl m ; in ihi- r-f ii i.ui.i.-hii.i ■ : 

W» ObfioAitu ly. ji.l Ir, J I.r . 

I'V !i;d..iiiiy. /. K. |.rfht . aj.'ly : i f.i'ni.dy ; dl' !. iv. I;,.’’ 

lie I tfiaxi:.! m. -,1 ohi.Dxi 

ObnO XioQSneSS. p. as |.rc-c. + -.nk-s.] T!!. 

(juahty or state nl being Mbnoxi.iu^.. 

1. I.i.itiild) lo iiijiiiy,evil. cic. ; Fie OFNOVlor.i f 
(..■Oli-vh /p. ////A;. 

165* I-'.:-. If ‘t ■’*/.•' 1. 'lii' ir di.u<i!v i:i;if.iiiii . 

iK'li.-i .ili*'! I'liii Jiiivci.i'lili- l6.'i4 W.Mfi.VN 

/v.'WT4r.r 4!: All .ii'-in.-.- -r naiD pujM'hii.i nf, 'I 1677 

• Pi.MCHV*. .S,I /V. \t ks. 171*. I, St.lij.lhle A ..l;t I^v^i. 

c'.‘liiifjxi'.ni-iM:\‘. (0 il:*.* like slijo .irnl!?-. 17x9 Si^i K»i' i m’. 
y/.iiiy i^nn. iv i. S •'‘ij/'..) II. 4).; C)v.i'.:j :i« sv \ . 

■ iht .-i;\Li:iy ».f his hw.i. *871 M.\iri:'tv L:, ://. /.azv it i4 ' 
I l-'nty ..rt.hliLVitiofi i,. Miincli.'ncsdf.-sLnUd asobiJuxion-.ii»:-s, 
! t-'> a ■a'.'ii..!!. 

• t2. l..iability to puni^-hment oi CLHaiire; guilt, 

■ ljlaiin;\\<nliiinLSs. Obs. 

1610 Tst’/uro-imir/j r -jo.;, r.t.;UMT.if;e. (h.U hi- cin 

xxilii iii.irt- uhi.! -xi v: and jf-.s'-. i‘.xi.'.im: fbtii l^iiiiii-v. 

;*i66i I v M.ik /I 'tJ fh-rufsKire i. :0..h j 2-^ 0:n. 

.-•idiiriiii; hi:ii..U'i f.)l.r!iiyi..iu fm su :i l.'i. I, I'jt: , , put. 

•.■urril liLS paiiiur- at Cv-nit. 1704 M- Hi kwv a*:t‘K 

I I'mp. >. C-iJni.idM iii;4 . .imr unM’utihnivss a-id ubn-'o 

3. < ilh.nsiveJiiti'S, nbii:(:rioiuibli*tiLs.i, o-jiousin-ss. 
t8x8 Wi 1-1 i:k n, V., The *..lin.'.\L'ir..iiv.Ns t f i1;<* law rend* n d. 
the l.:>;i.%Iiiliirv: tinpi pid.'u. 1851 lUi i.i \(..v Italy i. ,;6 '1 in.-y 

• vMild in.'i diixc ihc An-triari'i 1 .oinhardy, liu|| gave 
them p.'i!|>a!fh- hiiit.-! uf ihrir <. i.'iioxiousiic.*;s there-. '* ' 

t Obnu'bilate, ///. et. Ohs. {:u\.].. idin/lbi/iU- 
ns, p:i.i«plc. oi obnfibi/.irv: .see ne>it.J Cmcrcd or 
liarktncd ax with a cloud; overciuuded ; obseured. 

1560 k<-i!..\s.) i\tius 1. ;:/» 111 hir net thou- rrt 

i ihi luhih.t-, 16x0 1 1 1 M.I- V .S /. ry. i. if it’ ,'J < .\ | y. iv. 7.; 

I Im: .'.ml -.i ■■. ..• "j..* bi.i|li :»iu 1 uhilaii.-. 

1630 I, 'A.-.ii'r P.» b'jfixr. Awvi. \Vk u. 206/ 1 
Mans \n(!-r.-.f;ii.i ii.^\ --.j uhfinl-il.ilc. 

Obnubilate !rtfni/>-biii‘d [t. L. ohnthUdT, 

I'pl, stem of ohiahi'dre to eovci with clouds or 
fog. Cl. V . obnitiHt-r, OF. obmthkr (i.uhc. m 
Godef.’ .] tnin>\ J o ilarkin, dim, cover, or hide 
with or .'i-'t witli ;i tloiid; to oveiciotid; to ohsicuie 
Jtt, and 

1583 Si’r;'i..s .Aiu^, 1. .;i?- ) 78 

• vha:.iti..ris. I l ;M.hi'..iti: ;.n I i!.-iik».i! il t- h.(r:ii-nrs ui .Sun. 

x6t6 U. 'J'nnt’/' tl (i;.v.',V k'vrt. piMJioK '1J.71) I -If V our inti III ui.iri.ii s i.hniihi'.ifo 16x1 Ulkoin- Ana*. 
.Vh/. I. 'ii. II. ii. Su il-.ih ill’** nu.*l..!!..h'.ily x.yj. 11:1 ■..:hi|i;hii3tc 
lilt niii'id. x686 fu'.'.xii ( I A'.'ir. /'•'ii-a n. ix- 500 t.iu-.idx 
.•hlil:h.l.i!|i‘.fj llii; f ‘..o . •/ 1 • f.-.-iX t.ri -klCVii the .Mill froJU 

n-.. 1768 74 •! • i .si •< A*. ,Vtil (l■■;;.^i 1. 4'.') k'liiil they laixr 

a tih'.iii.ilaii.-. ihai hv-li.r !i.;ht. 1838 J. J*. 

Kf.nm.i.y j\. b t]/‘ A' Cl'/ x. u'. i.'.i) \ ..»;r [..-.Vj 

iihnuh.kitcd i:i tlirir I'Wi 1 

IJciice Obnti bilated .7. 

1830 K. C'HAVi I . s /..- V 7 ./.r /. I, ix. Jh: f.i.i;..! lii-.iiii!id 
in th.ii i.'..ii'ii.i.;iii d -!.vi.'. 1839 K.'.x in AVci* Motiibly 

l,V._ 514 N '-iic i..ns..o.Mn of •liinvr'.l ai d linn.s 
\\lit ri-!.\ hi-!; I i.! p.iti-'nyniL inicl-l liv.n.-piix; to the 
fu.lvsf ii.'nirnt. 

Obnubilation Zebni/diilr'.-ja!];. [n, ot action 
iloni pjcc. ("I. OF. ebnnit/iHu'n u.fh'i c. in 
Godef.).] Tl.'C'i of daikuiing or J';icT of 

L» ing dm kern d a-Aviih a cloud; obscuiaiion 
x6xo J. Ilr.M.r.Y . -I' .'.e. C:ib’ p/C d 1:!. .w. u*3 Ni iihcr 

can the hi.- i-cliji-rd l-iit . . in In r 'ail*-** l px‘i.s;ii!f 

fri.uii ilir : thvTi i- .s!'.- j'.ru.-.ii!i it- to i; hi I lii.-n. >653 

W.MFhsc i-c, -'.prffv/. 175 Ih'.ir ..>■■ uf bod'.e.'. 

runi-s-.a'.l. 1819 lUtmii ia / ..u ./..»r II. 133 Fc-^ and .-aa;- 
:>hiiu-, i.h and 

b. Sf'tx. Ub’^eiiiiitii-n iir clouding of the mind or 
facuUios. See ;d.rO (jVi.t. l8y7.* 

17.S3 R' KV /h'.i.'.r 17 I >n.;. Ip Poswcll an. 1777, 

An li\ |l•l•.h■nlu:'i..l'V: ul.'iaibiu'.ti<.';n ti'inii vMnd ar-d indi..L'Niiriii. 
1B03 IJi.i'C'in s //v;;.v.i iv. inP l^inincs.s cn vhnuhibxthn uf 
•^■fchU 1888 .Ifi'.r. ^y sd. J'.>u *ti'i. 1. .st'i The patii-ni ic.-ii 
i.o!..-vi i-.iu'.no'.s f. r *i \ri;d i...n;'s, ain! aftci urud-v laj- f.>r 
:-v\ei al '..'.ys i’l a sni'.e I'f l u p 'r i r l■!l|l•lhlh!;^,.,;]. iBga ^yd. 
S, i'/v'',‘n, a i!.i.'.'!ir..; cf ll.t c.xes Withoat 

idddints-:. .-o that I'l he >viii ihituijih -a clo-jd, 

03 ill lhti..'ltin.-d f.dniinv. 

t Obnu'bilons, <7 Obs. rare'-’, [f. L. eb- 
Ntibrl-us overi.loudcil f. vb- ((^U* 1 c'; » nubibnm 
cloudy Fky, cloud; + ‘ors. Cl. OF. obmdde in 
same stii’se.] Ovorcloi;tu«l ; cloudy, iiuii.s’iMct, 

143*- 50 II. JUxdvn I. u I'lie c.bnid'.ilou.s and dovidy 

pro. c.x^c i;f ihix m.'itvr. 

Obnu'nciate, i*. I* 

olnuniiiif c ; scc t JuNOi Nci’.] « Ui}.\oi^\cK. .Sd 


16x3 r\*i Kl'.K 'V II, 'IViTfll ill .1 Ti'hi'n; 

ihx'-rn'f, (.V-/I/I 1656 P.ini-\-| s x ., 1 Vv/.'/V. 

iiutf, •//,.. : k> the .v...ivMt koinans m-vsc wu::! c-.x ills':' 'he their 
As-xMiihlii.s iwh'i. h disM'hiiiuii thi y »-alit'd I'h-.iF.siaiiu:'.) 
M'hi'i) s-ji*\rr .I'ly 'jviJ tukcM vax *-i vn er In auk ciikci hy 
the M.iiHii-vii.ite 1*1 -VnL'ii*. 





Ob 06 |I o ho\t\‘ • [a. Tt ohe a(la[*U*«l 
spcUinif of F. /fiin/his : sc-r tboy.] 

1 . A wucKlen douUc-rcoil wiml instruinfiit, fium* 
till? Ireble to the ba-iSOoii : - HaVTPOY, i. 

1 * 7*4 /'»>>. //‘./V. (H /iA'Jt. 51 OiW, or 0 /v*^r , 

is .1 Uaiiil'-iy, i.r lloh-.y. 1^96 Athwj'jj/. ii-wy i 'i 

Tlitf iiamfi of ihis iiislruiiiciit . is fr.^iii the 
//rtii?/W.v ; juifl iiiti from the lialuui ..(’Av hii-s uli 
iiiruTniigi as the I’lChi h name has.! 1794 Mks. R no* i in k 
J/j'jA i, W'ith thv Ifiidej- .-iC* i-ius i f liis nhi'C. 1840 

Hoi'P I’ptht' AV;/ifi* 'J44 'llicy phixfil iipuii (idillf*, o->oi s, 
i 879_ Ol o. Knur '/ //iv, Much i\. itx-» I he tiumpit 
brcakiiii* ill on i1i<i (lute, ami llie ul oe coiifoupdin^ hoih, 

and (’•/.'//•» 1881 J. T. Kt'Uiin. Mituc^i. 

xxvi. 7 y^i Oienory, violinist ; HiiijlKs, uintc {•lu)i:i. 

2. Name of a rcH-^Ujp in .’’n with incMl 

pipes, giving a pciKlraiinjj tone. 

(c 1700, 1819; see H.M.TiiOV I 0.] i8j4.s>« //■ Ort^an J 
MinsUr in ( lnoe Mu<, I. ^weil t )n;aM. . . 4 ». 

Horn. ^3. Tnimpct. 44. ('l-sje. 

t O-bcl’pi obs. fi-nn of Aiiovk. 

I* I400'50,.i A’.i'rfw.'frr 40iv A l-liMlit o-hofr brad Kim 
al ouiic. 

Oboist ;i>« bt?|isl\ [f. OliO'K i -1ST.] A i»tr- 
former on tlio oboe. 

1863 Ifi’SK in A'. yK :*ril Si-r. Ilf. 4i> 'I he u!i* i%j.s of 
the hr,t j;cnfr.iliuii UMn.*i icrd-i ofxnV larj;i* diir-ensioii 
iSBsK. |.C'. Moiilo-i //ivvi -5 .SV.. /I. if;.t I he fntiire 

asi llIcr.M ludj was i-i the h-and ol the 

>.;uard.s at Ifaiiuver. 

Obol Also S obolc. [ail. I., ohl-us, 

a. (.Ir. (’iSoAi's.J « OimLi s 1. 

a 1670 Afp. II /iV.'.ton I. (»6.i^i) '//y 'rho Kumans 
•^ays Phitaii.h, ail 'wed Nine DhuN, or b illteii I’cin e a day ,1 lit .Ai.Tuad ujiuii a pid.-lu k Treaty. _ 1771 
Rm j-H ill /V/.V. J'yitMS. l.\I. 4fjo I he curiuit c*dii i-f 
Aihcns liie -ilM?! Pra'-hm, whuh they divided ii'.to 
otn.' )I«*N. i8ao r. Mill III- i.L . -I //.i .'.■///. f. 7-, man 1 h;.c 
)i i^h not '-ne small oIkiI in h..s |»iii.s>', .. ** 7 S Itki'WMN . 
. Jf . l/tV. I.!;4 To .^lurt the iiviilll Ol diha-.l NUth llio 

duc ihici; iii>iil fi'i . 

Obolary, */. w/Af’-Ti./. [f. J .. i -ak\.] 

'i'h.Tl contiibiile.-i .an obohis; or, Fosscssiiijr only 
oboli or .sin.tll coins impfcutiiutts. 

1810 AV/.* Ser. I. 7 ';i‘i> A^l^v.c J/ii’.v, rn'siam.i* . . as 

\ast .. as siihsl'ted IhIimth ihc Aii..; M;ij<;.-iy, :iiid 
the puaiv.i tjl jlaiy jevv paid •! tribute .it 
Jei n.«a!erii. 

tObolate. Ohs. niCil. 1- 

f. Etc - ATE • C II. -^/A^ Tr. ihiu, F. .) 

A put lion of land nsaunitd to be worth a lud:- 

J It liny a yervr, 

i6ia W. Art cf Shn'cy n. \li. ‘3 Qiuniiiii s 

lif l.aiiii liiku.ii thi'ir deno'iilnations frum cur v.aml t iiiue ; 
,'rs Kilr(Jill^drales. OUil.atis, Pvnariiitcs, Solidiily<, f iliiaii-.. 

I hcn iiiiisl tli^ Oholat lic i A«'.re, the Dcnariat a.i 
Al re, the Sulidat j j. aetc^ 

Obole i'p bi?'!!). [a. F. oK\^e 'ijlbc. in Idttjv), 
ad- L. ohoiiii\ SCO Ouol-i t*.] 

1 . A small Frcncli coin orig. of silver, later of 
billon, in use from lotli to ; also callid 

Mai( 7 ( — I a denier. 

1656 IjMjI'm //Vflir/iyr, (?h'k (o/uJiU.*-, a (’''yn, variahlv 
aicuidiiij; ta the Omniry, with iis it in haUiJviiny, 1830 
|K ir.vwKissJ Aui^lc-Ff . Cifin'ty^c 47 "I'Iji: oholu i-i hail' 
dviiii.r of Hiriiry the SeLOiid. 

1 2. " ()floi.(;s 3. 

ttfoi IfOLi.-AXO Fiiny II. /i An uli-de or half A .seruptc. 
1656 Pl.o'.'.M- Ol'ok., .\l.sij a haif|x ii»)y wcj;dn. 

I'Aidve ^rain-i ami<i..4 Apothei.aiU-s, and fouit<:i-ii uiiii.'ir.; 
Mint men and Gold.smith.s. 

fO'boloti Oh. iarc- '^. [f. Oliol. + -iT dim.] 

... ()iii)i.r.s 3, 

1717 W. iilKR y’nt:'. jAi'/’j r’lV/./. Viy 'nif.;c :ir»: re- 
duced into liiaclims S' lnplcs, (^!ii.*K*l*.,Cai.ils and lirtdii.i. 

Obolite 'pbdUnt}. /Wuvf//. [f. i 

-iTE.] A foxsil .shell of the gaiies UM/s. Ohifk- 
Xi ik a n.-ime for the Silnrinn fornmlioii contaiiiiii;.; 

1859 OwKN in /ir.’t. \Vd. SJ XVII. r.:5 r OIjdIIii’ 

^rit. 1865 Pa'.k littruibk. //•/■w/v, OMus^ a j^muis ef 

liivalvi.:! lKl<iii>:ir.g t.> ihe l.iny.uKi family, and chiirai.lcii:-.i;d 
l-y nrbiciilai, sim.uth, cab-art'' i uinr*i.ii:s, M!b-ii|uivalvr 
sli'* K. . . li.eii* aif: swcial spii'irs i.ii.f.iii'riii.!4 in iluf biliiiian.; 
..if N«-)'ih._rn Kiiu.p..; the ‘ oK-.liti; jjrit ' nf Sweden 

and Ku 

Obolize, txroii. form of Oi.eli/.e. 
iiObolua p±nt>'.\ ri. oboli [i.. 

ohlus^ a, fir. vjJoXh.j 

1 . A silver (in laUr limes bronze) tohi of ancient 
Greece, of the value of J of .a drachma, or about 
lib/, of I'lnglLsh iiiMriey. 

1570-80 Nohin riufttrAi 455 Small pccccs nf iriony 
. .called Uholi, ixhrrcof uiAiIo. a Jirachma. t7oa Aimi'.- 
sow /fia/, Wli*v, 1 j"4 1 . An »i.v nr an iniiv 

carry an hi^lit'r priic than a f/ivnic/.'/jt- nr a ..Irru. hiiia. 1838 
TlilKl WKI.I. CtCi'iC IV. 74J The I>:iy for :iU»*tiOiUice hi th'.: 
Asvc-inLly was tailed from one obiiiis to I Inf.. 1851 Wii r - 
Moir /V/ifJT. /.it. xvii. (i>-’':7) 36 Jieh;s:iriu:» asking an obnlu.s 
is more tuirhin-^ i^in a blind suli r who lost his shfiit befe re 
the iiin^i. 

2 . Applied b) the French OfiOi.K, .ind to other 
coins, mostly of small v.due, foiinerly ciiiient in 
Kurot>c; also used .nllusively h r .nny sm.ill coin. 

In the Middle Arcs there wc-rt i.f gold, .siintr, ami 
copfier : .lec Uu Cai-go s. v. 

In F.ngli.di inonfetary rer.koning formerly u^^rd fui .'i half- 
[tenny, and iibbrevialod oh , ; .sec Ob^ and cf. DivNarics a 
1761 JI. Wali’Oi.e /.»//. O Matin Dec., 'J h'rir Ka t 

Intli.i bonds did not fall an o1jotu.s under far. 1849 W. Irvino 
M.thoiuit .wxiv. t»;5d 1,? 'I'hc biM*i', who knew nothing i*f 
jewels, tirinandcd fuur .siUcr lA'/V, ur dr.'u hliiN. 1856 .Mbs. 
ih.owMv. Aifi-. \Vt wi linen .should., not throw 

l aik an I'ljiihis insiiilt^d With t.'a-s.'ir’s image lightly. 1861 
N-'V., J he obiliii i..f ,St Pciei contiiiU(;.s to 
.supply the (.'i.wcri.iiiriit of his Hnline-iS with ample means 
of proviiiing for the pe*. iiiimry exigent ics of the Slate. 1868 
tiro. Ki.i"! .V/. (f/pw I. 78 i.hca|B-n it meanly to an o 1 m> 1 us. 
1893 i'liHM.i. C''i'/rvr.>/iy •//•*. /Vc/. s. v.. In tl.e Ionian 

1. slaiid.s, IjcftJiA tiiii intrcKluL'iit.n of the system uf lln: Kii-n> It 
.Mifio-taiy Convention, iho t)b<.du.s was 1 -unilh p.nt of liu: 
Ionian, worth KnglUli. 

[ 3 . A^t)iki\iiru's* A wciglilof logiains, 

or half a sciupic. Oh. 

. /»398 ' rMkVis.\ i'arih. lh‘ P. A*. M.v. t .vxx. (149:;) nniij ' r 
The Icesi parte of wt-yghte hyghtc C.'di.ithis and the fouith 
p:\ite of weyghlc Oimhi'i | 1634 'I'. jniiNW-iN ranj ’s 

Chirnrir. .\x\i. x\i. (lO/t) f'4-p 'I'fn grains uf lliiirKry 
i:orn‘.) iniilc aii Dbulu'. 1661 1 -o\i;m. J/ht. . luit/i. .f- .1/;//, 
7.7. The faliiile gUic . . Ohuli lieing drunk with liol Water 
help the spitting of hlo'ud. 

4. J\iinotti. A genus of fossil br.achiopods, with 
.smooth orbicular bivalve shells, hnind in the 
Silurian roeks in Russia and elsewhere. 

1859 Pitu yet. /• * it. !,tii.f , S) XVII. 105 '1. 1865 Isce Oui n.i 1 1 1. 

Obouo;np Obout, oba. ff. Ahovk, Adoi t. 
OboviU (pb,(»*‘\iiD, t/. Xat. /list. lu xt. 

1857 ut M JCjTptfi. I.c.c. 1691 in My it. Mt*f. J.tx, 

Obovate .pb,tJtt*vi^t; . a. Xat. l/tst. [Ou- 2 ] 
Inversely ovaic ; cgg-shaj^l with the broader end 
upmost or Rirward. 

1785 .M \iiiYM Jx^usM'itu s /»W.-\•\^ii, i7i>|) 494 .Xpi'lc-furm 
r>i)(im has 1.11 ge splK‘ head-sf ami in the Riar-foriu 
-pf'ies they aie objvatc. i8ai6 Kii uv ik Sr. /'.utomM. 11 1. 
.wx. 157 'Ihtihe.ute. in llio'-e [tariae] of the waier-U.'i.nlcs 
, .ipiaoaohex to an oKoi.ue ;.li:ipe. i87;;[-84 F. K H1.1..MK 
!l iiit It. p. li, Sii;i.i-lfavi-s obuiatr, having P‘ titles. 

b. hi Li»mb. with .another adj., dtimliiig a furm 
inUTincdi.ato 1 elwcen the oliovale and suiiie other, 
ai vfuri'atc intii uk, -!amcolti!i\ -ohotijc* •s/at/juin/t'. 

1845 l.(Mu.HY Met':, t'mt. v. :ti I.r,tlh!s 'dilwii;:, i.r 

oh.'vatCH'inieaic. 1870 IlooKiH Siit.L Jt.‘ta n/’» l.ttlli-. 
J ein.iiis .. oKivalc-sp.‘*i:. i/hi. tJ.| VImuih 
alhiiiii, .. leaves i.lH.A;itt.d.iiii eolaltf obu.-vc, Jhitt. \ti j .Vv 
{.li-iiiuiri Klim tnutaiia. .piiiiuc 7 oh.natc-cuiie.’Vle, 

Obovatilblioua pb.^vc«:iilc« lios', a. /tot. [f. 
mod.L. olwii/ifoli-tts (f. ohl'at-ui OliOV.ti’K F 
foiium leal) 1 -ou.s.j Il.iting obovate leaves. 

1857 A.I//W. An*. 

Obova'to-, Uacd as combining form of mod.!-. 
oborciUus OuovATF, as ill obovato-lauceolato ( 
ohvaU latii obovuto-rotiise adjs. 

1808 ( i.-\i.iiNi-: />.'/>. ikt. No. l.|cavf] oVujvato- 
l.iin.cvl.'iii‘. 1839 H.\i liV i.'i , AVvr.*. .'V<i.'. Cluh I, .vg 
I .i.;.fl*.-!s ubovaio-rctusc. 

ObOTOid (pb,d'i*void), a. Nat. Hist. [On- 2.] 
.Somewhat cgg-shaj.tetl, with the broathr end up- 
waid or oiitwiiicl ; somewhat obovate. 

1819 tJ. Sv.Moi r.i.i e KMfiitnot. CiVupcHih 776 AntmiKC 
iiifi'iicd ri'.nr tlic rnotiili. the joint oIkivokI. 1870 
JiooKi-n Stint, /ter a 401 Cyprlpediuiu Cakcolus , , lip .. 

ObprobriouH, etc., ob.s. ff. OrruniiKiou.H, etc. 
Obpyramidal (/*t'p‘-'-‘'«ddal), a. am. /iht. 
[Ou- 2.J Jnvei'sely pyramidal; of the form of 
a:t in\ cried jiyiamid. 

1870 IJnriKi.K StifJ. / tiht ,M'» Fiuii obpinuuUlal. 

Obpyriform pbpiTifi’jm), .r, Aat.//ist, [f>n- 

2. ] Iiiver.seiy pyiifuriii; pcar-sliajxd, with ihc 

'thicker end at the b.isi‘. 

i87oMi.>viKbU MtuJ. / W’r.i 4 -0 faiex Urviiiisuil.i. ..Fruit 


Obraid, obrayde, obreido, corrupt ff. Gi** 
p.u.Mi) V . : cf. Ar.iuii) 

I ObreK^e, oU. eriuii. fiirin of AiutiDGK. 

I 1444 Koits Varit. V. ii-4. 

'• Obreption O'brc'p/an). [ad.!., vhreptidn-em 
I ;i creeping or slcalir.g upon, n. uf acliuii Innn 
obnp-rre to creep up to, Meal upon, f. cb- (Ou- i a) 
F nperc to creep. Cf, F. ohrption (la*;? orrep^ 
ivTi// in Godef.).] 

1 . T'l:c obtaining or trying to obtain something 
j liy craft or deceit, r/tv. 111 AVt 7 . and Sc. /.ato, of 
: .1 di.spensalioii, gift, etc. ]»y false statement. (Opi>, 
to suhr/tiottf obtaining by suppression of tniTh.) 

1611 Ojiok., Ohrepthn^ ah obn.piLiii; the cr* *'pini(r, or 
Ntcuiiri' to a thing l*y rraftb* iiieaiics. t 6 »i\v, 
Oh/rptio//, n petting of tbiii^.s bynaft. 1706 ir. Dupin' s 
Fid. I tut. %(uk t\ II. IV. xviiL a6y Di:''ill bo 
I Invalid ; if the Ordinar its. .shall not tir .t take ..Cognizance 
I cf tlieni, to Sire whether tin re is jio Subroptii>n or Ohreptiun 
j in iliiMr I'ciitioii^ (>r Rc*>]iic.sts. 175a .M*Dixai.i, Inst, 
Scot, 11 . III. 111. i. aygl'liri k> against subreption yr obreption, 
/. c. llurir being ubtaiiied by eoricc.tluig the truth, <ir express- 
ing .1 f.iMiood. X894 Mx^ntk jgi If in .a petition fm- 
a (lixprii.<iaiion, then: is a n.'irmrive or slalcmcnt which i.'i, ih'.-re is said to be obreptlon. 

1 2 . A ciceping or stealing upon one unawares. 

164a Ci.nwtjRi ii S. rnt. I CVr. xv. 57 in Disc, /.ore/ s Aw//,, 
etc, (1676.1 8> utlden incur? tons and obrr|aion^. sins uf mere 
ignorance ami inadvertency. *656 H. Moi-'K F.nthus,^ Tti. 
.171-.!) 'i The like uhrv.piions ur iinsi voidable impi^rt unities of 
'J ho(i>;ht<, wliifli offer or furcc iJieniselves upon the Mind. 

I Obrei^tious (f^brepti'j3s\ <i. [f. J .. obriptld- 
I us d. obrept us^ p.*!. pple. of ^Myi-eVv) + ui’S : sec 
j -irioivi I.] Choraclcfizcd by obreplion ^see prcc.); 
















coMlninini* a false statement made for the sake of 
obt.i iiiiiig somollung. ITence Obrepti'tionzly (uk\ 

1611 Co I OR., Oh i'ptixe^ obreptiiious, slnllcn, foisted in. 
1658 Phii.mks, (ViV'/fAw/, A irci ping, or vieuliiig upon hy 
i.'iafl 7 whemre obri ptitiuii*:, /, slullcn upon hy crafiy ine.iii'l. 
I73B tii^t. LiiUtarin IV. An oiircplitious and siir- 
I’l'piiiioiis Vv.iMoii. 1875 Masmmj in C.mtewp. A*/T'. Dec. 
lii Ihe Airlibishup, bHieving the iiiill to be ulirrluitiiiliH . . 
wijiild not publish it. 1890 1'. K. llKinf^Kri fititmt. -V Fot^. 
18 Pcihaps the rfM.;ri|»t .. w;is uhi.iiiied tibiepiiiioll*^ly or 

t Obrise. Obs. .Mso obryse : obrlaon, -zon. 
[ad. I., obtyza, abryMtm {attutnt) - (Ir. u^pv(uv 
(xpujiui'), Lii(.d or sLiiidard gold, in 16th c. F. 
obi til {piX Cf. f- obri/ssa ihe testing of gold by 
lire, lest, proof, toueb.stoiie.] In Obti^e i\ho 
: Pure or relined gold ; fiiu* gold. 
Z430-RO ttihkirs vii. viii. 11554) i7ah, lupiter 
leygned, put out his father clenc Chaun;Sid ubrison into 
sillier xhciie. idao Maxwkm. ti. //i riy/a/f (163$) ;pz His 
Ves,i 11s, even uf ba'-est Vse, were t*f Obry/c Gold. 1658 
\V. IIlbjuM f/itt. Antxtn. ».*j8 A must fnrtimatc jewel to 
Ihitain, U-Uer wmih iH^ing but Cup|ii'i, (hi’ti ohrbe Gold. 
»6rf 1'iiii.Lirx. ()hri' \ ijtA Obtyrmtu] ip Opkiriantn.fxne 
Kuid, gold uf Gphir. i6yo 'Ihc (.luldeii Ctdf .. In 

which is haiiilh'd *l ho. .\\oiu]i'r of Nature, in 'i'lansinuting 
MeuU; viz. lluw' the ini ire Sulistancc of lead, w.'ts in one 
Moment 1 inii.->iiiutcrl iiitu lluld-Obrizuii. 

f Obrode, oUs. form of AhUn.M*. 

1377 J..\Nr:l.. yV. It. V. 140 Anil •'ilhen l>*'i blosnitd 

Obrogata [^* I'P^* 

l,. obroyitiiC p.ailly to lepcnl a law by passing a 
new one, f. ob~ ^Ou- 1 bv + ro^tlre to nsk, Sdpplicate, 
propose a law, introduce a bill.] a. To repeal 
(a l.iw) by ]in.ssing a new one. +b. (.See quot. 

So Obroga tion. 

1656 Hi.oi.%r <//#».»■ to or iiitciiiipt 

une in bis t.'ilo, to g;iin:-:iy. _ 'lo abroj^alc |i-/i,r7. 1174 uli- 
io,',aii'] a ].:i\v, is to po.claiin .1 coiui.'iry I...-iw, fur tak'tng 
away the rniin r. 16^ Piiii.i n s, an iiiienii^it- 

ing, nr bimlrin;:, :d o .t gain s.i) ii.^;. 1^3 A. H . GKi.r\’ii«.K 
in CV.ii'.'. Few Oci. An iu t uf p.iilianieni bad been 

p.i%.seil wliich w.V'. in direct iniillii't \vili a cb.arloi ; . .and 
i/soyiiiti* ihi^ cl.' in iliis chaiier ■ I lOgaied. Rut 
uo imed net be ‘■itrtni-ied if the r.ons»-i vailic p.oty ierv..M‘d 
(i» admit rhR ol roi^alion. 

Obrottfnd (pbi wnd) , j. [f. I., ob- r I i fuitJ us 
round, after L. cb/omt-Uf oblong. J 0.f a roundeil 
fono, but longer in one iliivction than in the other; 
somew hat ruiind. 

1650 l»ri.vviK .ItrAnpi/tmf. vi.^(ifj5}) 110 In S’liniair.'i, 
limy have Kyts. obiMliind, ul urevii colour. 189a Vjif. Sec. 
.Lc.r.^ Otrotumt, somewhat ruund. 

t Obrouxid, obs. [f. oh + Koiknij.] ivnc. 

1668 WiLio.NS Feat Char. ii. iv. hS Of uite siu,{]c bulb or 
‘, whelKer Obroiind, ruiiipre-'SKl, Dhl<iM);i Co.itcd or 
Scaly. 168B K. Arminny 11. 174/1 Obiound (LsJ 

a njiind that is Irmj^rr <iue way iliari aijuilicr, 

t Obru'xnpeiit, (7. Obs. rare- [f. (rcputeil) 
fj.obruvtpire^ f. oh id) ♦ rnmphe to brealr.] 
1656 Rl.oi .\r ObrumPent, brcakiiii; or bursiiiiA. 

•bObrifte, £’• Obs.twe. [f. l-.r'/w//-, ppl. stou 
of obnt erc to overwhelm, bury ; f. ob- (On- i c; h 
ru-cre to fall, rush dtiwii.J fratis. To overwhelm, 
bniy ; to covet over. 

1541 13 fa-.*:iN .Vi'A'i ivit 0/ itea 7 ‘i'n in Plarly U‘h. u843’» 57 
If >f. seriuu.tly lon.'.ider ihc iniMiy wiKrewirh yv weic 
obruted and oxer whelmed bchm-:. 1657 AV«.'w'jr 
/>.'.v/. 72 Ohrulcd with dim.; iifttr iney were put into a 
iie'.v |iot, 

t Obsa'lutate, v. Obs. rare’ •. [f. ppl. stem of 
L. obsatutare to uftVr to s.alulc, f. oh (Ob- 1 a) + 
SitliiMtc to salute.] 

1613 CocKKR.AM, Ohalutate, to iiffcr to .stdiile. (i«44 
Kidii iiled in I inJe c Aui^/ieus 5, 6.| 

t Obsa't urate, v. Obs. nuc’^^. [f. ppl. stem 
of L. vhatuHlre to sale, cloy, f. oh i(jlJ- 1 b) + 
saturdre to fill.] 

16x3 CocKi.u.vM, Obsattn atCj to fill tuu mia. h, co j^luc a iruiri 
Ids liri, 

OblOene ;V^is/'n), a. [ad. I .. obsiotus^ obsenuus 
adverse, inaiispieiou.s, ill-omened ; Iranst. abomin- 
able, disgiust ing, filthy, imlecent : of doubtful ety- 
mology. Ptrh. iinmed, after obsdw ti56t, in 
Godef. Com//.}.] 

1 . (.Iffcusivc to the senses, or to taste or refme- 
inenl ; disgusting, lepuUivc, filthy, foul, abomin- 
able, loathsome. Now somewhat arr/i. 

1593 SiiAKS. Fitk. //, IV. i. 131 That in a Christian Cliinato, 
Soules rcfinMc ShouM shew .so_ licyiimix, Mack, obisi'cne 
A deed. 1664. 11. Murk J/FiA/^iV-h' ySurcvreis. .we shut 
w'iih nhsccnc Dot's out uf the. holy City. 1785 l*ui a Oityss. 
\ X. why 1 11 1 ul ksceiic decreed to roam. 1845 At us. j 4 M KBON 
il/ew. Early It, Paint. II. i.j Hidcgiis reptih ^, as .adders 
liz;u'ds, loads, ..and uiher crawlinz athI HyniK obstene and 
olinuxiouH thiii;;s. 1889 Kuskin Q, o/Air ui. 1 78 Ihe brigiit 
Wandcl, dii inc uf watt rs m Cnsialy, is filled . . with old 
sh(H;s, ubiiceiie crockery, and ashes. 

2 , Offensive to modesty ur decency ; expressing 
or suggesting unchaste or lustfui ideas; impure, 
indecent, lewd. + Obscene /arts, privy jiarts {obs.), 
.«S9 ». Marhton Pwmal, xxxviii. 133 lie nut obsecanc 
though wanton in (ny^ rim';.^ a 1650 ftp. Hai.l Kent, IPks, 
(i66u) IU2 lllvj lets his longue louse to obscene and filthy 
Coinmunicaiion. 1887 Mii.iom P, /., 1. 405 ChemoA, ib' 
obs( eiie dread of Mo^ihs .Sons. , Frvkr .Ire. P\ India 
'iF P, 39 On the W ali.s. . were obsc-ene Iiuagei. 1714 Wati a 




I< iv. fi 3 Wortl* that wcrt! onrc cha^li*, hy frf:i|ucnt | 
ttjie grow oliM'-irne and uncleanly. 1715 Toi-k ih/y^x. \ii. : 
115 Her (ScylluNj parU the taging billows hide. | 
i8aj MACAt?i.AV Jiss., Milton (1851) I. 13 'I he rabble of 1 
Conuis . . rerlitig in plMu:*Mie ilunces. 1899 W thenxum 1 4 Apr. ! 
475/' writers ate saucy rather than iiIincch*-. I 

t 3 . Ill-omeiicii, inauspicious. (A I-atini-sm.) Ohs, I 
l 53 S~ 5 lfi Cowt.f.v /’rt77Vf»-/A II. Sifi The tTciiiblinty .Scrpt;nK j 
close and silent lye The Hirds i.b<r.i-ne far frv>m hi-* j 

flj'. 1833-6 J. Ka(;i.fs .S'Xr/t'A*’/' (1856,' 170 Kvil-boding fowl, | 
and bats obscene. ^ j 

ObSCOnely (^^l>snili), adv, [f. prec. + -bv i-'.] j 
In an obsmic manner: a. Repulsively, loaih- j 
snmely ; b. Imlccenllv, lewdly. 

1588 SiiAKs. A./.. Tr. IV. i. 145 Most in- iiiiifi vulgar wit, 
When it coiiie.s m> siiiMoibly off, si? l■b.^cen»•IJ, as it weto, fu 
fir. 164a Mimon ApoL Smeci. ii, The inaMiri.ihs. .gavi- in; ; 
this iriMilsc nilu nut uf tlieir Talmud, iliat all words w-lilch ; 
ill ihe law aic writ ob.sceitcly, be changil to nioic civil . 
wOliK 1710 Tiitli'r No. e 3 For sneaking obsimtly 
to the Lady IViicIopc 'J'ouchwoocl. Z740 T. I’rn .-Kiuiti _ 
Xfi. 853 Then on a lofty 1 m. an*., the tnairoti ty'd The noos«j 1 
dislionest, and obNcent-Iy dy'd. | 

Ob 8 C 61 ieil 68 S (pbs/'niios). [f. n.sprec. -• ->'>::-ss.] ; 
The quality of iK'ing olisccne; nbsernity. * i 
a 1637 11. JoNsoN Phf*:\ Wk-c { 1 ^\ Idg.) 757/ H ercin i.s • 
Itht) efcganc*.* and propriety |i>f wrnilsj, whrn wc use iheiii : 
iiily. . .as whni we . . fscniw obsccncnc-.s, and g.iln in tin: ! 
griure and pronerty whirl) helps sigiiifn.anir. a 1700 I.Ikyiii.n j 
(J.), Faliie.s. .iree from any note of infamy 01 filjset.ncn».s.s. 1 

Obscenity O^bscniti^. [ad. f.. okwt'tli/as, f. I 
ohsiCn-ns <)bs‘'if.NK: peril, iinmcd. ad, V, vhit'ttifJ . 
(15IJ in Jfatz.-Dann.y] Olvitnit- quality or rba- j 
lacter: a. Tinpurily, indecency, u-sp. of j 
lanjpia^c^ ; in //. oLscajcVoids or niatler.s. 

t6<8 Wxi.i.*r lie A' 1 8jii Jn iiiaiiyof tln-ir . . kiol! \ 
scriiir.c.s.,lhi*v \-.ed miirh l•bst.ell^^’ic. 1643 Slii.iov /bV-.o.*: \ 
II iv, Worst*, then the woist «ibM i nitk-i of hi-athcn super- i 
.slitiiin. 1709 I'mI'Ii /’.jv. Cr/f. %.50 No p.iidtui \ lit* ( lb: . riiity 
rilioiikl find TIm' wii and ait 1 oiispin*. to iimve your mind. 
18^9 Scott /h'ftn^noi. vii. ivS The. .gios.-cst oliM irniiieN ewr 
inipt' on paper. 1B93 ( Vi. / Vij/t's f» Oct. OQ-/ 3 Pic- ] 
iiiilII of futil obs-A-iiity n.'t to be surpas.scd in I’miijif-ii. i 

b. Foulness, lT); in //. foul acts, ! 
dirty work. Ohsj or an h. 

^ a i6f8 Svi.vKSTEif 7 rt'.»fvO />att>'fv.y jt :: O-Msiunliig moro, ’ 
in rbnr Obscuic Ob.sta:niiy, On Siiuiak .•»rd Smur.k, viih j 
lh':ir .i|'|-en!|i.*ni Vanity, Then their 1 lave h.bli Ts did, when ; 
they in.iintaiiril floniiur .at borne, uiid forvain (<Ka'y gniii'd. 
i6xk Ji* kTciN .Jw.?/. J/i 7 , IT. id. Ml. if-ii) I)i>be*.. 
nastily drcs:lld by slovi-nly cooks, that after their o' eMiiit;*., 
lu-vcr wash lln-ir bf*w*ly bands. i8u7 C'. llj'i 11 'Nvn in 
Aiiitlff/y fi?76) 21 410/f One of die vicMnis . , was n ; 

welbmadc yniing man. .. 11c daii’cii fin a uhik: btfi.irv ib^*. i 
idol I Tu-rtgernautl, .then lu.sliin^ Muldcnly to the wheeU he i 
shed his lilood undi-r llie lower of ol).s< eriiiy. 

tjObflce'nons, a. Ohs, ff. I., obsevn-jts -i- >Ob.s.] ! 
*=Obsoexk. Hence t Ob^cmonsly t Ob- 
806 ‘nou 8 neM. , 

^ 1591 H A niNo 10*9 (.■>■•/ /k?*. Prrf, In :dl Ariosto, there 
i.s not a wiad of >)b.ildiy or ob>c;en.*iiMie'‘»:,. 1604 T. Wmoiir 
tiUshns VI. .n.i t ibscenons ;im} iiaiigiity l«M»kiv. 1606 
>V^RNK.i( AtK Am.C* ' 1 '« l<»lf.{if'i-.i) jj? Their J.iteraiiirc 
obbccnously .So .siiicih m .Srurrilitic. ; 

Obacura camera ^ - (ama ti ohcura^ C.\3ri:u.v 4, j 

i 7 o 6 in Phiii II S. 

Obscu'rancy. rare-\ [f. next : .sec -ANCY.] j 

The ijualily of bcinj^ nlisciir.nnt. 1 

18*5 K’lin. Kerf. XLII. 470 The tiiiie will ri-.ilaiidy o.nn*: I 
wlicn I hat piiwct irmssia) will rvi't ru that she i vci .siiU-.d I 
witli nail<, Obsciuani.y, and ])cs|M)iihiii. | 

Obacurant \f'i)skiu*>Taiil), sh. .'ind a, [:»: Her. 

oh.u itr(uit t iSthc.}, f. L. chriiniiil-, pi. pplr. of • 
</;r to ilxirken, obscure : cf. iiiod. F, onSiUnwl 
'yl.illrc).] ! 

A. sh. One who obscures: one A\ho stiives to i 
prevent inqiiirv, ciiHtjhlcnmoiil or reform. ! 

*799 W. T Avnia in Moufiity .Uitg, VI 11 . 597 On ihcii [ 
nrlviirsaric'i ibvy cndcavoni to imj»>'sr tini uaim*'! of /■/;/- r 
sfiTli»gt\ ()l'Si:Hy»trtiSi or /?Vii«i/ 1809-10 Coi.kmiii;i- 

II. 153, 1 will venture to a|ipt:al to these self- ; 
ubscuiaiil.s whi.i».c fiiitli dwcll.s in the i..-iiid of the Shadow . 
of Darkness. 1831 Sir W. IIamti.ion* /V.vr/m. (1852) an I 
The ohscurants of that vcm-rabb* seniiiiary resisted only tia; I 
iniH« streiiuoii-kly every effort at a rcfurm within Cofogne I 
il.vclf. 1900 K C i.onn III LiUrayy O'w/r/V i Nov. itS-i/a Ifen; j 
. .the baitb* between llir psycbologii-.d vvtj!iiii..itiibt and the 
theological ob.scuraiu .vlili i.-iges. 
m fB. adj. That obsairc.s or darkens ; oforliclong- 
ing to an obscurnnl ; f.ce 
1878 Oko.sar'i Infroit to //. Mon'x Foents ^f\i \ Ko^.-ndiie 
and obscurant s{x:i'.ukitit.iii. 1879 CJ. Mt.rI'-.iiii 11 /uyift I. v, 
fi7 All .around, she was yielding her hand Ivi jNirtncrs— 
obhctiuiiit males whose touch leaves ji stain. 

Obsenrantism O’bskiri^'Tanti/'in). [f. prec. 

+ -ISM ; (.tcr, ohst n ra fil is iSth c.) ; iit mod.F. 
ohsaminiisme Cl.iltrc).] The practice 01 principles 
of an obscurant ; opposition to inquiry or en- 
lightenment. • 

*834 P- TliOMl'HOsr hJri'iw III. 4 Wlirii the ulcrgy 
cuiuplaiii . .of the UiiU- inflimni'c thc-y pos.^ess. .the hcrediiarv 
^obseiirantbni ‘ nf their i .isle i.s. .at «MKe. the reason and the 
defeni.c. 1838-48 (ser next), i860 M \i»mi J.ect, ting. / . 

8 LiintincniMUIili^ty in ihreriieiied .. now by Muscovite 
barbansin, and now by ]i* obscur.'intisin. 1883 
.-f /y/<*/7*rir« V 1 1 , 3 A vklory of iib‘.eTii\iiiti.siii and*. e 
over cnlightunmeiil und progres.s. 

Obioniffttltist 0>lwKiu-* i:inlh>0, sb. and a. [f. 

.as prct:. h -1 st.] 

A. sh. One who oppo.scs tlie progress of intel- 
lectual cnlightenmetit. * 

. »«38 48. H.viir (tUt'Kses 11374) 5»M IVnpk* liave been .-■.■■mnil- ) 
i'lg the alarm for\' years j»;,st all %>vr» Kur-.ijw? agaiii';! | 
what iboy rail oht urnntism .'iml r»An urantists. Tin* j 

II lie n'uscurniui^ts .-in: ibe iiusstons, tin- jifejnnii.-es, the Iilind • : 
ing delusions of our nature, war pt by rvil ha‘.>iis and | 

iiidulgrnce; the teal ubst uiaiili-iii is bigi.try, in .ill itsfuriiif:, ] 
u'hi«;n arc man v, ami t-vm op|Ml^ltl^ 185B i b.N. P. riinMi-s* **< > 
Autii Alt. 11 . Ixvii. s The oKsiaclos tliiowii in ihe way iif ■ 
Kdiu ation by the Kiigli-h ! 

B. adj. Of, ])ertnining to, or of the n.itiirc of an ; 
obsciiraiitist ; opposed to enlighten meiit. | 

1830 Kivr.Mi.rv A/f. Aiv/v xvii, \ uii w orking men < •nnpr.iin 1 
of tin; rlcrgy fiif beiiif' bigtiiv'l ;ind idi.Si iii.jiiiia.and baiinv; I 
the e.Tii-.e of (h« pe*»ple. i 88 a (ii.-i.inv. .Smi-iii in ii ,/.4 f V/i/. I 
July fi :\ priLsth'.HMl asabsiduie and a.s *.*bMai»;iiiiisl as the j 
l>ruii|s. -j 

to-bscurate,///.//. Ohs. [.ad.L.e/e:./7n7Ayr.v,p!i. i 
pple. of ohst iirtirc to obscure.] Obscured ; flaiki ned. i 
^ 1471 Km'I.i V i'imtp.Akh. V. xii. in .Adiin. f 151 The S')n ; 
ill hys iipi jsyng r.liM iir;.ie- 1560 Pr»!.i..AMi’ t..'; /. ' 
i'l'UiiS If. i'.y F.xeept f*>nr bouiiti l*n!^ j 

Obscuration Ud»skiu-*r.-i-jnn;. [ad. I,. /»/-•, f/v?- i 
//Vb/-r;y/, n. of action f. <r/M»Mr/f/v* to obscuie. .So 1 
inod.P'. vhs, ttyit/iot: i Littn* ..] 

1 . 'i’he ai:ti»)ri of obscuring, fl.irkenin;:;. or eloud- . 

ing over ; the hiding nr palling out of sight : nb- i 
retired 01 dimmed Mate nr condition ; in Astro/t.^ } 
occiilt.itinii, eclipse. \ 

1471 Kmi.i.v i'oiitp. Aih. Rcr. in A-bni. li-'rTben i 

futn iiii'i ilj'- N'litli priM*oi!i bv ..ib'-i ’iiaty-'M ; Of l'i« l*i‘d 
M'ln ;iiid liy.s Wliyur W)f*: f:.Vil\d Ki.I\ ps.ili'}i:. 1$^ W. 
(.'iviMSt .11 AM I ',i\n:oirr.(ii /.».%.• i. I f the time in ihcbc,:iii!iirijLf ] 
I f ln*r ill i"4 ii ration liC in-'if, iben wlil«-li I lia\« be-'ivc j 
plarod. 1603 lloi I. \NL» riuiarf.h' X Mor. T^'i’T’be ^b?., in a- 1 
ti**n or vdip'-c of the .^nune.. *11713 Ih tco i fj-', Ai !•> 

|l •? .siin and iittu.iti, |liui- r.i<M'.ui:i'i>iii Jif ebanK** of eolii'.ir • 
b:i|'P O'. i OMiiao.'.lv' ill- «-rupti in of a lu.iv n.'.unt.dn. I 
1816 JM .\M vfM Xof. J'/iit. II. » {t» The Bioau .* iIn. . I 

dell. nniiu* the begiimi.i,;:. ilie grt:i|;‘'>-l o**.m:iii .liciitaiid the ' 
end ivf t!i** »:• lij-si:. *1:1832 \ v //A.^ /W 

S/t/t: ti: 17'' Here. i:i llii* «•.'«!. . t]i*Te i.s 1.0 1 iiiiliinrjus ; 

obscuration i:f the - kv by the l-.di.igr. 

Ovn/r/C 1864 l.o»vi i.i, /'. n. Wk<. (1^70) 

Out I. Ill dr.imatis'.s are full r-f -.m I) ('Mr.-.iiiai.^. .cf tin fo, I 
m.-ikinij r>>/u''r of ;e//i //u r, *884 AV;e /-./re. /V* In»r- d. .;4 ! 
tty Willing tl«e-e fihe originiil \i \v»-K] with the maik rf ■ 
vibi-* ur.xli<*n, Wf a:e t 10 in*li ‘.Me :il »;n c f jv** iheoieii:..d 
,'Mpl lb** a< iii.-d in*v.iiini iaii«: n, ; 

2. A>r- 'Fhe darkening or dimming nf intellcclnal j 

light, /if the mental vision nr imdei.standing, of the i 
sense of word.s, of truth, etc, , 

i6ri CoPY\T ('i-uJffit’s S3i N'-t to the. oiisi Mrritlon but ibe ! 
ilhl>lratit»:l of <i i« 1 h glory. 1791 l*n.s’.'ri! }^. /r.**.o*M ili, T o j 
Johnson, wh> s<i sijpi,.nM.* vidoymc';! was lb*.* immi isc *4 bis '• 
le.'is-.n, tin* di*.rnrlu.'iue or cbvr.rad ,n i f Ih.'il fa- i.lry 
was t!ie <-\il imi.i i*? be iln.ailed. 1879* I). Conww ’ 

/V;*.-, »..'.’i n. i\. Yxi.\. 4 iS T'bi' obiicuration cf tclijipoii i*j 1 
suj.-.frstici'.in. j 

t 0 bscu*rative,r 7 . Ohs.riinr-\\i.\..chn)rr7Fy 1 
ppl, stem of oh.'xftnhr t<» obscure : sec - ivk.] "I ciul- ■ 
ing or St rving to f'bscure 01 i«*nder dark. i 

1664 ){. M. ■KK -t/r'r. Itti','. y,4 Amichri.niisinns is an , 
obscur.ttive Sc bt.iiif: in IVtipbeiy whuh s»ms dcwii cue • 
nwiism e of time f*»r ar.oalit r ; a-, a Wei-k for Seven ye.n*.. 

Obscure 'tTiskiiw*.! , a, (sh: [.n. OF. chjcnr 
fi.phc.*, c.irlicr *>.f.7/e *.T ^th c.) * It. oSiUt’O, .Sp.. • 
Pg, ,•//•<» :— I . chsiUi’-its^ f. oh- (Or.- r c) r sntt-, 

f, rent SiU-, Skr. to cover ; cf. L. StVl-tifffi • 
bhicld, Or. OHsvrf attiic, covering, fSKvro^ hide.] 

1 . Devnid of or dificicnt in light; dark, dim; ; 
hence, gloomy, disinnl. 

^ *'1400 A’e/.v. J\o.\o L,ive is li.iiht of ,iV.h natiii'e : N"\v | 
is fair, .iiid n,?w' t liS* nr.'*, . . .\iid wli\lciii dim, ami wTivl 'iii I 
• If.*'**, f 1477 C.vxi' M Jax.'ii lob. Ha-a- olcniir anddriVi: j 
iiit;bl fiidiiTcst ibi.iii >0 tony,. 1483 — • <r. fit: til j 
/ii/*r Fvijb, Put in ,*1 pi-yvon which w.ts ihike an-l i 

fb.r.iirr, 13^ Sii\ks, ^^I/i r..//. /'. ii, \u, ri jsT like that j 
I.e.Tid Cuiil.uncs bf I V were loo T o tjb Inn si-arc- j 

ekilb in Ibr ohvuic f;i'auc. x6ii Hir.i.i-' yV,.*:'. .\x. :^:>^^Tll^ .*-0 
cui>eth lib f.iilier or bis mother, hi.s l.uiifM* sbatl bi^ put out in | 
ct.iM.iire davkt!U:ssc. 1703 iMArNnui.i 1. 0 \-uin, yt’n/s.{i-: *,?; 1 
?7 J hvii ChajuuT is; kirRc but •.Vi-v.urc. 1799 r*w» |■|■•.)^ Orsf- \ 
itit’fty I OlviCure.-.! ilivnlvrd the sliv. 1853 K.\NI. | 

f/'#v>rifivy /•' 1/. xliii. .'18561 vP T'hc day niisi^ and i.>l»si.iirc. j 
b. i.Vo. 7 i;v ;crjj, the claik or invisible ]K,at-rays i 
of the spectrum. * \ 

(1794 J. lit noN Philos. T.'ght, etc. 44 Here is llinef.'re i 
a s|K*Livs<if li^tht whii'.b we may ii-i-.n obscure, .i860 T vnu \ i.i. I 
f 7 /ir*-. II. i. i'jQ ft.'iyn wTiich:ireol>M'iiic tOM.iiu* are bmiin.-UN I 
to others.! 1863 ■ ft, at jf'j 'rtir**.e ini.'aii'teMX-m c.sibp.fiMis 
firiit an aliinidance *4 (.bn me i.iv.s ■ of r.iv.s of pure lu'al, 
whi< b have n>) ilbimin.’iiidK iK.twer, 1873 W. I .\¥S^A, '.’,xtu\ 

III. vii, 1'.*^ M «»>1 .'•onrccs of tic.'it cinii hral lay.s, v hich arc 
partly liiiuinous and panly ub*<urc. 

+C. fig. Intellectii.'tllvd.'irk ; uncnliglUcnod. Oh\ 

1388 f'K.\i;sL.i- /-rti.vVf A /.I'i*. I. i* E The ob.v.urc hi-.ul- 
piiMf s of i.ine or two I'nininy, Fliers. 1596 lUco.x 
iV i si's ('iWf. f.ti o IV* 1 ., The iii<ire i'.;n'tv;ii>t and i>'i**.i nr** 
time; nm lei I coke to lo'i'ct.lllic leaiin d an«l floundiini^. 

2. Of, |^erl:liI^ing to, or frcqucnliug the daiknc-'Si; 
enveloped in darkfit-ss, and so cduiliiig sight. 

SuMis. -l/ii. A II iii. < 5 The obsi nre i'ird lUnicr’d j 
ihe line lonv; Nkhi. 1667 Mn ion P. /.. 11. i.ijTTmi Lv^ioMs 
. .with ol-viiiirc w-iiig S:-.»iil f.iir .'iml wid*. iui*' the Ktalm of 
nipht. iV'ixl, IX, ISO VViapi in mist Of miJt'.iwdn vapor, 
icbfie obscuie, and piic In every Ijn-h. 111670 .NrM.inx*; 
y'/iJ#/.Ai 4 /*,«. IL 4 ^-^ I" rib’* I. we hail im ci'i lainls' 

•mh.iir he wi.iit, h*- wts so iiit. 1882(1. 1’. .Yksisnsom.; 
uart./r. (hroro, /.*«.•/ Sortie, .-fis Tlirie we mocked I lu; l.f* ii 
ptirsurt'*’ rye, And moved obss.iirc in noiselc.s.s ^.ll^llld^. 

3. Of colour or hue : Approaching black, dark, 
sombre; in J.itcr use, tlingy, dull, not bright. 

1490 Cax |*»V PfU Yd.y Th, u.,\ ,1;. 

i.ho .‘.:cryl!. .; b..‘i bV.iV..-: f:;,.! ,,l. 1604 K. I.ii -v. 

.S!ONt.l P'AiOj/ ts nut. li.;t .'S vn. \\\. Jl.t- 

r*ivide*l it siilfc into two sireanii.s, w'lvr. of tin; vt.*- .i .1 
veiv .>b-.nirr a/ure.. 1631 |. H.-vv. ski, ir. /i W; 

5*4 klaiij d .'ill ca'vr w'iih blaike Arr.i-.. . Si's :i-, li! 

llifsc C0I0UI-, lhi:ic W.i> t ilt aiiv wbi* il*..! f.n.:.b', 
1630 I*.; I ‘•VI H A n/hrof^iUtf,-/. ifl; ll I'h a;'i iil I I t,.. I . . if |l,, j. 
•'■‘bis declim* In Ji\ii! iir iil; o iire * i.| mr. 1662 .'‘li rrio 1 i*. 
Ayns .‘Ut c/t',lax\ Iviii. An * ’.• * mv \ illow. 1725 1 v 

lam, y)/i 7 . ‘..V, Ph’siiyi'^ H iIj.i m-u- Moon lui-- i. li-. iiji 
Il'.ili'-., .111*1 fhar the uiipti H-im un r lli;iri th* |. .. 

ii w ill rain iii ibr W'am- *.f ijir 1819 « S>m m i i : 

1 Contpg'Hii. T Wliij". ji.fiily I li'i iii«, pa»'t!\ d-.;;- 

pbaium:,. 18x6 Kiki-vX Sr. hiif.i/uoi. IV. -.^-4 ( f#;‘, , 
'Utf.ii i: which lellecl*, «be Hi'bt bill Jillb* 18^ .\. 14 M'.**.. 
i.A' I /f tf^i'iiifxio II Am iiliv i.iie rjjlour may c. nder Oim.i :d- 
meiil in**ic i*a>y f.n vuui*.. 

4 . Without clearness of form or outline; in- 
distinct, iindefiiu^d ; hardly pcrm.i.diblc to the cve ; 
faint. Might’. 

*593 F.-vlk y*/-f//i';/j^* 4^ Diriw' :iii cbi-.iiic r-r llp.lit lira: fr <111 
A. Im l;. 1669 .SiiKVV .l/rf>vWf;*V V. ijC.<S 4 .« 16 Vs -I 

nin.‘-t r iilr yisur 1’.. p-i • .r Pai-. him-ni « id, ,1:1 '.b riiii: .Mi 1 idi.ei 
I.Jii**, aiul;*.. 1676 / f.’.rr. .N’ ». 111-/4 TTic 

N.I1' Imlli |w*o .-iljM nil* fli'dj lSra^;'!^ I'li iii\ lluMork-.. 1751 
JiiH-.vis hitinhtu No. V. ' • J WTiar i*; *!i.tta:ii in in iiself 
MliNi.tiii , aoij, w iii 'i w- )*ave m*> wish M m t ii. e.-ssily v-rajieN 
ciir iioiii*.*. i8x8 Si 'm: J-'.iii';. Xof. Hi t. II. ^41 vVir.j'A 
s!i;'itily lint'.-d widi biown,. amt Ilit nerves ctr eu'e. 1834 
.Ml'S. SoMi K\ n.i.i- Ci'Hm.i. J'f!V: Sf. iv. fif-4 , J4 T In: •.Jiil- 
liHs l■(■lip■L■^• Ji:pi'.t;r. *.fimttiint:s p.l.^sj||(;; like Mlj’-i.iirc >poi% 
.1' f ish siitlai.f, 

b. Willi rcfcTciK-C to other .seii:'.(rs : Indir?! iiislly 
pciccivcd, felt. Or beard; indistinct. 

*597 A. M. ll. I Vr'/i/i-*T.v'.f /•>. f '/zViV/'C- 4/r Ib* h.itb a 
• iiiair*.-, feel.'!*.*, a*id 1 bM.uif pr.k'e. *1*837 Ik J* s.n'^.n /-.. vc- 
(•tuffi. iii, Ij . . wlii:n‘ ii cndcih. anil n sumti'di cIimtuil* aiid 
faitiily.^ 1636 K ir '■! i.v Pru. i. /'hym ;.i.j Aii'.bs in'.:\*Mv«. 
*79* W.M K* m PUii.. !' t i't'.uui.inti- n .*1 Nf'iliirr^ li 'ids 

III 're lo ta*i>i.‘^h :ir»d vu!;Taii/>.: llir,i.i;ibif-i: iha*) this 
shi'it i‘.li<l l■h-l;m■c si'iiiiid ■.#( the uii.'iccriilvd w. .874 Sw I *, I 
F.t.g. T Tm* cb.Mis’i. * f dll- 'dd n i'li.* was billy 

evt.LhIi-'lu i'l in die Ti.itiNiiiun pi.ri*''.l . . Walli- *'.'»)!> it .ci 
o!‘M.ure -rCHind. 1864 /-nc- I'i^t. Iii!r..'.d. 24 In the 

V.-wi.b, ordiaaiy -ar f h-irij ipiandiy i;i 'iMii.a.k'.d .. 'ih-ji ine 
tjii.-ilily l y (yc. 

6. (.>f Si jil.ace : Xot rc.adily seen or disfovcicd; 
hidden, rctircil. .sccirt; remote from ohstTv.'iiion. 

* 4«4 Cvx i/'N' /'V'/T.f 0/ , I ’ i, Hf .Mion** t*>ke hyin 
SL*';ri-til> in to bis I'.i-'vs. and ledfic liyiu in In a .‘iiie. and 
cbv.iire pl.ue. * 1300 . 1 / i;,yifie Hi* d**j.juted ^s. went by 
ii ivaye Iib-.iurf. »yl he b.-ial .l fi;a|. 1388 SlIAliS. Tit. A. II. 
iii. 77 Why .irc y*»u d fr*jni .ill your iraiiu* V . . .•\nJ 

w'amlrcii bitlH'.r U> an cbM.iiu* j)|.»i. 1660 I’i"» sr Jii'^cohci 

JVnderel li-ifl if«!ive*i*l Him ini.? ih*. nb 1 iir-vi pait 
•.■•fit !.'» ccpiii**], 1796 p,.;Kr. .*,*/. Wk-s V'MI, A 

T lu'V piir-»ili‘, even .Miib a> irn*, inii? l!ie ■:ih.M iiii-.l M'irr.'ii>. 
arwl haul th«.in lirriir thr-ir>|iitiMii;ify tribii- ab. 1832 
I.VT iMV I. iii, 1 al .1? ki-cpai in'; evtn in lids iiIjm uo* 

.■uj*l 5 -afc 

6. Irici>ii.s| icuoiis, iinclisiiiigiii.sbcd, unnoticed. 

*555 I’bii-N’ /V. *».ff*k' ;ii2 ( Ireal diyii;:!-. j»ti?«. r.iileiv im rtas-r 

cf Milan! 1*1: ob,i ,su- ii*-,;\t'My:ii;es. i6i^ I' '■.vtp Pip. i'hii ... 
I. fnv If you lake .\aliirc al dc* ri-.e-.iij Inr .in I 
o’-senre begiiiMiM^is, 1713 111. F*-i- y*f^.'. In-Vuttf. iiMf J I. 

js T he ;•<■' lit ol diiN bid** i*iii<.:i is :io» laki veiy re- 
mote, .-r the tiirinnstame 1 ^l•Lll^c. ^1854 H Kfi n /.i*/. 
Ttif;. J/U!. V. {ii‘76? 14 T he .NUiall ,-iiid '»l-.tiire;': of 
tireal politii.'.ti iii-iiiiilir.)ii'... 

b. Of ptr.'^OMs, ilitir st.Ttiou, dcsiocid, etc.: Not 
illu.strious or noted ; unknown to fame; hiunldc, 
lowly, mcaij. 

*11348 H.\i I, (:hri tt.. If> r, *‘//. 7. ^ I In^ V' -ns^r man . . 
diM t.iirlrd (if a !:a’*>*: ;V;i'l (•l»si“.!M- parenla 1555 Kin x 
/* ’4*»y j T o Kdt.i.Yit*/! pi U \fyii i f*'i liym t*.) ham* 
b',ii fih.. lire \nk'ifivvc:i. xfifixYViX'n Nov. ‘O. H.S.^ 

I. t6-.' 1 iie.'l .-i liiilr bc.ilei iImm in an obsi.iii'e. ('.im.iiiii n, 17x3 

Siiii.r N-x l l. 61^ r.v: i.»l'vvive aad iu!i.-.en.i . 

v.'tlirr th.iii i.c.iN] iii; liens arifl v;iiiby. 1750 (»Hvi i iiy\ v> 
l.rt III*! .Vnibirion nv'i k rlu ii iiM*f;.l inii, Thei: Ia'It.l-In jVy.s, 
and ib -.iinv cbM.iiTf. 1878 J. P Hom-s "5 Jesus 

called p ii.-r fi>heriiieii, .'■•.iii .w ful ■i'riei*-, *.d)siiir'; Wcil.iiiji- 
inen, nri;li'Cl*:d i.r.ildlen. 

7 . Jig, Not iii.Tiiifest to the mind or nnclrisland- 
i'.tg ; inqicrfectly known or imdmlood , not 
or plain; hidden, doubtful, v.nguo. unccit.'iiu. 

14^ Cam ON Pai’Ux 0/ Ai'.'u k\\\. Of a srMiciiit’i 
lijMin a drtle and t.-hscurr i-.nisi:. 1396 Hhav i mn n.h i. 
yh .And h: .•iii'ht die mo't i-hM iir»- Ttiin;;'- to ]ij:ln. 163a 

J. H»VA.Am.' IV. ifiTTie Kinj* i-.f Ojr-.ka, 

w’h.- iK.iVc Ti.' •‘f etiiinly. 1667 .Mil. vc^N l\ /.. 

viii. jr; ' Nmi til k'v.iw- al l.'.*f:e :>i tliuifis leiviote Frnni ;isr, 
cbsi me and Mitllo. 1732 .Am.! 1 iimm Kuies ot Piet ;.;i5 T\i 
k:i'iw the Cause and sc.vt cf dds iViM-a-.e, wliii.ii is ofien 
oliM ine. 1830 J.M i ! P''in>. (^oi. I, Yet pcolo^ji-ts h.i\e 
pre-i:nii-'l to r* >.*ut l*i .T r,asi*!il "r'l' i i*f tlijn;;*. to explain 
i XfTA (ilisi iirr pheiicm'vif'ii. 1878 IP xi 1 v /■V:\.\iogt\ Os T he 

cf ll.lii IN still c’-M-me. 

b, (Tf words, st.’iicmcul.-^. cx]>lanationi;, mrrinings: 
Not porspiciuius ; not clcaily expressed ; hard ic^ Also, of a .speaker or writer. 

*495 ' ** ■^^^"* SU nkli ai:ii* Si>clv.v.v.rfi drike 

.iii'l liifln.M: that the tint*, ciirnt nf the jnakn>: diei of i..iinr>t 
p«.iTii»;!y be u!idrc?ic!id. 1553 I’. Wmson Phot. nil-. In 
.■••.■eliyny, tc be shorl Ir mU clv-cvr- 1373 80 PiKu 
On A d.irke, c? urc .ind tivibbed ^ylr. 1651 Heunrs 
f.evitith. l^■. xliv. ;j.:) .Snine cf the .nbscurci' pl.iL'.*- 
New Te-Mnieiit. 1794 Pai.iiv Priit. ii.s.--,' II. Thi.^ i.'.b- 
( w,i*. (.'bscure, 186s tieoii-. J'Mfo J. i. Hri.iklci.'i:-. 
**f Kphe.-'.i.i.kcow n ihi.'iiiilioiil antiqiniy by die iJcn.-min.;. 
1 1 * Ml nf lhi.‘ UtiM^urr:. 1878 K. W. /'r.'.uh. Vi!l, 

.•.;o If tljvro .iro sentences whii.Ti arc at all ;»b:-..iire. 

B. jf\ 1, Obscurity, daikno.^;*; ilic'outr r daik- 
ness \ 

1667 P. II. • i: M fi ^ d.all..t!ir.^i;j:h dn* palpable 

1 J 




i»b=ic\\rc fjml out His uncouth way, 17*5 Popr mx- 

458 Cauiinus ill iir ol>s‘.'.ui«.‘ he liopM to lly The curious ^search 
or Eiiryclca’^i eye. 1813 S. Kuokhk / #»!■. Coinm/uis .vif, i j 
In Hi'S pro.^rf!?.s Ihro’ rhe dread vhscure. x8jo l«\vh l.iia 
Ser. f, 0 rA /''iw 1 though a iialpaWe obscure 
dimmed the face of ihiiig.-s 
2 . Im! i 4 'nt:t' es-i of outline or colour. 

x^a \ Y01.NC T’rrt;-. An aniniaU.d. mass 
of mfisiiielv vari -d pails - inching gradually i*Uo ilu;ili>l:iiit 
ohscine. ai8M iVAiiO /Viwj (it;64i 11 . And, i*i the 
caliii o!i.sCa.o uf cvi;n. All ihings and colru'.i.s fade. 

:i. pi. Tlic * shmUs* tit a jiicture. 

1814 W. Tavi.or in d/iMi.'/;/v XXWIII. jit lM^t.ili• ■' 
pirn;r<'sdvi:ly the light, and you will wi;ahoi) Imth lhC(h :ii-;> 
a'ld il^e ohscure.s. 

Obaewe ik [l’ht-" or ilu* 

rmiesp. L. vhiuitvre. 10 obstinc, darken, OK. 
obscurer^ i-arlier w/c v; cf. Tl. t'A titnn: !o (l;irk< 11.] 
tl. hwns. To make nl).7tMire or dark, to involve 
in darkness; to rlaikcn; to ilepriw oi li'.;iit or 
brij^htness ; to dim. 

a 1547 Jsi-’uKtv --/iWiVi/ tl. 0 *157' C iij h, T!i'-' < k.iidc- . hoe-; 
moi-.tiirc dt»lh oWioe alllhingt.^ atniiil. 15^)3 Sn.MvS. i t 'l. 
•V /It/, yj'i Now of this il.ijk night I p'.-vn. oo the 
Cynthia for .shaine ol)st:r.r*s hrr .-ilMT .djirie. 1651 lloiiin.:; 
Leviaih. 1 ii. j Th? Ii^;ht f'f ihe .‘sun oh^* iweih llu: light tif 
the Suiiic-N 1703 I\ iK li :v.\ > ■‘si-f gli'oniy cK'uds 
ob.'icuiv. liie fheeiliil 'i.iy! 1781 C'»»vi i k //.•/■.* «, ;.i A!nii.'*'.d 
ihat shadoAN sh »'ild idi-i.ruc ilie sight ftf dmo. w li-sc Inith 
w.i.-, in a land of Iighi. 1B53 Lvutn J/i Ai iii._ wii, The 
rtntli;-li->h, that hy ••h'-iaiii-’ig the \\;iu i s.n'*- tVom its t v.eiviy. 
b. i/i/r. i\)T rz/f.) I’o fjOt oine dark. 

15OT 20 Ds-Ntun /’.'f /.'"' lx.vii. i-’.j I he roIe did triiiiiuili. ihn 
Muiiis chiif, 'J’lir '"onc tit*''.,!ir!i I'f Ids lichl. 

e. /nifis. 'To make obscure in tjurility <»l‘ 

S'. Jinn I , c !c. 

Mri:ii\V Din/. .V. f.'i ;/.v.-;Vi S, 'i. i j - ttt ulhci' 
p j^^iiti'«..s ihf \iiA'cl s'liiriil 1 are diillcit <ir •.ih' to mu h an 
e.\li-al llial ihi-y I >sl- th' uiigiind qindity .i:al fill iiilu lln- 
iih^i.uie/ •h.-'ii.iil.'L-d. 1884 Xt-iv /.Vi/. Introd. -.-.j In 

inwl-:ni ‘ ‘.ptet h, viovrl;, an* ii;.!.'ii1.'ii1y «ihsi.uved in 
syllaliles that haiunt iihci piiinaiy tiiir 'ub'.-rdi.’iui'-- -trey , 
e>peciaily in lhi'',e that ihe main .MreN-. 

2 . To dim or lessen the liuire or lory of; ‘to 
put in the shade to over.diadnw or outsliim.-. 

1548 LmJMI rAV?'i«,. /'.f /!;<,■//#■ I. ( '^.\rb.l \j'ro ihdV.ce -I'ub'i.' 
S’.iirc ( I'l I**.'*- glory. 1591 .Siixk.s 1 //^v iv. ;•-! Vou 

h.'itn; Mih.trn'd this man Of puip-iM', to '•!)-*. ui-j my Nchlc 
bi'th. X78X J, Mooki; r.', .i>,ViV. J/. '.rv. 0 II. l.wlii. ; 

lli-s liheraht) . . oh.-iOMini 1.I1C ud'My -if ;dl wiiw had preceded 

h. iui in ihc uUn.-, 1819 Snrt i i.v Ci‘i> i tn. i. 102 ’I h.a failh 

i. ti a ,o'sy '.hall ol'.seme m inc. *874 fji'f.t.x .S/W/ //ii*. iii. 

^ 4. i.:.) A'' V'-l . . die f.Miinie.; -.f the Cnivi-r.-ily [of <.)\f'>id| 
weie i»: .‘...ured I > lln: gl-irics of I'aiTj. 

iJ. To cover or hide frfiiii view; to conceal. 

1606 0 , Wjo'M'COrKI- I y/.'vi'. NWIV. I!7 TIc l.:y 

h.'ping utw.nre liinV'' Ito in an vnfie-|UMiied and des(i1;>r'; 
plate. i6i» l.tiiio-v.v /'i-.r- at.' Iho .‘d-ihuMy .Xr.vhian-. 
wli'.i in hole.s, o.viU's, and hu.siu ,, :i»; 1, u.miing I'ji 

. . 1678 .Mis*!. IhrM.N .V/>- /*. II. i, Wh.'it 

.‘ii.dl I do? his roo !ale to oli>-eui'* jiiyseU’. 1697 n 

IVy. 1 . 70. I have lain 4'h‘...nri-d i:i the rveniir.: .wh* le 
ihey le.vjrl, and ., have killit f.i of tluan. 1787 (‘i/i.'.v »*A 
Ithif.i J.! I'hry plac’d »nc below .. am) oh-i 'ir'd me wifli 
h'laids. 1810 S«.i.»ir l.Uiiv •»/"/.. I'l. i', His i, beard 
iincl ni.ilit'il hair ( )li-./ iiri:d .1 'il -.ig'* (>( di.sp.sir, x866 O. 
M M ouv.M.D .*1 »i >1. AV/V'vA K \xii. ■ 1 ;■ /!■,' I lie imu in w.i 1 
now iv-iitc olyjcined. 

+ b. /////'. :, for ;y//. ; To hide tnuscir. (t/f.w 

1603 Pt lowF- in F.trr .s'. /’. ^n.y. ! 1^.-, When ^..,u 

nilchi vei: all ph-:.i-:irc’i .slui.i die iit;hl. Ar-.l 1 'Ai: (jlin inr, .it 
I'di^i'.! fail. 16x3 Ki i H.nt H i''Ir kowi i v .ij.t/.f ;n .1//// i\, ii, 
H.iw ! there s bad I'uiing.s : I must oIi-.' iit :i 'il la ar it. 1633 
SiKBi.r.v (. 'Vi'/crs iv. i, fli:re lb; i.lir:' . IWiih-.bawes.] 

4 . 'I’o C'Miceal frtnn kivovUtl^o or nbscrmtioii ; 
to keep secii-l the identity rf; in keep drukj I'l 
di f;iiise. refl. t a. fif pci-ons. Oh. 

f 1330 I.. (..'ox Kht't. (iS:.(j> 8^, I iv.jhic that ll:cy woldt .r i 
til'! iif.-iuie t'l lti« paj.iir, and by t!u:iv y ol.‘.s« uii*. my 

rude i.;n M;ui:..:e. 1590 Sh.'ks. //rn. 1,', 1, i. f. ; '| be IM.i .-j 

oh-Hcn- Vl hi.s Ij'iiiteiiipi.itif.ii \ nd- r the Vi \lf of Vt'ililm-x. i-. 
16x4 /iht. li 'cri.iv .. . if.<^ 1 David, n..! iIimu.c 

. .to .'\etiis, Ihiiu.e oftletli: whme ;'i nr.vf u.i- Mjn .i.-lii., li,.; 

w.ns fjn.-'t to ronnltiTcif. Ii\»!h Mrnpli. iii.; .(.,d diaija, ■> .j. 
b. ()l tiling 4 . 

> 7 S 7 «'//,*/ I. \V 1 ... 17;};^ I. 14. .\y. tl-Mv , 

no ing extracrdin.iry laltii:.-.. 18x1 Siii.j i.».v Jpi/.ty- /•. 

3-< l.hou .Min. if In uhi.fti . All sh:i| ' '- l.tok i. i;-. \ihi..Ii 
tJuiii ca/i.-'.t '-ii ! .\y, * V'*:, ihe dii.-i \i liieh urc llj.a; 

now I'lash, bglttnii:.^-':il-.e, wish nnaciru.’ gk-w. 

5 . 'I’o reiider dim or \agnc t.) the under:.! irulinr; ; 
to rctider nniiUi lligihlf. ‘/'a tj/.j. arc oucw/i from, 
Iti TciidcT oneVs meaning oh.scure to {oIkC . 

1584 in Spoiinwoivl ///,/. /.A.AV.-/. \ r. iit.y;) n ,, ]|,. 
first (/ii- .-ajred iiimv.lf tV im me, and would u t hr. plain. 1613 
Pln.Lii.\s /'u'i;riii.Ui:e '| .1 oli ,■ iir.-, ra'.’n- r 

ilhi-.traie, d at whi. li i, . . p] ,ii,ly 1751 

loiiNno.s Kamhfer N,,. i-/, rj... cxid.iu;.; II-.) .1 

by iii.-uLurale ar.iiniesiiaiio::. 1840 Mm. Dh\, /»/.*-. 

11875! I. \p} This langiiag... m.i la trlei.i'lale, bnl I . 

di-..;iii-e and i)h.:.iire. 1875; 1 v xij. tj |( 

Ith*: fiiguti f..»ni) for 1 l.on.-i .‘.| ^ivJlild be fiv;. ly wlieii- 

tver il '.iocs not too inui h i/ii.MMire the ‘«i;se of the words. 
Hence Ob.scu ring tM sh. niul ppl.o. 
l6as MARsrnN Antonio'!: Kn'. ii. iv, I'nder d;*: hai'.hc. nf 
otisc !rin;;ea- th. i6ix O- r-. n ,O.V.< «>v;.i .1", 

d.-irkriiirig, dimming, HiUta.'i lini;, ouerdmfl-iwin,-;. 1697 
Da.vimkh / Vp'. I. 4 v 4 This f.K.-iiririg f.r the Sun fby •.luiidd 
;.f noon, i.s comiiuiuly sjuidrir. X750 tr. 

Stones t-j 8 'I tic star .. i.-. hi<l wiili obscuring cloiids, 1873 
J, A. H. Morrav Dial. S. Count ics sVo/. 1 To indkaii; 
lids olisenriiig of iTiiled Vfwelv. 1885 AtlCoteun; 
.■t Stpi. ’ILc rckilioii.s hclwccu tve ;iud h.r bioliicr. 

] little 'roin, until ihc pivmalurci»liw;uriiigof lhat bright young 
j piece of nuuiiuHKl. 

Obscured (/»|jskju«*jd, /<?/•/. -rud), ppi. tl. 

J [-kdI.] M.Ade obscure ; darkem d, dimmed ; liiddoii 
I ft nut the sight or p-ictption ; fallen into ohseurity. 
j 1590 Sii4Ks. <\nu. I. i. Cf What obscured liglil the 
! lii-;uiens did giant. *598 -- .'tUrry /K v. iit. 13 They arc 
i all eiiiii.h'd in a pit hard by hlvijics Oake, wiili ul.iscur’d 
! 1 igtn 1763 )u>w.\Ki '.sill D/iil. Trans. 1 - 111 . 7.-9 Retleclums 
of ol'.sftiml itdugs ill ail, when rfrtei:lcf.l from the water. 
>891 T. IfsHivY Tt'ss ii9XKii 19/1 P.'igi-s Ilf wurks iltxolt'fl 
to c.vtinct, half-exiinci, obscured, and ruined ianiilics. ! 

Herure 01iMn*redl7 f*r»!dli), aJv. j 

! 16x8 (ho Lh: Trait. The. (ifi.p' 402 This nniit)>rcd while 1 

i pile f'irty •hiy.s btlwci ii rcMirrcctioii and a‘;ceiisionJ (..tiri-a j 
i pa.vwal ml .. obsciipilty ; hut apviearcd oft. /rx64t lb*. I 
I SluiNi x'.' . Ii /ji .V (ifi.|2» 34t' 'J tiis coiiiiniKd anioiig ; 
l*.igans.,tliinigli obscuredly. 1 

Obscurely (c'bskiii»'jli), nth. [f. OtJ.'^iTBE a. ; 

!' -r-hv-.] In an obscure way, manner, or degree. . 

1 . a. Darkly; dimly, dolly; not brightly or j 

! lmnutnu.sly. b. So as to be indistinct to the sight ; 
; or olltcr sense; dimly, indistinctly. C. With a ■ 
j dark, sombre, or dingy colour; dully. • 

j t: 1596 J iiii N 'il .N ,V, . -fig Clirxin/!iors I f vii. ( i o ■: » 1 'I'licy j 

'.t'.iii'.l I'bsvurulv hdiiiul the fm-.i, x6ao Kin\L.\M>s A/^vi/ • 
' Ka. en A ni-ht . urcly daikc. nr Minnie lii'.hl flrcrc. ; 
I x63a J. Hwtt Mill tl. Jt/ont/J'x hromt na s-| Torebr'i, wtili.h I 

• (ttimigh of pun* white \va\)%\oie \vl all artilii i.»!!y iiiade ' 
I ubwiiViily hr«.>wm‘. a 1839 Pk.m-o /‘ fvyiij (o'./i4l ll.4::^ci '1 lit ic 

' my Wliidc, (•hM iiii-:y blight, Slit] -.liows- hi.s link-. Dinp hy' . 
: iii.^!if. 1845 Darvis /■ .y. AM/. .\.\i. 'iSrj' 4>/J It is i.oni- 
i of.ilKi iiudj-.sii.iiilied h.'iid .Miii.i -r..iiiy. 187X - ■ Desi\ • 

.I/.IA' II. .\ii. -.-s T!if yuung aio i»bKciM*:!y liiiie-l. x 87 x Koiiv^ 

/. it. fintiu, 1 . Pref. 73 III Iv.ifdi 'h W'c are in th»; na'.ii ..-f ; 
I'l.iiigiii-,’, «ir pii-ii.ut:iLiiig ob.-.aii ely, .'ih'a.t xyui l.; in im 
: at I'cnted i<\ n.d'tcs 

2 . With obscurity of meaning, cxjrrcssion, or \ 

j exposition ; not plainly or clearly. * 

I 15x7 R . 'J'noKXF in Hitkhiyt / .-.1. (ih^'P "j t It la mapj can- 

j f.iii 1 ;c 1 juI iiliMurvJy Hct .Hit. 1563 Wix^n /-‘iv/#- .Vir».V ///n: 
j Wks. liHi? 1. 1...7 Qiiliy hi-.f /e .•ictfuith the sivul ; 
I pi‘!i.i.iiK:e sa •ib>cuiil;cy i63« I. H.uw.\n:i tr. JCou/i’.t i 
i J i/'i.iua .j 3 Ity yyiir iibsenr.c fi.i\f 1 ob'^fuitly ghcNScd, | 
j and by .yi.m b Iters ly tiii..k‘ of ihe sliv.r.K?; i».*S'.- j 
I luti'.''n. 1797 1803 Fosi i.K in A/VV' .V C‘.v.r. I. To ; 

j revea.l, llioudi oiisi:«ic*.v- 1838 Du kkns .Vi. /;. Ai-./y. Iv, > 
J Fhc i-.vfii wi-r.t M» far as to hint «di*<iirely at «ii ;iit;u.ljnjci.l. 

! 3 . in oh.svtirity; incon.spii.uously. j 

! 159* (Irmni: Cheat's IT. Idt 3 Y-ni wii)l hci: 

. . ;i pui-vu-i, if > e liuc lhii.sobv.ur«‘lic. 1691 W'.n'n 
j Ath. Oaom. I. •'(>.• Muit P'uriN dye c«Hi>c<pi».‘ntly : 
; ob'.urvly, X 76 a- 7 X II. W.m.i-oi.k l'n:»e's Ahna. i'ainf. 

: i'll, He li’.fii .'liM.urely in KjiaxV', in ; 

p.til. or.-liip with A’C p.iisiii;r. 1876 St. \ 

Martin's .V. v, Thoiij.;h a-^. r..»l ob. ..uiely, C»lio.>ls c.s..iipe. 

: Obscu'remeut. />//>•. [f. ciuset kk v. +• 

*MK.\T.] < )j».x.(‘i*l:.\Tn \ ; production nf obscurity. ; 

1653 R. Fk.xni k A'.'*-; ;. Xftitt . . rl;-it s;-.2 Tiv .slaudaul rtix nl 
I was advaiuad by t^haih-.s lh«* I’ti-st fir frimi th-: 

I i.b'Si uiciMi'iits iif aloiliijM.T’s Holt:. #11703 P;"M i.i-;r JMr.t • 
.V..-.‘n-.r. Pv,»jms r;-.n. 1,9 Nuw b>‘>ldcr hiis appear. And o'ev ! 
i the p.ilpabb* •.•hM.urcim-nl spt#rf. .utI jtay as f.dliii^ '' 

\ I .m.ifi r, 1834 / *A f'av I lifre is .i iionli'! vr.*:ii 

I'f poi'f ry . . wiiii it .shiiic.s llm.ujh all the i.! -...un iucal nf ; 
i liMliiih' 

Obscu'reness, ?C‘ow ; [f. On.striiE a. *- ‘ 

. -NK.*4s..] ThiMpialily or condiuonofbcingOn.H(;i'iU': ! 

(in vaiiott.s st'Msrs; ; Ohscukity. 
j 1509 IJ Ml' !. w .V.7iy* e/ ii -jr.iJ i To km. we of I.o.;;ikc 
! by ;ir,: 111 I It; at it niaketli rui'b:i! Mii'.lic ifi-.v.iiivin:^. ■ 
, I5SS f •*' Dof .if/is i.-ij '1 lit l•b-.l■||r^•t.'■t*■t: of the c:aut* inlo ■ 
i lIiL wbji. h he was r-inc r.Mi'-ri #l. 1570 Hi' r i.x-vu.KV Tm/i’l ! 

; V. xviii, ?.|7 'J lic ilifli- ijlty ;iiid oliauo.!i<i vf tliLs boi.-Ue, . 
I 1605 Pxu . A Jr. Learn. 1, iii. 5 a The piivai«m-.s.i or 
\ f .b.irurt'iifv; .-.f hf!.* nf •a.iitL-mplalive nmn, 17x7 P.HAr>i kv ■ 
. J-tisu. iMxt, s. fhau;itt hme. If >i.u disf.uvci some Sp'.l, 

I C.tbsciirr'i'jss, or Whilemas thcrrii). 1754 Fnw AM.s \ 

■ ^Ti/l IV. vlii, 7|7 The I niperlbr.i ion ol cur Jirniiiirr of i.ou- \ 

■ i ':i\ ing of J hini^s, arnl tiie ( )h ;f of b.-ingmigc. 1873 I 
M. Ai.S'oi ij y./L Jlo/'nits (ri:;0' !’-2 I’lsf i.h:u.ii:t»iis of 

; l.iiiiiilily, uliMurcMcs--, and dejncsMcar, were itiiiiiuonly at- i 
in'iiiitt-d to the Jewish Mr:.--ikih. ! 

j ObsCUTOr. /'C77<r, [f,OiiS( l BKr'. I -Kul.J One j 
: who or llmt which ohsciirc.s, ■ 

1630 I ■•ioi Haitians Tcrseci .\ w;i tor .'ni'l nb-.i.urer j 
; i..r lu:ielyi!t---:'e. 1869 Daily A'eios ’j\ Ni.v., J| wa.^ 

■ f 'tim.ite dial wcwrn; iijl dependent for idumiiiaii'iii on j 

{ llu -. m: palMil oil.-, nrers. ! 

I‘ ObsCU'rify, cbs. t are, [f,, I .. i^huHr-m : 
j OiJtscnTiE «. + -pv : tf. ol>s. K ohiHnfier (hcarroii ! 
j if>5o;i.] /.'v/w.!. 'I'o render oV»%aiie; to hide. I 

• i6xb WiiMi.a .'liitr. Phiiar. iu .^r^. f /«»*«, -r IV. ^67 Not ! 

; lhat i..vidi •;!■ I uiiti >1 Ih-r maii.lilc'is Ihiuiiy. 18*6 i 
j Pr.M ii.\M ill i/'Vi/M*. AVi’. VI, 4;-4 Misapplication of iuiy one 1 
; of the three ^»h''i.uriht:il |c.tii::> — w*', and i 

Obscu'i'isui. rare. [f.«.scPKK a. -f -isJi.] ; 

f)lWCI’Il.\-\TI.^M. i 

184X Fraser’s dArc. XX 11 1 . 14/ We liavc oi .jetted to tho ' 

I lb«* ibi;;k;;d fibscurisiii of Ydiiid wliu.h nomic aiC ! 

prtar'liing ;ts a nire f'W the i.vils of the day. //'/»/... To | 

• iiiainCiiri rlial ob.SLnrbni in religious rh>c trine. ; 

■ Obscurity 'iTtskiucriti), Also 5 obfK3iireto(d, 

. -iteo, 5-6 obHcurte, 6 7 -itlo. [a. F. oh(urit<I 
' ( 1 305 ill I rat7..-Darm.),nlsrt in OF. 

! nd. F. {ih.u f. ohettr-m (.luscciiii ri. ; sec 

1 -TTV.] 'Pile (jiudity or ronditiun of being obscure. 

1 . Absence of light (total or partial); darkness; 
j diiiines.-i, didhusa; ionn\ a dark iilacc. 

I X 4 ai c.-. \io\' Myrr. II. sw.iiZ This tiiynge is ihu r lowile, 

I but it liatli iii-t vj ini.iciic uli.w,ur'clc lhat il Uiketh fro vs (he 1 

clcrues uf the tluy. c xfoo Mrittsine S2 None oK^curte or 
durkiics was seen uboiii it i6iz Hiulk fsa. lix. o Wc wnite 
for light, but behold obscuritie. 1791 Mks. UADCuFfL Tom. 
Forest i, The ohscurily of the dawn confined hi.s views. 
i6m Kanf Crinneli AM/, .xjvii. (1856) 444 A strange, 
l>aTp.-ihIe ohscuiily . . gradually wrapped iis< If O' et every 
ihini;. 1854 j. b. C. Ammott AapJeon (iS:,?- II. xx. 377 
Cauluincoiiii .. galbipcd in the deep uuscuiiiy by anotnei 
route to IMi i.s. 

2 . The qu.nlity or condition of being unknown, 
inconspicuous, or insignificant. 

1619 Diiwros /Jea x. Thy gifts ihon in ohscurity dost 
waste. 1659 r». IDfkis /’ iirK'rt/'*- /ran vy Aortaiii 
I'ldiow of the very dregs of the People, wh'2 had d>ed 
ill the obsc.iirily of his hirth, Hot thi.s futiiMi. resolt 
. . elevated b.iin. 1730-46 'l’now.*!os Autnt/nt 102 1 Tht sigh 
for .snflfering Worth I.o*:! in oljM:urliy. 1873 Hamkiuon 
IntelL J.ife x. iii. \il#75) ho. ’I he greater number have lo 
j'ciuaiii ill pu.sition.s of oh'^enrity. 

b. An obscure unknown person. 

xSax .Mhenxum 14 J.-iii. yf i Hmt /art goes through the 
whole iiiirnber of ohsairilies fioni Teibiiiix to Kant. 1890 
R. I.. (Hi.nKkKi.ct.VK A'ij. A- SlnJ, 306, 1 left them .all and 
marrivil tliisi poor, yottng ou&cuiiiy, 

3 . The quality or conditiuii of not being dearly 
known or comprehended. 

1474 C.iNTON i'hesse 109 'i'hc thought is ciniolupcd in 
ol iMiii I r ii: and \ ndt T I he cdv>wdes. 1603 1 1 \ ii. i ./iWu TlutardCs 
Mor. fi-.* In PIii]o>uphii’, where at the seemeth.. 

lo Im sonic yir.ingf-oi;, obsuiiitie, mid 1 wot not what 
l.iarrcnii(;N-.e, 1674111 /*fr/i'#.v iCamdeii) 1. 332, 1 must 

lOiifeNs I lian: i vi-r t-i:i uneas-y t'.» tiiide things iif so nnn.h 
^ibMiiiity. 18x3 1 . 'Phomm'n Le.t. InfLim. S'O 
any part t f the ofiy.urity wln»:h prevails wiih reg.iid i<j ilic 
i.'aUirc ;iiid progress of lll(•^lilll;•<^oll. 2876 *liv.MPiiKi vs 
t f'/yi .17#^/. ii. 7 J'hcr.piei i i! date of ihm origin cf 

cuuicil in- ji'icy is lost in i>Vi.--ciii iiy. 

4 . Lack of pnspicuily in language; hncerlainty 
of imaning ; uniiiit)ligiMeiit;.ss. 

1,^38 SiAi'KKV Fny/aaJ n. i. 145 .-M ohMUiylc rruldtirkcnes 
hath ill wiyiyng and in al tioinmunvciiiyi'n ^pi‘D‘gylh 
tliei'jf. x6oa C'AMi-i«'.s A‘n^. /W*y Wks. (Ihillen) 231 'I hcre 
iM no wiiling ti'#o ljri#:r that, witli'Hit ohiriirily, < l'■nlJ■ll‘ht'm!s 
tl^e ifiti-iil of the wiiltr. 1751 JiiMNSf-s K.tmMer'SJ.tfit) 
P 13 ( >rie of the iiioM ptrriii'ioi.-s eUVi.l^vT h.i.slc is 1 bsvuriiy. 
1870 Swinumink F\s. y .SiuJ, ».ii;75) .‘73 R1-.1l .and ort-miM* 
ob.-i.iiiiiy iiit rcly uf iiudccjiian: ihNught imbodicd in 

iiiiidcipiutc lanv^iKige. 

b. All o 1 ksi:uic point; an unintdligiblc, or not 
dearly iiildligihle, speech or p.iss7go. 

1398 'jKiviCa Barth. Pe /’. A', i. 3 Dt-syidns to 

vndci-wintule ihv oliM.-iiretc s or «.!i!rknc‘-.S'.' "f hoiy vjiipiiiirN 
17*9 r>i.’ii.KR .Sertn, Pre.f., I'liii even ••liM-iiriih-*. aii-ing frmi 
I'thcr I siiiaes ihiiii the .at}S'.iii'’Vi.t'.SNof the .'ii'giiimMit iiia> not 
l-e always ini*.M.ii-»al*b'. 1875 low Plato (eil. :/! I M. 4 ? The 
ub. t nrilics of early (ircek poels arose iv t i:v..»rily out of the 
£>iatc of luiiguagc, 

t ObsCU'rOUS | /? . ( v'.r . / v//v* *" b f f. I-. ahi 'if tv tts 
OifSCiUE f -ors.J Dark, gloomy, obscure. 

1491 C\XT(*s’ J’/tfs Tatr/i,n (NV. Jc W’, i.ii>5) 1. Alxiii. 
91 b/M A lonnin.e where liju .ninne ne (he nniiiv ilyde riul. 
shync, tail thvii; w'crc di ik*; tt nclirevs and oh-curcus. 

Obsecate, erron. fuitn of Onc.i cvTK, 
Obsecrate (p*l)s/kii‘0. r. ;r//v, pedanttV. [f. 
J#. iVoiiV’vi/-, ppl. stem of obstPaie lo beseech, 
t Hill at ( prop, in the iiaivic 01 lur llie salti; of some- 
lliing sacitv.iy, I. v/> on account of • stifrure lo make 
sacif.), I. sat;n:F|.] 'I'o tnlical 

i .irnc-.slly, as in the name of .sumelhing sacred ; 
I'.i lirsccch, ‘^^upplicaie 'T\] crson:: to beg (a thing). 

•597 -'• ^h *'• /•ttt'Aen'f'arls Fr. I'Urur^. 'v, I m. i-l 
tManliloiy ot»swT;if.G idl mvn to la-ovavc graicfiitly ihi- my 
I.ib">.irc. x6ux .MiM'W iSi taiMii.K /Vi"x/.' Tobf. Fail 
liuutinj^ton 11. ii. in H.i/1. PeJs/ey VHf. 1 ;s (A’a //*, /cw- 
/'rt.v//.vr 7r] 1 oh-HMT.ilf jrt with nil 1 |■illrt'•■y . . you would 
\oiii.h or deipii I * pi-'Vi eil. 1767 Le.xifJi. 1 13 (/if 

»/if/Vr/.Vl 1 ohsviTalc you, Mr. f)rn.i« 1, to ooOi. -dc liie leave 
uf aliM.'u.- f. 181B .‘scui 1 A'oh Hoy xv.\i, Anilrew h'liirSt-iviLC 
ciiip!o>t:d his liin.;;.s in ul).NCi:iatiiig a sh.aro of DoiigalT 
protect ion. 

Obsecration (pbs/kr,T*J.m\ [lui. L. okeaH- 
/ix'tMrttt, n. of .action /. ohnriire to OnsKcKATK: 
peril, imnictl. a. F. oh^nathn i^tli c. in (.iu dcf.).] 

1. J'.)arnest entreaty, suppliLatioii ; .sotiictiines in 
orig. L. sense, I'inlicaty made in the n.'inic of the 
deity or sumc snerod thing. 

1381 \ /V. r..\lii(il. 1 J.ord. .p.m-cc^iic 111^1 oWcM* 
IVulg. ohexratione»h\, — /'m'. xviii. 23 With oh c*. 
f.r.i' i'Htiis •'pc krtli tlio jR»re ni.'iii. 148X Monkof F.veshtitti 
(.\ih.? >5 Fur hys cmnyiSH .hrinach: iiifriiiiiloiis prayern and 
p|}^*-.t.T;ij. vuus. XJ77 tr. Tatili user's DecaJes (1592! 014^ III 
iiiuur.ali<tii or petition w« coinpreheud oh.M'cmticjn, which is 
it niori; vi:luiiuiil prakr. /M699 8111;t t J.), That 
thrsL* were cuinpreluuKled Under tli«: saera, IN uiaiiirrait fn.'iii 
the old fur m of obscngij'in. 1854 FAiir.K /irmvthin HblH 
w# A.f XV. 1 137-2) :^75 Ob-iccraiion is the adiling of some motive 
or .vljiii-aii'jit t» our denunds fin prayer). 1883 N«!iON 
.Si/t eraHo Sxf. iii. (i!i:S6) 17 Rebold ihe . .raising bandl 
ia lib^ci.-niiion, attvhtiug gud LyceUs, 
b. Khet. uSec qiioi.s '■ 

x6r^ R. ItAi'.NMKn Faith/. Sheph. 67 Obseciatiun ; ihU ix 
making of r«Mpit-. t ill the Hi'^ircr.s. .ini rea ling the auditory 
lii ymld thing for their g*.»vid. 1837 7iiK;v«7. Brit. 
(ed 7) XVI. 419 f ObseernthJHt in ThetoriCf a figure by 
which the oratur iinplorc.s the Hs>ist.*uu<^of Ood or liinn. 

2 . sptr. One of the suffrages or prayers of the 
Litany intn.Mluccd by the word M>y * (L. per). 

1877 10. J'rityerhoh 172 The Olxiecratians which 

MHiiinenre at vvr. jj arc prayer. s for deliverance from sin 
and its con.seipicncch. 1890 \iiis. IbiNw i.'a.tfe •f CrrrdJL 
V. 133 He iHsgaii thu l.|iaiiy..he selcuicil cvrlain of the 




Ilencc 01 «»cr»*tIoaMy «. -next. 

1819 T. Hook Jiaffk to Dt%r»iis 76 The ionary 
objurKiation m lieauiiful. 

tObsecratory, *». obs. rare. [f. L. ppl. 

slcm obsurat- (sec above), or obseadtor Ijeseocher : 
sec -oiir.J Cliaraclcrizcd by ob-secralion. 

16*4 Bp. Hm.l /Vrt.r AftiAvr $ a6 (R ^ 'I li.-il v^racici^ .uni 
ebseertttor)' cUartfe of the blcitscd Apostle of the Uentilu.s. 
ObS6*d0|^* rart^. [a. F.fl/>i.v47*(i6-i7lhc.),ad. 
L. obsUdrex cf. Pohskdk «».] tram. ^ Obsess z*. 
lienee Obse'ding ppL a. 

1865 R. L. & F. SriiVKSSoN DynatniU-r 132 Ifalf a iniiuil»- 
..and he would be free.. from his ohstfiliiig lodi;cr. 189s 
rail Mall Cr. 71 Nov. 7/7 The Devil sucared over in u 
basket of fruit., obsctlcs the body of a Ihivari.ui boy. 

tObseti'k. z\ Obs. rare-'. [a]ip- b \-.ob- (Oii- 
I a; + Seek z»., through association with L, obscipti : 
sec nexi.l tram. To .seek to obtain. 

1648 J. BrNnKiCCiE I'sitrit .-fee. 28 None but famous., 
persuns W'cre wont to ob.scckc that OHico lif Censorship. 

t Obao'qiie, ?». Obs. rare. [ad. T.. ebsetjm: see 
()BSE<B'V 1.] trans. To comply with, yield to,*olx'y. 

lyao J. Johnson Gim. /Tw^. fV/. Ix.v, Jf he formerly 
nued the Devil ihrc/ h.tTcniinai:y, now Rl him ItnA by Way 
of Retalmiioia 

Obsequo, variant of ObsE(11y1 Obf. 
O'bflC^illOIlCe. Now rare. [ad. T.. obse- 
qtientia^ 1. obsequent-em t.^usEQUENT.] (.‘oinpliance, 
complais.aTicc, obsequir}iisnes.s, 

1603 Hoi.lano Viutarch\ Mur. 1133 More force of law, 
than volutiLiry i>li:‘C'|uriirc. i6u I-amu kwohu Cruru' 
InMUuatin); ihAn by fluilvrir and obsciiiiciu c 
into (hejirinces faM^itr. *884 D. Miti hki I. 7 V»- 

^fthtir ii, 4^ The nioriiirch w:i.s ch.irrru'cl . . not Ic- s by tin-, 
splendor of hts work tluiii by his gr.ivc ti)urtl^ objt4.iuiciice 


t O'bge^uenti Obs. [ad. I., ohrquntt’-ens 
compliant, yielding, etc., pr. pplc. of ohfqtii : 
cf. obs. F. and see Obseqi vI.] Com- 

pliant, yielding, pbetiient. 

15*0 \V'niT?N 7 o.s (*517) Bclivuoltud, Itberalii 

obMtqucnt. 1543 Nfctss. Dotir. N ij b, I'Jie j^rvaic parto <if 
lliij lerned men ttat were ihrrr, were. .o!»*nte to the 
pl'.'a.-iiii c and wyll of the byssboppe^ I'f Rome. 1601 I{oi.i.asii 
rb'fty IV.’f., The t»*n>;iu‘ in .-in liui'hshiiian s h«ad framed 
so Hcxibli? and ob.^eqiienr. (h.-it it um i»ronij|^m.e natuially 
any other lan.;iia;^f. a 16x9 F(>nii:KBV Atfuotii, 11. i. ^6 
(ifiaa) iSi nyant, and oh-xctiueiit to his pleasure. 

ObSOQtti&l !>»bsrkwial , n. [f. Ob.'SKQI Y 2 4 
•Ai.,] Of or pt rt.iiiiing to iuncral obsequies. 

•T 1693 L'KQiai.Mrr /CnN'/ais 111. xxiii. 1S5 Funerary .and 
Ob;iri.|iiul Ke>iivals. 1644 U.^ D. Wn.sf.N A'/. 7 . /m/ra I. 
4(7 'J o perfonn thv. obsttpicd rile.-. 1851 S. Juor. Marj*a/rt 
ll.\ '■1&71) 171 Wtllcs, as lh« lAsl obst<|ui.d .'tct 
thanked the jH*o]jIe for tbrir!o ibo .ind the 
living. . 

ObHe'qiilan, d!. rare. [f. l^.e/'sequ/ ufu + ^AS.] 
Ancient /list, (if or pertaining to tbe Obsequium ; 
8 A quot. 

1788 CfiHr.iiN* fhr.t, 4 /■. lii. V. yfi The troops, who, hi the 
new iaii)L;ua(;e of the luiipir**, were stjKil of ihr OhrtfNtan 
Theme, (.ViVi*. In i)u: divi^io?! «,f tlirf y'At'W/ v, or pna i.Krs 
dcjiCribrd by Cun.stiiniiiu; I'liri-hyioiieiiiuis. . the ( u*setfuiuM. 
a appt:n:iii<^ri of the .irmy .'uid [lalac*-, was (he fourth 
in the public order.) 

Obsequies ; see Odsequt *«. 

Obsequio'Bity. [jid. xy\i:\.\..cbscquiositas (DuC'.) 
f. ohscauibsus ; scfiie\l and -iTV.] Ob.scqinoiisncss. 

18B5 D. James (iitlc Tour \\\\. 1S6 His applic ation will 
)>e acvoinpruih-d with the. f.irius I'f a ron.sidnablc olx';_eipii- 
csiiy, ami in thi.s i-asc liis ruiiiiust will be i;r.init:d .'is civilly 
as it lia.s bi'.i:ii made. 

ObM^ laions (/^’ , a. [.ad. I.. tw<t quiet- 
us cuin^ilianT, olxdient, 1. oisiquium t; 

cf. F , ohsequieuxy ruse (15 1 fitli c. in Hal/. -Dai m.) .] 

1 . Coiiqdiant will) the will or wishes of unother, 
csp. of .1 Mijjcrior; prompt to serve, plea.sf, or 
follow directions ; obtdirijl; dutiful. Now 

a 1450 A/rtM/'rW(llTHiKll J RyS) .( Dwur obscqny* «u'-e. :u i 
to hjm xtildc be aplycdir. 1530 Timjai-f: /V,/« r. i'rtiaft's 
Wk*. (i r.j \} (fit/i \V:w no man wj ubsvtjnyons and sci iiicrablc. 
*598 SiiAks. Mcny If'. IV. ii. 1 sv«-. Vou an.* 
in your 1667'N A /■. \i. 10 l.i^ln fc'rtli, 

a^ at the other dnre Obwipiiinis darkm-ss is. a 1703 
^JrkKirr Oti A'. /*., .Ifarh 'rim iinruly aiuT 
unttniiied (:ii:;itiires Ix'coiiie. ol»-..e-i.iuiiius to fhti.l. ./ 1859 
Macai i.AY /tisf. Kuy. .will, V. 2 An avmy ni.iy In* so 
stituted a.s to he.. clViriv.nt niiaiiitil nii eiumiy, iiiid ytl 
vlxsciiuioits to the civil inaj;isti.\te. 

t b. Through association with Obseqc y •• : 1 )uli- 
ful in performing ftincnil obsequies or manifesting 
regnni for the (lend ; proper to obsequies. Obs. 

>588 SiiAKS. Tit. A. V. ifi. i.;i? Stand all alvM>fr, but Vnkle 
draw yuii ncere. To shed ob^oquious tcarcs vpv>n this 
Tpiiiki;. i6oa — N§m. 1. ii. rhv SmuiurT bound In 
filiall ( )blijration . - To do oliM'iinious Sorrow, f 1674 I user. 
KtH^suuwa Ch. in Crutt. l.XX. I. .n.'/i 1» memory 

of ms dvui-c Fathtrr . . His obsciiuioii.s soii Kkliard Webh 
sot up this monument. 

2 . Unduly or servilely compliant ; Ignobly sub- 
missive ; tnzftii resting or chat net crized by servile 
compbiisnnce ; fawning, dinging, sycriphnnlic. 

180s Marston Ant, 4 Met. i. \Vks. 1 . 11 With incwt 
oljsftiuious slcck hruwM inteiiain. Marvkii. C,nr. 

Wks. 1^77-5 n. .151 Thtf House was thin and ohsMiuious. 
lysft Swift AViV.s i'lcrxymeny Ho h;ul now aapiircd a 
low, oWipiioiis, aiikw.'ird Ia»w. 1848 I^u ki'.ss Pumhy 
Foliowinjg him aul, witli most obsciiuious * 

Conih. 1B89 R. PikVft.M.i. Art Siot. vii. i',i 'Du- liuiid, i 
insiKuificatit, ami filjSMiui'»as-li»kiii/; pi.t.k-plt(c<l youth. | 
t b. trails f, of a plant ! •Creeping*. Ob.s. \ 

1657 I 'oMi-iNSfiN Kemnts /A'V/. /(A Its root •.-mils lua.'iy I 
cTa^!•, nbv.ipiious 111 .inch* !<. * ■ 

Ob86*quiouBly, f»iv. [f. picc. + -i;v2.] j„ 

I an (ib.4cquious manner ; f with ready compliance ■ 
! or eagerness to serY'c or please, clulifiilly ob.s,\\ 

I with undue subinUsioiii delertnce, or coinplai.s.'inet ; 
i in a se rvile, fawning, or abject way. 

. *599 Mahstiin Sfo. I iltnnio 1. iv. i^r To diiy, to dii>-, 
iniplmc olixequioiisly : '1 'iiinI ui.t to iiiortdv.c-' Mill. 1623 
IbxfiiiAM Xemffkun 21 What fiita'is ■..•m'U'.t In- • l.o'if . . fa; 
vsed iiiiv-t llb.a•^.{uioll^ly. 1701 \ii: Vm. TritC'T-rr ;; | 

NiJ Subjucis III* in* I ib*;iM|uiou> ly oU y. 1736 Siiks.*- 

• To a I.’uiy 7 ( Whi-ii tli* ain:, juii th*.; ■ f.ims 

! .\tii! tliL* I>i>\ b .ws ob-c.| I'-w. x866 (Ik*.*. >1 ■ 

I J'\ tlolt xi. i-Jit * W'lfi's yuu l‘j v*alk into ilii*. 

j parlour, sir if' *-:iid Cliubb, 

I tb. ^\'ilh dutiful puformance «>f 
j qnies or dui; toke ns of regard for tlic dead ; in the 
' manner of a moutner. *.Cf. OitsKip. loc.s r-b.) ■ Obs. 

1594 .SiiAKs. /Cuh. Jlf. 1. ii. 3 Whir-t I .'i-wliiU. obscqiii- 
. i>ii*ily laiiii. it 1 )•' vijtii' fall of Ytriiioiis x6o8 

' K, J(ius*.C'N' .V»iV/i f iSi ‘I }.fi« j;li-‘ ij[iii..iu.--ly t«> 

■ offi.*r up iiiito lh»: aii^ry iiiauy a bitter -■i^h'.* 

■ ami toare. 

; 0bse*qili0U8ne8S. [f.a,-iprec. i Nk.v*.] The 
(piality of being obscquioii.s ; obvequiotis coudiiul. 
a. Ready coinpli.anee or o(.K;dkn*:c ; eagerness to 
i serve or j dense ; dutiiiil sei\ii t\ Now /arc i»r Obr. 

[ 1447 r.riKKNU\M .Wy^i/j'r i'Ro.xb.i 1.-7 !u al thivtyno: 

• .*10 li*.-.yly She* shuvvyii thi'i iiu i.c •d■-•x■t}uy.■||>nl 1548 

L'i.i\u., ct<:. Traxftr. xii. C.* uoiiiaiis oli- 

M'ljiiiixi'iiicv'ic and louaiurs iiic. 1638 IG wi.i-iv Ir. 

/uhofi'x /-!/•' \ T>'ttthi\'y.>')'x\ \ >i*ii;iihir g<*(iJ M^»flu:l,;»f»(J ■ 

; Wife; All'! yt-l, uo b -v- Fani'iiis, fttf h* 1 ihau . 

: Ob*.fipili«iMu*v.%c to'v.^rds bt.i 1767 

\. f>23 «/*iV, In iiidfi lo win h:..** Aflci tii'ii-s l-y hia ; 


i b. Sect ilcsid •mission or complaisance; servility. 

' 16x3 Shkkmiv Perxfit JC7 to 1*/; corrupt 

I t.iiniiiti* 11 of all Ojui* -. in wid* him* lone «.f f.!^r.*.ipii:.'tisuc: w* 

' (M l!ic Fiim.*.* -is powc) -able t lull iho haic M do ill. 

1747-38 ( i ' i J nt'us II. ill. 23 W id* w h;il obsf :;ui'*- »• ihcy 
. b<‘n«l, I'u u l::it % lb: acMoDS ( •nuli.s*' cjul. 1877 Pi-Ai K (/>•■. u 
\ Ta.\t. v\v. 24 *j J hv . . ihai in.irk i tliv 

: rekitions bolWffti die w:ii:» r. ..•’lid lli«: ^iiol at ;in 

, Obso'quity. rar,:.-'. (irrt'g. 1. UhsKyci-ui-.'s F 

. -JTY.] OUeqiiit»iisiie:o. 

I iB^MCornh. d/^.e. .)u:ii* ip.* ;,;di!tcd the Pr; ‘’.iucial with 
a iir.i\i>iis -.ibsi;* V whi'"h \ ut.j b.;,- ai:t U» h>\ k i»j 
! tO'bSOquy^ Oh. Alo 6 Obsoque, f> 7 
;<iuiet [ad, J.. ob:n/iti-/tni, c»>in- 
jilaisanci^, obitdlem in pi. .nets d complinnee, f. 

• fibsrqni to follow or comply wilh, f. oh i .1 
; i- sct/iti to follow. l\'Ully a. ol.s. F. 

; '‘obeiss.ince* (// i4*:o in tifxlef.\] Rc.a ly com- 
pliance with the will or pleasure of .mother, csp. 

^ ol a superior; dtrfen-ntial .service; oK’-equiou.sness. 

1431 50 ir. i.Kolb) ll. ?t't IJcstOH nlhi-.r crr.i- 

; lur»:s, w h!i bf will* eri*atf . . l«.* the ipiv <•( sv.biec*ji*iii (rfi/ 
IHJ in. .;5 l.i ruU'.U' vh‘ lawi.-, 

. jvi.plf. (..» thir •.•b'-».**|i.y of ptim t \. X483 '..■.vxi' X 

f ey. X}.;. i/i lie t'af fvi-.| to hl> nc)>;lib.ii;i hi. piw. r 
ill .iyd\n>;« ami ob-equyec 1 1550 Pis,. Ttut’ir.on ll i\it 
(O’O.O ill, 1 tovc him iml «.*nl> obey am m; but alwib * 
ubMijuft I rais. 1651 K.\hi. M(vn.m. ir. /'•V//i';'?'iV'V ’’jt //Pf. 
Kelit*. }. j Very £',t*;.*t i-- dn* »ri»-c*4aio whii.h the «huh*. 

1 .’■Imw uum him. {n *877 H.m.k i'thft. Man. i\ . ii. 

Wf fml cvfiy < 'ijiiiiii.iiiii I’f the iMviu'j \\ iM .. au.svtrn 1.I by 
an iiiuuv'.liale in the. i.!«.:iii-d Miiiti-r.| ^ 

b. KdunI .seiviccs, I iir.s. ru/y. 

! 1550 Bai y.' .\pi)*’.y.nifl ti« dn* o 1 ■•imu'iiall obMMiuyc*'. 

; in die hem -.c *-f 1605 (..iim' . 1.7 f-,'ubs Pbi>;i 

i I. i-'7 Vmi i |iio>c a huxii.i ut and iii,iy freely I'tifona*; ail 

■ i.>b'-e*|uies y.iu dt--iiv. (•» lout*. 

Oosequy- ; now always in pi, obsoqtticB 
(p l)s.‘kwi/;. Forms: 5 obseque, 5 6 -qui, 

■ -quye, ^6 osequo', 6 S obsoquio, 5-8 -quy ; pi. 
4- obsequies. . (i -ciiyco'. [a. AF. obsequie (al-o 

. OF., 1316 ill tiodef - u.>ual ( )F. cs.'qur, . 

: etc., lilli c.;, ]d. cbst'qncs, ad. lued.l . oiscquuvy 

ace. pi. chuqidas. * 

As-olii.iry and dv.i*ibtfiil'H kite I.. ivVf oiliC.!- 

i wi:-?: re.xd 001:1'. in an iii-i.rijiti. m. I.une or 

! ^(*:il.f .. nhc./uijr appears t*» have tin *u5;h niixone ..f 

; funeral nlr.s, .'iri-.l choj.'ahtn duiifnl M i^ice; hce 

I tlu:.-.« w.nds ill l)ii CiUii^v, itiid i.f. KM.y'-V.) 

I I' uncial rites 01 cercinoiiics ; a funeral, f For- 
merly somttiincs iiiclii'lmg commemorative rites . 
i or services \ pcrformctl at the gr-ave of ihe deceased < »r ' 
j elsewhcn.- , or denoting these alone. sin^. Ols. \ 
i c 147S Tartruay z ■\ H is fiiMi-r.iU ttlr;**qur i. t-moi m wb d.i. . 
I *53S*lf'V. ■|i/i.v/n.V*'( 'if.'.f.Vi. 1:?.. j , >li n; bilovi yda*. ; 
i (he O.'iBijue .'iiiil iiiiiBiiii"n( t>f ila* Kii;ht hii;h:: and bxlcIvuI 
I IVcn^■^^^ I.;ulc K.M'MJii. *558 A'.*', /f '.-i'A iSiuivia- 

} III, 1 will dull my in.iik out i.'b-i-.iui yi. Aly 

I for my solid in the pliU *; m lir.ii 1 am biiri**d. 1590 1 1 akm ^ r 
‘ Tiiy. 11. 11. Hit Nm* the '■ciiciiih day umly, Imt llie ?.ou«:nth ^ 
; niijMi'tli and yctre, within their owiic li«.»u.'-cs they lenm; ilus ; 
; obsoquiv. i^i Milton .Vji-*.'ii*» 17. i7 "1 o fetch luin hem i*, ' 
I and solemnly aiicml Widi nIIbmi i»b-«.*.|iiic an-l fun-, i.d train . 
I Home to lii' F.-idirrs boiisr. 1705 I. tutus /»;■.’/. 2 W ii!>*nil • 
! Miiutf Mournful Pomp .'ind (-dv-iipiii;. 

i b. //. 

; rt386 (.'ii.u-c.KK Avf.'s T. r;.s l'» lb** kidyc.-! la.- r*•^lol^.•l ■ 

‘ a);a>n Thr bum*-, of hir boiidnird*.-.s ihat wfrvn slayu Ti» J 
i dooii <>bsL'r|uie.s as w.Ts tli.» llic };v-t. 1483 f 'ax ion i-Mfi. 

1 192/1 'flu* mayde. .keptt: byin iu vj-jiyllcs iv^lh l\'.;lii« : 

and in di;i)yni.* ftli.-ftpiyi.-s a . bi!i>; a- - hi. l. i.* 1. c 1,1^30 I.n. 
P.i r NM-.-, ! yt.JSiy;. :i -.i y> 'fh*: ky;,-.;-.- . i .I-,; J„ y 

obsrLuytlO (<j liL- don*! ryei.l iMjl. ii.j.ii* ly iu l!-,.; • Kl. oiSa 
SiMKs. tit. .A. I. i. lO... 1 ..**- ;>t 11,1, my *mi..:.air. 

• 1 ifiMb r f<T my lirilhen..;' . i.'Vv ■, 1670 J M , •; 

Cof/t;.(^r,it!>iufa .. i, St:B ji* rf*i! m -l dun 1 ■■.*) i;d ( Ib.o.i'i,. 

1746 I 11 Kel-rorf 14 j .\t I'l-Ki i . - 1 . . 

*hi;;f;. 1877 (ir.A!i.- i .. i.n i* (V.'i n/f, l\'. W *: 1 '.!s, j,.. . 

vidi? ihe .Siiha;. w.iii .dia'^'^uiT fiii.'l'. foi '.j !i :. i . ■ b • ijui. ... 

tO'baorate, :■•. i f-s. /«/■«• '•. [•. 1.. e/ .Id/-, 
ppl. stem r.f ..'hc/dic. 1. ob .On- id' -f uta] 
/nuts. Tobolf, Id luck up. Htnc'* t Obmjrn lifn. 

16*3 O/’Mra/c. X658 I'hii.i Ii eA'jt'ui.''r 

[1678 OiAL'ru::. //j. 

Observable Ai=z-v.ivai/l;. i?. .'u.d d. [ml. L 

I'bst f'i’dbit is, i. ohyrrarc to Onsi.UM.; -aUI.i:, 
.'Old cf. F. obsrrT’ibb- \t i*;:o in f jodef.;.J 

A. tiiij. 1 . That must or may In- olj.rirv^.d., 
atti-nded to, 01 kejit. 

1608 T. M. hT .N r d‘s*.riJ...M( f»i j-r. 

l-t'iuail r*'iii'ji!i!ii .111'.'*. 1609 (j.>o(ja>j /:. i- xii. .3:* 

Ihi.^ i-k ll;*.! ub-' r\ . jM*; l:ii;'ui -.f I.i.:d. 1870 M. i;i. 

yViWi.. I'-Tiii. \ iibk i;i ■■.cn. iai ii'ite ■;r»ur-.-, 

2. 'I'hnl may l-e ubseivcd (^r (.iken imtsee of; 
noticeable; pricei'tiMc, 

1646 SiK T. IJk 'a^ki. /V’//i/. /■/. i-.i A.-: sh*; bv.n' iiiny V 

• M i| by tl;*: ii ai.ij- llje .a::;< M..iy !>■_■ m; : ; .1. 

is (.ib ;**i vab'«’ ir. baJiK-iti' -n-. 17x1 .Vl'ln m 'S' 1. N -. . '• 

^ -\i.y link* i*. la'i.'i* *.«.:. jij* U.n;'. ;«i:d r^abir i*, 
1.1- L''/ndu> l ili.iii in aii-.*!i*.i‘-. x8»3 il. I. iJ .M'.hi. Int,.',/. 

f i' 'i i:<; d'^illariiy ami r y!i!!) y ub*.* *•. ;i' i«; 

ill !:•*: f.jMfi.-. '■f i.ry tidlirrd b--!!!- .. 1874 I *; 1 1 N f /■/■/ 

xiii. it I. I ", .\ ]i*.aki*.l i.hanjiiL* iii jJuMl-.; bii; jjiu; 

at «ji» .0 \ abb*. 

3 . Wutlliy ol i.i] SI nation, iitdice, or nier.iiun ; 
iioteworthy. TPormc-ily in slionger Kt- 
mark.iMc, notable. 

1609 K. Ib.M'V I.i't. lo -Itr. i. ii. lb*; N;iliir;di Ir*-, 
am.iaL', t iiu-.i.ii- .■.iihf.T obv:; ijsd b- ir'.adbj;.... u- i.-.'*! ibi- i f rl;r 

Sttutir\\ i6ii Si'» ir'r. \i. \ > S- i.; - .V 

lllfk'l 'if *=0 f b>»;!'.i;'bl*; lliitl ! • lia*! i-iu 

nciu'-i (•'I biavdi- *8^7 Pksns P;:iry 2- July, is 

. t!u; .(bM:r'. .'ihii- » aibr/./l«.r *hat *.\' r w.o 'Mina.i 1775 
J*‘MNS'!'* /»/.. /ur/i K.nnifii, Wi, u;*. tv. ii!i n-nlnu.; 

vciy '•bv.TV..bit. . 1789 Ibi'.Ni* Jiut. .W.r. a-.iic I. 4 ,3 J la-i*.* 
is a:i ob siVid'!*- fdd iu di*'. >i-.l’ y i f ibi- 1828 
I) i I ( *'.n.i, /. II. X. -44 A 'ciy ol-*.' »v:i!-!r iui.i-.siM in 
ibr hisi'iiy < f (. briik s i884S:ti U. lliui.'i.i.w iu /.a.i 
*'/ ' !li:;u*.. I.»iv, !• It i-. '.b-trvaixk- ib.ii ilu; .ipplj- aii' n 
!’»• n..idii .;ii Kiiili..i* III 4:r.aii;d 01. aflid.tvit •.■r it:.! i vm--**. 

B. .^b. + 1. A nolewdiUiy thing, f:u;l, or cir- 

cumstance. (‘hielly i'://. Obs, 

1639 Fi i.i ».K //,'/y il’i'-y'w. ^l■.l•47■ .0 i nt' !Uii:n:ih 

i;- with iliiM! i)lr.<r\ .il T'.'atv .7 IVb , 

.AiTh.iI;;! |.•th<rl ii!:. rrl abl* . vr d’M.k dir Klu-j';- hr.-.'ddi Oiil’of 
a cill I’lip ' by Ki.r.^ Ilvi.iy VIll lu tills 0.'ni}-:,iiy. 
1913 1 >» Idi.sM /'/n i.- '/ X. i. .j4? .N'miIkt (>b-c.Tv;d-l** iu 
dur Fibvr.s '.*f liu* is llmr -.-liii.rly Pf.’sifk.-i. 1746 

(1. .Aj.'VMs .V,-V>.y/-*#//V, ii-,4.-. I' / iTbc ’Ibis 

•;l"U' par*«l -.hiuy Anitn.'d :irilli i^uviy *■ i:i u. ( vr.b!'>'. 
iB« '■■>'*. 1 HI V /.I . i. ".f.'/ 111. /4 .\ui-i:!.: Mtlarr >■! -■. ivabjt. 
it uunbl to lie i;-;:ditd ibat sliB has j b. uliai 'iiam.-s foi la-r 
doir.f-tii-. iiuj M:t;ui)ls. 

f 2 . A tiling thill may Lhj observed nr noticed. 

C/‘S. ran . 

x66o H. M ikk V.i iv. M fri-!-i 

wfiai tbtN w ril*: •■*( Insbiidi ;e d a»»Ki'.is.-, a.s |i »;m 
.‘■• irvabk--. Ill hi . liiia-jr, 

t 3 . A Id Ije ohr-c n cd or attended 1»>. •arc. 

1703 ']'. N. t’.-Vi- ,V (’. /\'Ut nu f f -.0 Of (.Ibsi-r .iibi* s iu 
Ij’iyia!.: aut.l Fayin.' luii.s.-. 

Hence Obse'rvably i/.fz'., uoUv-ealdy, ixrceplihly, 
+ nolahl) ; ObBe'rvablenesB, the quality or tact of 
being ohseri tliU*. 

1646 SikT. r.Ji T.<iU.t. /•.'/. \,:-X It Ut'W u!i;.*|-\ilbiy 
.sbalb iw t r i i hi:* * \.\\ i:.-.. 17*7 1 i \ii i v m»I. II . Oho rvi.' Aw. i •, 
liiric.-s, I :isuif.*s, or v.irthin*;->-. Iu bt; -ib- 1* vtd. 1840 t i.v: 
/VVr. i'5 i i.-iS V piiinary lai\ of buiiian naiint!. -siiil 

L\ct\v\lnTe obs'-.iv.abK at v.-tk, 

tObse'rval. 'obs. [f. Oh.servk f .vi. 5.] 

'Mic action of dhserving; uh.seii .ation : obsci\an»'e. 

* 7 X 734 NiUiTH a Til. \. hr.y:.}( 'I In- full l'.)l*:cr*r il.r 

I .iii'.i will' :'oi k.j)'^ uar v ilitov.l u j*rt % ions i ‘b.-ci ol v ii.n has 
b'.'i. '.i s.iid of ll.i III. » 78 .' 5 j- is V. I. ■'.IX ( (■•-..?» /.•*'. ! 1 i- 1 .p ..0 1 lilt: 
iiii\\:i;i1 ob-rr^.d W.T.S jiaitly iriiii-inbmil. 

Observance j?b/..''iv.(Tis ^ .Also ,v-6 -aunco, 
(5 obcerv- , 5 -am?, -auns, ifi ^anssb [n, F. 
obscnwn.t / 12=0 in (.lodtfrov, :;d. T.. i;’/'.r;T‘.f;///ir 
Kgnrd, sltciuion, notice ; rc.-pect, n vfMtnrc ; keep' 
iisg or following of .a law. cust*)in, etc, ; in l.ile I,., 
religious woi.slnp, f. olsc^'T’iUit-cm. pr. pple. of 
abst/vare to (M(skuvi:. | 

I. 1 . 'Thenctio.’ior jjr.Ts't ice of observing, keeping, 
or I'uxing attenti mi to ;a Inw, conniiaiul, duty, 
certmioiiv, .*iet time, i.>r nti} thing pre-sef ibed or ti.xcd' ; 
due rcgarii to :i custom, practice, nilo. method, or 
:in\ p'linciplc ol action \ ('(miki. of. .o, 
iigol *• 'Wi K 1 1 1 . 1.(2 F\f piiiiil/, V bi 111- l:u h.Tih under- 
take l‘•.' kept: .'iiid iit'lib: iu obsiTvarK e. i^iio-^a l»i sr-.A.: 

.v’v, I j I hiis 1 L.ifc ,.‘ii!‘ tlif i liv.ii'-s (.jf lii\ IS 
X596 Si ! N'!.i i; /■' u. .-.s In sii(i.;:S u!! 1 1 e * I j*: 
livli'.Mis vow. i6oa .SiiM.s. /I'linf, I. IV. t*' It is a ( 

lioh uii'J ill di<' br: ;nh, tiisii ilu i.b-.- m.iui *.■ 1649 

Mil iv. I'iidti iht' «.v.!*i.'iir .if a b’led .uni 

i-.b--*'! vauiv ut .ill *';ii!i. 1754 Ru.ii \ k.-siin f:/.**.*./ ".. ■* IV- >■■ 

\ i>ui .'I’.i M ro.e.'.-u .. '•li.*!! ..'ii"'.! \‘-Ui . 1 \ .ii.i *■■' •’( •!■>’ 

adxi.v. i7B5P\i f \ /'-b/. iii. T*’'’ -f'l'b 

w ill) till* reilKKUls otxv.:r\;i;!i-c •>! SliUibiV. 184^ I AM- Anir. 
AVr. I. 71’ 'I h*: i.'l'S*’ r iif this l*;'.d\.il .. . .■•htruir s thsi'** 
or f.’in 1856 K.\s} A = . i. / •/ • 1 1. \ O. I he -afet) 




nf the whole company exacts the stvi iicst ohsi.ivanco of 


b. The keeping of a prcaciibeti ritual; the 
]->crt‘ormancc of customary worship or ceremony. 

i ? 3 ?o Wynn- St/. irk.t. Ill, 4 12 5**^ oliservaunce in lyvi -; 
of fadris profyt'.rde to many men. , never hchrc.s it wer a pin 
ojicM fi.'lye to niahe herof 11 jcule for al and for evt-r. 13E6 
Chawfh /\/te.'x /'. 64^ Koi to doon hisohseiiiaunce to May. 
iSoo-'ao Dunhah 27 .Oo >nir obserimu r 
To him tliat is of kin;;. 1605 11 ai:«»n Learn 

I. To the Kinq $ 1 iMyly .s;uTiru:cs and fiec will nfli.Miig.*- ; 
Ihr one prcKcedin.; vpim ordinaric ol.»seniaiif »* i I - •' f rtfua/: \ 
eultK\\ the oihi-r vpjwm a ch-voul checrcl'iilMesse. *700 
Duvin V l\iL -V Arc. 1. 175 To do chr vaiii:c due to 
.•ipiiqljily May. 1B13 11 . J. Smiui KeJ. Atui'y. iii. Mie 
N.env:. of Shakspeare and our bard'? of old, With dii»' oh- 
seivanee ^pUM\dil^y nnrold. 1874 (Jki-k.n Sfnuf HLt. yiii. 

S 5- .S''9 'I’ho Kinq'.s first iui!i were f’.iiei led r.ilhtr !<j i»'.uiil.s 

• •f outer ijliser\:oK:*;. 

2 . An act pcrfonncrl innccordaiiccwilh prescriU-d 
usage, esp. or>c of religions <.*r ceremonial clia» \ 
racter; a practice which is customarily obscrvctl, ' 
customary rite or ceremony, cu.stnin; -f something | 
whii.h h.ns lo be observed ; an ordinance, lulc. tir | 
obligatory ])ractice 

«r 1BB5 Aner. /C. 24 IIoovolcwt -3 lu'r.ase in fjiic o’wru- 
ru;ncr.-'., imiehel of me OTdrf. (' t mi (''mavo.k AxffW »t. S 4 ■ 
'j'hcise Inn i.l».cru.nv:c7iif iiiduM.-iliiiatirrc/v lyu:-- of p.ticii.>i. 
f 1400 Jfetyn 4,^2 TImitIi niitf al! i>iir inan/hi'. it i-- the 
ohscrv.uiMoe. <1430 I.v/ M-infu'Jte «v, \.\i.v. ( iStKd ■ 

I'ji Siie is l>ou!>m*'i and lu.mndrn .'lycp ; frctlvd with 
idj-kC.iii.iimis s. 1540 -1'i ihev .'dl j 

I ■#nff.*ss..d. that MiJit; lamlirs as they had. \v«:ie MTuil**, ats ! 
for Iht whU he Ihcv u ci L* Knindni i i r et lay 11 ii|i-.erijah''.es. 
>588 S(i.\Ks. /, /.. L, I, i. \;?j I hcre are t>tlicr i>tnct 4»l.«seiu- \ 
antes: A.s n-M ^ev a Wkiiiian in iltal tcime, . . .\iiil imio 
day in a wc.eke to ii'ii* h no it-H'do. 1719 Ti ii.r.K Seym, 
ii^f.tam Wks. 1^74 11 . o'* Superstiilvui ijliSt.rvfustes .. will 
tK>i.,nicrul in;sliiT> with iis. i86i WTaan /.'.i.*'. 

II. wi. > AliiV'sl all llw line iirts derived tluir oiiqiii 
from religious leremonlcA ;tiid ohMTv.mtus. 

b. An ordinance to be observed ; vs/*, the rule, 
or one ol the regulntiou.s, of a religions order ; s/ei . 
of the < )bserv.ints or stricter Franciscans. 

138B \Vv».i rt t jj .\nil hope tlici tlio (»!»• 

>vi viaunci.' of tit*; t.ahcrnar I*?. /.^* v. .vliv. 

v: han putlr Witixtn tif myti in my ‘..lyi;- 

tuari*? I/* V'iii ^f!f. 1387 TRr\i.s\ iKoUs} \'II. 4‘..i 

|»»s*r lif'i iih-.i:i-vai\in.»;> )*:»! .»nn*-|i hard in pat ICivIfn 
nrdiuir ; jjci srhal wtre no ir..\iitTi.* fiirro.'i |vtc.l. 4 1450 .V/. 
(.'yt/Zf/’ert iSiirlc».*s) T4.:ir pc N’liin-- oliscrn.aiitc pro pai aii)scd 
Ikfoic at mailiiii*: p.ii) h.'id p.'ii vsed. 1501 7/ 

(i.*?!!) Thvo* he (Ifd tnid:^ frir.r ^ of 3* oh^rnands. 1706 
Ir. y>h/y«'.r /'If/, //ist. itV/fr. 1 1 . IV. xi. 44.) The 1 * ranr.isran.s 
were efit id«Hl into CooviMilual I'liaiSUiid Kriar.Hiif ihf .^trii.t 
t Mvyrvancc. 1834 /-'niy L Jlr/f. '.d. 7.. X. 2^1/1 'J'wo laiqc 
h•.‘K'lil■s, ronijiK In iiilio" the wholi: riaiu'iM'an oidcr, w'h:i-}i 
std>si.,t to ihi-» il.iv; nanicly, the tonrcnftuii f jv/Zi/ c//, and 
the /f ret five n of the ohseytuin e. 

c. A company tif religious persons 
observing some rule, or belonging lo some rtrder; 
also, their convent or place of habitntion. rare. 

i486 ftk. Si. AiZanK An t-V'Sta'u.m.'v of laaimytt-i. 
1876 Pn^t !tia.rt'i*e vvii. 14 I-alcly was * oflrrri.d 

A i'..ji]j>c in it< Ni;|iiili:h(4:, siliiait: |Sy St. Jwlni's (.)b>Krv:iiit'<'. 

II. 3 . The ob.scrviiig of due respect or defertrnce 
to a person: respcctiul or couitetjiis attention, 
dutiful .service. t^Karely const, of.) areh, 

c 1374 CiiACt iai .//.//. Zf Are. /i 3 trin;-i i>. That ' 

..iloilif* her oh-.tin;iimcf -\lwcy to ot-n .'md <-h.'iiinsi:th I r 
iiotifve. 14*3 1 A.s. 1 A'.0f^7.v Cxxiii, t.lulmn; Is )w;niui- 
liiyn, .. The hesy nwaylc, the hcilly | h:it . 

iMiliiiiiin Was arjiiiOgi'. ili.-im*.* ryf 't IS4^ If.M.l. 

//■■>/. I ’//, 27 Of his lion n'fcn duel 1C an*l oliM-rviviiiC**. whi'.h •' 
he 'ii{;;ht lo the kynq hys inauer. 1647 Tmvok (.'hahi.s-.s • 
J-I.WIS in Klli'» S'Tf. 11. III. .44, I will iivvt,*- ; 

fiir;;«rt the pv.p«<»nal resi**' t and '.ih-^rTvanfc 1 cli.c owe y-m. 
1741 MiPDi-Ki'iN i'ieet.i fl. viii. He .'iiladifd hini'-t.'if ; 
wry early |?j tli** {.discrvajK*: *;f Ci-'tio. 1859 1 j.nsv.‘'OM 1 
Ceraini \ LniA'd her with sw’rfjt .jli'H-rvanees ; 
.And Worship. • I 

III. + 4 . Observant care, heed. Oh. I 

• C 1386 C.'iiAiv.i-.n Pitrs. T. ^67 4 The Auaiii.i.ius inrtn. diV)tli | 

moorc ohseniam e in kepynge of Ids iriv nr than, . lo ’^eruij.c ‘ 
of trisi. i 1449 I’m.vvk Ke/r. 2./1 l ln.' I '.iiisidrrai'.id'in 
an«l the fili-.*'ivaiini:*: .Aw.'iiie and dili^tra:!: i-, ui ho ■ 
had in .‘■lurh M.ittr. i 6 ob Ham. in. ii. .Snic ilu: 

-Al ti'iii lo thr Wi>rd, tVe W.;ird lo tin; .\rli.?ii, v. iih ii,is ; 
spci.'i.All ohscni.-iri.-:r ; Th.U ymi nri‘-'.T'»p in’i ih*’ inmlt-siic of . 
N.Atnr*;. 1660 I 'e.;ei.P‘/t s 119 ’.I hi-, ohservara;*; is 

alisolulely nci'.css.Ai y to HaiiiaT r...M.-'-. 

5 . The action of paying attention <10 what i>i 
said;, of obKcning or noticing ?\\hat 14 done' • 
notice ; watching : ^ (.)pskkv.vtio\ 5, 

1600 Shahs. //. 1 '. /.. in. ii. 2.47 Takii a l.'iii: of my fiivlisi;* 
liiin, find ridlisli it with ^ !'>d •ih'-eriiaiin*. 160s MAKsro'f ; 
Anf. .1/1/. I. Wk.i. lUy') I. is, \'i.iu'.hb-:ift; im-, Ihin, . 
hll^l^l ohM-rvaiH.r-.. 1634 .M / 4 H’em. v. i, I 1 

pa.-sed, And prieil, in tveiy pkn e, without nl.srr vMn*.i:, 173B ; 
iVi.Ai, //:>/. Parif. I. 22 I he 1 'f.ipi‘li paTty..j,Hi ),h,i ; 

;i iih.c r,l,w:!v;i:i( L* »if lici 1859 Ki Ski.\ i'mo I'.iihs | 

iv. If, 6 Coiv-idi.T )n>w- was liL-edtM) t'l the 

iirthitcct, .Afiii liww' niiieh oh-..«rvani.c of iialuie. | 

Ob*ervancyiid>z:i* [ad. \..oh€r.'antta. , 
or directly f. (JnyF.RVA.xi : see - an*;!.] j 

1 . The (juality of l»ciiig ob-ervant or r»bsi;rving ; ' 

+thc action of observing, obscrwuion -oh/. i 

i5fo Mam K r Cr, Port At 8 Aristoi**-. l»y .tinii y had, j 
iiiuch romimmdeth thvir fliqht. 1605 h.-.No-., 

. 4 reat/rr \Vk.*.. (1717) i.'-v f.ivirt>; luTe under thi* awful 
Hand Of llisciphnc find strict Ohservancy. 1B71, 
ill Afyf. t'.’j /.e/i. 1 . Ill Shrewd, arciirrile vaney. 

2. Kespcctful or obscijuious attention. ai\/i. 

f t6o» J. r.R Trent.Canmi. I>»d. Aij h, The dewlifiill 
fUiservanidr, and Promptitude, whi*;h the s.iiil rommuiio 
:d wayv-^ slirw vd tnwardc.s your. . Fathers seruice. 1616 K. C. 

'i imex ll '/tis//e vi. ..•329 A supple: kiirr, /^ul o>ly iiioiith 
and mill h oIini rv.incic. 1671 I -. Aihuson ll'est Parhaty 114 
Til please (heir hu.shaiuls. tu whom they are iaii]^hl hy llieir 
Alcoran to hear a dutiful ohsep’ancy. 1868 IIkownin*: j 
Pi'. IV. u{ij How hend him To .Mich ohservaiicy of I 
Ka k and .-all. ‘ ' 

+ 3. OhsiTA iincc of forms, rule.s, or ceremonies ; i 
a rule to 1 k.‘ ob;sorve(l. Oh. rare. \ 

1609 Da.n'iii. t /r. Wars viii. xcvii, llicy cnjnv j 
more n.Aliwall .Aiid fieo, I'liaii * an qrcat Pow-'is, chain'd with j 
t Misrivaiity. i6a8 Vf-js'Ni-.M Paths af Pafhe. ifO.=;td .•61 Ity 1 
liis « liniral and imnerc.ssary o1iseivaiicIc.s. ! 

4. v\ hoii.sC of the Ol>scrv.'iiU order. i 

1876 IIkoivnikc; Patt hiarMta vi.\. 0 A ronvent of incmkr, j 
lh«* t )l!s«u\aiK y. j 

II Obsorva-ndum. rare. PI. -a (enon. -as*. | 
[1.., (thing) to l3C observed.] Something to be i 
observed or noletk 

1704 SwiiT ■/’. Tnh vii, 'I hosc jndii.ioiis Oilloi turi of 
hrighl jv-irlv, flowers, :uid Ohserxandas. (.‘oiifl., The 

i'Siie.*; of- iny t )liMTvaiid.*i h».*ji;iii to grow too Uirq': for ih*; 

Observant (lYliz.^uvantl, a. nnd sh. [.1. F. ; 

oht'iTaut (formerly as .<11.). pr. j>i>le, ol oherver ' 
to t)H.‘<KKVK.] A. ildj. 

1. Attentive in observing n Itiw, custom, principle, | 

or anything prescril»ed or fixed; careful lo perlorm ■ 
01 pi .act isc duly. Cnnst. f /r> ;. ! 

16^^ 'I'orKri i Set penis (if‘5iA "jfy Thinking, hy this \ 
dffiiithui (..ill this .ili’-ervant niiiiinorMi.* pacilic the wralh 
of til'd. .163B f. H \^w•vPl I tr. A/, w.*//-.,' /•>.•///»///» ‘.4 Whrn I 
r^<iiiic haili«;hi a tliini; lo lM‘i:omi‘..h<*iiour, who.-o- I 
ever is not ohsionaiU .o'd olituifiii iln'ielii, P. didiotiored. i 
1701 W. Won ON ///•y. A'/vvr, Mtn\ui j. n ^..’l.ll;tiy ! 
i>itsrr\aiit of Stuceriiy ami 'I'nith. iSbq I.vii'i'n 
\ i, l^lie wsi'd very ohservimt of the liltU- uii i.tit 1 of phra.v : 
and iiiaiitiirr. 1834 Mi hwin .//.■jt-Z-r /w Jl'a/ei 11. jjji' O jii- | 
S' ieniioin-ly filiset vant of C'inti.Li I*.. 

*P2. Showing rcs[)ccl, honour, or tlefercnoc; 1 
dutifully regardful ; con.sideralely n.t1ei:ti\e; .assidn- . 
ou.s in service : fd>sefiuious. Const, rf /i>. 0 />y\ 
t6o 4 k. t.‘.vwi)Ki.v TaNc Atfh.. Ohseruant, dutifiill, fidl | 
of *lillv;i*!il ■aTin4:i*. 1605 Ath*. Lyara. \. To the ! 

Kiiiq li 2 l;c.h')ldiii.r; ymi not with the imtiilsitiiv ev "f 
prt.-.niii4>iii.»ii .. hut with the oh-ervant e>^.‘ of duly .'iiifl \ 
admiration, it 1713 Tm.wivid . 4 .///>/v.>e. (1714) »7‘» Vet thi* = 
.. iiiailr iht.-rn a little tli«; imm: ohserxanl to nu*. 17B5 ■ 
Porr (h/r.vr i. 7,42 t'Uiscnant of ih*^ (PhI-n, am! f.turnly jiiM. j 
*743 Pes. r. Past T. iv. ii. 167 ‘Jhey are m the 

haiulp of veo' kind nuAMci.-^, and .ire .ts olisenant »if them. 

3. Carefully jwticulai about a in.-iller; heedful, , 

1637 Tf \Ki:\vii.i. A/e/. iv. \ ii. § 6. < If their Wifiqhf tlu-\- | 

Were .0 I'lirPuis ;iiid ohxerv.itil. that they had them wci;;heil 
liiafjy liine.s .at their very taMe.s. 1691 Hf \i.i | . Itc. ;V. 

a-: 'rh*^ Diilch . . are rqualiy uh!i*.‘rvaTit with us, in 1 
the vhelilhinq their Kiiddcr Irons, a 1774 tior.nsM. ///V/. , 
(t'reeee 1 1. n.S To l.'e. .'•.••npuhinsly obM;rvaiit to a% oid offend- i 
iri!* tin: priiue. 1891 I.iU Vsiu-rv .S//;*/. 4 Vif/wnr I. iii. « 12 I 
The very diffiailiy *if qellinq a rorroc l ‘'opy at the h.ands '*f : 
the si.riiio iinifit have liad .a lemlemy to make the author. . ! 
iii*:re observant al»Mit the rluiiacter of bis out) i>ii;* I 

4. 'I’hat tike.s notice; attentive in marking or j 
noting ; t juick lo notice or r<crccive. Const, (f ‘t (*//'. | 

160B .SniKs. //am. 1. i, 71 This same sliii.t .'iiul mf«-.| iih. 
.seruant W.aii h.^ 1649 jKU. 'rAVi.oK (7. P.xem/. t. Ad .‘'•-■ct. i 
'••§«/ Tio' a»:live j'ieiy of a creduloius, a pious .and li;s*.. | 
olis*:rvant. 01661 Fr*tn,i* Warthhs iiip.) III. 434 A ! 
nuist acruniplishcd an.1 .an .jlismanf tra\rM*;i. I 
17B5 J*oiT Ot/y-^s. I. ^ WaiiffriM^; from elintc l-j rlimc, (•!.- j 
servant .''iray'd. 1801 Ki.i/, ,S/. ,T/rt».;y**/<'/'.v Cave ; 

t. AAii. .-05 CaiiliiMi.dy nhxcrvant nii all that 4V.a.sMil, | 
i8b4 Byuon yuan vv. .vv, ( Ujs#t\;miI nf the foihles of the ! 
iTi.iwd, 1866G1-0. Ki.iot //if//v.(irtr,hi Kcli.s Holt.uhrii j 
he i iitcred, was not in an obsifrvant ' 

6. (afiuhr. Obscn'able?. Oh. ! 

1615 uwJMT .Strappm/a (iP.7S» 2or Om-ly such things { 
as most oh:;eruant were, ..I thou}.dit lo shado'v briclcly. j 
1613 Aii.i siii. RY Set-fft. 14 Injure things in (Ihrisl ly iis lire ■ 
very 1653 IhvNlNr, Serm. (1345,1 .*4';. I wi.sti wc | 
ioi.iM h.ave fhi.s linage of in.n-.atiiiide always •>bs«.'i v.atil lo i 
s» eye-.. j 

B. sh. ll. One who ob tTVos a law or any- j 
thing proscribed nr fixed. Const, ef. Ohs. f 

\Vilh ill*; ]«1. ^iAaoT'rf//<v « - OF. o^ainstnes in fir^l iiind., j 

«.f. inliaiatant.e. farly pi. of inhahi/ant sh., Ai:*'.iij1'..\c:f, etc. j 
c 1470 f 1. AsiiiiV Pe/iey Pn'nre sfiy Afuslie iimrc rather lo ; 
lit: oil .eriiam e Of cri:^lcn lawc wi; ^hiildv >'«%•: dtleiidaULe. ! 
*593 ^ '‘’U*’- ChriA'\ P. 79 h. Our l*aw'»‘s. .allow' no icwuidc | 
In iTie.vr tetnji*;r.;teoliS.:i ii mla, 1613 Pi. la ills /Ulgrimafie 
fi'ii4l i;.rj .Siiidas i.allelli them obv;rvanis of the I.:iwe. 

2. spee. A mcinlicr of that branch of the order of 
Fr.anciscan fi iars which observes the strict rule, as 
restored at the Itcginning of the i,slh cent.; tlic 
other branch licing the ('onvcntuals. Also attrih. | 
anti appos . , aj Observant Friars^ Friars Observants . | 

1474 C^xION Chessc 111. ii. Kvijb, Reliqyim.s men :is 1 
freoT, i:h:muiis ol>si:iii;int*;A. 150* t'rivy /'ttrsr j 
tp. AVr;. e/ Vimk The Fryer r. Olisei vaiiiiies at 

f»!f;U*:wii. he. <693 tr. /\milianne\ //ist. fV/A 

A-. i. 17.! Till' V were trailed M inors of ihe. Ohvirvatiis. a 1746 
1. 1 IS in («utr.h Catl. Cur. II. Fiirr Forest, one s*f th*; 
f.t|is»*rvaiit Friers. 1856 Fkoi'Hk //m/. /i«^^ II. 220 'J’h*.* 
hnisstri j,f thr OhservanLs at Cantcrbiii y .iiid Cfieeiiwlrh . . 
were r,.jirG:--,.;d. 1889 Athewrum wt Jiiiji; B7«i/j The Oh* 

M rv.aiil Oidt.r was. ..siippic.s.-M:tl before ail the other'.s. 

tS. A dutiful or .ittcntivo scrvAiit or follower; 
an obsequious attendant. Ofis. 

1605 Shxks. Lrar 11. ii. 109 Twenty silly-«fu»;kiiig fib. 
seiiianlr;, Mreteh flieir diili*;s nhicly. 1613 PuhcMAS 
Pitarima^e (1614) Bm For the Fcstiuall uf this Uaiiie-Rod, 

. . the Merchants, his denoted and faithfiill fibscniaiits • . 
bouqht a .Maue. -ifj rfprc.seiit that Idol. 1617 Janua Linjc- 
I>ei.i., Pri.'seiiteil hy .. your niosl humblest 
obscruaiu I. H. J'. 

Ilencc ObMYvaatly in an observant man- 
ner, attentively, Jicedfully ; f with dutiful service ; 
t ObM'TvantaeM, the quality of being obscrwint. 

fii6s3 'V. (•orf:F ill .S)>uri>i:i>i) Treax. Das\ Ps, exvi. 6 observantly the histories of the (iospel. 1660 F. 
Ruookk ir. t.c PlanCs 7 mr.'. 36-4 Thr. whole iiiiiltitiide. . 
oliNervantly nrtiirn to the I'emplc. iw Raii.kv voI. II, 
Ohsi'ri'antness^ reeardfnhiess, rtspei'l fulness. 1817 Fosteh 
in Life 4* (.Ww. (iS4f\) 1 . evi. 4^7 Ilc had observmilly 
li.tversul the v;eni*s. 

t Obiiorva*ntially, adv. Ohs. rare. [f. *^t>hser- 
vaniial adj. (f. 1.. lyhsaTiiniia observance i- »al) 
+ -T.Y With careful observance. 

165* (Txi l.r, A/ajiastronr.^ 170 In that leqaid (liv] seems 
very oliserxunlially to.Mibinil not vmly to. stars and planetary 
coii'.lellations, but to plants, &i:. 

Observantine (Fbr..')’jvantiii). Also 7 -in. 
[ii.y.Ohsenuvttin (r 1575 in Godcf.',f,OBSEBVANT: 
see -IFK^.] OjiHKitVANT R 2. 

1^6 Kmh. Mo\m. tr. /ihnti/.y Ch’il IPtirres ix*. ;:js Hh 
built (hive Monasteries for fhe (^oiivcniiiall Frieis of Saint 
Fr.incis orfh-r, and tlirev for the t^BisrrvaiitiiieN 1B38 
I’RKsrori /■.■/-./. iV /.V. (1346; II. V. {48 Jlff^'clecivd (or 
this pur|K>sc the Ohscrvantiiies nf the i'ran*:iscan onlvr. 

ObBorvantist Oiwkuvant, On.'SKiivANTiMf. 

In s.iMir. 1 1:1. lilt Difjis. 

t O’bsorvate, ///. a. (diS. rare."'\ [.nd. T.. 
ohser 7 'tit-uSy pa. jiplc. ol ohservare.'] ■--« Oh-SkuykI). 

165B (ixl'm: iyiaxastf^om. 101 No apjiriipiiaiv, < ausriU;, and 
obscrv.atc exficiiniuni. 'i» • 

+ O’baorvate, 7', Ohs. rare^'. [f.h. ohservat-., 

ppl. stem of pA*<r/777;v' J /rans. =.■ On.^^fttVK r'. 

165B Gai l.r. Maxastrem. 1P7 Whoihcr (..liiromniii'v nr 
palini*'«try . .ni.ay noi he accounted for a nii.Mresse in oli'icr- 
\.atinq and oininatinq niai'ii.k and irsirMlofiitfV 

i* Observa tical, rr. Ohs. rare’^K [iircg. f, 1 .. 
oherviit ifs observ.'ilion + -K Ai..] f^f or [icrtairijng 
lo scicnlific) ul>servatioii ; obsemlionnl. 

1703 T. .'s. Art's /mptev. p. iv, Cc.inplf.ii F.>.jw?imcnt.a!, 
and lli.Mory, will he nf p.iriU uic lo .Anti' ip.alr 
the 1 OS', of ni.'iny rare and useful Fis i.erjfiieri|<, liivr.iiiinfis 
and Alts. 

Observation {pb/aivvi jan). AKo 4 -cioun, 
6 -cion. {^ad. 1.. ohseiTiitirtit emy n. of action f. 
ohsoTt'ne to OnsEHVE : cl. F. ohetra/ieh j -'oo in 
Oodef. Compi.).’] The action of ob.sciving; the 
fad obscrval. 

1. The notion or practice of observing a law, 
covenant, set day, or anything prescribed or fixetl ; 
])ractical .adherence to a custom, us, age, or rule: •* 
Ob.servanck I . I !onsl. of t/<F. Now rare or Oh. 

*535 Alt 27 /ten. Vtit^ c. ii 4 lo l liis prv.^ent. ad.. shuM 
. . hinile fiivry oiriLi;r . . lo th*)b;-erv;icit»n thereof. 1551 
Ror.iNsoN ti. ptift'es I ’/ep. 11. iv. iiPk;;,) -279 Diiiiitulioiis 4>r 
layne Miper.'-lition, w’hiih in nihcr countieys be in )^rv:^fc 
oliserii.aiiiiii. 1581 Makhfi.k /'X' apyofi’s 254 .MTirniiiii; that 
iJn uiiii:i';ion w;ts ncccs.s.'irie ihc i>b.Krrv.aiioii nfihe l.awr- 
1656-7 Purftm's f^iaty sii-^S;' I. An Art f ir the hctK-r 
oh'icrvation nf the I.urii s day, lead the firsl liine. 1784 
///., 7 , tiny, i'l Ann. Per-. 11/2 An invi'.il.ahlf uh.a:rvatiun •>f 

J nihlic faith. 1809-xo OiiI.krmm;i-. /'V;>;;i/(i8ifl) I. 29S J'he 
iilibfnl l>h^eTvatil•ll of a eniitra«.t. i8b5 .Malavlay Pss.f 
Aldten f 5 'I’hc fi!*.M‘i v.'iiiim »>f the Sahbaih. 
t 2 . J hat which is obscrYed or practised : cj Ob- 
servance 2. Ohs. 

t^M WWr nyjVrh. xii. 4il4rd Thvi kepicn ihcobseru.atifjuri 
of their r»o»l, ami the ht:“iiiesse of rlensiiiq [ehxt rratianeni 
Pei sui o/.'.ier^ fti:tnri-iii t spiatiiwf.'c]. fuo Ai f 32 /ten. 
V/tt. I.. 2O J'ht laiifuli riles rereiii'mic:, anil ••hsrriiacion.s of 
qintdci .^eru^l <^. 1633 Ih'. H \l I. t/arti i'evts^ A'. P. 272 

CircuiiiriMnn anit the of ob.servatiuiis. 1656 
Jhi.AMiiALl. A’l*///*-. vi. 241 To persist in an «d'i ol>scrvaiion 
when.. the end for whicii (he c»h-erv,ati'>n w-a.s inadr, ralleth 
upon u.n fir .an .alteration, is not ohedienre but ie. 
#r 1718 Pknn Let. to Vtmn.ii Ponz'uted Wks. 17B2 I. 76 Will- 
l>erforman(:oK and external obsciasations. 

t8. Regard, rcsjxjct, honour; respectful or cour- 
teous attention : -7 Orbekvanoe 3. Ohs. 

1644 (jr.Mfi.F.s /utrmjhas 4 * /’. yi A ronnlenaiiLi* 

that IS revered breeds fear and <.ih.servation. 1711 .SrnvrK 
/. #/. .'l/i'w. I. xly. j.m 'I'hey omiinned in their loviiiq and 
frieiidly ol/scrvation oflii.s Majc.sty, 

+ 4 . Observant c.are, heed : *= OnisKUVANCi 5 4, (?/«., 
16x0 SiiAKs. 'temp. III. iii. B7 So with qi^oii lir«, .And oh- 
s*.'riiationiiti'Bnqc, my moaner ministers Their seii*;rallkiiidc!i 
liatif ilone. t67S-3 Sik i:. l.viii nfis in Hatton i\vr, 
(r.amdt'n) 104, 1 have at this time more than on ordinary 
ol.iScrvutioTi how 1 behave myself. 

6. The action or an act of p.iying attention, 
marking, or noticing; the fact of l)cing noticed ; 
notice, remark ; perception : -- Ohhkwvance 5. 

*557 N. T. iGcncv’.) xvii. 20 'I'he ktngdumc of God 
C' liniiieth iiiU with ob.s€>riiaiion. 1588 .SfiAK.s. A. A. Ill, i. 
a8 /»/rtc. Ifi'iw' ha^'l ihuil pun this expeiient*;'? Poy 
by iiiy penile i>f tilisoriuilum. 1646 J. Ham. /Ziimf fae. 46 
Some lurking which fled owne ohser\alion, and 
had not hetMi hiiiled hy. .friends. 1709 Pne. Thtophmxf. .41, 

1 iii.adc .a thou.sand obseryatioiv, during ihi;. .short jrjuiiiey, 
that fully ciMifirined me in this Opini'in. ^791 Mks. Km** 

1 Lii rii /\om. Forest i, Tliuy were .. in'less tlanpcr of ob- 
scTv.ation. 1663 Kixosii.v Lett. (1878) II. t6i The first 
ihin?, for a li,>y to leatn, aftt-r uhtnliencc and moraiily, is 
a habit i>f olricrvation. 

b. The faculty or li.'tbit of observing or taking 

5:605 1 '.\rov Ad/'. Learn. 11. v. ^ 3 Men of narrow* ohserv,!. 
ti'iii. 1617-77 Fill, til AM /Cew/.'ts I. .sxviii. 43 Jle is thouKht 




fine of Irtrt pryinc an r.»l)<m;alioii. i86a Hawtiioenf MmK 
fauH T:nnlm; 11. viii, 9*. Tin.* vlaiuc ti.ui lif*.* ami 
< rvali^n in it. 

e. lri?«i.H.-clion of, or attention to, ]jrer^agt3 01 
oincns; an act of au.ijiiry or vliAination, ;^No\v 
Hilly as; in jjeiicral sense. ) 

1605 Aih, I.e%irH, n. \i, ^ (K.vjM!iIim iitnl 

lloiil fur chc ml•^l part is snpi ; sikU as \yir 

iiLMiiieii nbstrvai lulls mvia ihr ih-.p*** ti- -n I'r s.'if lifi' • s, the 
flight uf hinl-, thu .sw.innin;.: • f bi.i?'-. 16SO Mi i.ii j.n Ast* 

61 'I'lii! \iji'.Tous I' 1/ N 1-810111.11 u y, whii.h aur 
I^hihitry, l>iirniaUri:i, and vaino (iliM?ruatiuM, 1718 /'.‘k - 
ihinktr Nt». »>■-!? 14 The harp. ()hM-jv,iilfni ( >in« ns was Ji“i 
Mltlii'iLMit : ft Was liLvwist: iifn-ssary lo Acviit (hem. 

d. The watcliint; ot a foitrc of an laitrny’s 
movements, etc. J rmy yorpSy etc. ) vj ohcnHition, 
a force employed in watching an army of the 
enemy, bo as to he ready lo check ihcir movemenis. 

1836 0'4 Euri^pe (i^4g j- 0 V. xxsi. $ 87. 374 No !• 'S 
than lliitly thoiwiini bring in ob-.i;rv,'iti(tii or ganis'in. 

1 6, Of ohicnmtion^ worthy to bo obsti^'od ; 
noteworthy, noi.ablc. Ohs. 

17163s N\lnu*s A’lV- lAib-’l 4'> It is of finiihrr 

obscrvaliun ibat iny I.or*lof Ks*^ x (.ifn r J.i-kc'^ur'-sdri-caM.i 
..lovc'l him not in siin;»'iiiy. 1665 \{r T, R,ys A*. 
hid in (j. l^vris /*. /AV/f* I 'al/f's Trav. 4^14 'I htrrf* k oiio 
gr«ai .111 I ftor Tiro vM-.jwing in (hat Sml, of «.ib-'‘i\ .i- 
lion. 1679 I.i». f’lV' n ill Eui^Icucu MSS. iHlri, .M.S.S. 
Ci-iiiim.) I. tiJ The iA:C bcin^ of great Lon.'a-qiuni.e !•) the 
pnhlir, .'jyifl of groat observali'-iil. 

6. The act:«m or nn act of observing sciemifieally ; 
esp. the careful watching anti noting of a plie- 
noincnoa in regard to its c.iusc or cfTcct, or of 
phenomena in regard t<f their imiinal relations, 
these In iiif ob?ei ved as they occur in mature (ai <1 so 
opjiosed to c.Kpi'n'maif ) ; also, the recoid of this. 

*559 trV/ii-.K' if'i What be th' 

obi-Liv'atiun.H of tiii. iicadlc, by wliirli'.* yni alfiniur that it 
iJoih iK*t pxucllye j'oyniu Noiih« ami S.*iithe 160$ PiAt i-N 
Adi}. Leant, i. v. i y (iilbiMtus (iiir ionntryiiian lialb inajp 
a |.4iilo-u.)pliy out if the •.lb^tt'v;lIi• ns uf a i'lad.-^o.ic. 1665 
Hookk .l/.'cr/i\r. iV-f- h, The S<.ioiiCC of N.Vciir luu Wen 
.ili't ady to'j l■.•n■4 niavle o'.ly a woilc ot the. .T.'tMcy ; li is 
ii'ov high that it vhoulil irtuin to. .01i'-erv.‘iti<in«i. 160$ 
Wooj'vvAkD iVi7/.*//i'i7. Earth 1. 1 t ib ervaiinns are ifip 
o.’ily sure (fiounT-. whiie:iii to biiihi a l.«^iing ami -uh* 
stanlial Philosophy. 1704 Hkaknk hutt. //id. 0711) I. ypj 
Aiisioih* haviiij; ittpiv^ his Nephew Caitsthvm:-'. 10., 
stnJ hii'i an of llwir varliy-t 0«!l><LTvjiSion<i, it 

apiicai'il . . itlai they aiiniusitcii r.o higher than Viaik 
befan.* tim**. 1816 Pi.avi'Mk An/. Ptii/, 11. -.'^i 'flK* 
n-sult of iIk‘.c*.iIg.itIoi:s. .agrcT-i mr.nly’ with ii!\a* 
I kill. 1843 Mn A.V ;/i. Ill, vii, § 4 rSsb.i 1-417 OI-m rvalimi.. 
without cxiiitiiim-nt .. tan a-.<:crtain^ scijucni'es and ro. 
rxhlriii'ps, blit I'aiiMOt piove e:in<.iUon. »86o *r>NO.tiL 
ir.'ffe. I. xvi. 91, 1 Imlicfl, to clua k the oWrvations alre.iily 
niadf *879 I’noMso.v it '|.Mr X.ti, /Vi/ 7 . I. i. 371 
Ts'i her dial Um”?, Linos of Ktjnid 1 >ip. .and a host of otinr 
data a.'jd phcnoinona. .aio thus ih:dui.iUle fi'iin Ubi«ervaiii'tii 

b. j/tv . The taking of the alliliide..of the sim (or 
ofher biavtnly body) by inenn.s of an nslronomiv::d 
iiistiument, in order to find ihc Lilitudc or longi* 
tUilc; the lestiU oiitalncd. 

'Ey ri'i/'A an tfEeri'a/Afi, to ;iSi'frt.ii!i th*? latitude ftr 
longitui-le by liicaiis of i:alcu].itiuns tni-'L-d on a nica.siircDicnt 
of rht: siin's Altitmle, 

*5?9 CesNiNciiAM Ctfsiur^r.idasse i.ifi I.ongiluilcK and 
T/.iti[Mdr.s.,rot|uiie luT.gc nm.i diligpiil observation, 1669 
Si uKMV II. 1 h.ive .dm wed you liuw to 

take an ()hv‘rvatlwii by the Fi-re-StalL J’bc lhin;4 . . 
will b«' to shew yon how' lo woilc ynur t )l)sKrv;i(i(.iii. 1719 
|)K Ft'K tVttSiV I. ii, |..|i;arMrd h->w' to. . nikr an olisciva- 
lion. 188a I loAKR lia.'ui hi.\iti,-i 1 ji'ot rapit.d 

obsoi'vations, Ix'th of >un for luiigitiide, .‘tnd Polaris fur 

7. Observed truth or fact ; srimething learned by 
observing; a rule or maxim g.nihered troin ex- 
perience. Now rare, 

<600 Shaks. a. K L. V , \ii. 41 In his braiix; I(« li.-itK 
stMii^e nl.'Kcs'cl With oKsoiuation, tho. which lie vpiils 
In niangVd funin-s, i 6 o 4 K.(| ir. /lint. 

Indies 111. tv, 131 The M.Arinci‘s hold ii .*‘1.11 a cvriiiine ndt- 
and obsrrvaiuMi, thnt within the Tropickcv continually raine 
K.istc:rly windos, 1719 Swift /’o a Y'l'ifur C/'erji^'fi.n'iy 
Tlu*r«^ is one observaiion, which 1 ncAcr knew lo Liil. 
*793 ^ .Marsii-AU. (uirden, xviii, 1 1,1 It may prove 

an observation of some use, that trees and shrubs laiscd 
seed grow the large.! , 

8. An utterance as to something observed ; a remark 
in s|}cecli or writing in refirericc to something. 

1393 Shak*4. 3 Jfen. / 7 , ii. vi. 108 Tut, that'.s a f.iolish 
ob.iernatiim. 1605 Hm'OM . idv, /. earn. ii. ii. fi j sc.itccrcd 
likstuTV uf those aitii>ns..wiih pidiiicilisconrsc and obscrv.v 
lion duireupon. 1790 Paif;y //#>». p PanL Rom. i. 8 'I he 
iimt pa.s.kagc. .n|ion which a eoixl i»f nbserviition will 
he founded. 1803 Med. yrttf, X. i;>ij The atUK’Xtid Ioiilt 
contairH .some (.>b>c.r vat ions on the late ItiAuciiza. If^8 
OirKKNS Danihey ii, Mi«. Chick made this iiiipre.ssive 
ubservntion in the dni«\iiig-rooin. 

to. All object of aitenlion or notice, rare. 

1736 IhriLFK Anal, 11. tii, Insomuch that this one nation 
. should continue to be the ob.servulion and the wonder i.)f all 
the world* 

10. attrib^ ai observation eeti, tfnty, holt, etc, ; 
obseryalion-cor, nn open railway carriage, or 
one willi glass sides ; obaervation-mino, a mine 
(originnlly) tired from an observing stiiion. 

18M Pail Matt a. 19 Auff. 10 'x 'Observation iiiincA* are 
now aiUoiiiaiiCAlly fired by :i most in8*iiiious method. 1894 
J. Dai-K Round the ti 'orid 308 .\n ‘ olwervaiion ' car, made 
for tho purpi-isc of seeing the scenery. 18^ Paf/y ?i 

July 6 '5 A rijvolviii:; r.bscrv.-.tkm tower w.-\5 opened at flro.*:t i 
V.'ii mouth on .Monibiy. 189B t'iii I Oil, ■•/’i 'I hi* 1 

.was pla* in an •ibseiv.'iti-m i'.< II, b>‘ifi.x \i'*li»d • 
e\'t-ry ipi.irii r Ilf it!i li- •i>r. 'J h'? iluf.r m.t bn opr-n,-d 1 

ewiy lime, but l.itilc ihr(iii>:li ihccb .■1V.MI..U1 |jb:<-'* j 

in Ib« ilii .r, 'I hr'.ii>j;h ih*; ..lii -• 1 v.ui.iii h- in tl.- ! 

d*>or it iiitp- --silil.; (., MC tin? kfi-h.iii*It -uiii r .4 ilie. > .1!, j 

Observa tional, a. [f. i ri c. + - vi .] 

1, ot nr p*. rt.iiniiig to *il*si-rvalioii or taking nolict*. 
1854 E>ii<tri Min'. I.. t44 Moaiis of furthcii!:-.* the ei!tu-.o • 

»jf llni y/.iUMi:, jmd iug (be 4>b-.^r^.ifi,.T.;,l . j 

of the mniiiH-. iE8s /••.’/. Aitnau.ii- ('{■»//•. 7 Tin; nb?.- n.. '* 

lii»nrdl:ii.l ;iml l;u.;4»*iu.-.‘'*«‘fAtIi-.' ipli^^t.lilll;l^ill;ui••>i;ll:li «•>■*. ' 

2 . Of or {iciiaiiiiiig to scieiililic obsi.rv.ation. i 

1834 til M .Ml.ks /riti/.]t. ii. II. i-,f At ibc j 

fioniriKiM •;mci it of tills pp 1856 I*' -.): 

l.oj^ic t.'/tr. Fni!it v. i. ; 4.-'- We hiive in inic .*>lLienLi; ; 

. . tho i.ilvei'vaiiuiial x88o .\ttfiite \.\l. 
j M.'Ui li.'ds fi-r ob-t:i\.iti>/ii.d and c\|m linieiiial rwarcb. 

Jlciicc Obflerra'tio&ally r7.;r'., by menus of ob- | 
SCI vat ion. 

1893 Hi vir.v in ll’eshit, o.i:. :*4 Dee. 4/ 1 .\ pn fviv.T .,1 
distrust of .all loii;f ohains i f tlei.'iii-llvi* re.iMjiiin;', . . iinli..^-. 
the links ruuUl be e-vprriiiii.n!:il!y <>r ob.-c: vali<iii:d!y it 

I 0b86rva*tioiialisttt. |f. pin, * ] ; 

riic theory that all kuowk*di.'t; is lias^'d » u ob- ; 

• .'Civaiion. 

I C vi.iiF.rvsu.ui f ctfurc i'niy. i)il , i/b-.,r\.!, 

i lioii.ili.siii .. .soujeht an »i. of cxi*-lcij*.»: in tiie l.i- 1; 

I of istl'I.fP lb#:in'.»-|vcs. 

Observative •.i^i/a'*vaii\\ ,7. [f. l.. r./v. 77 «//-, 
ppl. stem of oh:en\ive l*» (.»i4.NH;y 1, + -ivr.] 

1 . Of or pert.-iiiiing to oliservaiimi ; gi\t*ii to i-b- ^ 

: servatioii,ob;;ervant, atltTdivc.heidlnl. Now;-*/;/'. 

! ^ i6ti .'^ii:i n //,■'.*■/. id. /■>■//. i.v. x’C. I 7 ». .77 Let *..■> 
j in this p'iint tb.; ijb-» iii.iliv*; Kni^bt. 1649 J- Midi, n /.> 
J'nfl. .■/./:*. I. earn, j; Ob.,(:rv;iii\i* inincii". iniuhl !i;ive ,. 
vaiirsy I f f)rin*''» wlnii-iip*#!! t-i 1892 .hutr. .'nn. ' 

1 /V.ry XXXVJL in 7 |>h« i I an ub-wn;iti\c m-d pr.nri. I ' 

, 1.0111 -eat (be. Ibinois liiaiinii-i'i. 

t2. Worlliyid'obsLivaiioii; observable. ( V‘m. ;vi .-. ‘ 
’l oisi 1 1. .Vi-r/' w.^v b.»7 I’.y the Si*rpvnt in bi.iy 
i Wiit, :irc niany ••.*bF,-i\aii\ ■; *>i5niiir.iii-.i,*-. 
s tO’bservator. cV’. Also 6-7 -our. fad. T. 

j < 7 /'n.‘> 7 'rZ/t 7 />‘ (1405 ill liodcf. (.Vw//,), ad. 1 .. i//- 
: .07 agent-n. f. /»/'S/7 7'd/ i' toOi:>-KKM:. Karlii r 
I stress ohsrrvaiMrr, vt w’rjator, oht rvevlo/ 

1 . One who ob.'-mfs a law, comm liid, or ii,le; 

' » I. 

1504 0 *.f. tVj >p n .\[‘'u i\V. clr W. h. iii, ".7 (biin! 
i fay t hfnll i'iy*tt-.n |K- pie and true obscju.ttonrs i f ihe •.•..•m- . 

[ itiiuimlciiivnips. y/-/d. vid. Jfi7 'Ibe ob crvyliMir of this 
I (r>ir.inaundonnntt. 1663 < fi-.hinr k I .'utati (n A •..onnaiit 
i (ib>«.i val'ir nf ihe ibrt:e thirf I'rim-ipli-i W Huilding, 

; 2 . One who marks, notes, or m.akes observations. 

! Foimoily a fienuenl name for a newsp.aper or 
I ])ampldct, and often applieil to the editor or writer, 

- (.)n.sMivru 

! t64a I'it'li* Prin*. Pk. int. Oi-dnuit. 3 PiLiiiico'. ai^il 
i roncis arc bvlow our Ob-crvalor. i68x .''IK 'f. I'.K-nwi; 

i'/ir.Mer, iil $ 11./J nib- •r.»;btf\il<.>b.*prv;< '.be whole Wm I 1 
. is a I'bylacti »>, 1708 .S\\;rr .Vi»«ra///. JeM \Vk.*i. X7;5 II. 1, 
The :ircyibi.-li..p of Dublin., wlr.mi you ?ijlTi r l i 
bo abuM'd. . Ijy dial pauhiy ra;>^il if an ob.%t. in ntor. 1766 
. A. tliii .S'i»i »*. Confirifii, 440 Jt is ijiiitc iimiibcrs-. ri i.-f wi.rbi 
tli.nt (be Ks>.»i« r and his fiirml the DbM.rvntui arc for. 
i b. One wh«.» ‘obseivts’ by way of divination : 

■ ef, OitsKiiVK V. 6 b. 

165s I l.O't C .'^PtynJ/rO/ii. .’Pj Two 8i;nc-llil!:i '. . 1 ! a.%troI..i};c! s, 
and M) piccbe obsirv all airs a.-t that they i.a!i.' ib.e biilli.i, 
nf ill*; ^ery brute l>«'a*as in ibrir 
i C. t.lne who ktcjis watch over or looks after 
i Soup thing; a moniti r. 

! 1611 1\o«;r., iV'sen'Meu*', . :ui r.bscru.vtur. intiniior, bill- 

■ ki e|KT, ill .SrhooU-;. 1638 -Sik T. I'.MiAxm.- HydriM. v. 

'I'be th;’i\in<'i:il t biartfiaiis, or (nt, *.1.113* i'ii.*ei\.i.i^ is. 1706 

; I'nii.i.ii's, Ct''e»~'af’ ry . .a .'Innil-'T i:i a Srhui.d. 

8. fine* who m.^kes sekntihe obsenalinn.s csp. in 
j astronomy: =* OJbSERvtH 4. 

I I’owkK A’.r/. Pki/os, i:(. ^ 6 •'^ ll.e Ohsci\ at.*i ■» 

, licniiriiiled Ito make .iVM*r\aii.>i.s in i:i.i.;!alka| vai iaiii*r.|. 
i * 7^5 Wk.sli V if .Lf. (i J; 21 XlII. i Our brs-t ubMavali is 
, i.i>n(d iievt t fniri ihe paiaba.x wf tbc sini I'l lic ab.>\e f-b vi-ii 
. .seiioiid.s. 1776 Celt ft ^ I'/r.F Rec. 164 Ai A^Uonuinii .d ■ 
' (.‘bvcrvalor, Kcv. N. Markrlyne. 1798 J. HokVf.a-.Y htho L 
I J' ran ley s As/trn. Otse/'Z'. 1, The niTuc cT .\s(runoiiiii..ii 
j Observalt-r III llw ObM*ivan.iiy of t.Iri'i-Mwkh. 

■ 4 . One who makes a verbal ob.servation : - = 
t.lH.stUVEK =. 

x66o Ji H. Tavi.or Pui f. Pfd’it. 11 ii. nth* 3 || I'/i Whieh is ; 
; wrll lu'iird by the T#h>ci v.ainr upon the iiiyibolo^iL-.s •■•I' 

■ Natalis Cumes. 1693 1 >hvi ks s. •»'S7* /;■) .''bn 
iiiji)' In*. haTiilsi'iii, yet ijc Cbastv, yuu .Sity ; tbrni vilwi'/valur, 1 
lint .so fast a was*. 

5 . A or receptacle for the host, serving the , 
purpose of a mon.stiaiKv. 

^ %Sfio Rur^k AV,:. PeeNes vUi .Viic ob^frualour i f 

irnc to the cwchaii<^. 

Ob8ervato*rial^. rarp-^, [f. jkObsiuva- ■ 

ToKY a. b -Ab.] Of or belonging to a i^scienlilk) • 
observer ; of the nature of an ob>ci\atoiy, 
x8i6 F.viikkD;/^. pagtvs Id.*!. I. if. ii. y 3 With le^pcct lo ; 
CAdcr‘Idii!«, ..ihe siji^ainic astruiionier Khls, wlmsi- | ch.~iir it is feigned t>.» h:i\e I 

ObseWfttOry «,^fb*7a'4V;iUii;, [C'oriesponds I 
to a I- type ^ohnWitdri-MMy neiit. sb. from *oh- : 
strT'iUdritts adj., m.d lo iikhI.F. ebstna/oire : cf. • 
next, and see -ottY.J ; 

1 . A building or place set apart for, and lV.iiii.shc«l | 

with irisirv.mcnlslV.r iviakiiig, (il,;cr\ .ilioti-; ofivitiiial 
[diciioiiifiin ; esp , for .v-li ononilcal, m'.b.' i'.hipn d, 
or magnelic olKervalinij^. 

1676 K .V'lViJ Jh'tlfy 10 t., Mr I b'lr. li.:,d tl..- 

n-li'ilur.i r .. wb.i'iii bis inaje- ly h: d 1. 1 ..! l. i-'ii m ibv j • 

I »li-.i*i\ If ..1 ji.* in I ■.i.'oni ’i. ;< h I’aik. 1795'. • ‘■i- 1 ’. 1 1. ■ 

1872 Vi ITS ///.'. ('..i/ tr. 4.V; M.i:!...' •: t . v;i- .u. 

Ic'.n f t; bi-dn.d lll I.lbi i p;!! . .( 1.111.11.-, 

.'I'nl tl.r* r.'iilid St. lit . 1899 il /fffnJl'i r:i .1, . . r,j U;-.* 
Nevis I lb:t ly a .-, t-i hax»*. • i*:i .f I w- ih , . i-i 
tl r -■ f •l;l . v;,r [i /.■■/'. II..; M.i.'r.i ; ii: I. )■ - ; . 

I u‘3* ;i| 'I 'j.- !■*•» b.i-- b'-i^::! .ibni;-.: —I, .lU-i I'n* ll■ ■.Vl•1 ; • 

th»- 1 Nnx .ii f fb 1 r\ -.l-iry h i- i*:..(;. ml f: ,< !- ■ .. i.y 

t!i;i tin. p.i.-i' .y m.-.ii. 

2. A pn.siiioii ntli.irdiiig an extensile a 

building dieted to :i wide vu w. 

169s T .P. I’r.rsio.^ /■*. v;//. IV. i:/i He ’.'.i-l;-, ab-jui biiii fr->iM 
the hi;;h Oii *-:\-ifiiry i-f Ills Ihuvidfin f*. 1809 Kim Mi. 

/'■•r:'. ill. I.wiv. A bijihniig (fiUcd il.t •ib'i.i\:Miny, 

.'i ir.iiiif,* b^' ubi- h. wr me .t • nm.lcf l.iml . .a in.i;’ii:c vi,;' 

I: in:.*-*. 1855 Si\-f-i 1-1. iv I I. jvi M: .» rijs ;;li' •- .\ ‘■i,;:i 
fi'i.ii bi; i.Vi-f rt.-iKiry 1 i;:h. 1B60 Fivi'.vs'iN ii.-nd. 

/•t'hiiz'fo'.-r W k.', ■llijh!'ii M. 1 be. bii<!-; ba\«.‘, ,1):*:; .^1!- 
vai.i;i,:i* bv' ibrtr win;;, '-f a bi.;bi r ar.-ry. 

y. ;;.\'//ir-//.'i.) A ul obsi i vaiiiin. 

1882 S I f.'. • '.'v - s , iV.*. • . I I \ .\7 -■. f 1 i ;A|': ^ } I b-: 1 -V I v.Tiary 

wa‘. bllii'lf'.l, a v.'irtjii.tbrt ha\ii.4 ln-i. ii d/.m'i in f.-.i.t .f it 
i p I'l the f.liuT si,:,*. i 885 — .V ■'./.»; //*':/ y.*'., I fciil-i 

llic i'lii'.i; of a wiiiil iw i^cnilv* Ib-nir-l np, iUjii knew my 
iM.rlf. ImiI * '..1 li!-. ati.ry, 

Obse’rvatory, «/. [i. F. or 

ci'.’.cn'dt , ppl. stem of oh. tn .ire to Oii'i'iKVK : see 
-oiiY.j L*f or pai.aining t.t ;-A.icniihc ob.^i rvatioii. 

1861 Alii, t.nttn. 15 (At. .|03 Till* Ai-i'.-m i.-f l.;.r biM.*-, tbc 
\f ry I'C'^t b-i i l - eiia'.-iy pnijn si n..!-, i};i'.-ji* i.l. 1884 C. R. 
.MM>Kn-'.( in P.ti! M lii ;>■> .Ang. t/.** I'be ubsi.-rvatfi y 
\v *ik wiil bo i.vlii.ilili-. I y -i ppl--ii:i niir..*, tho >.1 rlos l.'lk.i M t^n 
b.,;m.l l;i.r ly's vbip ry. 

t Observa*trix. i [I., icm. of 

Ou.''HtVAToU.] A 1' male olisti vu. 

1653 K. S^M I- cs Phy\ \\'H. a ij b, (..»f Aba b, I'bi ii k bi r 
'Cit bi.!: .a diii.^.'iit h.ind'Ui.'vi'l. u « l.r-cixati'i.\ 

Observe i.n.y./.it). fa. r. of .Ctiir (lolh c. 

ill tiodi f. Lf*w///.', ad. 1 . ohirviiuc tfi wafcb, look 
low ard-%, look Li, alU-nd to. pay a'.lcidion to, gunid, 
keeji; f. />/'“ (( Hf- 1 a) -»■ .^'rzdrc to watch, look at, 
guard, k( ep.J 

I. 'Po allend to in ]'r.aclice; to keep : to folh.>w. 

1 . lrau:\ 'Lo jiay piaetical aitenlion ur reganl t.) 
a law’, comniand. cirslum, | laciec, covi , set 

lime, or r.n)llui;g piesciibe*! (i lixtd’; \d mlhtie 
to (T abide by in juactice : Kf.H' v. ji. 

1390 tb*\\».K CtuL. III. :7^3 Ibal b.'Ulie kin.b- N.b.'d be. 
‘■•■r\»il ,\nd ‘k tin: ki-M: if s'l d i>b UVC'. 1. 1484 C.‘..* i W 

liit.'ts M . Ki 'P I!, iv, ( usiij Clbiiibi'ii ini,^!.I In ■■ b-.iaiif- .lud 
kt pr iiitt the I mri.aniid*.-n.C!.t-i •'! ibi-^r y;i>*iil p..rt‘nt». 15x6 
'I iM'.Ml-: .MiUt. wiii. ;; \Vh;.i o«Vir ibi.-^ b^d yuii uDc'ive, 

ih.kl idi.--ct\c and ih>. 1613 l'( in:H.*s Pili.nititigc 10:4' r-iJ 
’I hi*y .. ub'-e.Tvc C ireunui'i'.u. 1781 J. .Moui.k / ‘.'/•Ti' .Vi»i. 

ii-'i/.i II. 1 d;all i.>b'cr\c your pri. l il-iii .I'l T...1I 

to •I'KT 3 .'U tu ai'y i*'i;i'.ii .'ll b.^Mk. 1884 A. K. lb.SNf.M.;i..g 
d'A/.yix. .>9;j I In v dn Irimi that iii-illur hii-h tv-r pr:.ini-»i 
w.xs t’j b'.! i.bsi ivcd iu ill-' tlcti iinrr.l uf tin* ( Tilhiilb 

b. To adheu* t'l, follow :a method, rule, it 
juinciple of aclioii'. 

it 1548 ll.M.i. , if. n, VI f I . . be ub.soi vyi-.T 

ibe ifevinent .iii!-ii.t;o:-l i!.l* p'..(>ilcwas 'di’^yMsl ei.M'.|il 
..nwiyiletlst. m-ilyecurihe 'Wiiiti'. i669.^i''i-MV.J/if/v‘//i7'.*' 
.'d.iy. i\ ir yi-nx»j!l si:iiiii!^!j’ob-.t.'i\-.* ih« -e li.nt I.Uiti.- 
tiii'is ., ymi vh.iil :n-»'*r h;»M: >. 'iir L.\;>i • t.'i(i.>n dcocivcd. 
r733 I'l liki i fv T'l. i 'is/. § vr: W k>. i--,-! I. ■■'7 La o.insiili;;-- 

i:i.; tho ri.O'-iy ••f Vi-i'ni, I ubMixid :i icitaiu kiiu^oi 
nn-ils.-tl. *739 t’- Lm I i.Yr \h'’rt /7i rt ii e\!ui. AV. 6f> 
.V Pu-i a'titin.n, w lii'.h c-""! K.ii)..i!ui:!S nfiir'i i'b.-icrvc in the 
I*\*nnd.iii.;ii f..f K;i:iip.x:is, 1B70 Ji-Vuss /;'(V»n. f xv. 17 j 
In ordinniy writein arid .-iK-akin^ ihi-i nili; >1 Iduin 1 b-i-rvcd, 

2. T'o hohl Of kei p to, to loilow (a manticr of 

life or condiut, aluabiO ; to ci.mlintie to hold, m.ain- 
l.aiii, retain (a (jurdily, slate, ox ci.*r.diiion' : - 

KtKP7». 2V . 

^ . 1386 L ii.M i.KK P Pt} Ti'.bti r .>f w-.iinn c:i 
hat iib.M*n.n,*n ! Ji:uis:ilcc laO't be t l«.nc in ln*jit*. 1497 lb*. 
As • IK K M. ns P. t/f /. C iii. ’l'Mji! rcliiiy-m.s tiicn i.-bM-rn> i.'jf 
’be)r i.‘bfil>fiu.‘c.’ 1513 M<'Kk Si A. /// '‘tS i 

whiv-1 i* . . pio!«.ssi.*d;*.Md i.-bsi'i ns il .a icli^ious life ei Dn 
1613 I’s. K‘ ii \‘i f'Syn'ih'aye ' ibi i)*x iu .\ c.iic t'l fiVscivc 
I winanihc and panic. *17x6 .Xs'i/isns' Ireeh lur N x i3 
e ( fbe prfsiiit >^i>vcimiitnl. .will so far observe ibis k'.'.nl 
i.>f 1. 1. uidiu i, a-, lo rciluer pli - 1- 1843 I.mkkx kk !.i/e i 

Phvs. 11. II. xii. ;>6'» Ibc pc-i'ic a ih'.'id ^ilcin-o. 

««S3J H., Ni WM«.s Hid. .>K\ ■.1.*:;' :' 11. 1. iii. i-:4 Oibinan 
id>sii\cd the life of a'l'iir^uinan, till hr 'ue-imc a* .•i'..jne!ui. 

t b. To follow the praclice, be in the liabii, ‘ use* 
[to sr,; somelliing'. Cis. 

1641 IIISPK y. POu n x-xi.x. 90 Atj.iinst S. .Vndicw- clay .. 
I ob-iTVcd .''ai'di be; m.iny y- .\rc s l-o thi r, to ir xiic iw> 
llircc pKnsebt. I s. 1743 /pwi/. A" ^ /or:,', .) 

L'j-i An>'ib*-r wbo nsrd to brew his Mr> 114 Djink by c-sily 
c iir Mii'dil:,..;. .(.b.'.. i\t«t to thrust d - m ii a sond Hamlfi.! 
Ilf fii:sh lL>ps juvr o\«*r the Tapwhipsi. 

3. Jo celebrate duly, to Stjlemrdrc in the pre- 
fCi ibed way (.3 It ligioUi liie, ceioi^ony, fas! , tr«lival, 
etc.* ; *3 Kbf’P 12. 

1526 Timms (.*'-//- iv. to Vo obsnv.? t’ c d.xyrs ax.l 
inoin ihr-! and lynu-s .vnd ycarrs. 1590 Siiaks. .»/ .L\ 
i. Ii-.O No d-inV'l ib.t y ro»;0 xp c.nly, to ol 'inr-o 1 lie ’■i:.;' ! *'l 
May. k6ti Jbi'i.i-: /.'.iii /. xii. 17 ^ «.* sh.ill ol -• nn* tJ c i»*.x .i 
of iink.ivi:ii('>l b.-i ad. X613 Ih- Ki.lMS ..I ■■ 1.1 ■ 

The liay whii; ::i he ovciihicv Si Iciiei.s, Jy 

v'b*rrvcd C'l-ry yc:i e .'nnonevt them. 177® i .w.ii' 
/Vm.'.i^i 1. i ■ /I \ t i;n.<*.ii Viii. .wa-ob OiVci 




:\.-i u-uiii. ^ 1833 U. (’hoatk AtfdrtiSiS i<r> A score of | 
IfMliiia irilics \fil ihe ritcA of liiat lilotnly and lioriiMc 

ra(';iiii-«iu ^IulIi foi iiicil ilu'ir only 1 tlv/inn. .l/iv/. 
»•* now t^scrvcil in Scutluiui itiulU more lluui forinciiy. 

II. t 4 . ‘To trejU with nticinion or rqraril. OOs. 
a. To .'ihow itvanl for, rcsoccl, defer lo. 

Oh. rare, 

r" 13®® *••**'*''• ** /*. 170 Tins Pujiui--! il.wwh ilic 

for lo .iUiiir 'I li;ii Ilf iliib moiilitt . Ilf u.ililc im ■ 

■ivvieU 1 in ‘ iiKsci lie, Viivlr hUal he liaiu: )mI jinile 
wol dfsfiiic. 

■\ b. 'fo iiliow Tcsiicctful ur courteous :iiU‘minii lo 
(.a JK.TS011; ; lo treat with certinonious lesjicct or 
icvercncc; lo worship, honoui ; to court; lo 
liumoui, gratify. Oh, 

*S99 thwiKs .■/ i/iifT \vi, No s^ilrii Ilut ihro f-..'i !.• r 

injcen. And thinks sin- inuM oinirve lliti:. >601 .'skai.s. 
yw/. IV. iii. .|5 Mii-l 1 oImlii!*' ynij? 1 .stand 

•vml LTouLh \ ni!i:i viMir J'l-stic H'lnniUr? 1613 Fi i.i.h is 
/'iVip i.’i Tiny whiih dwell i"! ihis Kii'.’i 
observe ;m liloll of note, 1754 kii. nARiij.'is' r';/-,i«./VA,oi 
vn. vl.\. 1:7 Clriiicnriiia Imt-s i.i 1 e jinin rili.«n.lyvi'' 

III. To attend to with the iiiiiid ; t«> maik ; lo 

t 6. To gi\'e heed to (n ]Mniii' ; lo take care ■ 

something be done, or th .siniiclliing. 0/.<. 

1516 /V/y>-. Ptr/. (\V'. ill- \V. i.-;!'* f. Kfiiic i.o 

iu!nff.J!?.iry to he vndtf !,iiidf & •iliM-rni.-.l i-r aM ihcni tl-.a 
vntc'.idcih lo iraiuivle the .'.line, n 1548 ll.'.i.i. < 'h^rtt., }h c. > 
/V/ 4 One piiyiiloililii;< ::ll> . .i-; lo hr and atleMile.l, he nt viT iHil . •» it uf y’ l.fd. 1611 I*jm r ut. \ i. 

ITS It shall Ijl- onr 1!i;oij%.iis, if wf i-l ■i.-nif t i doe .••ll 
lhc->c tVuniij.'indff.MMii-;. 1703 .Vh I'jc fVrv/.-Vv 41 mii-.:. 

. . i j t ike a \vi-i:e -Vva than his I'.o-.d-^hjji, ij^o7 

I’l i\\y. Jt.4 (>li-.i;rM; ih;;!. \..n come in^l toi mat tin: 

rain;. 1703 .S\!i \r'..N §t>;. 1 n>.>k .i|f .iljc m-.-st 

irniaikal'lc .olv*»:i\i:i^ ly have o:ie M t;.uli in-! ..of 

each sli u 

G. T) icgai'l \xii!i altentioii; lo watch; •fto 
wateh over, look al'.er 

1567 ti.t./r .S fwV^'.V /». (.s. T. S.i 9:1 I hi- uii kil If .is oU-i Mil* 
the Iriin cent. 'J o .H-ik I'.ini \filli irm I! i.'iteni. i6ni 
SiiMvs. .///’.V h' V/Vii.i. 46 SiV I-) him 1 liijf^aml oh-'uie hi-. 
if|iiiri-. f T me. 1683 1! iVnk y'n/vi/4'; r.i .\v. ,0 

Con'.iMted -Sonis a'iil jiLmted t lnn'iln;., miisf I'c fnith. r 
visiletl. ofj-oi\iii .isn! vv.-vivrfd, 1717 tf . /'.i ./<v V 1 Vjj‘. f 
1 ol.'si rv’d iheiii .M!eiiiiv. |y . . ;nid did i.'kI . . >ef one siiiilin,; 
(.’ninitcnanfe .on. iht im. t86i M. I’m h.'h-s /’.‘.i-v. i. 

\b I’.d .v.inl . joj'.iires his ai'.'ds0..i.oloi i.» i»li.v;rve llic yonut' 
pii:?*.e, a 'll tfj inf.iiin him .* if if hiM.har:i! 'orvaiid disposilii.'iu 
1884 /\uKy h 5 Apr. ff »; 1 l.ii:.-.y I I'l.-iiiu * uh .ci s i d n-i 
they say on iho Siai;**. 

b. .f/f't. 'lu regard with atleiitinn by w.iy of 
auguiv ur divin.aHon ; lu inspccl for 0! 
iliviiiatiou ; to waUU or lake iiulo of ■picsa.c.e.i or 
oint'ii.s , L./?Aw.'/7'.7/v or j.‘.r£Ufri : « .•# Z/r///, :Mn/, fuotu^ 
sfetlarum, etc. : cf. <.)iim:uv AiiuY 5 c. 

c 1391 CiMvci.R Astro/, u. § 4 file assemltnf . . i-i n tl.i'V’: 
wlii<.!iU.'l ihof Asiroi.icii-n.s i;re:ly idt;:,iiafn 1513 
Kk/r Itl 'o';:;;) 4.J Vi.i hiiih it jilic stuniMin.; .if oat-s ■>r;| of .i;i f.»k!e rite and i.iistoino, ohifriud as a loki.ii 
..notjihly fiiiMoini.; si.»iiii; riUMt misfoiluiit:. s6ii IJim.K 
/.i7‘. xi.^. ;fi Wither siiall s'o imJmntnie'it, in r olismne 
lime-!. 1613 I’i.'ki.m \s / V/c^v/inn't* lOi.p f?’, arc ^icaf 

\Vi|. hrs, ^it.d ijliscivc iiiti.d:. of s;n,rLfu:ed lJ«*.a..ti's. 1718 

!• rn..f tii nlc r .\o. ^v. * ij \sf.ii tin'. i)i;i;asi'.,iis, uj.on win, )■ 
the .\iiiii‘i,is kefoui.s". 10 l*res;n;i:s .. it was jndc.d 
rc’juiiiic lo o!r.i ive 'J hein, ni....ic csjieuaib, in I'l.diii;^ n}.-- 1 
any t bid' l l iki'iR. 

0. MiL I’o watch (.a forlri:.s.s, the ctiemy’s inovc- 
incnt.s, etc.) ; .aI.*o ahol. or intr. 

Ii6ii I'.iin K :* Sayn. >i. irt When Juab o!'S»:rvi;J ihn i::i>' ] 

>799 fi...v«j ill Oiven M}\}. lyelUyUyy. ii-.:’, I 
wa.s with ih.’-Crt tfuiiii..-nts of* .ivdry, heiwtiii iln* 

flAnk of Coloni-l \N tlle-.U-y .and the left of rii-nerai 
I Lillis 1813 Kxair.iyu'r ■; May 274'?. Tlif f\;.Tir«"..=‘'^. . l.s . 
oh'.i r' ed hy •nine pan if. s cf Co!i-.;u ks. 1836 Kuropi' ; 
(i\.l i-v!i V. xxvii. i fi; Kro'-lish, with -.ix lliousand mt ii, ; 
otjs--;r\cii 1853 .If//. A s. v., /’,i fi". 


i’C t/ii‘ «;.i'i o/j !•/ an i'in:nty is to keep a y 1 n.; look mil '..'y 
mrati.s of intclli^f.iii isi.d sirady spies or scoiit.s. 

, d. nhal, m iirir. To umki. ohstrintiutis. 

1604 hifiu*;. (>///. III. iii. 2.10 Set on thy wife to eihr,criie. 
1760-7J J(. IJiiooKr. n/'tp.wa.'. 'i‘W|l IM. 13.3 Y-. ii liavr. 
.se:-ii a.-jil olivi vi'd u|»>ii iininy i.-r iris of late. 1791 Iti w kk 
7 #i f/rwhr .Vat. NVks. VJ. v- Ht: fjfii observed ■ 

on ih '. iiaiinc of tanicy who does- nm know that it is mil- j 
nivoiO'ii. * { 

1 7 . /fafis. To watch for in order to take ndvon- ! 
t.age Ilf (a profier lime, :in o]»porli!nity). Oh. | 

1540-1 Ki.vij T //wfypv r7ti7'. 17 ni.scrnii.;? tin* fjnic, he hy 
litllf. ami little wiihilo-we liym into; phm.-.s. //>.■,/. \,f '' 
l.iijod diii^em.e in ob.-:niIiiK the op.jrtiinhy iif tvinc in ■ 
.suwyng iS.* pla.'ui'ig i5<io 1 Jai:.s tr. SkSfHmri Comw. 109 ' 
I ho hysli.ij). r.r liiis I aiise niadr; »he ]e8||UC, ob.scrvi.-i^f tin: 
(.Hxasion « f lyine. a 164s .Sri: W. .MoN'jon Xarat 'Ira. ts v. ■ 
(1704-407/2 Thcynm .l oli-jci vc the Spring-Tides to com-; ' 
O’.cr the Harr. ! 

8 . To lake notice of, to ]>c con:;cious of seeing , 
(.1 thing or fntt ; to notice, remark, perceive, see. ! 

I5te IMl sir. SUidane i Cofimt. 285 'I he Suiiiic Inked pale j 
and dimrne, . . Ami this w:i^ iiot ohsi;:‘.t:il in f'l.riiianytmb, I 
J.iiit also in f'raiuici: and Kiit;land.^ 1634 .Snt T. Hkki:i.iu' 
yVrt-/i. Vi) Kinif iteniy .. olisi.-rviiijj .siiitiilKide in the i 
M^rsscnRcn clciivrry, 173ft i. ii. Wks. i-’.yt j 

1 . 35 This everyone oh.s'-rvc^i m hr tlie Kciui.d f;,*» «.f i 

( Sill- liiiiA*t h‘iraf\ II. i, I idiMirvc ymi h.'ivc iMit 

an odd a iifw method of Mir. arin;'. 17^3 iaiir.i-i k 

Let. 6 .S**pt., Hearing ihi; hall-clock, 1 uh-frvfd a great dif- 
fereiicc botiveen that and ours. 1833 6 J. Sktuht r 

(iBjfj 20..', 1 am not, observe, here .sayi'.i;: one is prcfr-iablc 
10 ano»h»*r. 

ahot, 1805 U.aCo.s Lcaen. 11. .v. § 4 If men xi ill intend 

to i.hsiMXf, they shall find inueli woiihy to obscnc. 1783 
Hi Aiu Kht'i. x- I. aoo \Vc rcinark, in the way of nilen- 
li>'n, in order to .iftiu:iiilirr; wr. oLscrvc, in the way of 
t.vaiiiinaliun, in order lo jvdgc. 

t b, 'J*o pay uUeiiiion tu .a pir.sun, i.e. to what 
lie -says' ; to mark. Oh. 

1775 .SiiKiiiuAN A’/V'if/.r 1. ii, < Mai. (!>bserve me. Sir 
Aiitti .-ny. 1 WiMiltl li\ 110 iiif.iiis iib-li a daiif liter of iiiiiw; t«i 

hf a proffiiy of le.'U'iiilig. 

8. To take notice of .‘•cicnlifical 1 y ; t-p. to exAitiiiic 
(phcnonien;i) as they are prtseided to the, 
without the aid of e.\})(‘riinent ; to perceive or 
h-aiii liy scientiliC insjicetioii. i Cf. Oh.-^eiix ation 6 . ) 

»S 59 ''’* Cl'\Nt>»aiSM Cosmciir. i/f.t-we 16.*, I i:.nn wiih my 
..k.>ii;\, obseruc the hvight ot the scnm*, and sterie, 

\ i.lill he ri.inu' lo the met iiltan. 1605 IkwoN Ad\'\ l.mriu 
11. n As for. .i!:i|iostiiriUtii‘r.-... .ihi'V onitlil lo have bivn 
f vatlly f»b''s-rvi:it hy iniiliiladc i*f ariai'.Mriic.s. 1669 -So'«'''ir 
.l/.o'.Vvf’jr 11.. i-i.i Vi'ii must obseixe wilh y.iiir In.stni- 
iiienl the .\ii;;lf k-H.-X. .mil ine.i.-uie the Hist.iii'.e.^ 1704 
Hv AkNi; Duct.iJist. I i/i-i) I. The Cliakheaii'i. ..said they 
hail bcsiiin |o oh<ervc the Star.s 47ii-;<<i yeaii Infore Ab'v- 
aiidi t's Kxpcdititin thiilicr. i849M.\' \ri ay Hht. Awa. iii. 
I. Tl:e_ Mari|iies.s of WturOsivr Imd recently ob-iei'Mil 
The t \|i;insii'i: p.>wLr of iiioidiirc rarefieil hy heat. 1871 
Ik SiKWAiir ft cat ^ fiji Atlt'in^ ilii?; to the heivdit of the 

I. Mifiiiicler W'hii-h wa.s- i.)l.M».TVt:fl ;u the .s.'um? nnmu-nt. 

ah. l. 1879 Tiiom.v.:.n I't '.I aii* AW. t'ht!. I. i. When, 
as in aslronoiiiy, wij t*iidea\oiir In as* eriain ibfse l-j' 
.simply Wilt ehing their e..'fu<:i«, we ahsc}'^'£\ vlu.ii, as in our 

1. !ii'ralotii;.-i, we interfere Rihitraiily w iili the or ( ii - 
i 'itif.ianccs of a pheimiat'iiori, we ;irc s.'iid to t'rptntnt nf. 

b. sfir. To make an observation (wx* OlkSKKVA- 
TJON fi bV in onler to drtcrniinc the nltitiule of 
(I lie sun or other he.'ivcnly body), to a.scertain (liie 
latitude or longitude), elc. ; al.'^o or intr, 

115591 ;.ve ivl 1617 <*AiT. S.Mirii ihani. i.^. .3 a 

Ohsciuc the hfi.chl, that b. at twvliie a doi.kv t«» Like the 
lifi'^hr of the .Sinmo. 1669 So ■ KMV Mariner a -bbi.jt'’- O. 

'i In: Muriia-rs Cr**s.'i-Statf. .Viy whii h wcc-h-^ei \e the telo.'iti.d 
l.iiihts. 1761 Ih in /V/;V. i't.tny. Id I. In lakiii; 
tihitmlfs, 1 ;du*.'iys i>L.seiA*c, when ilie Mtii, nr otlicr celesfinl 
Iwidy, is .\s ncai the jirime, or east and west a/iniutli, 
a-, j^if.^ibie. 1854 HAKiLHir .l/j A. /ii'.-.n.t iry I. \vi. : 
Li« uti.n:i!it Whipjth; observed here, and ihe ialiliide 

to l*e [Vi .•-•'4 V', !•»nl'itn'!e i..^ 

IV. 10 . To .sny by w ay of remark ; to remark 
or mention in stxech or xyriting. 

1605 Ikv .1.7* II. XXV. St - T ViHir Majesty doth 
c.xi'fllf.iily wi.ll f/.-.iivc, lli'.il wii'Jii-iaft is the hi;i:;!it >jf 
i'luldtry. 1646 I. ll.Aii. t/orr I'ac. 17,? Ti^ baiulsi-iiiii !y 
i.bM’rv. itjih.a tliu in.\iiift of tnher Ktligions never naiued b*> 
Clirbti.n!iiy. 1709 ArrKija.nv .SV//;/. /.rdc x. 32 in .Se^n-, 
[} 11. 243 lli-s t'iii:i|Kf.‘i'>n and lU'iiiciiity tHu aids little 
i'iiildien is rv,^l liy :ill tin* Kvan^V'.lt-l i. 1716 .AtiMmi.s 
irex-hoMcr Ni*. wi p a My Fell..* w-Travel lei. upon this, 
o! scr\tij i » me., tlu-relud hecii no 140. -d Wi-aiher .since the 
kevoluticn. 1833 ii*’* *^1 'KiiM- \i C‘/af nfcd tiCa i. j 'Von 
will n-.if iriisS the to-iii.dii *, tih.scrved oni' i.f pu; 

I >*39 f KiKi Wai i.6'im 4 v VI. Iii. .319 'I he. king . .o' . 
>f.rvi:d that miu fine tliniic no hard task t«> i«peak weil. 

b, or iMfj\ wilh m or u/on : T\> make a 

ninark or obscrvatiun, to- com men i Min'*. 

1613 Hrk- UAS iiMi) JS .-iligcr iIiik nb- 

M:r\elh i.'ouarMiin^ the lewidi, 'The lewo (s<iiiii he) 

11 '•<; (ell'.]. 1665 Sia’J'. 1 1 i hm-h i 7V.;f7'. (1677)2 j Not omIv’ die 
siirf.wctiiit (lieinisardl/uwelsof LlieK.i:!.li(;e.Sir Fri'.vi. IIar. .!i 
i.'jM'fxes). 1717 <.W. A'lV. /*«■///• .y/?*. 1 1 1.30 It wasmox i*il ih.-.l 
they sh.iidd he lead, for the iiieiiiljcrA uf C'ouni il tij pb>.c.r\c. 
upon them. 18*7 R. II. ri-n AVw. (iL’.iS) 1 . 4«! *. I will 
iiMkii;iMy tn<.;:!sas--iiujileaslc.iu,wiihout being t^bserxeil ••n. 
1883 SiH N. I.i\ui>v III /-.w.'i A‘./. II (.Jiieei.’-s liencli Iii'.-. 
5.7 ' matter:* I thoit;;hl it ne*. eM..u^- lu observe upon, 
4 rii. catiiiir. To kccjhprescrvc ; t<»)<udn. Oh. 
d' 1410 i\tf/:id. cn !htd>, i\. Suiiimen . . With warir 
vryiic observed longe. 1577 IJ'A’Wi k Anc, Ac,.'. 
71 I he /iUhi rly affei.iiu'i ul Rciiie, 
bi:.’.i<i3> rot o;;elyub*.eiii*jd but a'igii.i iiN’d. 1)96 Uai.hvmim i, 
\x. Lejy^ II. jji 'Tljir .-irir.e*, we knawe evir Jiis 

eniicuineri.s l«> liauc ub.->eiiiLt. 

J let ice Observed ///. a . ; Ob«e'rvedly 

(-I'llli • iL'/t'., notably. 

160a Sii iKN. //rtiw.iii.i. liijt The;.*: uf T.isliion, and the 
III' mid - f T'>riiie, 'j’li' obvern’il i.'f all I Jl M 1615 Cu.m*- 
.'1 w Ody.\s. \ I- 1 1 ■? Up t*> • •■/aiili ;bi:ij; 'Th’ obsc rveil maid. 
1669 i^n ii.MY .^furint'rx .lAi.e. 1.. 1 W ben ibe Dead 
tiidc diffiis fr.-iiii tlic t >b-.*:; Veil J .titiii'c. i86d Tynijai.i. 
(iVrtf. ITcf., To irfi-r the iih-crv t.-.l piieiiuineria to thi'ii 
p!ij* tfiuses. 1891 C. i'. U -i; •'! Kc/ifr- -S U/e ii. 52 
.St'iciiLe,aud ub.scrvcdly Ihe jt.icre.e of ge.>loj;y,hiu. freed iis. 

Obae'rve, [f. Ormihi f. ?».] 

I I. ..a jivATiu.Y 5 , 6 . 7 . Oh. 

1686 <lo 4 n i'c/cst. Hodics I. iv. i .S*'Mie that .sbi-»i-il without 
.'iii.i, may abandon Ihe-e- Ot-i-ivos f u ..ii]K-.''stition.s. 1830 
tl.M.r auric ■/'. jii i. (1X4.1) n*, 'Ihe Miiuiit:, and J, could 
Male the ii\ti, and make iilj:.ei ve.s. 

2 . A verbal obi-crvaf, a remark, .v,*, 

1711 Ceuntrcr-AIani Lttt. to Curat 77 'Hie observe of 
n ce.iiaiTj ihilnnian, that raundns rc^itnr a stn/tu holding 
l; iK.ially true. 1738 W. Wius<in tJe/. /iV/.' /Vine, C/t. .Scot, 
li 7 t> 9 i I. 34. I .shall fir^t offer a few t byervcN eijneeiiiing ih*.* 
Church. 1886 SiF-Vf-NsijN Kidnapped xii, no* And that's 
Ti gucul oliMzi v#*, |)aviil ',.-s:iid Alan. 1893 Ckockfi r Stkkii 
Ministi r 73 A ni'»*.t inie:dled for f»h:'ii:i vi?. 

Observer ( Also 6 -ar, 7 -or. [f. 
Ousr.KVE V. + ->.B l. Cl. OK. oherveur ;( lotltf. in 

scriN^; j).] 

1. t hie wh » obsiTves or keeps a law, rule, custom, 
jiracticc, mclhixl, or anything prescribed or fixed. 

* 55 S ihdii-M lAciudes ;!*,8 A Hiligt nte obserucr of his kccus. 
lomtd religion. 1660 K.Cokk i'&uicr 4- Su/)f. jjfi A dftv«Jiit 
obscivi^r of the goveriiiiii-iir, rite*, and cenmonic.s of llui 
khurcU uf £n<:.latid. 17x1 0. Ku' haiuoN tr. I'atots A'it*. 

AoriHg. P4 Suppos’d to be u cmii'vard observer of the Jewish 
law*. 1748 RiiiMHnsoN C/arissa 1181 1) I J. xxxiii. 94 >» I am 
siielt an obiiervcr of method, that I can go jclc.]. 18B0 
Wai.i.a»;e /tend fur iv, xv, They were.. rigorous observers 
of the Law as found in the Iwok.-i of iMose.s. 

■|' 2 . One who shows losjiect, (U Iticnce, or dutiful 
attention ; an ob^*<]iiiou8 follower. Oh. 

1601 SlU W*. CoRNWAli.i^ Pise. AVwrivt (ifi JI> iR Tim ftntil 
I i heiished aud oltM-rvcil, recumjM'ii.strth her obsi 1 vtr. 1613 
j I'n.AhMAN A’l'?'. AViv.i' jy.inwots iv. 11 ij, His r./iitciiipt 
j of It'iuci's, rani.sii*- . Seniilc fihserucrs. 1633 Ma'^sinci.k 
! i.'uardian 1. ii, Voii .'uc iny graviuiis patroness mid sup. 

; poi-iif<;s, And I your poor observer. 

i 3 . One who watches, marks, or takes notice. 

; (A frequent tiilc of newspapers.) 

j 1581 Mi'i-CAsri R Positions xxxix. (1887) 214 Ills observer, 

I uh*jin ho I Plat- >1 ulloweth to go .'ibro.nd to see fa'ditoii.s, 1601 

■ .''MAKS. JW. I. ii. vfi.* He is a great Obscnier, aud he 
■' hiokcs (Jiiile tliioiigh the Uyeds of luiMi. 177a J'uil.sTi.KV 
i /nsf. Kc/ig. (1-/82) 1 . 24 'I'his is the eoncliision of a Miperheiid 
I o[>-.i-ivci-. iSfto Tynli.vli (jr'An'.i. .\x. 140 ‘riii.s coinplctctt the 

gl-jiioii-s eiri'iiit within the observer’s view, i 860 \V»iii']*i r. 
( '/uiractrr vy, ILiw ihornc is one cifthi.ise true observers who 
fonctiiiratc m obsi.-rvaiioii every ijowcr of their luinds. 

b.'One who observes presages or omens: see 
Ohsi ux K 7 *. f> b. 

158B r.xKKi tr. Mnul’sus Ifht. China 3.48 They, were 
groat .Xgiiii'.nu is or nh^i itu:<is uf times . . if lliey* mtete with 
a UiiXUian or ly/aidc. they know it to bft :i .signe of euill 
foitiim-. 1011 ihiM E xviii. to An obseiuer of liii'ie*:, 

: or aii^ iii-- 1 }:*iiti*r. or a will h.' 1698 FiiYi-:i< Arc. A. India 4* 
igj Sliii..l (.ibsi rvtrs uf t >meiis. 

4 . One wJto ol)scivi:.*i jilu.noinnia scitnlifically ; 
one who m.'ikesobsci'Y atious in a ]*ai licuhir science ; 
.s.midimc.) the otticial tit/e oi the ptisoii ki thaige 
01 an ob.scrvatiii y. 

*795 Proi\ Is, Aid cf I itngifude 6 June ii «j*V, 'riu; .. 
Astrononiioal Obyi-rvir :it tin*, iiv.vv ObMTVuldry, luiindrd by 
I the Trusttes of the R;id- liftc money. 1805 Med, ')rn/. 

\1V. 563 It lias bi:Cii, and i- .still iiiy iiileniion. .to confine 
; the prt-MUil siirvi-y t.v original of tin: diMrase, 1859 
I Vkw in Ong. .S/i*:-. ii. (1873J46, I have .. consulted .some 
I .saKatiiui*; and 4:x|ii;Tieui:ed ulisi.rwr*.. 1871 Ik Stkwakt 
I tt>'at ii-d. 2.' $ 40 l>i]alaiioiis obi-'ijiii.-il alter this inrihod 
by different obsrrvers. 1891 Put. Kat. Pig- XXVII. 373 
Iniaiedi.itily ' U his ( Mnnisby's] a|.p..iiiiiuenl in 177:? a", ihi* 

; l)r^t Ka<i>.!ilVe Cjb.icivi r [at (.Ixfonlj, ht Util the rHiuJution- 
I ; t .iic I'T llii: iirrM-nl i’bs«‘vvat"ry. 

I 5 . Uiic who jiiakts a Ycibal ol».s<;*»\aiiuii or itinaik, 
17*4 .Svi II I »hi\pfcr's J cti. \\ Ls. 175 s V. 11. T 'J’hi: inu.'.iiu 
. of i-.onuiu'U ol)-ti M l.', ihar lb.--e. w!iu iiit\ldle u; m.itivis out 
of tin ir <;..lliiig. uiil have Ut ii |.».ui, 

> lltnco Obse‘rvertihlp» the ullicc «.»r j»o ition of 
' Ol.-^crver, 

1 >*39 J- 1 ’- M’ ^i-»v J.eit. Apr. 'i /.?;.«,) o*» JuIihsom of 

.M:ui(!.i!im ILill i> Mauding f*>r lf>c pl.'ieo of K. di lilli- Ob- 
server, va-.aui by Kb;rii!d’i* dfaih. aiiy lyic laa ;(.'U’J Jr^i 
I hi: t l^})^J^ wbrrea.s it i.iust Iik I'til .M.A. Ln the other 

• p. . lh»: Trufe.s'v'isliipl. 

t ObsbTvicen Of*s. nire^^K [A hyhiitl form 
mixing up oht'f’i'i'r aiii.! .vrVT'/iv.] ObsLuv. K 2. 
16x5 .SiiiKLi-.v J.t^'cd riels m. \, I am y«.»ur luimble ob-er-* 
j vii i-r, and w bit you all Limiulaii .Ji.s of i it y. ‘‘ 

i Observing (pli7*v niij , tyV. .»//. f f. ( iusku v i- ?•. 

I j.i-Nni.] The ntlion ol litc vb. (.Iu-kkvk; ob- 
I scnance; obsirvaiion. 

1510 I*iit;r. Pa/. tW. dn \V. i-.'.i) ‘f, b, The vse and 
idiseiiiyiige iif |i.e x coniuiaiimli.iiieiiU.s. 1613 J’l if m 

■ I'Pyi lUiii.x i.! Tilt. x'Aiftm ..-I*, of ihe heavens \i!i<a'!c. 

I w!ii*li i.v» II in the iin'menL of ohhi ivlu,.' is p.i-.i ob'vitii.g, 

! 1719 Di: FoK i'rusiit' ll. iv, I I'-.ive iib-erv'.i.-^, and rct .r • lo 
I Ihi; 1887 .•if/iC' cn/ii j.: .M.u. ;i..!/i .An amateur 

I bi'gi'iuer in a.-.iomi-Miii :d i\ iue. 

j otiriK 1884 /'•*// .-l/riiV (/. 27 .^|.ly jii/i The jjmsoii in 
i tliai;^e of tin: i.ib-er vli.g .slal i iru 

! Observing Vh/o-jviij ;,///. rt. [ i.m;**.] 

1 . T hat cib.';i. rv'c.s ur lakes iiuUcc; quick to notice, 

; ribscivant; cng.'iged in scicniific obser\ation. * 

' 1628 tr. i'amtUMs Hist. I'diy. iv. (1680} f'54 If any Credit 

I may bv given lo. .ibe inonj ob-.civtng men. 1704 J, 'J icAri* 
j .{/ra^full II. I. 447 Her l!?.-uiiy could not V.ijie ih' 

1 (ilisi i vHig Kyts Ot .some. 189B thiiiy Ae^os 13 F*.l». 8; 4, 

] do n*.| bi lieve ibat a ?iaglr tiiruil.n'r of ibr wludr obsert u.g 
I ]>arty ever doiibur'l the p<>S‘':biiity. .of a cloudy d.iy, 

! tb. X ute-laking. Oh. 

i 09M HhAitNK in Woods IJfe iT;'^4-.) App. iii. 337 Mr. 
j \VuijJ\was afterwards v.xjwIVd llic ct.miiion louin^i.iil l.t = 
i..uiitp.'iny avi.iydi'.d ns an obscivin;.; pL-is(iu. 1775 .Siicn 
Fiitals I. ii,.sbe baA a mo-'l ob .erving thumb ; .*101!. .riieri^^y.s 
her ii.iil.H for the rt)uvcni<:nrc of making inarginal notes, 
ta Corn] diant, obsequious, tfh. 

1606 .Shakb. />. •'{' C r. II. iii. 137 ['riu*^] vmler write in .in 
oliscniiiigkinde His luinior«.>us predonniinncc. 

Hence ObM'nrlniTly adv.y in an oLserving man- 
ner, ob.servant)y. 

1599 Shakn. Hen. iv*. i. 5 There Is sonic .smile of good- 
nc.->ciii things cuill. Would lUcti obveruingly dkiill it out. 
i8a8 Fr. a. Kcmiiik in Aec. ( 7 /rMiW (i£7/) 1 . viii. 222, t 
have seen and heard observingly, 1889 A. E. Hap.ii Feet 0/ 
Clay xii. His lather li.stencd paticvtly and, 

Obae'rvist. mna-iod. [L Obnluve v, + -lst.] 
One who makes observation his business. 

1817 Cari-vck Grrw, Ro$n, 11 , 13 He is no lucic obscrviAt , 
.Hid (-onipikT. 

Obsess O^bsc's), V, Also (}\€rron. obcoM. 
[f. I« jipl. stem of obsidPre to sit at or 

opposite lo. Kit clown bcfoie, besiege, occupy, 
|)0i>bcss, f. ph (Ofl- T a, b; + sedire to sit. Ct\ obs. 
K obsesscr (ifiih c. in Godof.), 

The woid a|i)ic:ir.s to have heroniciibsolftc early in i8lhc«, 
aftd lu have Ijveii rcviveil in i^ih : cf. OnsKii'iiON.] 




tl. trans. To sil clnwii lieforc (a foilrfss, ihi.' 
enemy) ; to besiege, invest. Ohs. 

1503' in Ellis Orig. Lett Scr. i. 1. y} Rmies so lo Ijh 
I' cscyk'^ii or obss“.M«l l>y the miIU I'lirki:. 1534 

Wiin i.sTON* J'ntyei 1 11. (15^0) 07 'riu;‘.r lh:a h*-. lie <1 

or ohi-c *1 i»rili'.ir • iii inyi.".. *647 W hak i = 'N Hrilatn I/ybet fi. 
\Vks. 251 rii‘! of that Couitn y sliall |.<r, obsv-,sr'l, 

or bcHicKC'l, ilu-y shiill not cliHe lo •nii »>f their 'rowns. 

2. C)l an evil spirit: 'Jo bestl, assail, or li.'irass 
I'u person) ; lo haunt ; lo move or actuate from 

1540-1 Ei V'ii /y/ivi,e<‘ r>-l Is J ''f il»'‘ 

r.oufesMoil iifilyuels, l aM mit of jieojile, 

were obhesM^i. x6i6 Kei.i.«jK.\h /i’.i/w. .s. v., A iiiiin i , 

said to bi- iiliMisi, when aiieuill spiiii followeih hiiii,troublii!;r 
him UL diiicr'i times anil seekiiij; uiiiirirliirilfy to tiitm iiitri 
him 1718 I'.!-. Hi khinsov Witiiicra/t 70 Tlie Spirits 
obsess, haunt anil do^ tbeni. 18x7-45 Sik H. 1'avi or 
Cpi/tntNUf H- iv, Whi«:!i saint is ni' st powerful for; 
the dciuonijKsV Thai is. urding as they .uc 

obsessed *» possc'^sed. 

«i. transf. To Ijcsct, assail, or harass like a be- 
sirgiii}*; force or an evil Mpiril ; in muilein use 
Ui haunt and (rouble as ;i * lixcd idea, \ • 

1531 I'J-YOT iV.i;-. n. iv, \V1 iri«.* luaiesiie ajijiiiii.licth y* 
c.\r.L.ssc, .'tiid ilic iiiviidc is ol»M.‘w.*d \ii:li glojii.. 
1648 P»/rf, \ on arc . . AMiiy-|iini«Jiiii ;i:ul 

oWssed wITn .Sci:t.»rios. 1885 K. \V. H. .Mm i:s in /'V'l/v, 
A’l'Z' XXXVI 11. bn 'f.hi'! Mdil'-i't .. felt the hyimotbo s 
will i>h‘.€-.slng him, 1^4 A'/<v»X’i Apr. 'i jic. evii m 
to wlikli poliiir.-ai prubli.iiis an*. i»b.MSsini; iiwn'-. miiais. 
1899 IIowi-.i.i.K in Litetit/ioe I }\mfi The .‘.pint uf war 
seems to h.avc ulisessed vm p(‘iii.iiiii..d lireiatnre. 

Hence ObMOinaed ;-sc si) ///.«•; Obso'iisiii#; ;v/*/. 

sh. ami ///. c7. • 

16*3 C'M hrriAM, tV'.vt'.v/, our pris^e.s-^it with a spirit. 1665 
Nkkdha.m .t/rtA tllt’it/e/rte .pjq T o ibe ul-r';“-Ii:f; .nid ili\- 
uessing Ilf tho'.i* two most ijulilt* \'iial lii-<tiiir.U:nl.s of ih-- 
body. 1845 M. (>i i\r.R CV//. AV.^c. Je'urr 77, His faun; 
for di.sp-.'.sscs.sirip ■..b-c sed pei>oiis lif.i oming noioiiim.'i, 

tObsa'ss, sh. Ohs. /are~“K [f. |irec. vb., or 
L. type *ohscs:i/i \] An investment, stc^c, blockade. 

Motti-.i.'.'c V. Obsesses It*. < Av/VZ/Vm. |, 

Still rns and Kights Sangiiinolenl. 

ObSQSsion .i^bdi- Ji!!.-, [ad. 1.. (ihsrssii'ft^//f , 
n. ot action f. to Ob.s1’ : cf. V. ohsi.tsuvi 

(1690 in,-1 Innii.' .] 

+ 1. 'I'lie action of iK sicfiinif ; invoslinent, siej.'r. 

1513 M'jKf j\ u ftiU-tf / i / in ll.’dl CLr,tn. -esJ 'I’bi'V 

\\ h II. n Wi'i r.^n till i;:isif 11 . . Ni:iil als-i to llu; l'..\r!c of Rii In; 
moiiiic lo advr-rtisc liym '-f their sudetrie • ill'll- -..‘.I' m. 1638 

Pi .Mii.‘i IIV.AS At fiirti. Kivli, p.miine, ■i.i'adojjcd ihtou>ih 

the l'..nei'ues ob-.>Cisioii, 01 ^tiii.l siege. 

2. The hosliie action of ihc de\il nr an evil .spit it 
beseliini' any one; actii.'iliun by iho devil or ati 
evtl s[>iril fiorn willioul ; the fact of being thus 
bisei or acUjiitcd. 

1605 FJ. JuKMts /‘i //*'«»' V. .Nii, CiraiiR fathers, lie is pos- .. nay if there Imj p^.-iSt-'i-doTi, ,‘\nd idise.ssaai. be lias 
both 1641 I'.p. MorsT.^c'.: .U-ts J.Ve. (1(14.) 10 > To 
pwe iliem up to the power of ^atan to possevsr, and r*at1y 
inhaV'itc ih 'in, or l-y obses«ijiMi ro imovy;, aftnriic and en^yire 
llieirl. 1696 Ai.'Cki-.v .l/.-'.n*. 17^6 Her fin .and obsi.ssiop'i stem 
to lu; Rie.'iif.i , f:u mile Scriecli«'-i in a lno^l Hi'llir.h iunr. 1871 
'rvi.fl< /Vm. C'h/t H. 11 1 Cfis* s belong r:irhi;r tn 
cib'>e=isi<.iii lliaii pi ion, tin*, '.piriu. iml in. iuall> mg 
the bod.i--, blit iKinging or lui'. eiing ab .ui ihcm. 

3. iriittij. The. action of any iitiltii'iiu:, rirdion, or 
Tixcd idea*, which pei>t-.t.criily assails or vexes, 
csp. so as to discompose the mind. 

1680 K. ruAMjjt .V Pul tit :!"f Nevn 

MiV. a iy Xaikm .. imd*!!' .‘iieh an (.tbseisii ai l/^r/uti,/ 
All I of Cri-diiiity and liliM.{!ir;v.i. 1854 L'fUtr’x J/fi.;. 
XI. V. .-4^ iJevct .by fiiteig'ii by baik^slidrs. and doine-ti'' 
influenees, Uy ob^e'-'iiieis .'it luiiiic an.-l abroad. 1893 H. 
Crackan'IIImKi'i--. a h'£ {-It ifCi I hc iIkjiirIii yf dc.ilh i'ej^a's 
t«i h.Aiiiii. him idl it brijiunc LO'-i^taiil iilKitiviiiin. 

He*ncc Obaa'salonal r;., of or petlaining '.o oIjscs- 
sion or to a sicgr; obddioiinl. 

1857 J/fijC’ H. 7.04 I'ieren of or 

siege money issued by pri\.'Uc indivldn.ds. 

1 01lBe‘880r. Ohs. nin'’\ [;i. I., ohi'sscr, 
ngeiil-n. Iiom lo OiisBs.s.J A hauiiiing 

or familiar spit it. 

1654 flAt'Li-: .]fajfast}o»i. 1^9 Hriw many maRiei in«5, . . 
have had their. ,obN^^'so^■s, their < jnsiii.iries, anil ansiiijiries. 

i ObBi'bilate, Ohs. ru}C~^\ [l. ppl. stem 
•of -L. chsihihin^ f, oh- (Ob-) + sihiolre to Itiss, 
whistle. J (Seequot.) Ifcnce t Obsibila'tion. 

x8i^ ni.0b-NT6Vr».o#if r., OhiL/ui ir, I o nn.-ike a wldstlii ig iioise, 
as 1 rccs .Ktiood with wiiid.s. 1658 Piin cii'S, a 

hissing ngainst. 

tOD8i*dei I'. Ohs. rare, [ad. : ace 

Obsess,] /rafts. To Jxset, intc.'l, .siurouml, en- 
compass. So 1 0*lMildesit (7. {a<\. 1. ohsidcti/’etH 
pr. ppTe.], investing, encompassing. 

<695 Havn.mU) in J'kil. XIX. 19 Tbinigh the 

proper (.'oats of the \>tii^i and Arteries i-ceni to lie indoloiii in 
themselves, yet th;i><elhin MRmbr.vncs whirhob.sidc them arc 
«-'<lt»it5itc of 1706 — ill Sir J. Kloyer f/jt ^ 
ffatA. II. 313 The degrees of heal ptfivsing on, or ohsiding 
the hcHly. 1644 Highy iVrr/. Pot/ics xvi. (i6!:6) 178 Fire. .I'.- 
/my oliKidenr body when it is dih-ticd. 
OMldiaa Ofbsi diiln), Min. [In ctirrcnl form 
nd, ciron. L. ohsUiritt-ns^ in edd, of Pliny for oh- 
sidfttfs ; so called from its resembinnee lo a stone 
found in KlJiiopia by one Ohsius (erron. 

In F. obst</ia*it, -enne (1752 in Diet. Tre^'oux), 

The cnoncons OhsfdhtSt ohsitfiamUt iMicwr in the caihVst 

Vor-. VJI. 

piintcd cdd. of Pliny: !nil o/vianu.rj rainr. rh-wn 

thiuugh the titedtxvdl writers on .\.tliir:i] Ili-Oory.J 

A d.'irk‘C*ilourcd vilieoii.^ la\:i or volcanic lO'-k, 
of varying composition, resembling i f Mnnion ImiHIc- 
glriss ; ( olcauic glass. 

U398Tm.y»..A A/;-//#. A /• A*.xvi..v.ix.iM.-. ll.-dl. If. 1 
pr anno f.isi:ii!n.s is iiekiicd aiiu.itigw )•.I.l^;l!•d br i- ii)i)iii*.' 
>;ri lir • '.miyine l»l;irkr & iliTC ."i brrt. i6oi IIfa.j..Avii /V/vi- 
II. 7.W.'. Then; may lio t.'nigt:i| aiii.m.; iliv. kind, rd , 

tIiiiM; \\!ii».li li.^yi.ill f disidiaiia. f-jr llivyiaiiv 'l-hj-.c 
n: .einblct'i'-c Ilf i.h.ii vitjiii:, wbi. li nur; Ol .idin. f iii'.d iii 
.'I'.iliyiipia. 1661 I,o\u.l. //.'St. Atiim. .y Min. 111-:; 
f.)bsidi.imis|rt‘pri.Ai;iUf;J.'iSli.*«;I...\v. tj^\T.J.eonnyit!i.-‘ A; j-r. 
Mtvms ytO Olrdu.-, or Obdaiin'-, i.^ of .'i bhii.l; ii:iri.-p;iM::.t 
i nli.iiir in the l.ikcm v; nf tiUi'^-..] 1796 Kii;\van‘ P.Unt. .hV-v. 
Ud. 1 . ■./14 Uhsidiari. .is foMitl in Hu:i..;.(ry, iiiiii-ri;’;: in 
K!-civi, ;uid i'll gi.iiiitr. 1811 PiSKi-.kio-'C 
11 . !io lllai l: or Mm* oli.-iJi.-.n, 1837 W, Ikvi.*;*; t'n/A. 
Pcnm~'illc W. Ip; 'Jhirir wij.'ip* Atn. ain! .ni.iw'^ : 

the lalli.r lippeil wliii ijln-iilkin. 1868 H.aN v J//// ii.-.l. », 

Ally lava will hLroin*. and ilr.:-. iiml.i: •ib-iili.ii:, i'y 

i.'ipid tooling. 1885 -jM 1^- JiKti..;i - /./<*.. ■> I’iv./u- J.m. i', 
A py.\. .of lUiik oil rii.iii's p,ri-iii. 

1 >. Also ohsiitiatt s/cftr i /a/is Uhsi di thih:. . 

|l6ul ll-.n.I.Asn /Y.'»n* II. f»;*o A‘ I'l'ii-biui; ibr. -^IijIhi (I]j‘I. 
dinniS'^, 1 banc wiilten ^-ntili i«:iilly.l 1656 ni . 

/ Vo/iZ/>.Y a pii-i i Ml*. Slone, iiii-.t!ii.-nn d iii Pliny. 1686 

Pi or St-iJ/h ddi. 1-20 ‘I he n!.i>ii;k.ii s.tunr. 1715 0. Z V/wi 
f.'tins' ttuu-.m .»/V#y/, I. 1. iii. ,0 Dlisi.daw n ;iir. l.’.-ick, 

bul very shiniiig /» i8aa Siiri.i.i I r. iS-.i-; 111 72 

.\ rrinark-'.Me (ijiiire ••f .“'hep .as a wingt d 1 tiild ..-•ievpiir; 
on iis g1e.1t h.ilf nnfi.>! led wiiig ul bl.u.k obsidian -iluiic. 

C. attrih, and Coi.uh. 

K IK WAN Z-Zi/i/. Min. ^••d. 2! I. yy 3 ididiiiin rV.rphyiy, 
Jjlai.k, grryi-li bl.tck. 1861 J^j.ok /Ij.u/iun.- Iv. 
t M-^idianditruied aiiv:ws. 1863 i:Ah'.s'i:.t;.ii i.u /ie/und ..114 
It is :5n o' tiii.itii'tain, it l-'ki lil.e .A i!iMUi'l:d!i i f 
bii-kca gj.iv-i b lih *.. 187* Att.u'frrifn/ >1 i Vi . ci ^ 'i t>b*.i. 

di.iri kiiinri, ;.iid rtakfi. leuiindinf.' l.•lll.* of tb.»* Mixir.;Ti 
L'Miiiip!*-.*. 1*1 ilii. Piiiii-li M'.i -*:u!ii. Z.Vi/-, 'I lie -o-uaileil j'lil.t 

llake-i I'f Maintbon arc, in icnlily, nakes. 

t Obsi'dion. Ohs. rare. fa. f)l'\ ch.d iion 
( i^thc. in Gu'.lef.'l, ad. 1 .. ch.ddiMt-cm sU-gc, f. 
vhs/dt'n - : hi e OH»f.s.s ?'.] .Siege ; state of bi ing 

11450 MP-iVif Sidnaciovn ij;?. At ibr f.idiri i‘f 
inercyrs . J'i*'ly b* held the di-.tM? nf onii; libMiii.ionr. 

Obsidional ii^bsi'^lionulb a. [.'id. ].. 
dirvii'd^t f. ohddic/i-cw sic-gc : sec poo. t f. 1 *. 
ch’idi.ft!ar(i c. in fiodt'f.X] 

1 . Of or pertaining lo a siege; es]>. in ohsidionai* 

I'rOTcft f/%'rotu/f t^TCiifh), tr, I.. 

ohsidit'itdJtSy n wreath of grass i*r weeds eoidei ied 
as a mark of honour upon a Komnn general who 
raised a siege, i^hidiotttd rv//;.? •coins struck in 
a besieged eilyto siif plv the want of current coin-;. 

1544 I'liM.i J.ninfi. .i/r./'L. sf,-. Corru.i ./'>•£/;• mf/VV. a 
pail.i'.do c)l>sidiMi)a;l. 1546 l.A\iaiv Z’.v. Wn:. 
n. m'. (.)b‘.idi-jn.i!l viuiiric w;i-> wornc of l im ll.:.i 
deliucred a < itc« lK.‘>;ivj:*‘d & w-is iurnle .»f C.r.i'iM.. x6oi 
HoM.ASn Zhoy I. 117 Sripio syiiiained .Tnuliauu;-, 

V. ilh an * .>bddii :i:.d ia Afri* k . .Hm ‘aiuji.e, 

ilirvf l*f-i« i;. d. 1741 Min:-! kton t ViV.> Tl. xii. 777 

\n Ob>j*!ii»ii;d (.’town: wlti.h tJv'Ugh iii.»d«*. »..f P 

common g.v..' *, . viin'd tin*. i;»»bh'.‘.| lowaiiliil miliuiry 

iP .jy. 1809 Cb AV;-. I. ivj liic «/n'-jf!iv>nal t -..f 

C lm !' s ll.i; fn a. H. Kiiirn ii. / ».i* i-.; s J'nK L ij*. 1 n<;. 

4 f J III* iilizii I'l sLiidin.; vib.-idiiinal U-tiers bj bali.?*’ 

2 , i.k-sctruig, tibsidious. b. 7 ;i'/ 7 tr-//‘r. A[-l 

lo Ijiiic pO'ijilc fn’ slaving tc#i> lung. 

i8c6 .Si' AfT 'jj'kL ;i .Xjir , My t hh.T, nli.m 1 l. vi? 
v»‘iy iny.h, iboiiHo a biile cd-sidi'M'.rd o*’** lib' 
ihu 1879 ll ’i'n'J .0 17. 1 J la* vib- i-.livii.d •!!-•..><: <;f 

Mi-pik i-'ii wbi' b ju:r: :»i J'*:i lio ‘ iijjy-; aii* .ij<t .-i-m-I..']'. 

Obsid^onary ebsi’dionarij, a. [f. as prcc. f- 
-.\bV.] ■ pree. I. 

1885 VV, CtiAHiKS in /V. y tb flh .^or. XI. 94 Tbi—' 
•d>-i'!i iiiar^’ (.hmonil e-.-ii s m.-y be c;i;h'».i 'y.ur-.e, 

ObsidlOUa rair. [f.h. olddi- 

ittu siege \i. obsidirt", sec Onstss v.) •* -tu s.J 
Hesieging ; bcstdling. 

1615 'r. Aiv\ms .\f}sf. PcMnm W'k*.. i V. 1 I. --if / It ii snfr 
fri.ini :dl ubsiilii.-n-;. ••r |;i--iili n> oppnjin.'ithMi-.fri'ni the l^yl^.ll 
of fi.tiivl ot vii.-li: ii':«;. xgoo lAMly L /}■> ,'». n 0.;i. 7; * 'I'ho 
:TruKsie 1.1 tin* In'ioin*' . . aj|;;iiiiNi h'.'i own sex -imp' ••1^1, 
nl.idtlio'.i'- iie-.iii: lo • ■ inpiy, t*' vicld. ^ 

■[ Obsi gillnte, v, 0 /s. f f. 1 .. oh- ;Ob-) 

t- late L. st[i^di/iJri' lo seal ; alter L. : st e 

no\t..J fra.its, 'I’o seal up. So t ObstigiUn-Tion. 

1643 f'nTi.r.KAM, Ohs\irr\'if*t\ to bldf, '.I' Mullc. 1658 
l'|iil.i.!i s, t .'i sc.ilin'.> up. 
i Obsi’glli r. [ad, 1 .. <y sty thin: lo seal ui>, f. oh- 
(Ob- r e.i -r >isi;n,lre to m.'irk, .sial, next. 

TTi«vi*r.iiio H kf. iPwkcr Soc.T I. 39^ Tho s.viamt;iil 
of his body .lud blo-.d, w ht.Tt;b> hf- »!olh • ■ and obsij^'i 
uiilo ns himo.df wimlly. 1658 1. ki.<*ii V't'.N r.uti.'Ati V. e* 
No spiriliiiiil Ir.'iiis.'irtion, ll.oii.Hh <d‘sijr:i^:d wiih a Relit i-uis 
(X-ilii. 1670 Uaxxku Cure - 7 51 rbe. ,Siieriii'KMii..l 

ob-d)^ni]i^ ;iiid inve.stiii.iir 

'i‘ Obargnate, Ohs. ft. ppl- ^ * 

ch:.i^ftdre\ see prcc.] hans. To seal; to mark 
as with a .«ieal; to ratify or confinn formally, a.s 
by se.nling. 

1653 R. SAMit'iiS >75 Moles, with wiiirh nalinc 

liAlh <ibslj;i lilted ihc: |Kiils of ibe bydy. 111677 T'AKH^’/V 
/.'.rA /b'.i/Z. Wks. i.'j-ii \'H. 44 kccpiiTj the .Saj.'Kith did 
idi.i^nnic ihc ri>vt;nanl matle with tin* (■hildroii <■( Ismel 

Obsignation i/>h>iguc'', Now rare. [ad. 
r.. obsifindfion-efy, n. ol action fiom uhsiy^nard st c 
On^iti.v p.J The action of scaling. 

1. Vonual rn'iillcaii'iu or i oiirinnnvi.-.:i fif .-nu.r- 
thiiigj as by siviling. 

n t. vi\ I KnM.v; f.rt> » j I fit: • / I ,■ \ 1 1 

i-' ;■ J'l.i . i'. ;i ‘-.-I'.T.'iTiK'ui, . ill i!.i- w i 1. .. 

■.*1: .i;!i..»!i'.'i fi,!l t..j! till, ate t . j...;., !,i ^ ; .-iro, r- d hi i.i.j...! -.ii..-..! (■ 1 ...ji i!.;.i-i-.i:. ■. 1634!., 

fl-Mi. Jiard it Ii'k, .V. /. \>.:£ 111-, i:' .,.ii,'i ,i i.*,,' 

■ •I-'iv'n;iti Ml ^if lii=i d'-. M.* 'I'niil-. 1691 N- I r:-. i'i-.t 

i\ i I li:il Ob iL'ii:.: ..r,- '.vh- :• 1 . V iIm: Sjjiiil il ■ ■ it j. t , 

lit .ii Witin V it!i Sj-ii;i. tHs9 /'ll'. I ' i' 

lib- ii':i;:il iiMi I ;i;i fiily u'*'.;'! ■i:i' ■■! !■', ;r .• 

in .M. (.■:.iriiu- -.i i.Tic’ iitl iln- r;^. 

+ 2. Tlu: .action of a ..r 

restraining a; with a seal. (v. 

*653 * "'■MAKi.K /7#/iZ. Anr.of. .?i • . if i ri;i- nT ,.| 
/?Z‘i i.r itufiiify uf>. l:;ii!i .... 1 -.i m ,.f 

u-'.'i.-iinJ. 1679 Tl hiey m i’. lb. ii-i 1. iv.- 

.sttdi.ii ill :i I iiMiir ; in i lii.ii iticn: ii;-. n.i.y eM'!' :.i ,! ;; •. 
tiii'i upiMi, f.r >. ri:.-.L I bv(.i;rity i.:, i!i»- -.n ifd ii;i . 

Obsignatory tybsi'gndt.'ii , a. Now . ■ . 

[f. I .. a scaler, or |ipl. i .'. 

0. 7/# r.' r to Ort'Ori.v: -ouy.J Havli.g lit 

function of, or i.>i?rtainiiig to, obsign.'ition; latifyin:.; 
or conliriniiig as vvilli a si a). 

*630 S. 'iV .1(17 i'l ^ -1 / i//. 4 ir* .M- 4 if . ii: 

lii’.i. i*- i!t;iji.i» e. .rill r.'ii.'ii'i'lv i.i.' bt- lu'-eiiy < )! -inTi:iii.r\ 
.'‘■;;.if-. *693 R I'i 1 'UM*. r4i/.f. f/I-i j i.:i Nfi (’■■•!. ■ 

li iijplrjLii. ii: I .Cl . ihc P iwei i>f ibai J'.videMff . v *.»-! 
iii .tii J.ij ic'S.ii r/ v.:i, tbi*. i-. *:ive«' i:iii'» ilw. S- i;l. 1890 
f •ftii/ tiinn ;■?) Mai. -1.; W I’.'il iiiAV b*; called the 
I'-ry ' view of --aciiii.'jciit.''. op'.i:itii.!i. 

llvnce ObBi'gnatorily i7(.^r'. 

1630 \\ . in Z.’i,:7-( » '.» /.-v/. 41*. If V'-j wii* 

:iM ! l!:;tl I in \i-a.>!ie.* .Oi.iy c ill.'.:. . aci ■ 

ib.i*. i.-, f */,i-ji..-.t'.Mi!y oiiHi'i;'! .^in. 

■| Obsi'St, r'. i’hs. [.“.d. L ck f.- /-ire bi .*-t.aml 
r.gniiist, f. ch- (-)i- i l>) + to >1.Tiid : rf. (.TK 

id-.'i.der c. in (iodt-!.;.] />\ui". To stninJ 

:v;aii:st, ojjpr«se, re.-ist. 

1434 50 l!. liiyi/en (Ki ilcl Vll. i;; T'-.i; kji .- iil'tih . 
.’-•iv .i.'iliis cih; i.f N -ill.nrr'bickin.le, I*' ••Ir-.- ie t.i'j'ie'A 
th«*i*ib'. 1/1^8 H.mi. i'hv.m.. lien. Pit * '1'^ 'Vit-.i-.l O.i; 
fit si likely misi h'nTc- );e lefc.J. 163s I. L. i/y 

Ritdi{\ jij • i..ii:c t-in-iir ilny. wli'i t .1;. iluau: 

No i’ Obsi'Btout [;id. 1... chdi/erJ cJfi pr. J-ple.], 
.something lliat if.sisls; in (jind., .11. antidote. 

>657 J ov.i.'NS'.-.'v' l\tne;:’.s ^>41 Pieci'iii-'.-loiic*;, inii*. 

iici'.V ■|■|•.r^■: .jli-.i-.titiil-; l.:> pr'y.s,.Ti. 

t O bsitecl,/././//'\ (.'hs. tare" *. [t. L. c-Ai-n >, 

1 a.pple. o! t-rVi/.'/'c to set vviih, cover willi f. e//- 
vt.>H- I c) r serif e to .-<.t)-i -Ki)T.] f’.ivucd thickly 
as if spniilled it i/h .somctliing ; stmidc 1, beset. 

1657 'I'o't! i\-ON Ptueui. ih.'.p, 477 '1 WM b 'r’.s . . ob'-itfd 
v. irii M'...rjy lubercies. 

ObsoleSCe •’pb’.'!c‘.s\ v. ran.'^', [ad. 1.. tb 
to i;r(i\v old, decay, lall into liisu-ke, in* 
clio.Ttivc fuini id’ *oi.'Meri\ f. eh- 1 h‘‘ 1 Sii/i-re 1 >t 
Ih’: .iccusioinod, to u^c.] ta/r. ’I'l) be obsoicscuit; 
to grow obsolete; to fall into i:i-ii.50. 

1873 F. H.-.i.i- /■ ■i.e- vii. rot* iTiif-ririMliMt*' be?wpe-i 

ihi! I‘:;i;I!‘.ii wbi-li I h.iv. b*-.-,-, i.f, .1 ,M 1 n^'lish of 

rc'Y.iii erriei-.’o t.!', ■a.i'")'. ihiit wbi-.h i- •>bs.dt’>cif,', 

Obsolescenco pb i'ic [f. as t..)i#.soLEs- 

i-KM : SCO -rN( k ] 

L The of gradually falling into disuse or 
growing out ol date; the ol.c-oleic. 

rt iBz8 t 'i-. .\:mi i.tiiicl in \Vil.-!rr. 1869 .M. T'.\ r :;s-a 

I P'-.' A. i'rt, '.k /'.».■■. .i.’ff ■/ 1'" Tb.- N:o;if |iT ■»<•(•■'■ fi b-- •itSi'Siii c: 
b .illc-'Oi'c . ■•l' Pit;.es iH-.-lii-i 1891 T .■i*. •-.'S* 

I.. kV ,'>fu.L i 'fitttt.ii lll.i'i. 1 1-> H-. le. ih.; ebs'*- 

k-".ii*i.i .<1 iiis ’.ill! if in»i it- I ’bsoie lei 

2. /do/. The; giadical ilis-ipiiraiance or atrophy 
of an uigan or part, i-sp. in the hislcry ol a sjitcics. 
ami as :i eonsO'iisener of disuse. 

185a I'l-KNA II. r -J4 Hy dr ,.b I'f the 

Jirii. Iikiil .!^ /• ;.'id llir; l.i -l -.■,4Ji:i i;! bei ■■-.ill!:-...; cbsoklc. 
1876 I’-iOMi '.*. 1 .y /Vii /. Me./ (li ‘ .-Vi' ..*t i iid- :nd 
si 'pu'hi 'd' ihe ■■ b.( lc*vi '.u r of >e-MO rt*'! nu!i;iiy iu!*rrc!e'i. 
1883 fk. .\i.i I N* in .V/;. ik' .Fily Vi.'2 All i-.-nsi H-bii h 

'are seld- m i.i ai'.ifr i \i’iei-.t*d irnd t-'j;! -.jiliy or oiisvlrv’civ.c. 

b. Nearly eoiupicic tffacciiKUt cd .1 mark, spot, 
etc., e. g. oil the wing of an insect. 

18770-1 I'S \:.i.rN A’. A'/.Z. .r 'the bi.ick '■p.M 
at ihi: lip of I:.r K*’viifh- ii: extml i i 

Sprc'iiiCIi^, in rcducld iUiiH.i-! li'j iil-,ci.'h i-IKC. 

ObsolOSCent ‘giwele*si'nt'. a. [ad.^.r/MV'/*- 
.H t’//Z / /.'/, pr.pple. ol oh.ud.\' el t : sec Ouftoi.i-;.>t:K r.] 

1. Riccoming obsolete; going out ol' %>r date. 

1755 IciHvsos v. Iferteui, All iV-c wi.-’ii-. r< kiTi pounded '.'f 

h.n a j.-iui.H>jfciiion. eNO'Yii hefeitl e*\ .iiv •■..■•>'.»l«:lr. i i- 

xaBt’KliiK PMd II. ?? fhii siioiv^holkl 
id nV'iiil'-'k* rrl (ipitifuiis iiiii! th-oiyinj; co. is. 1880 Pi.i/'O'! i;t 
Ctuunt. iii ' T!u:\ wcsc 1 !.»■ live is 

aliiK'Si i -l » tb* I st of ob'.aUv-eriil wonis. 1894 Jijs Af'f'lid Zii.v. Pitt. \ In anoiber gi*!;ri.i:u>.i 

llir idisiitcsi €*:it will ii.i' t; VK'toinc obsflrir. 

2. IdoL (tr.'idiially disapi eaiing; iTiiiwifitcily ox 
slighilv developed ; said ol an oig.Hn. siruclure, or 
mark, Which was formerly, in the life of ihr in- 
dividual or the species, or i*. still 411 cognate spi cici, ^ 
liilly dovflopeil or wcll-m.'irked. 

1846 Dana *oef'h. iv. ii-> The Krliin.-poics are ..•ihyr 

r.vamjilr*; "f prruiiintnt i''dyi-*-, ‘Uid ■• lesf cr'.*. .'^iri.c t..% iiic 
C. raSli. 1879 Ft. N iic/eur S.n.<£ ni. ; 0 J'h*- «-;m\ iLif 
r;ir.-.ii'.ik.n:Y, v hereby .".1! uri'in’c* -.iry (>r^:iiv. liMi'.cnn 
ol.-sO!, 1894 .V«iZ. .S‘.v. '.ex , f J; .'.'k.- •<«/. ■ .ipp-i'-a 
lo *iueh il thinq .a lubr'i'l'' in fli«* hiii.; whuh i-’ :Mrri*;r:i! 
and becoming ihe 'iraf iT i.ilCareouN i.'PilO n. ji. 1897 


,U//uttt"s Sy.sL Mcil, If. 1 1 Tho .aiP a for»n 

t»r a)uil is ciilU'd rctragratle or ob'iolc'.cciu UiU:ri.lcs. 

Hence Ol>aoI«'fceiitly tiih\ (ci. j .ihovc^. 

1846 3.K1 f*i»lypi ol)>L'lcM:cn!ly 

Obsolete (p‘bsi'lA\ a. fA.) Also 6-7 -let. 
[.'id. I.- oh.u'/l't us jri.twii old, worn out, pa.pplo. of 
cbscl^SKif l\ or lathor its •p/'»v)/r;v: scc 

Onsoi.KiiCK. So imxl.F. .l .iurt) ] 

1 . That no lonijcr practised or used ,* fallen 

into tliiihe ; of a ducaulcd type or fashion ; dis- 
used, out of date. 

1579 K. K. ill S^'nu'rs Cu/. Ep. Pel., Such (.Idt i 

aiul ob'oic'e v^'-rJc.'i mo*;! vseJ iil' f.miMry foliar. 1598 
IUklKli.v Fe/ii-t \ f.iiilif'.ill Iricud !■- h.H'l 

tft he ihc hiiit? ii;uiic «'noly icniiiinLih ; ilie ihisii' ^ 

is cibMilci ;uiJ Riciwne out of usf'. 1663 /■ i"' 

(,). i ,.S ■l lnni»;!i ns.iny pivily ^ii vus '.li.iM 

twppily \ns (oM of ihis 1.- rMn..cs<;. 1780 li mikis 

J'JtiM. Fn.;. (iR4i) jvi Of i ilii.-s ot.^olonMtu- ir.invs In.- 1 
Came ol>io!cr'^ al-^o. *i 1847 Mt-'*. Siii- o .>m Laity 0/ ^ 

1 . i\. jftd r»M.» .^ervunt--, p''"' -'‘I'd ob.-..lct.: j 

•tppc.iiaiiire were poifcii tly ' OM-.isieiii with the \t nei.ibb? 

-.if the plin-ft •-•f ihcir habjiatl- in. 187S Sii. iin.s t 
II. >vii. 521 .\uoiher ati'.ieiil imp->.'t mcii H'-*'*' be\«»Mi ' 
ifiji iihsolete. 1884 H. AitN-iii :> Eonsi rk ni .h'l// (L 
r| Aug. i/t (hi the racifii'; Matlnn .. wc have ui.e ob-.. b ic j 
iroiKlad, the Sioi/'tftitr. 

2 . Worn out; effaced lliroiiifh wcaiini^ iluwii, 
.atiophy, iir degeneradon. 

183a O. Downfs f.rii. Lout. Corenii f I. The I'-o-callcit 
Tonih of N»m«\ It is cmbcUiaK-.l wi|h anvt bears 

a oe-aily obsolete irt'-eription. 1843 Sim ' 1 '. Watson /.fit, 
Ff;yf. Ivi. il .h A t'f the surface iiulic.'i'.r; that 

bcDcafh it there i.s piol'-ibly .n shrunlctai or iibsi..h.-ie vomii'a. 
1851 Gos.SK A'r.‘. in 'Jiin: lira s* Ah'T .a \ihile, the I ’iff 
beisinv-s gradually obvile:!--, and the bt..n b of cuial .void 
reappeMis. 189^ .1 L'b-itt ' f .Vv../. 11 . 3 1 1 - ‘^f obioleto 

tuber ^.!e fouiul in ra*i<.c.r . .exainined posl-iiiorieni. 

1). /•■/.;?/. Jndisliiici; not clearly or shaijdy marked ; 
very imperfrctly devtlopcd, hardly pcrccptii le. 
Usually implyiiii; the alisence or rudiment.ary de- 
velopment uf a character wliich is distinct in other 
iiidiviilual. 4 , or in allic.d species. 

1760 J. I.f.E /»,»/. 11. xvxiii. <i7C;d itw f'.rr/Ari/w/i.r, 

vithaii ibv ileic crow. a lo llie seeds. 1785 \i.Ai: 1 yn A' /»//.•. .cfh a t 
/A*/, .x.wir. (1704) aiJJ The middle l jii<e (.d'^olefo or so sin.dl 
.■Ls to be i.b'icurv. 1807 J. I-'. .S.mitii F/tys 3.7 
with its i)?j;..ileie ibtwcis, d^ •.■.<id of all beauty, i8a6 Kinuv 
fit .St*. /'w.'i'Wi*/. IV. •'03 ■ ■/•.Vi’/i'.V, . . when a spot, i\ibt:n.!e, 
punctum, etc. is sc\irculy di*w-.iVcv.d»lc. . . Thi'- t'M'iu U nflrii 
employed where .-iiu ';ev, Kindi ol ■.peues or ^aiit, 

or ne.Trly so, a characrer i'- con.spit'nous in the oili«r 
m;.s, nr in the sfivcifs or genu-, to whi«-h ibvy arc iii'.-si cbt ely 
allied. 1864 K. O. M-.ruis Xists .v AV/V. j:/nti I. C j 
Tlu-y Irggs of Long-i.iikd I it] ai'e* t.mii« !y white, 
nr with the '.pots aim. ist nbadetc. 

-B. nb\oL Of -f/i. One who or that which i.s out 
of d.ite or has fallen into disii.^e. 

1748 Ricm \M j»soN f.V/rm.>vz (rJif! 11 . 17 Wc* b.yidii*ii it 
about .''lln•'ng iwi idy nf u.s.i:san cib..drir. 1885 /WJ/ii.'/tr, 
11 (b.t. 4/.i .Seniority is ilu* rule of all the ‘iiTvicos .. which 
nils the anil)' with nurtincts. the navy 'iviih tub':,, .the .Si.iiij 
gener.'illy with lie* iiruiablo obv'*'.. 1900 Fa/i’y 
i»3 June 4.'4 Itririijing om < ViiS'-letc.-i lilu- war-hips Sultan, 
Dreaduoiighl, and Siip« rbl- 

0 bS 0 l 6 t 6 '. p'liSt 5 »/t), V, }so\y rare. ff. ( 'RfiOl-tTK 
<1., or f. .I..e/'j(;/t 7 -, ppl.stem of *of}svItre,ohsoI?.^ier£ : 
see (.)iisoLi£.srK.] tranu do render or account 
rdjsolcte; to disc.ird, or no louder, a.s 
bciiiff out of date; to disuse. 

1640 in K'.i‘.hw. Hist. CnlL in. iG-./A 1 . 133 Tmt wlicn Re. 
ligii.'H l:i iiiMov.nerj, .. our modern [.aws -.diOady obs..dr;tfcd 
ftf.-.]- 1718 J. Gu\Mt»»;Hi.\v\K. A'l’/']?. Philos. J»c;d., \Vc 

arf to be justified in (.fliMdetivig mi ni.niy '..f fiui Words 
and I’l.iases. 1B73 K. H.m.l .I/ j./. h n^. vii. ; or note, Au 1 hi n; 

I tii.ty mtiilion sennight, fur ‘ w< f:k .inly rtrnuly r;b:.<*h tfd. 
Jlenci: O bsoleted ///. tr. ; O'bsolotiiiK 7*/'/. aA. 
1657 W. Mmuec f 'lVw.c rfua.'i Krui-ij Drf. ii. 41 KrliiTing 
thciii*.i:lv«;s with .’u) o,nh . to the di'-paiageinirnt .■'.nil obsO- 
le! ing 'if tin; rip! are*;. 1680 I Ioi.r iN /’.r/ij/Vi' ( ^ath .Seci dy 
in>i.Vii/./r. Hurl. Misc.iiTy;^ 452 The (..' aiij rf gainin;-; ‘-.oiils 
bfrarne . uhstilutcd. 

Obsoletaly bfi<J^I/tli), aJv. [f. 0 «.sor.ETr: a. 

+ -LY -. J III an obsoh Ic maiim r or dcRree. 

181P Kncy f. f.onti. I. /i Calyi.lod .'indromoda . . bvives 
i.val, si.aly-dutled, i»liM.ll.*t». ly ^k(\ iibt.;, 1845 * 

F.a. iv. !i 5 c ii 27 M**m '.b-soletuly .ingnUir. 1867 ( J. Rovlf. 
Far Asf.ty xv.m.Vj The t.h olct-.-ly fainous re|;ii .si-?ii.ition of 
* Rorkv-t lime at Vmixhail H. .Vii'iini .s »n i:i .lihe' 
tueuitt 27 July i;',9 '3 v\’omU fib-olLt*: or o^soh-lely ';pcllr.d. 

Obsoleteness i f>b-'f]/ [f. .i.s ]>rcc. -i- 

-XE.s.s.J The state or condition of heinjj oli.stilcle. 

1613 j f.'liV./ u. XV. 3 G 'Jhc dcftiy of nialecl-., 'di. 

.soUi^ne.-'-e of phra*':.. iiiiglil Vik-uiI soitic diflicult'e. viito 
poster ii it;, 1756 joiiMsov Pn-fos. Print. Shaks. WKs 17F; 
iX. 233 The n:ad'.-r is l':i*ri.*fi»n'. eiiilMrrassi'.d at oiKe with 
dead aiid wiili fiji»’.i;n lan^;i!;i;M. wiih f*bsul*-tfne*'.'i ami iu- 
novalioti, 1B84 .^MLf.F v in t .j-V. /v/, AVr*. Oct. 50 We are 
St.arib'd at the ohsob-t'-ne.'S of the oj.inioiis he t'xj)rcs.M’‘;. 

Obsoletioli t>b.«t?l/' J.^n\ rtin*. [f. T.. oholcf-us 
Ohholetk : see -loy.] The action of becoming or 
condition of heinj^- ob-solete. 

1804 MtTFORD ftujuiry 140 Woril-i .'Mid ].lii a‘.os . . verging 
..toW-irri iibfiol-lion. IblJ. ^•r^A■i!le^;d dialeets, <un 
.swken, Iho now go'ng into nb tilctkin, 1817 Ki .ms 
Lett. Wks. iRSf) 111. o3 T..nfiicritatir>n m lb's ob'^'ilfriion <if 
Oirislmas gambols anu pa- times. 

Obsoletism (p b^l/"ti2’m\ [f. On.<^()UTK a. 

(or itA !.« source) + 

An obsolete term, jihrase, cuslotn, or the like. 


*799 f '• 1 '*' t 'KirPiTiis in Rublicrds JA'W/. tP\ Taylor I. if /3 
Nfiihei .I.Tying bylKild iicologiMiis nor offending by ta-ic. 
b.-ss III i-i ltd kilts. 1873 E. H ii L Ml*,/. F.hj^, viL 27(» In tlir-e ci.niipii.sdi everything, ail iavoiiriiiK, 
a.s 1.1 l.inguage, nf any days but mir own. 

2 . ThrciMidilioii ot being ulisolclc ; obsoleteness. | 

i8a4 .VV«* Monthly . 1 /oC- Ihc former edition;; 

prcMMitffl a great diawKn.K u^ion the rendu 's pldisni*; in 
the will oithofiraphy. and ilu*. «ib.Mili‘ti.MU nf many »•! dm | 
» \;iirvaiiii.;. 185a K. V. KiiM'iN-Jiti.i: s 7 /V.V) (»b?.i>!«.*ii';.m in | 
Alt. .i Reply to Ku'Kin in his «!i fence nf i'le^K.iph.Tt'liii.sin. 
>®73 ^'AV. r*\Ki*si.KY Fkx.Sui itanioe 4^3 wi/c.Giir .Aullior- 
i/Cif Vo.i‘ion ‘.lilt preserve-i dm * ineleyuid* from obsoldisin. 

ObsolutOt Obaolution, Obaolve, oh$. cnon. 

ff. Ahsoli. ik, AnSOLUTlOK, Abhuwk. 
t Obsona-tiori. Obs. rj/f*'”. [ail. I., obiona- 

lion t f/i catering, n. of action see next.] 

.\ ffa-ding ;Cockcram, ifiz.O. 
t O'baonator. Oh, rate. Also ops-, [a. 
L. ohsona(in\ agtut-n. f. ohomlre to cater, ^'urvey, 
treat, feast, i.\.,ohimium [ops ), a. <^r, u/weiov 
pruvisums, viands.] A caterer or manciple. 

1158a in I'VAvter Hist. C. i'.i'. < 0 . II. S.) 4s.| «*»A‘, T his John 
Xliildli'lori u> i.iiis .. ;is OliS.mator nr M.iui iplo, i 1656 
Hi III xf ( >/.v.wrf/.7\ a buyer or piiivty.jr of iiic.'iis. 

tObso'rbi Oh, ran - [nl. T.. ohm lore 
(poetical 'i to sup or drink up, gulp ilown, f. oh- 
;<)b- 1 c) + soyhere to suck in.] trans, TV) alisoih. 

1684 T. llfuNKT I ho. F.xrlh II. =,*.| The c.irth ami all its 
d«-pcndant.'cs art: obstupt n mass of fire. 

ObSO'rbSUt, a. and .r/^ rare. [nd. L. ohsorbPnt- 
eni, pr. pple. of ohorhirci s«.e prcc.] ft. atO^ Itn- 
bibing, ahsoibent. b. An ab:-.orldng sub^tancc. 

1747 ir. A sirups / W'tVi 30 J 'I'o those r..TrdI;ih may he 
.'ulded olisorlioMts. 

t Obso'irptioil. Oh. rare. [i». of action f. 

I. . ohorbi‘re,chorpH\ see t)B.soUfi.] Swallowing 
up ; abs*)rpit«jn. 

ci6oa .VuRwi'x Sp<c. Ih-it.^ Cornznait 3 'I he RrH.Kes 
..h;ul dity bone ft a inorce.irlby or u-iultr mi ! i.-.! collide 
not have m» long puvt lift'd G.iriiUrtlU iiti<*r *.!>siiri)titin. 
/li.l. S3 Manic iloin.'-os they Vf* >'.1 piuicnt dm ol;S.,>Tpiii-n 
of the (.hurt uo Iby driliiug •-a:idj. |/%//:.v 7 obM.irp;ilion /« 
hoth fasi-s.] 1693 Ph/A Pratts. XVIf. ikx 'J lu-.ic! would 
Mjc.:ccil other ions and Rcr:ciK.iadf.ii.s, and i»ihir 
• iKcetdiiig I >c>t ructions .Tiid Obsorptiyn.s, 

Obstacle p'bstakT), sh Foira.s: 4-5 ost-, 
obstakil, -kyl, -kole, 5 6 -kell, 6 -cul, .7" ob- 
.staolo. [a. OF. ohAu/et earlier osfach\ osAtnr/e 
(i,j»lhc. in (lodcf.'', ad. I.. ohfoiiil-titn, f, £’AfA?/Y 
to withstand, r^si^t.] 

1 . Soni^liing that stands in the \wtyarid obittructs 
progrf .'is; a hindrance, impediment, obstruction. 

a 1340 ll.iMPoi.R Psa/ttr ytyii. 3/, I .s.dl iTuiTpassc J>c wall 
hal ohslakil of ^ynn. 4:1386 Ciiaty vx Frank t. T. 572 Aiid 
whan he Knew }».*t timr w;»s noun «‘hsi;ud«. 1434 Mn^w 
Mfutl. Lift' tK-j ViolcTKC he ihi>s to all his Iniiar*. iv .'ill 
•.•.•■■fakyU lift Isyrsti.s to-;iidvr, 1489 C-v-VTon Fayln 0/ .■/. I. 
■v.xiii. 7 * Maken .nil oksukoll ihul on the baksyde they b« 
not enuahy-.Hhed. iNd. ii. xiv. njj I bey m-vde hourdejs 
» r nb't.Toles full diykkc of thornc.s. 1538 .''Takkkv l,ti^ixt,>i 

II. i. 143 Seyng tnai mairymony ys die only i.r rlmfe mean 
polyijkc!,, we to take away at'ulyt and 
Iftiyi wyih we fynd tb'.rto. 1691 T. Hiaii.I ire. AV.'U 
ItiiCHt, p. J'hc Dhstaclc the course of the Tide mi:cis 
with by Loiidi.ii-bridgc. 1700 Sii;i lk Pntlrr N >. Yj F t 
lie .should remove the Ule-taclc wbu li prcienled ilu.; I.'sc 
of Ids Sight. 1845 I.>Ai;v\rN P'oy. A'.i/. Tii. :i 3 rv) *-5 * *"■ 
great liililc-land picseni* an oDstacie to die initraiioii •.( 
specic.s, i86o'i VN’iiAi-i-fAVi.-.i. vii. s-? A glaciei . . w benrclcasitd 
Iniui one opi)0.siiig tib-.laclc will Ia; rheeked by aii*iili.;r. 

+ 2 . Resistance, np[>osiiiun, objection ; in plir. ta 
rtiah ohtaile, to offer opposition. Oh. 

r 1400 Mai MoTg) xxi. a/G Wh;ui die C haiic s.T'.;he 

that ihei niadi; non obst.ick to perf .iincn hi-scomm.-viideim-nl 
lh;uir.« be tluiuM‘t''- wid that h*r iingbie Iru'-Un in hem. 
T4^ PatA'ur'x />/-.v<y >;vi. vdo (KOin. .MS.) 'I hruw .'t’d the 
hiiiii idanly iliai r;d«t, 'l h;d fand ii.Tne. that th.Tlm til>.itakill 
n\;d'!. 163* 1 .1 1 iii;o\v Tntr. m. j; 0 '1 he Eiench men iii.Tking 

u!i'.i.n le to pay which I h.Td gisien. 

3. ( omb.^ si.s obataolO'race, a race in which 
n.iluial or artificial im|)cdimcnl8 have to be .sur- 
nifiiinted ; also transf, 

S/>iir{nt^ i-l/c »; M,Tr. 4/2 \moug the raevs on the 
[■Ih;«ines( 7 liil)Jpi:.i;:rainrijt; « a-toneof;lcrriiiir«ly new 
to the .TlhlHtic wurld, vi/. an *Obsi;«.le Race'. [.Mr. Walter 
Rye 0 *itc lion. See. IjOmI. .Adil. ('.) iiifoinu ut that ihh was 
the ort:a.^iMii of the inirrA.hKiif/n t.-f die Iptiii, he h.'iving then 
iuv<:iit«:d it-! 187$ ClPlt/ttitn .Cl. (V»ll. Mag.) IV, 74 *>b- 
st.T( le R.'ice. .. This r.T' ewastwoIcngdi.s, over two nud under 
one okstacic pl.ii;c'l .u ro-s ihe lulli/ 18B8 Jl. PoTTivr.m in 
Fortn, A’ct*. 03 For simie lime he (the fdkj becomes 
eiig:igcd inn terrible olislaclc-racc and makes little prioress. 
Hence O'bstocletf. except £/fti/.)|0b!^lin ate, 

stubborn ; f O'bvtEolenevs, obstinacy. 

1536 U 'iilc/S. tfumhell (Somerset Yf they or any 
of ihcia brt oUtakcll fit rounc aw'ay. 154® * 

F.rtisnr. Par. .Ma/k ix. 6jb, O faythle*.''C nacu/ii . . iJowc 
long .shrdl I.. '•trine with yi>iire vnfaylhfull obst..Tr.ltni;r.f^i;V 
ts9i Sii.\KS. i Hen, / V, 17 Fje lone, that dunt wilt 
bo M) iili'.tacle. 

O'bstaclSifA rare, [a.ob3.F.tfAf/rtt7ef-r (ioth c. 
and in Cotgr.), i. ohlaeldihm^ ft. tranu To place 
obstacles cr ditficiilties in the way of. b. htir, 
\Milit.) To erect obstacles to impcilc the progress 
of the enemy. Hence O-betacling vhl, sh, 

1656 S. II. r.oltl. /.aiv 18 ni-.t the pa*=.sion;i nf.. love or 
bate obsJ.Ti ie ingcniims jiidpe'iiiftiil. /bid. fi| Solomon aKi) 
iipprr;<ii flic IV^idc *«o, It obstaclcd lus xun Rfhoboami 


Kinging. 168a Daily .Vetos 30 Aug. 3/5 llm day fi r 
i.>h.sturliug ha.s .Tlsolfceii cliaiigoi] . . to give the men [f MRineerr.! 
a I. haii^e from pick aiul shovel woi k, 1889 Ei.lkn V . 'I'Ai-noT 
Diary 0/ , 'Inn Pa^e in i'olee iS. Y,i 24 Al.nlc ! that 
• nir pIc.'isitMi friendship., should have been 'o soon obsi.Tcle<l. 

t ObstaXUlOllSf^i- Oh, rare. (f. I .. dAf/ih /< A///// 
On.HTAor.K + -oi.'.'t.] Of the nature of an obsinde. 

/1 1643.!- Shuti; yud^tn. Meny v. (1645) loj 'I'hough 

many things whsiai.Tihms to them lye in the way, aijd 
vvinfroiit ihe.m, and Ikj impcdimcuiH tu them. lt57 W. 
iMokick Coiiia xnii'fj IVf ai;; 'I'bey stniiu ob* 
staniloim in thrir way, who stand imi for iGcd))ieiy. 

Obstain^e, obs. crioneou.s forms of Aicstaix, 

tO'bfttaUC^i Oh. rare- \ [a. F. ohslance 

(i5tli c, in (lotlcf.J resistance, opposition, nd. L. 
ohtiintia : see next and -akch.] prop. Opposition, 
ii .sistance; but in ipiot. used t rroii. lor • substance*. 

1:1340 Ha.mioie Tr. 18 pe iibMam.e of bis felyngc 
I3CS ill b« lufe of Ihi.sii w'liilke vs fedde aiitl lygnlcncuc hy 
swilke m:uu r of sanges. 

t O'bstancya Oh. jvrt — b [ad. L. 
in ined. 1-. ‘juridical opposition' (Pw Cange}, f. 
ohlJ.H-ein : see next and - a.ncy.] f ipiwsing t|unlily 
or effect. 

1609 li. JoNW-s .S 7 A ll'ont. V. iii, .Vi’icv iiiairiagc it is of 

t O'bstauty >'• f'W- [ad. I.. pr.pple. 

of chltirc to stand against, f. ob- (On- ) b) h Hare 
to sLiiiil.] Standing iigaiiisf ; ^c^islillg, opposing. . 

*5*3 l*‘'i '!i v'< . 7 i, 7 fc/v xii. ix. yo/rhat nothtit rchulJ nor 
pkdl of .‘■icyll Thi.s cativis bivi't h' h hc!|iil neuir 
ft di-ill. i7 159ft t'lo-i nk Srlin.-ux I'rul., Like a sra or high 
r'.^uiy.iii;.'. Ih uil, All obMaut V-‘t > tliiwne wiih hi'••.^Iry fling, 
16x3 (-tM.KKMAM, Dhstant, rcshiing, 

Hciicc tO'bfltantly « 7 i/r., rcsistingly. ■ 

156a in Strype . 7 /im. Kejf, iivts.* I- xxx. 302 If .any person., 
he iht iT'of lawfully i.oiivuTcd . . .'iml will obst.intly stand in 

dm '.Tiiio. 

Obfttetric •Vb.stcTrik), a. [ad. mod. I., oh 
sletrii -usy for T.. ohlelrieOiiSy f. ohlelri.x'y -itie-em 
initlwife, As.^ocialion with wurd^ having the siffiix 
“ic h.'is led to the formation of such derivnlivcs 
as obstctriral. obs/etri-d, tlc.J Of or pirtnining 
to .a miihvue or accoucheur, or t(5‘ midwifery as :i 
br.Tru:h of jiracticc. 

174ft P.tfL Dnveiad ic. 'I hnrall the l eaviid •■.hall at 

tlmlabu • i 

( 1750 

ruir .st.ltui, And Douglas leinl hi-* S'>li,i li'jlctric hand. 
Sm Nsrii.NK Pt* the l ':ttu,\\i vii, I is >*'11 ‘in'i;U'.:i iI.mT 


pifgiKtiit hour Fxertiii,' >uiir ob lctib: p«>w r. 1793 
Kawiins \titii') .\ |) ou die Slruciur? of the 
Ubstetric.'vii-. 1799 -Vc. A yttil. II. 4«i3 Ihe oKutik. 

art ,. bi*g;iii toemcr£;fi from its l aibiiriiyiliiring the six lei'iuh 
teniui y. i86a Ik. k i on lik. HttntrriX.Cp Ani Paul of A'.gina, 
lilt: liUbiT of olM»;lrii.- siMgery. 1878 T. iJkV.iNt J'tftif. 
.SIrrX^ 1 . fii 7 In ob‘;|^*trir. works cases ait! rrC'.-tdetl. 

Obstoiricftl Fbstc'trikah, [f. as prcc. H 
►Ai..] - prcc. ^Ohlt/riiif/ fcad, the niirse-fiog, 

Aly/c’S ohlelnVans {Oen/ttry Diit. 1891). 

*775 u' Asii, 1776 ri-isxAM /tol. III. 17 'I hi*y ^-papm 
liki; frog.s; but wb-Tt i.s .siiigul.Tr, Ru: male alloids the f»-uialc 
obsteti aal iiid [i-li:.!. 1855 Ramsiiutham OlsA lr. Med. j 
PecnliariiK-.s, wiiii li, in .'vn oK'Slt?oiral noiiii * f view, hn will 
us anal' •iiili.idly, arc woilby of tunsijvraiion. Jb.d. 13 (jf 
mu«:h in the obsieiilcrd sludnit. 1B76 IlhLsiowi: 
Ph. iV Pntii. Med, (lUjl?) 273 Iii suighal and obt-icirical 

Jig. tSaa llvKos Act. to Si ott 4 M^Vi Mr- Murray bus 
several things :.'f mine in his naiuks. 

Hence Obita txlcaUy 

*759 Sti-mvr Pr. Shandy II. xi, ;\rt thou aware, that. :\ 
d.tii^iii'r of I.ur.iiia U pul obslclrii idly ovxr thy licad? 

t Obrte'tricate, v- ok. [f. ppl. siem <)f I.. 

ohietriairef f. ohtcfrk-cM midwife J 

1 . intr. To net as midwife; to aid in cbild- 
biitli. Also^^**. 

x6ft3 CocKi RAM, / Vi/r//;Vri.V, to play the Midwife. 165a 
Sas^HoU .Mod, /WVrVi, (^olaUcrwH, T is pilty that such a 
Saued dung vlioiild be. nuuk* to ob.sli'.li'icale to retit! 
irn:gul.-jr dcsigrits 1664 Sy.-va 53 Some advise us 
to hroiik lb« shells of Pines to facilitate dieir ilflivciy, and 
I have clay'd il{ but to my los-s; N. it lire d*^.sobMeirii ali , 
nud do that oflTu e of her si.U w liv*n it is tlie be .t soiwoii. 1809 
Fdin. Re7K XI II. 4-13 Uiisd.T..wiU prob.’ibly. ■obsiaiii..Ti< - 
ftt the iMi'th of affiliati-d kingdoms dint are tu be 
extracted from tiu: bowels of die Austrian monarchy. 

2 . To bring to the birth; to help lU 

delivery of. Chiefly Jig, * "**' 

1651 in Ilarilib's l.egacy (16^5) 237 Though yon were not 
I the pan III of ihis husbaiidry, yet you were the band that 
I did obstcliicaie and give it birth which else had been 
j stiangletl in a private hand. 1655 Gchnai L f'Ar. in Arty. 
i (1669) 4DK/e l*rn)'rr hath die name of old for its 
exceUvnt usefulness to obstctricate inerciis. 1671 Trye 
Noncon/. v6i He.. neither neodelh a Setdorm, to ohstetneal 
his c.vprcssifm, Aor thciviu confinelh hiriiBclf to it, 

t Obfttetrica'tion. Obs. rare. [n. of action 
from prcc.] The action or oflit;e of a midwife or 
accoucheur; delivery. 

01615 Donnk UiaflaKAtuf (1644) 78 As^rnblies ..for the 
delivery nnd obstetrlcation of those iTiildren of nriturall 
law, 1644 Br. H.\u, Fra Prisoner S 8 Thero he lye in , 
an unco^ po*(iire . . till . .hee shall be hy un helpfiill obsietrt- 
catiori drawn forth into the larger prisontnf tfke world. 

tObftte'trioatory, a. Vbs, rare, [f. as OB' 

8TKTR1CATE V , ; scc -oBY.] Of Or pertaining to 
the office of a midwife. 

1640 J. Dykb IVorthy Comnmn, To Rdr., Wliich . . inada 
me . . afford my ol>xtetricatory ftssist.mce to ihis Pofithumous 





ObBtatrioian ((>bsUHri’fSn). [f, L. obsMrit ia 
Midwifeiy t- -AM.] One skilled in <jb$tctrics or 
midwifery: an accoitchettr, 
tStSiii Wkbsier citing Ahd. AV/i>f. *8*8 M. Kyan Mau. 
Mithtis/, p. V, It may |)c nrceisuiry to .say a few words 
apolftRctiCi for my ndoptiiuj of the word obstetrician. 1879 
CassJ/fs Tcchti. Kduc. IV. ug/i 01 tMftrioians may oppose 
it, blit 1 believe our patieiit.s ihenwelves will force the of 
it on the profesiiwn. 

t Obstotri'CionB^ Obs, [f'. L. ohUtnd'Us 
pertaining to a mulwife + -ous.] Of or ])crtaifung 
to a raiflwile ; — Ojistkthio. 

£-184$ II0WK1.L Lett, III, ia. He doth the obstclriiious 
Office «if A Midwife. 1678 CcnwoBril InicU. i. v. C ;;j 
Vet is all huriinne tea* lung but maioutiad or ob-slc-tririoiis. 

- LtiwuL iv. i, (173O ijy An AiJ‘^rc»ical and 
(Jbsti‘tricioii& Mc'ih* il. 

Obstetrico'graphy. mr*\ [f. OHsiicTitit; *• 
-(o)<3iiAriiY.] Tlie scientific description of mid- 

v8a8 M. Ryan M(in. Mubvlf. 104 'I’lit* tu*\ 1 part uf 
obvtctricography, 1 bavi; named gciicsf.(il!.j>;y. 

ObfltO'triCB. [in furin, pi. of ; 

Sec - u: 2.] 'rhe branch of medical piaciicc ".vliidi 
tleals willi parturition, and its antecedents and 
se^|ue1s ; )j 0 b practice of mitlwifcry ; obstetric art. 

1819 Pt\ntoL>^utf Ob.\ft lrus^ lliK di^‘irific.s nr pr.u'dtc of 
inid\MlV.i-y. ..Kmi)lo>ed in .'i larger signifioation than mid- 
wifery injts unu:u 187a K. O. Thomas /'/a. 

■54 In the T.'dniuii arc f.iiiud evidences of .-i great <le:i! ijf 
kiiowlcd^i- o-Mcerniii}; the Cifsarctiii viction and ylht-i 
subjects III i.'b.s:irtr 

Obst^'tricy. ffire. [.id. L. tib.\f,/ruia mid- 
wifery.] Midwifery : thc^jiractice of obstetric.*-. 

1841 M. Rm’an Uit/e) liluftraiioiis to Obitctricy .ukI Mid- 
wifery. 1857 Afuj(. XXIV, ifi Ha-. (IiKiiidonn :it 

ope Ml ions— at even those •.oiiinioii ones of denti'-try and 
— • n•^^■ c isnjdei'dy .vib -.u.fd il:e * liy|iHoii?,i^ ' ? 

Obste'trist. [iiKg. f. <JiWBTltu: + 

-i.sT, fm ^obstefrii /.v/.] A 11 oBstel 1 ic.ian oraccnucheiir. 

18#. k. ll^r^NKS ‘’.‘x. l/'u/.vii >..x\vi. (Cent.', The same con- 
Miiniriale obsU'lri-si il ap-m ilie ruif, ri'iw griiendly 

ad.jpted, cf not removing tlic placenta if it in any dc^'.ree 
adhere. 189a in .s.j'./. SiH.., 

!i Obstottill pljstc'tiiks). rtirc^^, [1,. ob- 
\/e(nXy -s//trn^ -trunn^ midwife, f. chLiir^ or 
ohi'xtiWj stem ohti't-f losinnd or jdnee oncsedf 
in front ol^or opposite to, f. ob (^Oh- i J.b) » sfure. 
ft TV I o si n nd , J A ti 1 i d i ft*. 

9839 1. I AVI ou An:, i. hr, I. 73 Tlie rtporl of the obsteliJA. 
a 1 80S TI.s.N’viNiii'-..s in .xis. iii;';) j.m .\ s.-f lire 
ub'-icirix ivonbl be e\':»-edi».gly u.seful. . eonld not a little 
le.^pericuce] be gained bebMC e'niung out 1 

C)b8tina-ciou», a. rare. '. 

-or.s.] Of an (d)-slin:ito ii.-iiurc, « 

1830 Malt Ltt:i.r/e T. it. v. <1^4.5.* «;j,, 1 b.'Wv my'^c If olsiiri.T. 

Cifiilik • 

Obstinacy (p hstinasi). [ad. mcil.L. ob.dftiJtia 

? u Cangc^, t. obstimil us Oh.'^tlnatK; see -.tcv.] 
The i|ualily ur coiidiliori of bcinj' obstinate; 
iiini'xibility of tr^m|x.‘r or purpose ; pcrtinacilVy 
obduracy, .stul»boiiiiicss ; pcisislency. Kartdy in 
neutial or jjood sensr. 

1390 i'ouf, II, 117 Me baili tvith bim ObsliTia. ie. 

£1491 c 7 rrij/. Otidiiis K'Uyfd. 46 .*-oinc' h.iiie falkii in to 
oli-lyiiiii y wbidie nu-ii liiisu; ben ,v» harde of lit'it tb.vl uf 
malice they \\ ill i^>t Ire lepent.iiinU-. tsss Kokn /.V. fL.V.r 
19 Tlift l.■:|;l'a■ nht rvf w;»s . . iheyr owne obMinacie aiul 
frowardne*-. 1603 Kn'ii.i.ks //A/. '/'urAji In tbi.s 

dctp'-t:it tiiiifli* 1, foiij^lit wi:b wonderful ob^li»^•' «.jf mind, 
ntaiiy fel bolh sidt.v 1643 Sir 'J*. IIrhWN'k i. 

§ ObMinary in a bad cainkc, ix but eoii<lau>.y in a go>>d. 
J1769 Ror.Mn s .r.N C/:.'Tv.^ / ’, xi. \\ k-^, i:?/?; IV. ;6; lib-) 
adheied iohixriwn opini'rii wiib lii- UNual nb-iiruivy. 187* 
Pakwin F.m.di.'ns i.\. 23'^ The habitual .'ind fuin < bi.%uie uf 
the month would thus lOiiie to .■‘bow de<.i>kMi of » liarailer ; 
and der.i.sion rc.uiil>^e.s into obstin.acy. 

b. with an and //. An act or instance r»f this. 

i6a8 WiTHKR ftrit, t\ifnen:h. v. 17.1S Tbeif obNtIiiad»."i, 
and ill all their >in. 1651 Hoiuiks LezuatU iv. >l\ii. 3^13 
They indiicN* .simple men int<., an olixtin.ii-y iigairixt the 
Laws. 1840 Cam.ylK ficrci'S vi. (i37rl6..yi Ci 0111 well ’s. . 
S|'e«(.h. .10 bis third karliaincnl. in rebuke for their 
pedantries .nul obslin.'tcies. 

2. Of n dise.ise : .Siubborn (?r nnyidding nature ; 
conlinuetl resistance to tnraimcnt. 

*s8o8 .bV*f. yrnl. XIX. iS.t Tl:ii h.'w bevu pailly owing to 
the olistinary of the disease. 

Obstinanoe (p'bstinans'. rarr\ [nd. metkl.. 
obstinnntiii (Du Cange) f. obsfinnnt ctn : see Ou- 
STJN ANT and -ANCK.] blubbom or scll-willcd per- 
sistence; obstinac)'. 

»43*"5o tr, tiigden (kollsi \'n. 371 [Mej was coireLie and 
reprovtde nioehe of an holy, \Vil.Kiu.s by iianu-, fui his 
obsl in;iunce or ribstinaeion. e 1480 / 'iu nipton Carr, (CainJeid 
(kr And be will not, I intend to sTiew his ob.slvn.*ini-e to i!ie 
King. 1893 C. T. I..vsihti Stud.y /Vf/f .13 I He) called me 
A fool for my obslinance. 

O'bstiliailCy. rare. [ad. L. ohstiudntia ; see 
prec. And *ancy.J . = ).rec. 

1814 Sir R. Duoi-ky in Fieriest', (Camden) ? *■ 

These iiatiires,«l double, in time may giowe to a Kul ob> 
stmaiii U‘. tt^ALoran 189 SmJi a.« dispute with olniiiuTTn v 
against the Tairh. 174B KieiiAiii.isoN CtarLm H. iiAxiii, 
Such a swoelnvss here, and such an ob.stiiiani.y there. 
tObgtinant. Obs. rare.~"', [ad. L. abstinanf^ 
tniy pr. pplc. of obstin&re (1**. obsiincrj to i»cr.Nist : 
bcu -ANT.J « Obstinate sb. 

I ,158* .Stywaro ATnrt. DLeipl. 11. 137 Mis .‘•pe.iking .. 

; iricreaselh the obsitiii.\nt!» to Hgni. 

! Obstinate (p bstinA , a, ^vA.) [n.d. D. obstituU- 

! tts determined, stubliorn, pa. pph\ td {'bstim'irc 
I (derivative form of obs/dre) to persist.] 
j 1. Pertinaciaus nr stufiborn in nrllivring to one’s 
I own course; not yielding to argument, peisimsion, 
' or entreaty ; infleviblr, headstrong, self willed, 
j Kardy in neutral or gfmd .sense. 

a 1340 llA.Mfi.ii.K /'4«//i.'r cslii. 14 poll sal! lu-,i: Ji- deuyl & 
I all obsiyiutt'i iiiuii. 1388 Wvci.iK Ci'u. .\lix. 7 (Vur.-iili: be lisc 
j \vof>diicvsc of hem, foi it i>b.-%lyi!:il. 1463 /?w»;y // V/i'v 
1 ((.'nmdi'n] -.'4 .And bf be ubstin.'it or bowinn I v. il he havie. 
j iiuoM of all. c i5io“lb\B( i.\v . r#'./', .V/r/zni’/ jr' 1 t.i v, 
j tin i3b.^,liiiule »hill5iid'.*N w.isic ii*.*! thy wit and biayiic. 1518 
■ Alt ^ Hen. ig I*teantl>U\ Firouyuti'.ly dt-f^udyi'g 

&. luayiituynyiig h!s ^».ul ob’-lyiiate •..pyiiy.’.fi>> a^ni^nc ilit 
Ilf I'lc holye Chnrrhr. a 1680 Ib'iii n 

ll. 4-2;;_T)ic obstinate Man r|i.i-.v not huid t bli^.i•>n.^, but ibey 

: b >ld him. 17x7 L/.iw M- W. /,<./. f./ Afar 

) ./.Hti-, It yielded af’.er au ob.tiiiate fvii' e. 1855 
I ahi.MiN- / iiA Chr. nr.d4) IV. vii. iv. 144 Mis ob-.iinai*; 
i humility icMisted their flatteriiiL' imiKirtiuiitic.-i. 

2. Unyirbliiig, stiff, rigid; j/av. t»f a di.sease. etc., 
: not yielding readily to Ircaliritnt ; refractory, 

! stubborn. 

j 1638 R \W I KY tr. JnitO/i's /.i/e iV thath (if.Hi* 7 Ib.iul.-'. 

• fti-iwn li.Tiil and (ibsiiiiale with age. n 1681 Sir T. Ufuv.m. 
j /'ru,fs Ilf. Tiiii may piub.ibly d*--ln»y that ob.-liuaii* 
j dk-.-.'i-se. 17A4 ji.iiis'siis f et. lit Mrs. ih*ale 9 Feb., i b.ive 

lm. -mi forced I'j lii up aiatiy r.i.*.hts by aa ^ib-stiual'.: sli-.ep- 
' Ic.'sne.AS. 1871 \.\i'ni.vs I'rcr. \Cttrx‘ ftis. iii. xii. i:*48 A;i 
; ub;.| ina« e dia'-rh- ea -luc-t iim s -‘Oi.x iiu x^i S. (\ StM\ r '-i- u 

Our F/r/./.i S t if.'es 1 3 Tb* . N ■ >11 iiigb:otis)iii e ebiyi — oKsi 
i clay, uv'j*! f ir biick'^ and uak 
t3. Keluot.'int, Obs.tarr. 

I "*754 ^V. Jl.vMii.TfN To the C>uftle.\s eti-., .^ii-.rert; ami 
1 c<iu.d tu t!iy lieiglibmir'i- fame, How -.will to pr.ii:iC, how 
I ub:.tiiiate to 

I B. sb. A stubborn or iiiflcsible person. 

ijoa i^t'd, tVi.v/, M Mt n /W. de W. i5-./’l ni iii. t?. • 

I Proiii]il\ii.:\e. • .rret:eyuii . unto ubsli'.Mlcs aud pti.M:uc*n si,.v 
ilicyi Mialyce. 1581 I. N»»kit»s r'fr/;'/«\v /«vi?. krtf-.Oiii c.if 
the li'.'soiii' "f ibe e- bereiikcs, rclK.-llex. and iil.'Sti'iatL-s. 16*3 
. T*. .S*:oiT t.iod ^ the A’ /»/.-,'■ 1 ft T 1 i«n«i t.b^.'ii-.aies b»; of 

! two .v»ils. .The l.l 'gmatii.a'l obstinate:, .irc r ii* n as cru: In 
; jiidgtnifMl. 1781 jrs! wo'.i, /V/V-. /./fe. /.» 7 v.v T, I. *'7 
' 'I'heiy w«-r».*, ii-v I be Regent v.ilicd them, v/int; o? -ti.’iaK. -. 

that is tu '-ay, per wlio«' .*n!d u-.>f p-t -uaUe ilienr-vl 

; lli.H p:i]h.T u;is of gre.-Uer val’ie than 

Obstinate '-.d 7'. Saw rare. [f.J..flb- 

j .dinti/'y jipl. slem ty{ obdtniirc: see ]»rec. anil -ait;-'.] 
i trans. To render obsiiimte; to cause lo persist 
j stubbornly. Also /c/Z. K .fWv.'/m /•. 

J ^ < 1420 C/nen, I .st. 1245 pey l-t'i ubstyn.uydc so mcs.he 
; i'l I i.Vi:U •••;. 15M K. ir. t •i.\i . Ksf. /'r.tti. e y 

I r»ei;jg !i i g lik< !ihvM.d l}K•^Tlil/l•:l‘. wuulde ob iipalc 
} thciiiM'lui: . a;:.;iiiisj such gp-at furci:s. a 1803 T. C in r.VKiou 1 
I Con/ttt, A7/fV//. .V, 5 /. Out. that li.iil. i.b-.iiii.'i'.L>l 

1 hiuiseirertg.viii .t ilie tJharch. a 1848 Lp. H i.kiv|.k r J/en. » V ft 

I (l0.’3' 133 Abu-Scs .and tbkl.aii.a.-s. .bvia.; pulill-liid, 

: I.Dlliei bi-i.arri'* more obstiii.atcd. ^ 1884 I.'/wkm, / irrstde 
J'ra:-. If he .still ub -tiiuilt-K liinisfif, he is li>*it be 
. Ix-i'ig made to mc:i.siiro i»e,c of (hr in.'irMc puttie whi» h look 
like I'athfr v-luuilsli b.dii<'.s, and are f'»ni •! to bt- - iv bi.l, 

I Obstinately rbstin/tii), <7-/c'. [i. orstinate 
: rt. -h-VT*.] In an obstiii.atc rrinnuer ; stubbornly; 
j peiTinacioiinly. 

r 1380 Wvcf.iF II ks. yrti If \,u wilt n;.t Lilrnc 

I ofTe..(naly (Ti-,lis w urdis . ban Jm wiifully iiiiil ul'sl\'y 
! fuis.'.kia «i4-l Mtiily. *355 K:»r.s f}i’ndt's tji f.'iutil ar.d 
; .veucre tu such .is obstinady witlu-laude tliem- 
, /‘oroitif/, .-1 A- \ii. 113 I he uLstiiiaJel)' 

adlttriiig Odi.Hir. 1697 1 >kM'I:n I’trg. (.’fiire- J%. ia7 V'u- 
' kn.;wing hnw to lly. And »'b*.tinatel>- bcr.t to win or d>e. 

I 1744 If un l.'BiM PhfV. y ;-/?«>-. Xl.IIT. 143 ObstbiaHrlv 
[ Malaciio. 1855 M.u.AfLAV /Hit. Jins:, HI. 

1 au/ 111 a few liuurs it was known iba! l.uJ’.ib.uide'i y lu-ld out 
\ .a.s obsti.aalv^^ly as ever. 1B75 Ik Mtahows cVoi. 33 

j koweis . often olistlnatcly cr.w.liiicd. 

I O'bstinateuess* [f. as prec. 4 -nes.s.] The 
; quality of ob^^tinatc ; obstinacy, 
i 1391 i'l Kum- a, 4- .y. 434 ^yb.*m .aA-dn-l y’ <?b- 

' Ftinateiics’-c of the .said William Swir, derby, we tboiifibl 
RuihI to reouiue. and did reteiue. 1873 Kir.'KM\N I’n/ 
Cit/u’tt -228 iScing inut'.h roncorued ibai sm br.tic a t '>eut!e> 
man should be lost by his own fjbMinale;n-s>. , 

t Obstina'tion. Obs. Also 4-5 -cioim. [a. 

I 1''. obstina/ion ( 1 ^ih c. in I .ittre 1, ad. I ohMimtioii * 

! cm determination, resolution, n. of action f. cb- 
j stinCm : see Ohstinatk «.] == OnsTrN.vev. 
j ^1340 Hamvoi.f /'sa/ter \iii. 5. A:id .••lilien l*;dm y.r.uies ’u 
I ob'^tyuacioiin. t'1440 yiUxth's ITe// 21.4 tlbstyn;u \ .mmi ia 
i cuvl doyiig. X549C'i»w//. .V, .;/, .wi. I A1 lljr t li.'jsis 

. . lies proi'eilit of the iguoraucc t>i>.^ll:i.atii:iiie f.f the cuniomit 
pepil. 1880 HiiKKNA'/l/r. /V^A4*»;;'4T Mu: iiii.inabl.-ob-.tiii.a- 
licjii of the Pi csliyli-i iaii Pail) ia .^rhi-in .ar.aiusi ihe Kpb- 
ci.ipal Church, a 1711 Kln .-! n.^dme*- P^rl.^^'k^. 17.-T 111. 
401 Vet still with lib^itiiaiioa l. ’i’owiii the Ivtiile ii-siless 
try. x8j^ 1 . T.svhih Enthm. \. .73 Th»* ubsiinalion of the 
human mind in adhering to the wui-ve, even when the belt* r 
i.s piescnted to its i hoii e. 

fO'bstined, n. Obs ran"-^. [f. .iflcr D. 

obstiihl/iis or T. f. I . d'dtndrc: see On- 

-STIN.VTK 7', .Hid -El» I.] M:i«lc ob.sliii.ate (»i jiersislenl. 

1806 Syi.\ i.s it.R I^u /'.It tits II. iv, II. M.tenifi. en. 1 ^74 Vuii 
.. .<)>irits, seirH-d'.-tin'il in oM imisiy r.iTt>r, Kepul -e 
the T'liiih. 

tO'bstipate, r*. OA*. [f. 1.. cbHi/'d/-, 
ppl. stim ol I., lyt>c t. ob- (Ob- i ly. 1 

.dt/di'V lo pre&a together, jiatk : see iie.xl ] 

















To block or iVop up; to suitf up; nb.M. in pro- 
duce con.slipiitiiiii. 

1656 liio. M f./rssogr., Ofst:/ , i., ,657 

R. C..MirKNTi.K 9 .-yii Iiui 4 f;,lihiiaii iii il.e medann . 1 . 

i*li.-lip.|P-{i. 170a r« CI l.R /*f:.trii.\t. }■ , O .1../. 

ranea. [i-j yt) ^41 A C hailaie«-i:i.'- Mydii.«v.:u;i '•'I'.ili.uiiilr-,, 
i:u rassalt', i»b:tipatrs. 

Obstipation p!j-,lip,'i-J.TM . [:id. I.. e/.0>.;7/,i;;. 

fW, II. of aelion f. *obsti/ sf e'. sc-: .j J In- 
action of blocking or slop|.ing up. In A/cd. : 
quot. iSSo. 

1597 krwK f'h.’tnrg. fift^ii T'l.f i.ure e.insiirl^-th .. In 
iJy*-(. aail bkctiia;;, wbi: b m.iy be Uti.-eivni ;■.! 1 
iM the time uf Ihe ■ .b-,ii|,ati-iii 1658 Piii.'i u Oh H/afiiHt, 
a .st'ippiriij up. 1783 yii/. yvviwv. i.xxni ^..-iThtsipu.- 
jliH.e an ob-tip.iti' P, whitili eiMs either in an r>f ihe 

.'ibdum*.:n .. or beu-.Mitt b falal to the .'iiiirnal. s88o .A. riiM- 
/'t:nt . Med. h'd. 3) .32 The leiiii ubsiip-it ji-n h.-. 
aiK-.'id) dr’lirx^ij lu rji* .'i greater :iin<.>iiiiL uf diil*i.!.;l! , •l..,ri 
ioMsti]ufi-m, tliAt is, oil- ij 111 of fhe bi..weK, eiil\r;r a 
film tiniwd di.soidiT or deiKiideu* on vutimis !t:-.ion .. 

-j- ObBtroponcy. ( bV., i arc - «. [f.i .. obs/nhent- 
cniy ]ir. l»plc. of iV-o/iv/vv/' to in.ike a rioi.-H; against, 
shout at : sec -ENCV.] 

x6*3 :kkk.\m 11, Ni.).‘-r, Oh: iripem y. 

tObstre*perate, V'. Oh. rare [f. L. e/- 

s/n/h'r-to ( see UHSTlitl EKOl. s i i -ATr.:* 7,] 1 

TV) make a noise «>r clamour. 

1785 !sr» Tr. VH. x\ii, T'iiiimp—lhu:np—olf- 

the al'iw-s ., with the *4 bri ildh railed 

liine tin: b'liii m uf the eal;i-.)i. 

Obstreperous j'bstreT;cr.)s\ a. AI.SO 7 08* ; 

(humorous or illiterate, chitdy in sense 2 ; S ab-, 
obBtrepolouM, -uloiis, 8 yobstropalous, -olous, 
uloiiH, 9 obKtropcrloiiR. [f. I„ ab.d/r/iV’-z/j 
clamorous ‘f. cbAnp He to make a iujisc against, 
slioul at, oppo.;t: noisilv 01 trouble-omrly) -1- -outi?.] 

1 . ( Tiaracterizcil by great noise or outcry, r.'.p, in 
(*ppi>^ition ; e.lamortuis.. noisy; vociferous. 

c* 1600 T:/f/on 1 . 11 . 11 ^ 4 /' ft Pri« erd ■‘t tlioii still witli iby 
pstii jH'uiu.N uu>s*^. 1603 Ti. J 'Nsus .i*yVxwii.r iii. They 

Iraveioj sate .'iii nijidit, the .lyte with their ub--lrr.- 

perous U'.'ikev a 1661 Fi. ii.Ev If ’i.'rMri ( r J 4 ■ H. ■711 He 
.. u;iv Very u!i.vtrep*'i-m.'- in ;ir.i;i!iri^ ihc 1 re.*; f jr Iraii'-ub 
staisiiiinuii. X 748 SMuMLn /yrd. Fond. viii. 1101.14 41 . 
I heard hiiii '.I'ly f>h-lr"pului!.^ in hi.-: sivrp. 1751 
A* f//..*,. r N’u. Ik) R t; The jnu:-i. {arel-.-'.s ;uid i.)-Mre| trous 
meniii.eiii. 1856 K. .\. \ .m ou nv ll. ii T he 

I ill (i..rii :a!iH will phi^'ue me wiih iheii biij 
wnoN, 1875 r.r:i-Rst X /.• it, ly 4 /w.\ v. 1 {i ( >bstre|K rmo 
r‘u;ii I:i;'',-. ol (he | 1 mu.’.I. 

2. Resisting control, management, advice, etc., 
in a noisy manner; or unruly in be- 
haviour, esp. in re.-istance. 

1657 I'te 1717 /'hUip \PhoHt iu<j 
F't:xiin\T ‘he wuid.J ^r-iw Ob'-!' '■|.''5, ibcyvaih uf ii‘..'k 
h( *h I of u!ie uf hii .Arms. 1773 t *,01 ps.m .V/i'/'/i /c iii, 

Tin .-.III*' )i.n did n- l (nnt Mi-- H.irdia-ilo . i; thi- 
sirupaluu.*- mannji. 1808 bt hr if'/ ter tn /.iv;.,'*. ;c.J. d 111. 
5 V'jtU iwx\e bei-n qiiip- o' sMupiiItius : 'to i^< lli;.)^ .'ii.) fivd 
into yuiir m fiith but hv fun t:. 1827 .‘si-urr /».'f0.r 2 (h i. in 

/..(tikhat f, \\ e tlii.ed at \V. wjiere an ob--irrpcr':'U.-. h.*T;-c 
lela^dcd us fur :ui hui-.r sit h .»*!. 1874 My itnte i. 

4 (ieiierally b.'ivin;' my cm n w;ty. .and beroininc remarkably 
i/rsl.'' | h:!i.;iin w In :| ihwaiUd. xB8l .i/fii tu. i]/ng. Nuv. 4,-j 
T he nit'sl v.*i..iti<;i><ruus .v.-i ! uT;niii:'.'/*':d.ik* uf .all joiin;; 


Obstreperously ,'b>lreiv}i-Osli\ adr. [f. 

preo. + -LY -.] In an id):;lrej)er«>U!; nr clamorous 
m.aniicr ; noisily; with loud iiniulincs:.. 

1815 fpouKi; /.■,\/y ry.l/ft'/ The Pu'ip.itcli.'iMs ub- 
.sircj*er.jtj^lY deny tin: TV-liLle , tin-- ]iuw» nf pr-.w v« aii->n of 
SCtnle. 1655 Fl I.l V.K (.'A- V. M. 4 4- T l>V ^ .itbulii -i. .Ill 

rhi- iw.) first ln.havcil themsebv- .v> 1 b- lreperul^^'y, that 
•ioiYi'i of ihtMn were fur»%-d l.i lu: ^'.aytfci'-d, btf '-ri. lliey wuuM 
be (jukT. 1750 J* iiNS'JN /itihilter No. 1.’? ft Upon this, 
iln-y all hiuidied uV.-.iK'i)e-'!U-!y, ibri! 1 tu.»h the i.pp.ii. 
tunity uf Mie.rkinj; ulf iu the tuuni'.t. 1809 lk\i\r. 

»■.'». iiS' i' I. 544 1:-, u;;d.ini ib ltuidv:' s. . wete ‘jiie ;»nd 
all \!:..iiu>c mo.-»t idisticp* iuii> .at their posts. 

Obstreperoiisness (f*bstrc*pLTo.siiv8-. [f. as 

prcc. T -nens.] T’hc quality ttf being obstreperous ; 
voeiferousiu-ss, clamour, noisy Iichaviour ; now 
c.*/. iiiii.<iv and unruly resistance to eontiol. 

9855 F'. M.KK ( V:. //isf, VIM. i. tS T hi;*i;» not b«.ln>:^i-d with .Si liul.i-ij-..;d! I'unu.tliiy, but iiumaged with 
tiiiuulti'.iiii'H Ol^sliepiT-nisr.esse. 1657 R Ced\ J^leei 37 
This findinc fault with t''^ ;u. lions, is «.-i]1l% 1 an vn -lic- 

i ien.'.u-.uvviwe. a;;.iinst the Alii’.i',rhly. 1691 Wu.u.i Aits. Oxen. 
.1. .41-u A luiinerims irowd. smiinl i.j If- hu.^.:!y l.'ikvti and 
riinnioiii-'d with hi'- ub .trrporiiii>n<'.=.s ami umierent v.ants 
186s .Mr.s. WiinN’KV full'./* rthyst v.wiv. fi 3 ;oi 'i v.i C'olnpt^Il• 
iiu; heT,s..b with the miiju..i -.fif ;usstrtion and olraicpeiuti-- 

t Obstrixt,///. 'I- Obs, Vitjr “ [ad. 1 .. oltsirii t- 
us bound, eddigt-d, ])a. pple.uf obs/n'n-^Hc : sec On- 
sTKiN‘(;K. I Morally bound ; lujundcn ; obliged. 

15J7 retpers. /ten. fV//, 1 . v'i.* His R..rii.l brothn ; lu 
whi>i!*i bi* I fiu.;!iiM'ih h)iu Sf!f li"* be :io:no‘:hc iiidcblcd and 

obsliii Ii:. 

Obstriction :;:’b.<tri kf-m). [ad. nu.d.1 . rbiOb- 

Hon cm oMigalion J)u (..'angO? n. of .action f. 
oh/riugHc: .sec (TH.sriiiM;i':.] Th(^ slate of f'einjt 
morally or legally bound ; obIig.^lil’^. 

1671 Vlu uiN Sat/KJi |;i.? iM.'ijl b;xlh bdl Ti.i.!i! !■> mrnpi 

Whom --u it pliM.sfs liliu li\ L:b-ii<. u I'lV'Mt N.iii' ■ 

lion, ft 1734 Nuktii M. iv. 4 11 ,'ir4u' j In: JVi<*'-»-i 

. . i’y llirii (?i)ii\'iliuii, iii<'re I'ytln ii M.livj n-' Mb- 

it! k lii'.n.s, iiitluciK C ibt ir Par I y. 




+ Obstri'Ctivd)'!- Ol<i.rityc~^. \(.\..ohstrii.(-, 
|>pl. stem oi ohirhi^irc'. st-d OnsTBiCT and -ivfu] 

AnitnttJ\.’. j .W'.'i-x 4 Ttu* '■iunc n 

of lusliccaiKi Honour is ms upon Kinjjs. ''ana luith 

ever liCciie held niore oowcrfull a'.ui (>li*.lricuvcin Uirm.. ilirn 
in liny state itiuurKi^td l.y a Coiiuuiinity •. 

t Obstri-gillato, v. Oh. •». T.. 

pj>l. stem of olrth^iJIdre to hiiulu, 
of»po'-c, cleiivniivc o{ vbAln'n^l^rc'. see Oi.sriuNtir.] 
(yans. To ojipo'ie or resist, deuce i Obstrrgil- 
lat ion, opiv»siuoii. 

i6j 3 C OCKI UAM rt;-.!-!. n,A rt 

Oppuy:tiiUioi\ 1656 ivi I)'.* w. 

t Obatri'nge, ( -h . rar, [nd. 1 i>h!nn,;rn\ 

f. ob- ^Ou- 1 o') \ l»> lie, liisul.] 

To ji\it umUr oMiL;nlioii ; to biiul. 

ISaS Affifutxx, l.cL it) /rVjvr in ^irvpo .Ih r 
J. 11. App. x.viii. ('6 He a-.d ilic stc v.iva”il i.- aiul 

b umd t«i your Or.'ii.e. 1660 h. .-//Aj 'iiA/.Yjr* trf/c 

4;;^ It \vm;iu;\< i 1 *i'kl iip.jna’UMju.'t(;r 
for tfs si: who 're ol slrin.i? il om: to .'u oslo i by lliy>e 
to pariMke in th»- piinUltmMil of iheiv Kolativi -i. 

ObstropalouB, -oIoub, -iiloiis, etc!., 
valiants of f)B.HTUKri:u«.n.-.s. 

Obstruct • ebstii/'ti'i. [f. I... iV'- //■//•/-•. pi'l. 

stem of oi>i/f UtrL‘ to ImiKl to Mock up, 

f. <>/'- On* 1 b' f- }/ntt it' lu j'ilc, liiiiM.] 

1. /j-.Tf/y, ‘1*0 Idock, close up, or lili n May cir 
pass:ioc) uiili obstacles 01 iiijju'.linii'iits; ti» rciuicr 
impassable t.-r slilTu till of ]i:issav;c. 

i6rx C'fi to m-'Ji, ••I-.inn.l, slait up. i6<i 

Jl.-liMS Ji’ZlnAt. il. XkJV. 1':* W irt* I iu itc ilmt tb- 
Ml. I* U‘th llie i f l!.t: NfiVC*;. 166; M ii.l'is /... X. (V 7 

lioili .‘■ii i, .iml 1 V.itli, aiid v-iwriinc (ii .ivc .'it l.iii, 

C..I1; iiuvUl, I'li'iir.i.i ilio nii ulh ol Ib-.i!, Fur wit, a iii •''■..1 
up Jji.'i i.i\' r'->us .Taw'-s. 1703 M m.m.iu.i.i. jfout n. / 

:0 IhiS i'. li'iWSl li'd wi'Jl St i'iLS. 17^ 
n. il*. VO li ir. 7. ; vv .i.Si'.YiT. A'.i/. (i /.i 1 1 1. 1 ■; R illiun 
wliirli r uv iiliiiri.i i r >;uls os w-Il as iiiiir lln; 

Kivaii-.a part '.f ilio si.jn.i«c tif tl-.i.s 1834 Iatton’ 
/Vuiz/ciV I', vii. * . . lb. Ill ..ib’^triiclM.vl liu* *. 1645 

Il’iTui /•:>. /.;V*i Tin: v.oiu:i»>*:i ilvu l w.\*^ luiurh i;!Tii} ivs -‘'.:1 
;i.'sl i.'l'si! iii. Sixl by t: oiv-l liar- cni .jj of i!ie: 

I MM-., ii.'w-’ 1689 f. .>/. AVf.\ //■'< j.’K.yv. -'- 1. ..' 4 I'lUt Ml;al 

then ■•»bi^in;c«cil I am ) oTiainc. 

2 , 'lo intort iipi, n.ndci difricuU, or retard the 
pa5snj.»c or ]jro^'rc,sii ot'; to iinpcvlo,, or 
retard (a ])(Tson or thing in its motion!. 

, y .SV'iM .S', L Knvov.JSin. .ijuickly will 

Tina ill, if <■!■••' oict»‘d Mi'l. 1688 in KUis Cb/.v. /■'•//. 
•St-r. M. IV. I . \ Ti»c NN iml . . v; f#b..trtu is ih*: romiuc; 

i. .f any !i iii-rs iro.n HnUancI, !.ia jis b.iLk llic 1 bitrh 

1768 Ukaji'U; I. xii.\, If but a c buid tib.'iiU'a tho 

:v;lai j.iy. 1789 NV. 1>. tu.vs iiji/y ; i I by 

obijlruciiag llie fitc (-.urtnl of ;iir . .o. nib:i mkIi |'l.ici::»dann» 
.■ind x8ii Ckmc. /.c’. /. v. 

If the p-iriiclvs i.'f .ail *.an '.b--trin;l a ui iii;bl. 1845 

S. Aisiis A'/i>rvt-’.v A\/‘ I H, f,.;? 'I hey did imi cv<-n 
l.ikc the truiibk to oh>t»utl tii.-; «'vt-r ibe river. 

2 . fijj*. To ht.'ind iu the way of, or pcr.sisteiilly 
opi;osf the prognss or course of (i>rocecdijigs, or 
a |icrsoii or thills; in a purpose or aciion); to 
liifulcT, impede, relard, delay, withstand, 

To ohstniit procesi Jn Lan ') ; to commit the 
punishable offence of imi'nti''iially hindering the 
oflictts of the law in the c.xeciitioji ut liicir diilii s. 

1647 Ci.AKFM.»oN /Hit. /w,A I. § f..3 A .Si:i ‘’ant . . ihc jin judii t’ 
to whose P«:!/.iiii t-.\tr.fdiiin!y ..ib-.iriicn-d all uvi ;riirt!s iiiatlc 
i l Pai liaiiiciU fur his ■‘l■^■vi..c. 164^ Mii.ioS I'ikon. i-’», IV* 

rvp''cl thiiir 1 Mlia.i; ii mil vt-iir;'!<l lib-Crurf lli-j 
Comm- 111-4. 166^ Liji !!< oht'r Ji) //.’.v il /-.i. (i3r--; 

b :/j She was lik'^ j.M lu:iri.T, v.mbl not b--- 
fiiiciJ b^, CJm r, pr.-.n#!.-, Liiii ob^lt■llf-l^.•d bis. di.x.ipliuc. 1738 
A’»*<. /'i IV, ^:4'1 lie -..lid l.tffi .i.-rs urn- ijb-.' 1 

ill dn:lawfiil Di-.rlmree of Duly. i766i.hii.i.4,’.i. ; />. J! \ 
-xviiii, I d-»u l kiiMW if il In* liras lo •ib;,irun. :li(, uui -n 
I'f in.inand uifi-. 177a 7 iu:. ."a /..-la' /Vt.'. t-i! 

CJ' S? lUt'tiii.r llic cACrulI:*!! ''f Li.Afil! pl'K'.i'iS, i, .1-) iilU;n«i; 
iiJ'.aiM l pvi'.li-.k iu .lii c. 1853 Ib'rM lf i: //:'x\ A ru. 
Ln:..' viii. 11.; MjaUV .. had lom*-. i i ubslr'iu t 

ilirt pi«vrcdi:i;’s. 1858 Fao' nr //'*/'. J-lrtti. 111. .\iv. -12 Jle 
had ob-i;iii *.fil ■.■im d s ibiv'.ls, i* li 1 would ii.i\« d-j-'ie ilivir 
duly, had he aiiouml tbciiv. 

4 . 'I'o enmr in the w.-iy of, iiiariiipt, shut uui 
(ihc sight, or view of;. 

1717 ir. /Vj.*4) 'I'lio m.\i M-aTijj a llii-.k I'.- .: 

I. 1 -M ;-,. -t lay .111- -a 1V»- ;i‘d, np' ihidui. 1807 

J. l.!\RrM \ f /.■■.'I/#. la. A:;.! h.|l, .‘.l.uv-i; tlu.rii -.till ob- 

j. toii.i ilu: j-.kius. 1859 ' '*• I' l '-M ■■*. ii, 0:i thi'' , . iiortii 

wc-leni sivli, ihoic vi,.s UiilhinL' tin: v'uw. 

lleiKc Obstrn'otluiTt f/'/. an<l ppl.u.\ Ob- 
»trn‘ctiiigly so .as lo obslnu t. 

Mri.r iv htkon. \ wii, ’J'bis i.. misrlikf u liliriut r-um-dy, 
a slini'ij: n'ld .ib ■!i mtiii.; «-vil J.a'Ji r..-> xi.-rit. 18x7 Co'j- 
iTTi’ /W. A'i<'. X.XXn. ,7 Onn '.-f lilt i.vimi-s .. was ihc 
c!^-ir'.i''ii; g -A X889' Awif. I'u'’ Thai Othi'v 

il^fiufau in. vl. 0 'I wo .,r ubsiraetingly vtoift bodies 

;.;n in ibrrir v.av. 1897 Aysf. .UM MJ. 704 ’I'he 

a'^'i iil la.iy b.r .. .1 |.i'i it' adhf.-iioii by whiuli 
a loup of boil cl i^ M-iiiM.-il, 

[O bstruct, .?// , conjcctiiiril emendation, by War- 
bnrton, of iihtr,T£t iu rlie fullowing passage (but 
not otherwise known ; 

* A- * /. Ml. \i, fji His pardon f'.r ffiuriie. 

AV’liif.?! siior.c h - ^ra:.;i d, b. i.- n-i .ilvtr.'icl 'iwct-nc his I.ihsl 
and hiai.l 

Obstructed in'bMm-ki/ii'./y 7.,/. [t. (> b.sthl(t 

V. ^ ‘EdI.J blocked up, stopped up, liirifiered, 
impeded : see the vb. 

x6ii C-jiCK., ■..L'.truci.J, ..u-pp- i,:. -/hvii x,i. i( 1658 

I (.:i.i;vn_\NO Ctnonl Eciipxty .As an nh.striiclcd fountaiiiV. 

; lifM'l Viii.s ibif viilail off Irom the Miraii^ Anil bmoks ate 
j iliniuhrritcd. 1747 \yESLi=.Y /V/w. Physic 1176-.^ p. xxii, 

I 1 .ll'Mi ticititl IVT.spiratiiHit vulitiiily r^ilkd Catching Col'l. 

I 1749 loi!NSi‘S III. iii, If r*r iJiv youth‘lt ih'iin* 

! p.iii«'m « of olisU-uctcd love. 1878 1. IIkv.ini /'wA A'lufy. 
i 1 . 050 The synipioni-s i.ihi.trucied herniu, as of ob.siriii: led 
I i:Ui:stin«?, me very clclinitc. 

b. Having a functional obstruclion. 

i 166a R . .M M ‘i t w i A /ch,g4 One Maiil . . Iieiiig oliht) ucicd 
! .il.*out five or tii.v iTMis, in.-miiiich Us >hc grew veiy (liseaiied. 

Ilc-nce Obstrii'ctedly infr*.. with obstruction. 

1656 J) N |■.w^■..\sTl.K AWw/v'f J'iftur^ m. F.pislle, 

' tnhiMS ii\ •»!>« tliscoui-ie speak . . woakiv tir iihMiui;ii dly. 
Obstructer, variant of OujjTiii;tTou. 
Obstruction i d».slrwkj.)n ). [ad . T .. vhtni, ii\ ut- 
I ev/, 11. uf .nction f. e/'j/77//7/.* to OHSTKrrr. l.!f. J*’. 

! ifhstntitian 5.fO ill Godtf. CompL')A\ The action i 
of obstructing; that in which this is embodied. 

1 , The aciion of Idocking up a way or pass.ige | 
with an obitaile nr impediment; the rendering j 
imp:is.sable; the coridilioii of being so blocked; j 

j frequently in reference to passages, organs, or fuuc- ' 
j lions of the body: csp. the ill-condition product <l 
I liy conslipalion of the bowels. Cold ohtnudon | 
(also y/i,'.), stoppage or cc£^s.tiion of the vital fuuc- | 
tioiis ; the conditiim of the bcidy in tleath. 

1533 Mx)hk vxii. Wk.-i. A dietc a.-* thiiiiie :i.*4 

(kilicnc d*-iriM.*ih fur him hut h an olj.slriioeioii in bis 
liiiiT. x6oi Sii.xK.s. 7 '.*r/. N. 111. iv. 'I his doo-i iiiAv .scum; 

' ill itic bl•.•■•lJ: 'I'lii-*. iTossC'^^.wlciini:. 1603 •- 

: Mt'ay. jt^r M. m. i. ii j To die,.. To lii: lit c'-ld ubsinii iiiMi, 

■ ui-.l lii rel, Thk .s.-ii- ibl'c warinc moiimi, to IitT; A kiii;niU d 

■ i.I.'d. X791 C*nti. 1 \Vh*T«-. deafiu-s.*. p.ioit-i-ds fn. in 

.-III ..ilisirui-iii'n of till! .'luditory dm t. by \va\. 1813 Rvkos; 

, iii, Wheve (.•iihi (>bMnn li'»ii s .i|i.iiby Aj.ipids the; ; 
. ya/iiii' m< 'Hi net’s lii.irt. 1844 Itri r-'s’ ,5 The ' 

. I'l. st clhidcnt l-:xi at iiif.anc; ..f treatim: .. t.»*:strucli*>n of fh« 
j iMistici hiaii tube. X876 l.'ivvtLL AmohC My /di\ .Ser. 11. 

; 1=7 'Flic cnbl ul .'n •'■•f Iwa it-nMirK-s ihuw.s, and tin.- 

.Mn aifi ofspecoh-.aocks iml ilsc.ld windii:i;<. X877 l^''>ncMT-> 
/lanJl'l:. d/i'f/. 1 . 30 Aci'.iiiniilatinns '.'f fluid iu Ilu*, iuierior 

• of h'dloxv (ii^iaiis, as ihc p.-miIi of cjbsirm.iion at an ovifn.c., 

j 2 . T he action (.d' hindering cir rendering dil’ticult 
! the ]>ass.age or i>rogress of a person or tiling; the 
. fnct of standing in the way; the shutting out of 
light by interposition. 

x6ox SiiAKs /'ti'#'.'. .a*; ly. ii. .13 r /«». Why il hnib bay Win- 
! d'.wvc.s tiausi-arant as b.iii«'ad»its,,,,uid jt-l i:oiii}ii.iii)i:.Nl ilimi 
I Ilf cibsliuctiuuY X7S5 Yen .ng i vi. Wkr». 1757 1V\ yu.) 

• S..uil.‘i .suth.r ifi reparation fic.ini i..b.slruc:ii<*ii of ui.'ilte.r, c»r 
i di.siaiicc of pl.K c. 184Y Ki.I'IIInstonb ///st. InJ. 11 . 413 Il<-' 

! i-.d wilbuul fuvihiT wIiMt 111:11^11 lo the capiud, 

2 . The hinder iiig or stopping of I lie cour.-^c, 

: iierfoirn.'ince, or doing of anylbing; spa\ the per- 
i sislent attempt to sloj) the progress of in 

.any mecliiig or legislative assembly, c. g. in the 
llouie of (lommons, 

1656 .Sr.'.Ni.EV ///..'A yV/Z/iV. IV. fi;oO 14.1/1 To oof. v. ho 
a-^kctl hiiii wliat folly U. l-.e -iniid, ihc obsiiiu lion of Know- 
h;d;4C. X674 'l l.MI'M: Let. //» i't\s:t:(ry Wks. l/'.i II. jw, 

I ;iln cr.iifub-nt ihnt .'uj flbstruction nf ihu Peace will in a 
iivi^c from hcii. c*. 1608 Fkykm Aff. /'..JitiHiify /'. 7S The 

■ jeeru-rrd i»b*:lrurlio!i ni Tiiitb:. oi.f .v-.k.-iM-d by lh«! War, 1741 

•M iiirii-t: TON' CV.y/-c» T. v. n'^>t l lii-, ub.Mriictirm F^iv. ii to Ciaro s 
iLtiuu, 177J /./»v/-*it 7 .(e'l.c/.s.v. /•r,*(r.v.f,.An-,b.-.irii‘ * ' 

lic-n of .i!i anera up.xn criiuii-.ul pr'H:*?'-.^. Ml O.Li.o. II 

. V'ii.rafic.n 1. i. 5 / A pr«'ictl i f this soil i.-v liable* lo l■•l.•:.lru‘ li-'U fr-iinllit dliT".:dUvs in ihr way of fi.dn^ 
ihv priiiiary «»i c'i-i;-i:Mi \alu.nU)U. 1870 .M. .Akvid 
/n'ih I'ufi.W. (>> 'Ihc ••i-.iiiKii-'ii uffcM.-il’y ib*. Iri.>h iiu-im. 
i b*..i . ill J’arlia»iu-ul is icm!]/ mi i.f iliis imii.-jii- 

: irolbililc iUiiipaiby. 1880 .Mi (.’mcihy (’.bioi /V av/j TV. H.v. t 3 j 
Ifs prij;..ics.s [iho IlMlIot Piii of 1^71] was ^clayed by that 
! pi'.i- lii.t: '.if i.-ilking .i)^.' time wlii-.h has inoic rLt.i:iitly 
iu; ..'iiih: f:iinijii.-i iii.d«:r ibc nani--; '.f vibstiuclii.*:i. 1893 f/aily 
Acri'j vO lau. £. Mr. (d.'cdMone .. dcfim'.d cibsinu.iinu 
t<‘;>i;.iin4 the will t.f tbc Huuse tithci u j.^c th.ui by ar{'unii:iiL 

; 4 . Anj ihiiig that stfips or blocks a way ui pas.sage ; 

i that which hinders or prevents j)n.s.sagc or ]in)- 
! gn-ss ; an olKtiiiiTting obstacle, a. 

*597 Sn.XKs. a }IcH. // ', I”, i. 65 To . .|Mu j'**- th' ••b.Mnir.iii.Ms, 

; which bcRin tu aiop Our very Vi-ine-: iff l.iUu 173* Ai-w in- 
; Kor Rules of I/lLt yo .\lld r».-UuVi; l!:-. Ob-j|rUOltii|i. x8i6 
i AV. Iii-.iN.; A.\toriti I. 1D2 '1 he lurl-'ik-iicc stud r.ipiilily i.f ihe 

■ lurfrni . .‘^avc the vc}\ag»-rv inlir.i.Miori that they were ap> 

. |)ro.ii hint; ili« girai oh.ffiuclh*!.-. iff ihe livf-r. 1850 (hiciui 

Lotksiif Keys lo Thr l■l.lll^ eff thxisc nioxtahlc tibMiUi:tii>n.s 
l > the bolt, ill 111- 1 V 'ff iiu^t'.iii d.ur, are uf tour'.iC Viirifu:., 
*875 Kx'omi DkL .l/, t/s. I’oj./i Thr; o.-w -(MlchiT, or frame 
iu front of an ou.^iiie, to push oboUiii.Li'.iiiS from the rail .. 

b. iinniatciiab 

iCox S'i.xK';. 'jr.ivA X. ii. \\ uo Wliy lliis t.-unlvucrl is 
ciidiuit Iu any f-iuu.ill iiio. TIi-m: i.n no 'ibi.trni:lion in 

■ lids. 1697 l)AMrti.x 507 Their dcuKTis mcciint; with 
.S' ;i h del.Yvs .ind ol>struf .1 inns, they many i>f l hem jjrcw weary 

: of it. x8xo K. H \i.r. If'hs, V. i ‘Sa (Auili ii a legal o\>- 
.siructiijn Uiini .apprisii.h Iu IR.kI. xB76Mo/.rK.Y Sftfu. 

\ i\. it^-77) JiH I h'- i^re.'it ubslnictkin lo >jci»t>ru.-ily in tun 

■ ii.ilurc il ji; di«i>y. 

I 6. rt///7'k and Comb,., obRtrnetioii-gunrd, a bar, 

; vie. fixed in front of a railway-engine lo remove an 
; obslnicliMn fnmi the miK 

1897^ ARbutt'x .Kyxf. Mod. Ill, 874 When oiirc the ob- 
j struclinn .-ryinpiom-s h.ivc bei.fimc clctiiiilc. 1898 Daily AVftw 
; 7.^ .Mar. 3.^5 A mil chair had Iceii placed on t lie rails. The 
j irnpAct w.'i-. v. .i-evi-.:*: to Miiash the ol):-i ruction gii.trd in 

; fi. ml of the i ursine. 

> Obstra-otionism. >ar<-'. [f. prec. + 

j The practice of systematic obstruction, as in a 
: legi-dative body. 

1879 Pitil piall Budget 17 Sei»t., If ob.strui:tioni.%m were lo 
become cxtiiia iiiiiiicduiuly, it. would not have (Kisiicd away 
wiihoiil leaving a lu.- ting . . iiiiprei..siun upon the character 
of tlie KnglUh of Coituiioiiii. 

Obstrnotionist (fytj.strwkJ’anlst). [f, as prec. 

»■ -JSiT.] One who advocates or systematically 
practises obstruction, tsp. in reference to the pro- 
ceedings of a legislative body. 

1848 R . Hr.i.i. Canning 341 J..uckily Ihcrit in .'ilway.s an 
(ili.striiclioi}ist in tlie lluuse of Conuuon^ .. to start up uiih 
iiii objct.i iuii liy way uf ridci tn the very i.ruiia.\ iff iinaiiitiiiiy. 
x86a It'fs/in. l\ei\ Jan. (lbhtructiuiitsi> make heretic's, and 
lierclics make obstViuaioiii.Rl 188a Tribune (N. V.» 5 Apr., 
It is hard lo .sec; w)i«it niuiivc.* cuiild have influenced the 
f)eiiu^;iiils to Alt as ol'sinif.iioiiisls in iliis mairer. t88s 
CiOMKiN in ygfh Cent. Ang. 1S7 'The SLt-uv.s of diAurder pji:- 
p.ired hy the lri.‘4l» ubNiruciionisis winter. 

att>ib. 1879 Tati Mail Budget m .Sept., 'Flie mischief 
w hicli oLstructionUi impunity has .ulrcady worked. 

Obstructive (f^livw-kliv), a. wb.) [f. r,. 
obs/nt.Hj ppl. stem (see Ou.stjiuct v,) + -ivfi ; cf. 
J'\ pi‘iiJ itfit/\ -ive (1690 in IIal/.-.l)arm.).] 

1 . Having the ijuality of nb.^ti acting ; tending to 
obffrtici ; causing imped inn nt. (?onst. to, 

x6xx, (.y// 7 rt/( 4 'Vl'dntiu*;, obstiuctinc, stepping. 
1637-50 U(»\v A 7 /X' iii)4..') .04 'l h« Kiii>: . . knowiiu; how 

tili.sirui:tluv il would pnmt.- lo his purpi‘j.-^«. .se for I'lhdiop 
likickbiniK:. 4 169s J. Mim-kk /-V A'lrf Ymk (if4:.) la 
j Things .. c;ilhei' wauling' or obilruclivc lo the ha}ipiii«r;is of 
New Vuik, X7XI pRiiu-.Arx /Vri-vA Ch.-xOin deus fd. 4} 
r):^. Noibiiig is lo bo p'-Tiiiiiicd rheri,*. wlikh .sif.dl be .. 
^il.v-ti m-iivii of it Idiviiii- scTvi-.c*|. 17x7 Toltn /iirthday 
K. Ceorge /, F.'ir fituii thy r.i.'ws, obsiruclive Slumbi-.fN 
■h.ike. 1859 Mn.c /yisx. .y /b'.c.:. 11. Tyenoh Rev. in libjo. 4:.2 
Supp ose: it la .sccioiiil (Diaiiibv; I cuii-slitiiU-d in :i fuanner, of 
all udiers, Ji\^M c.dculiitrd lo trrid«:r it an i./b.-li iii ti\K budy. 
1865 M. Awsoi.P A'.c.v. (>/■/. ii. Ot7y 39 A(Md(.'i.;ii's may be 
.s.'iid lo be (lb-•i^o<'tivc in anr] iii\t‘iilivc (;eniiis, x866 

(‘il l,*. Im.I'M T. Hoi/ II. .\.\x. jsj 'li.i-. iinj;ry baste . . miclu 
.•ifinr.da> . . be ub.sii iinivr: i.ffiiis own work. i86t Miss A'oN'i.k 
/ (m'« .V y.u4-.v,?j ill. I..'-! I'IkiI ob.striii;live old aunt 

insisted on du.stini; Mr. O T#ulc.s purloui bvriclf. 

2 . Of, perlaining tn, or of the iiatme of obslguc- 
lioii of the bowels or of any bodily duct or passage. 

i6«o Vkvnkm Tia Rocta v. So 11 .. abslerjicth obslriicliuc 
hitiitours in tlic:'>*. 1876 Ilu s stow i-* Th. ^ Prvet. Mod. 
li!>7'e;> 531 Obstructive and ii*.KnT>:itanl dil.east of the anrtic. 
jind i.iiiral oi ilir*.s. 1897 AubutCs .V; a/, Mod* IV. 07 I’he 
r iloralifujiff in thi s,- y.iscji ii* UMi.TlIy ivu such 
f uiiid in (iidip.ivy oh\inu.ti\M i.Tniidic k. ibid, Obstruc- 
live AupprcNMon m.iy foiliiil ihc v.\it of ihc urine .. ."flcr il 
has been i;oniplc.ii-!y fornn-d b> ihe bidiicys. 

Ji, 1 . An obstniclive agent, insliumcnt, or 
force; a hiinliancc. 

164a Jkk. 'r vyvok iifi-t;) 4 Fpi-u/pacy .. was insii- 

liiird ils an ubsiiuiiiivt: ij ilie diffiisiuii K'\ Sthbiiie and 
llirresy. X654 Kammont/ b'uudant. .nIii. 120 ilic st;i..;.)iul 
nb inii.iice.,is that uf Ihe Fidu- iar’nr. i86p I'v.vnM.i, (,’irtitf. 
I x.xvii, 5 i 8 'Flu-, b-adirig inuIe..piovcd a mere ob.uruciive, 

2. Otic who c-ff>iitriicts or retards i.ffogress in 
legislation, etlucation, parliamentary business, etc. 

1856 R. A. V.\i:f;iiAS Mystics • iSiki) Jl. \ iri. ii. 41 He must 
.Oaitd ( undemned . .a.s iTia; of ibt? obsliurticc-s of hi^ d6y. 
1856 T.mkr.sox' Tng. I rails, ///#.•' i'iuits' Wks. ijlohii) JI. 

1 1 ri '1 lie people arc faniilkirizcd with the tcMson of rcfoini, 
and, one b-y emr, lake .Tway »;vi*iy argument iff ihe ohslru-..- 
lisvN X879 Sai.c in /bj//r Tel, riP June, A i»i«?fJdle\omc aivl 
iiit.iUTaiil Iiudy of ubslruclivcs who l alliitl them- 

srivi s ilic Cousin up-.ii»al Ansuc ialiiiii. a 1884 M, i'ATTJ*..iN 
.1/. ;»/. (1885) I-vcry Dxfuvd in.m w.vji a I.>bvt.d,_e\C!i 
those whom nanire had p.Mp.ibly dotiiicd f -r ob-slructivc;.. 

Hence Obstru ctively a h.^ so as to ob.sUuct ; 
Obstni'otivism, the system or practice of being 
ubst rnctive. 

X863 Mi-i.mii.k 15 ri.i. Prin,.. S/^nch nvi t 'ir.idu.'dly Mbijii; 
the point of iho. t.)iii;in; . till it i<-iin"» nivju the pahilu 
t»l»-lriii^iivelY, and so foiins ihc letter .l>. 1870 Dn ititxh 
P. /bvvi/ in. of oM vv.tH |rtc. I .. ha\'e cot in- 

C'Hi.jru.iudy or iih.-iiui.iively built into inany uf its houses 
mill ^'irdnis. «»« .Academy 1.;) Dec. 407/a .A fusion uf 
f.iiMiical iib-stiiii livisiii with Jffii;uil rorrupiion. 

Obstruxtiveneas. [f. prcc. + -NK.s>i.] Oh- 

slniclivc quality or piaclicc. 

I X7»7 in IboLi-.v vol. 1 1 . 1B56 Fvni uk Hist. Png, (iSsBt II. 
vi. 4 lii..iiuiiiiMaliuiis lo llu* rcliistoiis houses, the su{)«tiois 
.. irsidini; uhn-ad h.-ul t-i|ii,d f.u:ililii\s fur oh,slii.iclivcries.s, 
18B4Y \.f,itrr J? July 'I'hc uiiscliU vuiib oh.slriiclive. 
Tioss of the llou.scuf l>ords. 

Obatmetor (pbsiin*klaj;. Also 7 -our, 7-9 
•or. [agent n. on I,. tyj»e, f. ohirulirc to ( )it.STRl'LS». 
cl, tonstnu tor^ imtnidcy.\ One who or that which 
ob.strnct 5 , stands in the way of, or impedes; a 
hiiuiercr ; nn oyiponent of progress. 

1649 J. ruKM-iwiN '.iitle'^ Tlie. Olisinuiuurs of jiislii.c. 1665 
\V.\i. ii)N /,iyi Hooka xw H.'s li'ks, (iSUS; I. ji ‘Flu; couiuion 
j peupb- bcc.Trnc so fan.'tlic, .'is to lielirve the* iii.siiu|i.> t*> l-t; 
AntichrUi, and the only obstructors of (b>d’s Discipline. 
167* W, i>K Ilitn.xiNK Dutch Usurp. 33 I'hc H-jl!un<lcrs are 
the great Supplantcrs of IVadr, and Obstructer.-. of Com- 
iiitTi c. 1755 JoMs;}oN. Obxtructer, one that hiri(ier.s or 
opp-i«.i.v,. 1884 6. yv MaV 5.1 | He| had cbi^sen 

to turn hiiiisell into Addibeialeohariu n.-i of Irish incii.aiics. 

Obstruent (^dislr/^LTit}, a, and sb, [ad. L. 
vbHyuiut'Cm^ pr. |.«ple. of ohstru-iVe to OjiaTiircT.] 
A. tidj. Obstrueliug; eloping up the ducts 
or passages of the body : cf. Dkohstuuknt. 

*755 Obs/ruent, hindeiinj’, blocking up. 18*7 

W. ( 1 . S. i’iU. Curate 1 If y-ju subject me lo such 
ob>-triicnt iiiii.‘rruplto)i.s as 1857 .Mavnk P.xpos, Lex., 

Obstruens, shiiltiiig or closing upi applied to ineclioincs : 
ob>-tYaeiil. 1891 in .Viy/, .Sac. Le.v, 

• Bt ib. a. Something that obbtruclti, an obstiue- 




tion. A nicdicinti which closes the 

oritices of ducts or vessels, or the natural passatjes 
of the body. 

1669 W. SiMi'SON Flytiral, 33 ViiiaUvJ by sii-.h :iii 

obs^ctiv'c i;o.'«gnl;uive &alt .uceornint; to the Mieri^th and 
degree ijf the ou'.truem. 1888 A. S. Wiusu>|/.j'J7c 

Some obstruent iotIc.iraway. i89ain.s^'i/'. So*, /-f.f. 

f ObBtru*SO, a,f erron. fonn of Auhtui'se ^for- 
merly frcrpient, after oh^MiSus, false reading in L.). 

1004 T. WprcHT Passions v. $ 2. i6^j In such uii obstru>e 
dirtitullic, he most apparent I v and prubaldy, 

.saitii llie bi'^t. 1683 .Mi>xci:< il/. i //. A-nve-., J'yintini; 
Obstrui c Words aiul Phi.'v.ic.s._ <11734 Nofoti fU.un. i. ji. 
4 18 (1740) y) If we sink, .to his more olistrusc Re:M.hcs. 

ObstupefikCidUt (-ft’^'jtent^, u. [nvl . J .. ob^tupc^ 
facirnt-em^ pr. pple. of ohfitpi/nicrc : sec below 
.ami -KXT.] Stupefying; in Mi'ii. = narcotic. 

1857 hi Maynk Le t, 189s in SyJ, ,S0'\ /.f.t. 

t ObstU'pefiact, </. (sk). Obs. rurts^K [ad.I.. 
ohstupifoit’USt pa. pple. oiahtnpefth see next.] 
Stiiprtnrd, stupid ; as sh. a stupid ]KTson. 

1601 lj. JoSvjS v. iii, /fot. IInw ni^w, (.'lispiiius? 
CrLp. O, — obstnpcfacl. V VA N jy, ilial «v. all are.® 

t Obstupefa'Ction. Of>s. ran\ [n.ofnctiun 
f. obslHpcfacht to render senseless, f. oh- ‘^Ob- i h, dy 
+ stnpe/iiK^c to make stuphl.] The fact or con- 
dition of being stupefied ; stupefaction. 

i6a5 J.' Cni'fi v. .\i. $ i i bat obsliip«-fiii-tion wln:u in 
our MUils^.arn mi^eialily dtiTn bed by tin. ir ilrlapsi-int'.i the e 
tHnlily sinks *jf corruption. 1664 H. Movt Mysi- /«.'/• 4.;** 
Whether thOMt. -d ic it . . latlna in a kind of <'^^nfu. i->!i air.l 
(ib.sttipcfar.lion of miuil out 'if f«'iir aiu! ion. 

t Obstapefiective. «■ OAt. «»■.->. [f. c. 

ohsftipefitct ^ : see prec.) -i- *rvK.] 'lending to stupely. 

«T 1633 Aki*. AhK'it ij.i, ‘J hc furce of it b' obsli:|>cfactivo, 
and nu oiher. 

Obstupefy (tJl'Sti//-|i/fai\. 7 '. [f. 1 .. ohsflipc- 

fai'Prt (see above', after S'n.’rKFY.] /;vr;/y. To 
stuj^efv, csp. MK' -.Itdly. 

I6f3 j.vouiov ry.,J I. \il. § 1 So bad Ijn: dim 1 > ^ s.m.vhl 
l'^ wi.rk w«■•lldl.•l^ the Kyyiuiin idols, sv.ii.r: did ob- 

.vtupiti*.* the people*. t66o H. Moia*. My^f, s iv. i. i 

Some t.cili.arj'iiMl ur uliNlnpiiVinjr ilisc.tse. 1708 /•'* 

No. .vV. 2/1 To Paigdi-'m.vli'c and. .rxpl.dn all obvtupifyimf 
Quidditi?'^. 1889 t!'. I'rm ''haki? eVc'»r.v. 7 /j. A.'Uon* inj \'< 'u'.noi obsiupcfy ';m;h a nmn. 

t Obatupe'sceuce. Oh, f. I.. cA-///* 

yVjtV/^'-4V//f pr. l^plc. oi r ivV/z/ijr.^Vv to 

become stupefied : see -encu ] The cosulitioii <d‘ 
being in a stupor. 

1597 .A. M. ir. u:i{iu'ifii:-t>t*s Ft . C'lii ni\^\ s-'b/'.- J hv ob- 
d upf'iccMii-c .Mid fi-'.irc wbcrwiih lb'.' . fi« y iitr-l:nrlcd arc oftt n. 
time.'* taken, 1857 •’'I avn'k A‘.iy^;.-. A. .i.,t 'htupysccnt.-UyKiW 
term for _ lliiii* 4 at»j wlmn th** paiit nt >Mthopcii 

ryes, if astoid-^hcd, am! nciiln r nivse.s i»r ^J>caktl: obi-tii- 
pcsLcntc. 1892 in Sy,t SiV. Ftw. 

t O'bstuprate, t*. Ohs. [f. ppi sit rn 

of L, ohfupyiini, U oh- (Oft- i b) -t. stttpnhe to 
latish.] //W//.1. To ra\ish ; ("o.xstcI’UATK, 

1658 liRO'-tHMt. Trt'tif, Smdoliin^ <1 ring 

from licfr father that did >tbstiipiate her, delivered it to hi!r 

Obtain (f'bUhiO, V, Forms : y <t ob-, op-, 
-teyno, -tayno, -toigne, -ieygno, t5 optyno , 
obtaitrne, optein^, SSV. obtenc, obtino, optnne <, 
6-7 obtoinc, -taine, ;optaiii'e, 7 Sr. obtean'', 
6 ' obtain. oh/rirey -/tynr, -Awi.’, a. F. 

ci/Vc//*/> in l.iltrc), atl. ohtiuii\^ Kvh- 

(()«- 1 b) + Uiwrc to hold, kf*ep. (1. Com .m.n.] 
1 . tram. To come into tbe pus-e.ssion or enjoy- 
inenl of v^somctliing'; by out’s own I’ffort, or by 
reqiiL-st ; to procure or gain, a-< the result of pur- 
pose and effort; litnce, gmeiMllv, to uc«|inrc-, get. 

« * 4*5 I .VI)'.;. Assemhly of i-u/;.; /\i»d -.d iIhj 
shall ye ybiejuc. 1432 50 Ir. (R"> 1 I 0 I. .»oi Mrn id' 

NoYwaj’. .sjiylcnijt- frwtii Pmim.irki*., Dptrynrdr and inluibltc 
that growiidc, i;alli:n'.;c hit N <'krni.'indy. 1490 1 .!ax 1 . in liut'yil.w 
X. 40 [] i>pli!yiii;d in r yraev. for lo >i.*iouMic. 1526 
Tino.m k Matt. V. 7 ljic^->cd .tic llic nn:M iCiill : fni ilu-y .shall 
oblcym: lUcicy. 1548-9 < Bk, Com. t'yayn- Coil. 2 id 
•Smid. aft. 'liin., C/raunl llial lliosn uhii li wo. ask** 

faillifli'lv n»: in.-iyc ol.di ine cft’ci'tiially. 1651 Honii.-s 
f OT’iath. 11. 154 (.)]><.aiiiiiig t'aidon liy Moha, or ollu r 

njuaids. 17^ C. Limas fsl. li'nftfs III. 2/S Cildi.l 
^ffrlliii^s . . ol.'t.iiucd ihi! nain*! of liatli .t:\ii<n::v<. 1800 tr. 

Laoranj^o's CUem. I. :> 3 'The precipitate l•i•t.limHl issnlpliitr 
of Irarj-tes. i860 Tvsi) \i i. 1. w. ivfi. I rlimt.i d l-i 

obtain a g''TtPral \iew of the sm ii.iiiin.lhi;; .si.iia;. 1890 Ilk Sanity iV Insanity .\. I'hc prove of obtain n,:; 
a livfd.ihood. 

b. With r/y. i/, cxjm.‘ssing what is granted in 

.answer to a rciiucst. Now t>r Oh.<, 

*4^-50 Ip Uigdcn tkoll.A) V. 307 ()])tr\ii\MKe iiiUictlic of 
ikxT that Jw Nawl'S of the nioiuistery .m holdt* be .salvedr. 
*4^ CAfCMAVK Chron. v 35 '.I )ie .abln't o3)leyn**d llwl there, 
.sclinld no prionrR lonj^inK to .Suynl. .Allaium-. .tie i-timin'lltd 
for III snd'MC the dyme?, ii.i thr Kiiik. ./ 1648 J.p. llv.KHhnr 
1 ' 310 They oluaiiu'd tliai l'' Sfi'iza 

.^iruildtic.'utiiiittcdtothe Fin|irrQrspi'C!K:em:e. i737\Vni'iTnN 
Josophus llUt. I. xvi. 47 ^fal:|letas. e.arne.stly bcgji:ed and 
obtaitied that Lc^'iuild be reconciled. 1844 Kisr.i-Auc 
hot non lor, 1 obiaiovd all of iheni... should .sit at the 

i' C. With inf. ofij. expressing what is got fronts 
^of a person ; « to prevail u]>on. Oh. 

1681 Duvpkn Abs. \ . 4 ikit. 1 V» Rdr., 1 could nol obtain 
from niy.self lo .slioa* Absalom iinfiirliiii.-iie. 1742 Ricir vHr»- 
fc*)N PoMicta 111 . 287 The Gcraleiuuii..obl.«incd nf Missa:i 

1 play .v-vvral ■|'iiiie.:.«in \\w Sphini-I. 1751 / 'i .v/.v/f 

I. 172 It w.'i.swhh Ditliculiy..] had i>litaiiii:d fonii niyt-lf lo 
havf. tliir. CiiiivcT‘'ii.tioii. 

d. ahot. I'Cf. 4. ; 

1526 TlNt)Ai.l{ 1 CV^.i.Y. 24 SoruMa- tli:it ye rnaye oiti/iviic. 
ipgg iJ.JoNMiM Cynt/ini's 1. Wk-.. iRiIdu )7../t A-.^v. . 

A'oiurh-afr nic, I may do him thc-.«; rii*.-- lA /-. Thou 

'ibi.iin. 1854, WiiiiijLM tformit i'f' tho I'kibaid iii, 
The .-uiiplc heart, that freely re-ks In luve, oiii.i'niM 

t2. a. With pa.pflc. ai rompl. To pioctiie 
snmething to be done; (U;t v, 2S a. b. \N itli inf. 

■ as compL To induce, ptcvnil lij.dn >i person} to ih 
\ soitKlliing : — i.jKT v, yo. Oh, rate. 

1425 J'aston I.itt. I. 21 Sir Joli’i b.ith i-pl\nc-fl 

me i.<jrideinpnyd to hym in ri.-i-.[vii|'^/. 1592 .W'l dy \ 

I v^c in Sinip^-»ri V. /*. .'i/.-ii/ ; i Jj* 1 . v>i He-. . v i!! 

j um be cil't.'iind To take iipoii him ihi*'- Ki';dirn.-s govcriiin'.-ni. 

! 1 3 - To gain, win baulc r.r other conttst}. 

■ rt 1470 Tri'TOh r r./.’.viiA' I. -11, 2 Ail the- baiU-U wfii-.ii lie 
I oblcyiiycl in J'rarue. 1615 G. .'-am-Yn Vi./r*. 1. 4 'Mcit 
' iin'iii. ■raba; .S*.a-ti.iMi 1 ! itit-.-r .b^iimd az'.iin-t the Tini-. 

#11649 WiMiiH.'P f t.-j;-. 11 M-. I inifihl 

j have obtained tli*^ caiiia- 1 had in ii.ind. 

I 4 . i/tte, T(» win the victory, gain Tnc day, jjc- 

j vail : to succeed, prosjier. Oh. or ae /t. 
j f 1425 l.Yia:. .‘I.v,-. W*/r iiA (it'd.,- r jir \\ li- n nldc- .Atiiopi s 
' hail ■.ciai and h* rd**. .IIoa- \ i.'il! 'v ii .il i 1440 

! t. 1 .1 IV», li* i\ r.:;o . lii.-i liii 

I :-isiri'. n.t • iit'-yn*- ;a.- ;••• \;.yb; in hir p-.;r,.i .-o. 1526 

I R. Wnvnuim M.iftdtw (I'vi-.? 7* I 01 vh- .%i: ; ••n w.i^ 

; a :;y.imi.'. l•>!l he •iij{* >iicil, and v.idi lub.-d. 1642 Mn io.n 
J . ipM. .'T/.-Ui /. W r.s. ‘ ;:;/2 J ■ .V. f !til:;li.*U.-i U ihfe fonfuli r, 
** if he t! ink to abt.iin with ih'-. 1701 Sv.n 1 C.-nUsts 

j -N i \-;,'nn, . U'\i‘t:s -v A'.v.i- iii. J t.i'-. I!- • la.h ir fail. •! s-il 

' pi«-.eiii: y* t ar;* r\vaTd> 1847 

; \li. -fj JsU'Spii Ili.dy li.c -.f.;i.-.ii:d aIUI olit.ii.i'd. 

i 5 . To .'itt.iin to, get far as. n a.h, gai’i. | a. 
i/ifr. w ith tOf uu(o\ To get to. (-'/'f. 

1477 li.Mst. Ri\ 1 1 *! (‘axt-jiii /b-iA-.- A i.i: f •r.'ciici.tT 't .. 
Mf ui.H!, Jiiid in thy -.elf ‘•i> doyijT, thon 'imy* njiU ^ne vnl r 
by ■. 1555 Fm.n* yVm.Aw- 'I -j R^lr. C\ib.- S;i! -r.;;. n 

; . .ubteyncJ by his nauiy»atlo;r- lo<')iihir. 1581 SjijNi.Y.d/i 

I .-Xrb. -ij 'J'ha. hruii* iibianud t-> lia*. loji i..f 

; th'.-ir j'rolc'.si.-’n. 1625 r..»i o.>i A’-r., Sitnulati'a i\A.) 

If a ^ian cannot oblaine to that liid'^iM-ril. 

, b. trans, 'To attain, reach, gain. Oh, or arrh, 

I 1589 lI'.Ki.ryT i‘iy,?.i 7 Ilis c.*n i.i!.n, \\h*.iri)f .-.m:. I'.idi 
! nol l ‘n< .slrne i>i}rayni d his p.-»rl. 1733 j*. Sii.-..v ti. * s 
j y v sVi/). }\t. iii. i—\j»l.. hhii'-.*-. Wk.% I. oil J bf Ki;d is 
; .v;ldi*ni iMitallicd. 1774 An/. 7 1 7 /'.; IV. 11*} 

, IfoMve the buna obtii;: -. tin* niiiky in>M ipi-.i* 1830 S-oii 
; y.V /ie)/:;.'. ;. j| The vi-.;i*-iiyM‘*r be.ii y. .iae.s n> 

i \vh«‘n n'maiu the Ujin of inanh'iot!. 

I •}• c. with iff. To allaiii or come to h, to do, etc. ; 
i to get opportunity,, abilitv, etc. /;■ 

I something; to .Micceei! i:t doing 5.oin<thiiig. Oh^. 

i 1526 SKn.T.').s .h'a,e'i}y/. 1 tri-t \m: >h.dl eptaiMc T.i 

; do you strxyi IT. a -I r. ndi.t (I'l.y - ;s/--bli.|)h.:n 

! by wht'iMi.iit iiiip 'iilnnitie ebt.'ti.nod to Mith him. a 1688 
I Cui»\M.'r III immuf. M-.>r. .f7.*d 117 J Ii*.t w*ai-f*r Mmmuis 
' ..cannot obtain to he he.tni. 1703 Ma; n!iM.!i. 7 n,*u. 

' yft'us. ir\i'.'7 ft was iiMt without iiua.h im^'orlunity that 
we obtain'd to have llie tt.-aj of a dry pari uf the Huiu-.e. 

+ 6. To hold; to possc^s; to occupy. [A Latin 
; souse.] Oh, 

1482 M''tik t/ l\:\.\hatK ^.Aili.t u-* To h.aiu! and •■..pfi’Vii*; 

. lurn yn niy l.u.'VH: ‘-‘r li-.ibie heu’ in niy harniy.*. ciSBO l.i*. 
Ll lyM Us Artk. /_!/. i'-ivt. W'h.'i .>hrtl 'mih; ais.l 

<•btalliCtllis.Clmntrc<'lf(et v.a, :,*, th that Arthur i..d».cd. 1671 
! r^lll.loM /’. A'. I. r7 He \\tii.i tin- "M ■•rial thv nf 

Ifoiiv’i!. 1710 tVi-KKM.iv /’•v>iv. !lh. :nn i. li 1.1 

V.uyin.; the ti,;nilka!i.;*ii ..>f t-aih figure ,i;j Aia’-k lu i.'.ii- nj 
If.*, viding to thv it •■•blais!^. 

7 . intr, I'o [‘rci.itl; to be prcvnhnt, cusl.iinary, 
or e^lablished ; to be in force or in vogue; Iv) hf)ld 
• good, have* pl.’ice, si!b>i.-;t . [’/ ;Mlii.d to or 0.] 

1618 H ■M ) S < roid. A’/ 'V. II. i ii'j 7 i) f.''i riirii <;»pi:;ii •ji'. h;ive 
i>iiw nbiaincd I' »r a hundred years. 1640 l'i\ ll.M.i liHiub. 
A’< 17 That f Mine of t ’lOM.-rinm-.-it, whii.!i 

biih hiihuto obtained in lt»' C*hin*h. 1732 Uikioii-v 
. I A///'", v. j! 13 .\ iirai.titi'. -whi- )i cbi.iins ii|-.!y ain- n - tlit- 
idle, pail Ilf the Mali m. *764 Run ///.//# .'\j i. 4 ; Laws i f 
natuic whiih nniv..r .illy ^ibi.iin. 1842 Gi.'o’i 1 I’.wr. Fhy . 

7:1 .''lalii Iinii, MU h . a-- that wbii lj I'.blait.-. 

. in the two aniis ot a bahuue. 1890 Ln. Ksui.u in /u.-' 
I'nsiS Ft’/*. LX I If. 7il'.' I h«; m W nnvle, wb.iili si'iv 
i i bt.iln*., of di.ifiiu:*, Ael.*. I'f Paiii:iiiii:Mi ’•.i a- l«j !■) 

: iui.i>i porati;?}:; olhev *’f r.iriiann-Mi. 

: t b. i-.- ]}rcv*. Oh. torr, 

\ 1529 -NIovk PyaO.'L iv. Wk,... 1 \\ l.i-. !i liiitr.; Ii.i.l 

; sndoiil'letily nener bevu obti-ined .uiioiij; ]K*.-pl*-. .if ..m-1 

II. ld not b|,i|..;4ti:f. it A|l ll> l!|..eir» . 1565 Il-Wl !. 

//.I J.. r.i l.i .31 X Him, I bat j., the or I'.ldcr. Im‘ 

ilie S.'K niii et . . Ainl tli<- W1..11I, il'u ,-i , i.% umv 
j «.ilileined by ('usltiine. 

! Hence Oblai’uod /// i/., Obtai ninK r.''/..*/-. 

1490 .bV 11 ff.t. I ff. r. s; in..i.‘.l 

sii toVins ojitcyny’s; .'iijayns Kiihard. 1539 J. Komiik in 
F-llis (bve- f ftt. Sei. ». 11 . ii.: hr flu* »>piav»i>M^ of h>s 
^:r.'u yoti.s p.irdijn. .i 1548 II »M. ( A A-V.'i. » ■//, 4 In il-.o 
vi'i-y !ii*eyiiMyn>* uf In'* newt* .»b;e> !:#■•! reij^ne, .1 i^x Ilo> 1 1; 
///Vi'. . Iff (if.ii;.-) u; Whellu-I tiie-'i- obMlm d .slllvsl.iii. i:-. 
oiiftht to 1 k: loiikid np 111 as tiiivair. 1875 \Vhi?ni--, / f\ 
ii. -.'.y Thi; iidvaiUii^e won by the mind in tlie oln.iin. 
iiig of .V l.tiiguat^e. 

ObtOiittabld ((^btr>'n.AbT . a. [f. prcc. -h -ABLE.] 
I'hat may be obtained or got ; pi iicurablo. 

1617 Hokon IVh. II, I ,S We .^■•* whii.ti is the omf-ly k.y ; 
\vc M'l: it is ol^tainralde. 1794 tl. .VoA.'if. .V.i.'. \ A*i/. 

I r/ti/i’A. 111 . sNsi. '.’Ss Kft'fi l>. . by r.ii obt.iiriablc by 
j tbe inovin^i^ force int!iiedutts.-b appllnl. 1879 Piioin.m 
j J'it'.is. f/V/r.i .Si. i. I At .dl uljuiiuddi.* ii.nipcrAUin.-. .«i.d 
' tiiidt.! all obtaiii.ible condiliu-i^ of I'leM-uie. 





Obtainal pU-. i [t. pif;c. + -At .] 

■ CThtai.nmknt. 

1803 W. Tavii-.h in Fir I. I b.i* i ai- i m. .. . . 

wlikh is rairi'.-'l ■•n with t!i- ikiit.-l imiI-hi k mw-t !a-. 
j'.-lc t J til..; of capital. 1869 y./.«;.'l- .W::’. . M.o., 

Tl.'e oV'ioiiMl i..f a - i:p3>lcniciit o , j.i tiial'ic ib 

l.’mstr-.iiy I' f I ...iio'.,,: j lo ^laul. (.vnilVat*:- -.f i.rcli'l ■ . , 
to Wijiiirn. 1883 J'n-t .'/at: </. . Inr.*.- ] In-. i.|’ 

i.f all rit.fl!' *>li III*.- i.-bl.'liiJi-.l of pli'':.'. I'-i i,'.' .'. 

birds sfllii!;; ihi ir 1 .i..iiV'. 

Obtai*nance. ra/y. [f. as pitc. y .v.sci. ] 

= < tUTAl.VMKM. 

1846 H. W. T-.uj'i-s> A’//.' . .1/ .. n-j 'I In; .;;i;;ii 

only It. -...Milt 1; tot t.ln*. ..lijl.iiit..!!. r. if .i. i. iy, 

Obtainer .ptJi ''uoa . [f. .'i.-*i.icc'-r i.kL] (bw.- 

who oblaiii.4 ; a gainer, w'iuiitr; a;.«. iim . 

1540 i;i K. ti. M;iVMii:ii Vi / / V. < / /, .-bA/' 1 . 11 . 

I.ijlavio : lf:i‘.i -J i.> tin; -.till 1 1::.L.II1 1 p.'-U :i v’* 

I ;■ t /> lA tr> '//u*. /1 1548 H M l.( i/t- i 

b. riii. i*’:iowiii»'.fl i'* f lie vli 'fv, a.'id ili'* J.-Mt!i; ivi'j". 

iiiii.ioi l.ill 1 r liir v.iiiip.i;.- I:i;i . ;i-i 1651 N. Ik'-. 

/'•/ (i'T't. i r.i^. r. \\. Mi .-..'.laiiM f.s ‘...| pif.-.i i 

i:j till- (..\‘ii!i .Ik K- n-.'.-. 1755 Jf.'iKw.-i'.. N, C'/Z/r/i/k/ , hv wlio 

.ib'.ur:*-. 1861 .‘a-, /-'ll*-!}’ .'-'iitia //r,t. ■.-r I 

rii»: ■I'litair.i.-r i*f the f':i{j;d and R -yal pii\i!t;^f.-*: |.»i ll:*- 

Obtai’uing, /A' [f. (Jmain ?■. » -i.M.Ji.] 

T hai i)Lt:iin;3; winning; picvailiiig, jnc'.akni (l 
1682 I . l-'t.AiM.w ill rtiLiitiiS Fidtui N.-*. 77 (171 .-.5 II- 
.• i.\ T! r W'orii C-../i.rnio.iii..Mi. i*i lln; t ’ii;.:i.iii..tii .il .Mid mu‘..i 
u .Liiniiii-. M”tiiJii-s a .-iriMn'/.hi.iiir.;: c r l.^■^lib.■.>^aIi■■,i^ 

1803 M.fKY // .;/#’ .y L I'.i i|i:iirM|r*^ 

I v". l.:.i likk.- aii :i!ii,i.!, .'iii ! will bv vmy 

.. .'b'-n lie _'«.-i.', a!iiM;.j^i tlieni ' ibid II' 171 'rin- i'.miIi 
«'l t!iC ev.pi 1 V. 1.1 -. i.-rv ' I-, . pifo*: it, .. I 'elie-.c il 
is <.‘!i lb'.- i;ve '.it be. ;>;iii!..:- x try ul.iairnni?,. 

Obtainment • t'bb' tuiir-nt . [i. a.s i.icc. t 

-MI.AT.] J'he action i.if obtairiir.g or gt-ling. 

157X (i'.i.rnvi ('iiiTia r'l /V. li. 12 I' .r oi f yniuenl of 
f' t; .'i v<.ii'-\‘ V 1. f bi.' -i. 1677 * i.xi.r t rt. f .'1 nt'ii .- 1 1 . iv . , ; 
Lvcrv oiu: 1.*: ileli>;h!L-iI iii thi: d.t.-kiinirLP.t '."f vh-l h*. b./. er. 
i8u2-t2 Ibsrn.'.M F rfi a. Ji'di-. r\ i f. I. . -.*1 .\ 

:.p’.-(.ieK of riiiu<!iil(-.;it v.>i'fa!!i|;M-!iV, tiie pi:n:~biiu-ni wbiih!cd -.f lrau.-.p. ir:alio:i t..r iliii.-': yvars. 1884 H. >i l.sf.’t k 
j.-i 1. M'/. A’fi'. Jviiy jy Xulrilioji pu riHlipoM uidaii.u.i.i.: 
ul food. 

b. SoMRihing obtained. 

1829 F, _Fn.:.|. 7 W/A .Wiiuf-aii.a <.=. f.irniil:. fToin niaiiuii.;! 
l.:i\!.s ■' I lliU^ Vf I', ed ibein I.-.wir.eJ wtie !c...'-ii(lc'l 

with i..ire as x.iliiabic obtai.'inii.-Ml'.. 

Obtftlmia, ob;,. fonn oi Dphthataha. 

Obtect OdAc kl , (/. Z>/c/.7. [ad. I.. 
ohictt-tis cowred ovci : sec next.] - next. 

In ni..)'.*. 1 'iot-.. , 

Obtected ///. jr. Utitont. ff. I.. 

L'bua-uf, p;i. ppU*. (>f chti\ciiy to covet CAtr f LL.} 
a. Covered by a ncighbnui iiig part, as the hcniit- 
lytia of some JJanipfua by iln^ tiilaiged .M'.ntellum. 
b. Applied 10 the !V*im of jnipa characteii.'itic of 
the j.ipithptera^ in whurh the limbs, etc. of tlie 
future in..ecl aie in(.ii**liriClly diricciniblc through 
the outer covering ‘.'opp. to {oitiittitr \ in inier n;xe 
soim.iitnes extended to ail pup.o in wliich the 
3vhole boily and limbs are cncloseii in a homy cast: 
(including roatr/att *. .Mso said of the melamor- 
pijosis in which such j*itp;v occiii. 

x8x6 Kii.‘i:v W: ^i-. hi.i.-.'i-.d (2.‘:4; I. yt 'J'lif.i-e i-f ail 
h-pidojJlcr-.'U'^ Lif.iiv am '1 'iiiiiMiLd i;lj!i....icd 

I'lijvtr. 1826 IV. Obcirficd M’hcn the 

lli-M)vlyir.i .-I’-f i. -.-r.ri-''.! ny a '.niicllirm in inKM’ifi'ir.i.x. /Hit. 
4^l .Mci.iUiujplm i:i'..-.imii!cii-. Mcl;iiin..ri'lKi;*is oblccit-d, 

1888 K.u i I '.i'.'N I'v J ».« / /.V I-.! 'I'bc tlitriiid 

pnp.i i-. o-iii:ri- :iii;.;ii!.i), .1-. iii lb*; mai'-rity of 
with clv.b-hhapvc hiUtniiA - . . mi il \> • i.-nical, I'.s in A/(:/v 1 . 

Obtectovenose ■ pMe kli?Vind'i*s . a, /ud. [f. 

I.. obUrt-us coveted oxer, Ycileti r rtv/cj/tj VeNoL'S, 
f. 7W.M7 VI ill J 2\ppUed to a having the prin- iiiid \eius connected by simple 
i.i(isy.-vi*ins. 1866 1 ■INM.LV in J'/iiis. L'0\ 

Obt 61 Uper ■ ('d)tc iM)>A.i , r*. [a. F. i.V'A v//cV'-tV' 

(i.|th c. in ll.itz 'Panu.; rid. 1.. o/ A ////i to 
obey, f.f'/'- X>h- T.i; +/«V'V/i*;-./;('!o r|U.a]tfy, lem|»er, 
to restrain onesrlf.] 

1 . To comply wjiii, )iclt.l 1^, suLniit to. obey; 
ijnw* Hilly in Si. /.v/o. to v'bcv ;a judgentont or 
ni dd of a court , a. trims. 

: i489 C\Mr.N .A'/, I wv . ot 1-1*1 »'i.-r !'> -.■•btempr*; 

ii’ip:*- -1 , f.'i- lli':> tj mi**- I ;.'.i ii If li\ ill lii'ijf. 1535 
Si I A.vhl ( ■#.’//. A L ll.J 'Jl f iM'Ci-. Mil'll ii..Hbt . 3 bli‘inpi.r 

I- ii ei-.iiim.t'-.ti. «637”5o Row /i::t. i\‘H‘ i,iS4.-l .y lii-in;: 
.t.%k(.k 1 . if he w'uiild ubtLiiipfi and oi.iev liiv Atl of the 
.Assvml lie. X7«8 il'i iirc':'- i.";!;) Ilk 4').' Kv.rioinii; to 
obtriDprr llif Aoi.s ;if .\NSfml:Iy. x8^ l:difi!'U»\i^t- {\nt*\i/:t 
u '?/ - k iKl .3i;T.iiiH:d i'.vi tix ot ;\b?.»iviu-,r, 
pnr'ii' i’ b.ivir.j,; f.,ili?d to ubit rnpt-r I* i.i'-i.i uo.lfi. 

I b.‘ ift/f . With to : To Ik* obedient. Oh. 

1491 f.l' I.'N 1 if'is i'afr. .\V. di; \\\ t J 11 . I V.; h/i Ti-» 
ttiryi w>*.k<-*.l w\lK-...ii.> .‘bi 1*1111. -o: 01 l-c a.eroablc. IS?6 
I’-n.i.i M l- N’ f io». .''ll'.'. II. 01 Ki’im.iO!,'.y 

<.Sti:!rnt.Taiv.l t-j S.i'i..l l.'i !iii»*. i.indi-id bi.'. .-jiilf t.i 1. ..1. 
1584 lit ; M'N /b< />‘fi*.'.i.** Im'ifti Dcd^ Till* fcrvi-ii df. :iv 
1 had ta obtcinpii ' ulo v..»Mr Maif .iif-. • ■ .ni?iiiiiii' , 
t2. trmi.i. To tempi r, IC"! lain. ;;?/ r. 

*535 Sti-\v\»:| A'.’.'A M. ?! l'h!l ti.Vi k'.'i.i-- ’.'.lid 

II- .*. In tifii iliaii ilf.^jic. .Nor 311 !i.) M-.-iy i.ibti nii.'..: M.\!d 
lli.iM ir*. 

tObtemperate,///. lA Oh. Aksofi-r-N.-. at. 
f:id. J., fiVcv.'/iV, //-/#.*;. pa. j'J'Ic. of c/.A.v.vrn;/' ; 


Here prcc.] a. as aJj, Obedient, submissive, b. 
as,fpk, of next: Obeyed, complied with. 

* 43 *~S® i fifties (Rolls) II. 713 The body bcholdc be.. 
ubt«niperate [ 7 >-rtJ. biwoinj lo ihe sawlc, 1533 BKLLKN-nrN' 
J.izy I. 11837) 51 Ye wald {.one ha^'c oVitenijicrat, and ol>e>il 
my ch.iTgis. Row Contn. JUnir's ^ lutobiog^ xii. IiS4£) 

446 Othet& wlio iKul not obteiiipcrat thr act. 

• Obtamperate (^’'bte inper<’d),fA \\,L,vkeiii- 
ppl. stem of chUnipcr^yc : sec OJi'rKMrhii.] 
1. ~ OiiTEMPKK I. a. tram. 

1431-50 !r. Uigdai (Rolls) VII. -.iny Duke Harolde, Hunk- 
Vn(;e belter to olitcimieraLc and (;i\’ouic ihc ciintre lapc'' 
then llie private [ironic of his biulH-r. 1611 Coiop., Oh^ 
to oUemnerate, tiliey. 1653 .A. Wirsos 'Jas. /, 
(0| The King haa lit IiistriiJitciit>. i iuld At and 
uT.aciiipciate inc Kings humour. 1766 W. Dokoon iieti. 
CountiHg'ho. When the ordvi .civi-ii i.-> ulili-iuperaled by 
nueptance. 1865 /Stitchv. ;;43 After a ^it)lcnt 

quarrel the guides ubtciii^ciiiied his tomiiiands. 
b. zntr, with to: To be obcdii-nf. 
ci53a Do Wrs tnCfini. />. in Pal-*gr. jc\ifi .lo 

obteinpcraie lo hu plcuMtr K affection. 1^ A. A. W.\n.^ 
Aiaric U V»//j 1 . 33 lo thi' .siiggoslion he llatly declim d 
to ubtomprrate. 1889 \it/. AtT\ .m July 64/1 The Mavxisls 
refu-.ed to uiitKinfK'ratc to any such dcimiud. 
t 2 . « O11TE.MPKII 2. iSV. fV'.r. 

1560 Roi.i.asli O /. I 'runs lit. Ouh.iiif.'ir wii waUI 
fh:it idMcmpci-at nnirwiil with wit, and 30111* mind initigai. 

So f Obte'mperanoa. t Obtempera tlon. Oh, 
x8a3 Coi'Khux.M, iV’trji./ffiiUiY, tiboyiiig. i6n Corou., 
obti riiprr.iti.m, i-bcdieii-c. 1658 Piifi.Mi-b, 
0 -Ai’fnpcrtiiii>Ht an oiieiiiig, a jiclding nbo(!ii;ii' r. 

tObtd*nd, f ’Av. [aAA.. ohtcHtl-cre lo spread 
in front of, 1. ch- ((^u- i .1 +tt:tni!'ri to stretch.] 

1, /;'i/w.i*. 'I’o put forward as n stalcinent, reason, 
etc.; to pielcmi, allc;:;^e, mriiiilnin. 

1573 f,‘s RcA't in. \i. j. 3 The force of men gif .my 

will ii’itriul, fflnvcd, or fneiid-s lo be ane gaiid iiiaUl ^tranc, 
A I* is but vane. 1609 III Mii .■It//irc/.*;V. in II '('(/I'cii* .Vci*. . 
f.74 W. oblcndc .'iKn the rcKif of the Kirk. 1700 Dkvom.s 
161 nbtcndiiig heav'n for wliatc’er ilbs l * 

2 . To hold out; lo present in oppo-iiUoii; to 

1^7 J>rY!i}.N J-lafhf \. uG -Vntl fur n Man tdiifUul an 
i.inpiy CMoud. Pom: .'-.mi. Sri Diaw fouh yunr 

>wrird.'!, And tjhi.^ Omfi.s obtend tbe'.e anipb: Invirds. 

Obtenebrate (dbtc-n7'hr<?u;., r. [f. i.. 

ppl. .‘item of t(.» d.’irken, f. 

^Ob- I a, b; + fenehdn; to in.-ikc d.-irk, ic/u’hnv 
darkness.] tia*ts. To c.' a shadow over; lo 
tivershadow, shade, darken, 

1611 l'.OM*.i<„ .^»<rr, to obleiiebnitc, obscure, darken. 

i6a6 .\iN.fl>i KV /'.r.**y/io;-.vr*ivv. 2Q In hbuinl Calv.iiyall i.s 
obleiicbt;iied. 1649 lb ivi it rnfnomyof. I. Ai. ’.n Kati-.n.i 
tion, which i-iioiild direct and inodcrnte the pbmi’.ic, is more 
oblenebiatvd. 18x9 U, Pcsk / ‘..-/rm.f 1. (’l-md;. oblcne- 

hraie the sc'l.-ir Tudii. 

Obteuebra'tion. [ad. late L. chiutelriitU^fr 
i’W, n. of action from clinch rare \ see prec.] The 
action of overshadowinir, or condition of heinj^ 
overshadowed ; tl.arkcninjj. 

^ i6s6 l>\i;'.*N A,v/.''ai 2^5 In ( v. ry Mf.griiM, ur Vcrlig'>,lhvre 
ii an ObU-.i'diraiitin ,!..•> nut u iifi a Scmbl.'incr. ».if Turaini); 
KtMuid. X669 l.iAi.t O^ntihs I. III. X. fj.-) The (tbieiic- 

br.'iti.m of the Sun, M:)on, .Si;iis, :*nd ].i;',l!i. i88x T- M. 
Ik.n.ijy y//i/. .Sn't ii. 23 The dense ublcntbr.ition Milh which 
the nbirct iii .MiiuuiiiiUrd. 

t Obte‘nebrizo, 7.». [See -v/k.] « < )b i kn kmi ntk. 
X853 y^' St:i,-MEK 2«r/ FunySiyiii. (r'i-ip ij The Ib-iiuiy uf 
the S2.intb is much uiitenebrizcd and obsri.'.n-d. 

t Obte'Usion, <^tn, [n. of action from 

L. cbtf.ittiere toOuTKisD ; cf. extension ; the L. form 
was obtentio.'] 'Tht* action of oUeiidin;'. 

1755 in JoiiXr.ON. (No r|Ukj\;uiun.} 
fOlite'ixt, sh. Obs, [a. OV. ohUni -Jii phi. 
pour obUnt dc out of lei^ard to^, ad. I., okentu-s 
a spreading before, pretext, pretence, 1. jijil. slein 
of obtendire to Ohtemi.] Turpoae, intent. 

1430-50 ir. IJigifi'H (Rolls) V. 51 Orii;c:ic.'«..did girlib: liyin 
.for the obtriite and wiilc of chasiiic. 

t Obtent, //i' rt. 0 k\ [ad. i.. ob/ent-tiSf j-a. 
pple. of obii/tPre to Odtai.v.] Obt.aiiicd, ]irocu:ed. 
1430-50 tr. Jfigden Hail, roiitin. .Rolbs; VI 11 . 4(13 Alj>eiifc 
. williowtc licence oble^ite off ihclte iirelatL-s. 

Obtention (pblmJ^nV^ [a. K. obUnthn ; 1 = 25 
in (lOflef.), n. of action from ohtenir, 1.. okinPri^ 
okent~ to Obtain ; cf. xUUnticn. rcicnlion.'] The 
action of obtaining; olffainmint. 

1604 K. WiiiTF. /u//. /ishi-y Tht l';idi»:is .. .sp-.-ake t»f 
t'bii.-nlion .'uid impctMijon. i7it f.ight to Idindiw intn AV/. 
Jtis!, .V.V.y, 0 >//rw. App. Y. uC Not Siiiisfu d wish tlic ub- 
feiilio:i of iho.-^ lillc fid v. -meed p^:l^}^. 1790 W'oLCon 1 P. Piu- /./. to Sytr. IPrhoH \Vks. iti« II. 777 iioA\ Interest 
made fi'r ihii obtculirui of this Honour. 1815 Mao. J.)'AHHr..iv 
Piaiy (1876) IV. -^ri 11 c aspired .ni iis obtr-.niion, a word I 
iii.*ikc fir wiy passing coiivc!iii-.tu:c. xW8 /J /A <«.#'«/// 19 J urie 
611/3 Their oblention of (.apilutaluurj with ibe empire. 

Obtest 0 ^>tc-sl). V. [ad. T,. obUntii-ri to call Id 
witness, to yuulcstby, f. ob on account of 4 teddri 
to bear witiicas, ^call ns wiinci;?:. Tt. Ob’. 
ebUder (e 1350 in ( h/def.).] 

I. tfitm. To call upon in the narn*- or for the 
Stiko of something sacred, to charge solemnly, 
adjure ; lo beg earnestly, beseech, entreal, iinplorc, 
supplicate (a person t/tni . , or to do someth ingV 
'IXS 4 * Chyon, :i8<juJ 447 IIv obi<\i.'.‘d (J. . 

t(.d and prayed him llu'.l hu v.uuld . . scud !;uiiiv uiic. 1637 


I KrriiKRFOKn J etL (1862) I. 341;, IlKScech and you in 
' the Lord to make conscience of mid iM-vsioiialo oaths. 

■ 17*5 I'oi'E (hiJ'jj. XII. 43(1 'lluis ohtc.s(iiiK h'*av'n I moufn'd 
: aloud. 1819 Scot I /.r^. ihrf''//^rur xviji, .Several other Chiefs 

. .(onjiiied and iibie.stcd their ChRTt.iin to leave them .. lo 

■ the ii'.idingof Ardenwhr and Auchenbrfck. 0x847 hhw'VEV 
, N.imck AVA Con\ (1879) 63 T«f obtest you fo sccrccy by 

every form of conjuration. 

\ b. 'J'o 1)cg earnestly for, beseech, cntrcat| im- 
i phive (a thing). Obs. rate. 

*577 niiurooKU I>h :Va** (i?4.;j f?, I huinUic uhtesi your 
' fiicndlic countenance. 1697 Dhyijcn j‘Km:d m. 1^1 Now 
; .simpliaiits . , ( )b( Iiis clemency. 

2. To call (the JXdly, etc.) to witne.w; lo appeal ! 
j to in confirmation of a statement, rare. 

1651 rufjc.*! A tt." /h'jk/. 1 may safely oiliest the highvsf. 

. i76x-a Hi MC fiist. Kug, fi6o6) IV. lix. 420 H« oblestcd 
. heaven and caith that his dcwiied attai.-hinvni to the jiarlia* ■' 
j iiii'Mt had rendered him so odious in the army, that Ictc ).^ | 

I 3 . or</^y^/.,or\vilh dependeiitclauiic: a. To ; 
I make enrncsl supplication or entreaty; b. To call 
licaven to wilnes*;, lo protest. 

; 1650 li.vxii.R Stfhtts' tC. u. iii. (ifoj) 6^6 11c in vain oh- 

; tested with thciii, that till;)’ should lakt: iti 2 i>m 1 jiart, what^ 

; was dclivi;n;«l with a giXHl iiilcntiim. 1665 Masi.i.v liVi'//ir.v' 
J.Ohi l.\ it it/ii’A {hjj She olucstud, that tmuig a Woman, and • 
M ln'tli by ami l‘‘i>iLuijy, cAoinpi fr*'iii ir.»ublcN, and as j 
.skc lii.r :,cIflicHcvid,tiiaiiitaiiiiMK no false ()piiiion {etc. J. 1667 ; 
; Wah.hiiocnk / Wt* /.<W. 17; WhoM-. primitive K('f<*Miicrs.. . 

if they Cuiilil he raised up now to hear them, wmild rdiicst 
; U'-Tainsl them. xya5 l\.ri: f>iYvj:.v. \\ 11. 261 l^^nlu»‘lls heav'd • 

I IlishantiM.ibO-.-iiiiy’:. 1836 J- R- Li*.sr /bw#' J V*i. /VrtWiva;, . 

I ilclct.1, or uhii M^ a^.iin.'tt all l•cVl:.lal^Jn>. 1837 Cari vi.i. | 
j J'r.. Ri::'. 111. \ii. v, Deputies, pulling forth head, obicv.r, ; 
. f.-oiijurt*. I 

llciioe Obto'uting///. r;. i 

* 1597 J. Kind On yonas ig \\ h.mi he had. .chidden, : 

'• with h.«i faih'*rly a spirit, and such i.hic.^ting proic'-talioiis. • 

■ 1837 (‘AiDvn I'r. Rev. III. \ti. v, ObUtsLing Dep3iiii.'s j 


+ Obtestate, V. Obs. m.w [f. PI>1. stem of L. , 

vkestiirt see prcc.] « prcc. j 

1613 R. C.vwnui v 7V»A/4’ (td. -i\ hiinibl\ 

i to be.-.4«! li, or lo tall lo wilatvsv. 1631 Vn-\k.S Ir. I’irg;t ; 
; IV. lo) Reauic to ilic. the (.h.nls she*;4, j 

Obtestation (/'bu-Hh?!-/!!!), [.id. | 

■ 1'///, n. of .ict ion from <7/Y/.v*/r/n to Obtest : cf. ()!*', ! 
j obUsUUwa (irtli c. in iiodek'.] I’he aclio/i or an 

act of oblc.siing. 

1. A ciiaigitig or beseeching by feoruc sacred name ; j 

.solemn adjuration, entreaty, or supplicalh>n. ! 

I53X Ki-Yot (toT.. II. xii. With wliii.hc wonlcs, obtcsiaiii>ii>, • 
.'uiii te.trf->. . . 'i ii ns con.strayncd . . brought furthc u ilh yri .tt , 
diiikultio his wordcs in iliis wyst, x575'85 Ahi». .Sim.v.s i 
(1341 ) yj 'I In- ajwMlo, . , with .v m,»si \< liiMni*Mt {-pnil, ; 
:iud mor.t Mirn»r;.i iibto.s«atioii, doth In ie lAhort the Philip- 1 
plauN #1x677 Senu. 7 i. Wks. 1671 ill. s ! 

, l!y w.'iy of fidjuiation or oblcst.'iliori. 1705 hiiANJitirK 
rtit'a/*hr. II. j j 7 Oh.-;or\u .. ihcir doleful Accents and Ob- .. 
tcstail-uis and . . leant .. at to )>cg, .ind how lo .1 j 
J*;inl.ui. 1850 Mi;hi‘At.L Kottt. A*.v//. (tu'.*5' VI. xlvH. 13 • 
I lu* g.'ujkr.s . . consigned Itheiiil, in .spite of their cries and ; 
oliiv.slaiions, to ilw liuud.'i of thij e-xccutioiitr. j 

2. The aciion of calling (the Deity, etc.) to wit- : 

HC85 ; a s.deinn appeal or as.sCYer.atioii in confiima- | 
t ion of a statement; prolci^tation. j 

n 1555 Riwi.KY Wks. (IVukcr Soc.'» S4 Note wliai .1 sulftiun *. 
olitcsiuiioii .iknl u.M-.ih. 1389 Pc ni.siiA.M / rti;. tWsie in. ■ 
.\i\. f Arb.) 22t Hy wayuf .. «.h!iv.tation or taking flod find ; 
llic uiuld lo witnes. 1678 Cri'WOKiii Infell. Syst. i. iv. ■ 
g 14. vt'i ‘ 1^111 of <Jb!«';.Ufion Jupiter and tin; 

I bids. 18x4 .St <rrr A'j»y., Pranta (1874) . 14 1’ r«[iKriit pr-jiyers 1 
:mcl ^.lbtt^t.■lti.lus of the Dciiy. 1837 C.’vai vu' I'r, AVz-. II. 

; L viii, They made oafli and obte.slatiun lo stand fidthfully ; 
by one .vnofher. 

t Obto’xod, ///. ^7. Obs. rare'^^\ [(. L. obux- 1 
ere to weave over.] 

1633 Om;ki.|{;VM, (.V-.v.ivr/, Avcaiied. ! 

Obtick, obs. form of I Irrie. ; 

t ObtO'rtion. Obs. rare, [ad. 1.. obtvrtidii ef/t, \ 
' n. of action irom okonjtte-re to twist awry, f. ob ■ 
()b- 1 b; + tpr.juPre to twist.] A twisting, dis- i 
. lorlion, wresting, perversion. ! 

, |»i*. IIvLi. J'irp. Revet. / >>rrv#t/t//, ';c strange \ 

I r.bforiions of soui*; p.u’lii'.iilai propheeiM to private interc.As. j 

+'Obtra*ctuous, <!• O^jf. [l’>roncously ! 

i f. L, obtrtiitUu-s, f. (fbtnrtiTre: sec next and -Ol'B.J j 
i Slanderous, calumnious. j 

*537 i'» 'V. 11. Tunicr .SeM. Rec. O-t/uni 141 (HeJ M:id, j 
How s»:y you, *:) r5? with words. i 

tObtre'Ct, i'- Obs. 2\lso obtroot. [juI. J.. 
cb/nyfiire to disparage, detract from, f. ob ^Oit- 
! I b) + /A/#/t7Vr to drag, haul.] /t'a/d-. To detract 
j from ; to tlisparage, decry. 

1596 J. Tmcsski.i. /V#y' Poem in Tri. Peifibt 

\ .Sit h then the n oi ke is worlhte of yout \ kw, Obtract not him ' 
= which for your gcrtwl it pend. x6xa 'I'. Tayi-or Comm. T/tns 
I iii. J When iiwn will .vpi^kc their pleasure of mm absent, 

! f..btrc< liruj and dyiTadiuij from them. 1617 Middleton 
[ Kii.^ i.Kv /'Vt/> t>. IV. i, Thou dost ohtrcv.t my flesh and blood. 

t Obtrecta*tion. Obs. Also -tract-, [ad, L. 

! obtreetatibn etn, n. of action from obttvefPtre \ sec 
j prcc. Cf. F. ohlrcdation (i4iU c. in Goflcf. -.] 
j Detiaction, disparagement, slander, calumny. 

1563 83 I 'oxE .4. 4 M. Og.j/x Clutrging also lh«! Prclales 
ufid rrlv'.t'. f.;r their >.l.indiou.soblrcrt;Uioiis, .'ind vndeseriied 
t6c8 WiiLKT //<.’.rrt/A» Exod. 41B Priiiit 
daiiiulcrii!'^, find obtrcctatinn of them that air. alisent. x^m 
; PioT Oytk'xUh. .-i.t ll.ydiale] dcfriided it ai^ainst the 
! c'liuactaiiuiM of Josvph .Scaligvr. 1700 Asito; Ir, AVtawt/r a- i 


Eaxardo I. 203 Obtrrclatioii is a aigii of Liberty in a Com- 

i O'btrectator. Ohs. [a. L. agent- 

n. f. ohtre<tdre\ see Obthbot. Cf. F. obtreefaUur 
(iglh e. in (lodef.),] A traduccr, detractor. 

1433-50 tr. Itigden (Rolls) III. 255 The grete PompuiiLS .. 
was not ))«’rseuerantu for drevie of obtrcctatoras \metu ob. 
ii\\iaUirnrn\. <xt67oHACKET Atp. IVitiinms y (169a) 95 
Sonic were . . a gre^tt deal more laboriou.s in their cure than 
their ubtrei . rate Its. x6ra L. Addison i %t St. Mahuniedism 
B; 'I'lial they be no oDtrcc(ator.s, or given lo Calumny and 

tObtre'Otor. Obs.rare -K [For i7/i/*rr/#rr, f. 
t)nTfiEr.T' 77. , the .suffix being assimilated to the I.. 
-or of agent-nouns, as in eorreetor^ prec, 

1563-83 Fox I- A. Jy Af. yyt/’^ They a.s wicktxl ton- 
ft-di-ra tours wcie. .riblroYD'>ms of hys worthy laud and fame. 

Obtriaagular (I’bitraiise-ngi/^lai), a. JVat. 
Jlist. [( )B- a.] Triangular in form, with the ajx-x 
downwards, or at the base of the or jjart. 

X826 Kikuv & Sr. Eniomol, 1 1 1 . .xxxii, 324 The fourth joint 
is viM-y lar^c and ohtriiingukir. 

Obtrigonal (Fbtri'g 6 nu 1 ),n. Xat.Iiist. [On- 
2.] » prcc. Also Obtri'gonato a. 

xofo tk .Sam<» Entomoi. C ompend, Opatriim .. 

lua.viTlavy palpi wiih their last joint iibtiii^^^iale. 1856 8 
W. ( ’i.AKK l\tn di i' I ! Oi'virnx Zool. I. AiiieiiAu: moderate, 
thiid Jidiit .. ol>trit>niial. fb/d, 672 Shull oblong, oval or 
obti h;onal. 

tObtri'tO, a. Obs. mre’"^, [ail.]., ohlrifas, 

I'a, fiple. of obterPre to bruise, cnish.] Worn, 
bruised; trodden undcTfootGUount Glos.\o.:r. 1656'.'. 
llencc + Obtri'tiou, * a,brui&ing, or weaiing a^ay 
against anything’ (i^itillips, ifisiS). 

Obtrude lj>btr//’d^, 7 ,». [ad. 1 .. (ibtrfi^-Pre, (. ob- 

(f)u- I b I + tnldPre to thriisl.J 

1 . turns. 'I'o ihiiibl forth; to eject, out. 
.\ls') refi. 

16x3 k. CawiiUE-Y Tnbie Atph iVd. Obtrude, ihnr-l 
with \l*)lt*iK*c. 1648 Kam. Rcii,*mj in uM Rip. I'tsf. 
Af.SS. Comm, App. \. { KruMJiis why I ought not Di li« t*b* 
Iriulvd from luy house at llclvoir. 1764 1 )i:nn in ZV;//. 

LIV\ n;-;, 1 ihoM'.;ht I :i link* dull irc-niiilous vihiiiiiun 
obtiiiiir iisclf r-n die liiiOi iT lh».* .'<iinH 18x3 Examiner 
15 fie .. ripi>ed him aitd the lj-.)Wik dI>- 
triu!! d*-,. 

2. 'To ihrpst forward Gncibly tir uuduly ; to thrust 
(a matter, a iierson, his jircsemc, etc./ upon any 
one. Const, on. upon, info (f/p, 

1*1555 llA'D'snri.D PiiiOi't' tlen, I'JH ((^smiden) 86 To 
D'jri.t Muh rUruiilli.-iiS ipt hv wise iiicsi have Uren 
drlivercd iint4i ii--, and to •■Juniik* to us other, p.irtly tlicir 
i..'.vii. D xtta 11 . S.uriH U’/.-y. ii-VO'/) II. As for ilu’lr lr.i- 
dbioris, whicli diry aui'U'l pii>v.-, bill ubniule ipilo ii.s ivhh- 
(lilt trslimouy (»!' Si‘iipliirt.s, let us loiilem.'i iheiu. 1654 
TinxMii.M-f. Just I'lnd. i. fiWi!) 2 Tv» auvnipi .. to iililrude 
.'lUy foiTcin JiiiiMlirtitiii upon us. a i66x 1 ri.r.t k HWth.'eA 
(i'‘J4'*.) J, /»3 ;\ iijan of low liirth and high pride, ubtriKk-d on 
lht the kiuji for their s< ii»-.r:il. 1791 Faim'. Rights 0/ 
Man (vil. 4) 7g Who, then, ait thou, .. iliat obrriuk-‘.it ihwc 
iusigiiific.’iiK.t; betw’ccn the sOid of man and ii.s M.Yk:cM ? 1^0 
l iiim.wAi.i. VII. Ivi. ii'j AdvUir viAs. ohlrudeti on liim, 

X876 H<’ii.i.\nd .Vi7*. (Mbx x\ii. 2:,? .She u.sked Mr. Malfour if 
she could have the libcity to>>btrudc .1 niiilier of biisintiss 
upon Iiiiii, 1878 (’•i.ADMX'.sT Prim. Homer xiii, 14 j With 

I tt>nu:r lilt! maker's mark never obtrudes the maker, or places 
him between the reader and the tliciiie, 

b. refl. 

1754 IvDv.sKDS P'recd. It'/it iv. vii. 743 .\ Divcrdiy and 
Order of distinct R.rris..dMC» ;u. n.'ituraliy ubirude itself on 
iMir Iiiiaprinaiioti, in one (.'a>e as the other. 1817 PaH. .Deb. 
756 Mr. Tilake .said, it w.ts with iiuich diffidence he obtruded 
ijliii.'iclf a4;aiii iipun the aileiiiioii ofihr House. 1847 Man- 
Ki-.i.i. .bW. Rit. 111 . 86 ftoie, Siibordin.’Ue officials, who., 
obiriideri ihiMuselvcs into matters iHiyond their office. 

c. iutr. i^for ;r//.). 'To be or become oblnwive; 
to intrude, force oneself. 

*579 FtisroN (rnircbird. 1. (1599) 7 To rt'iuembcr .. with 
what wrongs and iniiiiks the fainilie of .Ar.Ygou had ob- 
truded upon his father, xt^ G. !!. //«/. Cardinals 111. i. 
2,42 With Ills instances .and iiiiporciinity, h« sccm'il in .some 
tiie^isiire lo ohlrudc upon ihcColh’dgi*. n 1745 SwieT //, 
Lett. 1768 IV. 260 Kither by’ not thinking of religion at 
(ill ; or, if it will ohlrude, by pulling it nut of cotintenaMce. 
1844 K. H. D.\s.\ Changes *>/ Homo \li\. little farther ! 
Let us not obtrude Upon her sorrows’ holy solitude. 

ITcucc Obtru'dod ///. r/., Obtrirding tV;/. sb, 

1649 Mu.ton Eikon. XV. Wks. (1651) 431 The greatest pw. 
of Frolestants were against him and his obtruded settlement. 
1659 . Uh W.xi.iiiN Comid. Considered 152 Here Is no oV 

I I tilling of any Variou.s Kc.’^iling out of a MS, wliich is not. 
1B79 K.Mit'A» St. Paul (28631 1 11 Hi: could crush by passion 
and energy stuh ublrwling fattcies. 

Obtra'der. [f. prec. + -erI.] One who ob* 
trudes or thrusts forwanl in an importunate or 
unwelcome manner. 

1638 PchH. Co*^. vii. (X637) 344 Hath cnnvcil the bukic 
obtruderH thereof to be su&pec:le.t.l. 1664 H. More. Mysi. 
Iniq, i. 3 They are 'I'eauhers, Abettor**; or Obtruders of such 
practices or principles upon [irrtencc of Religion. 1879 
T. P. O’Connor Ed. Rentons/ieid 107 The rude and calcu- 
lating obtriider of .self fotcus you lo las w ishes. 

OHm’ncate, ///. a, [ad. L. obtruueAPm, 
pa. pple. of ohtrunedre ; sec next.} Cut short. 

1805 London Criys 34 Tho.'^ft props, on whirh the kiit-cs 
«•l•lruncate .stand, 'Jliat Crutch ill-wicldcd in the widow'd 

Obtruncate OihtrD'Qkritj, s:'. [f. jipl. stem of* 
L. ohtrunedre lo cut off, hip away, f. oh- (Ob- j h, 
tnuudn to cut off, maim.] traus. To cut or 




]iip o(r the head or top of; to top, decapit.'iie. 
Iliiicc 01>tra‘ne»t«d //>/. a,, Obtvunmtlon. 

i 6 b 3 CVk:KF.«am, Ofifritma/ff tii cut off onp«t Iiv.kI, /)/•- 
a f.ntliu*» off. 1657 Tomi insos /\€n,'u's / V.i/, 
Tlic Kftiule lyipcrj satiaicd with jjIt iiMiiv oliirunoaii'S 
flu: male. 176a .'^TiKNr 7 'r. S/utut/y V. iii, llif.* 
uy rutiiM of tluan alt . lias I' tst its apex, anil si aiids nlii ninrau <1 
III the travcllrr's hori/^.ii. 1863 r'fitr (V./ 

fiome I. Rii.slic idmirs. .pontlcrou.ily lashiMiio;] out of tiic 
sluinp‘< of ulitriin(.:it<:(.l irvCs, 

« 0 *btnillCa:tor. rare. [Ay;ent-n. in I... form 
from L. ohtnnicare\ ste prec.J One who cuts off. 

/11M4 Laniiok in Athi-mfuiN (iBStO Nov. 707/4 Tlic 
Knj;lish Kill);.. obtrunen tor of r;oiijtiji{al bra*!'-. 

Obtrusion (f, L. ohfnlxiCm-effi^ 

n. of action f. oMrftd^rc lo Obthuje.] The action 
of ohtrnrlin^;. 

1 . The forcible piishmj; or thrusliri" (of nnythinj;} 
into any space 01 place, or aj^aiiist anything; cl.-;e. 

18^7 I.EWK.s //tsf. 11. ^'2 .Stiimilalcil into 

motion by ilia ubtrii.^ions of sufiouniiinc; li<')ilio.-«. 1875 

Kini::i.ake Crinwa W i. 11877)225 IjpraiuJi's olitrusiou oT 
tr<ii>pK in tbc diicclioii of the. . iloiahis, ^ 

2 . The ill! port unnte obti'inlipj^ur thrusting; of some 
one or Romt:lhiii|» upt n one, or upon one’s alien- 
lion) ; also^wc/*. soniflliin^ thus thrust upon one. 

1641 * .S.MtfrvMsrn.'i* vii. 06si) 14 'the OhtMi>*.i</n 

Ilf ii n|iii;i ihe ('.'Inin li uf ATc^\.m>.h'i.i wilboiil the., 

vote of tlic Clci^Ic or Pooi'lc i.‘. (.'■'<niiciiiiieil by .Xili.aiiusiu'i. 
1649 Mii.ttin /•. 7 A-i«. \Vli';. i.^sii ^17 TJiiVic Aiidml jind 

merciless obtrusiijiis which for .Tlinn.‘.t twenty yean n hr; liail 
hill foiciiii; upon iitiidt.r l•l>ll.^l. i^■.lll.:t•. by ail .sort.s of Pci seen- 
li'ui. 1751 loiisv.f'N* KawHi'r N'». 1.14 y 7 1)isuiibt'il li> ihv 
ohli ii.sinn \4 new iiii;:!.*:. 1865 4 XI. I'ho 

obiru-^ioii of (opic.-i uiioii per.Hon.<i not r>>nvor.-.'tiii uiili 
pi ofc.isional tochniailii ies. 

b, 'I’he forcing of oneself or one’s coiTip.any 
upon .any one. 

*579 Fpn'TO^ /»;//*■. /.n*/. vvt. 113^ ,) 7f'3 lie \v:is .it last 
uiailo F^opo . noiwi‘h>taiiiliiii? the many nliirusli'iii ;iiitt 
emiil.'ition.<i nf the iix.'.i.'iui r'Kuii Carc.liiuils. 1834 (J. i t 
//•'.» W. .V. ,V. II. ' iii, On the approai h i-f , or on 

ih>? ..-htriisiun of srianiicr.s. 1858 Huoi.J fJ/cShiMiy II. h f 
T here was no iriJ of oUnision : the intni^-ioii is not 
.^tion;; ciioii);h. 

Obtrusive 'fbtriv siv'', rtf, [f. I.. cfitnlx-^ Pill, 

sti-m of okrtaiere lo Obtri de + -i\ E.] 

1. i‘rojeoling so .ns to be in the way. ^ 

1841 T. M.uni.a* My Xaintsiuke in /'rairr's I>or. , 
ih'tiji went my li.'iiinch :i>;:un:»t an ol<ti'U:'.ive .irii;h.‘e'f luy bed. 

2. Characleiizal by k-ivibly Ihi listing (oneself, 
one's opinions, clc.) into nolice or prominence; 
forwiird; luidiily prominent. * 

1867 Mn.Ti'N /’. /..\ni. 5;'.| Not obvKiUi, iv't obtMi‘ivc, 
but xiitir'd, The mure Jo.sii.'tt«!e. 1798 MAi,riu.s yV/w/. 
(1817) II. «4fi Muiimii tri>(it.ulions appeiir to lie, ami . ulten 
nrftj the obvious And oblm.-ivn iviU' ci of iiuicb inii-chu f to 
fiocicty. 1840 .M OfoM / 47/1 'IFic it'ldoni 

(•bliusive, but a donriii-ui la oue will brii.^ M‘vci'.'il upon 
yi ii. 187B .Mimo frow J. if. 11, i, 2J7 An obiruNivc 
projipsy.ioii of his f.i.ih, 

Obtrusively i^btr«*siv!i), udv, [f. prcc. + 

-LY 2 . j In an oTitrudve in.nincr ; so a.s to obtrude, 
i8i8in Wliisti-r. 1849 Macotay Mixf. f:»^. II. 6.irt 
His advice was never .'iskcd, and, wben obirirdvcly and 
iinportuimtcly |■•ffeIl‘^!, wa.s coldly rocolvcd. 1853 Ihios 1 1-; 
I'iUi'ftt vii, One or two >;enlU-inen gl.aiio.d at me r-ct^a- 
sion.tlly, but noiii^ starr-il obtrusively. 1875 Cornh. 

Ju'i. 73 The * Visi.)ii of .Sir l.; is purhapi liilhor luo 
chtrusi vciy diduci ic. 

Obtrusivenoas iVbtr /7 sivnrs }. [f. as prec. H 
-.NK« 3. 1 T'he quality of be ing obtrusive, 

*8*5 /. Nt*f. lira, ypn.athan II. 142 RcliKiou, or Iruili 
could never :ipjnMr, without a look of alrsiinlity ..or obiiii- 
sivfuess, t863 W ooi.NEW ?tTy Ht'nuii/tii f tuiy x\} Wo llirrad 
.1 copse wlioie rrr*i(ui‘nt br.\mblcs'.‘-pvay With loose obfru.tivo- 
iics.s from side roots r-lijiv. 1881 Aih%:u:fum si May 
He auupl.iiii.'; nf. .the i.ih!n;sivcnc.w of the naiix'es, and 
more cspcci.Hlly of the wornen- 

t Obtume*scence. Oh. rare-\ [r. L. oh- f 

iumrsc-^re to swell up: sec -encf..] A swelling up; 
swtdleii Condition. 

*657 Tomi.insom Ren 9 M*s /-*/*/. '-tj^ It abiUcii its duriiy and 

Obtund U^btvnd), V. [ad. L. ohfunti-t're to 
against, blunt, dull, f. oh i,On- i \y) ■¥ fiord\c 
tgi^ear. Cf. obs. F. obtondre^ ’iniidre ui 1 500 in 
Godef.).] tmns. To blunt, dea<leii, duli, rlepiive 
of sliarpncsfi or vigour, render obtuse (the scn.-ics 
or faculties, physical qu.alitics of things, etc.), 
Ghietly in nicilicnl use. 

C 1400 LaH/rwi('xCirNr^. B j Coble hingis wtiicbe . . t^btuiideri 
or i7a.\ton hath i>e si harpnes of he same vlt-«3. 1471 Rii' 
fVw/. AUh. Pref. in Adim. (i6f,3) 121 Who.'JC Lutuinos r'cims 
ohtundyih our speculation. i6ao V’ilvni r / V.i Recfa viii. 164 
Noiliing..tK)th greatly obtunde and ue.ikcn the nntiue 
iieate. .asafastulious rqJnc.A.*)Ct>f th«%toii\acke. 1864 H. Morie 
passage, if there been any force in 
Inc former, docs i]iiiie obtund it. 1710 'I\ Kui Pkantu 
/!..r/i:w/. 36 Cruyfi-sh, Crabs and f.o1)bters obtund the 
aciduy of Vinegar it self, tyso Jimin.som Ratnbler No, 78 
^ 4 No man can at pleasure ubtuiid or Invigorate his MrtisON. 
tfi8j6 0* M Ntqpi.^ Stajj^e Wk.A. (1837) ico The 
moral scnsihihty of the character is . .obtunded. 1871 Comkn 
i)ts. T^hrvat 27* The sense of smell is ohiunded. 

+ b. 1 o deaf«n, din (the eaw). Oh, rare. 

1645 (see pen smiNo WowL i 6 H'htoTTnc.\ Rahehis v. 
(17,17) * 3 * I '1 not *0" W'ftny verbs elfuml, Kor W'ilh our IlK 
your Auricles obliind. 

lienee Obtu'ndlng ///,«., dcudeniiig, deafenings 

I 1845 Mii.tom f'o/Vny. Wks. (ii5i) :*c t John-.i-Noriks and « 
I Jobn-a-Stilfs. . h.avr fill'd niir l.:i A-biir.|,s wiih ibc obtiuidiiii; 
j •il.oiy of tlikir suits iwid liiiiK. .*“ 4 . Ir. J'.onvt's Mtr. 
j Ciwipif. 111. wS 'like Heiiil-biirii. .1^ raibc.r |ii !‘i? corrci.tcil 
with wbtuiidiiu; ami altrnilive .Meiiiiriin-s. 189$ 
j 1 1/6 Obtuiiding or aiiavstheuc pri.»j)i riii-s. ; 

; Obtundent >pbt/vijdcnt), <7. and J A Mof. [.'ll!. ' 

I I., vhfuvdeitf'-t'vt^ j-r. pple. of ohfitndffre to Outi’mi.] ! 
I a. adj. Having the property of dulling sciisihiliiy. : 
i b, sh. A subM.aiice usc<i to dull sciisibilily or .illay 

■ irritation ; a demulcent. 

i 1 *753 (-■•• t 'jrf. .w#//., Ohliauhstia . .1 v.'-r l u*.i-d |,y ; 

siinic aiitli'iis lo f!.v|.ir»*vs such iTi<-dii.ii]i-<( n ; an.* ,ii' <-n ti) '■ 
fihtund, f>r cduli.fir.'xfc the ai iimony of the humois.j 1842 
l;EA>hu-: /Vt/. .V, /., At.., OhtUKdevts^'i-iiiniis, -uly anil 
•>;hi r bl.iiid mciiiiiius, .siippc.Krul ti> ^hcail.o paii-. fr..i;i : 

■ :ii:runrjuy, and lo bliiiit tluit of rort-.iin inorbid '^ii.ns, 
>864 W !■ iis I KR ciltr.s Funsvi ii. 1891 Crnt. Dirf., t ^hfutuh nfy \ 

' 1. it. Dnlliiig ; bluntiii/. 

I Obtu*rant, // 7 . rt. /A.-. Oh. rare. [:i. F. . 
oh/ttatfi/, pr. pplc. t'f oidit/er, rid. 1.. ohturdu lo = 
slop up.] Slopping, closing, ((’oust, n.s pplc.) 

I57» 15 ossi:wm.i. Aipu.** !,' ii. fj * b, 'I be licM is (Iiiltts, ;iii 
i iibturnul I'.cr d'ftr. 

tObtU’rate, ir. 0 /-i. /WA [ad. I.. 

' p.i. of oh/if rare: nrxt.J Slopped up; * 


^1580 / 7 o'//>r If //;«.: ill .Sl-rlftin'i II (i.-jd I. p. <.••^1, 

t ) pi.M't i:iie iiiid rfi.t.:.t. .fjbtu-ci| .\rid oblur:i!^-, 1 il>uu!i.>), 

Obturate pbilu-’ , zt. [f. ]>pi. stem 

of I .. ohturdre lo .sb ip up, in K. vh/tn* /'.] /rans. To 
, slop iq 1, close, obstruct. 1 1 ciicc Obturated///, a . ; 

• Obturating ///. a. (./tv. in Gmn:eiy\ see 0 »i- 
. 'J TMATOII 2 b). 

1657 l’“'0 iNSfN AVam.'i*.; /*/./. I:i a..P«'.c*:i.i \\i;ll 
I ol'iiiiatc-d, Uiiibiiv;f iu;:y 1736 Avvvsn in 

; yVfiA.1. XXXFX. 3 As olt ;r-. ibU. . Pin ..did not 
! nbiiirat*.* ihc .Yptiiurt*. 1859 Kaki-.mi /v.V.i/i lirntc 
j Ills i:.'*is wric so fiblur.iled with xanity. 1878 tr. / .»• 

i Ciu. Pathid. iijv Tbc canals traxci sing tlic ilifOiiii «•.. ir. 

' vMabli'-h the cirail.'tti'fii tliMUch the f»!iiur.-itcd virir.. 1884 ' 

; S. V. P-KNi. i’ In Rrp. Chic/oJ Ordnanie i.-' .t Vm.h Tire-: 

] fnirts of £ui ol/tiiiating ptiiiUT have been Ri.aiud.v.-turMl ; 

]! !y at ibc Fr.iiikr'iit arsenal. 

i Obturation {'pbliu<»!ri-J.Ei). [,nl.T,. obtfudtiw.- 

■ rw, n. of jiUiori from oht indie to stop iqi ; cf, F. 

; oNif ration <15-1/11 he. iu ll.'itr.-Darm.).] The 

neiioii of slt/pping up; ob.sltuclioii of an opening 
' or channel ; spr. in Gunneny (cf. next, 2 l>', 

J x6fO Mx'th. l*hy:.i,k nr. xwviii, (o'?;) iCz 

; Ab.jut the hcgiiiuirigorohluratiuMH'id stfppiufc, the uiliici-. 

.. little in ({iMUtity. i6ix Cuica., At/:a/r,<st\ !>!iiiduv>so 
caused by ihc ijhtur;ui>i;i of llic t.)ptii.Fc sinew. 1634 
Up. Hai f.. Conft'M/L. A. P. iv. ii, Si/iiU! arc draf by an c.i.t- 
; ward 011011.1(11)0. 1880 /If/’/r 'itl. 31 Dec. 2/6 T(.« sralli!,; 

• Ilf tb»? bretv. h, or obturation, ris ii is calb'il, is ciUVricd by an 
cvyiaiidins; s-lccl vap -..Ji the face 01 ihc r.icvf.h--i;r< w. 

Obturator P*hliii«rr‘l,)j). [a. med. I.. r»///r7v.’A»;-, 

; .ageiii-n. ironi sccprcc.; \\\)e .ohiurati'nr 

. ((■ 1550 iff Parc;.] .Soiiiclhiug that stops up. . 

i 1. Anatu (almost always ai/rib.\ X.ame of a i 
' membrane (obturator itiembraDe, or obturator 
j ligament) which closes ibc thyroid foramen ; 

; applied also to structures connected \xitli thi?, .is 
I Obturator artery* a Fir;inrb of the iiiterrial iliac ;ir(. ry, 
i '•upplyiiiu lb»-'- .ibiur-'itiir yiul cilicr iiiumIcs of the (lu.giij 
' oblurutur canal, a runncl-i^haiR-d oiu-uin^ in (hKii't)iiir..|ijr 
; nifiiibriii)i:, tbrou^h vbich the if!>liiralor vi.-.smI.s and nenrs 
' obturator foramen, rmoibir imnic f..r the Hiyi .iid 

I roi .Allien, a large .v|H.-i.ii)g i.i ibc oi iiiiioininatuni, rviT<'’-v!it- 
I iiig tin.* divisio.'i h(.twecii the isi baiiuarid pubis; obturator 
musclcE, l«o musi.lirs f.*, ri /Tf7i/.j- and p. inft runs'. >crvii,;T 
. fur iiilatiori and other nviwnii ut*; of ih« ibi;.:)! ; obturator 
, nerve, :i ))r;un.h of the lumb:ir plexus, liaving twists dis- ' 
liibulLil t > till! Iii;i And kiirc j«iirjts and v;ir\oc> ruc-dcs of 
j the thigh ; obturator vein, a br.Anrii of the intf tun! iliac 
vv.!n, aci.'ompauyiiig the <-.bri.ralor .Artery. 

17x7 41 C’hamrp:i'S f ’.V.if-rtA'r, ill jirot-uriy, u name 

' givni f;) two musijlcx oVihc thigh . .covering up the firanv n 
i-.r jijK'rturf? brtwn-n the os pidni and ih**. Fiip-!*wiie. 1741 
i Mo\ko . hiitf. XttTVs (cd. 3) 211 The obtuialwr .Nlusi its. 

1753 Ch \MTims Cyil. Snpp,. Otfurafrr ix «»r.e of ’ 

' tliC proper lig.iniciit.s of the ossa ii.noininata. ui.d tills up the ' 

! great forunen ova!«*. 18*7 Ahkh.s* i iiv.V.vfv- H bf. 1 1. 21'i The ' 
anterior 1 1 ur;d and ohturatnr r.ei \ es. 184. F.. WlISOV.-/ Mil/. 1 
/ ~ade .»/. (cd. 2' 1 10 The Obliirjilt-r ligament nr Membrane i-i ! 

• a t(:Mdini>fil>r..U'« Menibi.Ar.« Mifuhecl aero*;; tbe <d>iiiraii>r ' 

‘ fiir Amcn. 187a ITvMriiKY Myotofiy io I he internal obiur.Aioi', 

2 . .All artificial device for slopping an opening; ' 

; ./rv. a. A plate or other contrivance for ■ 

closing on opening of the body, csp. an ahnoinml 
oi-XJiiiiig, as in cleft palate, b. Gnnnay. A cap, ; 
pad, ur the like, usetl for preventing the escape of : 
gas llirougli ,1 joint or hole, esp. through the 
I breech of a cannon in firing ; a gas-chrek. c. A . 

! shutter of a photographic camera. AUo ailrih. ■ 
1B78 'Profi.t. Ctjnit trl SiK\ IX. 175 Mr. Sewill . .iii.Adc for I 
' me an obtuiator a* roi-iling to the follow iiig plan .small j 
I plate was made to accurately fit the roof nf the mouth (etc. |. . 

; .. Immcvliatt'ly ,Af(< r the obitiraior wa.n applied, tin: patient | 

I fOuM articuI.Atc the Iclleis s :iiid .5 to iKTfedion - s^iwnd.s ; 

; which she wax quite uiinblr to make I'cforc. 1887 /•>//. 
i yrft/. PhniiY- ^4 June 3'>9/i A new obturator or irictant.i- ; 

' ncou^ .shmrrr, 1891 {.ent. Oirt. .s.v., llnvulwell line, a j 
! Freins (.obturator, a De r.ancc obturator, or an Armstr n>T j 
j i;a.^*chcck. 1894 Times loOvi. 5/1 'Iho Chinese le.xdviwl j 
J the severest punishmcnl while . . .xlm^gliii^' . . to replace 
I obturator rinjgs. 

ObtUTatory, rtt, v.;;# . U- .'Is jirn:. : -ory.J 

Scivilig to cUise or sti']> up. -j {fb/n, .r^v r 
obturafOf mnff/r i: xi.*e ikrtA*. 1. 

I7»9t .'/’VO i;-j . , J //,■/■/, /I w.r .W.-,/ .1 . 1. J ( .Jvi.r.i, ■,/ • 

soiiir ..( iln.M ili.ii b..i>d ihc Ihiidi. 

-I'ObtUTb, 7'. [nil I.. • 

to in.AKc turbid.] ■ Stc qnot. » -j- Obtiiilurtion 

[1.. ohlurhil/id]. 

i6*3 (:. I , tionble. ' VO'» 


Obturbinate(rld.r.i!iin.''i'-,rt'. .\;//. ///../. [oti- 

2.] InvcrM.iy luibinatr; h.iviii'.r the foim of a top 
with the peg upwnids. .Also Oblu rblnated a. 

1857 Mavnk /■'.t/no. / j'»*. 7^7/ 1 Of'fnr':Mft i/. 1891 

.Sf»r. y.«M , 

Obtusangular [■hti//src'i}gi/Huj , a. s<>\\ 

rare ot Oh. [f. L. oidds uj Oini .sk 4 - An«;i.t..vii.] 
= (Udnxi- see t iiTi >f a. 5. Also | ObtUB- 

a'ngulous a. Oh. 

t68o r. ].X '.vs.'-iN Xi\\^ if!:,} fyi'.ts. Ti-niis i f ibi-. .Aii, 
.. ke-..lmi,;ii!(n;.:, (ibliij''jiv.l-'.ii*:, ( 1705 
rmr.i i);<. i ti.^ttni^u/nr. 1732 Iii ;:kiii v AU';f>!tr. Cfi. § r 
Jii.ingks .. ri:«: ib-.!.»;iiiir mcil . r»i iir^;i!r,;i;!ai, :ii , 

f i f .1 Oiiicidnr. i8s6 Kirrvri M-. IIJ, .xs.w. s/o 

A li;iTi A»;j‘i-. (d.tii-.’tr.guhir bai.iJ. 

Obtuse a. [ad. 1.. tb/bxns du'lbd, 

Uuiit, pa.ppk'. c.f o/fi/n.Prc to OuTiMi. </f. F. 
r/V.YJ, ‘1/se ,1542 iff 11. it /.-I barm.).] Hlunt iti 
x.Aii'iii.s : ojip. to tj. .v.v. 

1. ///. Ol .1 bliit;l form; not. shiip ot poliitcfi : 
/./. in .V-.f. lliM. iif p.irls (»r orgaii.s ol .aniin.als or 
]»)aiils, 'flit! ojqiodtC of r7.7^//. 

1389 Afie'. y'ler/V 11. (;\ib/i IIJ Su'. h 

.‘-li.iiir :is might niA I:-.; ‘Ikstji*- . . t > .'u All ai.gU*, lu.r sn 

or obiis.t* as uiijl.l Si-.a . mi.- i:---ue* • a: 1 with one 

ji;.ii iii'.e then filu r .i. ibi- fv!!!:'!**. 1657 UaS Pot. 

6 'J hi ir inils .a.c •;omcwl;;.i sl;:irp tibc l>r>snrs 

limr.; obtuv.'. 1660 /■’•/. /7'_V. Mf.i//. \\\\\. 

j;:J: .Xn Glavi . wiih .1 .dii il Nri i; :ii ihi- jl iuic.r end. 
1753 Cii.\mia:i.s ('yd. V. %. /!.#/' /-im/ im»- 

leiniiiialc.l l.y the .s.:.-,nu!!i of .a 1 iidc. 1767 < b.oi.M 
li'.vt mis I. . •/ .\ hi- .w w ir ii a;, obi use w c.niuu. 1B45 I i,y 
X /i. ii 7 . i. i.ijv ' I i l.c.A\t-. an* , i-r .iij/'r 1*1 the 

ordinary .‘ni-.e i..f tho:;c wiuils. 1B77-84 H. iMt U'ifd il. 
|». viii, Spur stiXil, .'uid oblus!-. 

2. Gt'om. (.)f a plane angle : ( r lljun a right 

angle ; o.\cf idling . 

(?i'f’iSL’fi.u\ tfi.i : I’.it: !iii'.- biM cliu:; .m. . .Vl 11 -wC- angle, f. i;. 
bcl'.\'*.;i ibr opiii. a.scs it .'I f,r;.-t.i!, e i-v/r; a cone 

( f w!ii..h llie i.y :i plane ibroiii'li ibe .'ixis h;is an 

i»!*lii.'»e '.U'ijle at the \clt(.^. D.'.'m.w /.yj^. yh, /,i . .a lispcibola 
lyi.*i4 wiltiin ihe i.bin*-*; .m^des betwe-.n iff, a- \ inijinii -;. 

1570 PiM ) Y Pui.i i I. def. .v. ; .An i.i*>iu.'-e ■'•urIc i.s 
that Wiiidi is gri a!er then a ligl.t angle. 1631 l\ I'l.i '< in r 
rurp\‘ id. la. .xvi, two < !»inscr angb’sl ended. 1701 
(b » w tV'.iw. .S’a< »■.» II. V. «{ i(? .All .''.ills .Are .Xtignl.ii ; with 
Obtuse, Right, i.»r Avute .\iig!»*s, 1879 .\hint. i.i/e 
(\ 'I bis b.-jiu' r.'.-nis a'l oblUH- angle uilli the peivi-.. 

3. //^''. Xot iicnicly aflccling ihe senses; indis- 
tinctly fell or ]HTCtive<l ; dull. 

16x0 Vrvsi-R 17fr/i’ciT,iii. 31 Thewine. rarrielb the Mine, 
vhb'h firhcru Uc is :»f an i.ibii4-e ''pcraii.»n, vnto all the parl^ 
l'>f ibe buHJyl. 17x6 Svvii f ■/.» a f.u.iy, Kasii'.gs bi:.‘i\y, 
dry, obi.ise. 1790 I' i ciFjt in /VoV. i'hf.’s. 

I .. frit an obtuse p.Ain .. in my si,fiii:i( b. 1897 Aiif’Kif'x 
.y'ysf. Mai. IV. i .>(S P.uii, sh.iip or obiiirc. 

4. Not acuit ly ierisilive or j ercrplive ; dull in 
ft cling or inu lkct, or c.vliiLdting suih ilullncs^; 
.stiipiii, insensible. Jn quf 1. ibo6, Kougli, un- 
polislud : -.= Hn .\T a. 

1509 Huvr i JWsf. P.'iits. .Mil. lV.T.y Siic.>\i i, I am Vui 
yungc, it is lo rnc oi (^f ibc^r. luati-rs i.j preMime t .) c-;- 
tl>ii'. 160X M oc: ;cs A*i*i'V!ds A'l-:-. 1. lii. \\ k*;. 1. 711, 

1 scornc t'l iel*;;l ibc iibllre j*. .isi i.f u fiiolc. i8o6 W.xr.nlr 
. lj\ v\ 1. t iv. :si.a^,,.£- t>binNe in phra.*c. 1867 Msi toy 
/’. /.. XI. 5.51 '1 hv.S«risr- ibvn Obtiis**, ail taste of pleasure 
mus! fjict^oe. 28x9 Scui r AtiPWiJ (i. ii. in In-, under- 
.-'taiii'iing, but kind ar.d faiibfiil iri bis ili.spiL'-iiion. 1885 
M.\iitii UK Pi INU '! 'fir. int\ fill I. xi. |■.■| We were too 
to niid(:’r..|nMd their peculiar way of mai:ife.siing it. 

5. Cofuh.^ as obtusc-antfled, having .an obtuse 
iinglc or niigh's ’(also obtuse-uDg^ular rare~'^]: 
also in .\at. Ilid.^ with .another aiij., cxpitssii g 
a comhiiiatioii t.f fotms, .as obtUBC-cllipsoid. 

1660 FsAlillOW I', tixini 1. l.Vf. \xvii,«.\n .Amblygoi.iiuTi, or 
ubiu -i*-anglt''t Triatigle, i'^ that wbirh has oi-Cangln obtuse. 
1708 I'millii*;, Ohiixsx'-.ifi^iM Cette. 1878 A. H. (.iHrHN, 
tic. I’lWiv. x.tfi 'llu: two types of lin-'^lru«.tu?e arc sBm.c- 
times di:-uiiguished ,a.<e • and .Actiie-lrhaic. i88x 
Oi'.ii V \\.,Oo:}tst'-ane;i<!ar. having rbiu-r ai gics. 

t Obtuse, Ob 5 .r.irc^^. In 7 tWiv/. obtuco. 
[f. Outehe /7.] thins. To Munt, to dull. 

1618 Hokniiy .V. i». Pruuk. ■ 1 1 lt.'uvliii.s. thou god of 

ail chiicty Whit b iibtucc .ind blunt die edge of w’il. 

t Obttt'sed, ///. Oh. rare. [I. prec., or f. 

I . OiiTf.sK it. + -till.] Filuntcd, blunt, 
dull ; 'OnTi SE a. i and 4. 

c ts 6 o l.vro OtiTi Rx n: .1. L 1578 kh // isf. Man i. 26 

Thi^ obiij.Ni-d ii.riirr. Is.. i.MileJ ibu ‘rat- o*. f<tUiK)'.itii)n <)f 
ibc dioiildcr biadi . 1664 1 \>wkr /■'. i/t. Phiies. i. lO 
iu CbeeNC. siTiird oial aiul obius’d toW:<fds the i.aII. 

Obtusely xidr. [f. Obti'se ,7. p 

-L Y ■^.] In an obtuse or degree (.V/. < ^ ) ; 
bluntly; dully; stupiilly. 

i6xt CoTi'.R-, rV7i<.v*rw/r.‘v/, obtusely, dully, llu".t.'v. 1765 
(Ik^Y Let. in Px*etffX (177*.' vo5 'Ihc ar. hes are p.-mited. 
though very cibtiiwly. 18XX-34 Gep.i’x .^fn-iy Med. •>«!. 4) 

II, .|ft The iuilk !i.v.i.« Him. mi is. .(•htiiscly p.Aif'fiil. 1851-8 
WooDWAKU MdiHs,a jOO \'alvc- obtiistly kc* led. 1863 


4 () 


O^VVDKM f'l JVWKF f xiv. ' Tbev an* fis ohiiisfly 

L'liiid BN earth •Willin'^. 

Obtnseness (i^bti/Vsin's'', [t*. ns prro. + \i:ss.j 
The ‘[iialily ui heioj; (il>tiist\ liluiitne^s, want «•! 
sharpneh-s ; iisunlly iu s^n -e : I'hillness Iccl- 
ing, apprelu-nsioii, eit*. ; ddW'iivc sensii»ilily. 

i6^ JiNKVN /iiintt IV. 'I’iif? i-f rlif 

1761 Smkm /'/. III s!. .M*" 

il'ul llii'i .iiisc a!i\ iiim.n'-.lliilii y, nr ». 1*111 -i. jic*'- t-flii, pat i-i. 1890 11. Kw.iS Cfimitutl \\\ 1 lot iuM;U' ry 

Obttisi- (pUi//ii), contbininjj form of L. 
OuTr.sK, in )* 6btu'«ia&gle ii. ohtus«: 

angU-il ; uinl in some larely \isi*il l^-inis ol 
//fsf., a'N ObtTi'sifld rt. [nioil.k alirr 

HuJtts elf.], tlivitK-il into ohiusc stij- 

tnt'iits; Obtnsifo'lioTiB <z. [nioil.l.. oHuaiJOitus', 

i. fviium leaf. s<*<- having obtuse fcavis ; 

Obtnsili'iignal a. [I... iiu^ua hnvir:}; au 

oblnsc labium, ns iljc bees «'l tin.* divisinn Ohltt<i- 
Obtusi'lobns (7. [nuul.I.. 
h-ivini; obtuse lobes; Obtusipe'nnnte a. [iikk!.I . 
oo/nsi/'i'Hni.^ \ see -atk -'], haviiv^^ obtuse wiiifjs; 
Obtusiro'stmto i7. [luoil.L. Jiavim; 

nil i»btiise beak. I'.M.ivnt /..t/e.v. Li\\\ ih'57» 

Ci>rt\ J)icf.) 

1571 I)ri.a;i:s /’hav.i-v. i. KIci!!, Iliij, An Tn- 

••ini;lc hath unc ani;!?'. y V r. i'. iii. M j, I'l.c An:.! « f 

ihi-i Ohiii'-iraiiiic 

t Obtusion . Oh. [ad.L. 

It. ol action lioiu oh/nnJOe to UliTi'NH.] The 
action of blunlinjj or iluHini;, or the coiublioii of 
being blunted or didletl. 

160$ /. JoNt..s Li'yers •S'/ii/r i.r , ’ 'I hc ik'cv'ili m of ihe 
■.vri'l ihc.olb»T.'-'.*n>t:s. n 1657 v J.*, 

UijUisluU tif the viilersi.'il ariil f.\ tenia!. 

Obtusity ij'Mi.v-sjli.). [lu!. ined.r. phT/'i/tlf, 
f. oNi<:.-us Ohti si: ; see -itv. Cf. OK. ol/asiii: 
(15th c. in Godt f.).] The quality of being obtuse, 
obtuseness; dullnes.s, iiisciisibiiily, stupiility. 

18x3 .Se< ITT If Jan. 11 . xix. iC*^, \Vhat a 

tiTiilih; tliin.4 .. oliiii^ity of .dv’.lit mouM be to riu:, 4^1849 
l*oK nicl't'ft.i Wl:'. ia;'4 III. 4IV* Ills i oinliiiu.-fl Lunr.oit w!i«l’. 1891 11. .;i.| .\ lai.k m|' ni'jr.'il sensv i;'. 

ofu.'M aci-omi iUiKd with <.ihiiHity \if tin*. 

tObu^mber, ?■. ( h. Also 5 f>.bre. 

OK. obumbre^r, obombre r (i-lth c. in Ilat/.- 
1 i.ariii.), ad. I at. : see OfU'MUUATE.] 

1. tvaas. To ovtrsbadow ; to ‘^hadc, obscure. 

C1420 /-Vc.Vrtj/. ew iiufb. xii. ij I'V-r f.loddii \\ol iIri 
g'nnirtaiaoun Obunibrc Iimiu ihe" .Vi wel <lvf«*!i(!a. 

(i‘T4JO 1 -Viio. fijitidi- Coinohfit:f. t?}tr LnJy lo.-! < >» halfll.e 
blis>c who ruiul*; write or the M;>lv<ili'"-t h.. tin «• 

w.-is ii!>iiMjbrcfl. 1 <.1470 Kakiun'.'. t tr- fr.. .•.■.\xni. i, Mis 

.■ihiKlywc so oliUMilip-il all l-!nlan<.l. risio I*. %<■•<. i ‘.v 
trj. J//»wA'iv-jr iT;i7 j‘ li.i, Many thiii^i be luM and .. «iili 
(■h^i.Mirc liiiowji.di'e " e 15W K. /j./j.'i- 

JJj, Anil diMili..:it la-*t liim'u'jih 

2. inty. 'fo cast or make a .shadow. 

A 1568 in litiHUntync MS. \<^) 'l' 6 The vcrliov nf t1i«; Ib.-iiti 
Gai.Ni ili vyiie Wi'.liiii iby wame sail rb\«i!)ir anM m '.lyi.c. 

t ObU'inbilatO, ( 7 . Oh. Kirc"^'. In 6 -ylnto. 
fVa sciilnl error for obnuHlafL : the f)K, in^anee 
of obiinih-cr in Covlcf. is i\ misreading of of:niiMer\ 
flcc-.VTK <M;scure. 

f 1560 1 llVP'P Ml. ft ]. 

t Obu'iubilate, %\ Oh.'^K [t. as pree. : 
see -.VTK'k] imns. 'To obscure, obnubibLlt. 

a 1711 Ki.N JliOU‘*iui I’.VU AVk-.. J|. lo 'hill, ilU- 
liifiL;<.^ •liiiiiiliilaiit bis llc.'irt. 

ObUUbrant >'l>rrnibrant'b a. I'jUout, [ad. 
L. ohiunhrant-em^ pr, pjile. of vhiimhyCi yc \ .si e 
Olii:Mnii.\iK.] Oversh.i. lowing ; .‘Af . : see riiujt. 

i8a6 KiniiV^I: .Si*. JV', j.* .SV «/#. //.'o;; Ohum. 

l}\tnty wber. it overb;i'ij> li'*; ia':t;ali'ira.v. 

Obumbrate d^P'mbic't , a.- [ad. I.. 

obuhibriU-m^ p.i. pple, of ohumhyCnt to uwr- 
^hadow: see next.] fa. Overshadowed, darkened. 
Obi. b. Concealed under .some ovei- 

h.'ingitig part, as the abdomen in some .spiders. 

1313 /Ti/i-.-ij xir. Pro?, frfj Wo'l ai'd i’musI ol'twn- 

b: ill* with lliar Ijewis. 1599 R. I.o-i.iik J'ruut, Anc. J-lt. 
A aij, 111 :v<.^iii''. (.>?‘;iin?>r.'il«.‘. liiiclcTt kt ns ilwrli. 163a l.iiif* 
r.-.iw T*\iV. I. 4J! Tvi liauc .Mia'imius prai -c 1 hi-* li.du t.>lmni- 
bral, Arthur courts the North. 1886 Kiii»'.v& Si*. J'.niontoL 
IV. ;i4i Abiiotiiitn. .Ohutni'iutic^ \vlii.*n it i.i o\t;rs|i:ii.bia'td by 
die trunki^ concealed *.i'iil* r it. 

ObUmbrataCpbu nibrcUb 7'. Noww'^/v?. [1. 1 .. 

obumbrilt-^ ppl, stem of olfumbrihye to overshadow, 
lo shade, f, oh (On- 1 o'; + vmhyhre to shade.] 

1. trans. To overshadow ; lo shade, darken ; to 
obscure, lit. and 

1316 Pty/. i W, <lf \V. i^jiO lii tVhiim»* llir b*-*!'/ 

gOi^**l Old obumbrai*: or .•thriJ jwi: ’. with hi*; jiiv:ivrii>:: ;i nl 
{(race. 1639 LtiiV'iw 7V,«7>. x. 43? To obuiiibi.'itu tlic tii.ff 
light of th»: f Jo.sp*ll. 165411'. ScuHtryi Cnria I’oi. '■•tj Asi«Iri’ii» 
kanipatCN which obuntbrate (hi* Adrijti>|Ui! .>Kt. 17^5 

S.MOi.LitrT Qut.r. IT, IV. .vvi, Madanr iJimia havinir n :i 
trip to the Antipodv.s, and left our iiiouiitAlns ot.ium 1 ir:it«:d, 
and our val)ie.*i o?ntciir':d. o 1778 T. f -r.NT /.i/h 192 An m. lion 
that for a while seemed 10 olnimbratu the s^ioi ws of Caesar. 
1834 .SvU'Tio:.Y OiKtor V. (igO?) 17 'riiat rr.vful wi-; w?ni:li 
accompanies Dr, Parr ..that porlciitnu*; lie.T.l which i-. ihn; 
foi nuilrdily ^.•buTr!?*l rilfd. 

f 2 . Misuseil for Ara MnuATK, to shallow foHb. 

»!»3? I.Ii»n;o'v 7‘/v#f*. V. 174 More rlcare llicn ihefunre <»f 
li- liiie fan <i?>uiiihr.i(e ihcii wkfced dctiicf*;. 1741 W.m.’- 
i.i niv. II. 5.-, 6 The {irifuii-^rs and dotitim iaiioiis 

.. otiiiMibi.iled a future state -.if n wants and puiii^hineiiis. 
18x4 Si I w Alto ill /?/rt.-A7i*. -VirA*. XV. 4,*, 1 latiu i take lu 1 
t-j be ubscuii'ly oiniiiilirnted a*: the //;•« nhntum 

/Ivncc Obu'inbrated ppLo., overclouded. 

159a R. |). 7 /i/« 4 My eyes hefi'^re used i-i 
.‘•.i.-li "I-iiiidii.’iii d d.ii'kffit-'. 1751 Smiulkti- /'ff, /VV. IV. 
'll ii, i'lieii l'OUIiK iiam.ys ]i;id begun lo 1*0.1 liillci*?iiiiii?Mntcd. 
ObumbrationC/'biWubrriJon). Nowa.//a [ail. 
l.. n. of action f. ohimhrri-re\ see 

I n VO. C f. tdis. F. obumhi ittioft ( ! 6t h c. in ( iod<*f. . J 
1. 'I’lie action of overshadowing or condition of 
being oversb.'idowotl. 

i'X480 PxtiiaJ. ,'H IIuaK IV. lE ‘J he firriient jtf 4*f P1 k* 1 *us 
l.s I'l'-jl vne Willi 1433 Mokk A //.r^^ Poysx'Hi .i 

/**{•. Wks. iiitv? His thKlyAvas iiiilirTlt.sstiii \irgin his luoilu.-r 
i‘V the liftiiueuly obiiinlir.'idi.m .-I* y* holy gluv.f, 1647 
UriisoN yVr, Rij^ht liiK't. Iritr'.i*!. 10 Mis prod net Km 
. . siipi:rt:aiurall and .My.sue.dl, by a*i liK-turiprchcnsIMir 
t^'husidiratioii i^f the Holy I'dio-t. 1819 H. ih sic /.h'y.>r*7 
Pailiid vi.liii-.»* .. Ih i.'hter tlurdidi fioui i:a.‘<iud VMium. 
)'t;.tifiii. 1846 t.k S. 1 '\mu k l.tif, J'raifar. SlW'^x. 101. 

% 2. Mi.sused for Ai)rMf!KATio.N,.a»h.ido\ving forth. 
^11631 Don’Sk .Sentt. xx^i.x. ^3^ Th;it, that 
(.'build*: aiiiiii of (!i»d, whi*‘h the Creatines of tbul exhibit 
to U-. a 1670 ll.M »iT I t.V/#7. tii*;;) i>;.’.. In the tlark 

y.lasS of typioal (.tbuiuhiatiou*!. 

Obn'inbratory, i*. [f- I . chufuhiy-, 

ppl. stem of olumbriit c to ( )hi:.M>}ftATK : see -Oliv ] 

I l.aving the (jiialiiy of obiiinbrating or d.-irkcning. 

>799 hi Pitl'. Jrnix. H. j7a 'i’lic utbulose or obum- 

Vi':it*«ry style. Pj' the iissist.iiicc uf this, .a plain subject i& 

'j- Obu'iicoua, I/. Oh.i. j\u-c'~". [f. L. ohutu'-us 
bent in, crooked f. oh- .On- id' f iiitfits hooked, 
(.looked, cLiiVcd} -01 s.] ‘ \ ci \* ciooked* (DlounC 

i.f!o5%0[(y. if)s6y 

lIviKo in PiiiLiiFs Col.i.'. .\su, and. iii.*d. Diets. 

t Obiuida tion. (vV. yarc'-'^\ [1. L. r/*// ;/./*; • 
noun of .uTion f. ohniJii/y. to overfl*'»\\ .] 
•A duwiiig against' .(Jllount Oiossyt^y. 1656)* 

!i ObuS (ob//z ;. [K. obtti (1697 in lIot7.,-T.>arm.\ 
ud. Cier. 4 </////// if.-: seelJowrrz.j A howil/cr shtll. 
1871 fhii,'} AV;*.v i*6 M.a%, 'Ihc ekan whil« {.irccts [<.t’ 
w<ae !u*stiv'.vii with ihc Onapiicl lu-.d ol*iis, 

1895 tr. bi’t. lit ’* .Si'i-t. i>/'» iti (,'n . 

I I Tob., All ilu.* \vbi:c thy "bissc.s i.iiiii'd iK>\\u heavily iip*.'n 
ibi.'. a^;4,!i.*iJic:'.iti.»u uf l.uiii.iu h»*:i*D. 

Obvallate 'V*'''*v*l.'t'i, </. ///.iz. [ad. l.. 

Ox>ra/f,h*-u.^\ pa. pi*lc. of rhuif/itre \ .sec next.] 
Waited up; surrounded as )>> a r.'impart. 

1846 l'»\\s fh. 4.,; 'I'hi-, >pc'.i*.K .. ditUrrs in it* 

nl.v.ill.Mt; tifi'iN. 1857 Mavnv /-.lA'-. Z.<- 1 . . 
apphi-d If •;|*]*i>%t:d k svti \%ht u they an* i!i‘ y.i.*.-i*d !*y 
iKiir*., i.'; that Ou-iocnl .*r (.r:*: * thmusi hi-s al .m ..*''in* .-.iiiTlf , 
as lju: ( .V.*'*vZ,'4i vr I Oi ; uh\.-.b;:l.v 

t Obva*llatey (Vv.r.i/v-b [f. J.. 

]*j.d. .stem ol ohuiih ir to surrouml with a wall, i. 
tj/j« ; ( >11- I a 1- ;.*ir//i#/c.' loiidreneli.] tram. 'J'o sur- 
round with, or as with, a \v'.iJl or ontrein.hmcmt. 

16*3 C'l Ki ii.oi, (J.-’»//fr.VVr,v, I f o.*nip;i.s:st; ab-.uil wiih i\ 
tvenili. 1657 ’rii.v.i.iN'SuN /V.i/. c’jj Whidi it *••?)^;ll• 

l.'ites witli purls Mipepially 

Uenec tObvalla tlon. Oh.y,uc 

1658 Pun.i n-.s, an invi; :;iiu^ i..r irnainijNivdi. ' 

iih .1 ircii'.h. 

f Obva i’icate, r*. Oh. [f. T.. i\pe 

'•i h .'Jri’-dyt't repr. by oh'.irii a f,'y onr ivlio obstructs 
.'inothei in his way vj'anl. ex Kest. ;.] (.Sec tjiud. 
Hence t Obvarica*tion. Obs. ra* e"^ '\ 

16a 1 i-'UTh.wi, fdt'/*#?i/c'f€//*, lu sl'-p i*:i(f "f bis iKis-agf. 
1658] hii: I ii*s, -I hindiiu;; .any in ibcir passagt. 

Obvelation (/•bvfl.-. j .•It ', rare. fit. ol action 
from \j. rbriftire: .sec next] A veiling over, a 
biding or eoiicealing. 

1664 H. rdiiTii-. Syniifiiif Froth. ,=,*.» Tin: tllh; might Ii.m ».• 
U cii in-.%rt: jiiMpcrly ih*: '.bvul.iJjiiTi t-r ■•bM urati'^n then i. hi* 
1874 Sri,Pf.a;.i\* /. ..n, /'f. |V. .\exu. 2 Kviiy 
ii^i i.iti.ui i.f » must abo bft an Jruiiju. 

tObV6*l6| Ol:\. rujt'. [juL I.. cbvehin: to 
cover ovi r, liblc, conecal. f, <»/• ' ? >n- 1 c) t Z ihni 
to Cover, veil.] traj/.^. 'To wrap uj», veil, cover. 

>«54 V ti VAIN /7/t'.V. frcitf. i. yj ■? liii mi'Ej nuiligsrl :i* ti-.'l 
uhveifd in a ini’-t •»!' 

tObw lie, "*>• Ob.\, r.trr. {afl. H. ohiitiri' 

to come ni file way of, t»i happen lo, .also, to pre- 
vent, f. oh- 1 h i + TVf/F.'c lo come ; cf. V.o/*z'cfitr 
C I .*,f>Q in ( b)di:f.'..] j/itr T*o tiwur. bcfnll, h.appcii. 

1654 Vn.xM'J Tht\^!. '/Wit/, vi. 179 Whai isrcvclud lo J«iliii 
by v.'**r».I of liii-'.iitli, liuw thiii]^*: ^hal obA'cii*'!. • 

tObve'nty Obs, rurr. [l. L. hh'ent-f ppl. 
stem of vbvnn-rc ; .see }jrcc.] tram. To prci cnt, 

>.399 If'Kf I vr / V»^'. II. 1. j. 3 i Wc ihi rviuiiu to ebuenl 
llii.-su ?i:\Tni*;v 1643 I’i-onnk .Sn*. Fowir i'a.rt(. ii. 70 To 
'*h\ flit tin; FD.ilii'i: ijf Siiidi fi-loiis. 

Obvention (»’^l)ve*iij3ii). [a. \F .obventioti (i 3th c. 
ill (iodef.:, or ad. I., obventivn-rm levenuc, n. of 
action f. vhvtnJrc'. see alK>vc.] That which comes 
lo one incidentally; in F.ol, J an incuining 
fee or revenue, csi». one of an occasional or inei- 
dcut.-il character. 

>4S9 Ro/ft of Farit. V. All .. Poiiumi, PenxiuPN. 
J)>iiioN, Obhitfuiis, Obvcritiuiis, :iiid other F.inoluinciiu-s ami 
Rrtdilr^. 1495 Ai t ii //r/z. /'//, r. 4*( 8 & Tytb«.< oblacioiu 
(d ii'ius ai]v4;iu>-.r)ns. 1635 1 'ai . t T 1* Chf istiavo^r. Ill . ( 

.pt Vuii shall findc thcRe Uhlntions and UbventiotiN to be of 
giciit v.iliif. 1655 Kvixkk ('A. Hht.^ w iii. § jo Her*? wc 
spf^ak not of tliir ucrideiitnis, as Lcg.ictf;.'; . . and other L'asii- 
allies, and < ihvi-mioiis. 1794 W. 'i'jNDM. Jtisi. EveAtawi 97 
To the priorship belong all Oljvvnlicjus or fees uudta <om- 
luou 1859 K* K. Ih khin A/r. iu /zw/. (ko^. 

S(i\ XXIX. ;,44 'lhiv.c men .. ifveivc ns obveutiom ami 
spiriiunl Icivs ^lleli'p and goats, tattle and provisioiiii, • 

+ Obve'rsant, tt. obs. [a<b L. oh^ersilftt-em, 

pr. pple. of obversari to take position over against, 
lo apiicar, f. chirrs us OhVKitSK.] Standing over 
ag.ainsi. oppo;iilc, conlrary; also, plnccd in fiont 
f‘l; hence, familiar, wclbknown. 

>579 Twawr J'hnti Ac Fort. 1. .v. 10 F.n'«jiir is obiicr- 
*:aiit viitii vfTtiic, Cvt coiitiury vntii if. a i6» Hai'on J.vt, to 
Str If. Sarlil ill A’r'j.vji '-'i**** Kxample..irans- 
ffriiuMh the Will of .Miui into the .Similiiiidc of iliiil which is 
most ohvci-«:ini and familtur Inwards it, a 1754 J. Mc]..AeRiN 
(V F.t.r. (175,5) 7**6 Oiii oliligatjons to love and honour 
(k*d ;u'c. .:dw;i)*> i.'bvcrsant loom vii-w arid continually he- 
fiUT^iiir c‘>fs. 

Obverse (sec l)elONv';,rf. and sb. [ad. ohns- 
rtSt pa. ppic. of ohu i tOe lo OhVKliT, 

Siiiidi' iii'^taiir.os of the adj. and •.b. arc knb'.-.o in 171)1 c. ; 
ulbfiwisf. the word is not e\i:inplified till end of 18th t.; 
luithiT Jiihu‘0(i iu*r Todd has it, though .civiug ohvfrxanti 
lliulci )tri r<t^ i.*f rniip;, ('liaiilbi'.i'.S ('iv/. (17^7- .pi, and JohU- 
Sifii, in .^pLukin]^ of the i*tlii:r siih-, (Iu not ii-^e I’/rfcu'; both 
adj. and ‘,|i. are in \Vtb'i:i:i i?;* ^| 

A. OiiJ, (/Z’bvojs, /-bro-Js). 

1 . 'J'liincd towards oivagniiist; ojipo.sili!*. 

zf 1656 I’.cNiii R .Antt. (itiijfi) Ejti Thc) Kiii<.tht .. until (‘m* 
rht.nics liaviiit; ovcrnuoi* I'.is i.lnerse wing, ^Iwidcd T»hoin 
\* iih a 4.i)i'.iindcit‘iice and canii: the had’. 'jI his en«:niu'*.. 

1840 R. 'fi* Ki r.i. in yrni. A.\rtit. .So.. IX. Tin; oU 
\i rsc iiiaiiiii‘i:f of the Dm ins. 

2 . Of a figure : ISJarrowcr at the or point of 

attaohnicnl than .nt the apex or lop ; s/nv. in /Vat. 
//Ot.f :i general term c^rmprisiiig the vai iiiu.s forms 
.•'('verally called Ofno)iii\ ubcoraa.U', rlhufedtiie, 
cboVti/t\ etc. Also in tomb. obvtrsely, On- 2, as 
chu'r.i!'-!Hmitc, • 

t8x6 iS: Sp. Fnioir f. 1 II. \\ . ;,.iS When ihrio an* 
ihiri; tif i.hc'O l••■;;ans |ht*. iiiinai.kj ilii.y arc .'Uran^^cd i-i an 
t*hvcl'4: tii/<^iplc in A llu* iUiti-ruiiT. //■///. jV. 

■.(y^Oi'i'trxC . , WhvU an 4.*l*ji''.l U \ mwtrkl with it* Ik* .'at tow aids 
you. 1866 Fuitx. Jut. 7iyV- lift* ■luiii; as Oh. 

V.'.Tr.xi'./itna,*t\ Iii\ r J s*. ly I If*.' <■!ll■•.hapc^•l. 1875 KM*:iii 

/hit. M\:th, T;, An olivcru i*>.d has liie Mnailur end l*.»- 
w.iiiN the h.'ili "I -l*..i:lf. 

3. .\nswei itjg to something as its count eriiait. 
187s i'osTv (/fi/z/j )v, c. I't. i) 4.t_{ To vsf.iy mode of 

tion iht'.ru i* au ohviT-.e modi: of' lilifration. 1881 .A. z\i sri'i 
in XI. HI. 401, 1 Ml sme I *.iiiiiiiij rmiK* tolhc 

(itlici .'ii.h* 'if ilu: V»i« id, tiu* ol.'Vri.-.n Imllows of al! this viil- 
b"v.i.‘d and . *'^ >m*-what tin ('.id nppi'ci iation. 
iJ. Sb, /'' bViUS). 

1. 'I'li.T-t -side of a coin, iiicdnl, :*eal. elv., on which 
the licad or principal dtf.sign is struck ; the opposite 
of riVtirst. .'Vb^o at /rib. 

1658 .Si K 'J‘. r.i*c,-v\\K /iy,in>-i. 16 Silvc-r .. with a 

rmh* hi*. id up »?i il)o ubv^:l.^■•.- . ruifl an ill Inniivd liin..i* on ih-'t 
p.-via'-i.*. 1797 .'■'#/, 'I'l /, /■V//. -cd. ;.XI 41/1 On the idiVirr-^c 
ofihis piL« c arc poiiiajiN i.f 1* 1:11*1. U and -Mary, f.uu 
l" f.t* *:;. >8x3 I KM.u FiiltHo/. J.f/it., l?ic ).>Ai:k sjflo 

of.-i nu.dal, a?. *i*ip.>4 ;d 1 v> liu' *.»?.•> l^^c. 1837 Ft’ttft^ ( ycl. V 1 1, 
■("i"/-' ’H.c u**hi*.:. .'H'c i..?’Ycr-c H’pr«’:;cnls tim kiiur,^ 
in a vt.M-l. T864 Ho!' ri-i I. t/ir. f/iit. \ /V/.xxiv. 401 ’1 h*r 
«.‘*|m'vlriaii fi..:uir.s of the u?j'.i*j-o i.if iJn: Hrcat .ScaU 1B95 
J'nh /nn:. /#> 1 t M May, Kxi'ry IVnny '•hoiild luivif 

fi'T the jinprcssimi Uui Elfii;y with ihc Inscription 
* Vicrmla 'hi' J. 

2. 1 he lacc or side of anything intended to be 
jnsenled to view; front as opposed to back. 

1831 (..'mm.yi.k Satt, Ri‘». 1. X, In looking at lll^ fair l.ipvsUy 
i.-f huiuiiti life, .'ne dw'clls not on the ohv« alone, hut hciw 
(.Inefly on tlie iiM-rs'*. 1847 K Ml- u.soN Ripr. Mo/ttm^ne 

M l:M.'(|{oi:ri) I. .{ j Ni*:hin;; .so thin, but llictc two f.'ice*. : 
ami, when i.he ob'-erver bu-si^ctii the, he turns it over 
lo sijr: the rcAcrsc. 

b. Jiif. 'I’hi: couiitcrp.irt of any fact or truth. 

186a W, M. Rrissi-m iu I''x .1/rtv. Aur. 199 To say 
Xo, and lo ir, is a nccossjiry obverse of the p*>wcr of 
•uiyiniir 's?. lo s*'jim: piiipo*,*?. 186a W'. W. .Sloi'Y RnAa iii 
R' X.V. ii'Ai) y,?5 Here you base the two sidc.N-.-thi; .SL.|c^ice 
Ilf iiiedii ine, and its oh\ t r'-c, the pi;n. lice of witchcraft, 

If. R. RivN'h.i s Win llnpt. \iii. -p/ .'sin cannot be i*x- 
p!.iiiii;d away :i.s A iiii:*i:ik(', as an illusion, a.4 the obverse of 

3. Loi^ic. A proposition obtained as the result of 

obvcrsioii. 1896 bsce Oiivfiisiu.n aj. 

Obversely adv, ff. prec. f -ly 't^. 

Tn Nat. Hint, after tiiod.L. ] In an obveisc 

form or manner ; with tm adj. of Khajie *1 OB’ 2. 

*75* J* Hm* t//.d. Anita. 565 i'he tailed Vesper* 
filio, with a fciliatz^d and ubvcrsely cordated nosr. im 
('.'MAMrvi^iiS Cyrt. .Supp. N. V. Ohversrfy etKtted Leaf . . 

.a leaf of ihc .same figure with t)ie ovated leaf, only fixed to 
the petiole by its mnallcr end. li'iii. llolany Tab, 2, Leav^y 
, .f .)hveniely-(x>rd.nti-d. >849 Johnstox Jn Ftoc. Ferw. J\^at. 
CM II. No. 7. 368 An obversely couyitl««*longiited ve.sicle. 
1869 JaK. Miifx Hunt. Athni II. xxiii. 324 note^ And ob- 
vcrscly, if a [lerson acts [etc.l. 

Otirariioik (^bvS-Jjsn). [ad, L. oh 7 tcrsivn-^/n^ 

II. ul action Iroin obverthe to Obvkbt.] 

1 . The action of turning towards some person or 
•thing. 1864 in Wkurtfr. 




2 . A form of iminerliate inference in which, 
hy i;haii;'ing tlu* cjunlily, from one 

another is inferred, iiaving a t<ml ra<lii:ti.»ry iiridicale. 
Also called FrumctatioN'. 
i8. . n.\»N /V/«r. as Sr. in CVA .S/ /. I. ;i 'I'liif m<i-l 

s< jui:l»i»»B K •*! wrlml fi»riii* i-. ( )hirr^ii'n. nr elir 

selling c'fii t fioin i» i cuJi.;i Niilo. 1896 J. \Vr.i.i.« -1 .T/rt//. 
/,^5t'/V- ;rd. J. m. iii. OlivfiHnn i-; ;i'r in tli»* 

J* v.ivtn sulijci t, ^\llilsl lli«- 

import of iiu: juds^niuiic icniAiiis nri^iii:il 

propo‘'.iliijii is c.ttlrfl tin*. tJbvmUrncl, and lliat which is 
infi-iTed from it is the Ohvrrsr. 

3. 'Fhe formation of an obverse or counterpart. | 
1891 Daily AVrt'v 3 Sept. ^/:\ There is no need .. t:i 

that in tin- iiiaLtcr of miiicl, tliis distinct ohvei .don should 
which iiuiurt* ileimuuK nut. 

Q|>V6rt (ifltv.l'Jl , f.nd. L. to Inn j 
towards or against, f. ol>- (On- i a, li ■ ^-rvrAVi? to 

j l. fnuh\ 'lo turn (somelliing) towards; to 
place fronting. Oh. \ 

1693 C Ohft’rf, to turne a:;ainsf tnn*. 1646 Sjh i 

T. ijKijwsK i*.\nut. /./. VI. vii. y.i‘j 'l ilt? iiNiins uf ciAnMiiluri 
in ll«e Sunnncr, hr: obvfiti tiiito ihc Winter ascent, lh.\l J 
Soutli-Kasi. t686 < 10.0) t 1. w. 05 TJjft l.unar j 
i.ifiht licinif o'pverted I'lwards ns. .in the (Jii.’idratcs. 1781 ; 
\Vl.Sl.KV IV. yti If the IifiMhrrn Iifini 'jihrri; Ilf. 

i.jhv-t.M tt:ii to the sun longer than the .southern. 

+ 2 . To turn (a thing, in a contrary ditectiori. 

1646 Sir. r. liKowNP. y.w/ii/. A/, fo If wee jil.irc a N'c'itlli! 

touched .'ll ilic fijoli.* nf tongues i-i anilirijiiis, it will fi!.'\eri I'.r 
htriit; :r-iilt: its .yllie (■> N*i'<iih puiiil, iunl • on fin' me. its ciisjiis 
or South extn me unto t)ie aitdiroii. 1657 1 ommnsos AV/.'iV/'i . 
D/.i/. iji '4har the manner of ^ircp.trariciii .'lorl iiii.\ii-iii hi- ; 
not »>bvcrttd tlnvchy. i 

3 . /.g^/r, •To change the ijuality of (.1 piopiisi- 
lion) in the w.ay of OnvEiisio.v. 

1896 J. Wri i-i'N i ':cir «:d. ?■ 1 . iii. iii. srj The one 
'.inipli.- I'ul': fill uhvi uing jmy |jro|i>j-vtti>.n — \«-i;:ni\i‘ thi* ■ 
and chaiiji^c tlie i|uality,but Ie:uo tlic i|n:i!'itiiy mm 
alicied. I 

Hwi-c ObvoTticd //‘/. f/. 

1664 F.m.i.vm .Sj-/.-vi« i«‘i7-i) .*0 to w.irm south, « r tin- 

obveili’d pijlc. 1896 J. Wi-.i iiis i a.;/,. (c;d. v) 1 . iii. 

iii. .:4ii The i^oiri •.|i<)in!in;4 fours with u'-gaiivc pr“dit arcs 
ar'*_(-;nni:d the t'Hi-eitcd Converse, the l.>'rlt d (Joulra- 
|i- -iii vi:, iiiid (Ins Ohvt tied 

Obvertend ( p bvoiic nd \ L. 

gtnuiulive see ytcc.] 'Die • 

proi'osiliinr to L>c ohvcrltd, ■ 

*896 (sit i.h.v rrsioN .d* ’ 

t O'bviate ,/// [mU L. ; 

?/j, l»a. pp!e. of c/i'-'/iiVc : .sfc iK-xt. J ^ I 

1671 True iyou '^M/. x;* 1 his is .-dioruly obviM by the 1 .onl’s 
o\i n^lf tiiriiii>i.-iiii.i|i. ' 

Obviditd p'ljvi|Clt ■, V. [f. L. i)/yz-7/i7-, ppl. ytmii | 
of iV'zvV/y#’ to meet, wiiht.i:inil, pr'^-vx'iity f. oh 

against ■(■ via wav. Cf. V. ohvicr •' 1 41 h c., f'iodef. . ) 
tl. traits. To U'.cet, cncuunlcr; licncc, Ivi wiih- 
st.ahd, oppose i,a |»er.-(»n or tiling). Oh. 

1600 9 kowt.AN’D.s h'nnui! af ('tfthbt's 37 As on the w.iy ; 
1 fiirii.ra'i-.-i, .-X Isurail 1 1 ( )LUi.'xi<.-il, liili:iii,;.aiii|^ linn-:. 1 

'J i:in.‘.ii.ition. 1654 K.\«i. Mosm. tr, Tendv.^iiS s If arfx .’/ ! 
/•iauiDrx *,■■() {Ifrl advanced saddi.iib with., l-’tHil i 
ribviat liiin. 1605 J. Ki>v\/*im'S l\r/i>t. .V/t;//, DoI., X\ui 
ohvi.'ilrti r.lly . . with .a prcfouiid wi>-d.iiii. lyoa J. 

Loc.v.w in J'a. .S.h. M^nr. IX. t’.4 I'o nhviatc ihov? 

tiiKT iinwi.iiliy r hav;;<’s . . 1 h.iv-; tahi u all pr-nii-r oausc-. 

2. 'I'o meet and diijiose of or do aw.ay with (.a ; 
thing); to out of iho way; to prevent by . 
aiitieipatoiv iiicasnre.s. 

IS 9 « Vi/se. Ditifta j So ilid s|n; ohuiaic this dia;hi wil!i 
a ‘ciiildi ii leint'die. 1656 C iti>.Mw i-a I. Sfi. T7 S«‘pi, in (. a>ij'u\ ■ 
That iTiiiglit .. ailvi-sc wiili )tiii :r!.M.uii ihc reiiicdivs and 
mc.'iiis (.J r hkiatn ihf <,c dan^fr«i. x69a IJi n ri.i: v fi- yh.’ Lt\t. • 
?4] I I hii'J \^'ill obviate .'iMil pita.ludc the iiio-jl 1 onM<h:i.'il>U'. j 
objccdoJis ff 'iur .i'.U-«-isiuic.s. 1751 jcisiNsoN' iiauil'icr No. ' 
143 f 11 Liui h»w ha.s he ohvi«ait!ii the cf iml 
agr? 1804 LiJ. F.i.i I'NHOKorr.ii In A'.i.v/'.\ T,/t. V. 'Mie ■ 
deh.-<:t. .1 aiinnt . .Ii«; obviated in the iminncr siig);;i*sirii. t86B ! 
Kocii-ns /:•;.*«. iv, iii'.jf) -i Ihc rid: cf transiu-iting | 

money Irnm om; ^.■•lu•)l• y 10 anoiher hiv. liecii obviaie*! by j 
iIm! use of. . b-ill.s uf K.\i;h:iii]4r, I 

tb. To anlicipnte, Jorestall. Oh. j 

I7_f» .Xnnjsos .X/*', /. N'o *4 If I do not 1 ;i1.r c.'ik* i.i I 
obviate some nf uiy wirly Re.'idi-rs, iln'.y will be apt to tell \ 
nj^shfi iny Paper . . is Mill iTuciicial|, j 

T 3 * It* lit-* in Ihc way between. Oh. ra/r. i 

1705 Sc.\kii(:Rr.n h'w tid » \ .Strait line is That. All whose I 
intei nuslial Parts lUi chviatf: tin: IC\tiT:im.s. 

Obviation ■ipbvlu’hj.iii). \\\.\\.\.,chviCUivn-cni^ 1 
II. of nclioM f, obvitlro to Oitvi.vTr. (T. OF. oh 
vianon^ di&n (i.fth c. in Godef.).] 'I'lie action of \ 
obviating or prevemting, prevention. j 

r X400 Lan/’rauc's Cirurg-. uio A .surgiau luuytc h.inne be 1 
bisy..wtp olHiiiidoun defi-.iidiiige |»c lynic, fiat iicon rf he iii j 
cau.sis luforc scid mr cfiinc nuu'jt into )>e winmdr. 1683 I*!. 1 
Hoiiker Taraaj^'s Aiyxiie Dir*. P.y w.iie . , ol oh- j 
vintion, pricvcntion, nriVfjr cupation, and Puiicipation. 1890 
J imes r/i The obviaijnn of .^ill eause of^iuairrl br- 

twer.ti Gcntiany and Kngland l.s. .an object of great jnice. 

Obvious (<>-l>vios), a. [f. L. ofrvi'us in the 
way, mectingf (f. ob + 7*ia way) 1 


1 . Lying or standing in the way ; placed in front 
of, or over against ; fronting. Obs. or ank. 

1603 Drayton AVir. d, No imire rcjoyrifig in 

Biv, horns Ilf tlie hcej scrui: 1:1 gin*? warning m 

ihe vhiikc. .of :i!iy tibui-.iir ihing ipiii.V.c or ilcmi iluo iiii,£hi 
olTciid licr. 1635 Sw^\'.va#v. Af. 'i^^-.i'yO As in .1 !>ri.l.».n 
Icjcking i4l:i*-s, i^ery |inii will shr.w'ihi’. .dj.'idcw 4>l‘ i}i:ii fan*, 
nhich is obxious li> it. k6^ M. I.’Ks kas«.k /uO:,;,; 

■J P:iri.<; Ik i:.g cbii.iii, to him, arul in l.-i . u'ly !■» Spain. li«: 
iklaid llioru IKK- tliiv- 1704 b Pun. 11 s Vk. 

.So h' r di'^cmbcwcird \\tl> .\i;i(.lir:i: .. •.pii-.;ii!N, l.»'-vi ..i:-- t-.i 
v.'i;ji:iiit Hies. 1744 ‘.\k> ssiiic. I'lcay. Itiiatr 11. iib 1 h-v 
Nlrikr- III iliffiTfnt IliR-s the r,.'i-'i'r’s tdivimi''. 1814 t \i^y 

I Jiaute iCh.inibi-.(!l.. Kiom Ium . .The :ip|K-li.'it!i#;i cf ih:ii 
‘4;ir, whi'.h vicw> New ohvi m.s. .'iiid ii.jw the ‘ uii. 

i i'2. I'-x posed f>r Open io - action or iiifliitma-; ; 

I li.ahlc. Oh. 

x6oi D.vm!-.l a.'. It ’iirs - ifif>iJ . I. cii, Siic li a*- obvious u;it'.i 
halted iiio. 1647 biLi V C/tr. .-IsdW. cW. 072 If ri.mkis ibr. 
Native ohvii'iii!. to many iIIm •iitiiiuiiliiii-., 1669 XS'mki 
. sy.'/. - 1.< /-/'•■. ib:j if ^ci'.r t>ard>:'i I-.- t»bvi.:.ijs loth*-. mUi 
winiT 1710 SiKKi.K ‘i'afiirSn 2|( f 7 'I l.f Pi*d:irii is -c 
idixious Io Kidirii]t\ >760 ■7R II. P"tw;-Ki. J'tW af Oun:'. 
(rStHj) III. i_j Slic urih.^-.^, ami oh'.it-.nN i 1 scdiu li' in. 

•{*3. (.'oriiing in one's way, met with; jiefiiicn'.lt 
met willi or bnind ; f:(•nlmr‘lll1y ficenning. Oh<. 

XV. XX' /■"«»,■■- Tot 1 *ic --Aib^ I'Iik baiini'.i.-, 
wliii h are of lircatcst fame and inosl ;inloiT..T v . 
1638 StK T. Iliuiil-Kr yVflT'. u-d. -. s SiifliT im* to loll 
\s' '.1 of a fi -h or v, uhi. ]i in llu-;:c '-cas wtTf o' vicu ' 1695 

XX’oDov-. .\\U. Iii'!. Katih f. (i7i-p ‘1 lu* m M i^>ii;;ri y. 
c» C.'lia.IU pit‘ arc so ri.ady and ./.oioii-. in alinc-l ail 
IMaccs. 1760 ■7a H. l5rot>Ki-: of ^b.-«#/. III. i-.i'"- 

'I hiiu;;Ii your wuhrii wtif. ;is olwions tc my \i.t!Ks;> . ^ oinl.'i 

4. Plain and open to llic eye or niind, cleall^ 
perceptible, |H;rfec f lycvnlent or iriaiiifest ; palpable. 

1635 fj« .\nr.i I'.utfl. II. Ai *171^.1 in-- Mv flo'-r is Md c, so liii'*, .And has inuic iilRi-KiS rul.'; ihrm iliim'. 1651 

Ho|i|;|.s \ .V,J. . iii ^ ;i. r/. J-IK.n.f ac* oIa iou' 

li.> the sfiiM-, lliiii.4'- to conic t:.« oni* Rc.'iM-n •inly. 169a 
Hi.Nri.kV iv . " -j Pii- ki*d w fr-fiu ii-: 

f.livioii, iiw.aiiin^. 1716 l.ioN'iti. AUrrii sAfi iii:. I. ;i/. 

If yell inril.t* it in XVintf-r, it is i.ib' k-u t th e. th*- l'' «■»!', 

1 1,11 1; it 1793 Pitkk ? V-... CoHiint Mtnt*yi:y Wk-. I. 

It -iiipi.ip. ohvi-.*u' to 111**, th.'ii «..pc or the .<th«'r i.f th «• 
two : n .’It in» !i, iv, Mi. Piti cr Mr. Im..v, lanst ).« 

iniaisK r. 1805 P' ‘-iNfs 01 .X*. j-**- .V.v/v‘ ij/ I. 6^. A 

scnall pa]i^:ii'c, not o'.jsi.uis to liir Mi^hi. iS^S Pi'i'kt) 

( V.' ///\ '. i}’7it T I. \-iii. |.;.i Hi-- lu-vdcccs.. .w'- i*i ihi-^ inatlri 
h.vl iicjh.-acd .il.vai.js diitv. 

b. /.iuu\ Plainly di-uin.giiislmble, clearly vi-dl.d^', 
evident, .is an ohvion: marhnii’ or strife'. oi>])i.»::eil 
to ohentf. 

Obviously gbvi.».^ir. f/i/;*. p.picc. + i.v-j 

fl. by the way, tii j.a-i.diig, iiieldenlally. Oh, 
i6a7 77 Fi.i.tii.vm J\i\u:i:.s n. .-.iMii. -j/:4 lU. il.;ii liaiii 
in--p»:'tii » t'liTirta btu by th»‘ by and obviously. 

2. hi a clearly perceptible manner, evidently, 
plainly, inariifebily. 

i6j8 Sir I , HrieHFRr Trai*. i»-d. 2! 30JI Texts <»f h.ily \XT;i 
obvi'jusly writ or pahitctd. 1668 H ai.k . i (•* i.htu, 

bij, Otilvr iiiattur*. mor«* obvioii dy df-din ibb- by .-X>miiiii-iita- 
lion. 1748 .li:sc.u's I '.y. ill. i. \.yj The- v-vflit i tw-» I.she..l- 
we.ic DiAiimNiv i‘tiiiiit:b iinap.'iblc of furnisbin-^ ns with a.'.y 
;tv-i-t:.!ic<.*. 187a fh vie .-Ltv. 2 'hation iii, .-Xiihui .. was J 

it!/\ Ij-j'isiv in .a I tad feu’iJ^-r. 

Obviousness ff-.-isprco. +-m-:s«.) 
il. The stale or condition of l»cir!g expo<»:;d or : 
0]u-?i to; opeiim^i’4, exposure, liabililv. (VV. 

1669 XX'in.i.Ktta: Syxt. iGi A't’**ioiu|[i to tin.* 

in ii;li» i.f t)fc Pidc, uaiino of tho r^Kauit!. .-.nd 1 ’'vi 'U-wn. s 
to Winds. «v 1677 If -i.r /b/’/ff. Mitfi. i.. «iii. e'.* I.i 

II' vfil-. \it iuit) .t: I.I ohvii-nisni»' to i>!tM!iv;C!*Mi. 1841 
I'l-ri'Niai i'tir.t.W \AV:ii ii .|ii7 'l iit.* '•! \ii'i:* n* ss ttf thi- 
wiflt.w (itnhr K.i'-f j. .U'.dl in.'tiuici •.fnppic-^ .'•.'.nl v:v:i;; 

2. rile niiabty of beiiig cleaily periv|t!iblc ; llie 
blnte or cniiditb.'n of being e.isily seen or under' 
stoml ; plainiio^ or o|>-.*iiiio*s t».» the eye or iiimd. 

1671 J. W' t I'siT.ii .lA //i/.'.'v' . i. I? XVh.'io t.l’i ii'ii'-si*.- -s and 
I. tsii.f--. an* aw.-.nling t.> kintiv ih*- .sul.jfi.l. 1704 Xfi io.s 
A/i if i' 1 1' ii. iii. 1=..’-; S..iiir. .-r.v iboi;;jbi to \\ii!«* «.l«*:.i'y 
iiii-ii'li ihr.tUiih the na-itn-s.'i and ^itiNiou.'-rn-':-. *. f ihcir maiti 1. 
1864 j \ / .\. i'j I Iinitiii.g t n;t .>f ir-. 

*-i.i*niing tiivirtiiiy and obvhui -Uf-s. Ti/Uti 

I.XXVIII It h.i:. }*o.i’!i K-mruVi-d. with lapin: iiiub 

••bvifti.MiK.s'.. ilial Irii .]. 

1 Obvi'seate, ''• Ot'S. niic. [f. 1... i'l'*- 1 b I 

h r7..ii7fv to :%nK8i'.] /runs. To .smear over; !•> 
smooth ns with .a slimv coaling ; to inoliifv. 

tr. Toutt's Mifi, I V.v//;/. \i\. .vs; S'vt-i*l ihin^,. 
ob\isf.rtii:-. and bhiiit its saiii-r .-XiTiniuay. 1710 1'. I ri.i.rR 
i'h.ivut, D.xU'wf*. It . . i-ibvi.iit-iitrs, ;i:!,.| nt.iilifiirs .-i-id 
inMrai.'.s iludr |ff.*riiiciiiiii'j; partich.'S of ihc bL-'idl ini|'v!iicus 
i’lirrcnt in the Can.'d^. 

t O'bvolate, r'. i V j. rare - if.i s.oh ; (.)n- lb. 

+ Tv/iire to fly.) iSee c|uot.1 So + Obvolii tion. 

1856 pilot 'NT f '/vi.-*/.i/i*, to llic ni:aii'.si. 1658 

Pit I I.I. It'S, O/’Voiafiou. a flying aj^.uMM. 

Obvoluto (|■''bvA^'//l\ a. Dot. fad. I.. obvot'it- 

«.''i p;t. pple. o{ oh'olvTrt". >cc nc.vl.J ^See ijiiots.) 

17^ J. Lk!:- Introd. nl. xvi. 7.rj f^iVwVi.V, 

Fowled ni;aiiiM I'ai-h ntlin : whrii Ihcir rfspi-rtiie. Marti ins 
alti'inalely cmbr.ii.c tlic :-lrait Margin of the opposite l-raf. 
1833 l.iNr-r.Kv tairotf. fiof. (iP4-^) lb ;7'|. *870 IhMit-v 

.Matt. Tot. fed. 2J 143 If the half t.f one rondupliratc 
leceivc.s in its ftild the h.ilf i f .in-nhcr fo'itli:i| in ihcsante 
iiiaiiner, the vernation is half eiiuit.uit or Libvolittc, 1880 
(iH.\Y -V.Vwr.'. Tof. 

Obvolution (pbvi?li//Jan'. rare. [ad. I . oh 
volutibn^ffn a w'rnppiiig round, en%'<df)ping, n. of 1 
action f. obvalvTre : see Oiix'OLVE.] T'he wrapping 
or folding of .1 bandage roniul a limb ; also, t a 
fold, twist, or turn ^of something coiled^. 

‘ 1578 Hanikicr liisi. A/an vi. H-j In. .their foUlcs, wrrlh.vs 
Obuolutinns, .'ind I ibniduh'S, v.i iimrli '.evde is c;i>nii iin vl. 

1649 pi.i.wik i 'ft! it. any,. f. .V. r ry V.'i..m;ib tl..; Toiijy.u- 
l.-i.iy Mn-a !■: h-f. aii-.v . f it ■■ -.^i. ) .bv .a,ii..i;-, .-^.,1 

iiiipiicui-.!.., . >i:i ii .is iiL-r. i8s 7 -.l-vXM. 

1 •irufiiiHo,. ,;;pp'i..d to llii’^i.niiili^r.iM-t ...f ! 7.,.' 
vvMj.iped .i-i\ liiiiii: nbv ijuii 1!.. 

Obvolut-ivo ■,< h\ddi. 7 iiv . f/. [t I.. 

ppl. ^tem id ohoiure ■si.i.- ( ).';Vi.i.i n.; t- i\k.] 
<.h;\i.LT;TK ,1. 18R6 i : I i! i/ .i. ^ 

ObVOlve b.'bvpdv;, 7-. ;w;,. (l. I. 
to wrap Kiund, f. oh \ i in- i 1- . 1 r-t'/’r A'r to I'.'d | 

1. t/unw 'I'o wrap iiiund, mutrlc uji; to iii=.giii.-.i\ 
1623 (.!' it'Ki'.rAM, 0 .’'uottie, t'l (ulil rc-ijM-! about. 1635 Hi . ■ 
uin.iti \'iii. 41,7 riir ili.-ub'.Ii.i* I »i' . .ail 

tiUulvid Ifuni . 1651 p!f;f.s .X r?'- /'//». f r' -l f )’.iv ; l-.i-.l 

wiili .Ml ;dii'n and fc:iv.ii i>.|i .-ifP-iur- ifiS7 1 vi /l'^7.-||.'<‘.-. 
y •/.»/. iiO P:li in:i-..>ir..n:iiM !>c ol.iVi;lvi;-i i.i !iiic Uui' ■ i. 

■|' 2 . 'I'o laiiNC lo lull loimtl 01 ifVi.die. / ■/-. 

1(549 lb III in /'fifii,n,jyvf. II. V. 17'j Ills ii>!i. .Mn-ili'-.i 
t.ln-v l.s. .with ij ksnil f r f ir, r!,f.:ii..’i il\ 0 'M ih I O.- 
I'lv** I" tin- ;;rc:itiT .An id'-. 

lienee Obvo'lviua ///. a., wr;:jipiiig rMiirjd ; 
y/t.\. ill h.ntciu. t jin si-.:, 

i826Klii-.n i\ .<1 Af.V'ii.Vi IX'. ;.-5 Pii';hi'’‘ia.x. .OV\i..>lviis5, 
wln-u ;uc.* [11 iihi i K.i n ,i -uMr' ' ir liom I'.f 
.■■.lilc-pci 111. . : .4 riyiia .. t»b\ .iviiiT, when ihe-i 

fjtipiif-'irK* ijliVlt .\ I .ii-idt-'-.'i!ilr i-f ihi' ■..I'b;'; uf the 

Obvolvent ’.djvp-lvcrd , a. [ad. I . i '-rwOirnt- 
t if/, pr. i-ple. of e : see prcc ] M rapping 

■ T lulding round ; (diviilving ■. .see ijiu 1 . 

i 857 M.\’. Ni; -'.f.i'., 1 -.I. 7 - 1 1;.. . . I-- Iditit; aliMiL ; 

w;.i|iliii Si .nn.l ; .i}>piii‘it f-i iLilicilics. hi-.h ant liv .-.(IT .i-? 
in;; imn li.iiii' :.l -njip-nt, n-. hinid.iji' s, »ii'- ; • iIjvhI' • nt. 
Obyte, -ytt, id)<. iornis ol Oi'IT. 

Oc?, vnr. ;\v but; AIK. |i;i.t. of A' Hf: 7-. 
il Oca (l■l■‘d.;i . Also i) ocoa. [Sp. ru?. a. J'crii- 
\ tail ef. tMiu^udi/. /V'. i|A. ibo^. jfij ‘ 

i-ier!.! i;t\r. Haiiind.'i fissi'.] A nanu- nf two .Vaitli 
.■\ivien\;nii spei-h s of ( ' iii.'/.v. O. t»>i,v'a and 0. 
fnbtr, ut. cuiliv.iU'il for their tiihciib wliiub rLSCiT.!..!.-' 
potalo(;s ; the loniicr for its neiil Uaf sft.'ili- s. 
1604 F. t.ifk.'V' 0'A-..'a,i'x J\, xi-iil.-if.; 

ikip.e-! ;i”il ( -e. I.c the 1 hie-fc k-r n •■.ui'dum-i i i..;ii.: 
-.iii ttiSB Sin P. Kv«‘i tr. r 7 .x?-, . nl 

vii, 'Ibieii.- i . .•ii:ijihi;i s. .j uim'.h litey [I Vriiv i r.nh t /i.a, 
..f \iiy pIciiv.T!i; it is and tl.i-k a iiu-.n ' 

iill!c linL^er. 1760-72 It. yoan \ '1 (I. i. 

1842 Pr'eu^KM .XV/i*. ///.(.'. J.'.iw 4.0 In the I-- 1 i-.Iai’i-, 

pl.'.riti d :ir:d llif- m ,.>i i88a I'. K. 

M xkKMAM Jnirlt 113 Ri.-^.s i-f Iivdi.iu pills . NVf; re 

in l!u: l-t r.i.* tluir iiilb* In-up. i ' i-i .i--, 

w.-.. .liid'ii.rr p:ov|^i.^!. . 

Ocaui, « bs. fdttn of O.xKi .M. 

Ocarina /'kar.'-na' . [f. It. Vi a gc' '.in ret. to . 

it.^ .sliu|.»e) I- -iv\l.] .\ simple Kind of niu’^icfil 

ii)slri!mcnt consiii-ling of a soir.ewhai 
leiia eoll.i body wiih a wiiisih -like Tneiulhi-iccr and 
finger-holi .1 ; its noies are .soit and so.'.oior-:, l Ui 
il ha; little compn.-.s : il is made in <LVcrai si/cs to 
]>roduce x.-iiiety •>! losic. 

[1876 St»:n! k iV. /, X-!-5 i\, . 7 »fn , .'i 

sciic': if -'CM-n iinisji ..I ii.s’Liunirni-- i!-...ib: '..f mra i-i/ii;i, 
pii-.ii'il -lirh 'u.;dl bulv'-. i'lvenJrd ‘‘-y u lomp- ux i.»f pi-r 
f in!»-r.-» t.-iiIn!L’. ihei:iM-;M.-s llu- .\li:ii.ii..ii-e.L:s • -1 tnc.Xpits 
liliit;..] 1877 J'.l'.nf -S/f . /'. ff.’i.V./ N. .. l*"!’ i .\ I'. I' (. .il 

v.-i-,!-.| ii..-ij-ii;!ii.:.i . . pit b f f -.1 !iu;i! r-i (.lax . .M’d ifie.i ■; rtK._ii 
III br;!.i ; ii ic !.i !»■ i..ii!i.'i! t':r 'I bi.rii a ’. 1883 t-.i, /f '.’j./.i- 
i3.» D!^>.k^ .'tnii jt’i.e-i, Kfi;i.!i .ne i>» the hi-.nJc'-i .. t'-.i iiiii 
( M'l:., \vl .ti i.ii-.-e if ;i i-. P' :i ll:i,£r 1» ». 1893 Va'.i't: 

i.N. \ . r'l I i-lv I.’ ■/ -. A p'ay'.i wiili lift: or fK.'irji.a. 

Oecacion, oi.s. i. ; x. r. < 't c.\ti'».n Oh. 

Occtcan, ol..>. fomi of f.'icK.vN. 
i OcCSB'Cate, Oh. .Mso -coe-. [I l..r’ti-a..>V-, 
ppl. stem t'f /tiiwi or of; /i, fir,: to l.-lind. f. (»/»- 
1 III • x\t,:au. f. l.din 1 ; cf. f .iM'.vr.x ri: a. 

'1 lii; f II in iii . . i'- is in -ti.-. iii .w, . t x. ith 1.. .i.i.ii.-L'.ics ; 
I'til il’.;' in ivv- .ipprai;, t >h.i*.e bi.* li 11 i.r«.- fri-.;v!c::t ii; him!. 

I . .IS V fll ;i-‘ in K'lp. lit" l\ .il I 

t. ai/.x. I .I Iiliinl. Ilcnet; i Occee cated ///. 1;. 
x66i K. XX'. Cot. f. t.'i-ar.i.:.. ii.i. t '.-'if i av‘;: oot-"' « • Like 
;iji iM ;t>- .lb d T.-ibil. 1664 II. M'lsr O'; t'y.pi. i j.- 

XX h'-n'.'ts t 'f.-w.l i-- -.iii 1 . Ill i>.-. M-.ili.* l' t* fi'Ws. •■•r dt;v'<i\<.' O'.f 
pjophrls, i» i.=i t.s I'.#: iis.di-r*^!- od of :hc feinii.-.'io.i -jl 

r OcC8DCa*tion. Oh. ATso -ccc- : see aU » 
OlU’.F.r mh-.v. [.ad. late f. ,\i;r. f//irn-cv/; t». of 
action f. I . : sw; i rer.J 'Ihr aetimt of 

blinding; a l.dinded condition. 

1608-11 Rr. 11 . xi I. A/, •,!/.*. S s; Il is nn a'hii:i-.'ii 1-1 

llie Piisvry of iliis iri A.i'i: o. ■. .iv.-iiiiKi, it is irvti joyncti 
with :i sifuie o..'nli*’.e!u e 1691 ti'. / /'raiia\ 

yy.-w. .h' led. 3 I .7 I » ■■.injK’i-il ;i.s ik'i recatIjM. 

t O'ceallat&til, //■/. a. Ofs. t\r c [f. I., fw .:/■ 
lat-ns haxir.g a skin, callou*, p.t. pi»lc. of 

..f. din- ib; \ ,\iDnvi hard skin' 
■f'fni.j (S(?e quot.' 1 lence t O^ccnHaTioix. 

16x3 ('.’iKKKXM. (Avfl.’.'.l/o/, hr iWilit*. !iii|il. 1658 PllM I. STS. 
l\,\riiafi.'n, .t inakinc baid like hi.xwn. 

Occam, obs. form of Ovki m. 

Occamism pkami/'m?. [f.^iame 0,\a*H or 
+ -Ism.] The doctrine or system of the, 
F.nglidi scholastic philosopher, XViliinm of Oee.nn, 
who lived i:i the hijit h.ilf of the 14th c . c.illcd in 
later times the • fin'incible iVnrtor'. 

OLvain was pupil uf I>tin«i .^eoius. but jci**- tv-l .'■.■'••i -’p- 
j piscd the Rtwiistn of his iu:i%it.r, h'lining a :k‘W sp. i-ulntivi* 
;ir<-l \\-bii rr\ ivs.-il lh«: ti.nt i'-' </( Niiiiiijialr -in. iff lu.iiriUnne.-t 





fJial general hav(* no rr.ili'y out of lh<* luinil, 

!i»l are merely a j»r;xliiu:l of an*viTa(liori. His tracliiiiKs jue. 
}>arod tlio way for ilie overthrow of sf.h(>l.isticKin, 

Hence O'ooamiit, O'coamite, a jlisciple or fol- 
lower of Occam; Occami atio 

^579 I’t'i KK KiH.ifi'f yr.. Jirawliiit^.s l^erwf-ru th«‘ Hi »■ 
arul Sn)li‘>t‘-, A!l»enisti, Oi'eami^is. 1657 Ji.vmir 
tI'Mfnj:-s/iret /’<'/. K i| I’hey 'lifter in niaiiy l.innhi-.l 
j'oiiitc, as ihr wriiiin!-, of the Sr.hoi hiitn, ihi- l liomists, and 
Sc 'lists, ami ( U.kaiuisls . . do dedarc. 1837-9 H auam J/tif. 
Lit, 1. iii. $ ("i Maslci> of art*; Were honnti hy oath never to 
truth Ockh.imism, 187a J. 11. IIutvt SiCiisJ\cnmiie!(^ 
the stliool of lui>(lii»h Nointnalists, or rather the revivers of 
Nomin.-ilism.who followed Willimii of ( ^cdiani's leml in the 
tii« h.ilf rtf the fourteenth cent my, .md whosr np|>i*silion to 
Ke.'iiism hroup.hl about the decline of Si holiisiir philos^ipliy, 
Occamy (p kami •. Forms : 6 ochainio, ock- 
amie, ocoam, 8 ochimy, S-g ockamy, occamy, 
(ockumy). [.\ corrupt ft^rni of ./Vi'wjr, alcainy^ 
Ai.cHEMY.] a metallic comi)o>itioii iiniiatiii<r 
silver: cf. Ai-ciikmv 3. Alsot?////^. 

1596 Na.smj' Sajfion f/’.i.-Vf R N ij b, A ton^iu: i.if f:oi'pcr 
01 ochainie (metrdy cfinnreiri.*iiini: sil\er) such as ovuaiie 
pipes suijcants mares :irr made I'f. 1713 Stki i f. 

No. vi.> p I Tins thimble and an r>ci.a!iiy %pooii. 1755 JotiNsov, 
Oihimy^ a mixeil h.\sr nirtal. 1857 .Sii< I*'. I'.mairavf S,\rnt 
•V /'.«<■. 11 . Stg 'Hic ilawnint; spirit of ronvoiiiimnd hi.uii.Mir 
Cildin^ the o« kamy vhi'dd of Chivalry. 1864 A', ili {}. ;pil Ser. 

V. 410 This <> •.-..imy I'f lidii ido '.Irihoiaicd hy iliree of the 
vt.ihal .'ddiiMiii Us nf the dity. 

Occar, oi*)s. form of ()crTRK. (Vkkii. 
tOcca'Se. o/^wrarf. [ail. L. a falluijj, j 

goin^j down, .^ellitig, f. slciii of ihYrWiW to fall 

tfown, f. flfi- On- I .a) i f to fall.] Falling, fall. 

1609 tCpYwoort /V#»_v V. xi.iv, 11 c li{;hts in Lfimios, '.an Vnli an dii* l?y ihiN.^ ta'^f. 1657 Tomlinson J-^en 'n's 
] A small .. seed ^^•lloVi•s opoit the «)C';:V'C of its 

llil<.%CIS. ■ 

Occasion .r/*.l Also 4-5 'ioun, 

-youn, 5 -iono, 5-6 -yon'>, '5 -cion, 6 -cyoii, 
“tyoHt 6 - 7 -tion}. [ad. L, tfiV.wV/z-fw falling (iif 
things towards (each cither), juncture, of>portunity, 
moiivo, rca. 50 «, pretext, in late L. nko; n. 
<if action f. erri,/, ’*>*,? (see jTcc.} ; in l\ Picasion 
(r2-i3tho. in Ilalz.-Darm.) a le.irncd form, which 
.at length displace*! the popularly descendeil OF. 
0 f/in\^p 9 t, Oihoiso}}^ iioi ih. !•>. okeson^ okhou^ 

OiCii^on^ etc., O F. achais*^ athas - , acht \ ■ , i/r ///>. | 
««, -cw, ctc.,r7;/-, emheixou, etc., ‘occasion, cause, j 
reason, motive, accusation, accident, circumstance I 
whence ih«^ MF.. forms AcnEsorN, ANniE.souSf, i 
KnCUEASON, t:.HKS(d X.] j 

I. 1 . A falling together or juncture of circiim- | 
stances favourable ur suitable to an end or pur* 
poie, or admitting of .stimclhing lieing done or j 
eftected; an op|»ortiii]ity. fTii early use esp, in 
pregnant nense, Opi-tTlunity of attacking, of huilt- j 
finding, or of giving or taking offence ; a Mi.andlc ’ : 
ag.ainst a ]x:rs(>ii, 7 o iakt Oy'rasiott^ to take acl- j 
vantage of an opportunity (to do .soinctliing). 

138a WV'.MF n A 7 «^*.t V. 7 Takilh heed and sceth, that ■ 
ijorasirtiiu-, I Vid;;. oc-iishufs] he sechitli a?vyns me. — a ( or. I 
xi. i2_ Thai that I do, a-jd 1 seh:d tlo, ] kiltR awey the 
orc.'i.sioan t'f hern, that wi'.lL-n 'KV.a^iinin. 1484 Cwros /Wues 
t*J rhv'p T. iv, .M«u .. ‘:t*liyiig« wj.ision to iloo •■rtinc harmc 
and diHMiTi.i'.'f! to the fj.vtd.' 1546 Per/, yW. df W. 

1 5 11) 17 h, All this Fu>: d yd t<.i Kyinr vs .111 rtrra«;yo»i of rrucrent ! 
f.-iniiliarii^ 1538 Starkev F.nj;Utiti f. L y.| Let j 

ni.t fi/..:asyon slyppe. 1561 T. NoMfOiV Cah’in'x Iks*, ii. 14^ I 
I 3 f w!iii..h word**? the Apostle loke i.H.r.A'duFi 'm make iliis I 
roinp.iri‘on. 1613 l’T'r((:«.\s Pii^riwti^e , i6i4> ^5 'rip futcr ! 
'M tasion i»f levfiytr offered it !4ilfo. 1660 I'cn-.s lU.xry ! 
fi 1 V(‘., f took occasion to go up and to l>ed in a pti. 1703 ' 
J. Lof;\N in /\i, Hixt. Svc. Mcin, IX, We tal.e nil ]iiis- * 
sibl-^ care to aviiid Rivir.R or cast. -r. 1779 J. yic:u . 

y-V*. (17^0) I. i. 7, 1 now sci/c the fusi i;<.i;.i>ji)ri of roni- | 
inuriic.-ilin;; the whi le to y.iii, 1799 Harris in Owen .1//-./. l 
IPcltesleyx 0377) 117 Colrturl Wellrslcy's division j 

turning the liiyjht llanfc .>f tin* enemy, fi.'ivc o«;i..'i-.i.jn to 
(Jcneral Flo^'r! .. to ilisprr^e a cuic.hery of infantry. 1815 
IIkntuam Patian. Fefv. -^44 A prime minister has not .so : 
in.any .jcr.'isions f...r .icriiiirinp, iurfriiiiition rerpeciiiijL: farm- ' 
ini» as a fariiu r. 1875 J'.-wi- i i /VrtAi fed. u) HI. Vi 7 Flcrt:. . i 
We may tjike occasion |jo coirca a!) error which occurred at 
p. ",'v. 1879 tRoi.'rii. C.'exo-r ix. lo"} (Kc.'tsioiis of war h.nd ' 

I'ccri caufsht at with rich r.f.mni unities. i 

b. Versonifictl aa a female bald behind ; esp. in i 
to lake occasion hy the forelock : see Fokflock sh!* 2. j 

.c* 59 * MAiii.f)’.vF. 7 *?:/' of Malta v. ii, Itcgin hcitmes ; occ.i. ' 
Sion's bald behind. 1606 Hkvskktt i hy. Life If he nmy i 
once lay hold vjrjii that locke, which, men say, Oo asion ) 
hath (;rowiii^ on her fortrlicad, heinj; bald liehind. 1^1 ! 
Milion /' K. HI. t 73 Zc.-il .'ind duly are not slow, Ihil on ' 
(>C«:.isioiis ftmclock w.'itrhfid w-ait. 1810 .Shki.i.fv Cend v. i, i 
We ran escaiM even u.iw, 'so we tnkc fleet occasion by the i 
hair. i8si 'f knsvson To the. Queen ;x I’.j take I fccasirm by ! 
the hand. ^ ; 

2 . A juncture or condition of things, an occur- 
rence, fact, or consideration, affording ground for 
an .action or a state of mind or feeling ; a reason, 
ground ; also, iif pregn.anl sense, gor>il or adequate 
reason : » C.\ir8K sh. 3, 3 b. 

t Occasion svhy ^ * reason why* ; cf. cause sdiy. Cai sf .tA, 

7 C. occax/on,inilncr*rtvut tosin.'offrucc'. ‘stunililinc- 

filock ‘ CJr. ateai'^aAoi' in N. T.i. 

c 138s CiMUCtR L. G. IP. 994 Oit/o, And «^horfly ii.Mfi id 
the oCf!a.d(>ii Why DiVK) 0'»m« in-to th.^t Keamn. 1489 Cxx- ( 
TON Faytes of A. 1. vii. 17 l!c not inoeued for lyt> I occ i.sion. ! 
1543 bi>. Xkrnf.r.s F/o/ss. I. cxxxvii, 164 Tyll uowe there ■ 

was n^ne why. 13*6 Tivoaif Mat/. x\Iii. 7 Wo 

I be unto the woi Id because of evill occasion’*. ifi/W. :i Vffl hy 
! lic-'i.. t|,y I,,!,, (•evr tlie occasion of ifvyll. 1394 i.a 
Prhi/atni. i-/-. .‘ieaa. 11. 3 W«* shall .it the Icaxt giuc them 
' ccasioi! !•» ihinice more senoiisly of their error. 1613 R. 

II ILL /*a/tr;i‘. Piety Frcf., If ever people ■ . hml oi'c.’i.sioii to 
piaist*. C’.cmI, \vr are they. 1634 .Sir T. IlKnnRur Trar. 3;; Hy 
decrees, U|)on snmll oiTC'.i.sirtii he Iv'Headerl and .stranstleri 
imm ;! of them. 1714 Swift .V/. A//: Wks. i7r,5 ||. 1. 
i-TiWlml t'K'casion'i the iiunisiry may h.ive given Im ihis 
mldiiess. 1746 KiciIakdson LiariAna tiSn' I. xxwii. r?;*?. 

1 bci* your partloii. .fur having given you occasion lomuind 
iite of the: d.-Ue of your l.aRt. 1^3 J. Hrown Poetiy \ .l///.v. 
vii. 1. 1 1 One of the fir.Al Efforts of u jrrowing Politeness is to 
avoid all Orra.sirins of t tffencc. 1843 Dukfns Christmas 
I L .«# vv* ii, The orc.'ision of ii.s iisinj5 . .a r\tin;;iiisher for 
a i-ap. 

•|- b. A pre text ; .an excuse. Ohs. 

Wvci.iF Phil. i. iS The while on al m.nner, elhir hi or- 
ca-uoun tl..// rrrri»A7^ww/]. cthir tii treiithe, Crist isschi:wid. 
>444 Foils of Parlt. V. iir./i none of the saiile oftii'ers 
. he or. nsioii or under < oKmr c.f her <.)ftices take none other ] 
thing. 1596 .SfFVSFR F. IV. x. 13 Dday.. . Who.seiunnncr 
was all‘;cnj;e.i-s to slay \iul entert.'iinc with her ix.'Casiotis 
sly. 1849 Milion fiihoM, iv. Wk.s. (1^47! vii 6 All lhis,.was 
hula im-vc CxUnti .aiul iM-casutn lakrn n| hisrc>--olved aVi-nc**- 
; from the parliament. 

3 . All occurrence lending In some result ; hence, 
generally. That which produces an elTect : ■= C.ausk 
sfi. I . Const, e/", f tka/. y'o ^he occasion fOy to 
give to, to occasion. 

1381 yrsh. x.\iL -5 Hi this ci.vasirtiin ^oure somrs 
.■ihnien turne awey oiirc .suntvs fr.i the dicMl of the Coiil. 
f.' 1403 Lyiw;. Comp!. PI. Knt. 165 Thfui>ihi I'x stkne.^se were 
oorasuiufi I hat he thii.s lay in laminil.'iLiviin. 1560 ir. 
SFitfatiC s Ci'tftm. 4Qh, Henjsi**-, . . t.j ihe leproi hLif (',. , 
iir the w Inch m.iy ho an I’l.-casion uf sedition. xfAt^ MakVki i. 
Let. Mayor of //M,VWk*i. 1776 1 . it 2 The crowil of bvts'intss 
. . rtbiiyini; us to .'it Inuh forenoon ami aficriuwin, . . wbirh 
indeed is I he occasimi ihat I have the les*. vij;..,,- U-fi ;\t ni;;ht. 
1728 N twioN C/tronoi. .-I metti/itt ii. 205 The cxpulsjoti of 
ih'. Shejdicrds by the ]viiiv;s of I'hidjais was the occasion 
that the. Philistines were. s-i miiiieroiis in the days of Saul. 
>75* .(ohnsos Kitnthler No. 141 p 10 \ mi.tiakc which had 
mven occasion to a biirsl of merriment. 1859 'Ifsvvson 
iicrahtt A little vc\t at l»'*;ing r.f the hunt, -V lillle at 
Ihe vile iKTc.asion. 

b. Something that conlribntc.a li> produce an 
cfTtvl, by provitling the opportunity for the clhcieiit 
c.ause to operate; a Mib.sicliary or incidental r.iiisc. 
fbstingui;7hed from cause -- ‘eificient Ciiii^e’ (Cal’sE 
sh. 5). 

l> 55 « T, Wilson /.Of^ike 1. 1 iij, Tlwsc (:aii*-4‘s, that arc 
ft.tchcd farre of, uiid hcoyn;j iiitt halfe causes, partly and hy 
i!i« wa^'c, gcue onely the '.icc.asion.J 1605 Hmon Adv, 
Learn, u. 4 It |mcdtr:int.|< i.iiisidercth causes of diMiase*., 
with ihc occ.a.sirtus or impulsions. ':i705 t'ew.- 
monfl. Pk, in Fiasct /.»^* (i.S'7ii 410 hat nicairs Cause 
Jijj •.i,htin>;ui%h'd from f-h-ca.-iioii? Notninjb; but a bein>jt " hich 
wills, W'lien the tflect fi-llows the volilinu. 1854 J >f t^li'iNcLV 
yl •hp/wojc. ,Sk.. (\t/eri.-/^-e II. 224 Such wfre the causes ; hut 
the immediate <icca.siori of his departure. . the* f.ivi>iiruMe 
opp« •rlunity . . of iuii;rai*ing in a iilc.'isaiit wa;^', i860 M an.sfi. 
i'roleg, ^yji F..\pf:iiei'ce funilshe.s if md the cause 

.'it least the orcasioii t»f every objcrl of our c>'>f{riiliou. 1B71 
MAKKnv Flem. Lain 4 473 The injury to the 
thouvjh it is never the of iV.c action of a Court of Law 
is the ocr;L-.ion of ii. 

o. A person who causes or brings about some- 
th iug ; f,sp, one who does so incidentally. 

a 15^ fiM hChrpn.f lien, I'fi 37 He su-peclcil y» Clfraldc 
erle of Kyld.nrv . , was the cause ami ot'ca.'.ion y' he had iio 
suM'.oures ijor ayde .sent to him. 1605 VKKSTFn.AN iW. 
Inteii. vi. 1 ifia.Si ij?s The t^ucciie of Koftlivh blood royal, was 1 
rHX.isioM dial the dcprc.s.-;cd Kiiglisfi nation was raised a^aine 
vrifo honor and i.rrdil. 1680 FstaiL Text -jg He will not ' 
foiyi'l ili«. ,e w ho have l»ccn the. occadons. .of ciui liy. 1711 ! 
Si i.Ki.i; .V/i’cf'. N«>. 136 P3 He was the Occasion lh:il the ; kept their Fire, in .so vldier-like a manner. 1814 ; 
Soi iiiLv Noiieritk xxiv. 255 Vain hope.*-if all the. evil was ; 
ordained . . And we the jioor •K'.ca^ion. 

t d, 'Fhc action of causing or occasioning. Also • 
transf. That which i.s cau.^d or occasioned. | 

^>533 bu. Hf.Rvfr.s 531 Ht made his com pi .ay nils, 
how by ^ihe occa.vyim of ifuki? Hiion f>f Jhirdcaii.x, he b.tcl I 
loste .iiii. of his ncplmes. 1^ Macs ir. SleitinHe'x Comm, ! 
776 I'hey s.iyp. t( is to be impiiled, |Kirtly to their uwne ■ 
erroiii, p.arily to the iK.r;ision of others. 1598 II. Jok.son ' 
Fv. Man in Hum. iv, viii, With iut adjei lion of your ■ 
Assist.-inre or Occasion. 1600 Smak.v. A. V. /.. iv. i. 173 O : 
that Woman that eannot make her fault her liusljiinds ix'c.'f 1 
sion, let her neiicT nursie her chiUlc her sulfc, 

1 4 . That which gives to discussion or con- 
sideration; the subject treate<l or dcbntetL Obs. 

1615 Lath \M Falconry (1633)91 In the forepart of thi.s l«jok 
1 haiift WTitten more at large vjk?u the .same ocr.:i‘:inn. x6x8 
Hr. LL.AN'nAi=-F Let, to Abp. Canterh. in Hale.s Gold, Kem.^ 
.Since thi.s time the .Synml )ialh been somewhat warmed ; 
for before we were held with .small ocra.%ion<. 1651 Fuller's 
Ahl Redhf.^ Melancthon I, 279 Tellinj? lliem that in 
a general i;oiiiiciI all cxjcasions, defenditigs, opinions and 
jud/tniKMi'i nught to he free. 

II. 6, A juncture of circumstances requiting 
or calling for action; necessity or need .arising j 
from circumstances. Const.yr>r (f of) or inf, > 
1576 Ki-kMiNr, Panofl. Kfixt. 278 Tell me (good friende) \ 
what (tciiaidon c< 3 nstr.Tinecl you, to .seeke acccssc helhcr? | 
1398 Shaks. I Itm, IP. III. li. 74 When he h.'id occasion to 
be seeii^ 11 c wan but as the Cue Row is in Itme, Heard, nut 
regarded. 1607 — Timon in. i. 19 Hauiiig great and instant 
oct'jision to vse fiftie 'I'alcnts, 1697 JJampikii Coy. j. no, 

ixu-ks of flower, fur a reserve, if we should have Ol^c»T• 
siun of any. lyta .AnunxiN S/ect. No. 439 p 3 There will l»c 
no i R-.'a.Nion for him, 17^-71 H. Wai-wle i'eriue's Anerd. 
Paint. (1786) IL 235 Having frequent occasion to make iixo 

of enamel, 180a Mar. KoncwoKTii Moral I\ (1816) 1 . xv. 
t wo The corrector scarcely h.'id mi'asion to altrrawotd. 
1884 Illustr. Loud, Noii's 77 Sept, agi/ j There is no occasion 
10 i;,'il| in the magirians, and the ustrologers. 1885 Law 
limes LXXIX. i ju/* Every l.TWj-er who has had ix'c.asion 
li> thread the labyrinth of the .siatntes undri which T^ondofl 
is governed. 

t b. A p.irticulnr, esp, a pcr.sfjnal, need, w^ant, 
or requirement. Chiefly in pi. -- needs, require- 
ments. Ohs. 

j *598 SiiAKs. Mi uh. / 1. i. i3i.» My purse, my person, my 
ext meanos I .yo ;dl vnlock 'd to yiiiir 1 )cca‘'ion.s. 1665 
Sir T. Hr Rtmki J'ra^i. 11677) 174 Seeing the Pi ople cut them 
into m.'iny sliicvs, and tlivcrt the stream to serve their <K:cn- 
; sions. 1740 J. Clakkk Kduc, Youth smI. 3) 171 The Latin 
'I'onguc wants Words to .*in.>wcr a great m.Tny of our modern 
t trra.sidiis. 1753 Pii-.i lusu Amelia in, vii, He had imt a 
shilling left to spaie fnuii his own (tci:asion.s. 1795 Nf-LSON 
19 Inly ill Nirtolas Visf. (1845) II. 57 A total dt-prtvaiinn uf 
smhi fur every crtiiirnoii uceasiiui in life 1% the coriscquencu 
of the of pari of the cryst.'il of iny right rye. 1806-7 
J. ljMUk'*iF(.*Rn Miseries Hum. Life (t8;.'6J v. C*'nr|., I hope 
you cLii FiMitiive tu suit iheni in my occa-si'Jti.s. 

te. Tluat which one has need to do ; necessary 
business; a mailer, piece of business, business 
engagement. Cbieny-in//., Affairs, business. Ohs. 

•594 N A.*uiK Un/ort. Trav. sS No interpleading was there 
uf opp'iOto iX-euNioiiv. ^ 1607 statutes in HhL Waktjiwld 
Gram. Rih, (logi) 57 Suci.hc* as .. have, oi:c:»si6u with the 
giivnnours. »6oy Ruihtg Fee. L 17 ; They going 
idiuiit their ix'f .isions, 1636 F.ait or M av in stkh in Ji», - 
t/enth .1/A.V. Hlist. Al.SS. (.'omni.) 1 . AyG My ucCiVAions are 
HO inanv as I know ni)t wlicihcr they will givi* me any leat'c 
l-i the roiinlry ihk .Mimnier. 1679 R. tr. hoyntuau's 
Theat. U'or/di.^i 'rin-y ••uiplotcd ihem^idveA aLnit their 
lawfid u' casifir.'J. /r 1713 Eiii-«oOP .1 i/.W'iie. >714) 70 \'(m 
:ii4-. di*.eh:ugcd, and may take >iiuv l ih^rly, to go idioiit 
your Owasion-.. 1783 N iM son -P.Ott. in Nirolts Ptsf. (iL'451 
I. S; Six tnonlhs li*av*; uf aijAeiu v. to go to F.isle. in Fianee, 

I on inypiiv.2te ucasinns. 1840 IkAKiiAM inji*ffi. i.ix.. Leech 0/ 
j Feikest.. l^.ctake thy self lo tliy lawful fACaxiinis. 

! + b. pi. Necessities ol nature. Ohs. 

1698 Fhvkr Aic. K. India 4- T56 Where they do all 

! rtixa^iuns, leaving their Kxi reincnts ilu re. 1755 Smoi 
; IV. x\. My inn.Aivr Dtwi Quixo'r .. eal;., drinks, .'tnd 

I iirti-s hi^ f.x'casivin?, like other men. 1789 M. M.Artw tr. Per- 
j sins ii7Qs> 38 m/e. it was indawfid to do thcii oecnxion^ or 
: to make water in any s.'icaed place. 

III. 1 7 . A juncture of ciicum.staiices (in itself) ; 

I the falling out or ha|>ptning of .anything; a casual 
occurrened'; nn event, inciiivnt, circumstance. Ohs. 

' ’534 Ki VrtT /^x 7 >'. i'tinees gh, Duuc ihoA nothing in 

, fern:, ‘fen*; uiher men knowe what tunc and 'Kiadon is 
incctcstf'r the, i6as Snt R. HuVi.K Diaiy in /.ismote Papers 
i Ser, 11. (rotl7> L 41 Since my la-l heat is yrowue no oi.'(.:i.sion 
: worthy ihft ndvcritsing. a 164^ WiM iikui' Fnst, (185.;) 
IL 3fiil rhere tell out at this liuic a \i^ry ’’ad oLTn! ion. 
fh. ncn. The falling out or happening of 
; things or events; the course of events or circum- 
j stancc.s. Oh. , 

! 159s Smak*;. fehn )V. ii. 175 With hold thy d. ilrr.idfnll 

i Otaiiiion: i» make a U.Tgjic with me, ‘till I haiic plvah’d 
My iliscoiilfmlvd Pi'trvs. 1597 — 2 Hen. //', iy, i. yj^ Wkc 
I see which way the Sir.*amr of Time doth riinnc. And :ur 
j «n(fori:’d from cur most quid thori;, Hy ihe rough Turrent 
I of f.)c«:a.sic>n. 

8 , A particular casual occurrence nr juncture; 
a case of something happening; the time, or 
one of the tinie.s, at which something hajipeiis; 

•a |>.ai(icular time marked by some occurrence or 
by its special character. f Formerly .sometimes 
in more general sense, A case, an instance. 

1368 (iRAKruN II. iiO Ht.'iryn;' ihi' kiriK upiin an 

utLiisiou to t.alkc uf brfiinh;. 1373 L Swrn onn Hours 
AVi./r'ii/, 11^76.1 ITT WIkmi there wi;re itv.Tde at Milan .. rer- 
taync noble .. yuitg nn-u, .Ali iaiii made upon that ck c<vsion . . 
iIm.s** wiiiie vcist'. « 5 M SiiAK.s. L, /.. L.w ii, 14 ) Vpon the 
next ocrasir.n that wemeele. sBgiEv'i.LVN He iaQuiHtX'ompl. 
Gat'd. 1 . 37 It ouRht to have a llalhiAtre wiih seme Steps to 
rume ilown into that Harden, whic h i.s an Ornament to lie 
wish il for in siir h ( V r.’i.AiuiK. 1707 Curios, in Hush. * Card. 
i-t.S ' 1 ‘hus argues Hoyle in scvcial Occ.asloiis. 1748 lf.ARTi.Kv 
Ol'set 7 u Man 1. ii. ai8 The.s« Miwclus drawing the Eye out 
on ciiiiiieut i Jausiou';. i^t Cowfkr Friendship 14B Some- 
times orr.asion brir.jrs to IiRht Oiir frie.nct’s fJrfcct long hid 
from sifthi. 1834 Mmjwin Anxlerin Wales I f. 24 'I’ill that 
neriisiun, I nevrr known wlwl terror really was. 18B3 
Athcturiiw 8 Sent. >>5/1 An nrliclc of his appearing on the 
occasion of the dentil of Gogol. Mod. On ihc occasion of 
her marriage with Mr, — . 

9 . An event or function of some special kind. ^ 

a. A religious function or ceremonial ; in Scot- 
land, a Ciimroiinion service ; the annual, half-yearly, 
or quarterly sacramental season, arch, or Ohs, 

1789 A. Wilson Petemsts Lit. Prose x, (1876)99 Jt hait l>ern 
our custom, on the 'J'uesdny's night aftrr oiir Oi:ea.Ainn, in be 
hdir^ over a pint. 1803 .A. Fkingm: Serm, .4 Lett. 11840) 
T90 Our niitiiinn ocranioan had Ixeen good timcx to many. 
1844 Isolds Wk,x. I, 368 note, 'J'hry fscrvatils] were to be 
allowed to attend a certain number of fairs iind occaaions or 
KacrtTmenls iliiring the year. 189a £. G. M'Crif Worship 
Prcslyt, .Scot, 31 1 The .administration of the U'rd's Supper 
upon what are styled ‘ocrasioiis'. 1900 Ciiariottr Han* 
UURY in Autobfop, (1901) xv, 294 When the Hoine.going is, 

1 w.ant to say. .* by desire '—no flowers;.. Abo 1 would much 
wish a Church of England occasion. 

b. A special ceremony or celebnUion j n ‘ func- 
tion * ; an * event Chiefly rolloq. 

s86o EMKR,eoM Cond, Life, Cnlture \vk.s. (Bohn) 11 . 374 
Keep Ihe town forocc.^sioiis but the habits should be formej 
to rrliriNnciit. 1870 HirKKNS F Drood iif/These occasions 
.Aveni to go off tolrr.ah|y well without me, Pu.viy. Mod, If 
A great ocCAKion. 


IV. PJirasc's and Comfi, 10 . t a, Py oct aiion 
oK throujjh iLc (incidental) operation or a^'cncy 
nf ; by reason of; on account of; because of. By 
occasion that, for the reason that, because. OOs. 

14x9 AV//# qf Parli, IV. 34<5/j Be iiLoi^ion uf llie sficlti 
dimshe. € 145 # i*"* IntiUiiioHO 1. xvi. i« What curry 
man verily in, best U aliewid by ounaMioii of a«tuersiu*. 
C loKirscrK -^'v. 4- //w. Moh, ix. {1^35? \Vi! haiie 
alioscm! off the. kynges snbgcttcs gyjfhyin bataill, 
by ()Cca>>ioii piit thuir Iivcl*>d niid offices were l=c grctt*'!,t off 

t i laiidu. 1560 Dai s Ir. S/cuianc's Comm, I'he Ai rhc. of Mrnt/, ‘I'lcvcrs and Colton by occusioii of llio 
liiithe.H met that tymr together. 1613 Bi:w:has Pil^yimagc 
(1614^ 1^4 They wliith by otcasiori of iouniying or uiidcan. 
nu-vsc r.oiiltl not now Cftcbraie the Pasficover. ^ x6^ Pkpvs 
Diary is May, 'I bc vroni; the credit of ihii offu.c tia:, 
rci civeil by thi.'! r<-«guc'> otx;a.*iion. 

b, + By o(i asion, by chance, casually, incident- 
ally (pds,). On or upon occasion by occasions' ^ 
as occasion or opport unity; now aiul then, 
occasionally. On or upon ('[by, occusion oj\ in 
casual or connexion with. 

1500 Dat;s tv. StciJatie's Comm, A few itaies ^fi» r, 
lohn Slcidiint, t>y o«xa..iou of talk#: -ij'akc of the '■atiir l;> llio 
Kmperours Ainbar-sadour. i5G» t-ttori.u A uw. i 'riv, i^laisc 
(iSs'.i) 46 Oii<! of the copies of this au.iwei' by ot.cahioii .. 
iighiecl Inii'j ;-Ay hands, f 1^5 R. Hj;owni! Amuy. Cart- 
ivn/^ht 3 Tfte prayers may be .. left off by occasioriN: as 
when iliu Minisiei is to 1590 Smaks. MUi. .V. mi, 
i. 150 Xay, I ran plccke vpon ocotsinn, ^1649 WiN tWKOi' 
ilis(. Ar?<f (iSsj) II. 76 Mr. T'et» r byoccasion prvadit-d 
one Lwd’s day. 1665 Sir 'J'. H».;khi:ki (1677) :i»t l*rOv' 

l.'ilaiids .. ^^hu'h .. emiro.'i, aiid in.'ixat del'eiiJ her upon 
iveasion. 17*1 STFFr.K No. P3 Upon otcaMnn of 
the inentioiV of ihc Il.itilc of Pnitowa, 1 u.'iiM not forbear 
giving an Account I etc.). ^ 1. .ISl'..\U1f A Hxio-pu.V. Cil. 
(IRS'** I- App.K. Oil iicriif ioM of ihe*.^ grant s it inay not 
}>r amiss to acid a few reinaiks. 1884 NV. 1 C. NriKKis Thitiby 
Htill ix, .Sli« could be •■xtremely generoui, upi'ii occadon. 

11 . For {otiy upon) onds oansion, ort one’s ac- 
count, for one’s .s.ike. 

1656 IIhAiMiiai.i A’iy>.Vt. V. aar Had they not re.-is^iri lo wcll- 
coniclheiii. . who were t Dine nidy l)ii:ii rii.r.i-.iiiri ’* 1856 
1 -!m. vstjs jx '1 he tr:i\eHer. .rc‘, ids quietly llie 

TiWis ni;W:t|mT*L‘r, wdiii. b .. r.eetns to Iuim: ni:u:.bii,i/.ci{ »1«« 
ii'.sl of iliii World for bis occasbrn. i860 Pcsky.V/w. /Vv/ 7 /. 
iSy Whos i .iinendetii not on occaf ioii of oiber;f, c>lb«.rs :kliali 
be atiUMidt-d oH occa*-l’'M of liini. 

12 . Co/ub,^ 0 ( ffnion-!''i 7 vr. 

1568 t.iKAi ioN ChroH. n. 1J$ Stephen .. uliifli ba'l beno 
tlie occasion ^-.ver of all the tumiiltir. 

t OcCft'Sio&i sh!^ Ohs, rare, [ad, I .. ot oiMnn-tW 
(sec prcc.), taken ass n. of action of occuiac in 
Sense • to t:o down, st;t for which the actual I., >void 
was ocahus.\ Setting (nf the .surt^. 

1539 Bi.ii.K.NUF.v /./i-y I. 0 . S; A.'u; litil the orr.a- 
r.ioiiii of the SO!), /bit/. j;r Sow was tlic sonne f..&( tending 
• to hta t-K-Cilnioii. 

Occasion 'Vk.":*;{.3n ■, 7*. [f. ©COASIO-V sbP ; 

*sF. occasronner to cause?, occasion (i5lh c. in 
Godef. f oiupl , ; cf. Ob'. Oiia,\icncr to pick a quarrel 
with, to .lociise; nicd.!., occasibnarc to burden 
with occasional taxes.] 

•|’l. /fans. To ^ivc occa.sion to (a pci son) ; to 
induce by .iffording an oi»portnnity or a ground ; 
to urge or impel by ciiciimstaiiccs; also, to do 
this habitually ; hence, to habitu.itc, nceu.stoni. 
a. to a course of action. Obs. 

* 53 ® Prtpir />jW.7<r in Kafc me, etc. (Aib.) 134 I'.y the 
meaiirs wberof I tv. sm.iie otlii;r...iro 'ja;i .signed lo ilieli it 
murder. 1545 I -0411 Fraam. I'm. /./iX'ifxi.x. This is 
thy daic, in whkhe thou af. o^i.asi inud to cnic'iidcineiitv. 

*555 Laiimi.r St'fut. .y A’r/.v. (1C45) 24.^ That yc. .ilo. .flm 
best th.i! >uu fan t>r wTasion yuiir iiaiishionerb lo jic.xio, 
1684 I. MaihFU Ab'V.'tjrX'. rnn'-ii, i. (IJ/O 4 My i-biblp 11.. 

soul.s, wht'in 1 li:ir| ixcusioiicd to .^iich :iii end in their 
tender years, when as ilmy could .scaicc be .scn.sible of death. 

tb. io Jo something (passing into 2 b). (Jb'i, 

* 5 ^ f.ovEnn\r.K ^V. Test. Ded., Sndi ignorant iKHlivn.. 
>hall through this small l.xlrour be oi vusioiu'd to attain unto 
more knowledge. 1563 11. J intinj^ (tSs-j) -*04 

Fasting was one of the inrano wlieirby Almighty Guii was 
occ.isioned to alter the thing which he,: b.uJ iiuiqioscd o.ii- 
ceriiing Ahab. 1590 KKu»RiiK, etc. C,r. Artes iifj40| 41 -s 'l o 
oecUMon you to study ibc* belter, I wilt li.ave this (i<aibt 
w'holly to >Dnr ow-ue searc h. 1678 Ci icworiii /m/i //. Sy$t. 
I. t^l j.t. 2? 5 Aristotle .. was not <H<'.asiimt;d to do th:it .. 
bitwise "it Wax a Doclrtnc tlu-n rivncT.xlly Received, but 
only because he had a tiiind, odiously lo impute sucli a ihiiij; 
to the Pythiigurean!!. 

2 . To be the ucciision or cause of (something) ; 
to give ground for, give lo, cause, bring 
about, csp. in an incidental or subsidiary manner 
(cf. Occasion jA* b). 

a. With simple obj. (Sometimes also with in- 
direct personal obj.) 

. .* 59 ^ Spknslk t\\u i. u My hapksM; ea^c I.s not o, ta- 
sioiied through my misirc.s«rl. J. Hayw.mio ir. niotMYs 
.Lrif/tmta ^47 Either loo light, lU' ti^j free feeding baili 
ijccsusiuncd you ibis dreauiv. 1665 Ptfvs Diary 2 Jan., 

I i^Ciuuotieit much iniiLh with a l>ailvl 1 brought wtili me. 
17W lu.-n.ifR >t»W. I, iv, Wk^._i874 I. 76 .Any course uf 
action wnich will ^luhahly occasion llicin yreuter temp'Tal 
iiKorivenicnce. 179^ Morsk .^wxir, 6-,.^. 1 . 170 Us spray 
rises a great Ueicht itt the air, occu'nmung .1 lluck cloud of 
vapours. ^ 1863 I'R. A, K^'MCilc Pi'iiif, ia Ctvf^ia 70, I ;;aw 
an advcTtiscriieiit winch occasiontrd in«* iiiilth thought. 187$ 
Towktt F/ufayzA. V. i6(> He whose folly is ciiXiu.ioiiod 
by his own icalotisy . . la to .suffer nioi^ hcavil}'. 

b. With obj, .ami inf , ; To cause (a pcr.soit or» 


thing; to be or to ifo somelhin;' ; in pass, 'I'o be | 
caused or constrained by circumstances. ■ 

b6io Boys /I’/jt. ii6;yi»4r.j, I am oixa-Toned bi-rt* n meet ' 
a pccitish and vn^haritablc people. 17x7 ir. FreJi/s I oj. ' 
77 When any Man hap|j*iis to li.-ivc a viok-ni Kali, uhkli 
occasions him to bleed at the Nuse. x8oa M\k. EuokMoM '.i ’ 
.1/orni /’. (it 16; 1. xiv. kk; 'riiix fxi.a';ioiied him Ui It. iiiu< !i | 
in the .slif>|j. 1849 (»i!Oii; Cni\e 11. Iv. iifai;-; V'. 53 Jt cmtc.-i. ! 
sioned ibeni to make indigiumi reiiioii>trarik.e. ' 

t c. 'I'o give ‘orie) reason lo go, to tike (one'. | 
1653 Wai.idm a filter i. ?, 1 have stieii.hM my le-. up . 
Tollenliain IHI lo rj\f.t(:ike y,.>u, lioping your bu.siiH.-«-.e nniy j 
Oi.T.a.sif»ii you lowanls Ware. 

t 3 . To employ for iwie*.-; occasions or nceils, to j 
make of. Obs, rirre"^^, j 

163a .SfKi.M.vw //o/.A'#*# rU.-^c 20J, 1 know a Meri.lia!-.?. | 
inai) .. that bniight the Contents of iwci ti-vblc J.ibiaric:.s ti,r ! 
4''v. u piece., ill is .stuff h.\th he ijcc:v;i*'!itd insli:;,.! nf t.luv ■ 
l'.Tper hy the ^p.n.e of more tlmn ihexe Itii VeaisM ,/Urt. I 
From Jiitic, tvho has ocMi|iy*:dj. j 

t 4 . The pa. pplc. was formerly used lo intro- [ 
duoe the cause or occasion of a preceding fact ; j 

cwasioncii bj\ in consequence of. Obs, 1 

i6m Sjk ' 1 . llKRi'.r.UT 'I'ra7\ ^7 |'Ibc ship] Mink« .-md -.v"!-* j 
.sw.Tjlow.-d by liic S.-imls, fv:«:.TSioncd by .1 h* Ii-, ii».‘, l»y i 
j the t 'ai jK-iiter. ‘ //•/«/. f‘'5 .Simt '^•f wbii.h . . w,;r«^ dfi^wiifil, • 
• uiiiibb: I 1 r.wiin to I'h'.'io o-rrui-iorud by ;.nd vi-jlcni ' 

= i;<.inr::C of the Se.i. 1657 K. Kmos Ihu hiioes ■ iby ,) ,if {}\\\ 

i . will ru'.t in the w.irds. .and all ihi.*, '.m t .iir<l b\' , 

I the nioi.Nt Ml fS I f the .\Ii. 17*5 l>i. Kni-. /'.g*. r'und ll 'nr/d j 

■ xi7'J‘htf Indians’ dwtllinti.-;. . w* r(.‘allni a diNtaiKefn<iii ' 
, the liver, otvasii.intd . . by the rivers ovei flowing the flat 

! {'rounds m-ar its banks. 

I fence Occa'sioniug r'bf. sfi. and pp/. a, 

■ r63« A/rt/'C/irt/wA f'fXVi'jr lOiiTi'bTit 1 14 ISB BnMU'dilun and 

! .M* Voiif:^ wrn: bijth to be . ••.iift.U'itd, the f..r nii\ki:i;4V ■ 

I i.)i« di«tur].an<i\ and tht: •illur fuca* iouin-^ i.-l it. 1683 ; 
i I'i ii, A/ii. 1??. All e-a^-y INcne . .;ip;:n .Mn.h f Difiiiii.idi!ii.‘>,;*j 
' rsati rally !n iht; •-> ■■ asi-iiiii.-,; of I'ride, Idlent:-*.-, t.nvuiv. 

} 1817 Cfii.i KiiM.i: J.if, Hc adinits fi%v ageitl::, or 

I o».*.a..i‘juii»i* t 

Occa'Sionable, a. rare. ff. Occasion 7 . + 
-ABLK.] ('.ijiahlc Ilf being occasioned or caused ; ;■ 

■ likely to be occasioned. ; 

it 1677 n.^KKow .Vr.x /#/. W k'-, ifihfi 1 1 1 . Alii. 145 This l'rat:l’n.«: '■ 
will fcua: ns a<:u'n:>t iiiiinudcratc db-plca.-'tiic yo.a: louablc ky i 
; iiu'iib h.ud '.piniij'.^.. ' 

Occasional (pkri'y.niai), f7. >/•.) [f. Occ.t.sti.v 
i -f' -AL; cf. late L. ondsieiidtitcr as occasion 
; arisCA, I rvrtr- re/z/.v/ •.1718 in Out. Arafi.).] 

'I'l. That liappens or arises cn.sually or iiici' ■ 
I dentally; casual. (V><. 

1568 1; F.M'TtTN Clinm, 11 . i.Hj The >lc:dynu of tV.cii n, 

I ami lh'‘ir othtr u,:c.Tsionall dam)n.Tf;t:>. 2654 Fa!t, Mo.s'.m. • 
, tr. /u'nC\‘r’.;t'io's ll'arrs n/ Fiixndcrs M>.* said, .that 1 lie • 
i lumuit«..mii'hi be raused by N-imf ik r.-asioiial confusi'-'n. 
j 2 . Happening or operating on some particular 1 
I occasion; limitetl to sixtcific occasions; arising ; 
' out of, required by, or made for, the occasion.* 

I (hxadonal Conjormity, Cen,fitrmi\i\ Com ok.mii v 3, . 

I ('i»\*n)hMtsr s; /'/// ■- Oo a.«-to:ial ('i^nrortnity 

Bill. oxtt.w? coiiibi*:t?=< ili<^ iui*ai»Ti4s * o]H:rafij-.g ■ 

I on a warlicubir occasion* and '.seivini? ax an occin^ion i»r ' 
j secondary c.iit*..c ' ; sec quots. iiridvr s*:iisc 4, .and «:f. Uc»’.\r • 

j <11631 DovM:- in AV/trA iiL'40) 27 For .iln'r •vta'-ion,.! j 
[ pvjin|s, the t'hniT ii hiid n, i:d »>f a c itilinual iivsjslMii.e of ili»: j 
j Spirit offiiKl. 1661 Jfi-.AiiN Hist. Ktf. il. .55 The saLrili.'? ; 

ot N. .Tb a.T it was remaikaUlt?. mi it wa.x ocT'.T.^ioiial. *677 ; 

1 W, Hij'R.vku yarratiix i. (186.?* -*47 15 v his cccaMoii.Tl 
‘ goirsir fiom thi; i>»TiiK>n, bcir.i; foiccd tbeiciiiito by i!.n 
I Exiremily uf the TiK»ih.iih. 1711 ,'^wu r Cite 111. :>r-, . 

I 'I'bey say tin; Occasioual bill is bioncht to-kay into i;ir 
: holi.n: of l«.'rds. 1776 .SvfilH IF. .V. 11. ii. J,} [ 

I '•old and -i'lvur w hull he wonhl wJhrrwi*.r have been ubliii'cil 
l«i ki:C|i by him f.*r an-.wi*ring ^.ctasiunal d«.n\;iP.\K *790 KKK /'r. A’tc'. 30I 'I'he vi,;t -.'f ihr ai;i;:i'nl dcniCH.racies . . 

I was, that they ruled . .by occA'-iuiud decici:-, I 
; xBzS Kaf/ott. Fcv. 5; With re^'.iid t.'* lew'.iiiis, tbr 

: most imiHirtiuit division is into iLts uMOiial and pennanent. 

b. Of Si sjieech, literary composition, leligioiH ■ 
bcrvlcc, etc. ; Prodiicetl on, or intended for, a | 
;■ special occ.ision. Hence Otcasionai speaker^ I 
! ivnlcr^ etc., one who delivers occ.asioiial speeches | 
j or Avrites occasional verses, pamphlets, etc. ; 

1687 Dkyiifx f/iruf \ r. II. 339 Yet all thi)>o iLitci-. wiwe ' 
not Mfiit to all, Nor llrM iiitcndcM, bur urijii-^ifiial 'fheir j 
absent stfrinijn-H. 1701 .'^ianby's ///'/. Phitus. I'dui'. 4 Tln-ir ! 
Dovlrlticii, PrlieTN. OccaMunal >prcrhes. 1779 -81 Joiins 'N 
! Prydett Wkz. II. j? i In tu ooj.xsion.Ti pi:ifi:Miiai’i.»' . 

j no bri];;hi of e.xtdlcncc ran he expected. 1849 M a<..\h.ay ! 
; Jiht. Fne. x. II. HijiJt It . better pdh.ips .any 1 

j iK’ci'i.ion.Tl .yrvkc which Iut.s been trained dnrini; twj j 
centurirs, a cumpariM>n with, .the I><K>k uf Coniinoii Pia^ er. i 
I *“ 3 . .^IAxMiW. Ctiurd. (Vl. .s.4 .Siirnc of hi> yei-scs .Tri: j 
I purely LH'(.aj<iional and have no ci.aim to stability. 1894 - 
I H'estm. Cay. 5 Mar. j't He is.. one of the vny biM : 
oci':u>ionnl >pe.Tkvis in Fiij:kiii!l, No one is qiiicKct .u 
.Neiziiig the .spirit of an occ.Tiiion. I 

O. Of an aitiele of use, building, piece of fiirni* | 
lure, etc. : Made or constructed for tlic occasion ; ! 
adapted for UbC on bpccial occasions. i 

17^7# H. IJRiVKi; Ft\>/ of \^Hat. i 1 Sou) 1 1 1. 1?4 [Wc bmcdl ; 
a l.vri'e hole in the side uf fiir ship.. for uhiih wc hud .xii \ 
Qcc.'vMoiiiil pluy prepared. 1813 Chro». in Aun. 51 The ■, 
o<:t.a ii-nial salo'jii was siiigul.Ti ly iii.ivi.-l and bi miiifid. 1875 : 
Carfifniry .y yo/u. 1x4 \ K'-.*, A.r •xra.sional laMe. 1807 
U rstm. Cflj. 2T June 7/1 The ih.iir th.u the l,)iieeii iwU in ; 
tluring the stnvicc was n Oiij’pt-iidalc; occasional Spalli'^h • 
inaliugaiiy cliair. 

d. Of persons; .\ctiiig or emi-doycd for the i 
occasion or on purlicului occa.'ion5. i 


*759 " AtX- i-l'i 1 hat !lii: -A fas?i liiJvl all 

po:.iiiile t ait.' that '.tidiT be » b ■:ivt:d. 1771 ir, Z', >ri .' i ff, 

I. d. Matmt.dn.yy I. An .,| I .i-,*. 

whn tiipphv, ihu place of her t.wn Ain;ii -be i , .li-M-i.t wii'i 
(•erlriidc. 178$ Iku.vv JAir. (gSit. U. .ai k, 

• •f («.cas|.m.Tl .Xiid m.w:y.lrviid Od. j,-.. ,11859 

ii/sf. tiHfC. -x-xiii. \^ <4 I he oc< itritiiiid 'i jlditi is '.u mail b 
for the prof'-’rM-jn.d ;/i|id#i. 

iJ. Jlappc/iiug as an ncc.'i.^.ion piesaiU ilstlf. but 
wilhout certainly m legnlatily; taking pluu-, 
occurring, or nut A\it|] )n,\v and thoi. 

1630 Ilmplii-d in Oo \sn.', m j.-.- . j. a 1715 r.i.r.NKi - I. , 
.•\i:i orfliiiL' lo ni.iny'.d' Ms in lab* r 

places i.if .Sv.rijiivir« crin..'_r!:iia: ii tb,..f:i. i8j(8 u 

.s. V., Wt ' ■ ■ asii. iml n iii;.*k:. i-n tin c. -ni^. 1 I tbt .-ij^i*. 

*849 M ’ll. AV !.■ Y .r/.v,/ Ai/e. lil. 1 . -<y» Ii> '[rL- '.f li?»: tii-.a 
liililijiur-;f>f fill.- CiiUiniia;'.. 186^ Li' m, /'a.ii/Z,--/ 

^. ii.o Wi'.li ih«: f \i.i pii' n fd aiioc^.u.siia].tl 1* n yji: 

I; J bea.-ls ff ].ri*y lu d:jnn:Mii; aniniiils. 1878 I . I'. 

.MFi'i.fjii II 7 ‘i'. .vi I hv liuiimn Ivelh F.five dimbiV- s | 
su!-jc,.l (hii.>i:-.;h all lii!i«; Jo occasional 1881 J 

Kl.svki I. J A'l f.i.i a.i'j’ial raid iipfii hi - nc .d’- 
b'Mir'a ni'.iVL-abUs. 

4 . (.oristituting or Hiving :is liic occasion or 
iiiciilental caime; raiely cuiw.. r/. Onasio/iul 
ipictaph.'', (rt' a st-cotidniy c.oiice wliCrtcby 
i-r \vhtreu|.>oii llse primary or ellW-U-nt cau c c<-iiits 
into opei.aiion ; i./»^ in the Caitcsiaii pldlo'ropby ; 
.-ee f iccA.siiiyAbi.'^.M. 

1646 Sii- T. Psiu.i. F.p. 'J.\ TJx' {;rouiid i.r o. i.-. 

!wn ‘f. i66z J. fii/.-si:.' • u I'ltti //o/i!roti:\ 
I 't.-ftt. iii^ Sc'.ui.d, jirif !:ikirij4 c-th.'-c^, a!:-'.! fiv.f. ii * <!iai in,: 
c-'M-ijiJ:. and tji oi.cs in ' ■ .f.p.u yin;* them; 

.kii n hii !i . . I '1. ij i'...ili»' fi.iall, irurrcdiaii.-, .lud im'.t 

1797-41 1*11 ' Mai.K'.; Cj'-.t, s. v. C.iu.i-r, 'lb*; mi.ilii'ris .. 
C'f the Miiil aiifl lifyily. ate iJrt a>i..'nu/ s what;-, i:i ihe cm: • r the i tk.'-r. u 1850 Kus.^rin Diin*c \ 
( .'fi. I, 'i 77.|I 1:4 J 'ifiu ii.j'liitr^ C-t: ial Of nsy 
1 ■i-.c iN ii-:e. 1B54F h.h'iii Ii Mt titfh. 47I1 I }>• f arlr'iaii 

•.I'.'vtiine '-f ■> < iislor'ii!. .T'- 'Ji.-inv.nblie-l fri-in efi’a iciii '.’.ai!- 1;!. 
VB9JI l.'iidy _'4 M;»:. s/7 llii.* ' i'n.c;* ' qi.<‘sli'j!i — 

ii -ri ' the a-liti tivc in the mc-taphy.-i* .d m p- e— is u ijViC.^il- n 
aloiPi. waypv, 

B. -'K tl. An occasional sjiccch or wiitlng. 
.(‘hiefly p:.) 0 b<. 

1655 l-'i : 1 1 t{ Ch. Jfid. M. N. 5 :.j M« !i at Mr I') *‘.1 . 
a ;»i rtiretit a:.d .•i..iSor.»ib’r- i.,ir-ic a;- muiv b'-llcr at f'l.. .i- 
i68a L11.N • ■.Kill \ I.iylil in the \V:.yl'» f’.u.iidsH, 
wiih 'jllii;r ..M 

2 . lu'Afh/. An cccn.sional ^^o^km■ln, etc, :cf. 
C \ Sl'AL Ik .V . 

189s /'at/ Mali n Apt. 2/2 ’Hoto is :.m way >:( rnretinj; 
'.H.t.h at Oil..-: (..*.■ «. pt by di;cTinir..atirii<, bciwc'rn the 

ic^i'loi.s and fbr;i.';o’ 

Ift-ncc Occa'8loiialne88 (Baiicy vol. IT, 17^7). 
Occasionalism {U'.<-i7,.>i!a]iz’TU . [f. i>rec. I- 

.after i.t, th.asi.’nii/ismus.] The doctrine of 
the Cartt' jihiUcsophtr (Jculinc.'t wbielt ac- 
counted for the mter.iction o| mind and inatier liy 
supposing on occaf^inn of every voiilion (iod 
produce.s .1 corn.-'iponding ini-.vcnienl of ihc body 
and on occa.sion of every nlleclion of the Tti dy 
a corresponding idea. ; inind and bociy thus stand- 
ing to one another in the relation of 

184s in Bkanmk /V.,'. .Vt7. c'lP. 1867 J. 11. .SnKiiN'i Ir. 
.Vi /' ri'»;4'.‘ir'jr /bist. a.!, t/. >r.- 'jb^ philox.'pby A !?> sin;;!i' Jf.nnh’pi; ih*.nijhi av 'W urid 
kii-.'w ail rhii:.^s in (b.vd, dcin. •!!>.' ratf.s ii;.r|f lo It. like the 
c-f (ividinx,.! sptci.1l attcinpi to iht*. 

•.'IiCiiiMii I.if ibe C'arlt:-iaii j hi.'-'st'phy .-m Iim .iwm principle.-i 
:iTul under its cwii p.-iv iippoMtiipps 1884 Ir. f.otit'i Mctn/th. 
i!4'ni*: lif-.*. .-is'imnpiiuu would or.lyh.i\»; bd k-atk to the 
cTnbiirra-viiiienls Cif ( V.i .isjon;iii-.,ix. 

Occasionalist KlWc iasnalisl'. [See IST-I 

tl. All occ.i-i;ioual cvnitorinist. Qbs. 

1705 Char, of a vYvf-tc r in ilarl ol::-:. XI. He 

.Muiki-s iiti interr>l agiiin.'.l the ( Vi .iMOnal bill, Iccauic hc 
i:i a SI..II -if an licCasioiiulist himself 

2. ( )!u: who hoid.s the doctrine <if Occasionali.sin. 

1776 BlKKf: Corr., t •:/. to fdia poHr/rf iiP.|4? IJ. 1 12 I hir 
love lo the •.iii:asii}r..-i]iv.|, but not .scivcr -.if i:s. 183N 

P.’iK Maji. XI. IV. .i ;.| Kunn .Vislolle, •Jowii ihicutjh bis 
Si.h,'jlasiii; riilb.iW'.Ms, j,.Tst the arid pir-''st.Tb- 

li.shv.1 h.Tinionisi.s. 1879 H* vij'v ifumo ix. It’ll T be 'iie- 
ccs-'Oih pf I ciibcr f:';'.;i'i tlicinsth'cs '.jblijjed, with 

tbc Di c.i ii.v.:alisl^, lo call in the- aid i-r llw Df'uy, pr !'.lc.|. 

attrib. 1891 .-i tht H.rtiof i|i J:in. : It toniairis muib 

itiroriiiatiLMi about llw ijrcal t Vv.-».sii'.n.ilist thinker ft.Ttiilinc.\). 

Ilcuce Occa Blonall stic </,, of or peitaining to 
t.Iccasionalisls or Ucc.iaionalism. 

*884 Mi hr. /..nbttf\i V. ic» He admil.s its aJ\.5i:u.c on the'.T-.i-ionalistic ihruiy of Di*;i.iriFs. 

Occasionality (p kc ^ .A^na;'! i ti ). [f.OcCAiS toNA I. 
+ -ITV.J 'I he quality or fact of being occa.sional 
(in various senses); csp. of being prepared, com- 
posed, or ‘ got up* for the occasion. 

1^7 .\ C.'Mfiu j.r. f r.n/jt-. fed. 2' 48 ID wji-- disgusted at 
..tnr tx-uiisionality and ambiiiouMie;-, of brr drr;.5. a iSaz 
Shvi.i.i Y in I’.iv;*:!!*!! / if, Sfttd. ii37->) I. 76 From the oi.c.x- 
si.‘U;dity of its impulses, it wilt ultm sfciu silly. 1837-9 

II. M.i.iM /fist. /.it. I, liii. $ 44 From lhc|| •.■cca'-iciialily ■-•r 
waul of muir, far the grc.Ttci pail h.ive ^.•vt’»'bed. 

Occasioualljr (f>k.*' y,'*n:ili\ t\d\\ [f. OccA- 

sTONAr. + LY-. iTf. \ t ocrdsiond.'it.'r, 1*‘. ocuf icn- 

■('1. chant c, casually, accidcr.l.aily. I'V. . 

x62s Ki'/ar. Plaof. PiyirottH, in Ar'-e-r 

7 '<#/'/x-m- ( iSo:.' 4.|f.« 'J hc hoii'i; vva- biis) ■m;isiiin.-,!iy by .1 
> that flew into the 1654 Cat am-k ^'t.^. A/id. 

d i 




r-4 CaMii i tyc m I. om ihl-* V.irlct's Posiscriiit, j 
( I haiiccii t.) IL'ht ..-nil thi! *»f iwo Autois. 1718 

Aiir.«ni »{y Siirr. iiviv* III. ijt Mo iip^>u:irci 1 lo them . j 
<onK*l)nic-« ;it jtlaeo-^ wlioie lir hsiii before appoinl'-^l u» iiii;i.t j 
them, )iomeriu)es L'CCa^Ioually. a-; they were liavtllin;; t-ii the ■ 
M,\y. j 

2 . On, for, or with a -vitfw to, itomc partknilar ; 

occasion; f»n CLTl-iin particular occasions; when i 
occasion arises, f.'/'y. exc. tf/af. ! 

/1163a ti. lIr,itftr:i»T PrJt'ii tj ‘fempU’ xwH. He .. imu i 
inipgk'i .some miilh i:i hisdisonirsr'.o».>;v‘i.-ii;'rilij»;i j 
to the pulse of the hearvi'. 1678 Crmvoiiiii InU'L\ Aj'f.', 1 j 
iv. $ 2A 3{> t Philo hereupon, oci:nsiou:iily fltfs this KenmiL’ 
able 1 e-stimuiiy of Philohiu.s the P\ tha.;orr‘;iu. 1756 Jojin* J 
M.»N i.i/c Wks. IV. yyi \ tir.itisc A^huh M'fins !'• j 

have been occasioiKilIy wriiii-n. 1776 *'i. S» mi'M-' /.ini.'tf/nj: 
in tft The kods were in three Pit;i.t\s. . whieh m'il-m I 

together oceasiorudly. a 1741 NVi;sli.\ Pn-.A v. i. W'k'-. i>' | 
I\. 48 Our .Vivl^'Ui oiicc oit ;i .jiMMily s.\i{l, ‘ ih'liiiM fhry [ 
who wear ;.p!virfl arc in hiti;;*' 1 .lurls '. 1881 j 

I.cit\ Cioi^s.. 0 <{ i.n.caM-.jn arising; tf I 

saiy. ! 

fb. On the occasion of s* nndhiitj; else Jiappcii- ! 
in*^ or bciriij done, inchli’nlMlly. O^s. ! 

1657 Rff, I. ! » WIujsl- Kijiunf'- Kstati.i | 
have been Mfyahionally'.l oill.itiT.tU^ i in I’ariia- j 

iiifiiL. l\i;r«.>nM:ili('ns \s]ii<'h w vi<- tii idi: I 

ill that f.-i'diy (jhurih. 1667 Mn lo.^i /... vni. .•;-/> A.s '-ne . 
inTerule.d ri.<l ;d*ei inadt « Jo. asio;i:dl\ . i6B4.V( fi-vt/i 

iii. hi- tiii‘!y;, W'lioroin (.'vi.a'hnjally ;.;1 vimi a Ih lel 
Acoimnt of the keicn of Knu*. t .'asiinir. ! 

3 . Now and lin n, at limes, somctiniO.s. | 

1^30 Ih;A'. nv.Mi /■/#<,'. Ut niii ui, 4411 Siu.h as ih* M- .. .sh..)! | 

'A'i'.a -n i-.iNio .I'lv fill '''.jiit'-r wi'li;\li. ill tiiir icadiiiv;-. 

Pai.S'.m.w /V.. »l \ 11. .wii. i'^;! 'I\» r'.niul j 

ihf M hi'lv to'iMify, .iri-.l r.i'.*- .dl iln? I.iuns in our way, .'mil j 
v^.oasi-.n.ilh cnlfi ilit* michilo as the towns lay ■ 

ino lioii-, 1814 O. .SiLW.\tt( Hum. Mitui II. i. § ji. ?i) All 
ill ihK.vti writeis have . hctii iHr.ja.sionafiv llli^h:*I in their t 
speouhiii 'IIS. 1884 P* I- /•.‘;/.v/.i: i' 7 Oix.i^ionallv . . hi-i vje . . ! 

had re-ited on the nioli..i:!!r-.s r »rm ff a .sali'fni-flsli.jr. 
t Occa-Bionarxly, I? /.’'. Oijs. /\iry. [f. as next 
4- *i.v (From soniclhin;.;; as ihe * <xca.sional 

01449 P1.1 >.'1 K A'l/?-. M. iv. ly^ Thr. yuelis whii.hv 01 ' i- ■ 

M'lU.'iidi i.aiiivn (lilt fr.i ilic haAini; .. vf |iTi.?lii.d>li.: ^rafLi . 
//:id. III. .\i. 3^0 VVhiLh ijiiim.ii ooi asionai ill i.fiili hi it. j 

t Occa*8iO]iary»'2' [i.Occw.sitiN i 

.’./'.I ♦- 'AUV.J Occasional, made for jwticular 

170* P oivi.'ifAW .y//,Vi ho’ e imd I’ : Tii a (..'oliecliun 
rf Ui.L';tsion.ii y Verse and lOpiai^lary Pi 1 

t Occa*8ionate, 0/>s. AUo 5 -at. [ad. 

ined.F. Oif iMo/ni/’/zs, |»a. pple- <‘f Oinl\n>ttilP\ f. ' 
0'^.}.'j\ypi'iu Occ VJSio>'.] a. Occasioncil, bronchi 
about, b. (.)COA.‘ 5 ToN‘.\L 4 . ‘ 

1471 Kii’I.kv ( Aic^t. in. xvi in .\.-.hni. (^ i \ \ Fyit* ^ we t;ill Innattiriill. //■;./. xvii, liy help ijf lyre i 
' 1657 * *'• S iAnKt'V //. I 'inti, j i hs ' 

efiu.ient .’ind t.'i.>!i(inerit < .iiiscs, the nMiteiial and Ch.\..\ imiatc. 

t Occa'SioXiatB, r-. ( f f. mtd. I .. 
ppJ. stein of fit. irM'y> 7 tfn : prcc.] trtina. 

OccASiioy r. I, J. 

1545 kiVNVl.o Pn'I. !’■ j, It d'lSh 

tl' an^' ni;tn to he the rij-.i(ire ]iii>nipi, f.-dy, anil wylljiif^ 
ti> take i»;'yije. wht:M he u asj'uryJ .. of ih« ynollVt, ^ 

poose. ri if.l fill! t iru'.ruf tinnmynj;*'. 1570 I.i-.vins 
4-7VJ l o Occi.'-hvi.'llf*, 1596 n. Cl,Al H\.M Ptit'ft 

Dib’tc n, Who •le.'-Lic.s not uiiely ilo v;ood my heife, hut ■ 
.ils*5 lo <;r;ais;«Tiaie \oiir r^osid by '.iher:'. 1640 Q'.'.xm.i.s 

tln. '.niiiicii 11, .\l, If ihv.ref.rre lliou iKn: evill, lhcr«-l y ? 

I j .«■.■ a i ifVifl, ilifiu :i liad fiMind.'iiiun f.jr ^ , 

biiildi.-n:. 1647 II. MoKii St.'jjy n/ St\u/ II. iii. 1. .v\>iv, The 
may i.r.;i iv.i.jiiato mut.h ill. 

t Occa'8ionately« a.h>. 0 /^. [f. : 

f »' C ASI' i.VATK//.^ ii. 4 - LY -.] I II a m.iiiiu r la oufjht j 
about t>y some occasion or sectnidary cansi". 

1609 P.i'- ^V. Rani.i.v .iuM,’. .V.i;-vtVi'.i.v f.'afit. i ■,;> Not in- 
l*.;ntio-. lately fivfiri the S’.d.'iccl, l.iul f«..:.'i-.iijn.iicly l’\ ihn \i*.c 
Ilf I lie (.ilile .L 

t Occa'sionative, R’/'. [f. as i x i'a:ston- 

ATK z'. + -n’F.] Sci vin;:j as occasion nr, csp. 
as incidcnird cauac. Hcncc i Ocoa'iionatively 
.///;•., in an o.ic.isionalive in.-uincT. 

15J6 dc \V. i5..,i) Kyih'.-i luinifiliaily 
‘>r ined'.'Uly, . .direi Liy i>i i'i(liMM.tIv. pu;iei])ail) or m-'.ixi n:- 
.iiyuvly. i6ss tr. /’»-..■///.■>.• f;/.!- f >/#/// 1 iii. ^ 1 1. 

.As ihvy iri.iy be impeiMliM: i*f i;-i'.'<l, ui- cans:! live, in :U lh>: 
le.i t -for w-; umy urh w »i-*.ls- ive, uf will, 

1693 l.'KVcn.\Kl RuPiliti'. ill. XAiii. i In these. .1 hi n may be s im what oi.i asrui.ilive ..f ihv. . Vill. 

Occasioned (ph/'^.^md ///. //. [f. (.>iCA.hio.s 

j/i.l and r/, ^ -hi>.] a. Caused, brought about, csp. 
iiidirecllv ; f h-aviiij^r jrround or«>n .o/k. '. 
tb. A ecu 5t o I f 1 ed 'ills. ) . 

1576 Niiwjos LruifuVx i'o/ffjiit.r. *■-?! The nieiry 

toin'i.Mjiili'ni V»cin« di':Solvi*i] . [iln ^ j ha> c eftsoories rettiriivil 
fo their old iialiiie, wonted inaiir.efs, anil iNie.asiuried gravity. 
1631 R. H. A*ytMif^nw. Witnff Crcitnre x. $ i. 7S '.rhoiich 
he abMaincd from :dl pleasant bread .. in his wcasiontd 
hiiiTiilkilioM, fur one and twenty dayts. 

1 fence t Occa Mionedly adi'.j with occasion or 
c.AUse, with or rc.tson. 

*631 R. H. Arr.u^hifU. ll'hoie \\\. 5y, \\ bom ;il 

last j'Jii will I ■*•'.. 'isioncdly i.-nr «*. iiiii. yii. S 4- f;!; 
OTCa-iioncdiy <!X';jirurte on lmyi.»:;ioi'., 

Occa'siouer. Now [f. OerAHiox 7*. 4 , 

Kii *.] One wlio or that A' liich oreasioii.*?. 

1494 r ADVA, V Chrm. vii. ^63 Ke. .cominaunded. 1.-11 JyU- 
all .Huche pfi'^ones a-.; w«';e oix.-ict oners .lud execufoiirs of 
that dede. 1539 r /Ver. 543) i jh,C>rt:tync 

{ihili^¥Ophi.-rs..pUicke(l ••ulc llityr wwiie fivv.s, hvoauac they 
Wi le the •■■ci aMnUrrs a:ul piou.ikcrs i»f all «M) li ;iflvL(ioi».s 
and .11656 Mai.kk 1/:’.'./. Kni.'. u lii7.d io:; 'J' 
r’il!i>:s that were occasioners of his h|ii. 168a Si:.M4I.i.ti 

, Ait'.eprani, as the uilfull o<:casii»iit*r 

iheieuf, Ls ohligeil lo in. ike I'.ood iill the loss, Vcri8oo 
yinnc Patf^lai vii. in Child R.iiiatP * ri- t.viv. F. 
lifl/i Th.»ii w.\st the fir-ii 00 asionei ^ »f paitiiig my gay Itiid 
aiivl me. 

t Ocoa-sionet. (.l/ef, i’-iiv/. [f. ( JC'OAHION 

.'A » -KT.] A small nccasion. 

159J O. Hm^m v /Vm.'T A.v//'r. ft-,y3M>3 It is a Coinily 
feare. It' .•.ii.itch the least i»a\i-.i'*Mi i i#f uduaiilago, with 
a iiiinbie ih.steiitie. 

Ocoa flionloBA, /?. Without oco.ision. 

1631 K. l.biiii.n 10.4 AVho disp^rsclh his.. 

. .j:u eites iipint ail ocijasioii rh;t:a.-ii»ri!»':---t'. 

i‘ Occa'SXVCi ti. t'Av. [ad. late T-. Ciidstv- 
iii\ f. v'lYiiS’f ppl. Mem of OfiMre lo y;o duwii, set : 
sLC 'IM:'.] iViUiniii;; to Ihc si-tliiii; sun, veslcrn. 

180A O. Iha-a.iiV fi .\mplitudc is .. eilhvr north 

and s.iUlh, or oiii\e and O'-ca-ive., 

t Occa'tioxi. r.dc. Also 5 -cioun. [ad, 
I.. rcc%///*v/-t.w, 11. of action {,. iwiijc lo harrow.] 

/' 1420 /'.ti/ttfi. on MI. 11 .Siiiiiiiu-it seyii the beMe> 

•..iiiijiiji III pkn r. Ci-ilil is lH-.t !•' fiu- lilie, On hviii me 
'l'» n-iOM f/W/. .l/.V. otcaeioim!. 1706 I'liiLiii s, 

t a h.'iiTowing i-r breaking *‘f i KhIs. 

i O'CCatoryi a- I 'Af. [ad. I., I'nciltori- 
//.V, f. ppl. .Mem of ivr.or to harrow: sc(‘-«»j:y.J Of 
or pcitaiiiiiii^ to haii-owin|>. 

1651 Ibi.i.i, AV.t.' f ag; (..hralory upenahin-. 
Oeoean, oceiaii, 4»bs. variants of uckas, 
Ooceca tion , var. Occ . kc vtk i.v, bl i nd in*;. Ols. 

I' Ocksi’de, 7 *. CV's. ///fMa/v/fs [niL I.. 
iht'id.'je to cut down, kill.] imto'. To kill. 

1694 Mt. in i f Kai'iiui.'i «.i7..7; One llebduiiiail 

WnU d . .Ml«‘ lis. 

Occident .p ksi'Knt). sh. .md <1. Chiefly f'Ot i. 
ami tht:f. Alsvi 5 occydent, occidouto, occO' 
dente, entt. See also Otcu’.XT. [a. F. occidtiit 
(i3th c. in Godef. Compi. y ad. L. onidatf-em 
setting;, sunset, the W'cst, orig. ]'r. j>plo. ot onidP,' 
lo fall towards, ro down, set, f. oh- (Gn- i a) r 
Yizdt'rc lo iall. <.»p).i4.»5ed in all n.scs to OuiKNT.J 
A, jA 1 . That tjuartcr or legion «jf the sky in 
which the sun .and oilier hctavcidy liodics set, or 
the correspoitiiiu^ ijuartcr or ii^i;ion of iht: earth; 
the west. Now 7‘i/;v. 

/ 1386 1 'll M'ci-.i/ ■/'. i^^^OfndKiiioeiiytiKca-ueel 

finnanient . . tlial. :il from til Occident, a 14x0 
lIoi.i.l iA K ih: iCtX. print. .\o^u With J.»i rijl Uoiuh:, ihuw 
he or'n.Mit Slmldcsl li;m touchid . . Ami with hi Ijft h*‘*nde, 
eke h'-* '-’cddMil. 1483 C.>.vioN Coiti. I.iy,. The 

•ijiwM* iiw.iic Mti;rrc.s and pUiiettcs .. iinjeue fio ihorycnt 
tii ihoticideiiit;. *593 Sh.aks. Ritfr Ji. m. iii. 6; His |lhc 
Mifi'sl bright f>:i.S;;age lo Mu: OtLideiib r6o7 kowi..\xits 
iiuv iiari It'firir. p Kie Phadnis in the Oicid«.*ut dvcliiie. 
163a Lriiiud'.v y‘ra.-.\n. ;'.:-»Ti:w:ird.stlK*(.it.i.idi.nt,iiii/yneih 
wifb I he great bake. i 753 C.ii.%MiiKH 5 ( ^r/. .V«//. s- v., AV////. 
*i;\:ti f! ^\\, lli;U jimi U '^f hori/on where the sun .'.els, 
when rritoiitu; .iritg m- !ihr,-|. A'.v,'/V-.»/f V/Vi/e.'//, ih.'il )»i.jril 

Ilf (he ht.ii'i/i.ia vviierv the sun .yl hi.s entrance info the -sign 
1..1IU er, '.V hen 1 he days .itk longv.sL // >•/•* r/iai t h t.itPnl^ that 
pi'int ofrhe hviri/'iii \^h^ie tlicaiin hen entering ihv sien 

of c.^pi icoi'ii ; at whkh lime, tlie i!ay>, with iin, are shoilcM. 

2 . That ijait i.f the earth’s .surface situated to the 
west of some lecognircd pait; w'esl' rii countries, 
the West ; i. e. t/ri»;innlly, the coiintiics of Western 
Kur'»i>e or of the Western haripire, or of J 'uropc 
as opjio.sed to Aid.! ;ind the t >rient ; .-ilso, in mod. 
use, :i poetic appellniioii of Aiociic.a or tlje \\ e.*>lern 

1390 H'jwi.u Cc»/l HI. i‘.'4 Ther Vu-ii uf buidb f»:I(; In 
iii;i.ii.hnt. *477 K.^ki. kiw.K'i /J/f/t’j 9/ In Iaj 

yvies he I ,\lv.\aiid«i | .‘••.•ludil alle f hijiiv.itl and ■-•i.i ident. 155a 

I.YM/r.sAV Monanht' 4.:d^ .'Ml i’rim.i-.* »if the i>i.> ii’ .\. 
f>l| hi*: 'diedienl. ^1588 A, Ki.vo tr. / /////.».•/..»' /',7/«.v //. 

>b Hreik and latin, tbient .iiid I >iji.i*l“iil d"i«. heai iro-- 
fraiiabl t»'-.iiiii;iiii«: ihuii can i.;nA*.eptiou be nu'id. >689 
l\J. I.i/-.r.*y Vytants i',e bvii-aaiithie r.'.il bii.iniu. 

gMVi.iiied Ihe KnipiiK Oigerucr, the niie in ihu fVlMU.llic 
'.fluT ill liie (k.fiilent 1871 JoM*i IN Mii.lj.k 0/ 

.^itirras^ I\%ll ■/M.'r/r/Vti?{72j 1 >7 ‘Hi'm luilyi-l ih*.: ! 

'j-B. adj. Situated in llu* wot. w«*^icni.o;.:i i h*nl*il, 
1513 hiii;f.iA.s iV.n'ix VII. Prul. -?7, Mai-, i- ■ iil-iiit. ieir.> 
•.'.raii.le ill lii> 1535 .Si |-\vaki AV//.' 1. 't hi loria 

\le ujiliifi the cH-.r.ideiil r-i:. JNti. 11 . 695 Th* \ Ik iii the 

Mi’i ideut -ir. 

Occident, r. no/tir-'^od. [f. picc., after t UtlEM' 
r^.] Irans. I’o turn or direct towards tite wcbt; lo 
]>lace Tn ehurch) with the chancel at the We.'^tcrii cntl. 

1896 Ii.rNK PKrHiF.inZ//tAii.(i9O'.'i26^Tbeljkli0p. .c.'inn'. 
l-j the west or rather ill*: taai dwr, as the Chuit.'h is 

Occidental (pk.side'iilal), a. anrl sb. [a. F. 
Oiiidcuial (14th c. in LilUe), ad. L. <fnid€utd/-is 
wc'^lcni, f. o<'fidtittf~nn\ .»ice Occihest and -ai.. 
Opposed in all uses to ORIK.NTAI., but less used.] 

A. adJ. 1 . iJelongiiijj lo, silu:iled in, or directed 
towards, that part or region of tlie heavens in 
which the sun sets; of or in the, wvsieni, 
wcM crly , s/i,:i . in yfjpv/. saitl of a planet wlteii .seen 
all* r sunset, or when in the western pari of the .sky. 

^ fijgr CiiAirci'R Aafr.d. 1. 6 5 The icmcnant of thit> lyiu*.. 
i‘i clvp'-d I he \ kiic, or th*; b’UC nct idciUah:. 1594 

Pii.t.-MuiiViL 111. II. .v\'. (1636) 4if> 'J'hcir shadow b... 

Miiiiyliiiiy ork'iitall, and .sunn linic (X'cidctitnll. i6ox Si(.\Ks. 
. 4 //V IPtii If. i. i6(i Kre twii'c in iiiiirkc and occidvntafi 
damp** H*;»|>«:i‘u.s hath 4U*:nrh’d hi:r skepy l.umpc. 
1647 ku.t.v C/ir, AAjo/. xix, 1J4 'I'n be Occidi^iitall is Ui !>*: 
.serp .tlxwe iho llori/on, or to .set after the O is downe. 

I I79j| S1.U.1VAN T/We Art/. II. 411 On rh**. (irirrmal ami 
J iicrido.uud halves the cnlipliteiicd henirsnlicri* of that 
j plan*:!. 1807 J. lUuiow LoiufnK 1. 154 Whiidi .. hail'd thru 

• tit St in oi:ciduiit.vl clay. 

I /iff. x6ii Pi'nn.F. Pi'ti., Vjuin the .sotting of that 

j bright 0«'«:ii!ciitiill St.-irrc, Qiutiio Kli/alK'ili of h.t3*py 
! memory. [With nihisuiii tu ii.) 

I 2. lielon|;in^ to, found in, or clbiractcristic uf, 
j wcriterii countries or re(;ions of tfie earth (i. e. 

I iisiially, those west of Asia ; also foniK-rly, Western 
I Furojjc or i^'hristcndoin ; occas., America or the 
j Western llennsphcre) ; belonging to or situated in 
; the West ; Western. 

1 1553 11 ki:os RtVit/iui of' Rome (r/j j) 140* The 0*:ndentidl 

; nr \M;a:-t i:hurch*!.N thorow out all F.urupe. >581 MARbtu: 
i Jik. p/Xi/it’.A .* v3 This coiKiliiulinii . . wa.s ncucr . .r*:erined in 
i the \iniiv.i.sall t'hurcli, but onvlie in tliLs our Hicidt'iUali 
ChurLli. *589 Pi: rn:.NHA.M Ptiff Porsio 1. vii. <.\rb.) 28 
LvaAicd nil'll, who wnjie alKiiit the liinc of C'hailemaiiit S 
; ivtigMv in lilt: Kiiioiio ( >i:(.kfL‘ii(:dI. 1659 P.i-. WAi.ruN (..‘iv/r///. 

: l'on.\/dt.t£ii 1:7 Tlie. <'d and Occidtnfal Jews. 1737 
1 IIkoii.i.v Punt. .Pkt, Si. Corn, The Siui:II is not so dis- 
I iign e.-dili; as that of tin: o*.*:id''iit.d f.’ivr.i. x86X*i?').\NA .l/aw. 

; lk)th the oriviital and ota.idvnlai (.'oniiii'.'ni.*^. 

i 3 . Applied to inecions stones of iiihrior value 
I and biilliancy, as opposed toOuiKNTAi see 

. .juot. 1747. 

1747 I Jisi.i.i.v ill /'/jii. /'?-,ins. XI.IV. 'J'livii'.aiv sonic of 
! an iiifi:i i> •!’ C. ki;:‘t and 1 >t:.aiit>' . . 'J' ai u ( r.niinuply calli d by 
Jc.‘\Vfll»:is Ot.viih'nlal Stoiivs: Tiny aio inoMly tin: Pio/Iulc 
i of Kiirope. .and art- .m> named, in i)ji]>osilio^ lo I host: of a 
liighfi whkli arc always m oiiiur*:*! Oriciit.d, and 

-tiippo.-ivil to Iv.* only piodiii'eii in the more Kastern Parts of 
i iiur Coiiiiiuiit. 1706 Kiuwas' /■/<•/.*/. Min. (i:d. .*) 1 . 254 
. I )i ( idcnral 'J'lip.i? . . F.xpfii* il i-.i a iiiodvralc heal .said io 
bvcoin*’ Oil, .iinl itien I.K:»:'.iir.e.s ruby of liva.Ml. /fid. 
j Oi.(.idciilaU>r Ihaiili.'in .Sapphiitr. 1860C. W.Xino . in/u/ui: 
{'•ewt i. iiRf/v 41 1 hi:; c ot.i.ku-iiial Mout'S au: wl .i d*-vp, 
hue, but h.ivc vi.*r> Ihili: firilliaiv. y. ' 

B. .lA t a. A western country 01 rej; Loll. Oh. 
b. A native or inhabitant of the West. 

. .587 H >i .iNsiiin.' Pfsir. iirit. i. x. 'wi^Curon. I. iij/i Tli*.* 

lies ih.U lie alKMil ihv n*>ilh (O.iM uf.. Sioibnid . .aii: vilhcT 
oi.xi<!f:ilal.s. the Ik*:, *857 H'. .M. 'I'iio.uson /..iin,/ 

iV lio.k i \5 ijii rh.'ii I'onijiaraiivi; iiiaciivily wliirh «ii^• 
tirignislii'S ( Jrieiitai.s from (.>ccidi'<«. 1875 brti* A/c«yr/* 
, Pr. Wks i.vjo IV. ' 23-2 for u.s t.)i:t.ii.ler»tid.> he has .* kiniily 

• piv‘j)hi;iie word. 

Occidentalism, [f preo. »] Occidental 
j ijualily, style, cliar.icter, or spiiit; the customs, 

I in.siitutions, diaractcrri.'itics, ways of thinking, etc. 

I of Western nations. 

i 1839 P/ark.r. .Viiff. X I.Vb i('5 The JSiiIi.'im Mahiiiond uud 
j his I uiki-.h subjects, have no i.'iM*; for.. the c'.M.cid*.nUdbiii, 

■ the journalism, ihe bitdgi:ti>ni. ihc par)iameM:ir>isiii of the 
; loth O-.nluiy. 1855 Mu m w f at. Pit r.( 0^/14) IX. xiv. v. 

i 'There .i’onru.siiin(.>f iiiK'.oiigt'nUil cl* lut'iii.-.iifOi icnti^iiim 
< and Ho i>lviit;tiI.Mn, i'l the language Latin;. 

189*7 .'I V /'/•/// 13 Feb i?oh/.' Tilt* I. in Ions tiuif ition from 
! l.)i ientalioii to fXvidviilalisin, of whi^ h omlenipoiary Jupaii 
is the t heal re. 

: Occidcntalist. [f.usprec. -f - ist.] a. Guc 

. who favours or ndvoeBtes Western customs, niodcii 
I of thought, etc. b. f >ne who studies llie language.^ 

, and in.stilutions oi Western nations. 

1877 lb M. NVai.i..smi /C w.v.s.*a xvi, jt? The lluravy riO'.icly of 
Mi.'-.i ow ilividvd into iwohastiiL iauip'— i|i«.* >iavi;phiL 
:in*l the 0\i ii!v.iitalbts. 1890 b knv-. in .bnf/. w/v ni M.ay 
How J, a l.ii'wighiL'^f OLi.iib:nlidi*.l, lo kn.iw [eli..]. 

Occidexxta*lity. [h as pa*c. + -th.] Gcci- 
I dental *|u.ilily or sUie. 

1. 'i'he state of being in the wesleni part of the 
i .sky, or of being visible alter sunsed, as a planet. 

i 1647 I ii.i.v CAf; ylstfvA .\i\. 114 Their (Mcrcury'ji & 
Vvinis'l oo.'idt iiudiiy li.s] when ihv-y itr*; in inor*: dcgiec.-^ of 
III*: Signe the 0 ) L iii.«ir in the Mi:Kr MibM*<|ii*-ut. i^\\(irnl!. 
Alaff. 1. 145 Thv.if jihi:*ts*J <Jri«:*nialiiy or < ki.iJcntality 
: in rt‘<^.pcr.t of the S»<i. 

2 . Western style 01 cljaraeter: with //. a Wcslcin 
i. e., in quo!., Aniericnii" trail or jjeeuliarity. 

1873 W. S. Mayo Xft’tr Ay.nnij If is Di.-iinit..*. iirnl 

t'.'i hvr ihc i.h:iiiii uf novelty. 

Occide‘ntalize« ?'• [f- pree. + -izjf:.] /A4M;b 
To render oceidcnlal ; to confotni to or imbue 
j with Wf.sleiJi ideas or charrtcleri.slics. I fence 
I Occld9 iitalisea,Oooide‘&taXlsin8///.rr'//.v.; also 
; Oeclde ntalica'tion. •* 

1870 O. W'. M*n MFs Af.ndittni.’Sf/i in Th. 4* Mor. (|68K» 113 

■ To '.i.i. iiti-iiialisc and niod*.*rni'ii.‘ lliv- .Asiatic modes uf'ThougliL 
j \vhi*:li have conic down Ui us 1876 Prasi r^ Mng. XVU. 6- 

■ '.rii*5 (.)ci:id*| natives dres>c*l in coats and (rou.scrs. 
i r888 Athtnjrunr 14 July 59 '2 In Indo*C'hm;i. in and in 
i Japan the s.mic priiccss of Occident i|li/ulion may lx* seen in 
: opi;iaii*iU. . ?893 Aoamh Mcw Effy^i T3 The result of hisi 
. OccidcritaliMiig taste, .at once i«o crude and m» rurliinctilaty. 

1895 A'rjtn I (Jet. tf x Mi. Hearn . . l-ivcs the old 

I Japanese- peopl*: niioc than , . ineir modern ' oa idcntaluing ' 

I uescendant.s. 

: OccMemtally, adv. [f. asir^Kc. + -LT 2.] In 
1 an occidental manner or situation ; in the west; in 
i a Western (e.g. American) fashion. 

1833 (j. S. I'AuaK AV*y#/;/. A^mitisy itg 'J'lic occulcntally 
j cMiiii.t .'ijiiiMsis^ t*f PiigMiiMii. »86i R. K. buHToN City of 
j .Vrf/«/.v, The 'all-fitctl rcd'bcllk-*! vai mints *—i i*pcak, oh 
. .rtadtr ! occidciitally. 




tOCOi'dualt Obs. ran, (ad. J,. Ot ddual is 
western, f, Oi iiihi Ks going down (f. onUii're -', mv 
(iolng down, selling ; jKitaiuing to tlic stdtiiig 
of u heavenly body. Also t Ooci'duoua a. rare. 

1635 Gm-liukani) ruyia/JtOi .AViv/Zt* 5 'I hc Ainpll- 

nnl«^ Orlive or OccuJiuiIl of tlic Suniir. 1656 

OVcw.vfJtv/’., OftrWuifus, corih •!««», Uiat will 
rt 1711 Kkn rdiHNnd Wks. i7'jii 11 . .:40 'I'd hri^hu-ri 

his on iiluons Kays. i7a7- 4i (aiAMiiKks CpL - v. Antpli- 
iutii'y Aiiiijliiuclc i.i of tw<> kliul^; iMslian, or oriive; oiv.l 
ivostcTii, or oi:i.iiIuoiis. 

t O’Ceient- Ohs, .Mso 5 oocyont. fa.f )K f.v-t/A7/ /;, 
in.fltxlef. I.. otriffnti-CM.‘\ — (> cniK.NT.r//. 
^1460 Lan^/iil aBi Her failyr was Icyuj; i>r fayryc, Of 
(icciiMiL fer ami nyulii*. 1481 ('wi'in thuffivy v.xili. .vi 
’riii:iii))(.‘roiir lU iit-.tniTcil of hyiii of ihc.staU' of hii’ aiiJ 
of v»rh«‘r haroiis of thoctynl. 

Occipital tr. 'd.) (ad. late or mcd. 

f. Oitipuf.ooipU - : see ( K'i'IPUT and 
-.VL. So l'\ OitipUai in l!atz.-D:irm.)J 

1. llclonging to, ur situated in or on, the occiput 
or hack part of the head. Chielly A Hat,, hi names 
of jiarts having tins position, as ortipifui 

i»oiu\ condyle, foramen or doU\ mnsde, nerve^ pro- 
tuberance, .r/w//y, etc. 

1541 K. 4 [!nri.\M> imydoHs (Pih-:.L C/.'.’ntKK, Divh, 'I hi* 
.snvii'lti hum: i.'f ilift in tlio ]i\ piiri!; i‘, iriilc*! 

< h.'i.ipitall. 1597 .A. M. tr. hr. {'hieur^. ty ; A 

hloMi; iiuthc «>c.ripiJ:illi: p.n to. m!' thr Iwml". 1679 l^-" hes 

Sptr. ropery Isisumiii.h iliv whole Octipiliil hoiicu ;i-. 
>h:itii‘u:i1 ali in pi«-.ji*s. 1750 Sikhnk Te. Shanny 11 . >i.v. 
In tho irullnlcK of ihc parls of ihe c*'ti-hi lliini. x$a6 

Kimiv Jyitowoh III. ^vix. 115 'Ihe head i-< aiined 

with tliice spiiic.s. 1931 K. Ksox C/o>fntf's A ho.*. 

'.10 'J’h« hoU: nniy he rwn.sidfird a.s h'.riij I lie com* 

tiirnreinent vf ihc ■^pin.’il 1840 (j. V. ha i.ta . hta/. j 

Th».‘ iX'L'ipii.'il .'iitcry ih ilu: Inijc trunk wliidi orcupifh ihc 
ixTipital »r"ion of ll'.c huarl, with the lif.mfihcs 1./ tliu 
mr.ipital m*tvc. 187a Nn ait it. son* /W.iVm/. -,02 In tltc 
.\Tii]ihtl>i;.n.s. .ntid iii the .Mamnnil-., iIilic arc twh * iM.i.ipit il 
hy whi'.li lIu; vI.mII is joiao-d to the 189a 

.Nj'if. Stu , /.r v., '■ i/.i', .1 MJiuewh.ii rhrui'.Ujid.Tl . . 

hone foMuinK lim lower aud batk part uf the Iw.a'l, l y 
means of wlihh the craniinu i.> .'iltai-.hi.‘d to the spine, and 
affurdirtK ■«!.jn hi.-twiM.M tin: two (avifi*-, hy .t 
hir«;o iiportnri.*, ih^ h'oranun. tiiay^Hum, .. t'*\eAipital\ forn- 
mot, ilhj h'otitmoH ma^nutn, /bid., 0 [iiipifai\ ;va\i..V, the 
hinder pint of ilin «.w;«.ipito. frontalis niUMh-; it is Hal atid 
thill ,,(.'indi expands u\er tho outer .••idc of ih*^ iMiripui. 

2. I f ;i.vf«g a large occiput ; hiving the hack of 
the more dev’eIo|>ed ihtin the f'loiU. 

1873 M AnxiiMj /.f'/. si’ /. 7 ,:v/.vf? (r !7fn :*«yo A p«.vr III* 
rntlowi 'l ‘^■jiiiite, bdon^in^ to ihe ixoipital 

B. sb, tx. The occipital hone. b. 'I’lic occi 
pital inusclc. 0. //. A pair of t>ccipital plates on 
ihl head of »(mie serpents. 

* 7 S 8 . 1 -^-. t'C Drou's- 0 b.if'tv.S:irt;.{irji "(>4 'Vh*: I'lr.imcn 
of the Ooiiipit.'il. 1861 lb sic in Aat. i/iat. AV:*. Apr., The 
Mipi.Mur seml«.iirul.ti lidKcs of ihe on ipitnl. 

Hence Occi'pitoUy adv., as rcg.irds the occiput ; 
irf tho region or dircotiint of ihc 

.t/cd. Skull rtiripilaljy W'eJj ilcvc!op-d. 

t Occipi‘tialf a. Obs, riue. Abo 6 'iHiSitil. 

(f. \j otnpiti-um (see next) ►,] -- OcvUTrAi.-, 
*548 77 VicxuY A not. iii. -.7 The Coionrd bmic, in., 
tin.’ iniddf 'll of tlie head .. nictcth with tlie M-inude It'irm 
i.iillid t b.-i.ipis'.i,il. 1650 rii.t.w» K Aufi:rop.'H:i,f, iJ, That 
whii h wt: liill thi’ t)evipiiliil l.iae. .is 'Iraw'it fioiii the top of 
th*_ lli-adiu th'» firr.t Ven-rbre of the Neck. 

II Occipi'tinm. Obs.mie, [L,,»wy. /////, ami 

more used.] OtcUTT. 

1650 ISi'Lwi u Artthrnpoiuef. in If iluil of tin* < b:i ipitium 
iraivi-rt'sst it.iil.ion;:d>.ihe Ilrvid’.:. 1706 1*1111 i.u.'i, 
L^< t ipuf or 0 i > ipitiUHi. 

Occipito- 0.»k>d pili:^! I^efore a v<iAvi.I soinetiirn ^ 
occipit*, iisctl in .iiM/, as conihintiig hnm of 
OcciiM T,in adjs. expressijig a relation rM Connt?\it n 
between the occiput ami another p.irl, and denoiniii- 
aling it ligament, nuisele, ineasimMiieut, etc. ; a^ 
Occi pito*ntla'ntai, -a*tloid, ixrt.iinimi t i the l•l■•.ipnl 
;inil the .'itl.'i.** «ct|;i. OccipilO B Xia), -H'XOid, pt:r- 
taiiiing in the ix tipuii arid tlu* axis \i ii« Occipito* 

fro iltal, p«*i».'iiiiin’j; to, or <'xicndiii;.', bi'twe-'ri, iVu- iMi k of 

tht: h*:.\d .ind thr l‘ Mi-liciid : aU 1 :i.-’ . 1/'.. I ho iv « ////.> 

/rflutn/ n/w.ii'.A' i*r >h i ipifiy/rontti/h\ iho '.u ko tkil iiiiis' lc of 
tho .M alp, coinp>.isi'd uf the :i:id fiixiial inii.s,:]i witb 

iv-'ini: opu.T*iiii.d ajkinouinsU i.'mimk'i ling ihoin. Occlpil.O 
hyoid. poilainiiiK in lilt’ Mi't:i|.'Ul and llit: liy.ilil lu-ao. 
OccipitO-ina'Htoidppoi'taioinK lu tlwuf i-iput aad iIk- nia;-- 
Iniil proo-.;. Occlplto-me 'll till fh. ///ev/.v/w r.hiMi, jhi- 
lniiiin>: tu ilio luji'ipul am' iln: i hin.vstcndir.g bftwri-n 
iKiirit*-, OccIpitO'OTic M"r. mV, wr- I’ai'l, juMainitiK I'l lIu- 
oroijnii and tho oai. Occipito-pari'CtfU, [iorl.iinin.q> ti> iho 
oixipital and parietal Occipitorbi'CUlnr, i>>ii* 
tho 'Kciput w ith .111 •.•rbii'iilar tiiin;i-lo. Occlpito- 
SCfl'imlar, uortaininK to thu laviput ami tho .^eripuia or 
.sliouiikT' Occipito sphe noid, sphenoi dal, jiia * 
taining to ihu ix'cipit.'il find sphonoidal hones Occiplto* 
te'ftiporal, ]H:rtaiiiAiK to the iv.i; and bono^, 
1831 K. Knox iHot/Ht-rs .Aunt, Anlorh-r ^0«;ipiio*Al. 
kintal l.i^amciil. fhid. mj .Amithcr ligament naimal tho 
^oedpito axoid. I1746 IVihsonk in /Vr/A Tt atn. XLIV. « 
TIui tffliic of the '(.Vcipito-t'ientalis is K» pull tin: tikin 
of the lijf^wanl, drawing up iln Kve-limws.J i8it 
Xftif, T^t., fJtvv/l/AVbf'rt.W/.v ..Oi'.ipit i.froiital uf 
I hnn.'is. 1857 )kri.ixH:K Ciir^au.e' iV/'/Aiv/r -. -'o Tho ix:i;ipiio. 
fiuntal tf!,\u:nds frum tho piotiiU'i.iiirc to vho. 
fioiilid bov*;. 189a Syd. .Srt. /.tv., *ihtipitiy/iyxf;d #.'///.i.iV, 
all iHi .isioml inwsi'lo f'ri*iing from lb**, oiripitnl Umc .nml 
iiT-ortcd into tho liyoid boms ^ 1855 lioi vn..\ //out. Ostad. 

The * ’‘oi.iipito-mastoM.siiiuro '..iioniwctsthuiiiii* 
pilal with tlicinasuiil portion of (ho ivmporai bom;. 1C57 

Meuxiric CazeoH-V ^/i^{lv{f. 221 Tli<’ ..rn a«r‘.i i:iri iin!fiToi,ia.‘ 
of the head with thi: 'iM.i ipliu.iinan.d i:i:ii!ii'.'Li . 

187s Hcxtl-iV in hnetr/. /ieti. I. 761/f 'J ho .Mpiainu’.d. .i.s., 
soim-what kniscly uiiitrd with tho fpxital ami p:iiii tal and 
with tho eoili|ib’X ''i' cipito-otii; IhiUo. 189a Syd. ti(\. f.Vj., 
‘^Ihi'ipita'piii Ltii/ /#iirV r. ihi-. ii.l.-iiion bot wi.i.-u ih« 1 1 aiisii oisi.- 
iliaiiictrr «.iftho '-ktill ainl tho dis(:iii<:>-. fiina iin,: .u-ti-ri^ni ! » 
ill*: otliLf, tho fiiriiitT lifiiiK t.ikr-ii at i-k-,. 1854 ()wi;n in 

f ’//•<■. .S'i A'lti- 1 . ?}■'■ .An ipii’.i-’-pli*;!niiil:d b**iio 
. . 1 Viniu-fl . . by th*; ii).i 1 c.m:oiil'o of iht; Viai.iiK.dpilai wiih ilic 

iKisisplif iiiiid. 

Occiput (p’ksiprrt). Chielly y///rf/. [Is-OCiipu/ 
back ol head, f. oh- ngninst + caput hend : in I* . 
occiput in Darin.).] The back nr 

hinder part of the hcarl. 

I1398J In- '. I*. \ /iart/t. /A: J*. A*. V. io. •. 14*:#;) 'I'hy oi-cipiif , 
tho mdlo, is tho liyiKhn' paito ••i iht- htinl.] i6oa i'h i/'t. 
/\cturn fr. i'amttis. 11. i. rjij Vmir •••■.oipiit. J yr-i r 

ht-arl fitor.o. 01845 Hnwn.r. Lett. IJ. wii, K.\r>oiJiii-in i.-- ilio 
life of actiiiit, ulhi.iwisc 'Ihno- may shuw his buld -jo ipio.. 
and .‘.liiil.ii his ixistoriuri ai thrni in t.!iti-iu:i. 18^ / /•.■/ 
XXI. 4»>:» Kufli.ii'.SjWho first by a llli.iw on iru: Oi.i i- 
put kiKu kt biin to tho Gronml. i8a6 Kiui.v iv Sis J'ntnh:,}.'. 
Ill- “V-s OCiiput iih« Ol * i|.*iil*. Thr: l ark pail of tin: .'a-id 
uhcii it is ii-ifii ,il, or mrarly :■•», to it;i p-naf «if ji:ii<-!iii.T wiili 
tho Ininl:. 1881 Ml’. Aki C'rt/ ;-i Tho i.liaiidit Inil ia .)ir;i.:l 
line id tho oo'-ipiif, 

b. The occipit.ll bone of the sknll. 

1578 Uw'isri K y/AA Mon JVxan 11 iv, 'I ho fir-t Vi iii I'lv 
iuM prirably growio* In Oo ipuU 1836 .Sik G. Hi ah il.m.c 
lour It was hilt h.df a x'kiill, .. the otoiput h.*d oiili.'"' ly 
di’*;ippcai*;d. 1865 ).i. nriiif K. /'*i U, '/'tine:. .\iv. ti’fjijl -,i/) '1 ho 
Aintuiaii t,la4ll.* arc dura’ i< ri‘i;d by a llalinicd occiput. 

t Occi'Se, V. ()/a. ran--', [f. L. ocd.^-, ppl. stem 
ydoccid-cn to cut dfovn, kill. (‘f. c.miiC, incisc.\ 
trans. To kill, slay, 

1560 Roi.i.amj Crf. I't-'n/.s VI. -.’6-] N-.i*. .'.n fjuhomc 
g.’irt o*.*.i.s«i With hi.s a win di.*K.j:.s. 

tOcCi'Sion. f (a. K c#//.v</.7 ntiic. in 

1 ad. 1 J. oct /.\i,m-cyn, 11. of action irfnri occid-crc 

to kill, .sl.iy.] Killing, sli\mg (e-^p. of 1 iiumbiT 
<»f people, as in brittle} ; sbuglilcr. 

.> 37 S I ' k Ptrurc x?v. Th« li* hr m b‘l Kill .. 'daid 
MO a s'juohtir in lh«: Ami ^■*vJl fi.llvni.iv; i.»i.t!- i nii.o. 

11430 y ’//<•»■• /.yf Mofi/wde 11. 1 1, iiv.Q) i -',- ii m i. idyo il i i 
ok’ptd .. and .ai.Li:’i' uji. 1491 C\mi/N i /'ofr. i\V. 

W, V. viv. .}|4;i. v Tin ImiiyMc •I'.'sisyMi whi»;!i»: ih' ii 

haido 1536 111. i.i.fsHi n Cr v#. .V.;,./. j 1 ■ I J. j 
'flic place ipilsa’i* I!l..l^l 'M cisi. -n and .slam IiOt wos of I hini;.. 
*594 VGin'.i m: .'‘(V.////IJ; AVk.’.. lidii-.? X IV. -. s!-/ \VhyMa:;il 1 
liiill, and laihcr rot rtic Th»? gn'.-it « ..tii.sioii which ihn 
vl« tm.s make*. <11677 H-.» e ///-»/. /'»«•. .\hi. (r7y:t 1. 

4</i This kiml i.f ii* i •I' .n ncm a- - ’.iiilin ,' i-.i ihi: i.iws »»f 
ihc kinud-nn umI in ov.niian th* rv.| oug'ii n'»i. to b**. miiis- 
bred in iho 1 ank of «.• iim:.s. 

Occlude i t^kl/z'd;, V. I'hielly in seiculirio use. 
[ad, L. (»(-, obdud-cre to shut up, f. ch- (Oiu i b, 
c) + c/audt^rii to close. (T. mod. Y, occlun.] 

1. trans, 'l*o shut or slop up to us to prevent 
anything from passing in, out, or through ; to 
fdistruct v^a ]i.aji.-agc'!; to close ;a vessel or opening , 

1597 A, Af. <t. (itti/l, ii/lOM * /’*. < Alrury, A ; 2 An xli Ll.f 
lioin: w'hn!.'2,o h*rr | hr* Kite W ;o» .'dblH sl t.lll’.i*'d :n..J .sli.ppi./l. 
1646 .>iK T. Hk”’.vnk /''.ivud. hp. II. vi. 97 t iin.i’.i:r is iJk; i,’.-.: 
<if . . an lii-i li.icc’-jus plant ..which .ihry t.^kc up. ;us-1 . . r*.*!-- 
it up in e.irth, w hi ifl y «v tl’,'!ilnf; iho pf.ri**., thry con’tr\ • 
(ht: ji,itur.atl huiiiitlii\ . 1670 M wxw lyta San-.i \ ii. 
Kvorcisc opi’iis thi: Pi’rr’,.. whiili •.iihi'nri-.o hy !i'.» mui )i 
r* *:! nri: ui.cludtd .md sliiit uj». .r 1850 t. \. 11. s' s // '*>•. ; 

tl. Iheic was ly ,i jvsrl in I'.iir- p.-. wbivU .. w;is 

liiil 00. ludcd l'> III illMl (.(Minii* M f. 1854.1 s. ■-•! I I KN ill (h* <■'.< 
Citx\ CA't'nf. yn (V* lu!!i.’ <-iili# < r.-ti - .f ih'- . . w ii!i 
:i..IjiniK. 1880 M. M V ur\.':i: /.•.-.v. '.it S .ViAC 1 . ;.'_i 
'I'o jTv<'.ii* 'j .aifV.ic.itit.Hi by •.icvlniliii.'. lie. Isiy'i.’.. 

2 . To picxcnt tlui passage »•! ibing ' by placing 
Mijiielliing ill the u.ny; to shut in, md, or off; to 
inclose or ewlmle. 

18x3 (’i.! Ki i:\M, I’l 1657 'I-. -Ml I S'! >S 

iii'flon'x ih'P. (■*> M»‘fiii;aMii:i.t‘; a'*.' ih « I’.niid ill •••■lai? coTUi. 
nii'iil vrsMil. 1879 s r’rVi.NMVs yV/r.’. t’lTi /.'«i A : I In: lii;lii-> 
ahcriiali iv oei-ludcd and ii*\f.ili:d, 

b. Chem. V)l* ccrliiii Jiidal.? and f.'iht r soinls : 
'fej absorb nnd iclain ? gases) within tb<. ir .-.vb'itanvr. 

1868 r. lii..»ii\M in /Vrt/;..(.I.VI. \ :ii -I I’.iiKi II in.iy 
be .difiwvil Ivi ^pc.'ik this fjf.iw cv^'.! al •'; !» !i\«b*i',;-.M al a 
n <1 lica'. fini! hi i* lai'i i’.:i'.] .in ;i pi-wtii |o ty.ind,- il 1 
.’.hut |ip‘ l-.\dn!;;cn. .Tsid ihf limit .1, ihr e, i.'w.wr / I'f hfdi"* 
by phuinnin. /I'M. 4_-4 f hn: vlnmi' » f.'.|*’«ii:;y plain. n'li 
.'ippears c.ipaMi: *’1' i-* • ImliuK X’4 ■ ' I hy!l''j;:«'n. i860 

.■itit,'n.ruii: X". ?7i '. -.’o 'rhi*. i Aimiiini.ini | iwl:!'!. - 

Hydr.iKih. >881 AV. Si* vi.s'. In XXIII. jv 

'.I lii’'>.i: ’j.a.’.i:;* .'no pailly •--•'■.uliidvd ab'.nil rd wilUni ll.Oi ■.il- 
1884 ( 'ir.'>ic« 7 'jc /’'H-V. .hVeV Aj»r. Hvdi.i^i ii .’-.iii’lild 
bo i.H.'i Inilod in iini: 'if ilic |il;iti’iiiin pi.ii*:^ 

JIoiico Ooclu'deci, Occlu ding 
1801 1 'ai I V .'Vir/. TheoZ. .n'i, $ 4 pt'ii:'! .’pi Tho nponjn;. i.f 
this <11 eluded niuudi. 1866 T. Gs\n"* m Phi/, y'v.f#..-. 
t'lAT. 4.?4 i?i Ji;ii< ? Tbo I’diiiui' ’’f I'l ludod h^dro.'in i. 
inm.h lar::iT tban in il i- fn-id pl.:iini..:ii. i88» PiU'- k 
Juttn. .Vi . S/nd. .Soiiii; mol* .■!•. rally maiiv tin.—. I heir i»w a 
\ohnni' of iH-'i-ludctl ki-'- »®99 Aithui!'.s Ar,»/. .Med, \ I. 171^ 
ThoNU voiir. may i.L>iil.uii.,ni;i.liii'.iiiu lhh»mbi. 

Occludeut (fd\).*nb.iit\ a. and sb. [ad. 1.. 
occliidtHt’C.m,yt, pple. of o dudrirc to Oai.nn:. | 
a. adj. Having the projuniy or function of occlud 
iiig. b. .r/». Something liaviiig this proj.eily. 

1761 Sti-hm'; 7 V. .S/mndy .'t, 'I he ViidJ'.al heat an.l 
lll•.’i^tlll<! .. ii».iy br pio.M ivfil .. by i.'''i'iil' lanliaU, imini, 
iiii’iit.’i, find >H oiiidi iits. f|{\i.i X l^f*. l‘‘t.-t \ ’^/ortt! (am II 
.\.\vi, Ih’r l ■|•n.'illI.sslilnli.-lll.^, liiipMii'onfi.’. tVolinUiili.i. | 
1884 Wi nsuM, /'/, >or\iii^ to eloM;, r-hutiinK nj*- 

1877 Hrxiev Am i/. A/r*. Anim. \ i. -sy) On ibn iinu i .sido 
idThc ixeludeiit inAi^^in of its .icutuin. 

I Occlusc /ki// :*', ir. fad. I.. I'.i/,;; pa.pj-le. 

: ol o ditd-Cic to ( t ^eeluilcd ; rt<»p[ od up, 

I closed ; sImiI uj), eneloNcd. 

I 1669 IliiiiMi: i./.ut. ■;’. '1 Iji; Ihili;,!*-. .. th: 

. • Kvlusc .\|ip.ii.M, o-.pfri.dly ibo G'as::’ aV 'Sy. 1 il-.;,;, ... 

1857 i' t • 1-, (I : . f\. J. , 

; I.f tho i’K : hiit up in ibo lli '•hy 1.. ?.•. n ■. 

Occlusion 1 ' k 1 /( ‘ / •>n . [.ad. I.. 

! n. of {icliun from Otdud-tn. 0, •!{)>-: ..ri.- (.)• ri.i.iu.. 

I So modi'', vctin.don (iS’uS in JIalz.- Darin. ,j 

1. 'I'hc aetion of occluding or fact of l.-eiug ho 
; eluded; up, closing, .f .'Ijieily .soieniifie., 

! '"*845 Mo^ Ai 7/. I, Ml. .v\iv. I'.y it;o . uti.' 

•iCi.he.ion I.f ilu- uiifiio <;■( ihr .M.itrix. 1746 
, \LJV, n 'I f. H.vplaiii liic M;:M!.or ..f ilu- • 

: i.'f thcHyr, 1786 M. I.i.i.iii S|.;i!h.. . f<4. n:; 

I y. t‘> tho fS lu.siHii of ll r I'.ii i/.ili II wf l};i: 

-M .-.ippi. 1876 tr. II iit^tnr.\ '»»«. /'fifA-i. mI. ij s*.- 
.\ii:i,.i,i.i (ii.cuij fiijm li.m i;r of a: 

2. CluHi. 'f'he retention of ga.scs in the pn ie; i.d' 
metals or other suh-Tanees. 

tmi.i i;.\n\M in /'b/'A /'/</w . f I VI. « p., ,* f j. fi.i : 

a.'d- /Ai/. .j ’o 'I hr -y rliiN-.n rt lj\dr. i;v I ill* idtniih 1871 
Iif.rrn-: AV, ///. eVii..;' it/i Tlit*. !.• ilhi.ti-.d h'..» ;.i;nini:i?i anil 
, ii-.M .>!•.: f..r h\ ill in.-y bo < 'p'.il:.i'i by i*i»‘ .d>- 

: ^orpli-iii t-ir vi i.l.i-ii.,!’) .f o;! ir.o .1,0 rif'f (.f iln. 
i!i« taihe tube '.'r p'.Ui* ;'iid iiN •:c.i[iO!aii.;’.i at iht- <••:!.. i !o. 

Occlusive ■■pkbv::iv,. a. [L L. cr.Ats-, pjl. 

stem of oediidi^fc to fhri.i ni: + ivi .] H.-iviug 
the function ot oecludir.e'' 01 eh sing. 

1888 k. P .thK i;i it/ .Vt i'.'s iniilar.) I.lll. 117 'rr*- 

.W'lUri.l .1 |..■.^.;d with .i.l lJ^ < lu; ivo i‘.|» 

Occlusor U'kl.'rVi). [agiiit n. in I... foim, 

; from ocilftdire. to (.»n .Sotnetliing that ot- 

elmK-i or elejse.-i; chielly in Ann/, a .•Jtieiiure 
which eloiie.> an oj..ening. .Mso aih ib,, as <'• . lu^or 
apparatn:, 0, miLn i'c. 

' 1877 H Ml I \ Autif. /nr. .Anin:. vii, 4;; j lb* \ ..1 ■..•»-;;.:c!i 

of III*.: I iy w .al.l ilui;. a.piTai to V-*; 1 la'.'.lil’i* of Vi r 

II*;' In - r aiip.iialii'v <,f thi. 1878 I*-' <. / .. 

t.t ;i:p. .\nftf. liny fr in a •h.-fer.'i . i> fi.-. lie 
by ihi- p ..f (.'.Ui'tii 

^ Ot^const, Occoy, mI-s. nr cnon. ff. Aceo'iT, 
Acoi.k become, Occornc, Oecoiir, ob.s. if. 

; OiVKi M. Acmun, fli Ki ii, Oc(.T‘a,-ro, vai. Oki;o. 
t Occru'state, r*. Oh, ff. med. or mod. I., 
l}pc ^ccc/Hs!t\rt\ *A,v-, f, C'b- 'On- i c. rcntdluc 

■ to (■.‘Ki'vii'.] in:nc. 'I'o enelose in a crust, to fii- 
: iiiiist ; pp, l(.i ii.'irden, render obdurate. 

' *853 li. M- nE ( ony-.r/. 0»'"'vc/, •. i7»,.‘ .'lo I'h aim .\iid 

i«.i.iii.'t;it*: in ll''. i ii* \'!i’h .\p','Ui; y. 1681 ■ 

A'.r/. /\in, I'lth iM Thi’M I't; I i'.ir:-., 'a h M afi-. .-vv.ikd *,nd 
oiTi .1- i.Uf.d in ihi: Irad*’ f tlivir iirpullc'. 

Occular, ^ate, ob.s. forms oi Ocli au, -aik. 
t Occulca’tion. C.h, ran^^, [n. of aciioii 
fioiu L. rb-, o/iHuare to tf:imp'ie down, 1. oh Ou- 
I if; + : ,1/4 </;<.■ to tread J 

1856 f..v.-.v 'i.-. t.hi w.'i'.'", a iri’a'li'i,?. ’.'ii u 


Occult (d’k/^df , (f, \yb.'. [nh 1 . Ot.u/hus, pa. 

. pl'Ie. of c'ifit/‘Oc to c«At r over, hide, concea!. f. 
i7i - T e) h *L\ / he { Oil . u/-/a 7, OTeiil. .bit an, 

I iLLE i'.* . ; of. I., i t . b t to hiflc. O I* . OCt .v//( 1 2th c. , 
app. did uul einer Kug.] Hidfien (///. rn id 

1. Hidden ‘ fruin Niglit . ; eoiiccalc<l . by “oinelhing 
iii!i:rpiised ; noi wAp'iscil to vIlw. Nuw /t.Ot 01 l'/m- 

1567 M x. iir hr. A: /! I’lif. Vvijb. M'-oalli- , . . aio 
n- iliii i: •.i'-e i.lll !hi; c.-.rih^ hid a* .1 I’C-.iill kl.iM--:. 1635 

Sw...'. . .1/. \i. s .* ii'^ ■■ f It .i‘.) « vih it self uni.i '‘tlivr 

N'-.L* . . .■•ii.i' i»v» i;l' p.i"..ij;‘."' c.mb r ei:>in;ij. 1671 

. ( hii \v .l/nt. /'.Il 'i.'.i I. i. 5 1 ; I’.ic; U-s.i:r . f ihc ‘-aid Ap. 

pMliii :.K lie.* lli: 1 cl v\ ■ i. a ihi, IW > i f the H«.;.:i 

: 1795 r. .M.\' l.i’ '■ .'V '.• .|S;t»} I. I. \;i. . i.| Tlie 'lar- A 
till byi.Li ,i . . b*. I .la!'.' ixeiib vi hi n th" i::! i.''''C. 1850 Hc-nsk 1 1 1 

/‘.ViM-.y /’.f ■//.•:*/ .viv, \Vc iwu wiil ‘i.iiul l e ii.l*- that rlirinv. 

, t).ui iil(, w iihhcld, >'d. 

' b. Applied ti> a line drawn in the eonstmetivn 
; I'f a figuie. l.ui md fi. lining j>ail of tlic fini.hed 
(igiiM-; .ilsii P.i a dolled line. ? < 

1889 ''«! K :v M.tO. li. -...if, 111 till.. 1;I 

I ; '/'‘.e. i tOf'it I ilf.iw ..,.'1 I';|1 .ill'.-!, :i!i(! lOi-h.-'M 

t.'-waid-. ll'.-; \\*4 -I : 1 .b,i’v by i.h;il I .•»! .‘U i'i\ 

Mviidi.ei. itiSS K. Ib.Miii. A.f'f ihti i»i. 1 ihiw.V i-i 

II A- 1 .1 l.i'ii- 'ti.iwii i»iit I'V p”i:ilN i>r i-iii.k.N. 1703 

!/ >. / irt'i. ^ I )i.’.ilin.*- .I'll t O ii'L .\ll 11. 1731 

. il Ml ! I /'■ I \ 1 \- ti.\: .! I Ji;iw lln: * >• ■.'ih I itu.s 
1.1’.. 18*3 1*. Nil I'H'.S.’N /'*<l A'.'l//./. *;l| t>' ' lilt »ll' ■ . .’I 

*.m.ii .1.^ .'.ic to b« iiibb^.;.] i.i.jt .1 •.iin. 

2. Not iliseUwed 01 divulged, privy, Nceiet ; ktid 
seoiet; c«uuinuniealed only to the iijitialed. 

1533 Ih.'MM i V /.rry i. » b * ll*.-,;.i.i li'c ilk ti.o 
i.i.iilr .’heii. lii'ii- .■■•I irm-Ii’iN i’.i hiN i.i*'ii'. 1854 H. 

I li’iikxM.K ('-'..I., / .ifi;-,'**' I’y O'.iull iiiii ';. ff Si.iic. 
1673 k w y.'ttm. .b'/.''!// I hc-c Milb.u'c.s ait 

all tiC,t:iill, i't. Ki'tii l.y pi.aiiii..; i;l b.ilit ii'l .• liail"liri.:- 
: b'.tM-’-. 1741 .Hiiii.i r !■ -N (. .•<■• I. \ i. af.7 \ii« it; la .'Hill Ik i.uh 
..II rifi’.t;'. well; p.ll'.iti <1. 1841 1 > 1.-tk M 1 1 .tr.m./.r i.i::b;i 

I'l iiisl'ij. ri..ui.ilm.! . . .1 ■-l.■llt -III! «.». i ’..U .iii. 1885 94 

. U.llKiiv.i !! Ai.-a -S ! 'it: I’.ily in. ( *1«'ir p!.t..Mii.'l 
; [ihiyl Sal whUperinc fii llu.ii ’'•.‘cl-.. ^ 

■ 3. Not apiuelu iidcd, or not ii.’piehi.nplhiO, by the 
; mind; beytmd the range <'f niidnsi.mding or •’! 

! im'-iu.arv kiuiwledgi' ; recondite, niv-deriout. 

1545 P.I.OI-I'K /'rt>*,\.f. Til kill, ill /n/to.t l\n.",vi. 'I '.T ■ 
i I'l.ii w .’iil;i .•* r>> pr .-n. itty .'b- uv.y i'imI* 1 >1 lb'-: 'ii • ah’: 

; iiii’ciiiiMii' t.l ;:<»il. 1665 III \N\ii.i- *'1 1 A’’-' ■') 

I iviict All .if ihc s-.'id, wJibhi’i u-i i-* aiM -ly .•.i-cii. .''’il 
; withoiii the ken ef vur InicJlt .1... i75» .I'li.v/,.', 



No. i6? P * Some have .. .T.ii oi'cult i>;) of >lealii!i; u^Knl 

i] »c .itTeelioiis. z8jo iLi:i<.^oiii.L .V/wj/. .Vi//. f'hiL t. iii. i-j 
If., the i|):aliut'.';..,)ie teaily oi^.alr, or iiii:.ip:ible 
of bein^ expru^.'.cd in .my form inttlliijibk* to oiir under- 

b. Not affeclin^, or Iracciiblc by, the sciisc-^; 
imperceptible. Nuw ran: oi iucrj»ei.l in prec. 

1650 Pl'lwv.k Anthro^onti f. 170 The di^sipaiioii r-f lh;.;.^t■ 
ihiir.js whii li OiMi.siilnli* •’mi bivly, bciii);' im aiid a thii-.., 
wliieh escapes the rcucJi tf our >ensey. 1743 f.ottii. y 
Cvuntry i'rc.x’. iv, i\d, j) Then; , , fi.iiu-i ■in otcuU 
Coiiimotioii iipijM tir^t inixiiit; it ftho* ;'.i.ijjaicpi r.iiomjh soo’i 
a(iKr), 1876 AV./f.* Z.-v/. -j Atinii at 'I'htl't .-;. 

the occnlt .>r un.secn tlod hidden in ihc powti -. and opeia 
ti(>in> id iiatiitr. 

c. Applictl in early science o: natui al philopopby 
to physical qnalities not maiiilVst to direct ub.-tivn- 
l«oii but discoveiable tmly by c\]H.Tiineiit, or to 
lliosc whose nature was unknown or unexplained; 
latent; also fran^f. irealiiij; of such rpialities, cx- 

j) criment:il, ( VV. eve. lii'l. or as niLijjed in 3. 

a 165a J. S.Mnn Sl/. /bVe. v. iii. i;!:si.O -r;;, Ih-.'^f nalin.d 
iii;lipalt:iiVN . . notliiiiL'. fisc but •n.iiill (.ii.dilic". or 

1atur.1l iiistiru.-i.s, i66x Siiiiis«.ii- n. ii. § if 

It Mid !.i: ilu; I'jiiM of .dl pardoiuV'h*. in lli-i •■cphxlns i.f 
><dr l.ip.liall k-rin-i -md occuU iiualitics, when lli* Oiiijln'’ 
(jf ihu wlmlr 'wirlil is ip;niIvod ii.-tci .i*i uli (|n*i!ity whiili 
civ'.s mo'.ion to Atoms. 1671 J. Wi-! .siV:u d/c :■& 
OiIkts i^vpciiinfnlallv K!n;\\ soiiiclt ii'i; i:' ihi' i-’ccult Scicnc*-. 
1704 Ni.w'i .jN I'V.'/o I In- .-VnstDtcls.iii:: yivu ihti n:iiiu 
• >f liMi.'ili: such qii.ililic:.. .as ihi.v ;'iii*f *-srd to 

AC hi'l in hodifs, ainl I iln* •■a.u;:c‘’-.< ol 
rfTi'vlv 1717 J. Kkii.I. -'1 (.V , ':. i.i7.v’' i.J IluiV tllc 

U'lod (;ai:n.: lira 1>\ iis M* ri-'ii. i Ic-.tM; to hi; dcU'i mim'd 
Ijy llic J'hiln- ■pln;r‘.-. 17x7 Dr. t oK .■’.ivY. 1. ii. 

;il’40.: 5S Dctull jio'-iLi:-, r.Ij»'Wii ill NaUiif, but unK.U'Wii 
.111(1 lM;.'n:ll by vi;.l';^:ir lii-ad-. uiirl X831 Ihil WMl'U 

Si'A'frn (I It- v. O-J Hi: UCvXscs him .if revivin'; tlio. 

i.<i .. nil •J'.ialiiscs Ot th'. .MdlQi.'l--:. 

4 . Of the iialiiie of fir [icrtuinin-; to those .nncieiit 
.mil mc«li;^val reputed sciences (or their modern 
repiesciiLntives) helvl to ituohe the knowIe«h.;e or 
use of aijencies of .1 secret and niysleriou.s I'.atuie 
I as ma;;ic, alchemy, aslroh^'y, iheo.sophy, .'iml tl’.e 
like); also treatii\i; uf or versed in ihest ; 

mai^, rn}>.tii;al. 

.11833 \rsri\ hVi.'.'/. .11';.=:) i'\') Mu. !i .a:!-! p.'-.vtr 

i> iiHrii'Ulr<l lo iIii;m' . - by the* t Kicult I’liih-v plfi.s. 1651 
J, i-‘Ini-.\Ki' ) ■/.•■.'ll', Thri'i; I'hifj.-tipl.y, wriiiru 

by Hi.'Tirv 0-1 Miulu.. .■\.:.;r:ppji (.•r;f . f ih»; Latin 

iiiM rhe f'.njjli.' h C711 •sii.vmrs'.i. (.' . 11777.1 

IH- u, i, ; Kn.-i'i ilii.i I'.irvnt Coumiy '. fi.i. culi .S'di-m.s.s . 
h" was presum'd ..I'j h:.vv haifi . jtidi*:!.!! A-ir.-l .jy. 183a 
W, |*, Alfinntt'hi I. -m 6 A b<.-».ll*: •;♦ ii.-il.-i-d i i;jy, (.i>\<;i«:it 
w jth Arabit ins\ rijui-.'iis, w tii* h wa.s priu'iai.n c.i .'i |'icdii;iou-< 
aimili.-t ..>f :xi. u'u virl ui-.-.. 1851 I b Wn s- -s /’»v /r. . I ku. (1 &A5.1 

II. IV. hi. -js; A charm, or .>lou!i sicn. 1884 11 . 
xiii. 153 V.i li.vscirl.jii of the occult pliiIo-..Mphi‘r.s. 
+ B. j/'. .Somttliiri^Miiilcien of .seciet. /an. 

1656 S. H. (/■?.'/. /. irir ;o If*,. .N'attaf., aiv.l p< t Nami.*!- ; it- 
vv'.uilf, find ni'i I'j' i.'.iUr.s, entitle la the litli' Kinj;. 

Occult 7'. [ad. I., cci'u'tii rc to hide, 

conceal, freq. of (vr.'.'//-;*..’ : see Occt:r.T a. Cf. 
fiiod.h . tfii'w/.V?* , Little' .3 fains. To hide, conceal ; 
to cut olT from \ic\v by interpoaing ?ome other 
body ; also Now chiefly in seientilic or techni- 
cal use (see b and fX'( r.'i/nvii below; ef. 

15x7 .\Nr.*r.;KW yOT/rtiT'.’i'/’i V i'i tylf. //'ifA.'/w llijh, '1 h*J 
S.1I1IC w.itfjr ••i.eullrili hydrlh the pyniplc'; . in thi; 

159; A. .M. t. /-'r. C/ifnirtr, K\iil,/'i ■ri,t\ 

whinh i;i r.KiLiiltcde •!» ‘"jf thi: haiiiili;. 1830 I y'tiyiy'i 

.•/.Ii'. 1. 7.ji whtre iIk cal w;i4 oi.tiilifd. ^ 1870 

>•. T’Mt Ot/iir vi. r,.- 'rht sini Ls ••( rnilcii iii ifn; 

r M.tivt jii aMil l/iit freu from ivhp'i! In ili»- middh: 

uf tliu d.iy. 1887 II J\t r/i Nui. Nur was his por- 

s«.>i::ility by .uiy incans 

b. spec, in ,ldron. said of one heavenly body 
hi;i the moon, or a planet) hidiiuj annlher 'as 
a star, or .i satellite) from view, by passing; in 
front of it. 

1764 vse in /V;//, 7V.«;n. MV. \-\i 'I hr VI(:.;im ^ 

ipike w.i;. ... i.ii;i.:d l..y the J tliis ni^lil. 187* ri{i>e-KiH 

iii. .fi Th»: •.‘pn Sis wSun the jno«jn i.M.'.ul'.’-.r ;iiars nr 
.vhf.'i Jiijiiit.i .-.aliillitts arc * tlips^id ur oocidu-d. 

Ileiicc Occii-Uod pp/.a„ hidden, eonecaled ; 
Occulting ///. r/.. ^tnal occults; spue, in li^hl- 
houiie.^, applied to .1 liL'ht cut off Iroin \ iew for a few 
sccoivls at rei;u).Tt intervals. 

*597 mtum'.- /■>•. Chiru'X. j.j/.- The I'l.t nllnl 

‘ ludly v.-pyi; theni 

160A >.n.\Ks. ifiitn. Ill ii. 'ijj If his 00.11 It v.uill, Diy n- .1 il .‘■••Ifi. 
Mikcfin.:!! In one i.poech. 1880 V'yfnity ftou^i: Atht. io .\pr., 
I >nriM^' . fiiin:, iSfo, tht; li;;Sit ;il the .\orlh rortliind wii! l-c 
n-.;nk- ■ le•.u'tirv^;. 'I i-* lo say, it will, um,t: in every ll.'df. 
mimiU', h.iddciily •li:>.-ipptiu- f«.‘r !• Lve Second.-., and thru ;iv 
MiiUb. fiiy o'-'ippear at full pjv.rr. 1899 Sfrautf .h’tti;. IV. 

'I'l.c ui.t.ultir.f' light .. may ho. M;*n Ion;.; alrci iSk i"Wtr 
Itself L hr..l to 

Occultatxoil 'V’K.vlii'i-j.iii . [a.'l. L. ci culUificn- 
cm^ n. of .action Irom cmtUarc'. see pine. t .'f. K. 
ociitUaiion in dsf/wr. :</ 1500 in (iodef. C.^onip/.'.] 
The action of oee^Uini; or tart of beinj^ occulted. 

1 . I fidii.:^», eoiuiealmeiil (oos. in sense'; ihi- 
tael of beiJig cut off from view by soim ihing inUr- 
jioscd. Now only .scienlilie or Ici linieal ; Lee also 2. 

*43* 50 |r, ///c'.f* « (lv'‘-'lh.; 111 . 177 Sr,i..h..* ..n. .•i!i» 7 

hidrii;i».-. id kytiK';s niydil« bv wcllo inih»- l-.inl. c.lf I'ti -i'ic-. 
i.s8b N. Tlsi. fHhrtm ’ p- .s-Kvi, St. Aueu.-.iim; :-;diSi..l5i sh*. 
Old 'IVstanic.nt there is i.hc uv* nhiilinn .d |li»! Ni-wc ', .'ind 
i:i (he Nuw l'v.sUriM.-!M I', liu; iim;nft:-Uitiuii uf lhf;Old. 


1678 CenwuKiii iniell. Sy%t. I. iv. ^ .;:v Ignorantly at* 
iiimitin;; itm l*a;.-ioii.s of Kruil.s, aheir .Appi araiii.v.s and 
I keiiii.uioii.’’l to the iLhIs. . that i»r*:aid« over thun. 
n. ytiiin -v VShtis l (ed. f. 4-14 -^1 U> i.>. i-iillatiuii tie. 

llni I’aiiCi ci'.o its lighi w;ls v^iry faint. x88a Stantlit*d 
,;i Mit. 1/3 The Light w'ill lie iiiidci l•^.^.uUa^it!n three times 
III quick snr.ccs.'.ion every Minute. 

2 . Axiron. fa. 'riic disappearance of a star in 
tlie tun':; rays when in an aj'paient poj'itiori near 
that of the suii. Oh. b. The coiiccalinent of one 
heavenly body by uiudhtr passini' betwetii il and 
Ih'* observer, as of a star or [ilanet by the moon, or 
of a satellilt^ by its piini.113' planet. (Also, the 
coiict.'ilment of a heavenly body liehind the body 
ol the earth ; so in itnk cj per pdiui! cccttfiaiion, 
for which ^ee Cmei.E sh. 2 a.j 
f\MiMiiuiily ;ipplied only in those • in which the ue- 
I lilting Ivo'.iy is of niurli greater appariMil iiiagiiiliii.l« ili.m 
that OLLulltd: the- (partial m trjtal| iUin(.cAlincnL of the miii 
i.y the tucon i-i 1 filled an iv/z/jv. In the uf JuitiUi's 
.^.-itolliies, :ui cc ///if* tak».*> phwe when a s.Ueliuc [^.vsscs into 
ihc pl.iiict’» sluiil..»w, an when it pa:^ses behind 

the pI.mct'.H disk. 

tS5* Ri.'''ki'I- Cfv/. iMyO lu;* When .-injc ^:larIL• 

i.^ so nyght: v.ilo the Sun that the Sontie di»“!he lal.t* awa\t; 
i.r hyde iln* iyghle of il, il (•iighlc to hccc.ilkd the lly(!yiii;i: 
■ •V ui't ult.itl.m of .'-larre, and not iIk; .■.dlynii^e. of ilj..l 
hiane. 1613 1 V ks«iS t'rrn/ 1, x.vx- $ 0 M hc delation of the 
piilt'. . . doili giini \.s (he d.;-.*i-ce.s of the others ■Kicullatii.m. 
1669 I’l. vM.sri-.Mj in J‘A‘ 7 . J'ra/is. IV. lu.'.*. In the, Oeenlta- 
il in, .. iln. C?i iitn' uf the Moun passes very near tlie Star. 
*8*7 Y I iJC'c 'riitiM: \vln» .. ic^i.steu'.d the 

limes uf i.iv iilc.'itiun uf Jupiter':* satellites. 1856 K \se. An- f. 
E I //. I. .viii. I f-.i We an tM.ituhali iii uf Saturn at j .\.m. 
O. //“;■•. I >is:ippc:ir:iiiei* from view or notice. 
i8j5 Jl! 1 la-v A‘.v.v. iiS-i?’) U. ii>i) ‘I ho ic-ap|K‘araru c of such 
.;ii .lulhor id'tei ili-.'-c long periuils of (icttihalion. 1840 
llo'ii) .fntn‘‘iiyi' v.v\ii, To cU.ud the lace i-f ilir 

lu.-ui J irtui.ii Wiih .1 lii-^.nal i..CLultati- .n ' sSqx .V. PiKui-.ri. AV.v 
%/i/.'c. \i. The pr.jsjuTi vf the cuniin-^ oecuitation uf 
|.M-rsoi';dly (lis.igf«:i;.i*.iK; .luthors. 

Occultisiu : .i?kr*'lli/.’!n). [f. Occl.’LT u. + 

The doctiine, i»rineij)lcs, or pi act ice of ‘occult 
.science (rnnjjic, theosophy, etc.: see OcCLI.Trt. 4); 

1881 A. I\ SiNNj-. rr <!\v.v// // WvV (ii'';..' } !• L « hi*-flv in 
the that •«.f.iiUi-iii is ..till kept up’--!n Indui .irid i:i 
(.’It I 'icntii'-.s. x886 ..VA 7 itn.rj'» f.Ai.-, .-5 Sepi. d/i 
t^vCiillbui w;is, indeed, a tl••(vs«lry (-.••nt omilant uf poly- 
ilit 1895 J fiMcr \ II. 54* Occultism deals with f<>rc»-s 
(^f nature nut generally kuuwu. 

Occultist (ftkirltisi >. [f. as prec, + One 

ver^cd hi, believing in, occultism; a mystic. 

1881 A, I*, SiN’M 1 r li'i/rM The occult Lis 

b.a\e liee.n fi race apart fr'.mi an earlier pericitl ihan w-e 1 an 
f.illiom. 1888 Ei/fUfn t\, Y.) .Mar. (.»ur oC'.tiltij-ls and 
ln^-^tics li:id v.iii'>ii.<s. .explanations of the liigliet vlgnifictiUc'' 
•>f th’j sacred tros;*. 

ITeiuic Ocoulti'stic a. 

X898 -V MrMiLL.\N! Pifrtcntc:/^ I. : Heading*. 

Occultly a-h’. [f.OftTLT a. y -LY-.] 

In an occult or hidden manner; secretly, piivily ; 
imjicrceplibly, latently; mysteriously, my.slically. 

1641 I'liKSMi /k'V.'/i 7 . V, I.-?. The luiinidiiy •»[ lie.: 

\v.i.ter hath ihe IniinidUy of the s.'ilc laid up t.ei iifily in it. 
1659 Ik ll.'iikis /*it/’iva/s J/\>n Aye Tiie :«li'.iie* of tin: As>crnbly -ivisc e«'i:(.lu('tt-d ihcic .v. .lonhb. 1^93 T. 
T.Avinn ilyniH.. in .SrtAVr/ etc. i6z 'I li\ ilii.:idinl shield, in 
inystu: f.ihlri fain d, Ocenltly sii.',iiiln:.*. ih.: puwer untamVI. 
T84S Mk.s. i'K'iWMNu Lcfi. Sip*., 'lu;!?} I. (.:•«> Tt> believe 
that philu'-'-’idiic: Ihinking, like iinr-K. is invubed, i iwevi.-r 
ll■J*■ldlIy, in fiiv.h iileality of any kiii'l. 1895 . 

j{ I'tb. ..'/i Sl;e I Madame Phivalsk' J . . jivaired hci ( •■lu- 

I Mlriol ihe.l heri.:i: i-'.t.r lu: ;ip|>«Micil .shc knew uuiaiilly that 
le v\as l« i»ig thaw II towards her 

Occa^ltness. [f. as prcc. + -SEV'*.] I'lic 

cjtialiiy (ir ‘daU- rd bein^ occult. 

X717 ll.Mi.i.v vok II, liiddc! iie-:S, LoiiLcaledue* ''. 

*755 •>' f-niXi-v'N'. 1875 // briO. i.l.;, Si'j Com. 

in a i-erlaiii iiTiii::(:al degree uf ra.Inie.-.>;. ,..;A(iui;-.ile- 
lii.-K*. niliii ;;ran(.h:iii, ur 

Occupance -p-ki/i^pdiis;. rutr. [f. OCVM’AXT; 
SL'C -.XNTi:.] = nc.xl, l. 

18x4 .Seoii Piary .| .Xng. in [.i*ikh,rtr. 'J'he thief stress i* 
iai'i upon • u) Mil' e. x88o i\Iit.*v l i- i m . //#«« 

/h>V/..’-IL I lady K'lthven her. elf w.j^ m ui 1 iqi.'^nu: 

of the prell'. iii.-n^iu!:, 

. Occupancy r**** i*^*'C*. :^'c-a.v(,y.] 

1 . 'I'iic cuiKliUnii of iu ino- nn occnjiant ; the fact 
Ilf octupyiii”; the act of taking:', or fact of hviM- 
adual p'ls^ji.ission, i-sp, of land (spyc. in 
Hictakini.^ pi»:yres..sion of something not belonging 
to any one, .is constituting ;x title to il) ; iu’.tiial 
holding of or residence in a place; — Ot.ti'PA- 
'11*..* .V r. a, 

1398 Lv.on i:.\e o_f I.n.c, P toper ty hi /./iW i. An e.Mfite 
fur untiihi.r man's life by y, iiki'/ at Inis linn: ht 

ii-.iiJcii by 1:4, try. 1643 l'i'V.*.-.'ii-: Stn', Pnylt. 1. led. .■) 

i-yt A tinny, \shii I: ia ii.-. (.w;if. iiatnre is not capahie of an 
Oi-fup.imy, !i- v; 1^ any. i787lJi.A(;Ksio.YK(.‘f.v//w/. II. 
.w i. . Oi.-.-ii|i:.iii y is the taV'.iiii^ |if«^‘;cssioii of lhin>;s, 
vhi> l.-.iuo: h- l.inyi d lo inibudy. Thi> -i--* the tint Kioiuid 
Cl'.* r.»'.OMl.,ii III •»( .'dl piu|.(;ity, 1774 IkcikkiiON AntvHify. 
Xpp., \Vl.*. I -vj L 140 ha-.h inilit of the .SoiJuy nuiy 
■'I'i.'r’.q.. ;.i!c lu him.self si»i h lands as he finds vai.-ani, and 
■ ii|i:iiii J wii! give him tilte. 1861 M. I*m libuN /'.'.va. 

I. .J 1 If. uii ni'iaiM y -..f ihc Liij^lish ilii'inc . .hy the. line of 
ll.r.iiiiei. (884 Eavo A'. A '-7 CliajK:. l»iv. 633 That.. he 
.•in nld i.d.-. a hityyi house for their joint occupain.y. 

fiifrti’'. 1883 I'jM (.V///. .■'vpl. 45i The rent payalitu hy an 
■A.'.up.i.iry itiuiii. H'iii. y/i Kvoii. .eiiiitictf to occuitarn y 

, liyhtN X883 .Ifant/i, IC.\ai/t. 7 Nov. s/j The innovutiuii of 
ill! UL'cuiAiiK'y franchise fur the enmities. 

b. toner, A place occupied. 

X864 C.\RLvi.K En'ffk, 07 . .\Mi. v. IV. 563 Hotc^ The Saxon 
‘ Cuinp ' or Occupancy. 

2 . The fact of occupying or taking tip (^pace). 

1833 N. Arn’o] r PSty^iis (ed. t) II. Such expuiibioii 01 

iicciipancy of .space hy a sninll (iii.-«ntity of niultcr. iBj^s 
Lyei.l J’-^i/te. i'.eoL U. iii. xlii. 439 'Ihc fiiii. .tend, by luc 
mere fxcupancy of space, to exclude other .specie:!. 

3 . The state of being occupied or busy; 
OoetiiMTioy 4. 

iBa6 AVw .fkoiithly Mag. X VT. 1-37 .A train of rcflvction.s . . 
which liis former aiate of prufessional occiipancy'had tended 
!•) exclildo. *843 ,K Cl ..V.WN Sc/'M. Kvil ;'95 We &ec heaven 
l eprt.seiiled as a place of occupancy. 

1 0 ‘coupand, pr, ppk. Ac. Cbs, [coriC'^p. to 
h'. CLi upantf L. occupfinPcnE w'ith Sc. ppl. ending 

AM».] <!)ctiipying. 

*587 .SViOV. Pat wx Ke/orm. ii. 3 It i.s not aiietich ye iwre 
Iviiij; i.s deid, Ibjl yc iiiksLliaiit miirlhcrarlii occupanci lii& 

Occupant (p'kiyrpunt). [ad. 1.. oaupant enu 
pr. pple. oi occupy/ 1 to Occui’Y, perh. immed. a. T. 
ocenpant (15th c. in ITa^z.-Dtirin.).] 

1 . A person occupying or holding in actual 
possession "property, esii. land, or an ofl'icc or 
jiosition ; one who' occupies, resides in, or is at 
the lime in (a place) ; an occiijiior. * 

t6» lb'. H \i.i. ,V. /'. 111. iv, ('>i!e ifRiiii is. left 

\''!d fi.'r a future oceiii .'iiit. ^ 165a 6a Hi ylin Cosuroi^r, in. 
(107-',) £;ir/j R(it.iiiiin>( .*1 third purl of the profit.^ to him* 
•idf, and kioini' iwt^ thiid.s !#» the Occnpaiil.x. M87 Hi ACK« 
-sio.m: CotKfff. il. i. 10 The frio>l iiMivi.‘i-‘al and elledual way 
uf :i!iunduiiiii>{ ^iiupetty, L hy the death of tl^ oci'.iipant. 
1833 J. Maksiiali. iatisf. Op/a. (18^0) "64 |The Tiidi:tiiMj 
ivi le udiuitted to )>o lliA rij;;htfiil ociiiiji.iiits ul the >oif. 1867 
S.Mii I s ! / Hgue/iof-K Euy \\ (iB.'k.) J'he siu rileyiou'i wcu* 
p.iiit I'f iln; Kn>;li.‘-li liiroiu*. 18B3 K. NYkii.ih in 
J'inu i Kip.^ I... -473/; The voler was lire occupaiil of lw>b 
i«.'i>m'.» only ill tin.' hoii-se. 

b. Zr/w. One wlio lakes possession t>f somethiiig 
having no owner, and so establisKes a title to it. . 

15^ IkvroN l \<e ip /.#»a», Propetiy in Laath iv. § ? 'J his 
laml ri; the parly that IulM. rrilerctli; and |n.. is 
called iui (.x'ciipiini. 1850 Ih'. PaEfu Cii. iijj 
shall those thiuqs hr ? . . perhaps a i-lrani'er:*, p^^haI.•^ '•‘=’ **• 

( .i.M* i/f iinili-iiuscd l.aiuU; ihe oci’u pants. 1767 ISi..vr.'KsioSK 
Ooium. II. .v\!. -.'39 l>elun;.'iiii; iherefure lo n-.ihs-dy ..the law 
h;{'l il iijicii to he .stbed and appir • hy ihe^iist person 
that t'.)uld ciJtrr iiiKm it . . under I he name yf an «•«.■« iijianl, 
X844-75 Wii.i.iAM.s Kea/ Prop. led. 11) i. L'o Tlie person who .s'> eiilercd wa.s called u ]|;eiietid occtipaiii. 

t 2 . A prostitute. ((?t. Oceri'Y 8.) Oh. 

*599 Maksiov .Sc,\ l iiianic lV<d. 166 XVhove seiices .some 
danniM •.kcupatU Uie.iu*-.*.. //'/(f. il. vii. .’'.lO He wiih hi'.* 

Oeciipaut, Arc clini' d so ilosc, like dcaw-.w^rni.-i in the 
iitornK Tli.if he'Je no! s|ir. 

•|- 0 'CCUpate//V’*^> *7. oh. [ad. L. £ 7 i( nptit w.r, 
pn. ]'j>le. of 00 npdre to Otcnrv.] Occ.u]»ied, taken 
into and held in jiossession. i. 

1605 llAt.os Adv. 11. (.'oiii.k, Those p.irts .. not 
c-jiiMaiilly 'jccupute, or lU’t wrell iroimerted hy the labour of 
Ilian. x6i8 Pc. f. <//•>//»' '.is Tne 'J'cri if«)ri«.s, and p(^t by the hpaniurds. *1860 Kinl:si.l\ 
1. ^2. 

i’O'CCUpate, :■. oh. [f. I.. OnU/dP, ]»pl. 
.stem of to Occ*;i*y: cf. V, OrC/t/vr.] 

Ocvri'Y. Hence t O’coupated ///. a. 

1547 Mo'ih'i'f; /irt‘v\ ffyaiih ccX.v.\ s . •-'u \u Ultivcr’-.’ll siiikiurs 
•h.>tli o ;fup.ile all the paries uf a iii.'iiisj.»*idy. 1659 H. M Mons 
Pnrh.u'x Iron . lye i'>4 The inipeiiali^ts dep.'utcd out of 
H'dstein, and all the other ucLiipt>led phuts. fi'/if. i 6 ci The 
lands which had been o^uipult'd, i.t .sei/.ed on hy the 
Swcde.s. 1697 .!■ -'J-inai.^.vr /'Aifos. J70 If ihey be 

not iVneir.i'.ed, one of ihem iniisl n»:ci*s.^arily drive (he 
ullii.i, >>111 uf 'he .‘''pui e it (K.i'.iipatc.s. 

Occupation (pki/f].v>‘J;)n). [a. F. OliUpation 

;i-Mhc. in JIatz. -Darin.), Anglo-F. ompuioun 
ill scii-sc I;; lul. L. octupLitivn-em !M:izing, 
taking possession, crnploymenl, n. of .action from 
Oicupd-rc to seize, Oc:ci.*i‘Y.] The action of occupy- 
ing or cortdilion of lieing CH:ciipicd, or that in winch 
thi.s .aclioii is embodied (in scn.scs of the verb). 

1. 'J‘hc acliori of taking pusscsbioii, csp. of a place 

or of hand; seizure, ns by military con(|uest, etc. ; 
entrance upon possession. •• 

1x19* ih'.inuN II. ti. # Terre ou autre litiriuge dviuiit ind 
)it:si till .so sine, it. luie autic cliosie Ruerpie, deinoruuiit 
li'Ji':* d*: ehr'Auni de.Y tinrU'-.s c.lmsL* tiDniiiic .se |k»ia 

puichauT par (zcupau'.aiii.] 155* Ulluivi, 0(.cut>ation ax 
•>.}n, CataiepsU, 1614 1 iA(.un t /I Vi/* with 

Spain^ I *-pe:ik ln}l of m.itchv.s or union:* ; but uf arms, 
occLipatioMr:, i(ivu.sioiis. 1618 Coke On Liii. i. V4«jb| Occu- 
pation., si^iiilmlh a piiKiiig (Hit of a nian.s^FrechoId 111 ttine 
of \v;utK, und it ib all one with a dis.'>eisifi in lime of poacr. 
1839 H. Hari’.is Parivatx iron Age 37--* Wars bc'^iin, and 
tarried on.. for liic .. cicr.upation, or u(:a2ure of Countrip.^. 
1767 Hi..w:khio?(I!. Co/N/a. 1 1 . x xv. i iS ;u.' 493 Oci:tipa(iori, lliul 
i*, hiving 01 includir-K them, yivcs the inoperty in hces. 
1^3 Tuaii. 1. (Ver. Eng. Imrod. 43 It.-* iidianitaut.s iiiu.a have*xed the ail of working in metuks hefote the Horimit 

2 . Actual holding or [losscssion,^. of a place 
(>r of land ; rarely, also, of an office or position ; 
tenure ; occupancy. 

A rtfty 0/ ih-eupatiou. an yiny left to oixiipy a iM:wb| con* 
quered (liUiiliy ur tej'ion until (he (oiiclu.siua of hubtililie;* 
gr cstahlisliiiiciit of .1 v:ltlert ^^.iverniiieiit. 

if87 TkLvibA (Roll-) VII. Tgrlo bv^lo |»e 


OCCHpacioUM nf ffspe. ri 475 (-fw/iouxt' Rt'f;. (iSSy^ 59 
'I'hc viij ycre of the CMuipacion of the same Jane, l*riores-,e. 
*574 Trnvfvi 4 Suchc tliingcs as n larui may 

have a nianiiell ocaipaflun, x)ossis>.itai, 01 re-*r.cyte, 165a 
Nf.kdiiam ir,SWtffux il/«T;r Cf. tt/* If to «;iieh a corporal 
ocrcupation, as this, wecacM also, that ihc.v others 

from the Si'.i. 1791 W. hViSOP /\:r'tr li it ham 1.’ 
A Swivcl-hiid^c over the \Vitham foi ihr .u i upatlim of the 
r-ontnioii. 184a A I ISOM //ist. h'urti/it' ycv. Maintainiiu; 
1 hi* army of orcupaiion. 1870 Sta /«. i 'auq. I, Aj>p. 

AA. 671 Owiiei A of laiiits tlieii in monaslK* 00 npiitit>n. 187* 
K W, Kohfirtkon J/ist. /■..«. lAj'i'he Jii^h peasant.. has. . 
cotifoiindi:f] file (vrnjial ion with the uwiK-rship of the laml. 
MoiL iJuryii; his ij(-«:upali«.>ii of the hoii^c and lainl. 

b. A ]ticcc of land occupied by a tenant; a 
holding;. fJoiaK Cf. OtrrpvryG ?•///. 2.) 

.179* A. Y oiiNir TYrt-.'*. /•'ranee 41T '1 hesc*. small orrupa. 
lions arc areal IruuS of hihour; .people are ferl upon lliein, 
whose time is worth little in' nfitlMiiii. 1807 V’a.ncoi-vi;.k 
A^riCn Dernm liSi',) to 8 I’ln*. oa'iniallnns fliinu.iie herwe.-ii 
•to/, and 120/. per nnninn. 1879 T. H. S. K.sror r /.«i;A»w./ 

1. 59 Held liy tenantry whose iiiraipatiijn'^Mii^e finm i.j 
5/iO acres each, 

3 . The takin" up of space or lime. Vitre. 

1960-70 fik. QuiHttSiciKe ft Wherlty may in:ih>£ mih.. 
ipitnte essence wihont'.'i rii-'-l or tiaueilr, .and withiiiiie r*.'* u- 
paciouii nnd lesynge of tyinc. 1815 Jam: Avsti-.m Jiwma », 
X, Stoiipiii^ down in coiriplrte oi.riipatioii of the fm 'it .path. 

4 . Th<> beinfj occupied <ir employed wilh, or 
engaged in something; that iiiwhich oneiscngagetl ; 
employment, busines-i. t 'Jo have in firm/a/ioif, 
to be otJonided or busied witli. Ohf. 

1x1340 Hamwii r rsalti'r 47 "My thocVit v't myri 

occup:ii.IciLta >ail ho in hi wun-lis. a 14x0 Jl>.M;i i.r\i: /V A'#v. 
/^rine, aSi^J^'ora man, for lak of txiaipai.ioun, f •rl’'T 
hariiir his vi yt may strccrhe.* r 1510 .Mork J'ituit \S k^. 
14/^ Vse tli^in both, a-iwi.*! stiulic as WMildly oi.cupaf.i'm 
15*3 Fir/iii.Rii. IIh\K S .'t It is rmt Conuiaiiont, to haue In^y 
and CoriiO hnthc in onupation at one tyim*. 1776 t 
_/.Vi /. 4' 7 -: xlii, I, .Minds, iong •.'\*:ii'.i*.o<l in hiisiiifss . 
in the lo>.s of powti . .princip.illy n-gict the want of vk laipa- 
tion. XB33--6 |. K-va i s Sketeher iir..-/,) -^.^7 iiy thr ini« iisi- 
oeCtip.itioii ijflii^ mind. 1868 l''Kr.F..M \N AVr/;i. C.Vv/y. 11 . vii. 
73 JdarMid and Swoml . . by their invasiun .. gaM: him foil 
ueeiipatiim thrLiiighcait il-o yoai. 

b. with //. A ]iaiiicular action or course of 
action in \ihich one is engaged, esp. habitually 
or statedly ; an Vtuploytaent, business, calling. 

ri34o 1 Iamp<u.i>: /V »v<f /v. 3 Dti.s a-wriyc coryous smd 
yaytii; ijcnjj^n'.^pij.s:. C-n-O'i KK F iJc th;»l 

Is ydcl, a’ld casicth hyiu to no bi*«yni;>:-o nt? fjcaipacims. 
a 14^ A'n/, fie ta '/'tmr j 'I hiaikc r.ot oti none other 
WMiIdly ociipacioTH's. 1467 in /w/e. fiiMf fid?*./) 7,SS l)oyrit;r 
luir offici: Mi tHi-Upacion. 1513 in W. H. 'l‘uriiiT.Nc//'i'/. A'ee. 

I Kx/t'rd to 'I !)«• craft or tx'.-.upaiion rifhrowcis. 1389 i'afipf 
71 ’. if at, hit l)jj h. ‘rhougli fn* !k;c but .t I'.hhii* hy orf;u|«a- 
lioii, 1604 Skaks. Oth. i!i. lit. 3f.7'cll: Ot]i«.‘!lo's 
th j^ipyliiin's c*’n»s. 1791 Th. J'rt neh \Vks. 

ri?.p* I. 579 OMsdortol. .IS a man of anoilu'r «;'/ft of )’irl.h, 
fashion, nml o< cup:Uion fiom IJiiA'ior. x868 ilrsKis Arrowx 
i*J ('.hur.e (iSSo'i II. 193 'I'ho. ch.'ivacti.T of^iivn ilcpcnds more 
on ih^r ixeiipaiious than on any ti*.'i(.}iing wc east give 

+ c. .Mech.inical or mercantile cinploy- 

mA)t ; handicraft ; tratic. Ohs, 

XS30 /Vi>/*7' IMali'f*ue xUj in Jivi/e wf, 1*11*. i.Arlj.) 1*^3 
AiiifiLcrs M: men of oi-ciipai:u»ii. 1576 f'l-FMisc. 

7 i//.v/. piA Take aw.iyo k‘ariiinj< from among ami lii.v»* 
trades mrehann .il, nreupatiof.s I'l iiio.\nci be main- 
taiiicd y 1607 .SiiAKH. Cor. IV. A'i. 07 \ .III th.^t sitnid M> niin h 
Vpon the voyce of oi.'Ctip.'ilion and The hn-ath of ( i.^rliLkc- 

t6. Use, employment thing). Ohs. 

1388 \V\CLilf a JAxf.c, iv, 14 In oi.i>vi:>i'ii't'iiS of a 
Iv/’jry rthiT playing wit ha Icdnn di'^ihj. 1494 CAn.;/. 

VI. rKx. 165 Churehis and temples tln*y (oiiMU-d i.> vse of 
»il:ihks, and oihr:i vylo oci.'upjirymi';. 1551 Hii.-im-, (h r.ii. 
p.ition or vsr. pstt.f. 158a A'lV. C//.-/ C(>r/». ( hr. J '.irk * iS7r' 
ait note. .My wyfu .. .shall have the ui.rnpacioii of tin:. ‘.a:.l 
Mlver spo.’Miirs diiiinge hir lyfe. 1703 Mii.vum Me n. /. rerr. 
ijft liuuiliMS the W'holc Floor firm enough fur all rtmnn-Mi 
( Icctnxuion. 

te. T’he c'xcfcisiiig [of any busincs.s or ofiicc) ; 
exercise, discharge. Ohs. 

1431 Fasten /•ett. I. Fxcercice. and cieciipaciiMt of ih** 
Kiiige!K service. 1459 AV//f f/'/'/ir.?. V. '.ft;/? rorcr.ovcic 
the sciil peMiiUev.s lor cny rMrciipation of their seid office fur 
the iireiitisstis. 1483 OiM 0/ the iSakers. Kx,t, r in Knji. 
frV/iK 336 Yti occtijm^yon ot the s;iid i.r;iflc. 

7 . aftrih., as occupation franchise, the right 
lo vote at parliamentary elections as a Icnaiit or 
eBCupicr; occupation bridge, a bridge for the 
use of the occupiers of the land, one connecting 
parts of a farm, etc., scparatcil by a c.inal or rail- 
way ; occupation road, .a private road for the use 
of the occupiers of the land. 

1837 Wninix:ic, etc. Fk. Trai/es 0841?) J07 'I'he cx'-ciipation Kot-terdain, ., consists t>f two seginciit'.. 
185s W iCTit.NS HmhankiHf^ \ ja Makitiff the ruuuisitG occii. 
potion ronds, 1878 F. S.Wii.t.iA.\ts AfiM. Kaihv. 509 Soon 
after, .welcome to an ficciipitiion hridRc. 1884 (li.\n!!TOMic 
jfA a8 Feh, 'J’here four occupation franchises in 
bnroughSx t)nc of them was lo/. yearly vahiu, ftiid the 
other three were. lh« liHlger, the household, niid the service 
Iranchi.’ics. 1895 If'esfm. (ias. j.'in, 4/j No sunirii>nl 
allowance was made for teiianl's improvciiients nor for hi.s 
occupation interest in his holding. 

Hence Ooeu'pvtioAal a., of or Ijclonging to an 
occupation or occupattona (sense 4 b); fOocti- 
pA*tioBer, one engaged in nn ocenpation (cA.r.) ; 
Oeoupa'tionlatv one xvho advocates or favours 
occupation (sense i) ; OoenpatiouloM <1., having 
no occupation, unoccupied, idle. ^ 


1850 ir\WTiior.NE Amer. IVete-oi-t, Sho^ews, not 

like a lady, bur with an '•xcupatiuu.'d air. ' 1B62 K*. H. FAr- 
iKUiaj.v A.v.r. ///lA .y W// 146.^11 amount urphysii al, mciu;d, 
and ocnipalioiu'd varirly .ir. he will mcri wiili iiuw bf.r.- 
fl.-*.* in thr W'luld. 1592 ( i. IIak*. «■ V /'i.'nrx i i n,.;.. 

1-rf thp hrauc cn^inci, .. inarMflous Vuli:.^iii',t, ami fist-rv 
Mi-n iiriall 'in i njiaiixin'i' .. li^ rrspnit.ib 1892 f ■ 

I it raid i.* Ich. iSo nn'ri* a pi.-niiaiiiM(t '•.rf.i.upiiif'iii-.i ji.f 

I-'jsypil nruv than hi: w.k .'ll! 

^|^J^r^ ac^>. 1890 /.'«» Mail. Nuv. 314 'l\i -.ii 

! laipuiiijMli- s, \;i!iin:ly w.aitnm. 

j Occupative vVkif#p/'liv). n. rare. [f. I.. 
I oaupdh^ ppl. slciii Ilf ociHpttrc -k -\\v . : cf. T'. vent- 
i pa/tf (T.^th c. in Godet.).] Characlcrir-etl by 
i occupying or Ix^lng occupied; in J.a\o^ held by 
[ a teiitirc bnsed upon occupation ' sceOccr I'ATioy i \ 
1656 llT-ocMT ClostOjir. ti. V., All Oeeufa/tye Field. l<i th.'si 
I, liriir.c' dwrivd liy it-; proper iaviiit, m is 

i Messed by aiirither, 1894 ip. . tatrr -^4 F..*b. .-fv, 

1 of Nea|K)litaii Carrfu ioli — ‘ I ht; thruiii* i.f kir -i t s mI 
j Jioreditary or elt-clivc, hirt occiip.'iiiw 

OCCUpiable tf'*kix;pai|ab'l),£r. rare. ft'. On'i pv 
f -Aur.E.] Capable ot being occupied. 

1865 Paii Mall C. :*n Si'Ot. \/?. There an* jn-iiiK . . wlirn' 
j -a mail twi an rlevati'-n. .'\iid w iih a -kiv , « .m ni aily '-•.i .a. n •; 
: t.'aiiail.i — aeiiv,s, i*c, ihc r.>'t:iiph •.], pri.ij.-P-ly iJie •ji .i;- 
. piablo iM.Ttion of it. 

Occuj^ied fp-kiz/poiil), pp!. a. [f. Dccfty -i- 

■ -Kill.] raken possession of; heUl in ])o^scssioii, 

I dwelt in; taken up, filled up; Inisieil, eng.igod, 

: employed : see fhc verb. 

1483 ( "at -> A n^l. V 1 Orcup> n.l, aetMpatu.r, 1535 C.. » u- 
riAi.p. fsa. xwii. 14 'I'hft iial.'u f:'. .. ‘.hal }*c Viioki-t:, .iiid iho 
j'1'.atly oi:t.u{>iiIe oitlc-s di*-»i|alr. 1884 Sni K. Kav. u-.v..*.- 
[ ill /\tl/ .^/a/i ft. Q Jiiiy b-istoMi j-.'* .*pli>-. ..m* Jo il1i-.1I.4y 
bad^ : ihvri; (••■cupiud ai*: 1 nl. 1897 

■ iVrr".t !•> I 3 fc. 5/j A riiort.iliiy . . mcAti.r than that *1 oi\ iipnd 
; nia!i;s ttvix’niHy. 

; Occupier (/ki/Jj).ii,3j . Also 5 -our. [f. :is 
; prec. V -Kill, i»r weakening of AF. ourtp/or/r.] (.hio 
j who occupies, in various senses. 

■ 1 , One who t.akes, or (more uHually' bolds, pos- 
j session; the pei.son who holds ur is in actual 
I of (a piece of property, csp. a liousc- 
I or kind, or a place, position, or office) ; a holder, 

\ occupant. 

I fi 38 r/l </5 Fiuh. //, ? T. <•. 9 CVriipioniH dos . . 

; cl«' dlv«;rs**s pcisonr:% /hid. c. m Occuphuirs lU *; biciis u 
rcirc ti.*| 1387-8 T. Us’-i Ted. f.rz'e Ji. v. iSU'*aU I. 

K;tiiiH;-.>c< f fu*kh*s, ne «.il h.i‘..'.vu4.kMi.-, . . 1.1 -i Inc ■•..kum.-i 

.v» ri» hv.*s that luv thine owia*, for if thti be* bad, it ii troat 
'.f l.Aiidcr anil viUnn'i**. t r the oconpicr. i4!;o A'.dlt ej /'arit. 
V'. x'-AJi Hy the hanch::$ of the Form:.iiis» C.Mlvr5i'iiif>. or 
(.)0<*ii|<iriurs, of the said !%iibdilic and it'naKt*. >494 F.ihy.w 
i '/uon. VI. ijvlix. 1 17 He had Iwn o* < ini\xrof .1 kyri.i;t*s ri -iu* 
by y'i n.'iine only x. yrri-'S. iii6x8 (J.i, H the title 

of ov:f:iipiei s hr* in a land u:;i.h ..»y!t'd, ^hy sh:jn!d it b:* 
li;nl al•^..InTllcd in .a omnity peopled thinly? Fhykr Aee. 
K. India .P, * • j'Thc) Print •« in all India is soU* 

urii-.ini' (jf l.nnds ; allowin;^ the t >i''..ui*ii.*’-‘i ti.*, niori* tlmn a 
liait; Subsislcacf. 1753 Seeie o/.t^s. Feb. Soni»* tKcny-ivt 
of thf! |irt''-. 1863 FAurnr Pei. Jwon. m. \ii. i 
61ft The miev fall with ih*: ;'rciU».'st .si vciily upim liiv 
occupiers i.f houses. 

t b. A dweller, resident [in a pkicc^. Ohs. 

>545 F' RiN'itrow Compiavnt 4311, To citk* aotrJiir^ iri 
the. itiiTidir.r of the iTccupyers in the .rainc. 

+ 2 . One who use:;, employs, or rleals in (stum * 
thing); one \yho practi:SL*.s or followa .aspeoiftcil 
calling or occiip,alion). Ohs. 

1537 i-t.i.. / .'/• M. I hrci^trert.oi in Froude /.' 

/ini', xiv. 1 1 1 . A JUiTf.haiil Si tv.i iipkr nf all dvt taiti. 1548 
tir.sT /*/■. dAX'U' ill H. (j. Diicdalir i. . 7^ He 

wold . . cji'.lyver it I thr- nue talent) to the 'wll i.itsiipycis 'if 
ihi* fyM:. 1577 ft. //tred’/uli'.t liu..K 1. (i5.';r:0 4I1, 

All my .\ii:it •■•aouts wi-te ot riipiers of Fmsh.indi y. 16x1 
lltHLi: .'7 The (X'l.iipit -if thy mcrLli.tndi-a*. 

i'b. csp. One who employs money or goods in 
trading; a trader, dealer, merchant. Ohs. 

1509 IfARi'-i-xv Shyj* af •} 21 1 .Ml >u*crpievs.i]iito*.t 

Mil. lie i»ile deuise in »-neiy i hafrci. X535 f '•• vi-.'.-oai.k 
xxvii, v|S Thy niarj'niTs, thy shipmasti-i -i, . .thy ■.•o .i piers 1 hat 
bioui’ht this thiTi.;;os necc:-;ar\». 1581 Mauiu i K Pk. ijT .\Wi-t 
1134 \Vhe»i they have given out rlieir iti.'ijcy uptii o.-i iipier-t 
.tnii m*?rchaunt iii«?ii. x6ti Hahuv Pam Aiiey 11. in Harl. 
Ihidsiey X. He will .. I.ic faster than t^.ii city iy.euj»k*rs 
Or (;iiiiMini4 traJeniiieii, 

t OccuplBe. Ohs. rif/v-k [Some kind of erro- 
neous deriv. of Occi i'Y t».] ?l)ccui>ali'>n ; or 
? things * occupieil * or hcM. 

r 1478 PlHinpton Cerr. 7,3 They .ill not havin'^ r'-ny kow or 
kabes, lU' any other ^uds whc.irhy they mi;^ht live, nor aiiy 
other cHarupise- 

Occupy (p ki/xp.-)!), 7». Ak-io 4-t) ocupie, -yo, 
(.*> *‘y)» 4“7 ocoupie, 5- ft -ye, (4 occipio, ft 
oooypye ; 4 okupie, 5 okopye, -ptwy ; okow-, 
oky-, ooopy ; hokewepyo ; ft hocupy, pa.pp/e. 
okepyde); pa, /. nnd ppie. 4 ocoupicl, -j-ft -yd, 
ft oouped, .SV. occupeit. [irreg. f, ()F. <?irf//iv*, 
ad, L. acetiMre to aci/.t; (by force), take possession 
of, get hold of, t.ake up, ticcupy, employ, invest 
(money) ; f. a-, oh- (On- i b) i- stem eap- in eap- 
ht to take, seize. The (iiinl 'ft*, -yc^ -y of tlio 
English word, found in the vb. and its inflexions and 
(lenvative.s [occupier^ etc.) at their earliest appear- 
ance c 1.140, are not cxplicaldc from the F. oernp or, 
oirup-atft, crettpe, etc., and titeir origin has not 
In'cn ascertained. It is possible the i’h.ange 


I took ].lace iu AKr.. in whidi Ail 5, Kii.h. || has 
<hCtt/totirs\ Oiiitpier occupier^ : kul this ij:ny lx* 
! front J/.ng.] 

I tl. tnu/:,. 'I'll lake i!0?:y.-s-.i(in of, take b.i i.n.-V 
■ own use, y.L’i/e. Oh., m. ;■>#.». si.-n.-i* : fu-i* b. 

* ^ II. ri . 

• t 1340 1 1 S \! 

1 "1 /'.ytt.'i »• 

■w ii. ' 

Hivy-fi : . b’lf. 

•I'* 0 r.lijii'l h 

J'= im 

* )•■■ ■ ■! J. i j^r,,*’. ' r 

-Xil )■! 


1. 1 i.l a d.h W iibi .. 

bl. iii-ui>i<b-. 

1463 in .'tin J- 


\ -l-aiinh i.’ ■ *i, 1 -i!,. t.i 

■| h' 1 lt‘i;jh:i'ini ilv: y- 

•n;:-* r 

1ll\ l.-ibly^ Itf ivo,-y. . , A:, ! it 

h*! wd la'it - il. 

upv** b* ni 1 i 


ill*-. l!ii: ‘.ijil t.lbli*i:. t . .. 1 i- 

M-yf. it 1548 

Ham. fVi^ov/., j/. 

n. I f/. ("I AI*'i III.- 

l:>n,;es (.hnTt 

■ ■.•li.aiiilaTivyi 

I!, '.\‘l 

ith* 0 ('l..\iJrs .. : if. 1 

aiiil ( iiinyi !!. 

>553 I 


f'l/tfii, . i\, i,.i f 




I fiAi.--, aTj.l . le.Ypi-'.l Iff .-ii.iA 

fi«> I j ihi'vi 

iaiie.‘. 16x4 U«i 

l-l'iH /ill!. J/ii'.V V. i. j .'. 

''ib;;4- d'liif. 


ocfnpii'd il.-e (?iib', lai.ii-. 

fiiiud-, .'irid Wiwrs ■ I'tlio.v 

e, Mini'll iboy lin.l miiidMed. 

! b. yp<r. 'l‘o take po.sye.-ision id !a place - bv set 
; tiiug in it. I'r by military coiirpiest, etc. ; In mifi 
I tipun llie pn;jie;vdv.iii ami holding uf. 

1375 HvrirO' II /iri,._e I. l/‘. 'Ihl'.'W I'i MJlhl till •>' 

■ 1.:iiitiin., }•..! \\M til! Ijiin ".i in !i- u •!. 1494 i.rr ’n. 

' \ S ;r.' d I'.ll-l . . vji-v <• Hrx !■ >'i' . . . .'t'.il 

;i!|t i i« . tij.y';d lh:ii Ci'Unli r, a 1548 I l.'.i.i. 1 V; //* n. I 
. rif, ?i. J h-ii )ii‘. w(-iild ii.i -uh: ..r u of h}'» 

•‘::i ||ili 18x0 in n« !i»!I /. /."iV -t/.-iWiV. A'tr. - T/.-ifi II. 

. I’lirl'-liiiii.', f -ipipli :i».ini; :i:nl n. ; i.pyli; ; . . th?* l-jiililini:. 

1^9 -M.v .il i. VY ///.w'. \. If. 3:.; ll.i.* hn'.i h I-;!!? -ic-in- 

. l-ici.l :iimI Kf nMU'.'f.-jii. 1855 //id. .wlii. IV. : 

, l.ili itroi: M l, t-j Ijt l.•‘.■l:■.lIli•■tl by li'i iijs. 

C. iiiir. 01 t:h jl. To lake possession, rare, 
e T400 l}e.\:r. /'/,\v v,.- # -My f 1^ Mfii r , . p.»i |;il on 

jiif-t MiMi- :i'l, i.-uyii a, hum li-a. 1862 Ml *:. \t th Aa.ii 
0/ la I f'.'i/ .1 1’ i'r-’:]., L.r*‘:ittiM-^ iliat iI'.m .11 :i!*'rie t>r''i:ijy 
. li..i!iii'y. 

2. trau^. To hold nf; lohaveinoneV-. 
j>ossc.-isi«»n or powi-r : t->hold 'n ])o-.iii«-in or office'. 

, r 1380 W'^ii.T ir.(.r. (i;.:'. .1 b-ai. M I'r b- ki.v^n^ 

ff I !ij);i.)i Me !ii> I'.ii ...■■n yi* *r lu . i. 11400 

.Utfi'ie Arfh. ■- 7.-1 liclvno Hp inuit-, ;inil \ .'n- jlir 

I Ptyiilf., I h'.y fi:".M!\t lii- k-i; ''inpyn* m ^ nr.t t r ’. 

I 5 fo Ir*!*'. IT. Sieidan'x C,.n.') f. \ .ii| ^v|■|.l ■!;.i Ujii*' jl.f 

! ihirf'^a ;;iiii.i,..;t:-.I ll.c* M.iii-s of litc. Kjupiir. 1568 

■ ( J.wM- iiis Ohr,}>:. 11 , 1.4 'I lic 'rmkc.s and iiiiiih*!-; mIiii !• i v 

llsui day ha'l kfi*l -iiid liui l.-.!c | lvbi.ri!fr.!. 

; 1784 Co\v» I H Tiroe. 414 L» ;r.l . .'I'o nj.y a v.:ir;c-il, 

.'imI’iI pnpt. 1845 M. IhvTTiso.N A'y, 1 . J4 i;iA:i;'.ir\ .. 

‘ "crunioJ th** ‘-I'.i' c>C Tom » lM*'iTi)-'lui;e ve.'r:-. /'V./, li ll.c 
.. !iii».ii»ii F'.ujks . . ihcnif.lvi*'., fully . 'll nicd,..mi*W 
ihv p-.*rT^.--.>, iv-i -.ij \ ir.;;; .’lil thi* 1883 l.a:e ’i .'ma 

n.;L. |i-:. A i:iai»;*Mi miji.-i.iM is ;i j\v l-t tr.ii.ipy the snu-u 

p >;-iii .vi> riji hi'i .*'.Y.v->:i .is.-t' ■ :r* , .. 

b. T’l) reside in and -A place) as it.i tenant, or 
regular iuhabitanl; to tenant. 

/ T400 .M\tm,v.v. iKpxI..) wiv. He f.rrin.j.'^ po ^amc 
l.ti'.d |>.\t he v.-ns I' ffh: t-lV. 1489 Aet 4 ilen. Oll.v.. tg It 
any '.ui li •I'.vui.r i«r -.^'.viit-iM .. kci)i; it *.i' * M;iy iiny siji h 
h-iii-^e %•: huii-^s iS.* Iiiiii'.^ ill Ills • r I’licit i.wn h-auiis, 1767 
K-‘,ii'i\r I etictr. II. i, 7 runr-fantly Im; rhe 

: 'UiiKi iuiiivii.i'iai Ihc iiuii.-. -.f jIu- i:a:th Mi.jv cpti-.,L.iii**d. 

• *8i> 3 J' Ik Nfamani iii.t, .N'i:. '0-7.0 II. 1. i. - Ihi* tr.iri 
i. ill i'(.ri:;iitrrl l y f ivili.'i'd r. niuuii-iln-'*. 1881 J. 

l\L .-'•i.i.i. HfUicisyih: H !if.c..ha.-. bn-i. iw lUjlL'ii by 

. Th»' II. li^;^ fpi monr ibiiii scvtii 

! +0. ialr. or i»i' To hold possession or office ; 

10 dwell, reside ; to slay, abide. f%. 

J rx4»S l.vpi;. Xv«>?.-.Vr .y oVr/.- 117.- W bi-re urrin 

: vy'-dl imi-wl li(Mi \ ‘•i I\v, 14B3 Cam-« a OV'A/'. /..'e. - I 

lb: .. utdf.yju d :pi buly fil.i-i t-.) m;. iip^^ i:l his J'biC". 1513 
]'i:eiii.i ii.iS.'trr. I'lsd.. I hi* ..jui .•^*■•1 :!!- I.ii-i:t-.a i.-; tor.:ni!:»r-. 
l.hrtl o.i Jijy. 1535 ('"Vi.KJio 1 .l.'.i/,'. w.i. \Vh>!»'. lli'y 

• i^i.'uni'.il ill <I.i.ilf Ii-- 4 is .'.ivilt: '•:ii-> ihi'ia liMi./. 

3 . To take up, u.m: up, lill (sp.u;c or lime); 
.also ill we.-ikened, To bo ^itu.atcJ urstalioiicd 
in, to be in or .at -.a ]'Uicc or position), 

134a II.^Y^4.l.^ /’*■. F, it ui.vy .iirapy ti.a ‘.inlo-. 
1382 \V\i'.iir /.:/kt Yiii. ? ki'.r ii d ‘i n. Mu-.a;.! 

11 ihc crtlur./ f 1386 llio.-.llt -Vi/i-.v -*■ ’Iha';.'.".* m i>li!c 

il !*»ciiiU' a s.'.'ivj' .i ihiV. I 1400 I'hifi 77 

Jvi f lair and ail i-iaty-. wf.ri? O'-cirnl v. itb vrnes 

.li d i-l'ii nu n. 111548 H m.i. (./;.>■. i.t,, i ii i-, byk*? 
a I yplirr in .d^ui i.sint: that is i-iy.;t’d 1 i n i fi;;urtr biii irirly 
twcuni^'lli a pl.irc:. r 1566 I. .\i.: -y Ir. /..hiy-' n, tit's i keiif. 
ll' ‘fl.t S vij h, If Mi; shoiili.l :iiul ilri^-irr ail i!n: 

■»iR;rui.iT’iiit s. . I .-hoisld njiy .a vi,-b!i:ii*. i65i 

I. f.'i.tih. 111. X\\!V. — 7 '1 I'l.* Wiiiii b.idy .. '-bpiifirlh ih.'il 

Mhi>. h .. oi':* ii|iveth -i lu* I'fit.iin r-K-m. 1839 Ik \it.' 

l‘!:ile\. The bl.n.t; i.r..'-s 'bs.ipyo.iiii.j;. aiul h'.e. ii'i.^ wbitc 
spaces i-i ihi* ji!.!.-*; ir p*.cviiui!-!v oi.vni"cd. 1865 R. W. 
Dam- yen', j't .wi. 17;.. I sh.ill n -i occupy y.-.iiriimr 

; Mi'.h any i!' -.rriv‘tinn uf ihf. fjrm of ihe ^.tnrni.try. 1875 
Jin\l.rr Plate 1 . yr) The Af.'yi>;\s ixciipii-d ibiily d.ays. 

4 . 'I'o employ, .busy, eng-^ge (a person, or ihe 
I mind, .'ittentioii, eto.^. Olren in pass . ; .ibso re/ 7 . 

e 1340 Uami*oi.t. P'we T*\ 17 If Km m: any m.anp n.-ivtrly 
ixaipiede ffalh^ in any sya”es. 1377 l.w-a.. 

II. y. 4'ii), 1 am o..>:u|iiou t-i.l.i d.ty, Iialid.iy :i:id other, With 

Aib l uk-s-ai(«i :Ah‘. 1413 /’/Vev. .V.M'/t (I’.axlon* !. xai. (ih.sOl 

> -.‘.I ife o«i.';ipy*.il my Myivs wiih ollur ihjiijjes. *■ X4Bg 
' r.'-AXT.iv .S'enneyti/Ayrttiin v.vviii. 57S<Many sI-aiks. .y!aHi*;ln*. 
f.>r t;» tw:uj>y« at ones all the 111:111111*: that were lht:r«. I5« 
I-Ii>r\ /\eades i;/! They ix'enpycvl theii,i selties in ihr 
sea-.rhir.j;e uf parlicnkir fiat tc.*: and r 'Visfci. 1604 F. 
sjOM-.) iyAeesfas lli.d. /•i.dex ui. i. 117 rh'-:i shrill he irTiIy 
lu'.i'.iipic hinisidfe in the .s!'.iiliei.»(